Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on December 23, 1963 · 20
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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 20

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1963
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0 THl IDMOKTON JOURNAL, "Way, Dm. M, 1963 ION TV TONIGHT GATEWAY (5) I p.m. - Colin MacLean and Jim Mitchell present a ipeclal Christmas feature a silent film jiving viewers highlights of outstanding Christmas lighting and decorations displayed throughout the- city Including a film of children being Interviewed by Santa and a visit to toyland " to see the new trend in toys. McHALE'S NAVY (J) 8:3 p.m. "Orange Blossoms for McHale." When Capt. Binghampton (Joe Flynn) learns that married men with 24 months of overseas duty are to be rotated home, he plots for McHale to marry saloon owner Kate O'Hara (guest star Joyce Jameson). Ernest Borgnint plays the title role. PLAYDATE (5) p.m. "The Critic. " Richard Brins-ley Sheridan's 18th Century classic, satirizing the theatre , and the foibles of its adherents. Mr. Dangle and his friends attend a rehearsal of Mr. Puffs new tragic drama, The Spanish Armada surely one of the most hilarious productions ever staged. The cast Includes: John Colicos, Eric House, Jack Creley, Marigold Charlesworth and Joseph Shaw, EXPLORATIONS (3) 16:30 p.m. "Fellow Canadians: Meeting At Trois-Rivieres." Story of the first student exchange program between western Canada and Quebec. Teen-, agers from Winnipeg. Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver would live with the family of a French-Canadian mate in Trois-Rivieres. The story is told through the eyes and words of Jane Love and Richard Rice of Winnipeg. "SAFEWAY MEAT MAKES ANY MEAL" (mMim TV TIMES As supplied by TV stations. Any variation is ri'ie to ,last minute changes by the station involved. CFRN-TV CHANNEL 3 CBXT CHANNEL S EDMONTON MONDAY It: Count of Monte Crijto (J) 11:30 Chez Helene (5) II:) Meditations (11 11:40 Rom pf Room (J) 11:45 Nursery School Tim (5) 11: Lorttti Young (5) 11:3 Girl Talk (5) )1:4 Jackpot (3) II -55-News (J) 11:00 Gal Storm (I) Noon Snow (1) I?: JO Metro News (5) I2:3S Around Town (5) 11:45 Lovo That Bob (5) 1:t Laura (1) 1:15 Debbl Orak (5 ) 1:J Ladies First (S) Siesta Cinema. "Oklahoma Kid" (J) J: Password (5) :3 Scarlet Hill (5) 3: Tak Thirty (3) Here's Looking At You (3) :3 Friendly Giant (5) People In Conflict (3) 3-f SKteror-ers (51 4:00 This Living World (3 . Poocorn Playhous (3) 4: JO Puocets (J) 4:J Kerry Wood Storybook (I) 5:r Razzle Dazzle (!) 3:30 Time Out For Music (3) Tne Pioneers (J) 4:00 McCann On Sports (3) Gateway (5) 4:) Beeney and Cecl. (3) 4:3 Metro News (S) 4:40 Eyewitness News (3) 4:45 Gateway Weather and Sports (S) 4:53 Weatherman (3) 7:00 Sports Page (5) Fllntstones (3) f:30 Don Messer (51 Outer Limits (3) 0.00-Garry Moore 5) 1:30 McHaie's Navy ()) :0 Pievdete (5) Phil Silvers (3) 0:30 Take A Chance (3) 11:00 Dr. Kiidare (3) Inquiry (5) 10:30 Explorations (3) 11:00 National News (S) CTV News (3) 11:14 Viewpoint (5) 11:13 Telenews (3) 11:24 Aetro News (5) 11:30 Thriller (5) Blgtim Wrestling () CHCA-TV RED (Coronation and MONOAY 0:00 Hour of FM 10:00 Count of Mont Crist 10:30 Chei Helene 10:45 Nursery School 11:00 Ladies Only 11:30 Pink Playhous 12:00 Mid Day 11:30 Matinee 1:00 Password 2:30 Scarlett Hill 3:00 Tak Thirty 3:30 Friendly Giant 1:45 Misterogers 4:00 This Living World 4:30 Kids Korner 5-0 Razzle Oazzi 1:30 Tim Out For Music 4:00 Central 4:30 You Asked For It 1:00 Rural Rambling 7:30 Don Messer t:00 Dlsllu Comedy Hour ;C Pleydat 10:00 Inouiry 10:30 Zero One 11:00 CBC TV News 11:15 Local News CKSA-TV LLOYDMINSTER CHANNEL 2 MONDAY 10:30 Chez Haiene 10:45 Nursery Schools 11:00 Sign OH ' 1:50 News Headlines and Weather 1:00 Password 1:30 Scarlet Hill 1:00 Take Thirty 3:30 Friendly Giant 3:45 Misterogers 4: This Living World 4:30 Film S: 00 Razzle Dazzle :30 Tots on Two 4:00 Sports, News, Weather 4:30 Rawhide 7:30 Don Messer 4: 00-Th Nurses - :00 Playdate 10:00 Inquiry 10:30 Exploration 11:00 CBC TV Newt 11:10 Night Beat 11:40 Big Tim Wrestling Radio Highlights t Selectee ky Statie Managers) MO" BAY CPRN J 30 a.m.. Shore Is Carlyi 4:30 p.m., Children's Christmas Stories. CKUA 1C-30 p.m.. Das Rhaingold. CBXA 0:30 p.m., Distinguished Artists; 10:64 p.m. frier e a aomeming In The Air. CNFA i p.m.. Siesta Musical; i p.m., Apertif a la Frencaise. CJCA 7:44 am.. Flying Tiger Traffic Report; 10:15 a.m., Rav. Hart Can felon. CHED 11 p.m., Larry Thiessan Shew. I TUESDAY 11:04 Count of Mont Crlsto (3) 10:30 Cnei Helen (5) lt:3S-Meditations (3) 10:40 Romper Room (3) 10:43 Nursery School Tim (3) 11:00-Loretta Young (S) 11:30 Girl Talk (5) ll:0-Jeckpot (3) ll:SJ News (5) lMB-Noon Shew (31 Gal Storm (5) 1J:3-Mtro News (5) ll:35-Areund Town (S) 11:45 Love That Bob (5) 1:40 Laura (3) 1:15 OeObi Orak (5) 1:30 Siesta Cinema "Christmas In Connecticut (3) Ladies First (S) 1.00 Password (5) 1:30 Scarlett Hill (3) 3:00-Here's lookino At You (3) Take Thirty (51 3:30 People In Conflict (3) Friendly Giant (5) 1:45 Misterogers (5) 4:00 Fireball XL -5 (5 I Popcorn Playhouse (3) 4:30 Stop. Look and Listen (5) 5:e Ranie Dazzle (5) 5.-30 Come Listen Awhile (5) 4:00 Gateway (5) McCerm On Sports (31 4:10 Visions of Sugar Plums (3) 4:13 Gateway Weather and Sport (5) 4:30 Metro New (5) 4:40 Eyewitness News (3) 4:43 Age of Kings (5) 4:55 Weatherman (3) 1:00 The Littlest Hooo (3) 1:30 Donna Reed Show 13) 1:4 Christmas Special (3) Patty Duke (5) 1:30 Ben Casey (5) 0:30 Front Page Challenge (3) Harry's Girls (3) 10:0 The Eleventh Hour (3) News Magarin (5) 11:0CTV News (3) National News (5) 11:14 Viewpoint (5) ll:15-Teienews (3) 11:10 Metro News (5) 11:30 Church Service (3) Rotary Christmas Carols (3) To measure syrups xvrotr; firsf great yogr spoon ss rb syrup won't ding. DEER CHANNEL 6 Banff Channel 10) TUESDAY : 00-Hour of FM 14:44 Count of Mont Crlsto 10:30-Cnez Helene 10:45 Nursery School 11:00-Ladies Only 11:34 Pink Playhouse 11:00 Mid-day 11:30-Matine 1:00 Password 2:34 Scarlett Hill 3:00-Take Thirty 3:30 Friendly Giant 3:45 Misterogers 4:00-Fireball XL-4 4:30 Kids Korner 5:00 Razzle Dazzle S:30-Come Listen While 4:44 Central 4:34 Biography 7:00 Hennessy 7:30 Flintstones l:00-Patty Duk 1:30 Ben Casey 0:30 Front Pag Challenge 10:00 News Magazine l:30-Ouest 11:0-CBC TV News 11:15-Tonight TUESDAY 10.30-Chez Helen 14:45 Nursery School 11:00 Sign Oft 1:50 News Headlines 1:00 Password 1:30 Scarlett Hill I:tTak Thirty 3:10 Friendly Giant 3:45 Misterogers 4:00 Fireball XL-I 4:30 Film 3:00 Razzl Dazzl 1:30 Tots On Two .4:00 Lone Ranger 4:10-Sports, News, Weather 7:00-To Tell The Truth 7: Windfall 4:14 Patty Duk 1:3 Ben Casey :30 Front Pag Challeng 10:00 News Magazine I0:30-Ouest 11:00-CBC TV News 11:15-Nlght Beat 11:20-77 Sunset Stria- TUESDAY CPRN 11 p.m., Canoellght Service; 12 midnight. Midnight Mass. CKUA p m Dickon's Christmas Carol; 10:30 p.m., George Mitchell Choir CBXA 4:30 p.m.. Pocketful Of Dreams; 10:30 p.m.. Reserved For Music. CNFA 1 p.m.. Divertissement; 11 p.m.. Classical Music. CJCA f:2j am.. Job Listings; 1:10 pm., Dick Clark. CHID 4 a.m., John Doien Shew; 11:11 a.m.. Thought Par Th Day. I 53 TXCfftl-g ; i f s ir i i 1 I I - V . .. EDMONTON BIRD CLUB VICE-PRESIDENT DR. VIC LEVVIN . . . count down on birds Lone Robin Sighted Fall, Early Spring? The Edmonton Bird Gub reports sighting a robin in December. With the current balmy weather officials of the club are not prepered to say whether it's the last of the year or the first of the spring. The robin was sighted Sunday during the course of the bird count conducted annually between Dec. 19 and Jan. 1, by bird clubs all over North America. tlllllllllllllf IlllillltlfflitlllllillllilllttlllllfilltlUfltltllllllllltrttlllllilllllf Illlallf lIlIIlIllilllllllllllllttllllllTt-- On Campus From The University Of Alberta By JOHN BARR The students are going home for Christmas all but the foreign students. For the Z71 foreign students from 63 countries, it would be a bit impractical: "Home" could be India's Deccan plateau, or a muddy river bank in British Guiana, or a green rice paddy in Formosa. It could well be a dense Philippine rainforest, or a port on Nigeria's steamy coast. Either way, it might as well be on the dark side of the moon, as far as going home is concerned. If it weren't for the good Samaritanism of a small group of administrators, students and faculty wives, the Christmas might be a lonely one, indeed. ' NOT EASY It's not easy to "fit in" when you're a cultural, racial, and religious stranger in a community. The lot of the foreign student has never been an easy one. But this is one Christmas when these students have no reason to dread. The Varsity Christian Fellowship, to start things off, is holding its eighth annual "International Christmas" at Banff. There will be more than 125 students there half of them foreign students, all of them from campuses all over western Canada. They'll stay at the Banff School of Fine Arts, and for $35 a head obtain room, board, skiing, swimming, hiking, (the choice is theirs), and SEVEN SEAS Delivery Service Opn 10:30 a m. trt 3 a m. Phone 424-0631 U IIWI HIHIMHIL JIIHIW f t' t: I- - , V 4miwiW-lf"' 0 The Edmonton contingent made a count of birds within a 15-mile radius of the university. Gub members came up with a total figure of 5,500 birds. Forty species were sighted. The Bohemian waxwing leads the overhead parade with almost 3,000 specimens counted. - Waxwings travel in groups of hundreds and live off all the fellowship they can enjoy. Some, says Christy Fisher, VCF area staff member, come out of curiosity. Some come for a simple holiday. But others come because they've been asked along by a Canadian student friend, or because they're just plain lonely. The project has been a vast success this year. The VCF had to turn down applicants, because of space limitations. Some students, "old-timers" at being away from home, take their own initiative. Desmond Anthony, a 30-year old zoology graduate from British .Guiana, is one of these. He and his wife have their two children back home, 3,200 miles away. But they refuse to let it get them down. They've organized "a little get-together" with "about two dozen people," Anthony grins. WIFE HEADS SCHEME Mrs. W. F. Bowker, wife of the dean of law, heads a scheme, backed by the International Friendship Group of the Faculty Wives' Club, which has "host families" befriending foreign students and the year round too, not just at Christmas. She is trying to make the scheme a permanent one. Even the administration plays its part. Major R. C, W. Hooper, the jovial adviser to men students, does things on a personal basis. Just to be sure that no one Is left out of celebrations, he plans to go over to the campus residences on Christmas Day, "and invite the stragglers over to the house." - He means it, too. Everyone hasn't forgotten the original meaning of Chrkrtrau. - 1 '. SN berries found on many trees in the area. The number of Mallard ducks on the river throughout the city was a little larger than usual (120) and was attributed to the fact that the centre of the stream is still free of ice. CONES SCARCE The White Wing Crossbill, usually plentiful in the Edmonton area, was absent this year. Bird club members say the scarcity of pine and spruce cones on trees may ac count for the birds seeking other climes. The little white bird lives off seeds in the cones and probably went somewhere where the cone crop is better this year. Other sightings include a pair of black-backed three-toed wood peckers and four pine siskins. Pigeon hawks are not unusual in this area but they are fairly rare in the city. The bird club saw three of them. Two snowy owls were also seen, not rare but not often seen so close to the city. The bird club feels its count was successful with the weather making the job easier. The club has been doing the job for the past 17 years. Figures are forwarded to the parent Canadian Audubon Society. Provincial Pioneer Dies At 71 Funeral services were held Monday for Herbert A. Mildon, 71, of 9843 78th Ave., who died Saturday. Born in Houghton, Michigan, Mr. Mildon came with his parents to homestead in the Irma district in 1906. He moved to Edmonton in 1911. Joining the Canadian Army, he was wounded at Ypres April 22, 1915. He was married in Cambridge England in 1917, and returned to Canada with his bride two years later. For many years he was employed with the provincial cream grading station In Edmonton, joining Muttarts Builders Supplies in 1949. Mr. Mildon was a member of the Montgomery Lgion, the Canadian Diabetic Association and of the Masonic Lodge. Survivors include his widow, Eleanor, a son H. E. (Ted) of Edmonton; a brother Howard of Tacoma, Washington; and a sister, Mrs. W. E. Edwards, of Vancouver. Howard and McBride Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements, with interment in the Westlawn Memorial Park. Rev. Dr. E. J. Thompson officiated. Announcements Births PAUL Sharon and Wayne proudly an nounce tne arrival of ineir nine liter. Loree Maureen, six pounds fifteen ounces, December 17th. Happy parents, Gerry and Daisy. DUN NIG AN Dick and Jan (nee Sper- row) wish to announce tne arrival ot their son, Michael Richard, on December 30, 1943. Weight five pounds, elghf ounces. Many thanks to the doctors and staff. ROBINSON Born to Dick and Ruth (nee Armstrong) their fourth daughter, Angela Mary Ruth, December 17, 1963. Six pounds, three ounces. General Hospital. MOIR James Henry and Florence are pleased to announce the arrival ot Jennifer Helene on December It, at the University Hospital. Weight seven pounds tour ounces. A sister for Nell. CASAUBON Mr. and Mrs. F. Casau- bon wish to announce tn arrival ot their daughter, Janlne Denlse, on December 13, 1963 at General Hospital. Weight nine pounds three ounces. A sister for Suzanne, Valerie and D'Arcy. PIERCB Dr. and Mrs. Barry Pierce announce tne oinn or inu ,", Thomas Andrew, on December 10 In Ann Arbor, Michigan. RAYMINT Larry and Arln (n Came) are nappy to announce i arrival of their son, Ouinn Troy, December ?0th at University Hospital. Weight seven pounds seven ounces. MARKOWICH Marsh and Doreen wish to announce the arrival ot Penny Lynn, December 15th, 1443. Four pounds eight ounces. General Hospital. SAWCHtIK Fd and Irene (nee Kurylo) are happy to announce tne arrival oi their daughter, Maria Angela, on December 17th at the General Hospital. Weight seven pounds fourteen ounces. A playmate for Patricia, Debbie and Danny. A SOUVENIR Baby Book is given free to each family announcing a new arrival In the Births column. Announcements minimum charge tl.73. Marriages CLARKB-RAULT Mr. and Mrs. Regi nald Rault announce the marriage of their daughter Eleanor, to Mr. James Patrick Clarke, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Clark of Jaspar, Alberta. The marriage took place at St. Paul's United Church, Edmonton, on December 21st. BRAGQ-WESTMANCOAT Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Westmancoat of Ry-lev are haoov to announce the mar riage of their only daughter, Barb ara xaye, to Mrs. jonn Bragg, iaest son of Mrs. R. Bragg and the late Mr. N. Bragg of Calgary. Tha wedding took place on December 14 in Dallas, Texas, and was performed at the County Court House by Judge P. McBride. Announcements ST. JOSEPH'S Hospital Auxiliary raffle winners, rug Mrs. D. Ainsley No. 77t3, oil painting Lorraine Car- pent ler WINNER handpalnted plate, Mrs. A Ainslia, 14407 68 Ave. No. 3:r2. Deaths HAMMAR BERG Mrs. K. M. Ham mar. berg, aged M years, passed away December 22, 1943, In stettier Auxiliary Hospital. She leaves to mourn her loss five daughters and two sons. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, December 23, at 2 p.m. In Donalda Lutheran Church, with In terment In Meeting Creek cemetry, ALHO On December 21, Alex Alho of Thorhlld age 77 years. Besides his lovina wife he is survived by one son Laurie of Calgary, one daughter Vera Boulton of A bee and four grand children. Funeral services on Tuesday at 1 p.m. at A bee United Church. Rever end Kadway otticiating wnn inier-ment in the Abee cemetery. Thorhlld Funeral Home. V. J. McMAHON . . . re-elected McMahon President Of Legion V. J. McMahon Sunday was re-elected president of the Montgomery Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion by acclamation. First vice-president is T. A. Graham and second vice-president is D. G. Rees. W. W. Gordon is past president. New executive members are Martin Collingwood, Neville Jones, James Ross, James Buf-fam, Alex Riddell and Earl Leonard. Continuing members are R. F. L. Hanna, William (Scotty) Lang, H. G. McKim Ross, William Montgomery and H. A. Chowne. S. J. Baker will continue in the post of executive secretary. Garage Burns MAYERTHORPE-A fire that threatened a large section of the town destroyed the May-erthorpe Garage this morning, causing damage estimated at $150,000. Led by Fire Chief Roy Mat-son, the volunteer brigade battled the blaze for three hours before bringing it under control. It was the second time within 12 hours that the brigade had been called to the garage. The first time was Sunday afternoon when firemen put out smouldering ashes near the garage. The second time was at 4:15 this morning when flames destroyed tha building. H'iwh-hwjm""' aim ""." M ; ;'-.if '"v 1 - "- ' fc "fr ... " ' ,-- '- Deaths BORHEN On December 23, 1963, Mrs. Mcrv Sorhen of 11525 til Street, passed away, vJ ''. She Is survived by one son, William of Edmonton, four grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren. Prayer services Thursday, Decern-bar 24. at I p.m. at ths Park Memorial Chapel. Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Friday, December 37, at 10 a.m. at St. George's Ukrainian Catholic Church, Reverend Father V. Tarnawsky the celebrant with Interment In the Edmonton cemetery. Park Memorial Ltd., Funeral Administrators and Directors, (Tha Chapel on the Boulevard). GORHAM On December 21st, Mrs. Beulah Grace Gorham of 12611 106tn Avenue. Widow of the lata Ross R. Gorham and Is now survived by three daughters, Mrs. S. J. (Mary) Cop-plnger of Vancouver, B.C., Mrs. J. C. (Margaret) Ouilley of Edmonton and Mrs. J. G. (Geraldlne) Gunderson of Whltecourt; 3 brothers, Marshall Andrews of Grandora, Saskatchewan, Shelton Andrews of Kelowna, B.C. and George Andrews of Kitchener, Ontario; three sisters, Mrs. A. Kidd of Cooksfown. Ontario, Miss G. Andrews and Miss F. Andrews both of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; seven grandchildren. Funeral services will be held from the Howard and McBride Funeral Chapel on Monday at 4:30 p.m. with Reverend C. Bishop officiating. Cremation. Howard A McBride Funeral Service. LA FORGE On December 21, Mrs. Reglna Leontine LaForge, Thorsby, aoed 40 years. She leaves three sons, Edward. Edmonton; 2nd Lt. Frederick, Gagetown, N B.; Robert, Thorsby, two daughters, Mrs. Dennis (June) Erickson, Edmonton; Mrs. Leonard (Vivian) Rail, Mi not, N.D.; lour grandchildren; seven sisters, Mrs. Frank (June) Allen, New Westminster; Mrs. William (Evon) Sacks, Euegene, Oregon; Mrs. George (Ida) Lestakis, Roseburg, Oregon; Mrs. Harold (Olive) Prlel, Saskatoon; Mrs. Tom (Mamie) Mackintosh and Mrs. Roy (Agnes) Long, Armstrong, B.C.i Mrs. Hugh (Virginia) Roberts, Seattle; four brothers, Oliver Loranger, Kert-ore, Ontario; Melvln Loranger, Meadow Lake, Sask.; Emlle and Albert Loranger, Cut Knife, Sask. Funeral services era "ield Monday II a.m. at St. Aanes church, Interment was In St. Anthony's cemetery. Connelly-McKlnley Ltd. ALEXANDER On December 31 Mrs. Barabar Ellen Alexander (formerly of Leduc) passed away in hospital at tha age of 94 years. She leaves to mourn her loss, three sons, Dr. N. E. Alexander of Edmonton. Gordon B. and William Stanley Alexander of Leduc; one daughter, Mrs. J. K. (Gertrude) Lee of Edmonton; ten grandchildren and five great-grand children. She was predeceased by her husband, W. J. Alexander, on Novem ber S. 1924. Services will be held en Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. In St. David's United Church at Leduc Rev. S. L. Munro and Dr. E. J. Thompson will officiate and In terment will be In the Leduc Cemetery. Halnstock A Son, Limited, 10541 II Avenue, South Edmonton. MUZYLOWSKI On December 21, Mr Julian Muzylowskl of Ranfurly passed away aoed 62 years. Survived by his loving wife, Mary In Europe; one son, John In Eurone; two grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. (Mary) Marian Krsvczkowskl of Bruderhelm. Prayers Monday, December 23 at I p.m. at the Park Memorial Chaoel (Vegreville). Requiem Mass, Tuesday, December 24 at 10 a m. at the Ukrainian Catholic Church, Ranfurly. Rev. R. Starodub will be the celebrant with Interment In the church cemetery. Park Memorial Ltd., Funeral Administrators A Directors (Tha Chapel on the Boulevard). SZTYK On December 20, 1463, Mr. Michael (Mike) Sztyk of 1733 97 Avenue passed away aged 40 years. He Is survived by one daughter Sandra of Calgary, his parents Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sztyk of Edmonton, two brothers Bill of Edmonton, Henry of Owen Sound, five sisters Mrs. W. (Rose) McGowan, Miss Mary Sztyk both of Vancouver, Miss Annie Sztyk, Mrs. G. (Jessie) Wagner both of Edmonton, Mrs. J. (Helen) Hozack of Calgary. Prayers Monday December 23, at 1:00 p.m. at the South Side Memorial Chapel. Funeral service Tuesday at 10:00 m. at Assumption Church, (90 Street and 95 Avenue) Interment In St. Joachim's Cemetery. South Side Memorial Chapel Ltd. Patterson- Mlt-telstadt-Duholke. Funeral Directors. 13 Avenue A 104 Street. FLATEKVAL On December 22, Mr. Nis Flatekval of Connor Creek, Alberta passed away aged 79 years. He Is survived by his wife, Margaret. Funeral services Tuesday, December 24. at 2 p.m. al the Mayarthorpe United Church, Reverend F. Milnes officiating with interment In the Mayer'horpe cemeitry Park Me-morial Ltd., Funeral Administrators and Directors. (The Chapel on tha Boulevard). , COX On December 14, 1963, Mrs. Helen Cox, Mont Apics, Quebec, aged 35 years. Survived by her loving husband, Sidney, one son, Brian, one daughter, Petti, at home; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ku-ziek, Calgary, one brother, Peter Kuziek, Vegreville; one sister, Mrs. K. (Ann) Westley, Vernon, B.C. BEN BOW On Monday, Decemter 23, Mr. Jonathan (Jack) Benbow of 10212 134 Street, beloved husbend of Mrs, Florence Benbow, passed away aged 12 years. Funeral wrvlces to be announced later. The Chapel of Chimes, Roy ard Owen, Funeral Directors. OIBNEY On December 22, 1963 Doctor Michael R. Gibney Of 11606 72 Avenue passed away at the oge of 39 years. He is survived by his loving wife, Gwent four sons and two daughters, David, Mark, Joel, Brlen, Patricia and Shauna all at home; his mother, Mrs. M. Gibney of Calgary; three brothers, Bill of Calgary; B.C., John of Hamilton, Ontario, George of Vancouver, B.C.i two sisters, Mrs. F. Dykes, Mrs. Agres Lloyd both of Calgary. Funeral service Tuesday, December 24, at 11:00 a.m. at St. John'i Evangelist Church (109 Street and University Avenue). Reverend J. E. Bethel will officiate. Interment In Mount Pleasant cemetery. Flowers gratefully declined. Memorials may be made to St. John's Evangelist Church. South Side Memorial Chapel Ltd. Patterson-Mlttelstadt-Duholke. Funeral Directors. t3 Avenue and 104 Street. STRATTE On December' 31 Mrs. Hilda Christine Stratte, 10909 65 Avenue, age US. Surviving are two sons, Orval and Victor Stratte and one daughter, Mrs. Olive Fell, all of Edmonton; four grandchildren. Services will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday at Hainstock's Chapel with Dr. E. J. Thompson officiating. Interment will be In Mount Pleasant cemeterv. Flowers ' gratefully declined. Donations may be made to the Good Samaritan Hosoltal. Hainstock and Son. Limited, 10541 II Avenue, South Edmonton. , BOUVETTE On December 20. Mrs. Flora (Tlllie) Bouvette of 9631 162 Street passed away at 59 years of age. Besides her loving husband Joe; she leaves two sons and two daughters, Bob of Ha'lfax and Don of Edmonton; (Su) Mrs. W. G. Rosen-berg of North Surrey, B.C. and Mrs. Yvonne Hosaluk of Edmonton; seven orandchlldren; also four sisters, Mrs. W. Beikley and Mrs. G. Ronlnion roth of Edmonton, Miss Harjorl Mc-Gllvary of Terrace, B.C. ard Mrs. H. Nellson of Llttl Port, B.C. Funeral services tin Tuesday, December 24th at 1:30 o'clock from Andrews-McLauohlln Chapel with Reverend Gerald avna officiating. Interment at Westlawn Memorial Park. Andrews McLaughlin Funeral Directors. NICHOLS On December 21, 1963, Mr Spencer Ernest (Bud) Nichols of 12907 1 23A Street, passed away af the age of 31 years. He leaves to mourn his loss, betides his loving wife, Virginia; his mother, Mrs. Duncan (Alice) MecKenzle of Sf. Albert; his father, Munroe Kempton Nichols of Winnipeg; and one sister, Mrs. John B. (Shirley) Smith of Winnipeg. Funeral services will be held Tuev day at 1:00 p.m. at the Foster and McGarvey Funeral Chapel. Rav. R. J. Lelghton will official and Inter, ment will tak plat In th Edmonton Cemetery. Foster and McGarvey Limited. Funeral Directors. Deaths WATERHOUSI On December 31, 1963, Mr. Alfred Charles Waterhouse, of 11545 9jA Street, passed away aged 10 yean. He Is survived by two daughters, Mrs. J. Ballah (Doris), Edmonton; and Mrs. G, W. Babhao (Mildred), Elk Island Park: lour sons, Hugh, Abbotsford, B.C.; Ronald and Reginald, Edmonton; and Raymond. Post Falls. Idaho: twenty grandchildren, and sixteen great-grandchildren. The funeral service was held In the Roy and Owen, Chapel of Chimes, on Monday, December 23. at 1:15 p.m., with Reverend Paymond Smith officiating, and Interment In Beech-mount cemeterv. The Charel of Chimes, Roy and Owen. Funeral Directors. ALLEN On December 22, 1963, Mr. Herbert Allen of 10444 146 Street, passed away. He leaves to mourn his loss, one sister, Mrs. Fannie Wioels-worth of Edmonton and one brother, Frank Allen of Edmonton. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 9:15 a.m. at the Foster and McGarvey Funeral Chapel. Rev. A. W. Wilcox will officiate and Interment will take place In the Beech-mount Cemetery. Mr. Allen was member of Klnqswav Branch No. 175 Royal Canadian Legion. Foster and McGarvey Limited. Funeral Directors. HBPNER On December 21. 1943, Mr. Nelson Hepner of 9323 153 Street, passed away. He leaves to mourn hi loss, his wife. Lucv Althea: three daughters, Mrs. William Holland, Mrs. Russell McLeod and Miss La-donna Hepner all of Edmonton; two sons, Lee Hepner of Hamilton, Ontario and Glen Hepner of Burnahy, B.C.; fifteen grandchildren; on sisler, Mrs. Fred (Berthel Wiley of Westlock; and one brother and four sisters In the United Stales. Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at the Foster and and McGarvey Funeral Chapel. Rev. Howard Munroe will officiate and Interment will take place In the Evergreen Memorial Gardens. Foster and McGarvey Limited. Funeral Directors. DOLHAGARAY On December II, Jean-Baptlste Dolhageray, 14-Scer. boro Place, St. Albert, aged 10 years. He leaves his wife, Marie: one son, Samuel, 7-Scarboro Place, St. Albert; seven grandchildren. Funeral services. Tuesday, 10 a m. at St. Albert, Interment In th church cemetery. Rosary, Mondev, t p.m. at the Funeral Home. Connelly-McKlnley Ltd. WEISS On December 22, Michael John Weiss, 10507 135 Street, passed away aged 57 years. Ha leaves, two sons and one dauqhter, John C.I Adolph Edward end Mrs. J. P. (Mary Theresa) McLafferty all of Edmonton; 11 crandchlldren; two sisters, Mrs. I. Groeller, Clifton, New Jer. say; Mrs. J. .Horvath, Northampton, Penn.f two brothers in Austria. Funeral services, Tuesday, 12 noon at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Interment In Holy Cross cemetery. Rosary, Monday, I p.m. at the Cathedral. Connelly-McKlnley Ltd. In Memoriam CHERKAS in loving memory of our dear father Stanley Cherkas wb4 passed away on December 23, ii2. A beautiful memory silently kept. Of ore we loved, and will never foroet. Always remembered by Betty. Maris, Walter, Peter and grandchildren. KUZYK In lovinq memory of Nick Kuzvx. who passed sway December 23, 1954. Memories are treasures no one can steal. Death is heartache no one can heal; Some may forget you, now that you'r gone. But we will remember, no matter how long. Ever remembered by wit Nancy, daughter Olga and grandchildren. SARAPUK In loving memory of Ann) Sarapuk who passed away December O. Loving and kind tn all her ways. Upright and ust to ths end of her days: Sincere and true tn her heart and mind. Beautiful memories she left behind. Ever remembered by her sister Zel, Husband Russ and children. FERCHO In loving memory of Mrs. K. Fercho who passed away December 23, 1441. We watched you suffer, we heard vou sigh. But all we could do was lust stand by; For when th tlm cams w suf. fered too. For you never deserved what you went through. God took your hand and w had t part. He eased your pain but broke our hearts; Although we smiled and seemed carefree. Nobody misses you mora than w. Th family. SWITYK In loving memory of James Swityk, who passed away December 23, 1960. Treasure him Lord, In thy garden of rest, For on this earth, h was one of the best. Ever remembered and sadly missed by mother, Tom and Sadie, John and Mary, Nick and Pearl, Mike and Anne. GALBRAITH In loving memory of James Gaibralth who passed away December 23. 190. A loving father, so good and kind. No friend on earth lik him we find; For each of us he did his best. May God grant him Eternal rest. Ever remembered by Jim. TO ASSIST readers in preparing In Memoriam notices. The Journal hat prepared I booklet of appropriate wordings. Call, writ or phon for your copy. MONUMENTS t CEMETERIES (3) ALBERTA Oranlt Marbl A Ston Co, Ltd., 10702-101 St Ph GA 2-4050. Manufacturers of fine Memorial tinea 1905 Old monument renovations. All cemetery work Visit our quiet showroom for lowest prices. WEST Edmonton Memorial Display Suitable any cemetery 164 St. Stony Plain Road Franchlsed dealer for Westlawn Ph. HU 9.1602. INDEPENDENT Memorial Co. I71S-109 St Ph. GE 3-5952. All monuments In our display are being cleared at substantial savings. WESTLAWN Memorial Cemetery and Edmonton Crematorium. 16410 Stony Plain Rd. HU 9-1402 Plots from (4S.0O. Lost and Found LOST On earring, brown stones and pearl. HU t-7319. Reward. LOST BLACK PEKINGESE DOG. RETURN TO 12044 130 STREET. Gl 4-1258, GL S-0869. REWARD. LOST Girl't large black purse downtown Saturday, containing autograph book, Mexican wallet. Reward offered. 488-4771. LOST Pomeranian male pup, 1 months, orange-brown. HO 4-3438. STRAYED Black female Cocker Spaniel approximately 4 weeks old from 10523 52 Avenue, Thursday v4-nlng. Reward. GE 3-3939. LOST Whit small Maltes dog. Answers to "Pop." Malt. CrMtwood district. Reward. HU 1-4460. LOST Black purse, important papers, reward 454-4800. 13604 110 Ave. i . Dally by carrier 35 cents per week Dally by mall to points outside Edmonton In Alberta, Peace River Block, Northwest Territories and Yukon tlO per year By mall to other provinces In Cftnad and to U.K., $12 per year. By mall U S and foralgn countries: 135 pr year. Dally average net paid circulation of Th Edmonton Journal for the month of November 1963 .r..:. 128,000 Mmbr of Audit Bureau of Circulation M4Vd4tlf44,M4)a -Vjk.- .air's:. 411 ii Til Ti ( ,1k, rti.n .,!! i4S 4s ej rtS 1 r - mM i ' T M 11 ' i' il . if fli r!--

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