The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1947
Page 11
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MARCIUl. 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ^rt'lons? 1 " P " Un ' for consecutive lu I Minimum Charge "" V ' ,,,,« outsidi of i|,e T * b<> , M «""l'><iled t>J casli. Bales abe resiiimstbmij, will lio taken for " 0 ">«•"«' Insertion or any For Sale |l Krt. milch foil-, 100% satisfaction first"m,s',.- m >r'lli of o\"'& n SVnJi; I".p. Sen Kin B ovillumnl Slio CnriIn. so,.,, afK-r ;, ,,.,„. ,, r .s,,',,,,^. •J. . h. C.rllius, J imh'.s ,,, n „„ air |, as |1!»0 Diamond T track, lone wjircl blue I Cifi" o'"cf i 1 ''""" 1 ' r> '° " r s ''* "' K " r1 ' miles. J. W. .ScalliriRs. Ynrbru. ArkT • lOlt; John Dpprp trnrlor M<ni,'l (] xiiii, I .(-.inlpmpnt. II r'arnmll 1U4:| i'm>,|,,l I willi pqninnipnt. i'liillii.i Kcnm- .sin- . a; ' )-"ii win I to soli your cily ,,roTicrly or farmland: list wiili IM. iv™ bali liii 1194ft riipvrfilPl or Koril im ku,> uill, „,.„I fcr.atprs. very low imlcnite. 1911 K,, n l I i',-'"i,"" 1 " 1 -'" cm »"". Hipphnnicnllv A-l. |_2I8 East Main, ulionc ;;ini. 3]7-cl(.lf lav<i ' l! ;i'*i- '°r your home. IT. O. .Jin' 1 '!.""- rl """> <*« — 2930. rintpD 120 South Second. 1012-eV-H I All coal heaters at cost. Good selection. Planters Hardware. 2-J-ck-lf AND CHAIN DIUVKN ~~ JUB ' r««!iv«l— 5M Il.tBC aj — first coino. first serveil: Firo- no Store. 207 W. M.ilr,. 2| A herratllul solocllon o( coinljination nntl (nljlc model radios now in stock. No norial or Krouncl needed. Firestone Story, 207 W ilain. __ 2!l?-rk-[f |See the large 3 compartment Norge Freezer chest. Holds 650 Ibs. of food. In slock for immediate delivery. Planters Hardware" Inc. 2-24-ck-tf vl U/itt^rica. /ilso buttery recJinrtrint? iuT roljuiKHnc. Austin's HMtpry Sliop. tor, E. Vine St. il^a-nk-Ilra TDACTOIi TIRES — The neu- llri, Ihnt pulj.i. out cleans, out wears anv oilier tractor tire luaile. We mount finil dp- liver to farm. Firfcstono Store 207 \V Main.|f TIKES I TIKESI TIUF.S1 Just rceeircil Biles HOO T 16. 700 T lli 650 x 15 700 i IS. 4 »n,l 0 ply tiros. Also (lif fiimoim Blmldea iirounit grllis j n E i, cs aOO x 17 nnd COO 3t 1*. «-<j deliver An.l mount. Firestone Store 3013 W. Z]12-ck-l! TV,. .""'' '""• -- 01 Carolyn. I'rido Addition. 3IS-nk-15 ice cream freezer M'il] CO gal. h_nrdoner. .with food mil nuola. H. Ij. | ig. Manila. Ark. 2l21-nli-3[21 ^ r .Crtmiminity L-roct-i.v. 3 rnnm nn- fiiriiisluMl :ip.1rli)ic?it Jl'Jjoininff. CrtJI ^Jtl. Su. Heal Kst.itc Ucnlcr?. plcnsp. 3! |CS acrrs eypress loamy soil, on (cood priivol rnnd. with nice house and barn. •I in* place is locate,! 314 miles cast f.f Ilexlor. Mo. above ovcrflov. and well drained xvitli ilrpilgeil ilileh on two sides. Tliis is worth the innnnv. JVu-e -?110 JUT acre. Terms ran be arranceil to suif puretia^rr. TminciU- ate possosstou See or call I.KTHKIl ni!AY. lies I'll r>13 _ HKKT 11OSK. R«« !'h 3,Kos |OIfice with Marion Willinms Jns. Asicy. ' for Sale 2 pl"co livlujf nnm sullo. nen- slip cov- "'. 1'liuiu. Stn. Jo.vk.lU «_< I ' 0-l'k - 1 . _ _ Kmply 5-room housj with bath, close in. Automatic hot wafer heater. $2,500 cash will handle, halance like rent. Brand new homo and ready to move into. •! rooms and Irnih, lai-RO kitchen nidi beautiful built-in caliincts. Terms. Small '1-room house with water and lights, on paved street, close' in. 1'rice §y,000, !/ 2 cash will handle. possession with deed. Investment property for sale. This is two acres' of ground on gravel road in South- casf Missouri. Has one grocery store, one two- story used f unit lire store •lO.vfiO, one repair shop, •12xCO, and five dwelling houses, all for sale at reasonable price. Owner did over $100,000 business last year. Electric lights in all houses ;jml stores. New K in gointi llp a ,|. thi.s properly, K oot across road.' Won- opportunity f o i ^ rifjhf parly. Excellent grocery store foi sale. Good location, doing good business, buy stock' rent fixtures and bin'Min," lixtra fine home for .sale, u|i- per bracket. §l«.r,00 cash Owner occupied, «hoivn In appointment only. 180 Acres fine Mississippi County bind, over '/ 2 in cultivation. Balance could be put in this year with small amount of work. : : houses, 2 barns. Only $<K per acre, '/ 2 cash will handle. DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO. IJ. Joyner, Salesman I'hone Day 3(i.'5.;i Night 3205 'or 2-18G 3-10-ck-ir: cotton school dcri'ul P. PLACE YOUR ORDER I*. K. ASHCRAFT CO 1JUBlock South of Depot Ga! )y Chicks—Custom hatching. High grade Pulloruni Controlled Chicks that are hatched h e r.c Slartetl Custom hatching per hundred eiro-s sc t Blaylock HatcheryT North Cl, phone 3172. 3-4-ck-tl |Por Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO |2 AUis Ulialmrrs wilh stnrlor licht?' nn-1 rriiiipmont. \\ T 0 A His 0}),i)j,j»>ri n i()i rtiuipinpnt. P 12 Fnrmnll «itti cintip- mcnt. Henry's Onrnt-p. a^rmes tVmn lltylhpvillo Oil SI 111. DlfthoviMa A-k . ph. 0:>1. ^]d.,,U-l4 |V> nrrrs near Rteclo well lacnlcil. •rioil in^nrorrtnonls. cood ro.iils. elec- rricity. Can clivuln nnil Sfll in -10 or 80 acre Ir.icts. INiKsi-Rsion at onre. 1120 acres well localeil. cooil -tn\-l t. rloctrfcity. pond nniirovrnictila. I'osf*?- fion Jnn. 1 1918. Prkcil to seH. Several other forma with i>r without irn- morliiitft possession. M, JF. Far r is Slcclo. XTo. I'll0110 212. 3I-l-cfe-3'l2 Ftrnwbrrry plants. >Tartp Finnish 1710 Cliicknsnwbn. I'hone 3740. SIs'-pk-lI.T 'u-r'linst 7 rorvnip. -\vi\\\ Ik'lit?. iv.irnr. It^th. 30 x 00 store, cenpral uiprctmnili.-iR; one acre land on 77 ITi- v-.ij- South of MnnHn. Ark.. Star Hoiile. Sec- or irritn K. M. French, Manila. 31;VpVl2 3ne Ti<=crl Ilnnrlis •K-nKhint: msrhino in por-.l ron.lilfnn. Ip5s thnn hnlf ihn liricr of a nt.vr onp. On P snmll frie- nlrtiro, in lierfrrl fonditinn. C, R. Woorl llolor Co.. OscenTa. Ark. of nsrrl furniln cycl**. Phono 2ft e ,V SI3.75 per hnmtrrd .rim Slort\ 3'^-r)i-t Kir rtrir rnnpe. rsulio larco intl ri! licafrr. kifchon tftlilt> nn<I c ronl ami wnod ollior TionfflioM i Dr. W. F. Brewer DENTIST General Practice —But— Special Attention Given Extraction ana* Plate Work OFFICE OVER GUARD'S Across Street Prom Kress Office Hours 9 n.m.-4 p.m. Phone 2172 Walk in Ice Box, Coils and compression complele. R ; C. Allen, phone ;!1S8. 3-7-ck-l'J Cr>l«r.5 ,in(J so/tftes.i .ij- c roncvreil in v O'STEEN'S STUDIO 3in-ck-.ini T»rr° a'r'c,S'',-, n ,'-"c T'^F.^o" T. 3 mi. oust of I.enckvil'ix 3'5.|ik.l2 Lost U , -, 3 "" r Alioill S r<., r , o '"'" ''O BI K'inrt. 1 ™ n h | r c 11 ''"" 1 ' 1 I " 1 l»'< 1 < 1 n Stprliiij: Tumor. nM."'s. ''<% 'r'jf '"-- J """' (; " 5 nilil -Ark. Mn frirlFin ctl. . . ,,, ,\i-k. No ft.rlhcr informnllon n^V- 31IOr,k.|2 Help Wanted Experienced Colored cook and general housework Phone 2!>9S. S-U-cIi-M A jet engine consists of four major l>arts: the compressor, which blows In the air; the combustion chamber, in which fuel burns; the turbine, and the jet. For Sale U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogdcn Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin Co. YARBRO, ARK. Phone 727 BLYTHEVrLLE (AKK.)VQOtrRrER NEWS Service! HO«» BftlTtc* k BIOMM 1'hono 2801 It Takes Experience . . . to diagnose car aches and pains and it takes skilfed hands to repair your car. At rhe first sign of trouble—drive in here. Our repair service is guaranteed! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth-Blytheville, Ark.-Tel. d53_ 3715 Wanted To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway 61. I'hone IJ7S5. 2-26-iik"-3-2G Used pianos, any make. Adams Appliance. Phone 2071 Day, 2059 niic. • 2-28-ck-4-l Designs have been complctcil for nn "elcctropnlt" csipabln of launching largest existing airliners in 500 feet with a 120-mph takeoff They now need 4000 feel. liu'l:i)i.< .anil cameras' fo For Rent Hr-.liom,, or as a llt . Oulsi.lo pntrancc. bl7 Ulnckasawlm. :l|«.|, K .12 1'roiit lirclriiom. ,,,] vn i,, (,,,,^"7^ Ml In-ill. 1'lioiw 3«ai). 2022 C!itck!i»Wl,.i. Now »-n>iim house M Smill.'s Sloru -1 UHlivi i-nst nf Illylhl-villn. I'll. COI W. Lciiiiiiril Siullli. 3|lo-k-i:i nimrtliK'nl Ciinpl,. »nly. ,,],. 21.10; :i|io^ik-i:i Trnnt l>,-(lr«nini. ptpnin lip^t KilclnTi |irlvi1c»i-i. Plionc :i-!07 hr-Uvrrn li mill S |>.m. ll-|.k-M Tests show that the jot engine is most efficient nt above 30.000 feel and over 450 mph. "Eat a Bounce at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3647 An Ailing Motor . . : can sound the death knell for your car. The way to put your car back on four wheels . . . and have it rolling merrily along this spring is to drive in here at the first sound of trouble. We specialize in all motor repair work. j LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service U - S " Tircs Mobilga, and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway IWephroe 55S MONEY 'IX> LOAN o you need a loan to repair or remo<lel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. KIIA approved rate 5*. Ask for details. Abz I'Ugttti, Realtor, phone 2034. Lynch HM«r., HlytheTtite. 9-23-ck-tf See us for an estimate before you have your trnclor overhauled. We Hiivcinlixo »> sicnm cleaning and painting. Electric and acetylene welding. Kusscll Phillips Tractor Co. Hiway Cl South. Phone 2171. 2-1-ck-tf I ''! > . r . !!"<-fliiK > . r . !;!"<;-fliiK nn.l l.lork Mylnx n'rilo h. 1. l!,,|inT Slwlo. Mo., n.ix iti I Rent ;i Floor Sander AT \VAltl)S. Save money by rcfinisliiiiR your own floors. Adds yours of life and gives them now bounty. It's onsy to do, too! IMONTGOMICRV WARD & CO., 402 Main, Plume 591. 2-13-ck-lf E 1 '";! "<"" "li»lr work, tvil (or Mr. lloror. »t lluljbnrd lljinlivnro ' We spcciiilizo In fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to use. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 126 W. Main, phnnc 515 - 1-Hl-ck-tf <>n»lilo prifcs. and paper Work puarunlcecl. Hill Davis, phono 40!). 3 7-i>k-4-7 Loans Ilkn ffc «a. Low rule*. You'll Ptvlco. Aim FI1A l.onn* nn.l ps!«lc lo"n!i.'^n 1 |"'<. l "TiiH l |"anpo ll I\JpJ'J 1 nvrr (innr.r. Jewelry filn r p._ ulinVin REAL ESTATE WANTED Oily rrojicity. »11 types Imtlntnn- nnil rtirna in nnil aionnil Blytlieviilo. Soli nJ your properly, nlcnly of buy»r«—list nowl DJOUO Mm, J. J. Fluid. Bonded Heal Xstatn Broker. We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet 9 New Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Miln St. PAGE ELBVElf ESTATK FOR SAi.E To ]iro!|ieotho Imynra «. Si. Te '» ,,,, c t list of 11UIIR03 — JlOHHJ8-^»Jlt,1. - llltHj. noBjeit— »cro«gi> anil arm« In mul arouud Hlylliovlllo. Wo ).Bl|, [luaoco ial>«. l'lion« a at) 4. J. J. riolil. IJou.ied Ho«l E»t»to llrokcr. FARM LOANS / Prompt RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This Section for tl Ye»r» 115 So. Srd BljthevlUe, Ark, Tgne In Prudential Prugram Sunduy at \ p.m. over WKEO For Hire Tractor IrraVInu |)lo«-. lic.ldlnB lilnw, I 1 ,',"' ' I ,,", r V." v - Oa " «• l>. Wiillnn,: 1 'i""o ^'12.1. 2| PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranlcod Rest Prices K5rby Drug Stores . THE FAIIMEKS a,,,! BANKEKS LIFE INSUnANCE CO W. O. OEURIN, Oon. A«ont Jnlm r. Holmes—W. O. donrin Jr. orrlco Doitglat Bldg. 215 W. Walnut „, . . rjinne 23 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES _Clln(c SU Main, niylhr.vllle. Ark., rhone mi Flowers - - For Every Occasion ln rccord ^ FLOWER SHOP SWJFT^S Loose Cottonseed Hulls 100. Lb. Sacks Cottonseed Hulls 41% Cottonseed Meal 43% Soybean Meal We Welcome Your Business One Sack or Truck Load Swiff & Company Oil Mill So Highway 61 Blytheville, Ark. ^^^^••^^•^^M Did You Ever Stop fo Think How scarce goocl.used cars are getting? You'd better think fast and buy the best while you can --while there still are a few real good '40 '41 and '42 cars left. 7947 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Town Sedan 1941 Chrysler Royo/ Brougham 1941 Ford Deluxe 2- Door 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner Sedan • 1942 Pontiac 8 Sedan- Coupe 1942 Studehaker S*y- way 5 pass. Coi^pe 1941 Plymouth Deluxe 2-door Sedan 1942 Ford Sepcio/ Deluxe Tudor Sedan 1942 Chrysler Royal Sedan 1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor Radios ' FASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN We Never Close - Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p;rti. L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walm* Texaco Gas & Oili FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D. & P. L. NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans Phone 635 EARL PAGERS Dell, Arkansas •TODAY - - IMPORTANT! Save your present ciir Kxpcrt Mcoliiiiilra\ Service AJemHc Oil and I.uliflcanls Yes, we wash imct grease cars tool Motors? We have new motors Ovcrluuil or rebuild them Tires-arid Tubes Oil, Yes, We paint Cars Tool Repair and Rc/lnis!! all bodies i Charge Batteries T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO; Phono 2122 i BUY AT COST ON BLAN HEATH SPECIALS! Cannon face towel sets $335 I Cannon dish towel sets S2.24 Hassocks Clothes Hampers $4.50 $4.50 Chenille Bctlsvremls $7.75 Wine and Water Sets $2.10 up BLAN HEATH AUTO & HOME SUPPLY 421 W. Main St. I »' «•- -. , : Phone 828 FRKOKLES AND HIS BY MERBU-L BLOSSEJ* YOUR TAIL- L ,6Hr is OUT LOOK.' DaooPV SFARCH ME-' t 1 NEVER HADTfHIv KIND<\ TROUBLE .•" WITH

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