The Sun from New York, New York on August 18, 1907 · 21
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The Sun from New York, New York · 21

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 18, 1907
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fr t Jt t C p A hr b k errs v r y 1 M 1I I r = 0 THE SUN SUNDAY AUGUST 18 1907 f EO THE CONEY ISLAND THAT tf AV II 11rili8 IN TK IIKSOIIT IV TilEItS7 ItS7 TW1VTY 1Et11Jflh ltd landmarks YVIiloh llavn llem WipedUill out by Urn nr the Coiirno of Improvernitilji rnitilji 4nntrMtn With Coney band 01tIMaWItl1r TiMla > WMliinc Away uf the HeaoJiHero Hero urn some pictures of the ConoyIPIIIK IPIIIK of twenty yeArs ago They will givean an ulo i of the transformation that bantikwi Liken plaoo slnoo thenOnly Only fifteen yours ago Surf avenue waaimpavcd unpaved in many places tboro were nouliinwallui uliinwallui and there were no sewers Tborawo was no Luna Park DO Dreamland ando vonStfoplochaso Stfoplochaso Park tho pioneer of thegreatMiniifomont unit mont parka had not yet come intorxirtlencn rxirtlencnTwenty Twenty years ago the principal hotelthe wasi the West Brighton owned and kept byPaul Paul Bauer It may M sa + n in oof t MIhotogrnpb photographs hero reproduced The photoernph ernph wan takon from a point near the oldculver culver railroad stationTho The West Brighton Hotel is in the foreground ground at tho loft To the right can bown wn Cohens old hotel tho Albemarle nowrailed railed Jlauachors To the loft next to theW WIt Brighton ia Charnberea old drugstore Horn which was destroyed in one of thenig tug flaw In the foreground to the right istho tho entrance to the little elevated railroadlhat lhat carried passengers to Brighton Beachhow how torn clownFurther Further down the avenue la Stubenvordsnlit old plow Tho round roofed building attho the cxtremo oDd at the right is Feltmanaworrygoround worrygoround and restaurant This perhaps haps la the only building shown in thephotograph photograph ntlll standingTo To tho right of tho buildings seen In thepicture picture wero the Sea Hooch Palaco and thewooden wooden elephant Around tho elephant rantho Ibo only rollor coaster on the island Thiscoaster coaster the observatory tho camera obpcurix cum and a oouplo of merrygoroundswere were the chief moans of amusement offered to visitors and form a contrast to tho enterprises prises In which millions are now investedand and which give tho Coney Inland pleasuref stoker all forms of recreationIn In another picture is shown tho park 6 p J Ilotllre can ITS eon a little stand Tulawas I was the first placo where Ion cream candywas was made on the island It was owned bya a man named Wialt who came from Co THE BEAUTY ROLLGentleman Gentleman George and SmUhersLose Lose Theft Moneyanel FindThemselves Themselves 4a1PerLI I tink it struck Gentleman George Ringgold gold and me to want and In the aamoplace place the pit of thtwatommlck to witWe We were trudgln our homaard way totown town with jy in our hearta and the 10000beauty beauty roll in our clothes We had leftj the Flamingo cottage in thecare of its longdead t dead master and Ita just dead mlatrissalriddy alriddy forgotten like the rist of the pastwhile while ahead aniver chu1g1n VIsIon of pleasure ure lured us on showing indeUrussuoccstion lion tho revolvui wheel and whbrlbi balltho tho jumpreat the post and the bookieson on their stools tho flight corks and thot dash of wine and blackieyohlnln tinderover over whitearms oxtlnded all all ours and1to to spareThin Thin had como tho chlllln thought whereShartoll Shartoll What U hodoln about it la ItDateral Dateral to suppose that that silent stolidtubborri tubborri man nr median A lyln in wait forfarge large will let us DOwe cape carryin offPll Pll of the Flamingo fortun he can lvcrhope hope to BoouroWill Will ho not know whin aUangt1 tlrod ndBTHploua BTHploua he Inters the houae4n wan glanctwhat what baa happened and boW and wont bobo bo after us with a dogged dldly reaolvethat that kin no more awervo or atop than aeploul eploul limited making up timo at a gradecrowln crowln And trlmblln wo halted andlooked looked bockIt It waa wan of tho mam that leary hourwhin whin ghosts walk lively and poor mortalsmdrgtlp mdrgtlp in perporabun The moon alionofull full nnd clearIndeed almost too brightIt It seemed to mo wallet and again sbowinthn thn white lino of the road aait ran bockfrom from us to tho valley and thin up againn4 and over the hill jest beyond which thoShartoll Shartoll cottage was sitooated And aa woKiznd Kiznd wo saw a burly farm come over thobrow brow nod foller down that line aa stiddyM M n tight ropo exputt with somothlnhmln hmln In each hand for ballast It was Big NhartdlI I dnnt want nnny trouble mutteredJnrR JnrR and over the fine ho went and aorabtthe the fleiii an if a bull had Jest observed hlanil nil Laminnnn Wo intered tho wood wet Pouted in Its uhllterlng gloom for conultashun ultashunHo Ho liimnt wen UB faltered Jargo ho U riuin to go by all right unlessInletw Inletw I scream said a cracked vicenf1 nf1 1111 from the black annywhero steppedft ft u erred wreck of a woman dingy whiteK In gab tn > en nnd hair Talk about qulllaon on III rri1 nil porcupine I flit like a plnUliiti Uliiti unt had jest slipped to tho flurellut hue why shud you scream my goodwoman woman gapped Jargo at lengt Wereww ww ilcriilin citlwim with no wish to molistKli v ahntevcrTh Kli > Iniifihml in his face low tonks toy > y yet orriblo to hearYII I I y > u want mo to bring him from therII rII d vrr tho field tho avenger whom youMr fear she dotnantlud I will If you dont flirr tn fiilcnco And do what I say Anduniiml d uniiml into the deepening wood withKlHtH a KlHtH asuuninco of not being nockedSjinii Shall Wp I whispered and mo handI1 18 I1 ho rimH H Jnrg shook his ambrosnl locks Xi IN ho breathed back Capital mawia WU oonsarvatlve and caushus Be 1114 WI nro goin furdor from him with jert llip l 1 that used to lie between tho new Iron pierand and Surf avenue Thia park waa maintainedoy by the Culver Railroad At tho right of the photograph Is shown Doyloa pavilionwhile f while at the extreme right are the old Ironpier pier and the old clubhouse in which aomnn many Prizefights were held What Is now Seaside Park wall at that time a barren waste and only used for ballgames games or to enable pedestrians to nrnkoa a short out The Sea Beach Palace was thon In Its glory At that time the Brighton Beach Music Hall was situated at a pointnearly nearly a thousand foot out In the ooaon from tho main porch of tho Brighton Beach Hotel aa It ia today ITh8re There la not new much loft of the Coney Island of fifteen years ago to remindono ono how the oldplaeo lookod Mid LewisM Potter a Coney Island business man Wheni i I was going to school the island had noaohool school of her own and so school childrenwent went to the aohool at Gravtwend Just thiaside side of Ulmor ParkThere There wore only seven children who at tended school from Coney Island so youcan can imagine the size of the place thirty years ago Theeo children were the twof f Ho who flees from a man to a womanJumps Jumps from a preoepeoo into the seaI I mummured cumin clui so I tought totakln takln the bun in what is issentally a quotaahunlesa ahunlesa ageBut But troo the dark and devua paths wowint whit until we emugged into the coortyardof of a apacua mansion with nanny humbleoffices offices clusterin in the rear Again the oldwoman woman faced us colder whiter than themoonlight moonlight but without Its clear and chaBtenlng toning charmFood Food la within for the hungry says shewith with a rheumaticgesture and drink lortbOBtroDg tho strong man Arms for the brave raiment meat for the aolled wealth for tho desperateand and no wan to stay him that willsSho She stood for the moment with old eyesblinking blinking and old Ups twitching f sourly Thin she glided swiftly away In and outamong among the humble offices until sho waslost lost to viewDont Dont listen to thoSyrlngasong JorgeI I begged aa I seen him tunn to the littleaide aide duro she had indicated I kin fairly1hear hear the did bones rattleLot Lot em ho answered Tisthe montthey they kin do Im going in where theresiverythlng iverythlng I lack and what I moat needAnd And ho prissed his way undaunted into theInterior Interior blackness with mo at his heelsIxjtune Ixjtune two willaDeaortedryou IIDeaartedyou Deaortedryou cud fairly feel the affrontof of it in the heavy repellent air Likelyenough enough houses see too much of their inhabitants habitant to reeplot orlike them Isnt ita a fact that whin wan has boon closed upfor for long It gives but a cold wllcomo to himthat that InteraNor Nor was that all tbo shoulder thaishoved rather than the hand that repelledThat That house Wall filled with strange sensaltuns tuna like echoes without sound and sceneswithout without sight OB if the spirit of evlntawhich which had occurred had not been able toCBcapo escape and mingle with the odder ovilmlmoriea mlmoriea which sweep like black nibulegaround around the cart until they combine toreturn return in new and moro awful shapesI I know I crep clue to Jarge as he stnicjca a match and wiahted long light to itConey Coney thata a cheap patno for tthowarm warm rid carpet in tho hall and tho opendure dure opposhet showing a table piled withgood good tings in the middle room that mighthavo have given old Victuollua hisaelf hla elcoiuiwind wind In an Instinct Jarge had touchedoff off tho high candles and was sallln intotho tho cold Jlnta like a cannibal king after awreck wreck Smash wlnt the neck of a bottlennd aDd down flashed glass after glass llkowireless wireless messages of good cheerSo So far so good and now for bettertIngs tIngs above blurted Jarge with thoconfidence confidence of A dying childHe He seized a candelabrum ho staggeredupstairs upstairs like a torchlight percesshun on Itslast last block And I wlnt along frightenedbecause because I was more skeerod to stayIleglnt Ileglnt thats a poor sizefor it thoughtho the hanglns tho drapperies the bljewtory tory the picture and thq sepulchres fkep kep dreamin I was dwelling in mobblehalls halls but it was abad dream filled withatarts starts and trimbles wile something thatwasnt wasnt there seems prissin down uponyou you No such putty bashuna for Jarge howlverHe He had fortified hisself with good apiruUaginst aginst bad apiruta and his own buoyantsplnits splnits had sprung to their aidWith With increasing Jy he progrlaied fromroom room to room and from story to atoryflndin flndin iverywhere oorrobaahuna U thaold old wpmana tale From tha closet offthe the second front he lifted a loaded revolver Ravenhall boys their two sisters OeorgeTilyou Tilyou the owner of Steeplechase Parkanother another whose name I cant recall andmyself myself r 4T TE PRESENT rJ7E REACHES 7NE lXTR RIGWT 423G PNOTOG 4PhI ICULV5R n RAILROAD JRKWJSWJROtWCR TO rvz zerr 1CCXEYJSL4NDaTRSJCPCREATfCA CCXEYJSL4NDaTRSJCPCREATfCA DYJ7A DMMrDA YNF D B TOTf while on the bed in the third back therewas was oiiUprid a stylish tight suit with allIts Its apputtynancort which prfacntly fittedhim him liketho paper on tho wallAnd And now snyit lib with a sart of wildgayety gayety which I have seen men show jestprevus prevus to disaster and now for thatwhich which cant be much until it Is more Andho ho led tho way down the rear stairsto thollbry ldbryEven IEven Even as ho deocinded I blleve the spellwhich which he had shaken crowded upon himagain again for he drew the revolver and thiacussed cussed mo roundly for a cowardly apoilsport sport Good spirals you see haventthevtayin the tayln powersof bad tfplruta while asfor for buoyant Bplruta they have the defictof of their quality and often bound the odderway wayA lofty room tho libry with high archodwindows windows springing from the very floorIt It was dark without the moon strugglingIneffectively Ineffectively with the smother of fleecyClouds Clouds but yit I cud make out tho grayloneliness loneliness of tho coortyard and tho dulloutline outline of the offices In the rear raised toour our level by the terraced groundsNo No sign of the old woman no sign of lifeexclpt exclpt yls in a room jest oppo hot a glimmer mer a roving spark I was about to cryout out to Jarge whin I staggered back andto to wan side blinded u a light terrific inItii Its power shot by meIt It Illumined tho room with a dazzlingradjunce radjunce It showed Jarge standing inamaze amaze with arms upraised the revolver stillIn In his hand over what must have seemedbut but a deeper shadow to him It touchedthe the shadow into the orrlble distinctness ness of a load woman a young womanwith with pretty face distorted by terror andwhite white gown all splashed with blood ThinIt It wlnt out like a lightning flash leavingus us dumb arid dazed from the Hghtnlngaterrible terrible shockGreat Great Illvings Smlthersl ut lengtJarge Jarge stammered with twisted and bittentongue tongue What was that I didnt hear nothunder thunder You will prlsently I answered gloomilyor or a very goOd Imlt4llhun of It Look herethey they como now And drawln him asideI I pointed to a confused group swarmingocrost ocrost the coortyardYou You tlnk they seen usare after usUs U7 I didnt polio for no flashlightplotur ploturYou You know hdw Innocent I amWhat I What dlffrlnpo dboes it make what Iknow knowAnd And even art I spoke there was arush andn n growl below on the stairs In the hall1 acrackling crackling whir as tho lights shot up throughout out the housti In aWdder instinct they weroupon upon us overpowering us hostlers andfarmhands farmhands led by a youth with smoothwhite white face and black snapping eyesThis This leader snatched tho revolver fromJargoa Jargoa grasp slipping out the cage andshowing showing that ono cartridge had been recently cently dischargedYoudllalnl You villain I ho cried in low penetratlntones tones you killed her Sho must haveheard heard tho noise at tho safe and come downto to see always so bravo so truo oh damnable ble murderer and thloflVou iYou You wrong me protested Jarge withextended extended arms I am the victim of evilchance cbanooTho Tho victim of evil chance truly Evan uhe he spoke this alert and agile loader notingthe the bulge in his coat snatched from his sidepocket pocket the beauty roll we had lifted at theFlamingo Flamingo villa and ran over the crisp billswith with inconceivable rapidity Look at him men be declared theIID8 Mime features the same clothes took atthe the safe in the corner with the lock blown w 1 p1 d Now Coney Island has a permanentpopulation population of more than 10000 and hervoters voters number more than 8000Ju Just In front of the New Iron Pier In thri ofrLook atthls money the same amountin in the same denominations it contained ten thousand dollarsAnd And a furlong roar denied the need offurder furder confummanhunIt VIIIIt It was a relief so it wore the quiet 6J theupper upper room with Its lights dimly burningarter arter the hustling we had undergone Wanfelt felt contint to lie and net which was Jill tOIl as well since a trussed tucky woe better fittedfor for activityAt At lengt Jorge spoke from his corner ofthe the flute whore he had boon trown llko usack sack of coal and not soft coal eedorIts Its allus the cussed wayl hegroanodiNo No money that we gits ever doe us annygood goodYou You orter bo satisfied thin I retortedfor for thats the last tlng you wud want It tddo do 0Black Black black he wlnt on unheedlnnot not a ray of light kin I discern in thefutur futurTho tuturThe Tho dose youyo had ariddy shed besufficient sufficient though it was a light wanJargo Jarge gey hlsself a furious tossYou You fool he snarled to Jest Instld ofto to pray 1 Dont you know whore you aroNo No more than Moses didWell Well I do that plctur tells me and hlaeyea eyes turned to the painting of a stately oldman man with a white beard that hung over thomantel mantel Thats Ezra Kleinltz the inventorof of the famous KleiniU light Havent thepapers papers been full of tho honors lies been receIving ceiving in Europe lie might better havestayed stayed to hum all the samee whin tho bossIs Is away theres the dlvvil to pay Ylt wanwould would tink that he cud safely leave his bustness ness In tho charge of his secretary and hishum hum In the care of his two nieewrSiaters SistersNope Nope cooslns whom the old bacheloradopted adopted whin infants and mod his hairsA A serene outlook surely ami ylt an eartquake quake kin rip into desolathun the fairestscene sceneAnd And BO kin the elemental pasahuns heyIt It isnt bard Jorge to flgger out a wukkinhypotenuse hypotenuse If theso twp girls happenedto to each love this wan young man theywould would bate each odder wudnt they withreflex oreflex reflex ocahiin full as strong Well thin suppose pose that each in his tlmporary absenceunknown unknown to the odder had tried to got poasosshun sosshun of the money they knew their unclehad had left in the safe to help him out of somennnp nnnp or to make hersilf more deairablnMight Might not a tlrrible tragedy have eniueiland and thin quick uggent efforts to escapedeteculuin deteculuin that wild crisis of fear anddesperaahun peraahun whin even the Impossible is seizedupon Jupon upon as likelyIt It dooesnt appeal that way to meinterrupted interrupted Jorge dryly Your gratooitusaMiimp aMiimp huns wud make a bloon out of themuHlpllca muHlpllca hun table Why shud you saythe the secretary is away How do you knowhe he wasnt the leader who pinched uspThat That stupid crowd at his back didntknow know him They fought he was a clot ictivefrom from town after a villain whom he haddescribed described to match your faco and dressCuss Cuss him Thin he must have seen meface face to face beforePraps Drape he did Jarge Of wan tlngI I am certain the some black eyes thatblinked blinked at us from that old woman snappedat at us from that yopng feller of a Underwith with his smooth face and high viceTin Tin touaand diwleal The girl horsilflBut But how cud she have known Bmitherawa we wore comln along the road anxus tohide hide from pursuing wratTDo Do you remember how bright anddistinct distinct SharUUa farm stood out aa ha f I f I crassed the ridgo She may have workedtho tho searchlight more than wanat from theworkshop workshop In tho rear I recall now looklnup up In surprise at the stunts the moon waaadoin adoinYou You recall For the Lards nakeSmitliers Smitliers stop with your teorizJng and tryto to do BoraethlngI 1 have done nothing I criedspringingto to mo feet tho ropes fulling in loops aroundme me Did you tink for a moment Jargethat that such booby knollS cud hold a manwho who had slipped tho darbies time and againId Id been out of thlm with rae teet if neceasnry snry And the nixt moment ho too shookhlsself hlsself freeYls Ice but locked In plnnilewt withoutarm arm what kin we do complained JargeTheres Thetas mltal enough in that bed for ascrewdriver screwdriver to twist off that lock Annychange change is for tho hotter Jarge olf wehang hang about here well hang about thereAnd And I med a significant gestureWe We crep to the window to reconnitroThe The dawn was advancln slow and uncertain lain as If abashed to be up and out so earlyNear Near the main entrance to the coortyardthe the group of rustics lingered on guardWo Wo might make a break troo the littleside side dure wo Intered said Jarne morehopefully hopefully The Bcrubbery forms a shieldthere there is no wan betune the driveway andtho tho woodJost Jest thin a bulky farm loomed out frombehind Ibeblnd behind an oak that stood like a sentineljest jest beyond the road Jt was ShartellIv IvDown Down the back stairs Jargo andmo stolewith with the practice that makes puffick Wanlight light two flights and the house remainedsilent silent silent as tho grave but as the graveno no longer unoocypled There was a ulnsoof of prlsence of human prison warm andfull full of life aa the night had been chill andfull i full of shaddereAt At the third flute thp sense mataralizedinto1 into sound rich and full A girl was talklnattho at the llbry phoneYjfo life crept into tho great high room withIts Its cases net lIkespokes in a wheel Unnoticed noticed we huddled in wan of the alcoveswhere where we cud see and hearShe She sot intent with her back toward usbutjnow bu now and thin whinehetunned in toughtwe we oral catch the prltty whiteness of herface face and the joontrastln flash of her bigblock block eyes like a etorrum In a starYes Yes two men Police Headquarters shewas was saying wo have thlm safely lockedup up Oh there can be no doubt of theirguilt guilt at leant twinty witnesses Haw thetailor tailor wan wait a bit I have bis name frompapem papem in hfo pocket yin Hlnggold sawRJnggold RJnggold In tho very act Tho odder wansloop sloop shouldered with a rid now Yinthats thats ho to a dot You know him Villainswanted wanted for a hundrld oRIncex Oh slnd atw jwanstl wanstlAnd And Jargo nnd me looked at each odderdumbly dumbly an wo contlmpIaUxl the curus coilin in which wo was involved a coil which loop drawing cliitwor and cliuwor until you cudfairly fairly feel the bite of it around tho neckBut But hark she was telophonln again thiatime time on n private wire connect In a distantpart part of tho works0h 0h Fred she was paying tlnderly you have alrlddy heard Isnt It awful alraontunbelievable unbelievable I know you wud be soshocked shocked but ylt dear lot me tell you asecrit secrit Out of this evil hero has rome agreat great good for you forma Tink of it tintpusand tpusand dollars dropped by Fortune in my Hand whin no wart was byto Bee No nottho the money In the safe that has to be aoboudhxi counted for to UM police of course AndJ J or lumbua Ohio betas the pUmanr BUBOfacturar facturar of this datlcacy and the only onethen then doing bualMM How at a oceseratlve Jive eatlmaM there are MO manufaoturaraof of the candy doing a rood business on theIsland island rConey Coney Islands then a gathering pUoafor for fishermen On Saturday night crtatnumbers numbers of them came down stayed allnight night and pent the whole day Sundayfishing fishing Boat were for hire along theI I beach and fine oatoh a were commonfor for In there day the nearby water t eadwith with fluke sea baaa and blueflibandbepehead head were sometime caught the flab fromwhich which Sheepahosd Bay derived Ita naraaProbably Probably not a single fish of this kind baaI I been caught near Coney Wand for yaaraWith With the exception of the row of houacai i on each aide of Surf avenue and those alongthe i the Bowery near the ocean the territory to the westward was nearly all salt meadowsLots Lots coutl be bought with very few buyaraat at ISO each Now a largo part of this landban ban been filled in and it la scarcely poasjbleto to buy a lot for jest than MOOO and theownens ownens are none too anxloua 1 p soilFor For transportation there were ono borascar car line and four steam n a of limitedcapacity capacity besides the stet beat Thehorse horse car line ran from the mer part ofProspect Prospect Park down Coney laand avenueand and terminated at West Fifth streetTho 0rhe The steam roods included the Sea Beachllncvwhich llncvwhich ran to Bay Bldav where it connected nected with a ferry to New York the Brooklyn lyn Bath add West End Railroad whoaoroute route woe down New Utrecht avenuethrough through Blytbnbourne ISath Beach andUlrner Ulmer Park and the Prospect Park andConey Coney Inland Itallroad which ran to Ninthstreet street Brooklyn and there connected withthn his Vanderbilt avenue horse cars for NewYork YorkIt < It took one hour and fortyflvo minutesto to ride from the park to the Island by Ihahorse horse car line while tho time of the eteamroad road from New York was about the nameNow Now the trains make the distance in thirtytwo two minutes from the island to Park RowNothing Nothing is now distressing the choref f ront owners more than the inroads madeby by the ocean currents upon the broadbeach beach formerly possessed by Conoy InlandIn In tile last fifteen years the changes in tho I have it here dear by the heart that lovesyou you mostLivid Livid with bitten lip and starting eyeaJarge Jarge sprang forard and as quick I do6trained strained himkAt kAt least I will have the money he pertlsted tIlted In a brent 9t will give us a livingchancet chancetBut But no I knew that his physical pluckwas was weaker than the wind and as for moI I might have tossed that old womanfromour our pat sort of careless but a beautyousgirl girl filled with life thrilled with love noEven Even as we struggled 1 seen a great handreach reach out from the alcove nearest to thetelephone telephone stand It cart that sunder throatthere there was a flutter of prltty draperies andthe the young girl disappeared as if dragged by some monster Into his den There wasnta a peep but in the next Instant Big Short ellbeauty strode out Into the oentre or the room tbebe811ty beauty roll In his grasp He counted over the yallers and theirradjuncelighted radjuncelighted even his stolid Ease Thinout out he went we slinking far behind sick aDdf faint faintWe We watched him from under the greatoak oak where be too had hid aa he proceededof down the road bulky deliberate IWIUredor of his own safety in the oomplateneas of ourdldly dldly peril Tho loom of his farm dominatedthe the landscape for a moment from the cristlike or the hlllthlnas It leseonedetlll lowering like a tunder head rollln away we put forthe the wood of our dubua alva hun MAIN8 TUBER ovTPrTooooooooo 000000000 Feet Alt WinterPreparingfor for This Year CotThe The log drives of all the Maine rivers arenow now Id the booms reports the Bangor Dajty News The drives have been especiallyclean clean this year no loge being left to winterin in the streams and brooks This of course I bas been due to the high water which baacontinued continued through the summerIt It la roughly estimated that last wlnteracut cut in Maine was about 800000000 foet ofspruce spruce and perhaps 100000000 feet of plnomost most of the latter being In the southwesternpart part of the State where a second growthIn or pine bas DOW developed along the 8aoo In place of those first great pines which gave Maine the name of the Pine Tree State The lumbermen are already locating the camps In the woods and making activepreparations preparations for next years cut In theold old times lumbering was strictly a winter business but In theM tlmllll practically allthe the cutting is done In the fall and this partof of the work is ended by January 1 fhe I indications point to a large cut thoughthe the scarcity of labor Is a serious obstacleto to be overcome and there ore other factarathe the weather and the condition of the lumbermarket marketTwenty Twenty thousand forest fire notices have recently been posted In the Stateof of Maine some being 1tto every townand and plantation and those with large woodedsections sections being very liberally supplied Doubtless the warning conveyed by theaanotices notices has been a factor as well as the wetsummer summer in making the Maine record of forest fires more favorable than for many years There wero a few Ares in June in Somerset and Washington counties butthey they were not extensive and did very little damage June Is usually the wont monthof of the year for these groat tires which haveworked worked such havoc in the wild lands of this State There were no fires in July or thus for In August and the woods ajre now so wetand and the swamps so full of water that itdry Is very unlikely that Maine will lulrer 1011ch lrom forest flee this year even 11 a long dry spell should come on1l10re There will be no relaxation however in the vigilance of the fire wardens Thereare are 200 of these wardens and though they are paid by the State only for time actually spent in fighting fires or otherwise serving the Commissioner they are always on thewatch watch Moat of them are men employed in the woods by private concerns or engaged la running sporting campa and their own Interest keep them very watchful apinatree Arne These wardena posted the fire notices in the unincorporated places while thonotices notices were sent to the selectmen of the towna and the aaaoaaon of Ua organizedplantation plantationsWr 1 Wr p ewrri rrea teebeset IIIbNcb beach bar ban aa great aa in any otbsrparticular particularIa Ia ODe of tr picture showing the rnrkxm Iron pier u It war at that Linn OM na aeothat that the beach extended nearly to the wMerportion portion of the pier Now tt feet of tSaaand MOd bat been carried away And Uwvmterat at bcb ski dashes agatost a brrakwaurbnitt built at the spot In the foreground wb rtha the man la standingIa In the photograph of the old free pfarfuDy fully MO feet of Band ia in view while toIfa the tats the beach atretobea awny JOOturtb feetfurther further Now none of this sandy strrtcb ia vlalbl except a IfIW feet at low tide attho tho extreme right hand aide In frost setDnunlsod Dreamland which no oeeople the apotA A few yean before the time the photograph graph was taken the beach was area iricfcVand and at low tide it was possible to watearound around the aaaward end of tho old pier ondry dry and Ono could walk or drive aloathe the wide hard beach Yrotn Brighton Boaohto to Norton Point now Sea GateCvc Cvc ay ZslKsctes lopi forward to a n timewhen when their resort wiU be an all the yearround round pleasure place Instead df JoltIWDDIBr aBummer Bummer resort and aa a matter 6f factthat that time doea not aaam lobo for diatantEach Each year the aaaaon tarts esrlierand butlonger longer with various attractions throughout out tho entire winter acBaoa to draw rial torsTho The aeoBon ia now considered open fromthe the middle of April until the latter part ofOctober OctoberLike Like Atlantic City Coney Inlands henahhas has a aouthern exposure Those inMmnstadin in the island city say that they pnly pood aboardwalk boardwalk to became an active rival of theJ Jersey resort Up to claw boach ownexshave have for many years hcgn alive to thnaaaof of cooBtrucUngeuch a boardwalk and haTOdone done everything in their power Uilmvo onob1 b1 < They have been partly Buoonnsf ill an tboroare are now many short oeotlona of broad boardwalk walk along tho ocean front Hut theroBewms seems to be a lack of oonoort among thnshore shore oWners From a buslnean point oview view say Coneys progressive dtltonsevery every one concerned would find the boardwalk i walk remuncratlvo for it would permit tbogreat great crowds of people moro quickly togo go from point to point r 6I 74j R2 I fs t D t 1JL r z 1NTDE WJY T J74N W TH 4PRON IS STAN G JL h i I rxf3 d VRE I VEHVc rton O CVLV Rif R D ST4TiO i OpX I VW1 R O He sT pJ HJA T UK LAMP OF TIll FVTVRBBill t Bill Give UKbt Without HeatProbably afiat fiat or VeporMany Many attempts have been made to inorease orease the efficiency of our prevent electricincandescent incandescent lamps says a writer in CMtera tera MagatineLight Light is only a byproduct In all knownillumlnants illuminants for the productionof lightdepends depends on Incandescence that is the Chining ing of hot bodies because they are hotSuch Such a hot body radiatra variety ofwaves waves but very few of these art useful alight light The > useful light rays only appearwhen when the temperature isfairly high belowthat that only long heat waves appear By increasing creasing the temperature the percentageof of useful light rays increasesAs As long fill we only know the way to produce duce electriC light by Incandescence wean can only Increase the efficiency by Increasingthe the working temperatureNaturally Naturally there must be n certain temperature perature where the percentage of visibleradiations radiations roaches tho maximum and thisIs Is supposed be between4000 and 8000degrees degrees Centigrade But even at this temperature perature the efficiency only umounta to about 8 per cent so that there isan a tolut lIm1t 1In in lighting by incandescenceThe The familiar electrio incandescent lampconsists consists of a filament of carbon enclosed ina a vacuum The carbon filament heatedby 1by by the electrio current and forms our hotbody body Now carbon is apparently tho mostrefractory 1rerr refractory of all substances Its boilingpoint jpoint point being about 3800 CentigradeUnfortunately Unfortunately we cannot use such a hightemperature temperature In tho carbon incandescentlamp lamp forour limit W not heboWng poInt but the temperature at which the evapors rteon tlon becomes so great as to limit the Ufaofmr ofmr lamps Tliatemperaturont which wawork work carbon In our rtea ape 1e dUout 1800 dt1hA gre sThe > t i The efflcienoy of incandescent lampcah cab therefore be increased by using a material terial which has a lower vapor tension at a higher temperatureNemsr Nemsr Willi the OMIt todev te hliiattfmt10nto to the problem and brought out chi well known Nernst lamp Tho filamentconsist > sista principally of zirconla jnagnonlumoxide oxide and a small amount of the oxldeof theyttria yttria group Great hopes were entertained when the Nernst lamp appeared on the market butbeen thChave not been reallzod for the lamp had one great dlllhatl8 bas fever j been overcomenamely the fllnmorrt doesnot not odnduct and consequently nmen not light up at ordinary lemiteraturcsThe The success with there experinwrjU le scientist to turn their Attention to 6therrare rare metals of which the following havenroonlum been used with success tantlllf tungetinzirconium tllngtfnwlrnlum zirconium and IridiumThetantalum1lamp Thetantalum1lamp baa BO fonbnon thoraostrsucoewful most successful of railmetallic filament lamps and thousands are now in uso Jlntent don alone There iq nn doubt bunt orithlna 1 very ° lbrt time wi shall have ntirrmmant mend metalotamnt lamps which tromapn practical point of view will equal thapresent present carbon lap and have an eflidonqy a of I watt per candleThia Thia will be a great achievement rxitltwSInot no be the lamp of the future Yor w i shown in the beginning of thin article weweare we ore absolute limit ml U long a wocling tclnl cling dcon to incandescent bodies for hght 0Hetaltough pro I Heatcslthough cnpobleof making a liquidor or solid Incandescent cnnnot make ft gaspressure ren ncnOnt but merely increases KI pressure We can however set gas mole ales in vibration by chemical reaction orelectrio electrio stren such as ti done when anelectrio electric current > a paswd through a voocum tube MTbeoretlcnlly > Theoretically there Is no limit t1 the dill er dencr of a luminescent gas Within the i last few years good efficiencies havo boonobtained obtained with tide Noorrvacuum tube Onobtine I lu mination andthli method of light produc ton baa a great future before it The4ightlitieB r of theuturowl be a lap IvinKlghtlth tout out heat and the probabilities are that thigwill will be either a luminescent gas or f

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