The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 31, 1951
Page 7
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MONO AY, LEOJLMBEjr, M, BLi-i-nETii,LB (ARK.) UrUKIBIl OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Mojor H»Q»|« CAW I .._ *X1 EACLY ICHORROMi MORNM4G?(f *** —T'D Ute use TO CL6AM if TO A A6UTOP CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gate* Concrete & Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Bwt Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at SUto Line Phone 714 f RENT A CAMERA Floth, BMC o* M«vi« Com* rot Av«Wr»i>U to Yen ot BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2008 West Main 3647 ____ FOR SALE Concrete culvert*, 12 Inch io 48 Inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete BuHdJnr Blocks cheaper than lumber for b*rnt, chicken houses, p.nmp house*, tenant houses, tool sheds. W« deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 1. M Mft If * PAT Off "Wb«n th» boy ii away at school he write* one* in a while, Of phonM—that's why you mis» him so much when he'» home for th« holidays!" Know How Fast You Drive? Get • Speedometer Check-up T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 13L E. Main Dealer Fhwi. 2121 SHOE REPAIR Th« Best Shoe Repair Will Save You Money! H-fl LTCRS S«O€ SHOf M fl I N ST. REPAIR SERVICE A1 •«•>*••"" rcfriirtntara, nEM, and washers. a»4 MH*U appliance*. A8 Mr work i« nannleed. Adams Appliance Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores SHEET METAL WORKS ' " '—= OF ALL KINDS Cuatoin work for fins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up t» Vt inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 'REACH-EASY CLEANING" with this NEW G-E! Miff CIEMHEK k m K jj™ r«l« IT TOOAYI Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. There are ten species of skunk in the Americas. ELECTRIC me«UM CLEANERS By Nina Wilcox Putnam Copyright 1951 IT NEA Strtkt. Inc. THE STOKTi Alma Conray, «e- •lenrr (or the eicluftlvt Jtwelrr Smt of Trnmhnll A Company. DM* b«TH told hy her bnahnnd TnMiwr thiil hr hrtu •hi.nlned • prnmnclna In 1h« flrro. for vrMrh h» MIMO «rnrk». Tommj tann • Krrnr dral • ! •lonrT »n«l liu)» Almn us rxpm- • (ve Kffl. Mm n« n hr coc. to tTOrV (hr nexl day «hr mreln Jo^ l>rn- lt>n. « Tnrml <>r h,,ib Tnnintj p*nd fcrrnrlr. vrhn rrllq nf nn Invldr rnh- hrry ni Thr lloii.c. (hr ^rritnri In k -rrlc-H of thrft*. Jnr Jl»r. irjlh hi.* nlri)-ninlhrr. • «rln^h. rrnrl TTninnn, who nine IK rmptojrd hy Ihf 8rm. "pOOR Joe!" thought Alma, but it was actually more admiration than pity which she felt. Joe took everything calmly By now he would be meeting the Lock Sergeant nl, the counter and counter-checking' the contents of the Sergeant's steel lock-hox as the Intter Inid under glass the flaming toweled pin? and clips Then Joe would use the little key which ruing so unobtrusively on •j^f watch-chain and the Lock Sergeant would move on to another show case, and Joe's dally guardianship would begin. Joe was a good salesman. Women liked to buy from hira Women! . And Joe had never looked at a woman other than herselfl Poor Joe. thought Alma once again. The service elevator stopped to let clerks out at Silverware, at China-and-Glass. at Special Wedding Gifts. Minor executives left at the fifth floor At the sixth. Alma stepped out into the lobby ol the workshop. Most Jewelers had their iewelry manufacturing done outside the premises, but Trunibull's had. even in the new building, stuck by the tradition of having it done under their own roof. Alma nodded to the uniformed guard who was always slumped in his chair by the door. "Moring, Pete!" He grunted, but with a smile ki IMS eyes. She left her things in the locker room, slipped Into her dark blue working smock and went to the check-away counter. Behind It* chromium grille bright-eyed Uttl« Mr Youmani looked like a moth- eaten gray squirrel In > c»ge. Aim* slipped her last night's receipt under the grille ant) presently be brought her flat steel work-tray and unlocked it. raising the grille and slipping it out to her. smiling. "Don't drop any diamondi on the floot today!" he admonished playfully. It was his standard joke. Alma smiled back. "You bet I'll be careful!" she said. "The Boor's about due to be sold. Isn't It?" • • • 'HE floor of the workroom at Trumbull's was the dread of all its jewel-makers. rt w»s covered by a shallow super-ttruc- ture of finely knit statwork, and despite every precaution on the journeymen's part, » certain imount ol gold and platinum dun and shavings from the trays seeped through to the concrete Boar beneath. Once g year this dust WHJ auctioned oil blind to salvage dealers, the highest bidder undertaking to remove the old wooden floor and replace it with a new one. The smallest winning bid In the his- lory of The House had been 13000 Anything other than dust sl!|v ping through the slarwork was considered the property of the salvage firm and for a Journeyman to lose even the smallest stone In this manner was looked upon as a disgrace. When Mr. Youmans made his little joke, his audience stepped carefully. Alm» found herself holding her tray grimly as she took it to her place at the bench where her grandfather already sat. Ok Victor watched her affectionately as she laid out her work, hit anxious. "All is weU, cheiie?' "Y«i, Pap« Victor. Well enough- What are you making?" ''A horrible modernistic dip." He held tt up, shuddering exaggeratedly. "However, one must ivel" He leaned toward her con- fldentlally. "But I have a new design—a flve pointed star. Walt until The Head see* that I They think I un through. tM I »ho originated the flexible diamond Bracelet, the diamond sunburstl Alorsl They an wrong; Regard* tol, cheriel" He shoved his meticulous drawing toward her. Even before she looked at it Alma felt sure that It, like mod of the okl man's dated work, was doomed »o r«~ iectlon. But she smiled and said, •Very lovely, dear Papa. Victor!" r THEN she concentrated oo her own commission, her pliers :>usy with the soft gold wires at the trial set-up. And presently she had forgotten everything except the beauty which was flower- Itn under her hands. The atmosphere swept her up into the Aladdin's lamp magic with which th« ulace never failed to Inspire her, for Trurnbull's wat no mere factory, no cold, detached series at unrelated luxury shops, but a gigantic entity which extended for beyond the stolid whit* marble <X lit walls. The House owned pearl fisheries^ off Godhelpus Island In the Pacific; had their own ruby and sapphir* mines in Ceylon and Burma where, before the war, white-robed merchants and yellow-robed prlcstf aided the American bagmen in the selection ,o< the best gems. There was the interest hold by Trumbull's in African diamond fields, and in gold and silver mines as well. The House of Trumbull had roots reaching out «H over the world—strong roots of its own through which (lowed the precious sap which supported The House ai the main truntt of a tree is supported by the rich earth. And the heart of this giant, golden tree was this workroom in which she labored with such energetic pleasure. At noon she showed Old Victor the furs and when they had been <h«lj »dmired. they went to lunch. (Ta Be Cnttnved) PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PITBARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE KREAM K M IYASTLE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut machine problems? Then you'll appreciate the quick, economical eervice that you'll find at Wicker's. Machine work of all kinds; let Wicker solver your machine problem! k Welding Electric and acetylene •k Blacksmithing Plow point sharpening, etc. - Winch Truck Service F. L. VyiCKER MACHINE SHOP 620 East Main St Phone 2192 OUT OUR WA\ FRKKL1S AMD HII FRIIHM MA** I THOUGHT SOMEBOOV TURNED LP A'OPELER CrtrHY WELL, Nteo »-i *HS GWES, I tw TRYIN' Ta see i ^ PAL? ^ BALL WHAT I'M GOrW/k USE DOUGH IN 'Sit HEROES ARE VkADfi-MOrr BOCM Benefit by Reading and Using Courier Newi Classified Ads r»f ALAMO! RIVER! <S>fiirONIMO' WITH AH 1CTHWZIAH HSEOLE &UH, PROTECT* •SUPFEEIW SATELLITES/ BUDD/STOP PLAVIN AT THE TW5 DOoe AHO rVE ftSMfMBEft. THE MAINE! 'SOt/ND TKl/MPET* LET OUK fto-OOOY WHAT eETS INTO PEOPLE GIVING A LITTLE KIO LIKE THAT AN AIR G FOR CHRISTMAS!PI GO HOME, STUART! I DON'T WANT YOU SHOOTING THAT THING- AROUND MY HOUSE! HUCKS, MR.NUTCHELL 'OU DON'T HAVE To ' WORRY ABOUT ME BUSTlNe VOUR WINDOWS... •SPORT If, KILLS R CEWTERVl- rr* * PLAIN *& MV FWra NOW, FLINT CENTEKV1LUS WA* 5-CRlBE'* HOV\S TO\VN -rOU \VDU OR I 6ROKE HAMILTON ) COULD COOK ShUSVB DONE IN HALF AN HOUR.) IT TOO MICE SD1M<3/ r-^/Gaiyfis IF u WE'D HAD AkJOTH- HONV COVSS SOU HAVENT SENT THE BOY* OUT TO i PULL.6PORT FEED6K IN? POWBR, VKi \ftft HAVEMT PBOV.WA ,r- TWINS V!T£/ AL CO<?UINrV BUYS MEXICAN SILVER JEWEIPV FOE A SHOP 1M THE STATES AS A BLIND, EA5Y! HE'S A SUAVE SMUGGLER! VOU IHSS1 HAVE «, THEORY AS TO HOW HE CONC6M* THE DOPE THRU CUSTOMS NO. BUT IAST MlaUf H6 PUT HIS OR A PRIVATE GARAGE AMD SPENT AN HOUR TIMKER1UG IM THERE AlOWEl PERHAPS— BUT CU6TOMS MEW HAVE PEPVC- TICAUV TAKBW HIS CAR APAKT, MR.YMES, AND FOUND NOTHING 111 TAKE IT ALL APART, »» "T WELL. QOOO NKESSAR.Y! THIS TIME WE'LL \tUCK. SUM! I KNOW HE CAN'T HNVE FA55EP I*UW SEE WU THE STUFF TO AH ACCOWPIICE. AND THAT IT'S GOT TO BE IN HI*; rwsi ^ai THAT WAD ANDWESHOULDN'f LET HIM WANDER AROUND LOOSE NEITHEK.'NOTELL- FEEDIN 1 \ ING WHAT MIGHT OUCWNV ) HAPPEN TO THE IS GONNA / POOR.CONFOSEO (? BE \->

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