The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1947
Page 12
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.PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1947 Court 'Rules On Filing Damage Suits In State LITTLE ROCK, Arlc, March 11. (UP)—The Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday held that a suit for damages must be filed In the county wfiere the accident occurred or In the county where the person filing the suit lives. The'tilling was handed down :is the court reversed an Ouachita Circuit Court decision awarding Doyle Redman of Hattleville, Ark., $12,000 lor injuries' sullered when his cnr collided with ft bus owned by A. F. Burbridgc. The high court held that the suit should have been filed in Ftilaski County where the accident happened or hi Cornvay County where'Redman owned a farm. The court also reversed in i>art arid sustained In part a Hot Spring County decree awarding Hnrrictt Pikes, Negro, $1,500 for the death of her 56-year-old husband, Percy FIKes. Fikes was killed Sept. 26, 1915, when lie was struck by a Missouri Pacific train at a rallrond crossing in Malvern. The high court upheld the lower court In granting the woman $1,2G5 in personal damages but reversed the other decision granting the estate $235. In other action, the court granted a petition of the bar rules committee and disbarred R. Lee Beasley, a former Little Rock attorney, from the practice of law in Arkansas. A petition for a rehearing In the case of Mayor J. Frank Smith of Rogers was denied. Smith had appealed a ruling of the Bcnton County. Circuit and was upheld In I ho contention that the prosecuting at- Oklahoma Pilot Makes Daring Rescue Lt. Boppy Joe Cnvnnr of Okimilf>ee, Oklahoma, pllo; of the C-54 which made the rtnring rescut ot 11 stranded airmen from a Greenland ice cap, holds his son, John, on his lap while belli.; Interviewed by newsmen upon his arrival at Wcslovci Field, Mass. The giant 4-tneinc ship which Lieutenant cnvimr used was a land type plane, not equipped with any special equipment. He landed the ship with normal type wheels on the Ice cap beside the. stricken v.-W. (NBA Telephoto.) torney does not have the authority to request a municipal office be declared vacant. That St. Louis Woman Learning to Drive ST. LOUIS (OP)—Let's not hear any more talk about the way women drive—at least not about St. Louis women. An automobile driving school for women is to be conducted by the Safety Council here. The course will consist of four two-hour illustrated lectures on Monday after- noons. The announcement says: "The school will offer women | drivers an opportunity to brush ul> an automotive factors forgotten (luring tli e war. Those who complete the free course will be awarded certificates." " TUB STOUVi Starry nrJ Monn .rent u cultiitfc ti,£|.tlirr In tinv of 'HoIlrwuuil'M liuMKiilnw court*. .'Mona lit Mlri'k mill NuirlUNllrJIIrd. -She tvorkx In rill liiKiirEilii'R uffrL'u Jlnd IN mnklnK " l»l'iy f»>r ln'r tnnr- Tlrd bo**, CieurKc Krnthrz*. HhiTry ^Iceepa hoiiKf, WIIMIH to M-rl(r, «-or' Tl« nhout Monlt'ji lull-rent In ;Brelfcern. Two of (Tie Imys \vlio 'liv* nt the e(ul of (lie court come ; in one evening ttt borrow nil ' onion. They lire Sniulro, >vtlo lit I-'rencb— untl Tony, uho IK Aus- trUB. ;.-,. -' IV CHERRY pushed baeK her chair :H from the desk and stored nt i the paper before her. Whatever I rhymed with "dust"? She had I made a list of words thnt did along the margin of the paper. They began trust, riist, gust. She had to be careful because many words did not suit the spirit of the poem. it was to be a fantasy — the tragedy p£ a woman who had "lived." "I live all alone iu a castle of jareams." She crossed out "live" and put "dwell." From 'there on jit went quite easily. She changed a word here and there and read it pleasedly. It sounded sad, too heartbroken to be hurt any more. That was just what slie had wanted. Maybe people would read it i and wonder at her having suffered { so, , at her age. Maybe Ihc boys jvould think she had "lived." • Sherry had seen them a lot. She had met Kris too. He was older than Tony and Sandro and at first Sherry had been uncomfortabl: with him. He was Danish and blond with steely eyes and o scar down one cheek that he had got from dueling. He had been introduced to her as Captain Kvis- topher. Ludwig Van Hantmann. 'And he had clicked his heels anc bowed stiffly like Tony and had kissed her hand. His manner was arrogant, and he had a way of speaking that was like giving orders. Sherry liad decided he was alto- "gether detestable. "I'm not going :to like /ou!" she thought. But she .had. and Kris came to the door and Sherry called, "Come in." They had formed a habit of :oming to tea if they happened o he home. Tony said, "Are you writing a otter?" Sherry smiled a little sad, sweet imile. She said, "No. Just a verse." She sighed and put away her japcrs, but she left the poem on the desk. "I'll put the kettle on." _ Xris kissed her hand. Sherry lad learned to give it with the back up now to be kissed instead of sideways to shake hands. It nade her feel like a lady in a drawing room. Tony stood looking down at the poem. "Aren't you going to read it to ;?" he wanted to know. Kris saiti, "Of course she isl" Then to Sherry, "We're a magnificent audience." Sherry looked as if she had no such intention but did not want to be rude. She smiled. She said, "OJ course, U you like." Kris sat down and took Whiskers on his lap. He scratched her jowls and she purred. Sherry read the poem, her voice a little sad and far away. When she had finished, she shrugged a little and tossed the paper on the desk. Kris looked thoughtful. '•It's beautiful," he told her. "Do you write much?" Sherry smiled. "Oh, now and then when I leel like it 1'lt put the kettle on." * * • J^URING tea they talked about love. Sherry was a little mysterious, as though she knew great deal about it. Tony seemed surprised that she did, but Kris looked amused and as though he liked Sherry very much. He wai quiet as U he wanted to hear hoi alk. His attitude- disturbed her. She changed the subject. "Is Sandro working today?" she asked. He was and what was more, he was a fool. Tony said, "He thinks he's a ?reat actor and he's going to get :i chance to show it by doing extra work at five dollars a day!" 'Ever* If he does make the grade," Tony told them, "actors ire just kicked around. They play heir parts the way they're told. Everybody else in the business does their thinking for. them. I'm joing to direct/ 1 Sherry wus impressed. Kris was not. He said, "Tbo only money in .he picture business is in the production end. If you're any good a director I'll, let you make a jiclurc for me." The telephone rang and Sherry answered it. It was Mona. 'I won't be home to dinner, ingel," she told Sherry. "I'm going out with Mr. Brothers." "But — but, Mona," Sherry be- inn, "do you think you should'.'" Mona laughed. She said, "Think? I know I should!" Then sweetly, "Don't worry, darling. I'll be home eai ly." After she hung up Sherry turned [rom the telephone and attempted to make her voice sound as if the news was not important. 'Mona's not coming home to dinner." Tony said, "Then cat with usl We're having spaghetti." Sherry accepted. After they were gone, she look" Whiskers on her lap and sat very still. Now it was beginning, she told herself. The cocktails and the rides home had just been tbc preliminaries. She thought of nil tho things that could happen to Mona. Suppose Mr. Brothers' wife was having a detective follow him. Suppose he saw them together at dinner and told Mrs. Brothers and she got a divorce. Then Mona wovild be a corespond- Save Mont; Today. Any Day STOP AND SWAP ELBEBT HUFFMAN'S SWAP SHOP 401 E. Main Phone 859 You Must Be Happy or No Deal COPJ». 1M7 BY UFA BCRVJfiE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 6. P>T. CFF. 3-.-f 1 "Csorge is going to be busy on his income tax tonight, but I told him only the Joneses-, were coming over and you'd excuse him!" FOR SALE ent her picture ia all the newspapers. Mona would be the kind of girl of which Sherry's mother had often spoken — the kind of girl at whom people pointed their linger. .(To Be Continued)' Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy fil at 'Slate Line Phone Blytheville 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER MADE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT EXPEDITIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORV- ANDGAVEPRESIDENF THOAMS JEFFERSON 'AN ESTIMATED COST OF ONLY DANDELION ROOTS WHERE'.? ELAAER.7 ANSWER: Calender, Ontario. A 7-Stop Service LOANS-REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/cncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINK FAKM DITCHES .*) Wrn. R. Overton — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Box 84, Roselancl, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords \ * Chevrolets * Plymouths and others 1'Iace your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES I'hone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main St. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oats, Lespedeza, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from Blytheville's largest Seed Stocl BIytheville Soybean Corporation NEXT: \Vhat is Africa's mo si dangerous came 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH TUBBS -,„ THERE, MY TADPOLES,/ ESAO tSLi OD'VE CERTAMLY HAD YOUR MOSES/ JURIED IN YOUR. BOOKS LATELY.';^* ^-THOSE LITTLE MISJD5 NE&D f%( OH ortTi ECReATlOM->-~LEA\)DER,AKe ),f THAT'c;' ou LETTIMO YOUR ART ^ AA.6NT GO 'j£> SEED ? X A^Et*T SEEM YOU AT OUR PAIMTIMG j. Hoople Out Our Way I WAG 3LK.T £• UMCL6 AM.OS, I'D Lite: TO -f PAlMT A PORTRAIT OP SOME PUSe,L6rXrJDER~~H& DOOMED = VIC FLINT By J. R. Williams / I WOMDERED ' \MHV ALL THE fHEY WAMT TO MAKE IT'C- GOME-^ PLOWEOV ', VOLJ LOSE PLOW BOY—BUT fiOV ONE OF THE DIPLOMA _,, ,„, LOOK! THOSE X THE KITTEN DISAPPEARED^ WWWCS IN THE \ NIGHT BEFORE LAST... DUST>f\NDiHESF_ IPROBABLH BSE LIKE DROPS OF PERSPIRMION! SOMEONE HID HERE FDR OUITE ft WHILtr Working II Out BUT THE \ MHTHINS UNUSUAL Y[ HEARD A CftT' 1 SAMPLE WAS \HPsPPEN THE NIGHT VCRH OUT AND STOLEN LAST 1 BEFORE, IEN ? r^WAE DOWNSTAIRS N13HT, AFTER t- ^ W FOIMVNOMHG I'D WRAPPED ] \r^ I Wfss WIDE AWAKE Jl.rS^i A \ \ THEN, AND WOEKED MAILING 1 / \ V IN THE LAB02ATOR.S TILL SUNUE BY LESLIE TURNES Vm\ IF THE CAT CRIED OUT WHEN THE THIEF STEPPF.P W IT, HE MOT HAVE STRUCK AND KILLED IT... THEN, HEARING RED RYDEB A Tough Customer W VOU STASED, AND VS WftS / TRAPPED...COULDN'T LEWE. ' AFTER DMLIGHT. SO HE HID ML DAV AND LEFT WITH THE SAMPLE LftST NIGHT, THRU A POOR WITH A SPEINS LOCrC' Mischief Cooking WHY, 11^ A GRENADE, PARROT. WHERE [ THE CASING tXOVOOGETII? / I--ER-- WHAT'S INSIDE I 'CONCOCTED FKOM FORMULA CHIll SEQUIN SO OBLIGINGLY LEFT ME. 8f I hadn't hid a date with Libby Lanfja have reached Rjrrots office sooner, and that mifit hive prevented a disaster. NOW THAT YOU'VE OQT THAT ~ SULTRY 8IT Of RHUMSft «HYTX'."i HAWED CH1U SEQUIN FIXED UP IN THE HAT BUSINESS, WHAT'S T"CCHJLDN'T THE NEXTGOOD / BE THAT A DE60 FOR BOV/ GREEN-EYED SCOUT FUNT?/WON5UR PBOWI-| EOTHAT REM4RK, COULD IT? YOU'RE ^S>} NOT THE TVPE -ij FOR AJEA10US T M, fiEC U. S. PAT. C k' and RAUM1 I,ANE i KEEP'FORGET- TING THAT, VIC. NOW WHAT WERE YOU SAYING ? BY V. T. HAMLIN L£ ACE HAULM ,-WD A'f/3 KVDSR E:\rreKs ms BACK. ArtT .LA^.^TTHE SHERIFF. .nbvM FOR WEEKS. WD "fHE C^SSMAU DOESN'T -SfiCK- HIS riEAO irt H=f?£' OOP This Way, Brolhcv OH.VES. I BELIEVE NAPOLEON DID MENTION SOME BARBARIC AMERICANS! I APPALLED AT YOUR HUSBAND'S LACK -:*& THING ABOUT /'UNCOUTH « s * THESE TWO! INDIVIDUALS! BY t'KKD HAKMAJV AHH.LOVELV JOSEPHINE, I AM |RARF CHARMED! ( ap l Bb BOOTS AND "HER 'BUDDIKa No School Todny BY EDGAR MARTIN ~^T. ^-r^-~~^ - -^=. "^-A.- -r^-~^^~ r •Sit OH OH* - ,o^ -Jt.—"^ -x-;

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