The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1947
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1947 Navigatoi Plane navigator Losi in Accident Passenger Describes Mishap 19,000 Feet Above the Earth BOSTON, March 12. (UP)— Oeoige H. Hai-'., navigator of tho Trans-World Airlines Constellation Star of Hollywood, "shot, up and disapiic.ired" when the astrodome of lhc airliner came loose vjjtc he was Betting a fix on the si^}s, according to n passenger's account of the freak accident. The mishap occurred Monday night while the plane was cruising at 10,000 feet altitude about 540 miles Southeast of Gander. Arthur D. IlblKinan, a former Bo^ton lawyer, nave the following account of the accident to the Boston Glob;; by telephone from Gander. "We were cruising at 19,000 feel with the cabin pressurized when Navigator George Hart met his death. "Here's what happened: "Hart was .standing on a .stool with his sextant in his hands and Ills Ii-jarl in the plastic blister on the top of the fuselage. "The pilot, the purser and the .stewardess were standing around Um. Suddenly there was a terrific noise in the blister and a terrible rush of air. A dense vapor formed in the cockpit. "Hart shut up and just disappeared. "The pilot yelled; 'Where's the navigator?' but he was gone "Tlis ship veered sharply and even loose paper and articles were sucked up through the hole where Hart had disappeared. The stewardess (Marjory Page. Washington, D. c ) fell toward the hole as the ship veered lhc purser tackled her and then rushed to shut the outer cockpit door to stop the escape of air "The inner cockpit door 'was •mslied and the purser grabbed it i.ud forced a part of It into the hole where the plastij blister had been. He was a hero. He is B,vle Smith, of Kansas City "When the violent rush 'of air smashed one door and forced the other open, we passengers could sue Smith nnd the stewardess on the floor for :i moment. Miss Pa«e was hurt about the face, but both she and the purser, despite the fact that they were pale and gasping for breath, rushed into the passenger section. "Several passengers—I don't know exactly how many-fainted from the sudden thinning of the air at the high altitude. The stewardess und the purser brought emergency oxygen tanks into (he passenger section nnd administered it. "A moment later Pilot D. E Hamilton rushed out. He told us th» prcssurizafl<n> mechanism had fail- r'^nnn 11 ? V ^ S . lak '»S tile. Ship clOWll to 7,000 feet. "The passengers were calm None of them knew thnt poor Hart had been lost. In fact, the passengers ate and went to bed unaware of Hart's tragic death. Huge Oil Line to Snake Over'Arabian' Desert BLYTHEVILLBJCARK.jJCOURgSE FJWB Wartime Taxes Extended With Signing of Bill l-Given Life Term LAUREL. Miss., March 12.—(UP) —Lnvcren Ynrbroiigh, 24, was sentenced to life imprisonment today alter n jury convicted him O f raping n six year old Negro. The jury deliberated two hours. The girl pointed out Yarbrough "s her assailant during the trial, iarbroiigh denied the charges. If Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Robs You of Sleep Here's How You May Help, Whether You Eat 500 Pounds jl or 2000 Pounds of Food In a Year You can't feel cheerful, bo bonny »nd sleep well. If yoiu- stomach la alwifa upset. As age advances the "old stomach" needs more help. The reason Is this- Evcrytjme food enters the stomach a yual gnstrlc Juice must flow normally to break-up certain food particles- else the roorl mriy ferment. Sour food, acid Indl- pcstlon and gns trcquently cause a mor- l)ld. touchy, fretful, peevish, nervom condition, loss of nppetlte. underwelcht rc5tic-ss sleep, weakness. To pet rcnl relief you must IncreMB (tic flow of this vlln] enstrlo Juice. 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Udl Arabia to plot lhc ™>«iuest of the Arab!r.,, desert so n line, i . '° 6000 Arab lab ° rcrs ' wil1 lakc allo(hcr IB months E o on yof p pcJ _70-cents-a-ton loll at Suez Canal, is expected to enable oil o undersell coal as fuel m Europe. Facsimile News Transmission Tested in Florida MIAMI, Pla., March 12.—(UP)— John S. Knight, editor and publisher of the Miami Herald was L'lnted today over facsimile news and picture testa a t his Florida newspaper. But he doubted that it would e \-er replace the regular newspaper. John V. L. Hognn, inventor of the system used by the Herald, snicl that the tests are the first of their 1'^iid and have proved the feasibility; of home facsimile for news and pictures. The machines receive, by FM radio, four typewriter-paper '•ize pages In a 15-minute period. Knight sale! that the service would be a valuable comiranion to present day publication a:id to radio. He predicted that eventually facsimile would replace present methods of transmitting news by na lines and teletypewriters. The Herald's facsimile news pro- gram tests were demonstrated lie- love 200 business mul civic leaders. State Agency Plans to Rush M.&A. Survey •LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. March 12. (UP)—With the second hearing on .the proposed abandonment of the Missouri and Arkansas Railroad scheduled to be held here April 22. the state Public Service Com- .mission today wa s ready to rush into its survey of M. and A. properties. In lute yesterday, Arkansas House of Representatives ^unanimously approved a measure appropriating S15.C03 to the commission for that purpose. Already acted upon in the Senate, the bill Gov. Ben Laney for to was sent signing. Announcement of the April hearing was made in Harrison yesterday by co-receivers w. S. Walker nnd C. C. Alexander after they had been contacted by the Interstate Commerce Commission. The lirst hearing was held here Feb. 24, when attorneys for the M. and A. IUK! for tlie receivers presented their case for abandonment before ICC Examiner Jerome K. Lyle of Washington, D. C. Read Courier News Warn, Adi. CONSTIPATION Risky in BAD COLDS Retained undigested food becomes putrefactive, cinises toxins, which overload the liver and other vital organs of the body, lessening your resistance to colds nnd other winter ills and interfering with their treatment. Why take this chance when you can take Calotabs? Cnlotabs thoroughly jet pleasantly act on every foot of your intestines, sweeping out toxin- laden putrefactive foods and virus- laden mucus, enabling you to more cITectively avoid or fight a cold. Nothing acts like good old Calolobs. Use as directed. 10c and 25c at nil druggists. lake CALOTABS WASHINGTON, March 12. - vui i—1'resldoni Truman yesterday s'iSiKM into law n bill which con- lUuii's Indefinitely (he wartime tux •Mi's on transportation nnd various luxury items, Including ilimor, cosmetics. Jewelry ,,nd most furs. Exempted ar e (ur-trlmincd cloth- coals cosilng less limn J1SO. The wartime rates originally were sclu-duled to expire June 30 The «• continuing the wartime rales win produce on estimated si 200 - COO.CW in excise luxes. Belgian Cabinet Resigns 1WUSSELS, March 13.-IUP) _ liic nelBlim Cabinet or l>remler l>am lie Huysiiiiins resigned today. launct members were reported to linvc made their decision las! "Wit alter the four Comnuinlst i»iiii.slars who submitted tholr rcs- i«nallons yesterday refused to withdraw them. The government's majority in (he fcciinlo. with the supnoil 01 the Communist Party, was only one LEGISLATURE Continued from Vine I. dliiin in Arkansas, with the State Board of Fiscal Control being per- mittee! to buy up »500,OCO of the bonds. The upper chamber tacked on two amendments tn Pulnski Comity Rep, Bob Rllcy's bill, which were given swift concurrence In the House. As the measure now stands. ih c city bidding on the structure must put up at least S2of|OCfl as well as a site, but may Invest the »250,000 In stadium revenue bonds The bill is on Oov. Ben Laney's desk. The House killed all pending FELIX A. CARNEY • Dominion Automatic Eleclric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete Line of Electrical nnd Battery Hadius • Expert Radio Repairs • We Pick Up and Deliver 324 E. Main Phone 24»7 Night 3518 Start a 1947 HUDSON coming your way We'll take your order now... deliver on this Goodwill Plan... You con start a I <M 7 Hudson on its way to you today! V/jff your Hue/son showroom. 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Pick your model, then let us take your order for aGood- vrill Delivery. But come in today-the sooner you order, the quicker we can start a new Hudson on its way to you SEE YOUR HUDSON MAIlu LISTED BELOW CHAM Railroad & Ash St. SALES CO. Phone 2195 volenms 1 legislation yosUiretay,' ami along with II lhc wrangling uinoim veterans' organizations In Hie slate, 't'lie s tep was taken on one roll cull, when tlio lower ehiimuei- con- .-.lileieu five different measures thnt would set up different tj-ji-s of veterans' service bureaus In Arkansas, Mcnuwlillc,, the Senate brought pit the hnlchcl inul loft the newly- crcnlcd legislative council completely without hinds. On a 20-to- ti vote, the Senate defeated a $'«.COO n)>|>r<fi)rlnllon for tlio council's operation, The council, however, still remains in existence wllh .six senators and n ri'jircsenlallves ul- rcudy named to It. Ktrfllon l,aus Uni'liangcd In other action, the sliilus quo of Arkansas' election laws WHS virtually assured. At least, there will be no jnnjor revisions resulting from this session. The upper chamber volt -''l 10 lo 0 against Cleveland PAGE FIV* Won</erfi/t WAY TO RELIEVE DISTRESS OI> ' i ?V2', 1 . KCt q "J'; lc rcllot tro »> '"'my. stuffy distress of hcnd colds with a lit ' Ho Vn-tro-nol In each nostril. wliafu more-it actually lioips iircvcnt many VICKSVA*RO-MOl of j>3l| taxes in Arkansas.' H r-n MIC only nmjor election law bill 1 Mint had received approval In the House Miln opposition was offered by Senators a. w. Lookndoo ol Arkadelplila and Eric Cavinoss or Danville. Two minor iiltcratlons In the election Iaw 8 were approved by the House. One requires thnt the election clerk shall keep n dupllcnto list til nil who vote, nnd the other mukes It, mandatory for the county central committees to put jinnies of candidates for county commit- tceniun or delegates to the county convention on the primary ballot. At present, they are selected by n QUICK Our Radio Repairs arc quick und our workmanship finer than anywhere WE IU-.PAIII ANY MAKE—ANY MODEL Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First •••••••••••••••••••a*,,,7 TRY MANHATTAN FINER Vacuum Packed COFFEE Can Ib 50c AMERICAN LADY CANNED FOODS Found at PICKARD'S Phone 2043 10'M Chicknsawba - . N,., ,v^ ..,.„ , ..-,,._ —^*/f^±'*,-t-^± l *>t,-±^!*'t'+?*&&<i Taxpayers NOTICE! The Books Are Now Open for the Payment of 1946StateandCounfyTaxes -and- 1947 Improvement Taxes On Real Estate and Personal Property Penalties Will Apply After APRIL 15 Penalties may be avoided by paying at least one-fourth of the total annual tax before April 15th William Berryman SHERIFF and COLLECTOR MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS m ; i 1 l i 1! I I I £w I j^Vf I i I i i I

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