The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1947
Page 13
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THUKSDAY, MARCH 13, 1947 Missouri Tackles Child Problems Schools for Crime To Be Turned Into Reform Institutions JLTFEH8CN OfTY, Mo. (UP) — Missouri has opened a two-way of- 'ensive designed first to prevent juvenile delinquency and second .o combat it in Ihe slate's "cor- •eetioi'.al" institutions. The latter :iavc been termed "schools lor •r).,>ay Tin-" legislature is considering I'lde changes in the 24-year-old aws affectiiiK juveniles. At the lame time it is conducting a pain- taking investigation into training schools with a view toward com- >lclc reform. The proposed changes cover a i'ide range- of subjcc-l fi extending rom adoption laws to compulsory irc-nntal tests to prevent spread f congenital syphilis. j They were drawn up by a special llnldren's code commission which •rorkcd more than one year al the Bequest ol Oov. Phil M. Dor.nelly. •"lie commission was composed of lu:h men a s Albert M. Clark, ioiiri Supreme Court justice, I ml Dr. Franc b. M:Cluer, president of Westminster College (where • Vinslon Churchill made his fa- iious "Fulton" speech). J Overhauling of the Missouri re• ormatory. and training schools al•o as rrquested by Oov. Donnelly In the bnsis of widespread charges •hat youngsters committed to the Institutions for |minor violations •••ere associating with hardened Imninals who schooled them in I rime. Segregation Sought J The legislative investigating com- Intlee h.-.s b;en hiEliuctcd to make I complete sturiv of segregation |rr':lems and to" dlaft .bills pro- iR for separation of younger ::qacnts from older boys who |ave^ evidenced definite criminal T! commission's major recom- liendation \vas proposed establisli- lieut of a bureau of child guidance I'hich eventually would lead to Ireaiion of clinics in nil of Mis- Ijnri's 114 counties "to diagnose Ind treat mental and emotional listurbances in (minor children" I "Juvenile courts, schools. jHiSlic lenlth nur.srs and welfare agencies Ire asking assistance in this work," Ihe commission said. "Through Incse clinics many children can b= lared for in tiieir own homes or • ommunities." ] With the state's four mental |omc.i criunmerl with patients, the miisioii feels the problem of luring emotional disturbances in Ihihirer! ran in most cases be bet- |?r solved in community surrouncl- BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Watch Over Jerusalem x ' <' ! ' T'P"* " P '"'m^irT^^ « , s'-'i. <^J, S * ~i** H^t,. ' '1!^%.—tfdMIRl Student Teachers Told How to Get Husbands Prom the loof of the former German Emhnssy In Palestine which is now RAP Regimental Hcndqunrlers. n gunner watches ro'r nossiblc outbreak of new warfare in this strife-torn city where n score died in the bombing of the officers' club by Jewish terrorists. In the ceiuor can be seen the nncient Damascus Gate, leading to the Aral, quarter of the old city in background. (NEA Teloplioi) by Leo Slower) Fire Chief at 90 Skips Few Calls And Does His Fighting in Person •FLORA, 111. (UP)--A nimble old man whose 00 years sit as lightly on him as a speck of soot is. the first to jump off the trucks and the last to leave the scene of every Fiora fire. He is E. D. Yeck, who claims to be the oldest fire chief in the nation are irs, , . At an age when most P3cp|c thinking In terms of rocking cha Yeck took up fire-eating. Silver-haired Ur.cle Faye. as Ycck is known to the town's 5.5M) citl- OP Sees New Hope for Cut \n Income Tax WASHINGTON. March 13-(UP) fcrcssional Republicans sighted ! .000.000.000 shot in the arm to- ty for their plans to reduce p«r- linnl income taxes by 20 per cent. I Treasury and Budget Bureau nf- loials disclosed that a $1,000,000.|JU government surplus was expect- II at the end of the current fiscal tan: 'nicy originally had nntici- l-i ted a deficit of nearly S2000- 1^,000. Although the surplus would be lir the fiscal year eliding Jnn e 30, Itading Republican congressmen liid they would insist upon usiiiff for the following fiscal In |iis way. they hoped it would be Insslble to cut taxes by 20 per cent 1 id still reduce the public debt by liveral billion dollars. I Congress will hear the Treasury's Ifficlal views on tax reduction [lien secretary John W. Snyder lies before the House Ways and ns committee. The commutes scheduled a two-day public Jenring o n tax reduction legisla- |on. Radio Clinic 430 W. Ash St. I'lioae 855 or 2291 WE (PICK UP and DELIVER' GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! * CALL 501 C. L. NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Richelieu Foods Fresh Vegetables Best Cut Meats NO Kxtra Charge for Delivery! wms, started his career when was 63. he To satisfy a long-felt need of the town and a long-standing yen on hi s own part, lie organized a volunteer department in 1920. The fire laddies mnde a modest beginning with a two-wheel cart ami 150 feet of hose. Enthusiasm substituted for equipment. Until 1937, Uncle" Faye doubled in brass as a barber. In that ye:\r he was nut on the city payroll 'and exchanged his clipocrs and barber .scissors for .a full-time chief's job. Misses Few ipircs 'He "allows" he hasn't missed 1 a half-dozen fires in the 27 years he has been chief. As coinmaiider-in-chief, he takos the field at every fire, night or day. When necessary he throws his spare, erect frame into the battle Ripinsi the enemy, fire, scorning armchair generalship. Ex:ept for Yeck, all 30 volunteers are unpaid, except that their membership In the department amount to clues pai'd in full in the town's most exclusive chtb. There are clubrooms in the station just for the members, where they hold monthly social meetings and daily informal loiind'- Isbles on crops, politics and baseball. Then there is an annual fish fry cacli fall and an anniversary banquet each March 2Q for the elite. Consequently Yeck lias n Ions; ] waiting list for membership. 'A spartan life is Uncle Faye's recipe for longevity. He says he never had the time or money to dissipate—nor the inclination. 20-Cent Tax Rise Stirs Citizen to Wrath HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) _ Fred Aiikcnman, city finance olCicer .thought a Gulf Coast hurricane | ha<i arrived when an irate taxpayer hurst into /his office. • "My tax has been raised and I'.n not going to stand for it," the Dr. Milton E. Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville- THESE Lovely Disfics with PREMIUM PACKAGES OF Mother's Oats IVIRT PREMIUM PACKAGE OF THIS BIST- TASTING CEREAL ADUS TO YOUR SCTl You're lucky ei-try lime wilh premium pack- •RcsoFMother j OacsT Extra energy protection for you, extra growlli protection for your younqsrers . . . and a smart piece of tableware, besides! taioy Mother's Oats famous bcncTus today! The flavor voted "hcn-lauine" of nil cereals by Americans and the oatmeal superi- orities-Protein, Vitamin Bi, Food-Energy and tooii- Iron— equalled by no other natural cereal. Ask lor genuine Mother's Oals. Mother's Oats wtth Aluminum Ware now available, too! Mother's Oats (PREMIUM PACKAGE) FALLS, In. (UP) - Dr. M. J. Nelson of Iowa State Tench- rs College says statistics show lint j.lrls who lake touching jobs n rural communities find | U , S wild-eyed taxpayer shrilled. Aiikcnman Irled to explain that l taxes had been raised W per cent under ihe blanket UicYense in isscssments, but (he taxpayer wouldn't be pacified. ."I just wont puy ami that's all," '<•• said nml stormed out iigaln. Aiikmmim revealed (hut nil Ihe uss was over a 70 cent lux bill which had been Imrcusrd from SO cents on property outside of Houston. COLD BUG GOTWM? HELP EASE ACHING CHEST MUSCLES RUB ON MENTHOLATUM^M/ ATTENTION VETERANS! If you served overseas, you should Join the V.K.W. now! Mcelliiss every Wednesday nictit, 7:30 at (he Wctenkamp Cotton Office. Bring a veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Farrls McCalhi, Commander bands sooner and more easily Minn those who go to Inrger cities, . ' °"f ot the rurnl education class 01 l»zf>, 13 of the u women who completed t| 1(! co i,rs« nre married," IK Nelson s ald. "We lost irnck of """'MiJ-l. but she probably tins n PAGE THIRTEEN hUSbnnd lllSO." If n girl wants to bo even ijioro sure or netting her mnn, slicsllould combine her rurnl teaching with home economics training. That will in tike her imicllcnlly Irrcslsttolc, Ur. Nelson siivs. MOORE BROS. GARAGE Cotton and Steve Moore Announce the opening 6f their new Garage, lo- cated on South Second Street, across from the Armory Hall. \Vo arc equipped to lnko euro of nil lypcs ,,f Tractor, Tnidc A Automobile repnir. Wo uls<> do electric mid acetylene welding and MiiKiiotIo repair. Yon can K ol n complete overhaul job, with motor ivt>uilclin K niul painting. All work GUAKANTKKI). Make our shop your headquarters. You'll always bo welcome. Prompt and courteous at nil times. You can call us day or night Day Phone 879 Night Phone 2179 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS « MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FARM DITCHES DITCH BAMK LEVfUNG PRIVATE RBAS Musical Instruments Supplies - Repairs Radios, Office Supplies SPECIAL ORDERS SOLICITED Schools, Churches, Hands, Ocheslras' & Clubs Given SPECIAL PRICES On Musical Instruments J.MellBrooksJr 107 E. Main Tel. 811 KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T.«r,8,B«« .f PETROLEUM ntn ~~ D.ptB4.M. 8.n,l« PRODUCTS RK.t"£rr, FROZEN FOODS Lockers for Rent—Moat Curing Groceries — Meats — Vegetables— Wilson Pasteurized Milk— Birdseye Frozen Products We Deliver Telephone 2002 Mllhl ;tt 21st str ^ J. LOUIS CHERRY Reprrientlcg New York Life Insurance Co. e, Ark. LU keep the telo For every single hour of the working day lost year we were able to offer telephone service to 289 people who had ordered Ir in the five itates w. serve. And every hour 288 mor« persons ordered telephones! That's why the telephone waiting list at Ihe start of 1947—235,460 names long- is only a little shorter than a year ago. But it isn't the same list it was a year back, by any means. Most names on it, by far, are new ones. That's because we connect telephones in proper turn just as fast as equipment becomes available in a particular part of town. And the equipment we have—switchboards and cable and all the ranks of humming machinery in a telephone central office—is bearing up under an extra load much heavier than we engineered it wai«in 9 liit 8on 9 for. Part of this load has been for new telephones. Part has been caused by greater use of all telephones. The result: More people getting more service than ever before. And it's good service most of the time in most places. In 1946 we were busier than we'd ever been before. In 1947 we'll be doing still more, working all day and every day. A lot depends on a steady flow of equipment and materials, of course. We have the experience and the people to sec the job through. As fast as we get the equipment—and this year we'll spend $95 million for it, compared to last year's $67 million—we'll put it in and connect telephones to it. That's why we think 1947 will top 5946 in telephone work. And that means more telephones ringing in the homes of more pcouJe now doing without, and a service growing better than before. 8. J: COHEN Contractor l^NCH mpd,BXHjEYlUl ARK. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY - •'•'.';• v'«;. .,....',;;.''K^^t. .-....%> • ,,;.^^^.... CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Also CULVERTS K Incites up to 4» Incites Wo ore Dealers for THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. CALL 2611. „. STOP AT 2611 Don't Hesitate to Ask for Free Service Listen _ W« cnn wiiHli your car in ISO minutes. We use Genuine Alemile Umise (o lubricate your car. Yts, we hiivu Ihu (ires — Dnylon — Hood _ Goodyear. We also have New Hiilleries. Standard fSSO Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State AUTO SERVICE Second and Asia Sis. I'lionc 2<iU Here's the man with real truck know- how. He's the Inter- national-traincd truck mechanic — trained in special schools anil classes, in the bcstand latest ways of servicing trucks. He's an expert on the special International Truck equipment \ve use for testing, repairing, reconditioning and proving. He's an expert on proven-' live maintenance. So put your trucks in his htinds-any makes or models-for the simplest repair job or a complete program of regular preventive maintenance. Phone today and tell us when your trucks will be in. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 863 •JITE R N ATI ON^1 7 Trucks

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