The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 2, 1952
Page 7
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Ai Alma Iravr* w»rli that «»l«ITi «he Inoka •»•••! fftr Jut 1*11 him of Tomm^'at irortil IW- i»r, «nd m««t. J VC ., tfce ,..,.,_ VII JOE DENTON motioned towird the door a» he spoke to Alma Conroy. "I just took mother home and came rushing back to see if you'd like to have dinner?" "You're taking the very food oft mj stove!" Alma declared. "I'd love it." "Come on then, let's go! We'll stop at the Blue Cot Bar for a kdrink first." ? "Gee! I'm Rfrald I don't look 'swanky enough!" "What? With those gorgeous new furs? Who's keeping you these days, Jewels?" She looked up at him her face glowing with pride. "Believe it or not, Tommy is!" she said, triumph in her voice. "He gave me the foxes, Joe, and they're paid for! He's go! a swell position. I hate to disappoint everybody, but my husband's making good. Just as I've always known he would." Joe gave a long whistle. "What kind of a lob—where?" "I'd rather ho'd tell you himself. I know he wi\) when he gets back to town." "Is it an out-of-town Job?" "Part oi the time." "The old so-and-so! Landing » job on the big time and never raising his lip about It to mo. Is he with some important firm?" Alma laughed aloud. "Yet, be it. TrumbuU & Co," "What?" "He's had an important promotion. But I mean importantl It's a confidenfial matter, Joe. He won't tell the details even to me." "Then U im't the photography spot?" "No. Apparently it's something much better. But hell rtill be with us at The HOUM except when he's away on tripi, Uk. tonight Isn't it wonderful?" "Wonderful? It's poiitiveiy uncanny!" I knew you'd be ple««d. That's why ! told you, even though pluse remember that it'i a secret for the moment. I'm so happy and proud I'm ready to burst!" "Dear Alma, you mint be," »aid Joe softly, "after all these years of standing up for him." "I knew it would com*," the said simply, ind wai not ashamed that there wer« tc. r , g< happiness lo her ey«. • • • 'THE bur »t the Blue Cat Club * wai one of those chic and «x- penslve plicei of which Alma had often read, but to which «he had never been. It WM not the sort of restaurant that people m,. Tommy and herself could afford to frequent. But tonifht »h« felt expansive «nd glowing and In the mood lo celebrate. The long, low room ws« dim and Intimate-looking «3 they stood waiting for a place and Alma wai already enjoying its unfamiliar luxury when she wa« lUrtled by Joe's voic«. "Let'i get out of here," he said 'it's stuffy ai the devill" ' He too* her by the «rm to tteer her away but by then it was too late. She had already seen what Jo« was trying to keep from her Tommy was there and Tommy wai not alon«. Seated «t a table tot two halfway down the dim alley ol the room he wai talking abKorbedlr to on* ot the molt exotic young women Alma had ever aeeti: like a tropical fruit jmt ripe for eating tb« thought with a tort of aickcn^ ing detachment. The long oval face beneath the dark, sleek hair waa slashed by a soft, wid« merjtb of startling color; the low-cut drew clung over her fuH, pointed breasts as though part of her skin was aatlny black below the* long white throat. There was that eternally naked look about her which certain women f flaunt at nil times, and the thing Alma recognized behind H brought forth the fear, the utter helplessness with which all good women are filled iby tb« mere presence of such a rival. Joe Denton waa tugging at l»r arm, but Alma continued to jlare unable to tear her eyee away- from' the woman. # • • »£OME away,- «aM Jo, w, softly. -Come away be/ore they see us." A.nd this time Alma allowed herself to be taken out into the street, scarcely knowing what she WM doing, her blood beating thickly In her eara, a faint runuea srwaylng her. Jo« M h«r down th« block holding hw hand tucked eloaely under hia arm. But she scarcely knew he wat there. Th« new world she had built up' for herself had collapsed, and she was stil) stunned by the concussion at Ha falling. But she must not go v> pieces, she told herself—not h> front of Joe! Sh« began • tremendous effort at making the situation kx» embarrassing. "There to probably some ex- planitlonr ahe said with difficultly, filling back into her old habit of finding >• excuse for everything Tommy did. "Perhaps we should have gone up to them and spoken." "Alma, dont be a fool!" "I feel like a fooJ. So don't let's discuss it." "I wouldn't dare. Right this minute 1 couldn't, I'm so furious And I wpn't let him spoil our evening—he's spoiled too m»ny of them already! Come em, we'll go to the Italia* place." 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I'LL SEE • •-— »-r-« M« i i Mb.Min'Viy 1.VCT Of I IV FLW SPARE THAT NEED* RXIUS TO OkE A ROAP MAR.. ••-•--•— -»-w b.irxi, r% rvur^iy MA FROM HERE TO THE BORDER HAS LEFT FOR THE BORDER Y6T1 X I SHUDDER ^ GOOD VTO GUESS / HEAVENO? WHAT WAS THAT? GIVE us A CHANCE JQ ROUND'1M i UP AN'.... H MEAL... M MORETKCXJBLE **Tfl 77TV».VV"-V '-"• J.\ ^KJKt IKCXJBl W^»^iTdX FOR A WH '^-

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