The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. xxvnr—NO. ca THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythevllle Courier, BlyUMrtlle Dally News, MANIL Mfcalaslppl Valley_Leader. I1LYTI1KVI 1,1,1-:, ARKANSAS, K1WMY, MAY 2i), 10:!! SINGLE COPIES FIVE OEN-fS 'I ILLED IN AUTO U Mow I'imml Dcl'iccl lititcr Cold and Karii'ied Air 10 Miles Above Karlli KALLOON 21 MILES (UNMANNED) WITHOUT USX OF _ OKYGEAI TWtS School Vole From Fivo ] Boxes Thrown Out But; Results Arc : Tiie county board ol education, which met yesterday lo hear iiuy protests to certificaliou of (lie r?- srlts of the recent county school election, threw out the Wilson, Rcece. Flat Lake. Kocky and Sh-iw- nee boxes because of irregularities, and Ihcn, finding the results unchanged, cerlified John P.jarclcn cf Leachville to the two-year term as member of Ihe board and Joe Cha] pin of Manila to the- one-year term. I Throwing out Ihe me of the five l boxes left Bearden leading the fie!:! of five with 1,174 votes, Chapln second with 835. and Dob Robinson of i Kciscr third with 8-12. Oi'auin losl j heavily by the 'elcminaiioii r.f Hie Wilson and Rocky boxes, but the I tin-owing out of Sliavne;. where Robinson had a bis vole, more than made up for this. The vo'.e ai Heece anil Plal Lake u'as very small. Xn Conlesl I.ikcly The Shawnce box was Ihrowji jcut as a result of a conlesl of th; I local board election, tho county board finding that 'alt ol the bal; lets were illegal. The Wilson. Recce. Fiat Lake and Rncky boxes were thrown uiil because nf failure of the election judges properly lo cer- | tlfv Ihe returns. i Certification of the election n[ j lica-.-Jen and Cliapin apparently j eliminates any possibility nf fur- j th?r contest, inasmuch as Ihe law This graphic chart shows Ihe up- Ihe ballcon's instruments showed lie -"Wires that a cont?s! be broils!)! per regions of tile earth's alma;- hurt reached 42.370 feet. pherc which Professor Augus'.e Pic- i . ' -. ~*. n . ,,^. uo .. tummum-. sum card, a modern Jules Verne, and : , v ™ ">e five-mile line Ihe II-'Robinson, the onlv candidate who his assistant. Charles Klpfer, sought lmulaulc "aches of outer space be-: could conceivably benefit by a conic pciiplralc- by flying higher than . 6m - 1 " r ,"° mountains or clouds «:•' i c ,i. tas advised the board of his miy-himian i-ing or-.t-.i.-i had evar ? eeii '"^ height-higlicr on is nolh- |,,t^ti=n to taS> no-'jittoir ^ been before—their goal being ap- ! lns but tht llitler col(l an:i K"d- Father's Dream Fulfilled as Truck Kiils His Child RAUSHUKY. N. C.. May W. (UP)—Mrs.- W. D. Kenned) \viotc her hpsband LI posicar.l lelltng him his dream about one 1 of their children being kill I- had not come true, Ihul liu- family was all we'll. Her 4-ycar-old son Charles started across (he street 10 mail the card addressed lo his father ill Delmont, N. c nnd was struck down and killed by a truck* LOCH M LIS1S FOR TBIIL i Asks Attention for Important Matters Despite Shortage of Funds. Members of the lilythevllle Bar association have se-lcch'd 25 cases from the congested circuit courl docket anil asked His circuit, clerk lo present a lisl of the cases la Judge O. E. Keck with Ihe rcmicsl llial the group be called for trlnl at the lerm of circuit conrl which OIH-DS on June 8th. Whether the June term will be •eld as scheduled havnoV yet been definitely announced. Znl I). Hanison, county Judge, has usked L. L. McDearman Named President n{ fnuntv As- Kci ' k lo ims U1> " le •"""' lci ' m L «J It-^IUUlll Ul V^'ll-IMl\ nb rtuen fit n ln In^u ~r t,,.*^ r j., ,i.^ socistion Last Night. L. L. McUcarmnn, cashier of tiie Bank of Luxora. was elected president of the Mississippi Cc-iunv Bankers association, succeeding M. L. Simmers of Osceola. at a meeting of the association at the Hotel Noble last night. Miss Emma Cox of Osceoia was elected vice nresl- dc-it. and Roy Walton of Blylhc- ville secretary and treasurer. An iuvilation by Ihe new prcsi- Icnt to hold the next county meeting at l.uvnra was acceolcd. jby a party having"a ipecinl inter- es!. in other words a candidate, and listed by Lieutenant Apollo Souc'efc I lli ? lles t- cirrus clmids-thosc while. |tul' U. S. Navy, who soared 43,l«i feet | lleec ?' wls l ls fon »«l by the tiny ice i f or over Washington. D. C.. in'a small i IK 1 "'*''"'—never go above it. Thcj seaplane on June 4. 1330 This beat ! col<1 ls lnten - c . reaching 00 degree*' Ihe high mark for balloons, eslab-I bl ''°' A ' zero m thl- "'Bher altitudes. lis!ied by Captain Hawthorne C | y a llill= lcss " )!111 t( ™ mV -& Gray nf the U. S. Army who paid | aljove lllp earth, the temperature is for his fame with his life. Captain j alft ' aj ' s frMzm S- 'vcn on the hot- Oray ascended Nov. 4. 1927. from i !cst of J " 1 - v ' lavs Belleville. 111., and a day lator the 1 The photos above show Professor balloon, nidi Gray dead in Ihe bar.- i Picrard on his balloon and the ai- ket. was found in a tree near Spar- | uminuui ball in which he and Kip- la. Teiin. He had perished when his • fer were sealed for liieir trip. Candidas made il impossible Hie board lo receive or consider Ills prolest. Gravctle urged the board not lo certify the until it had results of the election purged the record" nf Excitement His/h In T^n essoe Assembly: Fitv.- liugh Rcsicriis Sreiikcrship NASl'VILLE. Tcnn., Mnv •*> (UP)—lll«h drama was wrillen in the Tonnossrc today. assembly Krencli Provide New Problem lot- Jealous Mayors The princinal business before last l B. Rilrflc-Id- contcslliuj night's meeling was Ills new slot*'of Mayor Nctll Hecd'i jankers code, which was pres^nlfd :>y B. A. Lynch, president -of Ihe Arkansas Bankers association. Tl:e code, a statement of sound business praclices. was given the ndorse- ment of the county association. John \V. Snyder.; member 'of a state committee lo obtain adoption of the co3e by individual tanks, told of plans for a meeting of Mis- Oiirglie'ad^ 'Poi<S:tt cause of the lack of funds In Ihe coiinly treasury for the 'expense of the term. Members of the bar cromi have expressed themselves in favor of holding the lerm as usual. Judge Keck has declined lo comment on Ihe request of the county Judse. However, jurors have been dismissed from service during the first week of courl In Ihe O.sccola district, now in progress, and It mav be possible that court will be. held here cue week instead of two a.q usual. Contest Will Be. Trlci! The election suit broughl bv A. Ihe validity .yor Neil] Heed's election in the recent municipal election it Flatcd for trial before the presiding judge and will be heard whether or not : the regular Jury panel h summoned for service. However. It Is not yet known if the suit will be heard by Judge Keck or Judge Killough. Among the 25 cas?s which nl- ^torneys have selected for first cou- ^siderallon in Ihc event jurors are Simultaneous movements in the t'ovse und senate, f-ncli casiln-t r Issues Inln n move for Imnench- tnenl nf Oo"|iriior Ifurv Hfi Horlon fcrnt I'le crowded l^slslnLivc haHs In r- tremor of excllcmenl. A swclal co'iimlllce Int.roducnd n cojruirncy charffc <i«alnsl Hie Werner In the house of rcpresen- ii'ives oiill'nhni n i-iass of details In Indlctmcnl of his admtn- tsl'-iliou. S n uale Speaker Scott l 7 ilzhuBli. 'ad-r o' ll-,-> nollticni rri>i!»i>i>nt of tl. S. Congressman Ed II. Crimu). i"liWi hns been powerful in the PARIS. Mny 21) (Ul 1 )—Ancllit-r bloii,) was arising umldsl Amer- Ivii's junkulns mayors' li-day-bs- •MIIISO II had been le.i'nie I II was the cuslnm of Ihu Freiicli ^overn- ur-iH lu reward leaders of null i a Ki'iHip wltli the tnlglithr.ii;! of Ihe I.iglen of Honor. Mavur Csror^e Baker of Portland would bo tli only nian in the gioup eligible for sufh distinction and he was pushed out of the chairmanship rtf the mayor's party in favor uf commiUce ruh b?c:rus:' II v as thou^hl he was getting loo mucli spollighl. If l-'rancc should B've the lee- ion's red ribbon there woul:l be n second outbreak. Th? maycrs feel their (jroui) Is made up eu- llrily of jjeiiernls wllh uo privates. Tcnnc;«e In an InvcsUnatlon of th.^ admlnls- t'atlon of Oovninor Ilni-lon. resigned as speaker of Ihe upper house today. The s]>cakcr stcpcd frnni Ihe rostrum cf tlw senate while Ihe house of rcnresentatives was In a tiirmnil of debate over Ihe introduction of Imoeachmenl charges Miss Willie Lawson Delivers Cmnmcnr.emenl Address This Afternoon. Tlie largest gradualliijr. class of Ihe lilvthcvllle. junior school received diulomas In the coiutueucc- against Ihc Kovcrnor, and In an .ment exercises this afternoon when elcmnnt speech announced . he withdraw from Iho siwakersiiip. "I feel I have fulfilled my duty to tlie fullest of my capacity," the speaker said. The move on the part of Fllz- liiwli come on the heels of bitter criticism of Crump, who was accused bv friends o( Governor llor- ton's administration of iittempl- IIUT to gain control of the state. Crump has been In Nashville 83' students received promotion to the ninth grade. niil McKenzle, valedictorian, and Juanita McDonald, salulattvrlsui. made addresses In the pregmi at the city auditorium. The prlr-.clpi' speaker was Miss Willie A. lawson, rounly superinlcndcnt, who ad- dresse-i the stiidcnls on "Sporl5 r uianshlp." ' t Miss Luclle Brairland. winner ot Ihe minimi "WhiV connty bankers, probably to be held : summoned and the reanlar court ' al .loncsboro. for Ihe organization nf a trl-co'.inty clearing house for Mi? dissemination of credit infor- malion. adoption of uniform service c-:ar^es an:l similar purjioses a.s outlined in the code. oxygen tanks" became exhausted the thin air of the upper .'.paces, but : their lives. oxygen tanks designed lo sustain Predicts Great Proeress as; Censor Bans Press Notices US ana'ti™ TO;" rrom°th"c' b7s- Rcsult of His Venture, of Italian Anti-Church Inlo Upper Strata. j Demonstrations. ill:?al and fraudulcntls' cast ballets, declaring it to be tims dnci- sivc action was laken lo put a stop to election irregularities. Same members o[ the board indicated sympathy aith his view, and I1-? fi:st molion lo certify ihc rosulti was defeated. However, afler hn-ir- in= opinions of lawyers thai the b:ard had no riijht to go behind the returns, and thai without a formal contest by on injured party the most it could do would'be l-> throw out such returns as were not properly certified by the local election boards, it adopted a molion to canvas the returns and certify the re.suHs. Tiie canvas showed returns from Wilson. Rcece. Flat Lake and LEttlO GURGL, Austria. May 23 (UP) i ROME, May 23. i UP)—A ban was —A new era In aerial iransporta-1 in effect today against publication lion was prophccicd by Prof. Au-: in the press of reports of recur- guste Pierard. back to earth today. rent anil-Catholic demonstrations after ascendiiiK ten mites into tK? and denunciations of the nope by upper air strala in Ihe interest of- Fascist youths. scic f lco - . The censorship also inslruclcd Piccard. who wiln Charles Kipler the press lo refrain from referring ascended higher than man had '• to attacks made by the Uivoro Fis- over gone, was enthusiastic in! clsta, fascist organ, against t'je sunimiiir up the scientific gains of, Azio , lc cattolica. No reference can the flight. He pedaled it proved; ke made to tlie incidents recurrent the stratosphere or rare upper air I dlirlns tnc !ilsl wreh i, K :,,din g the STrfltn U-!lc Im-imllln mlfl Dvll liTol L - . 1 * r nidi l "t | burning of a photograph of Pope could exisl 1.311 miles up. The professor slined the imagination with his prophecies hinlitvg .11 airways filled with new types of flying machines racing at trcinen-' dous speed abov,? the earth. "The flight proved the strato- snhcre is navigable." Piccard said. "It proved also man xvith modern! technical mcthcds will be able lo master Iho problems of pressure and cold at high altitudes. I am convinced my studies will make life in tiie stratosphere possible in the future. I am glad 1 helped to inaugurate this i>?w era of aerial transportation. I hope others will break my record of over 52,000 JciM. Pius XI. The cessation of demonstrations against (he Catholics was believed due to "superior orders" declaring tlie anti-church manifestations of fascist students must slop. ' American Execute:! es. together with lliat from Shawnee previously thrown out because illegal ballots were used, was ex- clurtfd. Special elections will lx> held Thursday. ,Iunc 25. in the five dis- Iricts to name local board members and vote Ihc annual lax. but citizens of these districts will have no voice this year in .'election of the county board. The Shawnce contest, in which E. M. Norton. J. A. Musick, Dr. R. L. Johnson, and W. B. Burkett. defeated candidates fcr (he Shawnce board, challenged the validity of the election of E. B. Bell. L. R. Brownlse. John Wilson and -S. E. Harrl=ou. was bused on Ire allegation (ha; the ballots used were illegal and thai votes were accepted and counted from persons who w?re not qualified electors. Evidence was subiniiled Ihat the names of the four persons whose scats on the board were chilbn?cd were typed session held, is the Safi.fMO slander suit, brought by E. J. Browne, fer- mir mannvnr of Browns and Billings, agaiiist B. A. Lynch, local banker. ' Oilier suits slnlcd for trial include iwo $25.000 personal Inlin-v acllons against Ihc Chicago Mill and Lumber Corporation brought bv Ed Milhorn and JcfT Morgan. E. B. Lawrence is the plaintiff in a SG.OOO domaje suit against U. 5. Griffiths. I the outgrowth of a highway acci- jdent. which lias been landing since 1 192B. Wholesalers Sued n . ., . , . . ... ,| Thr ''< ¥ local wholesale firms are I huiciclnnia Kc'Jllb- i «cfcn:laiils In actions brought by manufacturers and packers. The suils arc styled Midland Flour Milling company vs. MjrchauU Grocer company. Plant Flour Mills com- diesis Today ^Inhia H lican Organization. WASHINGTON. Mav 29. (UP>A? on auoropriate nreliminary tn the pending political season President Hoover is about- to receive the accoinde of the Union Icniue PhiladelDlfla. one of the famous citadels of the Republican faith. The president and Mrs. Hoover will attend a dinner at ll-nt historic Reniiblican club tonielu. This organization, which spra-iq from the union causo diiriuq the Civil war, will pres:n( Mrs. Hoover vith pany vs. D. Canalc. and Cudahy Packing company, vs. Robinson Packing company. A similar suit *„«"& «, of 1 "«,„',™ £°, ^;;re .™°« ur.,,1.1-,.1 nudiiihlo Th»'<:,^.,Vr.r nF IVVV1> .l"«MnWl • ?'• . . JJIWAiliJnJt) tteneral assemblv. The'speaker the reirale [o the governorship when a vacancy occurs in the office of Ihc chief executive. by tlie principal GiH'wi Trooos Get Cool Welcome from French on Arrival at La Havre. Haley. Oilier honor students, who received awards were: Pally Slianc. tlie hlstmy'medal presented by Ihe Dud Cason posl ol the American Legion; Annie SUlcup, a iiln presented bv the L:|!lon Auxllhry for the outstanding girl in cltl/^nshiu 1 Juanita ^tcDollald, Ihc Plclac priz™ , for Ihc best composlllon, presented SPILL mm Unhurt in Accident ThatJ Cost Friend's Life. William King. 38. Mau'lla . Uv'lp'-l stock dealer and former resident ot;-'.l Blylhcvllle, was killed almost" ln : ;.'| suinlly while his comoanioii! Ray'Jf rani, csrniicd uninjured whcn'V] their car, IrnveliUB nt a liiRh rate/-.] of speed, plunged on" Highway t l ' near Dell, about il:30 o'clock last ci| nlKht. v .The- Iwo men were returning to?} Manila after a trip to niythcvlllc-.*: when Ihe accldenl.occurred..Grant;"; driver of Ihc car, said (hat Ihey'-J wcre engaged In conversatlon-aiid:; lie failed to-notice n curve, in thc-j'2 highway. Traveling about 50 nillcV'j' an hour, the machine plunged Into '-. : a dilcli and turned over before^: stonphiK In a <Wd about fitly yards'•'from the road. ' . . '.'..";? King's neck was broken and lrh¥- left arm Injured. Grant was stmi- .*. nert but uninjured. Passing motor-."; Isls summoned an ambulance. "but ... KhiK was dead before aid i arrived. 1 -/ King, wlio was born in KinlucV.y. A' iarl lived in Blylheville for ma years, prior to moving to Manila .,. ., 1021. He was employal here by Bob'!!-Harris, welt known livestock de'a Funeral arranpcmcuts are complete pending the arrival of rel-S allves from Kentucky, but services --" will probably be held SalijiTny or}' : Sunday at Manila. Kmn .iuid his;/ family had returnd only Sunday.^ from a visit In Kentucky. • • .-• ':'*£ The deceased Is suryiyed ty his'<widow, formerly'Miss Nettle 'Lifihfit"'; of Blylhcvllle.-.and thr«d,bhlldrari.-v Ilillic, Belly Sue and Jack.' He >•?. also survived by his . p'jrenti, Mr.;, and'Mrs. J. \V. KiriT. 'tvvo : s1steri " Joiin CcpcTaiKl, ail "of 'pre.uidcnce/> Kv.. and one brotlier. Clirls'K!n» of •'•Meridian. Miss. bv tho lesion Auxiliary;.W. J. Wil- llnehaui, prluc for the Ix-st poster In a conlesl sponsored by the same group. Members of the class me: John Gosnell Road Postponed Is Report^ It was reported from reliable-' sources loday Ihat the hearing on 'property "assessments for Blvttic- ' vine road improvement district No. ^! Six, scheduled for tomorrow moj-- ••'?• nino before Ceunly Judge Zul B.;;-'J Harrison has been indeflnileiy'V 1 1lf wns formed fo,- t he'. PARIS. May 23. (UP)— Minister of the Inlcrior and labor definitely decided today to refuse permission for Miss 1'exas Guinau an:l her Iroupe of show* girls to land In Prance. Previously there had baen . , " , • • —-•* rl^^]k.L. I IVMUUrtiJ LtJLIU 1J.IXI V-UU of Drought by a foreign company is indications ii, a i the group might • (hat of Ihe American Coffee com- L ol be , m a f to stiller the fate of pany vs^ Bush and W. n. Eskridge. b ein(r barred. The Tennessee Agricultural Credit corporation Is the plalntlft , three of the nclicns advanced for trial. Tlie defendants are H. A. Ashbranncr. Fred and H. M. Flee- . man and J .\V. Bader. I a portrait of the president by Pil-1 T''2 Gosnell fchool district election controversy Is due for an air- lides Cosla. Every Republican president has been honored by Ihe club and Ihis ceremony midway in Mr. Hoover's term serves at bast in tlw minds of some to put their final stamp of approval on (lie president, llko l^e hail-mark on a piece of -sterling. Jehu J. Rnss-ob. chairman 3f tlie Dcmorralic national committee. Is Hi: only member of Ihe club known to have embraced afterward whit is known within its sacred norlnls as the heretical faith of the Democratic party. ing hi circuit court on the action of three citizens, apparently defeated candidates In a school election. seeking the ouster of G C Wadley, C. E. Cook and Harvey Hart from (he school toard. Eight cases appealed from lower courts are among the 25 listed by association, and others are: LEHAVRE. France. Mav M. (UP) --Texas C.uinan. her while horse and her Iroupe of showrirls. were barred from France today when th-v arrived on t'-e liner Paris. Unless lliey can persuade Ihe government lo relent lliey will br shipped back on the Paris. As the French detectives left the shin Miss Ouinon screamed at them from the top deck, "Hfv, suckers. I've l>eeu thrown out of better places than this." ley, J. W. Purlle. !i. J. Sanford. Herman Turner, W. J. Williug- ham. Karl Williams. Everett Fitzgerald, Marguerite Burns, Prankle Booker, Marie Collier. Florelta Hankins, Pauline Hires, Colleen Holland, Christine Hood. Josephine Johnson. Ruth King. Elma Lan«ley. Carmen Lewis. Kalheryn Livingston. Susie Richards, Annie Stalcup. Coiislancc Smith. Th;lma Talc, Lucille Tyrone, Amanda Thrasher. Barnes Crook, Frl;da Secoy. Max Watson. Frances Holland. D?ck Johnston. Loran Ho^au. Robert Rcc;!er. Woodrow Hughes. Isab2l BraiK*.;:,. Mary Spain Usrey, Anna Margarcl Dent. Wondrow Tucker. William Fauqlit, • Russell Tllair, Simon Joseph, James Guar^. E. B. Rcjers. Helen Ruth Harwell. lendbif the road northwest^ of. •'> Oosiiell. Property owners In '.the -.;'.In '.the -.;'.he .dls- •• . . district are divided over the .dls trict program and the controversy-';^ will be brought into court. '. •* Judg.? Harrison postponed the ' .-: hearing, whicli .was originally cet ;; for April 25th when a number of landowners in the district appeared and pluuded surprise. . Telephone Customer LeH Locked Up at .Closing time Lucll Bourlnnd. Rill McKcnzie. Jane Hollipelcr, Hiilh nurks. Jean Armnntrout. Elljabeth Dclotc, n'al Moore, Cora Louise Turner. Effi? j Moore. Rosalie Russell. N. B. Menard jr.. and these students win E. H. Ward Fidelity Phosnix Fire company. R. V. Fox vs. Cordelia M. Withiic and A. L. Hooper vs. C. W. Sniharl. Will Attempt Paciiic Air Crossing Tomorrow SAMUSCHIRO BEACH. Hondo Islir.d. Japan. May 29. (UP)—Captain Thomas Ash Jr.. American avi- ROME May M. tUP>— Mich"lc| o11 tllc tallo!s h . v Hie election jud<?:s Schirru. 32. naluralizeil orl or otllcr !«"'"'«• t'"nt nm:wro:is t!:e Untied States, convicted of P srs ;> ns ™° dl[1 not hold poll ta\ plotting to assassinate Premier Benito Mussolini, was executed at sunrise today. receipts voted, and that in some instances voiers cast two ballots. jone for themselves and one for ' Jt kv\»rt^. j -.... .u. Tlie confessed anarchist died be- wl y es w . 1 , 10 n . ad remained at home, fore a firing squad. He was convicted of the plol against Mussolini before the special tribunal for defense of Hie slate yesterday immediately sentenced to die. . A motion to declare Ihe election void and to call a spcclnl election was adopted with Basil Segraves of , Osceola casting tlie only dissenting . i vote. Mr. Segraves said that he did | nol see where any advantage would be gained by holding a new elecilon so long as the sams election officials would necessarily be in charge of It. Remaining overnight iu Philndel-(Republican Committee !)hia the president and Mrs. Hoo- n r i o ^ -t, ver will motor 20 mlbs to Valley Defends OITlOOt Tamf F,-"-go tomorrow. Mr. Hoiver will - .._ deliver a memorial dtiv address on j WASHINGTON. May 29. (UP) — the groimd where Wa< s-j-nt The Republican national commitlee w'nter of orii.-llon with his liltl continental army. III Health Blamed for Suicide at Berryville BERRYVILLE. Ark., May 29. (UP -The body of Odie B. Johnson, 39.Cached to (he rills lus.e a d"oT.o £ ^Sto"™^™ 11-nC r^lll.i»4 flnitnltrin r.n>» - ^» i- ..,,J- «, l _» .1.. .. . . 1«IUJ, HIV l.nilL^^ Wi Difthl Is Speaker at Commencement Tonight Dr. Charles S. Diehl of Memphis, president of Southwestern University, will give the address at the j high school commencement cxer-1 Anight. 3 o'clock, at the cityjLott. Last American, today replied to agitation for tariff reduction with a spirited defense of t;-.5 Hawlay-Srr.oot rat« and an ,!ay 29. (UP)—At '"11 : p. in. M. F. Russell went Into a cigar store to use the telephone. At ,'.: 12 midnight the mpnagor of the ; store went home. At 1 a. m. Russell.\! emerged Irom tte booth" to discover •'; he liad been locked in the store. At '•'-: 2 a. m. the Jailed man made known .'. his predicament O a passerby who • notified police. Offlccrs called the . stcre manager. At 3 a. in. Ihe mm- agcr relumed to Ihe store with Ilio •' California Sportsmen completed the four semesters wort: ... n In Ihree semesters: Spencer Alex- * :. migrate to Uregon: antier. Joe Hums. John Burns, Meli .,,, KI1SSC1U: | Brooks jr., II. C. Richards. J. J.' . U ., v ?' s a lan ' conversation; was- ... PORTL-AN'D. Ore. iUPi—Orsion ; H " r 8ett. Rouse Harp. Maurice Lul- I IU ' ; ' may beromo Califoniia's sjwrts- j J^|' : _ 8 .\ r p» Moore. Mack Moj-ri?. I , ;t men's paradise. " " The state Chamber nf Commerce reports that tro.n IS to 20 real es- . .nv... u.>iun .^iwinL 1 . .*I;ILN .^lur.l?. I <'rv It.* 31 t-». I Rol«rt Moore. G™e Sykes. Din: j rm Luitrsl! Fuied Timon, Jack WlUon. Uulii Virginia I Alley. Opal Brcoks. Laura Crov.-d;r. I tale transactions a day for Or n ?or pro|jerty involve Callfornbns. Man £ lor ed Rogue river are owned by Calt-• »>.- 11.1 i.iij -^141.uut I.IL^TO nnu MIJ ,^i , , . a-ssertlon thai the present duties , a , s P or "™ c!u vv . 1 ;° come -in"re-in some cases not hl,h enough.' ,™»* ^^ ^ *^ Vseldah Crcck;r. Chlmiila Douiilas. I Viiginia Durham. Dola Harwell. I P. N. "Pink" Luttrell was finod Lcli:^' Hsath. Juanila McDonald. I $100 by Jusllce R. L. McKn!gh; [Mildred Loc Norman. I.uclle N'ierst-• Ihis nicrnlng on a charge of trahs- ', licimer. Margaret Katharvn Posey. porting liquor. John Smiley. arrest- Numerous eslales along the fam->sarali Richards and Patty Shane. ! cd in connection with the same of the sales .ire in gon. fishermen's Southern Ore- j If the present tariff is not maintained, the commute; said, "the American people can look forward to the leanest years ever witnessed on this continent." ^ase, entered a plea of guilty to a .charge of Illegal possession of llq- ' audito: Another feature of Jhe program. to be concluded with the awarding . -of diplomas to 63 stiidcnls. will be v, Italy (UP)-Brakcs at-[the presentation of numerous hon. ..rived here tt 3:« p. n, to-i was found dangling from a rope to!undercarriage of Ihe c«7s ha-e b eu not ha ^ b««"'m a "e nu m TlS day from Tokyo in ills monoplan-j a rafter In a tarn on his mother's;installed at (he terminals of the 2" Thclm^ Worl-no on Is vi'cdlctor o^^ifir- nnd onnouncfd he would farm hnm l^=t ,,i»hi rnllr/-^H lloot aninri,,™ ,1,- ,.. ," lclmn »vori..mgion is \a.caicior- iraiiread lines mlerlng the new Ml-; Ian for Ihe four years and second Pacific and announced he would . farm here lasl night lake off at 8 a. m. Saturday (3 p.; Ukc off at 8 a. m. Saturday (3 p.; Relatives said the man had been,Ian station. A train of' 14 wwh-s honor, went o MKs KMhVn™ m. P,i,l:u' c. s. t-> on his proU'Ct«l,in 111 health ami believed him „ tiavrhn* at 18 miles an hour wa i Deumn C Nn« Mnurh.e B an- fliBhi ncrow Ihe Pacific ocean suicide. No innuesl will I* held. I slopped wilhiu ten yards son Mnurme man Game abounds in this section. Some of tl-.c California 'buyers maintain large farms for fruit and dairy cattle. Others build their vacation resldcncej; on the very banks legislative action, Rogue river was clos«i to commercial fishing In the Interest of sport. 1J«_ J U •! Hope and Manila I uor and was fined 550. Luttrell gave Districts Consolidated^ •«-* m ^ ....... ..... - i »jumi.n uuu Smiley were XfAMLA, Ark.-At a recent , ti by Sm Hardln Bnd «.hL5'I/i C ! 0 i rS . T'^ ^A ""' | B 3m«r. deputies out of the office of ^.of, d . w f 1<:l -jjo-». and New constable Harry Taylor. Hope district. No. 29, were consoli- of the streams. Through recent dated. Nei- FIopc will have a one teacher school for children up lo Ihe filth grade, while children will iccme to Manila. The Manila schoa! WEATHER Schilling Reappointed ^^....^ , u •••utiii.i. *nt 1'jiniiiJii ci_i.viij;| it-ii^ifcff-iirt ni • will open its summer term Julv 13. ARKASSAS-Cloudy. bcal thun- ' I ' Idershowers in norlnwest portion to- .1 Eliminated by Hughes AUTEIL, France, May 29. (UP)— George Lett. Philadelphia, last surviving U. S. player in the men's division of the French hard courts tennis championship, was eliminated In the quaitrr final round today by George Patrick Hughes of led Wlllam P, Srhilling. Minnesota, he had a twin brother somewhere, .day'a yeaVage'thTmJxlmu™ 'te'n"- tngland. The scores were 3-C, -l-G. as a member of th; federal farm'but it was through a local priest peralure was 83 rt»-re« and tl-'« o-J. 0-4. 6-4. jboard. | ihat their relationship KB* moved; I himinimri »9 dffrw, rWit.1y, portion ' TWINS MEET AFTER YEARS i nighl; SnU ' rda! ' Cl ° Udy - f« E^J.^l Cn.w, Dno^il' ALEE SANDRIA. (UP)— Orphan! According lo the official r,eath;r 10 reacrai rarm DOarO| twins of unknown parents, Primo: observer; Charles Phillips. ],-., the land Secondo Mogglatl. Jeparaled [maximum tempsralure here yester- WASHINQTON, May 29 (UP)—'since they wtre small children, met day was 91 degrees and the mini- President Hoover (oday reappotnt-. by accident at Marengo. Each knew : mum 72 degrees partly cloudy To-

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