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EDMONTON JOURNAL, Thursday, June 6, 1963 Nova Scotia Firm Retires Handliner LUNENBURG, N.S. (CP) The 130-foot Theresa E. Conschooner nor, operated by Zwicker and The last Nova Scotia Company Limited here, has to undertake hand-line fishing been the lone Nova Scotia deepfrom dories is being taken out sea saltfish schooner 1 in operof service for lack of a crew. ation for the last three years. On TV GATEWAY (5) 6 p.m.

ing of Edmonton air cadets. on the parade square, in the trols of a training plane. SPECIAL ON POPE (5) 7 directly from Vatican City, place following the death of MAVERICK (3) 7:30 p.m. Blaine and five men each buy boat from a canny Scotsman. THE DEFENDERS (5) 8 lawyer Lawrence Preston lose a case than spoil a child.

PLAYDATE (5) 9 p.m. A weekend hunting party gets turns nasty, revealing a hunter. JACK PAAR (3) 9:30 p.m. this year's Oscar as best actress Worker, will be Paar's guest. Hackett, hypnotist Arthur Ellen NEWS SPECIAL (5) 11:35 related to the death of Pope This special program features from Vatican City via Telstar The program spotlights trainFilms show the future airmen classroom and behind the con- p.m.

A special film, flown shows the ceremonies taking Pope John XXIII Monday. Bret Maverick, Modesty the title to a Mississippi river- p.m. In a custody fight, demonstrates that it is better to marriage and hurt an unfortunate "'The Hunt," by Richard Erno. out of hand when one member personal grudge against a fellow Anne Bancroft, winner of for her role in The Miracle Also appearing will be Buddy and Kukla, Fran I and Ollie. p.m.

Private ceremonies John Monday will be presented. video signals relayed directly II, the communications satellite. "SAFEWAY MEAT MAKES ANY MEAL" SAFEWAY TV TIMES As supplied by TV stations. Any variation is due to last minute changes by the station involved. CFRN-TV CHANNEL 3 CBXT CHANNEL 5 EDMONTON THURSDAY (3) Room (3) Around The House (3) Show (3) (3) Around Town (5) Show (3) (5) To Marry A Millionaire (5) Fiesta (3) Drake (5) Cinema (3) Ladies First (5) and His Friends (5) Journey (5) In Conflict (3) Loretta Young (5) Looking At You (3) Take Thirty (5) Allen (3) Scarlett Hill (5) Playhouse (3) Razzie Dazzle (5) Look, Listen (5) Bear (3) Gamble For A Throne (5) Beat (3) Gateway (5) Doctor (3) News (5) News (3) and Sports (5) (3) Knows Best (3) Pope's Funeral (5) (3) West On Five (5) Defenders (5) Calling (3) Show (3) Playdate (5) 9:30 -Jack Paar (3) Hitchcock (5) News (3) (3) Time Wrestling (3) CBC TV National News (5) (5) News (5) Special (5) News (3) Signoff (5) HOME -bye SAFEWAY FRIDAY (3) Room (3) Show (3) (3) Five Around 09 The Town (5) (5) To Marry A Millionaire (5) Fiesta (3) Drake (5) Cinema (3) Ladies First (5) and His Friends (5) Ring Around (5) Giant (5) In Conflict (3) Loretta Young (5) Looking At You (3) Take Thirty (5) Allen (3) Scarlet Hill (5) Playhouse (3) Razzie Dazzle (5) -Tales of the Riverbank (5) Davis (5) and His Friends (3) Web of Life (5) Beat (3) Political Telecast (5) (3) News (5) News (3) and Sports (5) (3) (3) Perspective (5) Outdoors (3) I'm Dickens, He's Fenster (5) (3) Country Hoedown (5) Are Funny (3) True (5) Benedict (3) Tammy Ambrose (5) (5) Navy (3) News (3) Candid Camera (5) (3) Force' (3) National News (5) (5) News (5) Theatre As They Comet (5) News (3) Signoff (5) TAR 1:22 To restore fluffiness to blankets, add one tablespoon of glycerine to rinse water for each pair.

CHA- TV RED DEER CHANNEL (Coronation and Banff Channel 10) THURSDAY FRIDAY Of FM of FM Devotions Devotions Fun Fun Top News Top News World His and His Friends and Friends Ring Around Journey Giant Young Young Thirty Thirty Hill Hill Dazzle Dazzle Korner Korner Of Life For A Throne Telecast Kildare Moments Hoedown Ambrose 9:00 Playdate Silvers Show TV News TV News Playhouse: Star Golf "Walk A Crooked Mile' CKSA-TV LLOYDMINSTER CHANNEL 2 THURSDAY FRIDAY Headlines 1'50-News Headlines Tennis and His Friends Ring Around and His Friends Young Journey Thirty Young Hill Thirty Dazzle Hill On Two Dazzle Telecast On Two Sports, Weather For A Throne Kildare 8:30 True Hoedown Sports, Weather Ambrose 66 Man 9:00 -Playdate TV News City Beat TV News Theatre Beat "Whirlpool" Radio Highlights (Selected by Station Managers? THURSDAY FRIDAY CFRN 8:10 a.m., Bill Hogle's Min- CFRN 4 p.m., Danny Roman; 5:15 Itorial; 7 p.m. Back to the Bible Broad- p.m., McCann Speaking of Sports. cast. CJCA 4:05 Voice Your CJCA 10:05 a.m., Reverand Hart Choice: 10 Lorne p.m. Cantelon: p.m.

Thompson 6:40 p.m.. Job Listings. Show. CKUA 10:30 a.m., Flight Ten Thir- CKUA 11:30 a.m., June Sheppard: ty: 5:30 p.m. Candlelight and 2 p.m., Club Matinee.

Show: 12:40 p.m., City Mike. p.m., All Requests Show. CHED 12 p.m.. Larry Thiessen CHED 12:20 p.m. Major Sports; CEXA 9 p.m., Continental Holiday; CBXA 9:30 p.m., CBC Jazz Club: 11184 p.m.

Legacy. 11:35 p.m. Night Music. An Announcements Births -Jack and Rae (nee Gaetz) wish to announce the birth of their daughter, Diane Elizabeth, on May 31, 1963. STRONG--BIll and Joyce are happy to announce the arrival of Sherrie's brother.

He was born on June 5, 1963, at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Weight seven pounds two ounces. KNOWLES-Bob and Judy (nee Kingham) announce the birth of a son, Cameron Ashley, on June 1963, at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Weight five pounds ten ounces. KOZAK-Walt and Diane happily announce the arrival of their new daughter, Karen Lee, June 1, 1963, at the University Hospital.

A sister for Kavin and Cindy. ZILKIE-Margaret and Wilf are pleased to announce the arrival of a daughter, Gwenatha Muriel, on June 1 at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Weight seven pounds 12 ounces. PROWSE Danny and Joan (nee Woywitka) are happy to announce the arrival of their son, Geoffrey Richmond, born Friday May 31 at the Holy Cross Hospital, Calgary. Weight: six pounds, 14 ounces. LAMOUREUX Anne Marie is happy to announce the arrival of another brother, Darryl Anthony, a playmate for Gerald, Michael and Stephen, on May 29, 1963, in Ste.

Theresa Hospital, St. Paul, Alberta. Parents: Phil and Lena. MARUSIAK Alex and Gloria are happy to announce the arrival of baby airl, Teresa Roxanne, on May 29, 1963. Weight five pounds 11 ounces.

SOUVENIR Baby BooK is given free to each family announcing a new ar. rival in the Births column Announce ments minimum charge $1.75. Engagements Engagements SIMS-Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sims are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Linda Jean, to Melvin Rodney, son of Mr.

and Mrs. E. E. Maschmeyer. Wedding to take place July 12, at St.

Luke's Anglican Church. Baby Guanaco Starts Life With Leap Mr. and Mrs. Guanaco of the Storyland Valley Zoo wish to announce the arrival of their long-awaited young one, Plano, June 2, at 11:50 a.m. Mother and child are doing well.

The woolly -coated, knock kneed, spindly-legged youngster was bounding about the enclosure less than an hour after his birth. His parents, South American BROTHER ACTS TO SAVE GORED MATADOR -Enraged bull goes for Rafael Giron, right, after goring Venezuelan matador Cesar Giron, on ground in background, in a Madrid, Spain, bullfight. Leaping over barrier to go to the aid of his brother is Efrain Giron, in civilian clothes. Cesar was gored in the left. thigh by his first bull of the day.

He received several blood transfusions at a hospital where he was reported in serious condition. Movie Magic Celebration Revives Old Vaudeville Era magic, and re-living the old days of vaudeville, the Pioneers, 25-year veterans of the movie industry, took over the Strand Theatre, for the night and presented 8 return of By PAT JOHNSON Edmontonians this long Rolphe Reinhardt's vaudeville Journal Staff Writer gone conclusion just might be review in a public performIt was years and years ago, wrong. ance. they first started saying vaude- Celebrating 60 years of movie Edmontonians turned up 800- ville was dead. But Wednesday night, the Canadian Picture Pioneers, celebrating the diamond jubilee of the silver screen, showed strong filling the old theatre to watch the 17 variety actsers, actors, dancers, magicians, musicians, and young-in the hour-long vaudeville performance.

the camel family, originally from Asia. Their wild relatives presently live on the high plateaus of the South American Andes. Unlike their larger llama cousins, the guanaco have never been tamed or domesticated. They are still wild creatures, with the habits of wild creatures when cornered or threatened, they spit residents and close relatives of the llama, expect to bring him up at the zoo, where they spent last winter. Plano can look forward to a lifetime "in excess of 20 years," according to zoo supervisor Don Hudson.

He will grow to perhaps 500 or 600 pounds in weight, and five feet in height. The three are members of 8 malodorous stream at the intruder. If panicked, they will stampede anything in their path, men included. They are swift runners. Normally, though, the creatures are docile and benign in appearance.

Both parents came from the Assiniboia Park Zoo in Winnipeg. Plano is the last planned addition to the zoo menagerie here this year. Revival Of Island Sought By GARY HARKER Journal Staff Writer "Who remembers Big Island?" To admit fond memories of Big Island is akin to remarking "you don't see much Horehound candy these and it is just as revealing about one's age. For the benefit of those of you who didn't have to wear knickers until your 18th birthday, Big Island is three hours up the North Saskatchewan by river boat. Fifty years ago no one could be sure summer had arrived until a picnic had been held at Big Island.

Then like mosquitos, the first was followed by a multitude. TREE COVERED Big Island was seventy acres of land just off the west bank of the river. It was covered by a poplar grove which stood 70 to 80 feet tall. Weekdays the stern-wheeler City of Edmonton hauled wood to John Walter's saw mill, but come Sunday it was over the side with drudgery and a cargo of festive picnickers was welcomed aboard. In mid-morning the boat cast off for Big Island and arrived shortly after noon.

DANCED ON DECK It wasn't until evening that the horn blew and passengers boarded for the return trip. The era of Big Island's popularity came to an end when the war in Europe turned people's minds to other things. By the time they TOMMY DOUGLAS and NEIL REIMER RALLY MONDAY 8:00 p.m. JUBILEE AUDITORIUM Inserted by the Alberta New Democratic Party CAN'T SLEEP DUE TO MONEY WORRIES? TRY EQUITY VITAMINS Dollars tied up by a 50-to-60 percent Equity in your home con now pay off car, deepfreeze, TV bills, etc. Or used to buy a second home, rent for extra income! Put lazy equity to work with 0 lowrate Home-Owner's Equity Loon! PHONE 424-2711 SEYMOUR E.

BUSHE Engagements GORDON and Mrs. Alvin Gordon of Strome announce the engagement of their daughter, Marylynn, to Mr. David Lorenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lorenson of Lindbergh.

Wedding to take place at St. Paul's United Church, Strome, at 2:00 p.m. June 29th. HARTLEY Mr. and Mrs.

John W. Hartley wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Linda, to Mr. Orest William Doroshenko, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W.

Doroshenko, all of Edmonton. Wedding to take place July 6, at St. Basil's Ukrainian Catholic Church at 11 a.m. OLBERG-Mr. and Mrs.

Gordon A. Olberg take pleasure in announcing the engagement of their only daughter, Norma Jean, to Robert Walter Disney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Disney of Drayton Valley.

Wedding will take place p.m., June 29th, All Saints Anglican Church, Drayton Valley. ZACHARCHUK Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zacharchuk wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Vivien, to Mr. Robert Kisllevich, son of Mr.

and Mrs. John Kisilevich. Wedding will take place July 6th, Norwood United Church. Marriages -FOWLER Mr. and Mrs.

Herbert M. Fowler announce the marriage of their daughter, Sharon Dianne, to Mr. Henry Milham Loomis, son of Mrs. Henry M. Loomis, of Port McNicholl, Ontario, and the late Mrs.

Loomis. The marriage took place on June 1, 1963, at Grace United Church. Dr. John Bergman and Rev. G.

B. Johnston officiated. -GRIFFITHS-Mr. and Mrs. W.

J. Griffiths of Edmonton, wish to announce the marriage of their daughter, Shirley Margaret, to Kurt Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer of Basil, Switzerland. Marriage took place at Eastwood United Church, Saturday, June 1, 1963.

GRIGG GEORGE Mrs. V. M. George of Dunstable, Alberta, Is pleased to announce the marriage of her daughter, Hazel Marguerite; to Mr. John Grigg, son of Mrs.

E. Grigg of Nakusp, On May 25th at the United Church, Barrhead, Alberta. WASYLYCIA SAVARD Mr. and Mrs. Hector Savard of Winterburn wish to announce the marriage of their eldest daughter, Florence Violet to Mr.

Joseph Wasylycia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wasylycia of Myrnam. The marriage took place on June 1, 1963 In St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church.

Deaths PEPPER -On June 5, 1963, Mrs. Sigrldur Ingibjorg (Sarah) Pepper of 15214 81 Avenue, widow of Herbert Charles Pepper, passed away. She leaves 10 mourn her loss, one daughter, Mrs. C. A.

(Freda) Smith of Edmonton; one grandson, Robert Cameron Smith of Edmonton; and one sister In Iceland. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 11:00 a.m. at the Foster and McGarvey Funeral Chapel. Reverend R. R.

Hinchey will officiate and interment will take place in the Edmonton Cemetery. Foster and McGarvey Limited. Funeral Directors. GAGNON -On June 5, Samuel (Sam) Gagnon 12315 131 Street, aged 80 years. He leaves his wife; one brother, Hector Gagnon, St.

Albert; four sisters, Mrs. Hermine Holdsworth, Edmonton, Mrs. Laura Doherty, Calgary, Mrs. J. B.

(Clara) Dolhagaray, St. Albert; Sister Magdalen, of the Crown of Thorns, Good Shepherd Convent, Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Gagnon was a member of La Verendre Council No. 1938 Knights of Columbus.

Funeral services Friday 10 a.m. at St. Pius Church, interment in St. Albert cemetery. Rosary, Thursday 8 p.m.

at the Funeral Home. Connelly-McKinley Ltd. PULLISHY-On June 5, Mrs. Minnie Pullishy of 10149 88 Street, passed away aged 70 years. Survived by seven sons and four daughters: Walter Mydansky of Neison, B.C.; John Mydansky of Lamont; Stanley Mydansky of Edmonton; John Rebus of Winnipeg; Joe Rebus of Drumheller; Frank Rebus of Kamloops; Peter Rebus of Edmonton; Mrs.

(Minnie) Leo Chichak, Mrs. (Pauline) Frank Wosnock and Mrs. (Francis) Wilfred Hanson all of Edmonton; Mrs. (Jennie) Jim Butler of Kamloops, B.C.; 31 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren: one brother and one sister: Peter Pasemko of Beverly; Mrs. Julla Chorney of Skaro.

Prayers, Friday, June 7 at 8 p.m. at the Park Memorial Chapel. Funeral, Saturday, June 8 at 10 a.m. at the Park Memorial Chapel with interment in St. Joachim's Cemetery.

Park Memorial Ltd. (The Chapel on the Boulevard). ZICCAREL June 4, 1963 Antonio Ziccarelll of 11515 89 Street passed away at age of 12 years. Surviving are his loving parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Raffaelle Ziccarelli of Edmonton; three brothers: Attilio, Frank, Giacomo of Edmonton; two sisters, Mrs. (Guisippina) Giovanni Coscarella, and (Miss) Amalia, of Edmonton; grandparents in Italy. Prayers Friday, June 7, 6:30 p.m. at Park Memorial Chapel. Requiem Mass Saturday, June 8th at 9:00 a.m.

at Santa Maria Goretti. Celebrant Reverend Father Delfino Pierrazzo. Interment in Holy Cross. Park Memorial Ltd. (The Chapel on the Boulevard), June 6, Mrs.

Mabel Vause, beloved wife of Mr. Thomas R. Vause of 15907 87 Avenue, passed away age 76 years. Funeral arrangements to be announced later. The Chapel of Chimes, Roy and Owen funeral directors.

SIMONSON On June 4, Mr. Carl Simonson, of Edmonton, passed away aged 56 years. The funeral service will be held in the Roy and Owen, Chapel of Chimes, corner 108 Street and 102 Avenue, on Friday, June 7, at 10:00 a.m., with Reverend A. B. Simpson officiating, and interment taking place in Beech.

mount Cemetery. The Chapel of Chimes, Roy and Owen. Funeral Directors. WILSON-On June 5, 1963, Mrs. Eliza Wilson beloved wife of Ron Wilson of 14611 92A Avenue, passed away.

She leaves to mourn her loss besides her loving husband; one son, Bi'l of Edmonton; one daughter, Pat at home; and one sister, Mrs. Jean Booth of North Surrey, B.C, Funeral services will be held Satur. day at 1:15 p.m. at the St. Andrew's United Church, (9920 147 Street).

Reverend G. Payne will officiate and interment will take place in the WestMemorial Park. Foster and McGarvey Limited. Funeral Directors. THOMSON On June 5, 1963, Mr.

Frederick Dunnet Thomson of 10965 139 Street, passed away. He leaves TO mourn his loss besides his loving wife, Flora; three sons, Kenneth of Edmonton, Geoffrey and lan at home; and one daughter, Sharron at home. Funeral services will be held Friday at 1:15 p.m. at the Foster and McGarvey Funeral Chapel. Reverend J.

E. Bigelow will officiate and cremation will follow. Donations may be made to the Anniversary Fund of Westmount Presbyterian Church. Foster and McGarvey Limited. Funeral Directors.

GAMACHE-On June 4, Reverend Fortunat Aime Gamache, O.M.I.. of Victoire, age 58 years. He leaves to mourn, seven brothers, Pierre, Bonnyville; Alfred, Fort Kent, Arthur and Daniel, St. Paul, Rev. Charles Gamache, O.M.l., Fond-du-lac, Camille, St.

Albert, Gerard, Fort Kent; three sisters, Mrs. Emile (Anna) Carrier, Vancouver, Rev. Sister Alida Gamache, Brocket, Mrs. Emile (Leda) Therrien, Edmonton. Funeral services Saturday, 10 a.m.

at St. Albert. Interment in the Oblate Missionary Plot, St. Albert Cemetery. The office for the dead will be recited Friday evening at St.

Albert. Connelly-McKinley Ltd. Deaths RIVARD- On June 6th, Mrs. Marie Rebecca Rivard of Beaumont, aged 101 years passed away. She leaves one son and one dauchter, Albert and Mrs.

Marie R. Ford of Beaumont; also three grandchildren; ten greatgrandchildren: six great-great-grandchildren. Funeral service Salurday 10 a.m. at St. Vital Church In Beaumont with interment In the church cemetery.

Rosary Friday evening at 8 o'clock at the Funeral Home. Connelly-McKinley Ltd. YEE-On June 5, Mr. Six Hon Yee of 9630 102 Avenue passed away at 60 years of age. Besides his wife in China, he leaves a daughter, Yee Chung Mowe in New York and a son, Yee Sain Poo of Edmonton.

Remains are resting at AndrewsMcLaughlin Chapel where arrange ments will be announced later. drew's-McLaughlin Funeral Directors. GEORGE- On June 5th, Stanley Earl George of R.R. 2, Tofield, passed away at 75 years of age. Besides his loving wife, Margaret, he leaves one daughter, (Dolly) Mrs.

James Roddick of Tofield; four sons, William Robert, Douglas Earl, Walter Stanley and Bruce Edward all of Edmonton; also 10 grandchildren. Funeral services on Friday, June 7, at 2 o'clock from the Ministik Hall with Reverend W. H. McDannold and Mr. Roger York officiating.

Interment at South Cooking Lake Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Alberta Heart Fund or Tofield Hospital Fund. Andrews-McLaughlin, Funeral Directors. ZACHAREZUK-On June 3, 1963, Theodore Zacharezuk of Bonnyville, passed away. Funeral services will be held Friday at 9:00 a.m.

at the Foster and McGarvey Funeral Chapel. The Very Reverend John Margitich will officiate, Interment in the Beechmount Cemetery. Foster and McGarvey Limited, Funeral Directors. Cards of Thanks FITZGERALD We wish to express our sincere appreciafion to our many friends and relatives for the floral and spiritual tributes and the messages of sympathy extended to us in the loss of our beloved husband and father Gordon Wesley Fitzgerald. Special thanks to the Ministers of Robertson United Church, the pallbearers and Howard and McBride Funeral Home.

Mrs. Fitzgerald and son James, daughter Adele Anthony and husband Richard. In Memoriam MALOFY In loving memory of dear husband, father and grandfather, Alex, who passed away June 2, 1962. Ever remembered and sadly missed by his wife and family. TANASIUK in loving memory of Steven Tanasiuk who passed away June 6, 1950.

Thoughts drift back to bygone days, Life goes on, but memory stays; Rememberance is a golden chain, That links us 'til we meet again. Ever remembered by his loving wife and family. started thinking of picnics again the riverboats had fallen into disuse and new spots were found for outings. Is Big Island forgotten? It would seem so, were it not for a recent step by the Stony Plain municipal council toward returning it to a recreation spot one day. John Evjen, reeve of Stony Plain, has contacted the Ed- Contract Charges Refuted The president of Burns and Dutton Ltd.

describes as "nonsense' charges his firm has unfairly received provincial government contracts. J. L. Simpson of Calgary was replying to a charge by provincial New Democrat Party Leader Neil Reimer that the firm has received six times as much work from the provincial government during the past four years than its nearest competitor. Mr.

Reimer suggested a public inquiry commission be established to examine public works contracts. "This comes up in every election campaign, some contractor is singled out," said Mr. Simpson. The reason his firm has received $32,000,000 in government contracts is because it concenon such work, he added. trates.

do much work for provincial and federal governments, cities and municipalities. We have no risk. We knov we'll get paid for such work. This is not always the case in private work." He said there are few loopholes for making money in extras changes and that bid all specification a is through public tender. He added that the firm's provincial government work does not comprise its major construction each year.

Army Announces Promotion Lt. -Col. A. G. McLaren of Viking has been promoted to the rank of colonel.

Col. McLaren, at present attending the University of Toronto for one year of post graduate training in public health, will be posted to Edmonton in August. An officer in the medical corps, he will be appointed regional surgeon, Alberta Medical Region. City Girl To Get Degree In Science Catherine Barton Douglas of 9603 106th St. will receive a bachelor's degree in commercial science from Seattle University Friday.

She is the daughter of Mrs. Mary L. Douglas and the late D. J. Douglas, monton District Planning Commission and asked them to see what must be done to reclaim Big Island.

The island is currently property of the provincial government. The idea of the MD is not to make the needed improvements to the island, it doesn't have the money. Mr. Evjen said the council just wants to make sure the land doesn't fall into private hands so that one day it can be turned into a public recreation area again. VANIER HONORARY PATRON OF OPERA ASSOCIATION Governor-General Georges Vanier has granted his honorary patronage to the Edmonton Professional Opera Association.

The announcement, made earlier this week from Government House in Ottawa, was enthusiastically received by the new organization which is well advanced with plans for its first season of productions. "We feel singularly fortunate and honored," said EPOA president David Ker, who hopes that Edmonton will become no less noted across Canada for producing good opera than for playing good football. Auditions for its two forthcoming productions have been completed and rehearsals are scheduled to begin June 13. The EPOA will produce Madam Butterfly Oct. 11 and 12 and the combination of Pagliacci and Cavalleria Rusticana on April 10 and 11, 1964.

The performances are scheduled at the Jubilee Auditorium. Record Accident Year Indicated By Statistics Statistics seldom lie. Albertans this year are facing a summer marred by a record number of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities. The Alberta Safety Council says traffic deaths were 15 per cent more numerous at April 30 than at the same time last year. Injuries were up eight per I.

T. Pobran, Former J.P. Teacher Dies Funeral services were held recently for Ignatius Theodore Pobran, 61, an Edmonton and district school teacher for many years. Mr. Pobran taught in the Lamont school division for 11 years and at Calmar, Bon Accord, Big Valley, St.

Albert and Central School Jasper Place. Born in the Ukraine, he came to Hafford, at the age of five. He attended normal school in Regina and Saskatoon and went to university in San Francisco. After four years of teaching in Saskatchewan, he came to Alberta. Mr.

Pobran's last position was with the Central School in Jasper Place. Surviving are his widow, Anne, daughters Vivian Helen and Lila Ann at home; brothers Mike of North Battleford, Charles and Matthew of Hafford, Sask. He was predeceased by another brother, Tom, of Hafford, by 20 days. IN FOND MEMORY Of Violet E. (Halwa) Pinkoski who left US so suddenly June 6, 1959.

God gave us a wonderful daughter and sister, She was one who never grew old; He made her smile as the sunshine, And made her heart of pure gold. Remembrance keeps her near. Sadly missed and longed for always by Mom, Dad, Ernie, and Dean. RUSNAK In loving memory of Marian Rusnak who passed away June 6, 1961. Just when life was sweetest, And you could have lived your best; The gates of Heaven opened, And you entered that sweet rest.

Sadly missed by Uncle Metro, Auntie Anne and boys. RUSNAK-In loving memory of our dear daughter, sister and aunt, Marian, who passed away June 6, 1961. God gave US a wonderful child. Her memory will never grow old; He fashioned her smile with sunshine, He molded her heart of gold. He needed a star in heaven, Another star to shine; So out of this world of sorrow, He choose dear Marian of ours.

We often visit your resting place, Wondering if you know we are there: We place flowers around yoU, And treasure your memory with care. Ever remembered and sadly missed by Mom, Dad, Kathy, Bill, Doreen and children, Fred, Florence and boys. TO ASSIST readers in preparing in Memoriam notices, The Journal has prepared a booklet of appropriate wordings. Call, write or phone for your copy. Monuments ALBERTA Granite Marble Stone Co.

10702 101 St. Ph. GA 2-4058. Manufacturers of fine Memorials since 1905. Old monument renovations.

All cemetery work. Visit our quiet showroom for guaranteed lowest prices. PLOTS Evergreen. Any good offer, HU 8-0023. TWO choice plots.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens. Attractive discount. HO 6- 8432. cent, and accidents up three per cent. Statistics disclose that 52 persons were killed in accidents in the province in the first four months of the year, against 44 in the same period in 1962.

Edmonton accidents totalled 808 in April, an increase from 757 from April, 1962. Calgary accidents jumped from 385 to 481 in the same month. There was one traffic fatality in Edmonton in April. There were 15 fatalities in the province in April. Five drivers, five vehicle passengers and five pedestrians were victims.

Safety Council officials estimate property, damage from 1,544 April accidents at $999,269. Of the 263 April traffic injuries in urban areas, 20 involved operators of bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. Chief's Loss Is Town Gain St. Albert's fire chief lost $50 monthly in car allowances while council attempted to cut the town's 1963 budget. The town's saving this year will be $350.

Although council increased Fire Chief Fred Tetarenko's car allowance to $100 per month earlier this year, some councillors said Tuesday the figure was unrealistic. Councillor Dr. David Stewart said it would be extremely difficult to put 1,000 miles per month on a car driven in town the size of St. Albert. WEST Edmonton Memorial Display Suitable any cemetery.

164 St. Stony Plain Road. Franchised dealer for Westlawn. INDEPENDENT Memorial Co. 8715 109 St.

Ph. GE 3-5952. All monuments in our display are being cleared at substantial savings. WESTLAWN Memorial Cemetery and Edmonton Crematorium. 16410 Stony Plain Rd.

HU 9-1602. Plots from $45.00. Lost and Found LOST -Pup. White face, chest. Right eye part blue.

422-5950. LOST--Black purse, ribbon handle, May 28, Ritz Hotel. Bank book, receipts, valuable papers, birth certificate, money. Anyone with information leading to recovery, reward of $25, more if purse is intact. GR 9-2216.

6520 118 Avenue. Eva. LOST Male Siamese cat. Ripped left ear. Reward.

GA 2-0045. LOST-Vicinity Financial lady's Bulova wrist watch. Gold. GA 4-0404 local 217. LOST Yellow Labrador (Sabu) one Chesapeake (Tiger) both males, vicinity Groat Bridge.

Phone HU 8-7493, Reward. LOST Pedigree Beagle, Windsor Park area, answers to Tad. Phone GE 3-1988. FOUND Large doll, two sheefs. Prove ownership, pay ad.

GR 7-5149. LOST Tan wallet Saturday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Reward. HO 6-8148.

LOST MALE SIAMESE. BROWN COLLAR. RITCHIE VICINITY. GE 3- 7759. Daily by carrier 35 cents per week.

Daily by mail to points outside Edmonton in Alberta, Peace River Block, Northwest Territories and Yukon $10 per year. By mail to other provinces in Canada and to U.K.; $12 per year. By mail to U.S. and foreign countries: $35 per year. Daily average net paid circulation of The Edmonton Journal for 1963 to May 31 was in excess of 125,000 Member of Audit Bureau of Circulations.

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