Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on November 14, 1918 · 8
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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 8

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1918
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THE EDMONTON JOURNAL THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1918 PRIVATE GREETING CARDS : : This is a good time to come in and look over our display book. Endeavor to order early. A.H. Esch&Co.Ltd Phon 1S14-4JS4. Jatptr nd 104h Tables Loaded With Bargains AT MART N 'S STOEE-WIDE SALE Sea Our Windows Namayo and Jaaper Ave. ROBERT M'KIBBEN YOUNG SURVEYOR, SERIOUSLY HURT Victim of Accident at Days-land When Auto Left the Road I Jlohert McKlbben of Edmonton, a young surveyor, wa th victim of a INFLUENZA MASKS GOT EVADERS INTO POLICE COURT i i Sixteen Citizens Fined For Breach Public Health Bylaws In the nolle court thla morning, b- for going on with th hearing of a Shop by Phone Johnstone Walker's Daily Bargain Mews Private Exchange 9-2-6-6 v?i.f 1 Musical Merchandise Vlctrotaa. Victor He-erd. Violin Uultara. Acoordeooa J Wwet afuala. Ma" tut attention. PHONE MM MASON RI8CH. Limited 101M 101t Avt, Edmonton. at reasonable rates for a few cars of I'otatoc. CASH BUTEIl OK Potatoes and Vegetables T. M. Hanley 10184 103rd 8T. EDMONTON Canadian Food Board Llcans Not. 3-213 7-810 serious accl-'ent near Iiavaland. Alberta, number- of rae.a of breaches of th Monday afternoon. He auatalnad In- P"o baalth act, numbering alrteen. Juries to hl lags, arm and body whan " " dealing with failure to wear the an automobile dashed Into t( aurvny Influanaa mask. JrtaglBtrat Prtmroa party of which he waa a member, fit handed out auine advice to thoe con-1 la at present at hla home In Edmonton, "!. where he waa taken following the ami-1 magistrate made hi obaervatlon 1 dent. It la not yet known Juat hiw !" J"-- Perk came into court wlth-aerloua or permanent hi Injurlee are. iout maak. The doctor, when Inter-' Mr. MrKlbben and the other member "gated from the bench, said he did not i of the aurvey party war engaged In hv maak to put on. Thl appeared taking moaetiremente when a party of ,n somewhat nattla hla worship, and man came along In an automobile. 0. ,h "ledlco waa ordered from the court : J. Slavlk, the driver, and owner of the '" Procure one, and to get It quickly, car, a butcher In Iaysland. turned the "N' mn n go above Hrltleh law," machine aharply off the road when ap. "al,) ,h" maglatrale, when Dr. Park proachlng Ih aurveyora and It ran dl- ""owed up with a maak. "Coming here reotly Into the men. MrKlbben waa un- without a maak In contempt of court fortunate enough to be hit with conald- "' he tolerated. The upholding of erable force and thrown to the ground. "r"'n law 1 what our men have been Me waa taken to Dayalnnd by Mr. Slavlk and waa later conveyed to hla home In fighting obeyed," for. and that law muat be HI worahlp further affirmed Kdmonton by C. C. Sutherland, engln- tn,t repetition of thl breach of th ear In charge of the aurvey party. GROCERIES and FEED SPECIALS Phon 71M? Thursday Night from t 11 and all Day Friday and Saturday $5.65 50c 55c $2.50 $2.25 25c 25c 30c 20c 60c 40c 35c 35c 75c 55 c 85c Government Standard youv. lb. au--k .. Rye, Corn and Barley Klour, 1 Iba. for Holled Uata, lb. Back tO lb. aack 1" Apple Mc.Intoah red, No. 1 aJO C regular Si.fiU, per oaaa. .. . J a aJ Apple Jonathana, art d0 Of) wraoued. per oaae P.7 l Apples Wagnora, all wrapped, par oaae Apples Jumble Pack, per caae . . Urlfftn's Soedlee Ralalns, 2 packagaa for Fancy Heeded Retain., 15 o. pkg.j 2 pkga. for ... Flneat Auatrallan Currants, per lb. . . . : Fanny liieached Bullanaa, per pound Oround Almond, per tin Almond Taste, per tin Wagstaft' Mixed Cut Peal, per lb Orange and I.enion Peel, bar lb Shelled Walnut, per lb, , , ; Shelled Almond, per lb WagetaftV Mine Meat, ( lb, Una. Special , 1 lb. Jar Mo Illue Ribbon, Red Koae, and Niihnh sr...v $1.15 Dili Ribbon Tea. JU IU. 1 o r 8 ag., reg. !!.. tor SSl.OaJ wlft'a in re Iard, I lb. tin, l.0: I lb. tin. !70j r A( 10 Ih. tin 50.U Crlaco, i lb. tin; rag. in II. as, for aPl.iU plu Ribbon Peking Powder. 5 lb 0"'. !.!!: $1.00 1 lb. tin Sunlight Hoap, d f( U bara for I.UU Wank Ntrap Molaaaa. I lb. QC In, 80c; 10 lb. tlna fUC Extra Fancy Tomatosa, Ofl regular tin tlna for "UC K.C.I), and Woodland f nutter, I Iba. for Pi Carrots and fleets, I Iba. for Paranlpa, t lb. for W Hav the Beat Lin of FEED In th City Bran, ion lb. aack 3 00 Hhorta. ino Ih. aaok ti n data, 1(11) Ih. ast-k 2 7S Snratch FWd, 100 lb aack J so Whent, per huabel 2 10 Harley, tier bualiel $1,411 Oata and Tlarlev Chop, per ack M OO ajyeter Khali and Urllt, ne 1 in, mr s Fleet Rnrapa, I Iba 25e Cut Rone, t Iba. tor lie Corn, whole or cracked, f" t lb, for DC Phone yeu erder yntll 11 p.m. for rly dallv.ry not msrtilng. ALBERTA TRADING COMPANY Alberta Avenue and nth Street. PHONE 71667 Canada Peed Beard Dearie Ne 1J Pre Dtvry All Over th City The Baby's First Two Years Rule for the Care and Feeding of Infanta; a book which should be In every home where there 1 a baby. PRICE S1.00 Smith's Bookstore TWO 8T0RE8: 10218 101st 8tret. Phon 4520. 10230 Jasper Avenue. Phon 4737. Double Up On Your Victory Bond Subscription This pace donated to Victory Loan Committee by J. A. HAULIER 9974 Jaapar Avenue Food Licena No. 5-821, 8-3128. regulation would be dealt with severe ly. Dr. Parks pleaded guilty to the charge and waa fined Ave dollars and coata. Other fined for slmltsr offences were: James Dean, one dollar and coats; Joseph Velau. one dollar and coats; Thomas Kennedy, coata; Walter Kloaa. on dollar and costs; Alfred H. Hewitt, one dollar and coata; John B. I.audar, on dollar and coata; Charle Rremner. one dollar and coats; Albert Somera. on dollar and rosts; Whltmor It. McOrs-gor, one dollar and costs; Alex. K. Henderson, costs; Romeo Arthur Potvln, on dollar and oosti; Albert lj. Sharps. JS and costa; John Wright, one dollar and costs; Arthur Lewis, one dollar and coata; Harry Constable, one dollar and oosts. Albert K. Sharp rved notice that he will appeal. EN'S FUR COLLARED COATS Priced from $50.00 to $85.00 Fashioned of H$avy Wool Velours and Duret de Laine, warmly lined, Vith deep cosy pockets, and large collars of soft rich fur. AT ISOflO Smart belted style of rich valour, In shade of burgundy, taupe, dark green and rich brown, also navy, with storm col- lai i of dark kit coney. Price AT 460.00 A rich dark brown coat, with deep wide belt and collar of coney. Price $50.00 n with velour $60.00 AT $85.00 Hudson Seal collars, a (mart panel back coat if taup colored duret-de-lalne. Th panel and cuff also trimmed with th Hudson Seal. $85 00 ANOTHER TAUPE colored duret-de-lain Coat with looae panel back bordered with kit coney and belted front, is trimmed with large collar and cuff of kit coney. Price $85.00 Wolf Furs Unusually Attractive This Winter Soft and silky and in the same class with fox furs. Excellent care and workmanship have been shown by the furriers, so much so that now wolf is one of the most coveted of furs at moderately prices. ANIMAL SCARFS, In wide or medium widths, In taupe or black. Price, $25.00, ptX0, 840.00 and $55.00 MUFFS TO MATCH, In plain canteen, barrel or round styles with head, tall and brush trimmings. Prices. 820.00, $22.60, $38.00, $55.00 CITY WEIGHT SCALfiS 1 The city weight scales will open at I o!ock each morning, starting Monday, November 18, according to an order Issued by Supt. Robertson. This courss of action nao to be taken as It was found FANCY AND STAPLE KNITTING WOOLS FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS, Etc. 25c 25c Ball's Stock Yards Private Sale of HORSES Wednesday; Thursday, Friday and Saturday Acting on Instructions from Mr. C. Munton we will have for euls at AUCTION I'HICKS, 75 Head Horses as follow; Carload Yearling and two-year-olds; 10 Mnres and Colts at side; 25 good Work Mares and Oeldlngs up to 1400 pounds. Horses ore a splendid Investment at present. Call anil sea our string before buying. I It'c ou-fiillw onnovino in cr hfllfwav hrniio-Vi -uiri tVtA IrnttTino nf a nair r( Inv urMTr nr nnir e4'1 -1 it.. that opening at 7 o'clock made the ,l d ""'"'V J ""-""cj f w, ..v-n- vl auj aiuut aim U1CH J work .'mireiy 'tnl""" " ,h's i find you czn Set zny mort wo1 of e sime shade and quMty. The best safeguard is to buy a good supply of a X these Wools now and begin the Christmas fit knitting right away. You will find our stock of all shades and o grades wonderfully complete. , : , ,,.; . :,. LOCAL G. W. V. Fish Store Cash and Carry Specials for Friday and Saturday JASPER AVENUE Btiappers, Hkuts and ft. Herring, per lb 1UC Hmoked Itlark Cod and Of) Weatnrn f laddies, per lb. .. -VC Try Our Filleted Roles Not Addreas: '., Block Eaat of J, H. Morris, Grocer Food Board Lloanis 9-11053 The funeral of Mlaa Jean Watt, who made her home with her uncle. Mr. A. Dannie, 9537 107 avenue, and was employed an an elevator operator for the Hudson's Bay company, will take plane on Saturday, November It at 10 o'clock from McCoppen's undertaking parlors. The Interment will be at the Kdmonton cemetery. Word has just been received by Mr. Armstrong that his son Signaller W. S. S. Armstrong has been admitted to the general hospital at Etaples on November 2, suffering from shell ga. The Mason & Rlsch Piano company' will close their store today at 3 o'clock to attend the funeral of the late Robert J. Atcheson, formerly their city salesman. We are edked to Inform friends of Mr. W. D. Maclntyre, 7 Alberta Loan block, who ha had a Revere attack of pneumonia, that he Is slowly recovering;. Friends will be glad to know that Mrs. Arthur Wright, who fell a victim to influenza whilst nursing at th Pembina Hall hospital, is progestins favorably, i 4 AND 1-FOLD ZEPHYR WOOL, in white, black, pink, sky, scarlet, cardinal hello, purple, green, brown, A g yellow and navy. 2 skeins for "OC SHETLAND FLOSS, in white, black, turquol blue, ky blue, purple, lavender, lemon, orange. Per ikein 20c MONARCH SWEATER FLOSS In white, A( black, gold, cadet, blue, pink, purple. Per ball. TTxC ANGORA WOOL In white and grey. Per hi oi. ball...., :$i.oo grey, mid grey, fQ f( J , 76e per lb 4O.UU jT d black. 40c J. A J. BALDWIN'S BEEHIVE double knitting wool 111 black and mid grey. Per 2 oz. akeln, 60s; per lb X fc J. BALDWIN'S WHITE HEATHER .-ply Wheeling or Alloa Tarn, in grey only. Per 2 oz. skein, 60o; per lb... J. & J. BALDWIN'S WHITE HEATHER 4-ply BooteH Fingering in black only. Per oz. skein, 25o) per lb $4.00 -ply Wheeling . $4.00 4-PLT CANADIAN FINGERING in light grey, mid grey, white, scarlet and black. Per lb. hank, J. & J. BALDWIN'S BEEHIVE Scotch Fingering in white and black 5- ply, per skein, 25e 4-ply, per skein, OOej 6 - ply, per skein BALDWIN & WALKER'S LADYSHIP, 4-ply Scotch Fingering in na tural dark, tan and brown heather. Per oz. skein, 25c; per lb , BALDWIN & WALKER'S PRIMROSE fleecy In tan and dark green. Per 2 oz. akeln, 50ej per lb & J. BALDWIN'S RED HEART 3 Yarn, In black and grey. ply Wheeling or Alloa Per 2 oz. skein, 40o per lb.,..,.. $4.00 $3.20 DOUBLE KNITTING WOOLS In rose, purple, amethyst, paddy green, lawn, grey. Per 2 ox skein, SOoi Per lb. ......- ..-....- -. $4.00 $4.00 $4.80 25c LADYSHIP ANDAXiUSIAN WOOL, a lovely soft quality In Og white or black. Per oz. skein. .... ..... . OOC LUSTRE WOOL with silk mercerized through It In white, sky and pink. Per oz. skein EVANS A TENNYSON Phone 5534. Qu.an Av.nu Western Transfer and Storage LIMITED Railway Cartas- Diitribution and fltoraf Roaho14 goods mcvd. store and anted for (hlpmant. rxpert handling of heavy machinery. h(m and piano CP.. Oflla.1 Phm Seal. CN.es. OfflMi Pnne IK, Mesa Oerieei 10lS 104th Pawn Mia. Edmund P. Jaeger Co. CDMONTON-a LBACHN3 FURRIERS S3S Jar AvtnM, aamafltee) N.t I. 4. M M rrie, Phene SA Cherrytol Cough Cure itesi Ougbing It' ttateraai Cherrylol will relieve a la-tantly, ta. a4 I. tMtlt, Trig OWL DMU0J CO. Cut-State OrwosiM. PlMei. iJ IMPORTANT I SPECIAL J Private Sale OP Furniture and Household Effecti AT &UCTI0M PRICES AT THE AUCTION MART Opp. Maedonald Hotel FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tartlal Hat of goods on otter a follow: Very hamlaome In In It! Mahogany Drawing Room Suite, Walnut Hette., Qold.n Oak Round Ext.nalon Tabl., set of Good L.ath.r S.atd Chair to match; Larg Burfac.d Oak Buff.t (n.w), surfaced ('Hk Sideboard, with Hound Kxtenalon Table and eat of Plain Chnlra to match; Very Handaem Qold.n Oak China Cabln.t, Part Dlnn.r B.rvle. in good Kngllah ware, over 70 plac; Two Extra Ooed Living Room Chair (arm and rocker), In a nice aliad of oak, of William and Mary design, upholstered In tap.atry, tbea chair are n.w and will be aol.t cheap; Other Large Oak Chair and Rocker. In both tapestry and leather, Mission 0k Library Tabl., ( Ilentntood Chairs, t H.agrasa Chairs, Occasional Tables and Chairs, 3 Drop-head Sawing Machine., Raymond and other make, all In good working order. Hall Btand. Plain Chair and Hock.r. Winnipeg Couch, Morri Chair. Mental Clock. Whit Knain.lled Heda, complete with aprlng and mattreser. IrMr. Waahstanrts, 1 larg and handsome Rngllah Htand with marbl. top and tllt.d baik; Larg. Swing Mirror, Amlnater, Ilruaael and Tap-try Carpt. new Congoleum Rug. "Pilot" Hang. ( hole), with reaer-volr. large "RWerald." Oak Hester (No JJ. good a nw; Tortolaa Heater. Plain and Fancy Crockery, Chin, and a lot of ceeful Tool. Klt-rh.nwar. tc. SPECIAL NOTICE-Ail good will be marked In plain flgurM at AUCTION PRICES and thee private aale are to take th. place of my uaual Auction, which latter cannot b. held during th. pr.a-nt .plil.mlo. on account of government regulation Don't mis thl a'e there will be bargain. If you have anything t oil. HOWE. THE AUCTIONEER The Au.tl.n Mart rtiOMf 824 RELIANCE WELDING WORKS MARTIN A SHANNON Oxy e..tylan. W.ldlng of All Matala Autborlied by th. Dept. of Puhllo Work., rlteam Boilers Uranch, to Ka-tlp Holler Tubea and to do other bollm' repairs W. will aen' nen to any part of this Trovlnc. tc Hepair your Boll.r. 9561 101 A AVE.. EDMONTON, Alts. PREMIER LLOYD LEAVES , ! 8T. JOHN'S, Nfld., Nov. H. Premier I.loyd of Newfoundland left here yesterday for London. He will represent thla dominion at the peace conference. The premier also will attend the sessions of ths Imperial war cabinet In London before the conference. How Is That? You can buy new Furniture at three of our Leading Store in Kdmonton. I will pay cash for you, and you can pay me In weekly payments or monthly payments. Your old furniture taken In exchange as part payment. Charges. S per cent, per annum. H. GREENFIELD For Special Appointment Call SI997 White Paper CUT ANY SIZE, GOOD FOR WRAPPING For Sale Cheap at the Journal Press Room "THE HOTELS OF THE I CENTURY" i The Orand Trunk System has created a chain of magnificent hotels to serve the travelling public and cater to the social life of the large Canadian cities. In service, design, construction and furnishings they have set a new standard for the Dominion of Canada. They are, In every sense, ' great hotels, operated by specialists of wide experience. When you plan your transcontinental or other trip, you will be well advised to arrange a 1 stay at these hotels. In the City of! Ottawa there Is the Chateau Laurler, on of the most beautiful hotel build- lng In America which Is connected, with the Grand Trunk Central Station : by an electric lighted subway. The Chateau ha three hundred and fifty 1 bedrooms, all "outside" rooms, commanding splendid views of the Provinces of Quebec and Ontario. In the City of Winnipeg, on the site of the old Fort Carry of frontier day, there is The Fort Garry. It has a total of three hundred rooms, and confidently challenges comparison with any of the famous hotels of this continent. In the Capital City of Alberta, Edmonton, on a sit overlooking the Saskatchewan River, I Th Maedonald, an-oth.r notable link in thla chain of hotels built for public service. A reservation at The Chateau Laurler, The Fort (Jarry or The Maedonald Is a guarantee of your enjoying throughout every hour of your stay the fine art of good ervica, combined with surrounding of quiet elegance, while th rate at the hotel are most moderate. Skating Outfits for Men, Women :andl 'Childiren Which Add to the Pleasure of Skating Why experiment with this make and that when the Lightning Hitch is the make you will eventually buy. They cost no more than many inferior makes, while the greater measure of comfort and pleasure to be obtained from them would justify the expenditure of considerably more money .. We have them for men, -women, boys and girls and those who buy early will buy them at last year's prices, we nave tnem or extra gooa quality unstretcnaDie Diacn waterprooi leatner on lB0N3 comfortable lasts with good substantial counters, fitted on the inside with ankle supports fasten in over the instep. We have a complete stock of the famous Starr Skates in all sires and prices, and such well known styles as Velox, Eegal, Dreadnought, Tubes .Climax, Bull Dog, Glacier, Regis, Beaver, also Spring Skates and the Little Bob Skates for the kiddies. Skates Attached Free of Charge We have installed an up-to-date riviting machine for the benefit of our customers. Here -we have experts in charge and you can have j'our S kates attached to the shoes Free of Charge when you buy them. v I Splendid Assortment of Men's Separate Pants Men who are' contemplating the purchase of a separate pair of Trousers, either to match a suit or as a contrast will find a splendid assortment of patterns awaiting them here in fine Worsteds and Serviceable Tweeds. . , , Pembina Coal HARDEST end HOTTEST PHONE 2221 I1UMBERSTONE COAL- MEANS VOUR SATISFACTION. SHOE SALE NOW ON AT Lyon's Limited M71 JASPER. Opoolt. J .eaten Vro. TO Avoid INFLUENZA Avoid Crowds PCT when In a crowd avoid danger by using CINNAFORM PASTILLES to protect th no and throat against the germ' attacks. FOR SALE AT ALL DRUG STORES At $4.75 to 6.95 A serviceable garment made of good strong worsted in nice dark stripes, with two hip, two side and watch pockets. Well finished throughout. Sizes 32 to 48. Priced at H75 to $3.95 At $4.75 to $7.50 An ideal pant for cold weather or hard wear. Made in heavy tweed in dark grey and brown shades. Well finished throughout. Sizes 32 to 46. Priced $.75 to $7.60 At $5.50 " ' A splendid -wearing garment made of good quality English corduroy in both light and dark shades. Nicely finished throughout. Sizes 32 to 44. JC Cft Priced at vO.OU At $8.50 and $3.95 A garment that cannot be replaced at this price today. Made of heavy English whipcord in dark grey and fawn shade. Sizes 32 to 46. Priced at $8.50 and $8.W At $6.50 and $7.50 Men's heavy mackinaw cloth in black only. A splendid wearing pant and specially suitable for rough outside Sizes 33 to 44. wear Knee length at ... . $6.50 Full length at. . . . $7.50 At $7.50 Fine all Wool Serge Pant, made of a splendid quality fine serge in black or navy blue. A nice dressy pant. Well made and nicely finished through- J y CA out Sizes 32 to 4S. Priced at V OKJ Shtnitr Orangs. l emon. Ptneappl or Vanilla Jeliy Powdara, 10C Bnin.wtck Sardln, I tin GROCERY SPECIALS 25c Y.lkiw Com Meal. I lb. lacks. OA. 0; 10 lb. sack OWt Oround Rice, I lb. sack Ilarley Flour. T lb. arka ... Round or Oval Toll.t Paper, U roll Japan Be, lb. hen IM Canada Feed Beard shn Grocery Order from Llcen SO e.s Ne. Van Camp' Pork and Beans. CE-i. S tin. OOC Celery, fresh and crisp. per lb Melvai Canned Peas, tin $1.00 .. 60c 50 c 60c Table Its-, per lb. St and ShlrrlftT Orange Marmalade. 4a. per ttn Imona. per deem. TO and 30c 90c 60c Ore? Fruit. 1 for Cranberries, Cap Cel. per lb Enipenr Grapes, per lb 25c 20c 30c Windsor Tabl Salt, imt'l sack S for ISe: larg aack. H. P. Fauce. per bottle Clark Tomato Soup. 3 ttn J W Rpeclal Freshly Roasted Coffee, per lb 10c 25c 15c 25; 25c 55c Store Opens 10 a.m. Closes at 5.30 p.m. ntm aevu naa" aBTTlT-!wwf ,ifj.,aMii.a. n ?r-v BUY BOND , Op Maeeenal) Het. fh.n. M11. 4 ' I

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