The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1951
Page 9
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MOT OJLV CLAIM, BUT SO TO TK LET ME SHOW SCO ALE6.' YOU'RE WHAPPBO Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News ' Classified Ads MORE 0\>EK \ / C'MOH! VI MEANWHILE, IN THE CONTROL KOOH...\( fMfBCf/VCY "T- ATTfMTIOH, THERE WHERE V LET* WOT \7 -WV ALARM! V. ALL YOU CAN'T J FLAY WITH jf Wf V$ft> loOKLfPHMf OF FUEL "^S. TUe LI6HT .•5WIH60U . ~\l THEM... "<¥ C<MtlM&tt£KF,7.'W£'lLCAffeyTH*ri*llCI/ " THEY'VE » PEF/Hgp ALUMINUM SACK TO ICTHU5I /FLAfUI>».~ "What do you know! I just waited on a soldier who didn't pull a baby picture on me!" There arc ten apeclea of skunk n the Americas. LUCKY yOU, HOLLYHOCK.' WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PROGRAM? •—* YES... THAT'S WHEN MY DADDY ' MAKES POP CORN} COMMERCIAL'S COMMERCIALS; Th« Best Shot Repair Will Sav« You Money! H-fl LT€RS o «;. - • SMOC SHOI i w M Ft I K| ST To,, COAL Phone 3186 • Prompt Delivery NOW/ HESTER'S Coal Yard • Courteous Service SHEET METAL WORKS- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom • Shearing up -to 14 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulh ^Broadway Phone 2651 'REACH-EASY CLEANING" with this NEW G-EJ k ttUt it 2 10 P» *•* MhriMHIMBl Sfff IT TODAY! Hubbard & Hoke APPLIANCE CO. SIMlRAlMELICTKIC VACUUM CLEANERS PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE Nina Wilcox Putnam Copyright 1951 by HEA Semct^ luc STORYi All Jewelry dr.t of TritmbaH. O o n r o 7, er (or id* (ox «bI|C rnlr. loh" nhlrh In nnllilcnllnl himlnr Hrlchinn >Iunfiv. -on "t hlrnt of thr firm <lni«i l bfllrvc .if. Only -T n«nn ptofirl Ini-nnir ronlil Knv TIT in once In the pas Alma had grasped al some seemingly sturdy performance o Tommy's, only to find that it brok like a straw when she gave I weight. But it was good to hav been happy if only for an hour Perhaps that was the only way happiness came to anyone — In brief snatches. Bui the old, long cherished hope of a fine, balanced i,lile between them did not die in Presently Tommy was lighting a clgaret looking at her. "This new job of mine will take tne out of town once in a while," he was saying. "Out of town? When will you be going, Tommy?" This was rather dismaying. "Tomorrow. Ill be gone overnight. Maybe two nights. It may IS happen pretty often. Listen. Alma, we've never been separated. I wonder if you'll—well, with your temperament . . . you see, I'm Jealous as the dickens." "Jealous of whom, silly? n "Well, Joe Denton, for one!' "Joe is your best friend.'* have been running around together for years. Joe is devotee o you!" 'How do I know?" raid Tommy stamping out hii cigarei viciou&ljr 'Maybe J don't know anything— e'xcept that ,nghl now I'm nungry What happened to that dinnei we were going to have?" Alma spran up with her usual devoted obedi ence. "I'll try and rescue itr she said • • * "'HE next morning Tommy lei early Alma, still glowing from the happiness of the evening before, breakfasted and set _th apartment to rights quickly and efficiently Then she pulled a large hat that was oeautifu) but unfashionable down over her rough- cut copper-colored hair and stood tor a long moment staring at the mirrored reflection of the full mouth and wide set gray eyes Perhipa not At Lea* the had better not brag too generally UD- J the store grapevine bad esta- liihed Tommy's new, secretly 1m- rortant position ft the House. Thi» tnpulse to be careful WM not an Itogether happy one. And M seemed a little strange and lonely not to walk to work with Tommy as she usually did. The new mid town building which TrumbuU * Co. had recently erected stood gleaming to he midwinter sunshine, and Alma, on the opposite corner, paused (or a moment to gaze at H with a sort V KREAM KASTLE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut MEAN* -KJLLCRr - *PORT KILLER' LISBX -jOLKVE FOIJND HAM ULIKKWE XWBKWECLT TO AET OUCH' NICKEP lOUKS'ELFyt WATT A *>-"- ASAIKl. CALM DOWN, J^MINUTE' CONY BUTTER, OK NOU'LL Jf EVEN TV/INK OF.. CUT -ttXIR THRCAT <^ Q.THOI&6 T!-IIN<5*/ BEFORE THEY OCT ^~ v - i AROUND TO HAJslSINa NOU HELPING CUSTOMS- UEK) WITH A VERY SPECIAL CASE, EASY. 1'fA ^WITH THE FEDtRAl NARCOTICS BUREAU knight of King Arthur'« might have presented "I've been noticing the way he looks at you lately. 1 think tie ;likes you pretty well. And lha ] Better-Diamonds section Job h [has, is sort of glamorous—wha With the formal clothes The Hous Lmake* him wear. Regular Dukel V."But, dearest, Joe and you an* which dominated her face. It was not, strictly speaking, i beautiful face, and Alma knew it. She was aware too that her body was just an average, gently round- d body looking neither older nor ounger than her 20 Tears. Aa a vile Alma cared very little about icr appearance excepting only that I be cleanly and devoid of the idiculousness of too current fash- on. But today, thinking of Tommy's suprislng jealousy, she realized (or the first time that she jore a certain Intan'gible resemblance to Gran' Bijou. "A French temperament and a New England conscience!" she said aloud. "Thai's me, and it's an awful combinationl" She picked up the lovely new fox slole and drew It around her of obeisance to The Hous symbol of integrity this was a quality which had been bound up in the tr -^ily many years- Old Victor Blanchard. her grandfather had oeen at Trum- bull't (or 60 years. Her father, Jules Blanchard. had been a journeyman-jeweler at The House until his sudden death from pneumonia when Alma was only three years old Then, six year? ago Papa Victor had brought her to_ work and presented her to the president of Trumbutrs in much the same manner with which a Court ymmg aspirant of his own blood to the service of the Round Table. TltR, Muncie did not show how *•"• deeply he was touched by the Uttle ceremony, for emotional display had no place in his conception of permissable behavior, and he had concealed hii interest ta th* youngster. "She is far too young to be any goodl" Mr. Muncie had declared, 'and we don't takft any apprentices any more. Mr. Victor." "Ah! mafs non, she is not an apprentice!" Old Victor's voice had ' wen gentle but stubborn. "She 3 a workman of high skill. I have rained her myself. As for being young, whyl t was only 16 when my father first brough me o Mr. Trumbull at the old lower Broadway establishment, and I oo. was already a skilled lour- tenderly, caressing it with her cheek. It was going to be b bit of triumph to be able to say Tommy had given il to her, or—and It was a chilling thought—ought at* to menUoo that Uct Just yet?. machine problems?! Then you'll appreciate the quick, economical service that you'll find at Wicker's. Machine work of all kinds; let Wicker solver your machine problem! if Welding Electric and acetylene Blacksmithing "low point sharpening, etc, Winch Truck Service WWEM'T SEEN VOU SlUCEj OKKJA..VJA, MAJOR WES I WHM" IkEE SOU DOING SOUTH O' THE BORDER THIS TIME WE HM> *W THRU RELUMH UNOERWORID SOURCES TKOT HE'S TO CROSS THE BOSOER WITH * OC^RTER MUIOU OO1.LMZ* WORTH OF KtCOIN I JkNO I THWK YJE'RE REM>V fO(t TOMORROW I ves,,.Tne MOST CUUNIMG *JE'UE TACKIED IM WE KNOW HE'S BEEN GETTING WTK THE STUf f=, BUT V« COUtDtfT CWCH Hltt HOW H6 DID IT I SMUGGLER PKHAPS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. ^LLEY, GET VOUdDINOSAUR'SHEADOUTOF MY CHIMNEY'FORE HE BREAKS IN THE ROOF-' AWR1GHT, AWRlGHT.."I'M DOtM 1 TH'BEST I CAN/ HSV, SVUVE*TEK/ WHERE •YA SO1N' WITH . neyman. Jules, my son, came to us at Union Square when he had just 19 years. I stake my reputation that you will not regret taking this young woman." IT* Be Continued) F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 620 East Main St. Phone 2192 0LTT TH' RlVEK'<£ THREE MILE5 FROM H6*E/ T'4 COV£J?EC7 WTTH IC«/ GUVNOR

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