The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1947
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U.S. Treasury To Show Surplus Will Have Balance v Of Nearly Billion' Dollars June 1 WASHINGTON, March 12.-<UP>—The Treasury, nnrt the Budget Bureau are about ready to admit that the government stands a good chance of winding up a fis- cnl year in the black this June for.the first time since 1930. The current outlook Is that the end of fiscnl .1947 on June 30 may show a surplus of iilxnit Sl.OOOOOO- UCO. For more than a month there has been a sizeable surplus ill tlie Treasury coffers. It was back before New Deal days since such 1ms been the case. Only a ive«k ago there was a surplus of more than $2.000.000,000. But that was cut down with a payment of nlmosl $1,000,000.000 to help meet the U. S. commitment to the international monetary fund. The official January estimate for the current fiscal year Indclatccl total spending of $42,523,000,000, receipts of $40,230,000,000, and a deficit of around $2,300,000,000. But, the situation nas changed. This is partly because uo business recession has materialized to dale. "The situation looks optimistic," a Treasury source said. A budget bureau official said, "Ii looks as if you can't go wrong In forecasting a surplus." R«ad Courier News Want, Ads. Tanker Explodes This na])lii(! hole was blouii In thp side of the "Lyons Creek, 1 ' a tnnker basin at Houston, Tex. Accumulated ens In .several of her mid-ship blast which injured i!) persons. (NKA TcJepholo.) as she was tied up in tiin uinilni tanks is said lo have caused, the Sugar Industry Favors Retention of Controls WASHINGTON, March 12.— (UP)—Ar. industry spokesman sfild TIIH'STOIlVt Shcrrj- nm! Mann ]Io)1x%yimil'H It n n p n 1 o «• I'liiirlM. She work* in' nit liLstirnuci. i>t[lre nE<3 IK limbing it play fnr hi-r niar- krrjix linime, \vmitw to MTltr, \vtir- rlr*» nltout Mmin'K iiiU-ri'M >ln «'llh the Utrce IMIJK *v]i» llv.- at the fiid «.r the <'iiur1. SauiErn. ivlut in Krrncli, M-antK tu net fn tin- inavlv*; AliMrlmi Tony >vmits lo dlrrc't _>ind DuulKli KrU hoin-« to l>e«<im«i*n prinlm-W. * t * ' . V tTALLOWE'EN night Mona was *•• dressing'to go oul to a party ft'ith Geoige Brothers when the telephone rang. Sherry, answered. It was Tony. "Arc you busy?" he wanted to fcn<jw. "Kris and Sandra are out and I've got the car. Would you like to do something?'' '2'd lovu to!" Sherry, told him. "C&me ovel* in about'20 minutes. 1 And she hi ing up. "I'm goiiig to dress," she said lo Mona. "We'll probably only go to a movie but I feel like dressing. Tony has the car." Mona;]aughed. She said, "Yov hadn't better go out of walking distance in that 'jaloppy." George Brothers came while Sherry was changing her drcsi Mona shut the bedroom door and called, "Good night, darling; have fi good lime." - Sherry put on a well-worn blacl velvet, but it hod been a good dress and she always felt comfortable in it. Then she slippcc on her squirrel jacket that kept for vnry best. When^ Tony came to the cloo he. looked surprised and a liltl worried. He said, "I just thought w might take a ride," v>ry quickly Sherry nodded. ' "That's why 1 dressed so warm jy," she told him. Tony seemed relieved. He said, "You look lovely." 'HE car was parked in the street. "*" It was low und racy and very cilov/. Sherry had ridden in it cJorc—both times she hat) gone o Henri's with the boys. It made n nlanning amount ot noise, but ad stayed together on both trips. She slid [is far down as possible nd laid her head against the back f the seal. The night was cool ml cleclric. It excited Sherry— lade her feel as if something was oing to happen, They did not talk at first. Tony eaded lor the beach. Alter a ,'hile they went through .loverly. lome of tlie big houses were ighied up, and there were cars tarked in the driveways, as liough the people who lived ihcre •ere giving parties. Suddenly Tony said, "We ought 0 go to a party tonight. That's he devilish parl of being poor, it shuts you but of tilings." He sounded bitter. Sherry felt sorry for him. She said. "I think Just riding around is fun." Tony said, "In this cr.'ile? We onjjht to be sitting in the back ol a limousine wilh a chaui'i'eur." Sherry shook her head. "No, then we wouldn't have the wind. Besides, xhe chnulTcur shouldn't be silting with- xis." Tony smiled, but after a whil his face was grave again. 11 started talking about Vienna nnc his father who was Hans Dietrich the composer. Sherry had not roiv nccled the name. She was ,sur prised and impressed. Tony (old her about his lw< much older brothers and Ihe mag niiiccnt uniforms they had WQr when they were oflicers in ill army; and how proud his lathe had been to walk down the snow covered streets with his handsome grown sons on cither side of hin Tony had intended to be an otil . ccr like them when he grew U[ 1 He had intended to have a waxe today the decontrol of sugar now wntilcl result In a wild scramble that voiild send prices spiralling upward. He said his guess was that in such n "hell-a-poppin" 1 situation lustachc and "Bwcor~at~"the"boy~ k •ho polished his boots and luugh •ilh lovely guy ladies and drink liampagne out of satin slippers. ;ut the war had come and Tony ad been sent lo school in Switz- rland. He dart returned home to Vinna in the snow lo find that his rolhers had been killed and his ithcr had died. The tenants on loir estate were taking care of is mother. His beautiful, proud nother had been grateful for their harity. After a -while his mother had cut him lo Italy. She was Italian nd had relatives there. He had ever seen her again. She hail iccl a few months Inter. * * * ^UDDENLY Tony stopped talking ^ and for a moment he was still vith embarrassment. I don't know why I told you all liat!" lie said angrily. "I never old anybody before. Tt was an wful bore. I'm sorry." Something warm and happy loocied over Sherry. He had never old anybody before! "I'm glad you told , me!" , she iald. They were at the beach now and lad n hot dog. Then they sat and vaichcd the dark water. Sherry said, "When yon'ro a rent director, you'll know hov/ to nakc people feel the things you've Tony said, "And you will write my glories!" They made a lot of plans. Now it all seemed so easy to do, so simple to achieve. Sherry sighed a long fiigh that stuck now and then in her stomach. Tony said, "Happy?" Sherry smiled. She said, "I never was so happy in my life." For a minule Tony looked as if he was going to say something. Sherry hoped that he would kiss her, but lie said, "It's pretty late. I'd better take you buck."* They did not talk much on liic way home. Sherry had a lot of time TO think. Love would be like this, she thought. That's what Lac' happened to her! She was in love! (Tn Ho Continued} the price Of sugnr would go to 20 ctDls a pound, adding .about $!,035.000,000 to tin: nation's annual grocery bill. The present price of FUBnr is nine cents a pound. Save Money Today. Any nay STOP AND SWAP KLBERT HUFFMAN'S 4«1 E. Main Phone 859 You Must Be Happy m No Pe:il FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sires 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy (il af Stale Line Phone lilydicvillu 7M COPE. 1M7 BY HE* SERVICE. |Be. T. U. EEC. U. S. PAT. OF WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, .l'J47 I m not really as sick as Emma told you on the nhor.e Doc—just hankering for a checker game like wa used to have when your office was over my store!" i ..NEVERTHELESS, MANY BI& GAME HUNTERS RATE THE BUFFALO AS 7»e Mosr OAM&fRous; INSURANCE AGENCY ins North Second For Complete Protection DOESN'T GET THE PUBLICITY THE MORE SPECTACULAR ELEPHANTS, LIONS AND RHINOS DO' OF ALL AFRICAN ANIMALS 'CONSTRUCTION CO/WP/WES sr CONTRACTING;' A 7-Stop Service ' LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Levels and Lines Surveying ^ DRAG LINE FARM DITCHES Wrn. R. Overton — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Box 84, Roselanrt, Ark. Yes, We Hove New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords * Chevrolets * Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES * Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. . A BUFFALO v . „ BULL WILL JRAMPiE W,. • AMD PAW A VICTIA\ ,\>:* FOR HOURS. _ . M\\ T. M. 2EC. U. S. PAT. OFF. NEXT: How bin is an octopus? SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oals, Lespedcza, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from Blytheville's largest Seed Stocl Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH TTTP-RO I GUESS TH' 7^ |F HE W& TRAPPED IN THE THIEF DID \ CUPSCMZO TILL LAST NIGHT, Hf \bUKt, L5 GET IN NIS«r \ GOT LITTLE FOR HIS TROUBlfi EftSV'.VHE STOS : BEFORELASH ' ' — CAPT'IN! IT WAS WARM i SO THE WINPOWS V.'ERE OPEN. now Much Did He Hear? BUT THE PLftSTIC \ WE PON'T KNOW WHN KB* 5WAPLE HE TOOK \ STOLE TWVT VE1V6UT WON'T ReilEAL HOW THE FORMULA'S WORTH IT'S WMJE- I? THAT'S /A FORTUNE TO A CLEVER WOT HE'S AFTER! / CROOK WHO GETS IT UTEE TOU'VE FINISHED ftND BEFORE ITS BE EM PATENTED! ^ BY LESLIE TURNEB AVJ.TJO^'T RLW ASMAV FROA\ HOME,LEANDER.' UMCL6 AMOS WILL COOVC UP SOME KlNlDA VEMSE FOR ON H\S FACE, BUT IT WON'T House with Moi.Hoople Out Our WayBy J. R UNCLE BULG.Y'5 KJOT MY OMLV WORRY, KWIM .'-~. HE'S OKAY, BUT TH£ LID POPS OFF AVY DOME ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL PfiETt} , A.NO TWKT GOOFY T'D RiXTHER. BE A Liot^ TAMER/ , __>& 5 _U8E ROOT'S TOUGH6R -THAN TIGERS = H-CT KID NEEDS A LOT MORE PRACTICE IM THROWIM' NEWSPAPERS OM TORCHES.' =: USES HER SHOE FCR A HAMMER. A HOE A HARPOOM , -\NJD IT'S A HOOK/ OH. IF I DID THAT WHEN 1 A GIRL RED RYDKK BUT NO ONE CAN TAKD TO HIMi KNOW WHEN THAT /,.. FOE THAT WfXS TIWE CO«ES..,1'(JE WHILE HE HID IN BI5CUSSED MN PROA THW CUP8OAEO,KOT GRESSONLVTO ' VOU WOO OEO! vai l<? W^ 1 L COPS, m, ev NEX SEOT^ ~ M. REG. U. 5- PAT. OFF.% THE IRON! HEEL. VIC FLINT Hunch / TELL Ml ABOUT TACKY, HOW HE ? HE'S OUSTABOW BREAK ING EVERYBODY'S HEART IT KIllS KIM TO THINK HE CAN'T 8E HELPING MOTHER MULVANE WITH HER HfilS. HOT TO MENTION RUNNING AROUND wrm THE OTHER BOYS. BUT FORGETTING TACKY FOR THE MOMENT, 1 WISH YOU WCHHDN'T GO TO SEE THAT MAN PARROT KY MICHAEL O'MAU.KY ami RALPH 1,,\XB if A FEHINS SOMCTHiHG p [ • HORRIBLE IS ABOUT LUCXT ..._ SHERIFFS eu= HSSDATS-' . .. . . _ IF HE J I HAD fa LEARN - . - _ -VJ1W5 (30I.-V To To\ ' LIKE A O.' A W1L15 HOS5,MOOS£.' A BLANCO BASI.'i COWBOY R Help Wauled BY V. T. HAMLIN MC.U.S.rAT.0 AfWKUKE TrtAT COULD HELP THE &AD &US1CH, EXCEPT ' trtAT VJE'D HWE To Spirt . "^ OUR HAUL'S U.I.FY OOP Duel Coming Up nv OUTRAGEOUS! )MV APOLOGIES FOR ^ — ^f AT THE BOOR! / MV COMRADE'S / SIR,I \ MV JOSHPHINE, LJNGENTLEMANLV I REGRET II AM SURE.CAN CONDUCT! I...PLEftSE> THAT--/ SPARE ONE OF MAY I.,..AIIfv,_ ^ ER-. A HER GENTLEMEN.' j ITAKMA^ , ARE THE STRATEGIES PERHAPS \ OFUAPOLEON TO THREE OR \ BE CONF/NED TO FOUR...HEH1 J BATILEF/ELDS WHO { ALOWe?/ N, NON! -^-v. ^KpiBfSSt ~ " ?^m^!s"M wM^o^mi / A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES PU&'S <5CHOOt HOliSt BURNED DOWN?VMHY,toRft,, Coming Hack \.oonr,cow,, i uft\)t n i YOVi 6\\>t VT ft V3orav?V COMIN6 l» TOVJM (XND WTV\ US i PlNO &O e>f UtR OLD SCHOOL V ONt S\T 10 TWO CHIVDRtM TO _ OT- 1 Vo\Jt BY EDGAR MARTlf

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