The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 29, 1951
Page 7
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•AtUKDAY, DECEMBER 19, Mil OUR WARDING HOUSI — witfc Major Hoopl*. BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER WBWi PAOB arm EtVO, 3A50M f MBit CPLIT SSSA6M 5tOM« r& MASSED '" UP KiSHT HCKt, MI6TAH 7^1 FIF1V—-*73.,. 3R.' -TV*E»Wy TO OWE.' Kgl — X HAV« NO •— T CONTKI9UT6D Trto£^S^ rJetTHSfl WAV* VtXJ. «O WE'LL TOSS F&*TH» *4X CBNT*-~ CMC VOO "-^-^XODD BO CENT*/ ' X COMPETE HOW MUChlV} —WO, WAIT, CftSBlTCH DOB J ' I VtW TA*« IT ME ? ^—-^ I fOK. tw* -THB HHOLg fcWHXf- Fir'TY- —•• CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 36 fa. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to R4 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gain Concrete & Metal Septic Tankl Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at State Line Phone 714 RENT A CAMERA Flash, Box or Movie Cameras Are Available to You at BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 W$3l. Main . Phone 3647 FOR SALE Concrete eulvcrU, .12 Inch t« 4S Inch, ptaln or reinforced. Alto Concrete Bnildlnr Blacks che»p- er thin lumber for harm, ehieken hoas*», pomp hooMi, tenant bouses, tool »hfd». We dellnr. Call ut for tree Mtimite. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Ml \ "I told th» girl you had a cold;—she said it's such a bad day MV*ral oth«r» hid phoned in the same excuse to stay home!" Know How Fait You Drive? Get a Speedometer Check-up i ' T.l.SEAY MOTOR CO. 111 F. M»in Dealer Phone H2I Order GOAL Phone 3186 • Prompt De/irery NOW/ HESTER'S Coal Yard • Courteous Service SHEET METAL WORKS- OF ALL KINDS Custom wbrk for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to % inch- thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 SHOE REPAIR The Beit Shoe Repair Will Save You Money! N~fl LTCRS O q'_ ' ' S^0€ SHOI 1 A M R I N ST. 'REACH-EASY CLEANING" with this NEW G-t! There are ten species of skunk n the Americas. HM£ As tttti m 2 10 SU IT TODAY! Hubbard&Hoke APPLIANCE CO. •_gA__^_J •>»»aJat* CENERAlAEUCTRIC By NNW Wikex Putiwrn If NCA StriiM), he. . I*[h<r.. k.. »""••«•» <«'• conMntlil wit* BrixktM Mo.el., .., ,, ,., rrMUr.i .r it, n r— . A. .!,, .^. to work, her rnlHo «r«vel» tack «» (•• d«i7 TvkeM oi« Victor Bl.M- Kra>df»tker. r,« to Mr. H.. r tr .. rv Head, Mr. Munde, had then hemmed and hawed and pro- ^ted on tb« grounds of Alma's »*x. Th^re had never been a woman at (he workbench. Such a thing wki unheard of! A boy—well, per- hap« they would have given him a chance. But a girH "1 stood by you, alone, through TO great ieweler'i strike," Victor said. "I have given to you and to Th« House but I have never asked • return." Mr. Muncie's head was -. bent, remembering, while Aima graited, wide-eyed and breath les». ^hen the Head had looked at Old Vktor with the ghost of a «mlle. "Yo« do right to remind n»." b« taid. "Loyal people are more preciotM than rubies. Let the young girl show in her skill." Ever since, she had worked be>- sW« Old Victor who hovered over *er like > guardian angel even when h* was free between hi* increasingly rare assignments. Still handsome and erect, be considered himself at 78. to be M able as ever, and came to The House every day. He had lived atid breathed Trumbull'i for 90 long that ill booor wa* hh honor H« reputation, his reputation; M success had been success enough for him. He lived alone. > caliph by day In the reflected light of th« great jewelry establishment, • hem* by nigrrt hi the brown. itonc rarnfcic bou*e where be dom admitted visitors • Old Victor, ftlma dccldc-d should tot toM wbo bad givm IMC fun. Her grandfather had been mpatient with her tolerance o* Tommy, impatient with Tommy 1 ! apparent inability to share in that vicarious pride which bound most of the TrumbuU employees together, and Alma for once, wanted OW Victor to «and corrected. * * * U/HEN ib« crossed the street and " went into the bright and dignl- 3ed employe's entrance, Joe Denton came toward p her, his fine, even teeth showing 'la an impulsive mile. "Hiya, Jewels?" be «aid. 'Where'i Tommy? "He had to go out of town.™ She hoped Joe wouldn't question her further. Joe knew all about Tommy's occupations and none of them, up to now. Had involved tilt being away. But Joe merely nodded vaguely. There was something else on his mind. He came nearer and lowered his vote*. 'Sari Have you heard tha latest?" "Latest what?" •Robbery!" sak) Jo«. "There's been another. Inside job i(>ln. and as usual the stuff has apparently ranistwd Into thin air.* "Small stones again?" Alma said tt in the affirmative but with furtive shudder. Everybody The House had feH exqutah uncomfortable ataee fee flrst of M thefts had occmied. Net that there had beet) any embarrassing questioning, tor The Head had a policy of trust. ' It was this very attitude of Mr UisBde'a whicb saade the s*oa»- ttoo so dlActtK, Aloe rtxnnliL tt only he'd have everybody ined and a big blow-up, tt wouk clear the atmosphere and proba bly stop the BUJenna, But toe exictioc system at tnsrufttuit an cheek-op of the penouuel was • perfect thai It wa» oractlrally n> possible tot • thief to take any Uuoi osl ISM tection, a fact whicb Mr. Muntfe relied on. There had, so far, been no pub- tcity about the robberia though th« police bad been working: ta ata for some time. No trace of he missing Jewell had been found anywhere, "They say It's the firat «me in 50 years anything like tt has happened here," said Joe. For a moment Alma sensed that he was actually more concerned with her than with what he wa« aying. It was as though the mere 'act of being with her Ignited some lighly Inflammable spark in him. fhen he closed off the betraying expression in his eyes quickly, deliberately. It waa as If he had slammed the door to some private room, and he hastily reassumed his usual dry, quizzical manner. "There goes my step-mother!" said with an inclination of hta head. "Ill catch a bigger bawling out from her than from the floor manager If I'm late! So long, see you later, Jewels!" • • • TOE opened the sliding door J which led into the main floor o* the .store and Alma caught a fleeting glimpse of old Mrs. Denton in her wheelchair propelling lerself along rapidly in the direction of the appraisal department in which she worked. The elderly woman, for many year* a helpless cripple, turned her sour-rweet smile on her step-son and said something which Alma could not near. Joe replied with his usual un- tailing courtesy but did not stop. The door closed upon the little Incident and Alma turned away wondering, tor the thousandth time, how Joe managed to endure the strange woman whom hi* father'i death had saddled nlm with. Mrs. Denlon had hated Joe since be wa* a, boy, because at Bret she had retarded bam a* an obst&cfc in the way of ber complete monopolization of bis father 'Then when the elder Denton nao dlea leaving hli widow unprovided tot her hatred baa Birraaaul. for Joe Md been drtrtng tbe car when. Wte accident to whicb the wai Injured had occurred lie I PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE KREAM K REAM ASTLE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut machine problems? Then you'll appreciate the quick, economical service hal you'!! find at Wicker's. Machine work of all kinds; et Wicker solver your machine problem! * Welding Electric and acetylene Blacksmithing Plow point sharpening, etc. Winch Truck Service F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 620 East Main St. Phonn 2192 OUT OUR WAY FftKKLBS AN* H« NUIMDf I MM* Jt>»T TAWTlW «UT LOOK fC*t M3HJ-- W wH*r A»arr UOOWKT TBJAV*.' CrP <4J W4CTBRI f*OM TM TIMS w* MO, THE VJORKV VJMCT Benefit by Reading and Using Courier N«wi ClattifMd Adi THtV At* MTKt t4f*r SUOU6H TORlAllZf fAfrUMfti utvf AIL HA»Pf TO rue HAM6A*. TAKf MO CHANCff.. TVfy Aft Sf/Zf JHt , CC3HTKX.fl TMfV Witt. , Cane *eee? DEAR, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TWE NATIONAL DEBT NOW HE Wr>Tf "ttl FEEL «0 »AD WHSN VOU SHOUUDNT DO THAT, MOM! POP ALWAYS ETS SORE WHEN HIM OUR CHRISTMAS BILLS! BILL) DOLLA THE NATION DEBT! VIC/ WHBRE ARfe VOU TAKJN& ME? WE'RE CAWTVINS A M6**ASC ! TO 6RCAVL, LIBBYl **PC«T I* KILLER CENTBFtVI." UNDOUBTEDLY •CCNTEKVP Ifr INCOMPLETE POR BLTT WE'LL VW3KRY ABOLTT THAT LATER. WOW.' WI-W* THE MAVTCK WrTH TV* HE'* A* JUMPV A* A OACKRABSIT I "WISH WERE THAT fTUPID. I* FEBDCR'4 OUT sueew HO SMUGGLER MHO KWEW HE WAS UMOER SUSPtCIOM •KXH.P TRV TO QO THRU CU5TO»AS wffll #2SO,OOO WORTH Of DOPE! ^ we*' GOT 10 siop M. COAUWA'» OPSRATIOK5, BUT N* CMTT TOUCH H(i* WITHOUT -rue EVIDENCE! WIHEtt I GOT TWt TIP I FLEW DOWIU TO HELP OieratA* MEU.M» WVE WANA6CO 10 DM.TCH WOVE HE'S MM)€ SO FAR... «* KJJOW VHHJ He GOT THE «i THAT HE'S HAD HO OtfcMCE TO PASS IT TO H COWEOERATfil I'M. FOUOW MM TO THE BORDER, AW f WE OOVT GET HIM TWCTIME.IU we MO»T EUMICTIVE SWKHES DtptfT TWtU UP A GRMU Of- TMS swf". >«T ne'e. LATER FMO I* N** 60TTEM IT THRU I TOKKAMDUAV T8VTO«6TMJ EAU.Y START TOtURROWt YOU Kf4OW,ALLEY,GLAD AS I AM TO YOU DOMT,EH?WE1-L. LOOKATCWNYi,'-— ~\l 6UT HERE COMES VOUGOTAf-'Y / YEH...GOSH.N A9OlimON...A IDEA WHAT A / OOC.THAT WlLLl TEMPORARY ONE HAVE YOU ALL BACK SAFE AND SOUNR e PRETTY HECTIC PROBLEM ITT-Ll B6 A PROBLEM I ANYWAY.-. BE TO FEED A WOtvfTIT? n 'IMP CANJV? /...HE ISI^T TH6 AMJRPBKEK, IT'S THE BUTLER:...on THANK YOU, OU&S WHAT KINP V THE HEKO SHOOTS TU£ ^~ -— BANPIT AMP V5«t«t \ WJ 000

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