Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 28, 1973 · 36
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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 36

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1973
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36 EDMONTON JOURNAL, Friday. Sept. 28, 1973 Notice Of Intention To Make Application For Change of Name PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Notice is herebv qivea That I. G'adys Isabel Earnshaw of 12603 S'.onv Plain Rodd. Edmortton m the Province of A!her!d to the Detor rf Vita! Statist-cs. i.-nder The provi-s-ons of The Cd'nf? of Narre A'-r, R S A 1970. for cMan's of name foi'ows:: 1 For a rhdn? of my name to G'rivs Isabel M-lvi G!ads fsdriei Eamshaw NOTICE FORT SASKATCHEWAN AREA Application No. 7324 TAKE NOTICE that, unless objection by a person having a bona fide interest in the matter is filed on or before October 11. 1973. with the undersigned and with the applicant at its address set out below, the Board may grant an application for approval of a scheme for the disposal of water produced in conjunction with the construction and operation of salt cavern storage facilities in the Fort Saskatchewan Area'. The applicant, Dome Petroleum limited, proposes to dispose of up to 6.000.000 barrels of water produced in conjunction with the construction and operation of salt cavern storage facilities in the Fort Saskatchewan Area by injection into the Nisku Formation through a well, to be drilled in Legal Subdivision 14. Section 14, Township 55. Range 22. West of the 4th Meridian. Copies of the application and information and particulars filed in support thereof may be obtained by interested persons from the applicant. Dome Petroleum Limited (Attention: Mr. J. B. Cochrane) P.O. Box 200. Calgary. Alberta. DATED at Calgary, Alberta on September 24. 1973. N. A. Macleod Board Solicitor 603 - 6 Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2P0T4 ' NOTICE OF HEARINGS BOARD OF REVIEW ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE IN THE PROVINCIAL COURTS OF ALBERTA TAKE NOTICE that the Board of Review established to review the administration of justice in the Provincial Courts of Alberta, and in particular to review and report on: 1 . what should be the respective roles and relationships of the Provincial Judges, the Prosecutors, the Clerks of the Court and the Police in the administration of justice in these Courts; 2. whether any changes should be made in the administration of justice in the Juvenile and Family Courts and if so, what should be the respective roles of the Judges. Lawyers, Court Counsellors, Probation Officers, Clerks of the Court and other officers and .; officials of those Courts: 3. what changes, if any, should be made in the practice and procedures used in obtaining search warrants and the handling of the material seized: 4. whether any changes should - be made in the practices and procedures presently being followed in the offices of the Coroners and with, respect to inquests; 5. whether any changes should be made to The Coroners Act; 6. whether Judges and Coroners should receive some initial and continuing training in their duties; 7. whether it would be desirable to appoint a Chief Provincial Judge or Senior Judges and if so, what should be their duties: 8. whether any changes should . be made in the system of estab- j lishing or operating Circuit Courts; 9. whether the Provincial Judges presently presiding in the Provincial Courts of Edmonton and Cal-gary should travel on circuit and whether the Provincial Judges presiding in rural areas should from time to time sit in the Provincial Courts in urban centres; 10. whether the present practice of allowing Provincial Judges in rural areas to deal with juvenile offenders is desirable or necessary:. 11. whether any changes should be made in the procedures followed in the enforcement of maintenance orders in the Family Courts or in any of the other procedures of those Courts: 12. whether lawyers of the Juve nile and Family Courts should act . tor either side in dispute matters: 13. whether any changes should be made in the procedures followed by the Clerks of the Provincial Courts in the performance of their administrative duties; 14. whether present facilities in remote areas provide satisfactory judicial services; 15. whether the present system of issuing Warrants of Committal against persons who default in payment of fines for provincial offences is desirable or necessary and if so, whether any changes should be made in the rocessing or enforcement of such Warrants; 16. whether the present system of levying fines against persons- ' convited ot frame offences should be continued and if not. whether a Traffic Violation Report System similar to that in use in the Province of British Columbia should be adopted; 17. whether it is desirable to treat infractions of municipal bylaws as offences in Provincial Courts and whether the collection of penalties provided for in bylaws for such infractions should be effected in the Small Claims Court or some other court of civil jurisdiction: 1 8. such other matters as may - be deemed relevant by the Board of Review in order to ensure a full and fair inquiry and to enable it to make a report and such recommendations as it deems fit; will hold hearings at the Court House or Provincial Building at the . following places on the dates hereinafter set out commencing at 10 o'clock in the morning. Grande Prairie October 1 5th & 26th. 1973 Red Deer October 18th & 19th, 1973 Edmonton October 22nd to 26th. 1973 Calgary November 12th to 16th. 1973 Lac La Biche November 28th & 29th. 1973 St. Paul November 30th. 1973 Lethbridge December 3rd & 4th. 1973 Medicine Hat December 6th & 7th. 1973 Anyone wishing to make a submission should immediately advise the Board of their intention and provide the Board with a copy of their Brief or a summary of their proposed representation at least ten 110) days before the sittings commence at the place where they intend to make their representation. Board of Review. 3036 Law Courts Building. 1 - A Sir Winston Churchill Square. Edmonton. Alberta. T5J 0R2 L TAV I M - If mmmmmm Hobert Dlvth Last rites today former RNWMP Robert BSyth, an early resident cf Edmonton, has died aged 85. Mr. Blyth, of Ste. 803, 6415 DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN & NORTHERN AFFAIRS PARKS CANADA TENDER Contract WR 106-73 David Thompson On Site Exhibit Banff Jasper Hwy Banff National Park The work consists of Parking lot construction, moving of Interpretive Trailer and Generator Building and alterations to both, grading of site. Sealed tenders marked as to content and addressed to the Contracts Administrator. Parks Canada. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, 134 - 11 Ave. S. E., Room 126. 131 Customs Building. Calgary. Alberta T2G 0X5. will be received up to: 3 00 p.m. (MDT) Thursday, October 18. 1973 Tender documents can be obtained from the Contracts Administrator, Parks Canada, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. 131 Custom Budding. Room 126. 1 34 - 1 1 Ave. S. E, Calgary. Alberta T2G 0X5 & viewed at the office of the Superintendent of Banff National Park and the Construction Association Offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. Alberta. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted L H. ROBINSON. Director Western Region Parks Canada. L- V X NOTICE OF HEARING CAMPBELL FIELD Application No. 7087 TAKE NOTICE that the Energy Resource? Conservation Board will hold a public hearing at the offices of the Board, 603 - 6 Avenue S W Caloary, Alberta, on Thursday. October 25. 19 73 at the hour of 9:00 a.m. for the purpose of hearing an application by Richard J. Churchill Limited for an order that all tracts within the drilling spacing unit consisting of Section 22 , Township 54, Range 25. West of the 4th Mendtan be operated as a unit, to permit the drilling for or the production of gas from the Basal Quartz Formation. Copies of the application and information and particulars filed in support thereof may be obtained by interested persons from Richard J. Churchill Limited, (Attention: Mr. R. J. Churchill). 12342 - 107 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. T6E 4N4. Any person wishing to make a submission with respect to this application shall file seven copies of his submission with the Board c: the above address and one copy with the applicant at its above address, not later than October 1 9. 1973. DATED at Calgary. Alberta, on September 24. 1973. N. A. Macleod Board Solicitor 603 - 6 Avenue S.W. Calaary. Alberta T2P 0T4 TENDER FOR RENOVATIONS TO VALLEYVIEW GENERAL HOSPITAL VALLEYVIEW, ALBERTA. Sealed tenders for the General Contract for modifications of the Vai-leyview General Hospital. Valleyview, Alberta, will be received by the undersigned on or before 12 00 noon MOT, Wednesday, October 1 0, 1973. Each tender must be submitted on a supplied Tender Form and shall be accompanied by a Bid Bond or Certified Cheque equal in amount to five per cent (5) of the Contract Price. A Performance Bond and a Labour and Material Payment Bond, both in the amount of fifty percent (50) of the Contract Price shall be required from the successful Contractor. Sub-trades shall bid directly to the General Contractor. Plans and Specifications may be obtained by General Contractors and Mechanical and Electrical Contractors on or after Thursday. September 27. 1973 at 1:00 p m. from the office of Whittaker Leckie & Company Ltd . Prime Consultants, 10551 -114th Street, Edmonton. Alberta, or from the Office of the Administrator. Valleyview General Hospital, Valley view. Alberta, upon a deposit of a Certified Cheque in the amount of Fifty Dollars $50.00) Deposits will be returned upon receipt of Plans and Specifications returned in good condition within one week after the closing of the Tender. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. R W. Dainard Administrator, Valleyview Genera! Hospital. Valleyview. Alberta. Whittaker Leckie Sc Company Ltd 10551-1 14 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. I - 1A' x p CJJ CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY COMPANY MOUNTAIN REGION TENDERS FOR EARTHWORK AND MISCELLANEOUS CONSTRUCTION BETWEEN MILEAGE 16.76 AND 16.96 ON THE YALE SUBDIVISION, BRITISH COLUMBIA Sealed tenders, addressed to Mr. R. M. Bailey. Regional Chief Engineer. Canadian National Railway Company, enclosed in the self-addressed envelope supplied, will be received up to 3:00 P.M., Mountain Daylight Time. Monday, October 15th, 1973. Plans, Specifications. Instructions to Bidders, Form of Contract and Form of Tender will be loaned to Contractors on deposit of a certified cheque made payable to Canadian National Railway Company, for an amount of Fifty Dollars ($50.00). This deposit will be refunded when plans and specifications are returned to the Railway in good condition. Plans. Specifications. Instructions to Bidders. Form of Contract and Form of Tender may be obtained on or after September 26th at the office of Regional Chief Engineer. 22nd Floor. CN Tower. Edmonton. Alberta: Office of Engineer Terminal Maintenance. Room 102. CN Station, Vancouver. B.C. and Office of Engineer Maintenance. 2nd Floor. CN Station. Kamtoops. B.C. Tenders will not be considered unless made on form supplied by the Railway Company and accompanied by a certified cheque drawn on a chartered bank in Canada in favor of Canadian National Railway Company, equal to five per cent of the total amount of tender. All inquiries relative to this tender are to be directed to 403-429 8341. No bid bonds will be accepted with tender for this work The lowest or any tender will not necessarily he accepted-Edmonton. Albgrta J. H, Sp'cer Vice-President l-U.v.W n for 92nd Avenue, was born in N ewyard s, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland Dec. 27, 1887. Mr. Blyth came to Canada in 1911 and spent a short time in Gal!, Out. before coming to Edmonton the following year. He ssrved overseas with the Royal Nor.hwest Mounted Police in 1914 after training in Re gin a. In 1918, during a visit to Scotland, he married Jean Kay in Maybole reluming to Edmonton the same year. Mr. Blyth was a runner for the Edmonton YWCA and was active as a pigeon racer. He was employed by Marshall Wells, Beatty Brothers and also the Alberta Liquor Control Board where hs had been employed for 20 years. Mr. BIy;h is survived by his wife Jean and two sons Robert and John both of Edmonton as well as six grandchildren. Funeral services for Mr. Blyth followed by cremation to bs held today at the Foster and McGarvey Funeral Home officiated at by Reverend Jur-rien Cammari. Notice to Creditors and Claimants IN THE SURROGATE COURT OF NORTHERN ALBERTA JUDICIAL 'STRICT OF EDMONTON IN THE ESTATE OF GRACE ANDREA LAMB, otherwise known as Grace A. Lamb and Grace Lamb, late of Edmonton, Alberta who died on the 1st day of July. 1973. TAKE NOTICE that all persons having claims upon The estate of the above named must file with the undersigned solicitors for the Administrators by the 31st day of October, 1 973. a full statement of their claims and of securities held by them. WHITE. TROTT. WHITE, LONEY & ROBERTSON Barristers and Solicitors 440 One Thornton Court Edmonton, Alberta Solicitors for the .Administrators I. - O wait's TUXEDO CENTRE FOR ALL YOUR FORMAL WEAR We have the largest selection of colored Tuxedo and dinner jackets in Alberta. Colored cufflinks. Colored Shirts, or ruffled fronts in 7 colors. Josf arrived the new Tuxedo Tails with winged Collar and Velvet ascot tie 10016 Jasper Ave. (CPR Bldg.) mm AIM EE WALKER and the staff of Yamaha Pianos Coyne Limited invite you to hear THE AMAZING NEW YAMAHA BK-7 ORGAN From your first day at the keyboard there's rhythmic accompaniment with automatic bass and chord patterns according to the beat you select. 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Both were found guilty of taking meters Avenue March. money from parking in the area of 100th and 1 16th Street in Bad cheques land addict in prison A drug addict who used phoney cheques as a means of supporting his habit was sentenced in provincial court to a year less two months Thursday. Judge John C. Coughlan recommended Dale Robert Bartley, 18, of 10335 149th St., serve his time in the Alberta Hospital. Mr. Bartley was facing 51 charges including one of possession of heroin and one cf possession cf stolen property. He was also ordered to pay restitution of $309.60 to Woodward Stores (Edmonton) Ltd. for money obtained by false pretences. Freak accident kills city man A 31-year-old Edmonton man, Wesley George Fox, 11119 127th St., was killed Thursday in a freak single-vehicle accident. RCMP said Mr. Fox was travelling alone when his vehicle went out of control cn an overpass near Spruce Grove about 20 miles west Edmonton. The car passed through two guardrails and over a median strip. Police said he was killed when thrown out of the car and on to railway tracks directly beneath the overpass. It was believed his body was run over by a train before being recovered. SOUTH EDMONTON DENTURE CLINIC LTD. G. Guenther Certified Denial Mechanic 8014 - 105 St. Ph. 439-2041 CORRECTION Inadvertantly an incorrect illustration appeared in the Bay's ad in Thursday's Journal, Page 15 in conjunction with our Lloyd's 8-track stereo player at $89.99. 488 0256 Notice Board GRAND opening sale - special prices. nisna'c Imnvlc DAi; ll Auo Q ATAY RETIREMENT supper-dance for Mr. Garf Jewers af 700 Wing, Oct. 2, 6 P.M. For tickets call 229-3523. 272X CLUB 30 - 30 Sherbrooke Hall, 13008 122 Avenue, Saturdsy, September 29, 8:30 p.m. Members, sponsored guests, unattached, single over 30, welcome. All must be properly atfired. Information 469-6187. BAND CONNIE FORD COMBO V589X CLUB 4060 HARD TIME DANCE Old Timers' Cabin, 9430 Scona Road, (99 St.) Friday, September 28, 9 p.m. Wally Hepner. Unattached persons over 40, members and sponsored guests only. Suitable costume please. 469-4348, 435-8902, 469-593S. V588W GARAGE Sale, 11355 56 St. Miscellaneous items of clothing, beautiful wedding gown, size 8-9, children's skates 'and records and 1961 Oldsmo-bile etc. W717X Attempted urde m r charged A 32-year-old city man has been charged with attempted murder following a shooting incident in a parking lot at 107ih Avenue and 110th Street Thursday evening. Roland Wesley Gordon, 35, Ste. 2, 10745 110th St. was shot below the heart with a .32 calibre automatic pistol. The bullet lodged in the spine. Mr. Gordon is listed in eait-isfactory condition in the Roval Alexandra Hospital. Fred Roger Jones, Jr., 32, 12406 1 21st Ave. was to sp-psar in provincial judge's court today charged with attempted murder. Michael Kordyback Long-lime mail carrier dies in city A man who soent most cf his adult life delivering mail, Michael Kcrdyback, 60, of 11733 88th St. has died. A native of Leduc, Mr. Kcr-dyback joined the Canadian postal services in 1945 and remained in the service until he suffered a stroke recently. For 23 years he served as a mail carrier in Edmonton. From 1940 to 1945 he served with the Canadian Army, part of it overseas. He later joined the Montgomery Legion. He married the former Al-vina Kuntz of Heisler and the couple raised a family of five, all of whom live in Edmorton. He is survived by his wife and al! five children; Robert, Mrs. W. (Joan) Land, Trudy, Karen and Faye, ens grand-sen, Jason Land, two brothers and two sisters. Albert cf Vancouver, Stanley, Mrs. Len (Kay) Sobkow and Mrs. Peter (Marian) Bohachyk, all of Edmonton. Funeral services will be held today frcm St. Aiphcnsus Church followed by burial at St. Joachim's Cemetery, with Connelly-McKinley in charge. Edmonton man drowns SASKATOON (CP) John Michaelchuk, 36, of Edmonton, drowned here Thursday in the South Saskatchewan River. Mr. Michaelchuk, an employee of the federal environment department, was believed conducting a study of river pollution when his boat went over a small dam and capsized. His body has not been recovered. Hrmoitton Journal Daily by carrier 75 cents per week. Daily by mail in Canada, U.S.A., British Isles, Australia and Armed Forces Addresses $48 per year, other countries S70 per year. Member Audit Bureau of Circulation CORRECTION WOOLCO AD. WED., SEPT. 26, Page 91 Should have read "HOOVER DELUXE UPRIGHT" not HOOVER "2 SPEED" Deluxe Upright at 88.88 Brentwood model is available at 84.84 in a 2 speed We apologue for any inconvenience it may have touted NOW IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO OBTAIN LEGAL STATUS IN CANADA IMMIGRATION HAS CHANGED You have less than tw-iV days lei: !e a.-.plv' tcr land'1.- iirir,i(3r.-ir,: s'.a-tuv Afw Oct tJB you w l n-t be. ab't to pp!y (Jf far seS irr.m gra! status from vv.'.hin Carded. YOU CAN BENEFIT Until Oclobcr loth the re Ti; rem en;-, and ruiss lor ob'.aininrj landed im-miqranl stalui have beer: relaxed. To cif ; landed only requires ttid! you show !hat you hdvo toe n hcrt :incn November 30th. 197? ad that you tMVR 3 ;oh or a ,ob n!irr. Hd.'.ng lu'etf u'l-lrg round o Mving worked Wiil not br he'd a $4 !:.! you. WHAT TO DO f irsl obta r. inbr.' o'i and asset ere iroT-. ul V.'df re;,. stair aJ OjP- Announcements Notice Board TEMPORARY paper bin located Pleasantview United Church, 10672 62 Avenue, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, starting September 29, 1973, 9 a.m. - 12 noon. Bundled and tied newsprint only. W688W delm6ntleXmark'et 11306 107 Avenue, open Saturday from 9-6 p.m., Sunday from 1 - 6 p.m. No admission. W008X rummage sale Saturday, September 29. 9:30 a.m. St. Faith's Parish Hall (rear of! Church). 11725 93 St. U005UW I SQUARE DANCING The Single Parents Club are organizing a beginner's group to meet Wednesdays, starting October 17th. If unattached and interested, Phone 434-3203 to register. Club membership not necessary. W634W CLUB 88 DANCE Saturday, Sept. 29, 8:30 p.m. at Bonnie Doon Community Hall, 9240 93 St. Members and sponsored guests, 25 and over, single, separated, widowed or divorced. Proper attire please. Ph. 469-6187. W686X Red Baron Flea Market 10333 96 St. 424-5357 Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-5 W687X SPECIAL OFFER 14 DAYS Color portrait 8x10, S7.25 For any couple celebrating silver anniversary in 1973. PHONE OREST STUDIOS 479-3171. W689E "From the attic to" THE EDMONTON FLEA MARKET Highlands Hall, 11333 62 St. Sun. 1 - 5:30 p.m. Copper pots, commemorative ware, basin sets, furniture, plants, bakinq, etc. W690X Anniversaries 10 OPEN house: Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Adam of 7531 81 Ave. cordially invite you to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, Saturday, September 29, 1973 at Ardrossan Community Hall, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. V590W Births 15 BURK Ellis and Liz are delighted to announce the arrival of their second daughter, Kelly Leigh, September 19, 1973. University Hospital. A playmate for Shannon and Bradley. W6J1X DAVIS Gloria and Peter are happy ta announce the arrival of Geoffrey Keith, on September 25, 1973. A very special thank you to the doctor and the wonderful staff af General Hospital. V592W GAY Oliver and Yvonne (nee Moger) are proud to announce the arrival of their chosen son, Corey Robert. W692W HORTON Ted and Helen (nee Epp) proudly announce the arrival of their firstborn, a daughter, Kim- berly Anne, five pounds fourteen ounces, on September 24, 1973, at Royal Alexandra Hospital. W693X LAL Shori and Marlene proudly announce the arrival of their firstborn, a daughter, Maniu, September 25, 1973, six pounds eleven and one-half ounces, at 1:24 a.m., Edmonton General Hospital. U566W MOORE Tom and Nedine, nee Ewaschuk, are proud to announce fhe arrival of their first-born Karen Jane, Sunday, September 23, 1973. Weight seven pounds thirteen ounces. Thanks to the staff of Edmonton General Hospital. V594W STRETCH West and Nonie (nee Nieman) take pleasure in announcing the birth of their son, Michael Wayne, September 24, 1973, weight nine pounds one quarter ounce, Calgary Foothills Hospital. A brother for Todd and Cathy. W694W WILLMOTT Gary and Stephanie are pleased to announce the birth of a son, Christopher Maurice, on September 25th., 1973. Weight 7 pounds. W875W Engagements 20 FEDORAK - CHR1STAL Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fedorak are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Betty Jane, to Constable Danald Robert Christal, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mainwearing of Calgary. Wedding November 17, 1773. W695W SHARKEY - SALAHUB Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sharkey are pleased to announce the engagement of tneir daughter Marlene Lila, to Dennis Terry Salahub, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Salahub, all of Edmonton. W656W STEER - WILLIAMS Mr. G. A. C Steer wishes to announce the engagement of his daugh'er, Jeanne Veronica Anne, to Mr. Anthony John Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Williams of Calgary. Wedding to fake place December 21, 1973. W697A W A LMSLE YB IE DERMA N Mr and Mrs. Donald Walmsley, are pleased to announce the engagement of their fourth daughter, Carol Joy, to Mr. Wayde Charles Biederman, eldest son of Mr. Arthur Biederman. Wedding to take place 7 p.m., November 9, 1973, Holy Trinity Churcn. W69EX Marriages 25 CARTMELL - HERMANSON Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hermanson of Buchanan, Saskatchewan, announce the marriage of their only daughter, Irene Sandra, to Joseph Allan Cart-mell, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cartmell, Pouce Coupe. B.C. The wedding took place September 1st., 1973 at Gospel Centre, Pentecostal Church, Edmonton. VV699W THE Journal publishes bridal pictures if received within three publishing days of fhe wedding date. A three inch glossy black and white photograph should accompany the details of the wedding, honeymoon, etc. Please send information to Family Editor, The Edmonton Journal. AN349 mm IMMEDIATELY CONTACT: ALEXANDER ROSS SOCIETY TEL: 429-0870 5 1 Deaths 30 ANGEL, William Colin On September 18, 1973, Mr. William Colin Angel of Beaverlodge parsed away at 64 years. He is survived by his wife Almina, daughter Jear-eiie, son, Michael of Winnipeg. Mr. Angel was a member of the Legion, the Lions, Chamber of Commerce, Cna:r man of Beaverlodge Library Board, and an active member of the Canadian Nature Federation. Funeral services took place September 22 3t 10:03 a.m. at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, in Beaverlodcje. Father F. Skatuba officiaiing wi h interment in Beaverlodge Cemeterv. Oliver Funeral Chapel in charge of arrangements. W?47W BQYCE, Heltn On September 27, 1973, Mrs. Helen Boyce of Edmonton, age 69 years, passed away. She leaves two sons and six daughters, Sean and Peter Edmonton, Mrs. G. (Pat) Garassino, Mrs. A. (Betty) Murray, Mrs. C. (Sheilagh) Bacon, Toronto, Mrs. R. T. (Margot) McBride, Ruskin, B.C.; Miss Helen Boyce New York City; 40 grandchildren, in lieu of other tributes donations will be accepted for the Canadian Cancer Society (9907 108 Avenue). Funeral Services Saturday 10 a.m. at St. Andrew's Church. Interment Holy Crois Cemetery. Connelty-McKinley Ltd. Phone 422-2222. W842W BRADLEY, Richard Phillip On September 26, 1973, Mr. Richard Phillip Bradley of 11236 69th Street passed away at the age of 52 years. He is survived by his loving wife, Tillie; one son, Richard of Edmonton; two brothers, Irving and Bob Bradley, both of Vancouver; his loving mother arid one sister, Mrs. Margaret Bradley and Mrs. Fay Meir, both of Oshawa, Ontario. Funeral services will be held on Monday, October 1st at 1 p.m. at Howard and McBride's Chapel with Reverend R. Odegard officiating. Interment in Westlawn Memorial Park in the field of Honor. In lieu of other tributes memorials may be made to fhe Shri-ners Hospital for Crippled Children. Howard and McBride Funeral Services, Phone 422-1141. W830W CAMERON, James H. On September 26, 1973, James Cameron, age 65 years, passed away in hospital after a lengihy illness. He is survived by his loving wife; one daughter; two grandchildren; four sisters, and two brothers. Jim donated his oody to the Department of Anatomy, University ot Aloerta and by request there will be no memorial service. Friends who wish to do so may make a donation to the can- DYK5TRA, Mr. Klaas (Andy) On September 27, 1973, Mr. Klaas (Andy Dykstra of 10316 78 Street, passed away. He leaves to mourn his loss besides his loving wife, Helen; one stepson, Terry and two sons, Andy and David; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Dykstra of Thunder Bay, Ontario; two sisters, Mrs. R, (Sylvia) Marion in Germany and Sonja of Thunder Bay. Funeral services will be held on Saturday at 10:15 a.m. at the Foster ar.d Mc-Garvey Funeral Chapel. Reverend James Josse will officiate and interment will take place in the Westlawn Memorial Park. Foster and Mc-Garvey Limited, Funeral Directors. Wc39W FULTON, Warren On September 27, 1973, in hospital in Edmonton, Warren Rutherford Fui-to i of Alcomdale passed away at 85 years. He was predeceased by his wife, Orpha in iy66 and is survived by one daughter, Mrs. E. (Orpha) Benson of Edmonton; two sons. Ward and Cameron of Alcomdale; 13 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Funeral services on Monday October 1st at 10 a.m. from An-! drews-McLaughfin Chapel at 112 1 Street ar.d Jasper Avenue. Interment ! will be at the family plot at the j Busby Cemetery at 1 p.m. Andrews- McLaughlin Funeral Chapel (1964) , Ltd. Phone 426-0116. W837W ; GAMBORSK1, Mike ! On September 27, of Si. Joseph's I Hospital, formerly of Westlock, ar;e 93 years. He is survived by orie son, William of St. Albert; one daughter, Mrs. Mary Mair of Edmonton; six grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral on Saturday, September 29, at 10 a.m. at the Westlock Greek Orthodox Church, with interment in the Westlock Cemetery. Westlock Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. W840W GILLIS, Reverend Francis Daniel On September 26, 1973, Reverend Francis Daniel Gillis of Edmonton, age 75 years, passed away. He leaves one sister. Miss Mary Gillis, Edmonton; and two nephews, August Grant, Antigonish, Nova Scotia and Francis Gillis, Framingham, Mass. Prayers Sunday 8 p.m. at St. Pius X Church where funeral services will be held Monday at 10 a.m. Most Reverend Joseph N. MacNeil will officiate. Interme.-.t Holy Cross Cemetery. Connelly-McKinle Ltd. Phone 422-2222. W832W JACOBS, Mudge On September 27 1973, David Wesley (Mudge) Jacobs of Tofield passed away ar 86 years, survived by nis lovinq wne, iaa; two aauqmers, Mrs. Esther Anderson of Tofield, and Mrs. Ida Carey of Edmonton; one son, Thomas of iofield; six grand' children and five great-grandchil dren, r-unerai services on luesaay, October 2nd at 2:00 o'clock from To field United Church with Reverend Stanley Bessey officiating. Interment at Tofield Cemetery. Andrews-McLaughlin Funeral Chapel (1964) Limited. Phone 426-0116. W838W MEDWED, William On Septemoer 26, 1973, Mr. William Medwed of Hardistv Nursing Home passed away aged 95 years. Survived by four sons and three daughters. John and red of fcdmor.ton, Steve cf St. Paul, Bill of Draytrm Valley, Mrs. Annie MHofy and Mrs. Marie Jensen of Edmonton, Mrs. Allan (Stella) Harmer of Calgary; 17 grandchildren; predeceased by his wife, Donna in 1969. Prayers Friday, September 28 at 9:15 p.m. at Park Memorial Chapel (9709 111 Avenue). Funeral services Saturday, Septem ber 29 at 9:30 a.m. at St. Barbara's Orthodox Cathedral (10105 96 Street), Right Reverend J. Margitich officiat ing, with interment in Beechmount Cemetery. Park Memorial Limited, Funeral Administrators and Direc ton (The Chapel on the Boulevard). 426-0050. W833W PALAMAR, Sylvester On September 27, 193, Mr. Sylvester Patamar of 12234 127 Street passed away aged 70 years. Survived by his loving wife, Anne of Edmonton; two sons, John of Edmonton, Anthony of Camrose; seven grandchildren. Pray ers Friday, September 28 at 8:00 p.m. at Park Memorial Chapel (9709 mi wvenue;. Kequiem Anass Saturday, September 29 at 10:15 a.m. at St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral (10825 97 Street). Very Rev erend G. Kowalsky will be the celebrant with interment in St. Michael's Cemetery. Park Memorial Limited, Funeral Administrators and Directors (The Chapel on the Boulevard. 426-0050. W834W SAGERT, Mrs. Lydia On September 27, 1973, Mrs. Lydia Sagert, formerly of 9605 75 Avenue, passed away age 77 years. Funeraf arrangements announced later. South Side Memorial Chapel, Patterson-Mittelstadt-Justik, Funeral Directors, 83 Avenue and 104 Street. Phone 433-8733. W836W TRUSWELL, Jill Michelle On September 27, 1973, Jill Michelle, beloved infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Derek Truswell, 3619 118 Street, passed away age two months. Besides her parents, she is survived by her brother, Jon Christain, at home; paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Truswell, Edmonton; maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Rasmussen, Wainwright, Alberta. Graveside service will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, October 1, at Mount Pleasant Cemetery with Rev-erand T. Sawyer officiating. If so desired, memorials may be made to United Way of Edmonton, 303, 10182 103 Street, Edmonton. Hainstock and Son, Limited, 10541 81 Avenue, South Edmonton. W335W YOUNG, Frederick Leonard On September 19, 1973, Frederick Leonard Young of 10517 133 St., age 69 years passed away suddenly in Spain. He leaves his loving wife, Margaret; a brother-in-law Reverpnd W. A. Reynolds, Red Deer; two brothers and four sisters, Mrs. Dorothy Porter, Edmonton; George, Leonard, Ruth, Bell ar.d Ann, all in New Brunswick. Funeral services Tuesday 11 a.m. at St. Joseph's Cathedra!. Reverend W. A. Reynolds will officiate. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery, No flowers please. Connel-ly-McKinley Ltd. Phone 4??-?222. W831W Cards of Thanks 40 STEELE Our most sincerfc and heartfelt thanks to our relatives, friends and neighbors for their .many acts of kindness, floral tributes, memorial donations and sympathy cards in the recent los of our dear husband and father, David. Special thanks to the Doctors and St.iM of I. C. Unit of General Hospital, Hsver-erd H. Harke and Reverend "A. B. Simpson and the pallbearers. ' Jessie C. Stee.e and famil, W850W In Memorioms 45 BARNETT In loving mernqry of our son, Larry, who passed ,away, -September 27, 1971. Gone dear Larry, gone forever How we mi:s your smiting face, But you left us to remember, None on earth can take your plat e. A happy home we once enpdv How sweet the memory still, But death has left a loneliness, " The world will never fill. Ever remembered ardsauly missed by Mom and Dad. ffiOOW CANC1LLA - In loving memory of my father, Sar Cancilla, wnp passed away September 27, 1971. The things we feel most deeply, Are the hardest things to say; But dad, you know how much we loved yuu, h In our cwn special way. " M Tncse years we shared together, The happy days we knew; . Are lived again so often In loving memory of you. Remembered a t w a y s, Frank, Margaret and Donna Maria: w0O0W KLIPARCHUK In loving memory of my wife Helena, who pjsied away September 28th., 1971. Just when your life was brightest, Just when your years were best, You were called from this vqrld of sorrow, To a home of eternal rest. " Lovingly remembered by husband Peter. WC56W KLIPARCHUK In loving memtry of Helena, who passed away September 28, 1971. There is a link death cannot sever, Love and remembrance last forever. Rose and Bill, John and Virqie, Larry and Alice. -"W7CiW KUSAL In loving memcr of Stella, wife, mother and ' grandmother who passed away September 28, 1972. Peacefully sleeping, resting at test, The world's weary trojslcs and trials are past, In silence she suffered, in palience she bore, - 'Til God called her home to suffer ro more. Lovingly remembered b Josepr, Rosie, Dave and, family. W702W KUSAL In loving memory, of our dear mother and grandma. Me Ha who passed away September rsth., 1973. Always remembered by Mifw, Annette, Deborah and Ivan. WC57W STEWART In loving memor of my dear mother, Jane, wno pessed away September 28, 1957. Never will the one I love, From memory pass away; -She was loving, honest, kind The Mother of the best. How I loved and miss her, No few words can express-My comfort knowing with God, she dwells in eternal rest. Fondly remembered, daughter Dor-othy. W703W STEWART In loving memory of our dear mother, and grandmother, Jane, who passed away September 28, 1957. " Sweet are the memories ever kept. Of one we loved and will never forget; So absent she is, so ever near Still loved, still missed and very dear. Lovingly remembered, daughter Janet and grandsons, Bill and Charles. W704W YURCHUK In loving memory of our mother, grandmother and grear grandmother, Violet, who passed away September 28, 1952. Quietly remembered everyday Sadly missed along life's way. Just as you were, you will always be Treasured in our memory. . Ever remembered by her sons, daughters and their familiest-W705W FREE BOOKLET To assist1 readers n preparing in Memoriam notices, The Journal has prepared a booklet of appropriate wordings. Calf, write or phone for your copy. Monuments, Cemeteries 55 Alberta Granite Marble & Stone Co. Ltd., 10702 101 St., Ph. 422-4058. Edmonton's only manufacturing monument makers since 1903. All cemetery repairs, extra lettering and estate, work. Bronze and granite monuments set in any cemetery. Visit our quiet showroom for lowest prices. Open Saturdays until 4 p.m. DK879 CREMATION: Trie Edmonton Crematorium Ltd., 16410 Stony Pla.n Road. Phone: 489-: 602. Mcdern Crematorium with convenient chapel. IK7j9 WEST Edmonton Memorial Display, 164 Streei and Stony Plain Road. AMQ29 INDEPENDENT Memorial Company 8715 109 Street, South Ed-nonton. Pn. 433-5952. See our larqe display. Frea lettering. 1M439 Lost and Found 60 FOUND Lady's watch near City Hall, engraved. 488-4475. W170X FOUND Ski jacket (navy blue), at social held at University by the Nurses and Engineers on "Friday, Sept. 21sL 467-8667. " W590X LOST Sandy Fox Terrier, female, first week July, Strathearn, 87 Street 92B Avenue, rhinestones on collar. Please return. $20 reward. Refund Upkeep. 466-1975. W779W LOST Glasses, bi-focals, plastic dark brown, 122 Street 104 Avenue. Please phone 455-1973. W780A LOST Tiny grey male toy Poodle, Sherbrooke area, reward. 455-1401. ,W707X LOST Cockafiel bird, grey, about 8" long, very tame, answers to "Chi-quifa". Reward. 422-8390. W509X L05T Gray and white male cat, Dovercourt, -answers to "Dusty", child's pet. 455-6147. W822X LOST Black male American Cocker wearing red collar with metal tags, in Windsor Park area Thursday p.m. Phone 439-3841. W841X LOST Small, white, male. West Highland Terrier dg, Glenora. 452-7971. V736X LOST Cat, grey male, gold collar, no front claws. 113 St. 79 Ave. 436-3207 evgs. . U695A LOST Small tan part Chihuahua dog "Skippy," vicinity Ottewelt dis-trict. 466-6950 after 5. U637C LOST Small ginger colored Corgi-type Terrier, white bushy tail, Saskatoon tag 4530, lost in southeast Ed-mon-on. Phone 454-5884. - U222W LOST Airway bag with contents, between Edmonton and Athabasca Highway 2. Reward offered. Phone Scottsbluff, Nebraska, 1-3C8-635-1948. UC57X LOST German Shepherd pup, 4 months old, vicinity of 124 Ave. 76 St. 479-1663, 474-5914. T46-1B LOST Change purse, six $20s, one $5, three Sis. 5m3ll reward offered. 454-8012. T062B LOST Black La1? mixture, pup, female, 7 months old, 1 white paw, answers to "Birdie," friendly. Reward. 439-34 2 8. T766B LOST One shower cabinet base, comolete, between Edmonton and Al. bsrta Beach. Phone 455-1156. Q302W LOST Blue-cream part -Jtersian neutered female, cresm patch on rhest. 3 yn.irs old. "Smokey". Reward. 422-8724. G260W

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