The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ,••> ,„> ___ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Minister Pleads Temperance •j , ^Veth?dist Leader , ^,Sqys Prohibition No '; ''Cure for Liquor Evils "Prohibition Is no solution" for the; problem of alcoholism, the Rev. 'Alson J, Smith, editor of the Social Questions Bulletin of Hie Methodist Federation for Social Service, warns an arllcle In the February Issue of Tlie American Mercury maga- Dr. Smith, member of the Re- c ea(;r;h Council on. Problems of Al^ crhol severely criticizes existing ^ patterns of "temperance" education • f>r their emphasis upon prohibl- 4L$ 'Beiter laws are important," Dr. j&iilth issvies a warning to the ex- *jpoi'tant. So is the right kind of .education." But, he declares, the buttle against drunkenness "must be "won or lost In the American home," which nlust "once again become a real home and not merely .a convenient place for the family :to stable its neuroses." • Before outlining the type, of ed- ;uc:Uibn he considers necessary, Dr. UN Delegates Silent About Truman's Talk By KOBKKT MANNING UnhM, Press Staff Correspondent LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y. March 13.—President Truman's decision to ffght openly against Communist expansion Into the Middle linst left, the united Nations lit sps- pensij today. The outcome was certain to hnvc n profound bearing on the fin ore of the 15-mon(hs-o!d UN an-j Its efforts to build world pe.iM. UN diplomats seemed to fc^l that Mr. Truman's plea lur aid to Oreccc nnd Turkey would In effect suspend most Important UN negotiations until Congicsi, the Kremlin , and the Dig Pour foreign ministers hnvc reacted. The strlnB of American-Russian difference dominating such major UN projects as world atomic control nnd universal disarmament, neutral diplomats contended certainly will not be resolved until American and Russian lend settle the more bnslo question by Mr. Truman's extm- t Tirst" lie says,.;''a woru ... ... what cinnot be done.-The social ac- ^ccntunce of alcohol, derived from ^hundreds -of centuries of human use cannot be reiieaTed. pfohibl- t on is no solution.-' Thirty years •ttgo'," he continues, ."Dr.: George T. W Patrick, 'in "his 'Psychology of Relaxation', had this to say about alcohol; Merely to suppress ,thc sale of alcohol is like putting a lid on the ^ lei kettle to prevent the steani rnm escaping. As long'hs-the fire t burns b'flghlly beneath and there j« -water in the kettle; something v, 11 probably happen to the lid. If he ltd is screwed on tightly enough, something will probably |wh ijipen to the kettle! <5£ ^We must either provide some ^3X f° r ' nc steam to escape or else remove the (ire. So we must either provide some substitute for nil ^il-oho! such as healthful forms of Relaxation or else, v by a different •J'nirt of education? bring nbout such jlmhlonv In the human personality i-jis to.make unnecessary .the resort "9-io temporary expedients.''-' ~ "We have yet to make n more accurate analysis of the problem." Di Smith called *.fqr a revision of existing temperance education, nnd seild:- . . • 'Tills secular education should be backed up by the churches with n more intelligent and scientific ap- ? r .0j\ch~ 1 to, the subject than any urrehtly available through ttic-of- ficial- 'temperance' organization's, whose 'education' is mostly for pro- sources , said, underscored deeply the theory that the UN's peace making' efforts will prove frulllo&s- if the world's two biggest powers let, : their differences blossom int- vloleut political conflict. UN delegates sidestepped comment on. the Truman speech. In fact, Soviet Delegate Andcr. Moid of Cotton Visits Notables in Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, March 13. (UP) —Little Rock prepared today to welcome the 1947 Maid of Cotton, Miss Hllmn Seay of Memphis, due here In mid-afternoon on n trip from Arizona., Miss Seny's plans are to spend two days hole, during which ttnia she will be featured In a (nslilon show, will p B y official visits to Ouv. Ben Laney and Mayor Dan Spr'ck nnd will be guest of honor at a Greater Little Hock Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Read Courier News Want Ads. : . • Calif orniiin Held at Spa - SPRINQS, Ark., March IS. ,4PP> — Held liere today by Hot Springs officers wos a. 31-ycnr-okt ^California man, IdentlBed as Dan- -ver Eugene "Lucky" .Miner. He was taken into custody late yesterday at the request of Sheriff R. W. ,Ware of El Centre, Calif who advbed thftt Miner was wanted for questioning in connection- with an embezzlement charge on the West Coast. .;-:-- - . • ; . , , Miner told, questioners that he was an ex-combat pilot. DELICIOUS! BRAN MUFFINS Flavored With Fresh Orange? 5» qoick and easy to malrt, roo/ Kellos^'s toasted All-Drnn and fresh orange Juice! Yummy! Wlmt Ilnvorl Negro Deaths Funeral services will be held tomorrow jor \yilliiim o. Sumrall. 5 cup shortening K cup sugar AI 1-B run 191 cups sifted Hour 2 teaspoons baking powder Vi teaspoon soda '.ti teaspoon " _ «....* -.u ivii^yot)]! snic 1 teaspoongratetf i,j qupanniKejuIco orange rind « cup milk Blend sliortonlng nntl sugar. Add cess' Ml well. Sllr In Kcll 0 g B - s AH Bta.i nnd orange rind. Add slfteil dry Innrc- dlcnts to lirsl inlxluiii nUernatcly with ornngc 3"lc« nnd milk. Stir only untn flour disappears. Fill greased muflln pans two-thirds full Bnto it. Parker, on West End. H e was 68 i Kites will ba held at Enochs "Cha-, pel A. M. E., 2 o'clock, with F S ! Shaw, pastor^ officiating. Burialwill ce at Ml. ZIon Cemetery. Caston Funem Home is In charge. C«ot! NiitrUlo>, Tool AU-Iiran ii nxado I/oni the VITAL OUTKK wheat -r sor vt daily as a ecrcul. mml o Jeep on f/ie Job • Almost every hour in the <I; will £r^^^lw tt 4^,^5^ : S KS&M-*" on OI off thc ^ ••• % Wherever jt goes, ,ts power take-o* is ready ' J< -pur machmery right on the. job. Come and s , inc. amayinalcr i-A«>r n *21 n jt _. - ".:_ - Ttff POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Fornnrfy HOLLY #OTQR CO. ELLIS PQOLE, Owner and Operator Oromyko was the only one of the 10 foreign delegates on the fce- cui'Jly Council wJio would even admit he Imd heard Mr. Truinni. speak. j Special Court Session Looms for Lynch Trials GREENVILLE, S. C., March 13. (UP)— It was indicated today that a special term ol circuit court would be called to try 31 jnen indicted 1 In connection with the lynching of H South Carolina negro. Solicitor lU4)crt .Ashmore announced dial I lie men would not be tried duiinu the March term ol court. h h ?i, <""'"• "" lllt f01 "' of «icm' o d. Ivors, were Indicted yester- day by a grand Jury for murder conspiracy to murder and accessories to the murder of Willl* E«rt« Earle was seized Jfett. 17 from the Plckcns Qounty Jail wh«e he hud boon lodged as a murder suspect in the death of a cab driver LEGISLATURE Continued from fife l. hoping that the House would cTne through at the last minute with some sort of veterans' legislation The last recess came at 6:39 pm with a 10 p.m. date fo r reconven.1.' mg to read House l»l, that were Passed In tlio lower chanftcr yesterday. ^ T They were numerous, too, as the House made frantic efforts to pro- cets as many bills ns possible nnd send them on. their way. Omnibus measures found as many as 17 bills being approved at one time Inelud- >ig two construction appropriations totaling $800,000. one building costing $250,000 would be erected on llio capltol grounds for the cttica- llim department, a nd the other la u $000,000 memorial hospital to be built in Little Rock. As other loose ends of legislation were tied together, the subjects rnngej all the way from allowing quorum courts to buy machine guns for sheriffs, to a $124,000 appropriation for the education of phwlc-al- . )y_ handicapped children. I The House also approved two ot I Uic three constitutional amend- I merits to be placed before the people at the 1348 genera) election. . I ne two decided u.uon would allow the legislature to scl up a system ol registration for voters, and wouWallow school districts to set their own maximum property tax The third amendment a s forwarded from «J le Senate would <Io away with «he ad valorem lax In Arkansas permanently. Rep. Talbot Felld, jr., of Hempstead County amended Hie proposed amendment, however, allowing the tax to continue In «lme of emergency, Such action postponed a decision until this morninj. In action before its final recess for the day, the Senate approved a $100.000 appropriation for the construction of a governors mansion. The only two dissenting votss against the mansion were cast by Senators Grover Nance of New- THURSDAY, MAUCII 13, 1947 port and Brady Pryor of Ft. Smith. The Senate also approved a veterans' bill of Us own, a'iowme a $50,000 animal subsidy for vc'ornns wanting colleges courses not ofier- ccl In Arkansas. Already passed in the House, the bill was sent to Cov. Laney for signing. In a brief executive session yesterday morning, the upper chamber appro.ycd four board appointments submitted by Qov. Laney. Dr. Joe Rushton of Magnolia was named to the board of the Stale Hospital for Nervous Diseases, succeeding Rev. Harold Sadie; of Risen; and Sen. j. Orville Cheney of calico Hock was named to re- plucc Ralph McDonald of vVeldon on the board of State College 1 at Jonosljoro. Appointments of Sadler end McDonald were both refused by the Senate earlier this week. _ SUNSHINE mm "9ht out of your refri AI YOU* OfAlESS NOW at— Liberty Cash Grocery VALUES LUZIANNE (OFFEE-1ib.35c;3ibs$1.05 GREAT NORTHERN 25 Ibs. 100 Ibs. $ 3.45 ^12.95 IN THE BLUE BOX SOPERSUDS- largeboxBBt EXTRA STANDARD TOMATOES No 2 can 14k PRIDE OF ILLINOIS, CREAM STTLE • - • No.2can!7c WHITE CORN SYRUP - fgal GODCHAUX SUGAR, pure cane . . 5 Ik- bag 45c OLD TIME CATSUP . . . U oz. bottle 20c NO. 2 CAN SLICED APPLES 25c SAILOR MAN, No, 2 CAN / GREEN LIMA BEANS . . . . 24c DROMEDARY GINGER BREAD MIX -14 oz. pkg.25c PINK, NO. 1 TALL CAN SALMON 43 C WEBSTER'S NO. 2 CAN TOMATO JUICE ...... iflc DEED'S, 4 Oz. CAN VIENNA SAUSAGE - - - - 14k CHOICE PEELED APRICOTS . . . 11b. cello, bag 45c ZENITH LONG GRAIN RICE - - - 1lb.15c - 3lb$.43c SUNSHINE PIMIENTOS - - 7oz.glassjar21c KiNGAN'S POTTED MEAT - - - 3loz.can5c AUSTEX, No. 303 CAN HOTTAMALES 19 C SUNSWEET TENDERIZED PRUNES - 11b. pkg. 25c - 2 Ibs. 47c HUDSON'S PURE APPLE and GRAPE JELLY - •- . . 12oz.gla»29c SAILOR MAN HOMINY -• • No. 2 can, 3 for 25c CHEESE each 23c USE CHEESE IN PLACE OF MEAT for LENTEN MEALS Fine Assortment IMPORTED CHEESE :,SHA*F. I CHEESE iV «** TENDER and JUICY STEAK lb.53^ H&G WHITING ,,™ 16' FRESH ALL-BEEF GROUND BEEF lwml 32 OCEAN I'ERCH OR ROSEFISH ,« 39 IN TE£E PIECE BACON lounrt 55 A LI, MEAT WEINERS AND FRANKS ,43 BRISKET STEW MEAT „„„„, 25' PORK CHOPS Lean and Meaty Ib. 59c Downuf/ake OOIIUTS INlen W.oml II Junior won'l drink nil milt TI bribing him wilh o DOWNYFLAXE Dojlul -9=°<i ond good for himl Eci x to, W'ng him around oad lei him »«• ihe donuti •otl« by lh« OOWNrflAKE Bociiin*.- Klways frcihl , Plain Donuts O|lc Dozen OU Sugared Donuts Dozen Glazed or Frosted Jjflc Dozen .......... «||| RED TRIUMPH POTATOES . . . 10lbs.29c LARGE CRISPY CARROTS bunch 7c FLORIDA PASCAL CELERY . . . . stalk 17k LARGE CRISPY HEADS LETTUCE - - --eachlOc TEXAS GREEN CABBAGE lb.3k FOR SALAD GARNISHING RADISHES ..... bch.5c MARSH SEEDLESS, Large 64Jize GRAPEFRUIT . . . eachSc YORK COOKING or EATING APPLES - - - - lb.10c FLORIDA ORANGES - - glb.bag49c FOSTER PINK MEAT, 64 Size GRAPEFRUIT - - - ea.7k PORTO RICAN SWEET YAMS . . 3lbs.25c SNO-WHITE HEADS CAULIFLOWER - - - Ib.ISc MUSTARD or TURNIP GREENS - bunch lOc LIBERTY CASH GROCER

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