Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 24, 1895
Page 3
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The Mere Fact That So Many Dealers are Advising You .;• Not TO Buy SfflPLE ought to satisfy you that they are afraid of them. They can't compete with us on Prices. We also have a beautiful line of samples in At Prices never before heard of. f7Q n I Uu e Ladies' Dont'ola slippers, oth- eri< ttsk $1.08 Ladies' firio Kid Oxford clippers. Regular price 48c Oliildrens' kid button shoes, sell elsewhere for 73c. Men's lace or Congi'i ss, ,-u,id as a rock, worth doub!". ?5c Boys' veal calf shoes tbat wear like iron, worth $1.50. $1.18 Ladiei' 8. floe kid Made to button sell for mm \M 0 E WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wiintod. Cheap Cottages' Foe Sftle. Wanted Low itii'l Acros p or Salo. Wnnted Smull Farm* For Sale. Wanted Biwlnmn Blocks For Sale. Wantml to Kxctiiinge Karma for City Proper'.! WnntHil Mf reliiinillae to Tr ida tor Fnnns. DDHKdS .11. .H. COIinO.N.Spr" Block transport, Indiana. 1 DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 24. New clean stock of May gnrdcn floods at I. N. Crawford's. Inauranoe and Loans—A few hundred dollars of local funds; also Eastnru money In any amount, to loan on nort#age security—S. M. Cloeson, No. 319 Pearl street. Devotional services will be held at the Homo for the Friendless at 3 o'clock today by the "Rav. A. Jones. All are cordially requested to brine their goapel hymn books. The body of Henry Dyer was sh p- ped through here yesterday on the way from Alexandria to Delphi, where burial will occur today. The deceased was a cousin of County Superintendent H. J. Gardner. A ruling 1 for the defendant has been returned by Judge McConnell in the •case of Ferdinand Krebs ve. ex- •Constablo Ed Griffla, eult on bood. Th« allegation of the plaintiff was that Griffin levied on chattels on which Kreba had a mortgage. The March number of the Masonic Advocate gives a picture and a brief sketch of d. W. Mordburst, considered KB ono of the foremost of tbe younger Masons of the State. Mr. dhurst is a son of Mrs. Henry '•Jensen and a brother of Mrs. W. Illlngwortb and Mrs. J. D. Ferguson of this city. Free Fill*. Send your address to H, E. Bucklen <& Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of Dr. King's New ^Ife Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These pllla are easy la action and are p»rtlcul(irly effective In the cure of constipation and sick headache- For malaria and liver troubles they have been proved Invaluable. They are guar 'anteed to be perfectly free from every •deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowels greatly Invigorate the system. Regular size 25 conta per box. Sold by B. F. Keesling, Drug, glat. ^ . Miee Charlotte Craln, who haa been an invalid for two years, was operated upon yesterday at St. Joseph'* hospital, and her recovery Is no'w hoped for. Wbo. but those who have had the unhappy experience, can tell tbe hor. -ora or appreciate the unhappy experi- •nee of persocs troubled ^ith sleep- essnese? Tbe damnable hatred of all th.e demons In hell for mankind must surely be appeased by the consciousness of such human' Buffering. The long, dreary, undappy hours, who can describe them and why is It necessary? If you have ever been troubled you know what they are, and if you have been spared you have DO interest in ibe knowledge ot such suffering. Mrs. A. Batoman, Romulus, Mlnh,, after describing her suffering from r.l^onleasnese extending over a period U e'ght years, receiving at times only about twelve hours' sleep in a week, writes of Dr. Wheeler') Nerve Vital- i-/,er as follows: "I began taking it in common doaes and tbe first ulght I Blopl eight hours and a nap the next day. Every nl«ht since I have slept eight or ten hours. Oh, how thankful I am for having bad Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalizer brought to my notice and for the bonoflt. received from it. Stop nnd think, eight years of sleep'- loesnoas aod cured in a day, does it not seem like a miracle?" This medicine is equally as effective in curing nervous prostration, spasms, fits, sleep- lessnesH, mental depressions exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility For sale by Ban Fisher, Druggist. Deailiofa Venerable Lady. The death of Miss Betsy Lee oo- curred Friday night at 11:45 o'clock at the home of Israel W, Ray of Adamsboro. Death was caused by old age, the deceased having passed her 85th year. Toe funeral will be held today at 1 p. m., from the Dunkard church at Adamsboro, and the Rev. Ballsbaugh will officiate. The burial will take place at Mt Calvary oemu tery at idameboro. lleware of Ointments forCalarrbThat Contain )l»rcnry. As mercurr will surely destroy the sense ot smell and completely derange the whole system when entering It through tbe mucous surfaces. Such articles shouklnwwr be us -a except on prsscrip tlcns from reputable ptiyslclnns. as the damage they will d > Is tenfold to tlie good you can possl blyiierlvo trom them. Hall's Catarrh Core mnn- utiictiired by fc' J. Cheney & Co.. Tol-do, 0., contains no mercury, and Is taken Internally, acting directly upon tU» r>loJd and mucous surfaces ol tho system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Care be sure you net the genuine. It Is taken Internally anU made In Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney A- Co Testimonials free. ild by *lracists. BflcaTij. par bottle. The receipts at Dolan's Friday night were $600, and of that sum the "Shore Acres" combination received $450. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indianapolis, took five bottles of Lemou Laxative and is permanently cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. A. Itcmicd of #.»O.OO.! VVhj wi.l make the $50 which is o.!- fored through us to tho party writing a good play of the existing circumstances between the clothiers of our city. A month ago a clothing house known as the'New York Bankrupt Co., proprietor, H. Shonfield, removed his Pittsburg, Pa., placeof business to our city. To the credit of the N. Y. B Co., we muBt say that they have given all their competitors a lively hustle ever since this etore was opened. Wo must acknowledge they have been doing tbe leading business. As oltU zens of Log-ansport, we are -sorry to see our old clothiers losing ground. But! It could not have been otherwise, as the IN. Y. B. Co. with their modern ideas and facilities of handling- and selling large stocks, are selling clothing cheaper than ever .heard ol before. A few jealous merchants in tbis city who, according to our Idea, would have been O. K , of course, had they lived 100 years ago, got so jealous and excited of the new stores sucoosu that they overtaxed their rattled brain ess heads endeavoring to eeek a method by which they jould close the new firm. Having failed to close the N. Y. B Co. they resort to all low con~ temptible tricks endeavoring to injure them. Through the Influence of these jealous compatltore, Mr. Shoafield had to deposit a large amount of money to prevent his store from being closed. Having seen the N. Y. B. Co., and found that they are here'to stay, having leased and contracted for a long term, we feel very sorry' for our "friends" who have so vainly endeavored to Injure them. SEQUEL, We think that if the clothing merchants of Logansport would extend their hand of fellowship and welcome all who have the right of American citizenship in entering , the folds of this city, they would raise the cloud that hangs over their heads at the present time. America and Lo- ganbport are for those who utter American sentiments, and do business on business principles, law tnd order, must be maintained at all hazzarda. But.a prohibitory law is invalid according 10 the constitution of our country, and we would advise our competitors to seek more gentlemanly and upright methods of welcoming their fellow, citizens. THE NEW YORK BANKRUPT Co. PDRE BLOOD. I>r, Hartman Lecture ou Blood'Im- purltiett of Springtime—Cause, 1'reveuiioD. and Cure. \ Dr. Kartman's medical lectures are eagerly scanned by many thousand reacers. One of tbe most timely and interesting lectures he ever delivered was his recent lecture on the blood impurltiesof spring. The doctor said ia tubstance that every spring th blood is loaded with the effete accu mulations of winter deranging the digestion, producing sluzgishnefs o the liver, overtaxing the kidney? interfering with the acuoo of the bowels and the proper circulation of the biood. This condition of thingi produces what is popularly known as spiing fever, spring malaria, nervous exhaustion, that tired feeling, blooc thickening and many other names. Sometimes the victim is bilious, dyspeptic and constipated ; t sometimes he is weak, nervous and depressed; and again.he may have eruptions, swelling aod other blood humors. Whichever it is, the cause is the fame-—effete accumulations in the blood. Nothing le more certain within the whole range of medical science than ihttr, a course o' Pe ru-na in early springtime will perfectly and effectually prevent or care this almost universal aflliclion. Everybody feels it in some degree. A great majority are disturbed considerably, while a large per cant, of tha human family are made very miserable by this condition every spring. Pe-ru-na, will cure it if taken as directed. Pe-ru-na is the .ideal spring medicine of tbe medical profession. Every one can now get a copj- of the illustrated book on spring medicine "published by the P.e-ru na Drug Manufacturing Co., Columbus, Ohio. Sent free. For free book on caocar addrr^s Dr Hartman, Columbus Ohio. THK CHCKCHEM CmracH or CHRIST (Scientist)—Services will b» held In thi>Ir new rooms In tr* Stngee block, corner of Sixth -nd Broadwar. Blbk» CI:ts» * 10:30 fcnday morning. All are cordially Invited to attend. The Atkinson Comeuy Company will appear at the opera house next Monday, the 25. The Bad Boy is In capable hands and the amusing tricks and comicalities are exception ally well done. The specialty acts are very strong, consisting of singing, all kinds of dancing, and amusing character sketches. The play is brim full of mirth, and the risibilities of the audience are continually excited. No one who wants to enjoy a succession of good hearty laughs should fall to see this funny play. IVIiat IM t!i« Work of tlie Kldneygt ' To remove from the blood Us impurities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goen through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system is poisoned. Therefore, "San Jak" is the indicated blood remedy. \enroDH Debility, E^ery person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, ie entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have ex. tended medical aid such as is found in ••San Jak." Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist. Now—The Time to Make Money. CHURCH—Corner Ninth and Spear Mreets. Rev. T. S. Freeman, pastor. Services ,tt n a. m. ano 7p m. Sunday School dt9:3« u. m.. G. X. Berry. Supt, T. P. S. C. K. M 545 p. ra. All invited. Ev.uiuKLicAi CHCKCH—Hov. S. ,7. Zeichial, pa>- tor. Services today a< follows: Sabbath school ni9:30ii. m preaching at 10:30 a. m by the pastor. V. P. A. ac 6 p. m. Preacblne In the evening at T p. m. All arc cordially invited. CCMUKRLAXD PRK5BVTEH1AX CBTOCn—CbllS. B. Wellborn, pastor. Suii'ixy School HH5 K. m. Prenebmp at 11 nm and 7^13 p in. by tbe past»r. Juulnr C. E. at 2:Su p. m. Senior C E. at ii:15 p. m, Evening sermon to young people. All are invited, BROADWAY PJIBSBTTEIHAJT Cinmca—Rav. H. B. Knight of SicCormack Seminar} Chicago will preach tbls 'nomlnj; and evening, fuiiday School«t (ISO. am. V. P. S-C. £. niwtlne;K 6:3(1. Siran«ers and others are cordially tnvlt«4 to attend. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHCHCH—Rev. DonglHss I llobbs, Hector. Services today as follows: 9:30 n. in, Mindoy School. 11 H, ra. l.lUuiy holy communion and brief address by tb<> rector. 7 p. m, evening prayer by Thonias Miind«rs. Lay Raider. A cordial welcome given to all. A. M. E, Cuuiscn— Cirnerot Clcott and Jfarkft street. Rev. K. .McDanlel past ir. Preachlnt; at 10 30 A. in and 7:30 p. ni.hyth*} pit>tur. tim»- day school at 3 p, in. Toucher.--' niwilnt; every Wed naday evening. Pruye.r meeting .-veiy Tharsday evriilnir. All are cordially Invited FIRST PKESHTTKKIAX CRUKCH—Sev. D. P. Pm- nam, pastor. Services nf u a. ni. " p.. m.. preaclilnc; hy the pustor. Similar scboni at 9:,'*] ;u in. Tfouiic p.ople's meettng at (i p. in. Mornlnc subject "'iod and His Creation." mbject "Two Opinions." A cordial ill. U.STVKKSA.L1ST CUUKCII— ReV. T. S. Glltlm* piistor. Service today at 11 a. in. and 7 p. m. Subject. In the forenoon: "Pnnlslimoiit Hf ni' (11.1." In the evenniK. "Kverlastln;; Pun- islimentand liternal Life." You. u people's liieelliiK at p.m. Sunday schoul al Ida. m. Kdwtrd Cams Snut. All are Invited. ir.iHKKT OTHKKT M. R. Ciiuiicn—Kev. w. K. Woncs. pastor. Preaching at ]U:<r, ;1 . i,,. and 7p in. by the pa-tur. Sab'jaih ,sc!i i'l at Oiiii a. m. Cuinnu;nioii at Ih-Kj n. in. Junior Leaune in -'.'til p. in. E'.wortli l>.-ii;in< at ii p. m, Dr. Blrcli tln> P K. will be wit!) us In the a. in. A cordial Invltatlou l> rxiemleu to all. BROADWAY .M. R. OmjRCU-Rev. H. J. Norm pasior. PreachiMi; a 1 Ii a. in. by Rev. A. (iretfiiinin <if M.irMi. Indiana, a former pastor of ilns chnrcb. tiil,u.,ml li.v cuiiiiiiiinloii. Sunday School at !!:l;i a, in. Q.mriyr,]' lovn fwistat .'i p. in. in ti i-an lie..!-,- r 0111. Junior League al :> p. ni. Senior I.",'um* ntfi p in. roiidui'inl by ,\!rs. M Ki'sslur .lnd|;s U. P. BnKtnln win IH, um-m 7 n. m Subject "In and Auout Koine- " All are Invited. ST. LDKK'S KVANOKI.II'AI. LITHKHAX CB'-HCII. Kev, J. C. KHiilfainii. pastoi 1 . Ssrrlco- nt 11 u. in. Snml.iy snhu'il at [I $i. Junior Endeavor at '2-M. loiiurf peupli-'s socleuof Ciirlstl'in Eiiiieavnr iiHi M;I,I evenli n services Htl, Mi'iriiiiiKsubjHci "in Empty Profession " Tue pveiilni; .-ervw" w |i ne iievnted to the Inio-'flsisiii ilii- w .ma ,'<• Misslnnary Society, tne 'id ires^ uf ibe asuir tu-in;.: by rt^qui-.-.c, olrect<<! Lu I.hat ^,^l'jM^l. ^vrryuoby weJcoine. The Lo^an'-port, n»Mj ball olub has uniform cop-) n< bine* wool o H EART DISEASE,*. many other ailments when th(T ':''•'•. have taken hold of the system, never pets better of its own accord, bm*V;(- Coiistantlu grates trorte. There mm'-!'. thousands who know they have * defective •: heart, bui will not aumit the Tact. Thojr-,,:,' don't want their friends to worry, and '."v .Don't fcnotc tcJiaf fo taA-e /or tt, »»"•'; they have been told time and apUn ihmt •'* heart diso;tso was incurable- Such was ths: case of Mr. Silik; Parley of Dyosville, Ohio ,. who writes June 13. ISM, as follows: "Iliad heart diaca.K& forZSytrar*, my heart huruni; me aimost continually, •'. The first 15 years I doctored all the time, ^ trying several physicians and remedies, " until my last doctor told sne It was only* question of timo mg .':...I could not be cured. ; I gradually grew worse, very weak. . ' and completely dl»- , couraged, until I ' lived, propped hmlf , up in bed, because I . •' couldn't lie doten ':• ';'; nor sit up. Think- • in; my time bad .';.; come T T.-.Vi ny f,in>- : lly vl.:.t I «anted • doae wnen I was fronc. But on the first day of March on '1 ihb recommendation of Mrs. Faonio Jones, • of AnoursO'., Ind., I commenced taking •; '•'; Dr. Milcf' -VctP Cure for the Heart f and vonaerful v> tell, in ten days I was """ working at light work anu on March 19 com- ; sienced Tnirnin:: a ba.-n, which is heavy " ,•'. work, and I hav'nt. lost a day since. I ;im5i • years old, 5 fu 4 : ; inciios and weish 25010s. . JT believe I nm fiiJlu cured, and I :irr. now only :it:',:ons T«ai everyone shall v knowof your wonuiTini ii-rjiodios." DyosviHa, Ohio.. 6-ir.AS F.UU.EY. /> T)r. Miles Heart.Cure !s?.->i(; on o. positlv» ?-;"r r ;i,x't:T.n:i:,il),-M>r5.r. LV>;tlo will benefit : Ai'n.'i'uniristssi.'il it:ii.i*l. ci t>orti<..< for S3 or •' "•' it\vill nesi-iiu pn-nniii on n.-i'euv.. of pric» '•'.' by t!io JJr. iiilo's iloi-'imu Co . Elktort. lud.' . ••; Dr. Miles' Heart Cure' ;• Restores Health • Itlnt-kxinllh Shop Kit riu-d. •*& A xinall tire occurred Friday In Bethlehem uiwosnlp, u blacksmith shop on tb« Waller Cunklfog farm catching from spontaneous combui. tlon. The Market f*tr*et Improvement The speci!ifaiioot< OQ ine proposed-. Market Mreet, improvement are now completed aod ready for presentation to toe- street comtnluee. This Wonderful Man who has Spent 21 Years of his Life Among the Indians. DR. CHARLES MENDENHALL, (INDIAN NAME, MON-UOS-YAH)" THE GREAT INDIAN DOCTOR. A wag-oo owned by Campbell Bros., was sltgbtly damaged in a runaway Friday on Market street. A LL DISEASES of the blood are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which >y its vitalizing, enriching, and alterative effects makes only PURE £i Last month I' cleared, after paying ali expenses, $175 46; the month before, $149.98, and hare at the same attended to my regular business. 1 believe anyone, anywhere, can .do as well, aa I have not a particularly good location and no experience. When you have an article that every family wants, it is very easy selling it. It seems strange that a pood, cheap Dish Washer was never before placed on tbe market. With the Climax, which •sells at $5, you can waeh and dry the dishes for a family In two minutes, without putting the hands in water; as aoon as people see the washer work, they want one, and that is why so much money can be made so quickly. For full particulars, address tbe Climax Mfg. Co., Columbus, Ohio. I ifeel convinced that any lady or gentleman, in any location, can make from )f5 to $10 a day. as every family will eery soon have a dish washer. Try it, und publish your experience for tbe beneftt of othsrs. The Doctor will return to Logansport Monday, March 18th, and will remain. until April 1st, and will return ten days in each month for one year. OFFICE AT TUCKER HOUSE, 304 BROADWAY OwlnR to the !ari?e number of patlenls who were unable to take advantage of Dr. MendenhalT* ereat offer, It has been decided to continue ic from now untl April ist. *ovlce. xeiflwuand treatment to be given eutlreiy KKEE until cured. cborRlni; only tbe actual cost of the medicine necexsafj to egret aciire. This Is done to become rapidly acquainted wlili the. sick ai.d afflicted and to demonstrate Ito eitratirdl' ary pow.r or the Doctor's Wouderrul Medicines. 1'MJS 1H TH.K JLA»T CttAXCR FOB FHKK T-tK* TXKXT. The Doctor uses only natures wonderful remedies contained In Hoots, Barks, Gums, Buds, Berries, Leaves and Plants, Placed there by ibe Grest Creator for the JJealJng of JlaaklBd. JfARVELOTJS— The Doctor can t«ll you all your complaints by simply looklDg at roll aod without asking any questions. CONSULTATrON F.REE. In all diseases of Men, Women and Children, wonderful cures perfected. Perfect cures Rrurante«d in ail cases undertaken. Catarrh, Throat. Lane, Liver, Stomach. Blood Disease, Screful*, Sores, Spots, Pimples. Catarrh, Tetier, Kczema. Sy», Ear, Klnni-r, Bladder* Plies, Rheumatism, UmM Disease, 1-ost JIanhood. All JtemaJe Complaints and Weak Children promptly cured, A.\n ^rmni.E AGEI> Troubled with Nervous Debility, Loss or Sieoiory, Wfakne*s of Bod) and Brain. Loss of Enetgr lc ^eaknets. Kidney and Bladder Affection or auy lojm of Special; ulseaaes, can nere Ha speedy cure. WHITE— Thousands cured at home by letter. Send a lock of your hslr. age, weight, bofliL Enclose a stamp for reply, and you will be told all your complaints by return malL Address all letters to DR. CHAS. MENDENHALL. Office Hours— 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Logansport, Lnd. UNDERSTAND this offer is Choice of the Finest Suits. The lowest grades worth $6, $7 and |8 are Reduced to §3.98. For Men's Suits. This offer is only in force for a short'time. The reader who has patronized OTTO KRAUS for his best Suit must appreciate this remarkable offer. §9.50, jes, §9.50 for suits worth §25.00. 15,18,20 :50 BUYS Choice of Any Suit in OTTO KRAUS' Store— Regents,Sacks,Cutaways, Prince Albert Suits ]and Fall Overcoats Silk Lined. Also Ulsters- WX-W te?*^ . /

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