The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1931
Page 8
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-*-RK. 1 CPU RI Kit NHWS Here Are Fairest Buds in Hollywood's Spring Bouquet "'JfX-^^fl Day of Opuoitunity lias Nol Passed Bui Compcli- tion Is Much Slider. BY JI11.1A 1H.ANSIIAK1) NEA .Service Writer NEW Vt)»K.--Tlils year'. 1 , ee'.\w graduates arc iishiiic tlmii.vhT.s light no'.v: "How 13 tills going to alloct, my chances ot K'.t- ttng n Joli In June?" i Ceit.ilnly the ykxit; i". iihini 1 : • this year h?fs no b.-d of i-.i;c^ Hut. i Rccoiding to :i syini>asUi!:i m ih,~ current Xcrth American Hovloiv by ] 17 leaders in im'u.'-lrlitl, :iit!Vi.v, !1- nancill nn:l fcclal uctivaies. t.-i-rc are ceitain UIK-J of v.ork liiat svrm to he an oxcelleiit bi't. ot.'ur.-; tin' liolil forth hint pro:«isc an.: s; nr that should IIL' fliunned. The men giving their opinl:;:!-- experts in law, mcrihar.:'.!ilii:;. n- dio, untoniibilea, music, avi.i'.Ujn. ,idve:ti.r!ny, scientific leaearcii. iho theater. journalism. iiieilldii 1 farming, cn^incrrlnx, life inv.r inr.>. the mlnlslry, nrchltcoline and brokerage—all nracc {'.:?.(• the tkty.s of opportunism In any Riven win-;: seem lo lie c-ntal find liuit su. cess in any field is r!ep?n:!ciit n'jv; upon ihe efllclency of ttie person entering it, Slim Chnnci 1 in Mnvic J.fislc \vould seem lo offer the fewest cliincrs. nccur;lln<j tn the verdict of Dr. Sitfimiiul Spaeth, re- novii«l music critic ami lecturer. He says: "My frank advice to the yoiins musical performer Is lo keep ou'- of the profession at pres'.'iu. The supply Is too much In excess of the demand, and for M out of a hundred asplianls. there cun hi? only henrtarlu 1 .*; nnd tli.sllliiFioiimciH." Radio, Hie newest lislcl . fur opportunities, eels from Mujnr General James G. llnrbard. cha'.rnian oi the board, RaJio Cor;io:-itlon. tills summary: "If n college "radiinle asked me whether radio offered rjreat. chances for advancement, I should ie!l him that it did. if ho had something to offer to ra.Hn. Never nut raclic seeking fe-.vcr recruit? tlwn this year. But. undoubtedly, a fe\v from the collese classes of 1931 will fir::.' their way in." Challenges lo Ncivcnnurs A gleam of hope for the college boy antl girls conie.s from five different lines of work. They ore. 11 seems, still opportunities hi ibinri- hient store work, in ihc stock brokerage business, in the minir.try. In farming, nnd !r life insnrriiKv bus: , ness. America's blr; department slor." olfer'n bigger challenge nnd n er opportunity to grow than almost any other business, in th r opinion of Samuel W. lleylnmi president, the Associated Dry Gco6 Corporation of New York. ''Given appreciation ci rural values, and'the ability to cnpy them good farming, in a good farniim district, is sufficiently profitable financially to support, n goon home life and provide for the csv-nlla' amtnllies." in the opinion o! P. 1) Farrell. president. Kansas Slat- Agricultural College. UejwnJs on Ability L. St-ton Lindsay, seconrt vio fEessifnt, NtT York Life tfcnpanj. points out Die advantage *: goinz into this profession: ~I<!Je insurance companies o A=Rii2 o£ftr college Krafiiiatis ai &?&z\nijHy to win their way t i«r ficn; solely on their ov.n abil. ding to Alfred P. Sloan. Jr. oi" General Motors Cor there are far fewer op- r.ov in the acornob: 1 .: But. jraniod a man har tnoii-ledge ot the p.-inci- I tiec-J'.ivc munujcricm. h- inake a plarc for him- the aiitorr.otiv; ir.aus- Lrr i'; fundjtr.ental. bccau=e it t; •^2r.:p-..::i-.ion sr.d because it Is th> -i-rrii' manuficturing industry lr Rad Xcwi for Doctors Certain professions Just natural- rj r'^-jlre a long time to br;i;g suc- c-B-i. apparently. Othei's-s!iw!d no; fee counted 0:1 to be loo remunerative. Lay and medicine come in th-j category. Dr. Samuel W, Lambert. d?an- ea:erilus of the College of PI,., cians and Surgeons. Columbia University, asserts: "N'o one should cn'.er ti'.e profes sion of n-.edicine wllh 11^ i;'.....i o: becoming rich." Certain fields are tromen-JoasV P3NCK of ^ BUCK-DRAUGHT after meals "I had three spella of indigestion, oce after another," writes Mr. John M. Crops, 502 Charles Avc.. X. Cliarlott", N. C. "I n/fcrH a lot of rain. My b.ick aehc.l anil I hail r*aln3 In my storr.nrh frniuer.ll>-. It fell like my t-rcntli was cm otr In my clK-si. I was bollu-rcJ llila way for about a year. A frlunil nskc:l pc le try Btnck-Diiuclit. I Umn liy tnktiiB u plrch o! Iila/.k-l)raiiiihl nfUT c.icli mial nr.J round Ilia I t soon col rc- f. \\c keep Black-OralLEilt i IV.e tlrn-;." (l ,. tht-y won ht-r cf cln.'in.ilniHl. •jy nut W tin ^ri'lll:sl c.yes lu l{o!lyv.»;il. lie :;ii-rii roli' ill a m \v nim stcirhv; No. 1 imi ;f-.\ari) (1. Kiibiiison of "Mttli- t'" l;nnc. Turn coinrs :i hn-ath-lalilns piclnrr nf Pelly Wultei.', of Cohimlms. Q.. wln-Ati biii-nlna desire foi; n caixfr uill lie fullilli-d if our vote ounls fur itiiythlng. You'll probably jve more of HiLs young cliarincr. Julielto Comptmi, third from thi( left, unco mm ihe (Itlc of the girl International a Bank of El. Louts. _Tili:i!Si£AY, Smile After ^ Jr., Edv.'ar<|. Hormnn and Henry! Brenner, Trustees fcr International I Brink of St. Louis, The Electric! Paint nnd Vnrnlsh Company, a corporation, Federal Inlermeiliate Credit Bank of St Louis, a corporation, Larayclle South Side Bank and Trust Company, a 'coriwra- tlon, Hankers' Mortgage Company, a corporation, C. C. Campbell, Ad- minl.', of the estate of W M. McRes, deceased, Clyde T. Don- Ion. Trustee, K. li. Nolen. am Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, a corporation, are warned t. appear In the Chancery Court ol Mississippi Count y. Arkansas Chickasawua Dist'ricl. within thirl) flays to answer thi> complaint of Ihe Prudential Insurance Company of America, a corporation, in the above cause. Wiiuess my hand as the clerk of snid co'.iH nnd Ihc .seal thereof on Hi!.* 18th day of May, 1031. (Seal) R. L. C.AINK3, Clerk By Harvey Morris. U. C. Ceo. W. Uarham, Atty. ad Litem. 10-215-2-9. TT .1 ft «•-«• I 1 Mail (I HllMflVPrl XAali rt AHIIiUiLU ii-f:'tiii-s. f.lin i:nis, •••!.-:! 1'ltM. al tho left. ho jui m;iv !iii\v siics.'icd Is cue of VL-!' lo nir-h a piiir of wli-ki-:l ovoi at lloitywtwl's ni- \ie ln:ve No-1 b.iii:|i!c t uf spring -liivcll- 1 r;mo:.s. h\i,uA newcomor. vamplnjesi sli-cns movie hero. HITS vcrcrowdrd nnu-. f>a\v, jniitn.-ilisin irchilec'Uin', the.iti'ic:i] ;;;OiliK'lLon. enliru- ri'sraicli and ndvurtlslni;. Jnl, riKcinl nixitudt' should bo Hie leternnnlri'j f:i:'l:c in picking a ca- eer. ncvritiiflrs.s. 'Ltio Many L.uvycis Silas II. Slrawn. fonm-r presl- lent ot the Aini'rlciui Bar As;o- :inllon, raid ot (lip law: "It is cs- limaied thai ih?r« are ahoiil 150000 lawyers In t'.ils caunlry. I! vonld rwiuiie -1 50J recruit; In re- ulace tho^e wh'j drop out :irofORs!on each year, yel we are '•• lurninj out ahnui fl.SM lawyers a:i-! nially. H is a question of Ihe suv- I vival of tin; fillcs! liurin;! Hie lust i live years uf the practice of l.iw." All of lhi-se K'udcri reeo;ni::e Unit jcaminile crauiitlons have leminr- arlly dlim:;?d Hie yrospecls of ISWl's :rop of ijrsiliiates. lint since iiiinibrTs must work. It probably mf.'.ns [iul l'.o:.e \\lio do Mircceit will iiavc tu bi'iu! more effort than llK'lr ]iiTdi'ce?M)i'S. IN THE CJIANCKIIY COUIIT Ol' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AU- KANSAS. CillCKAKAWIJA D1S- TKICT. • Tli'. v Prixlontinl Insitrance Com- pr.ny of America, a corporation, l^aintiil. vs. of shrjMnrvIn If. H;,lihiM'ii nnd Ellmbeth W. UculUHMi, tils wife. Edna Por- due. and Mcr.ry i'crfhie, her husband. In<»ui.itionul Ur.nk of St. Louis, n otir]ioi-»ucn, Geoif;e A. Moyer, Chnrlis M. Rice, Ciiis nj'lsnicyi r. Jr., Kdward Iloi'inan and Henry Urenner, 'lYustcc. 1 ; of ri'.Urnntiunal flank uf SI. Ixiuis, '"ho Klenlrlc Pahu nnd Varnish Eight Fast 88c SdJing Day May 30 June 8 SUtrliiu; Sutunliiv. .Miiy ,'10—Hading Monday Jimp 8 Tn slmw ntir ttppriTiation for tho wtniih'rful patronage we received diiriiij,' our 'i'tittle Expansion Sale \vi' will linisli this snk- 1151 ;inil (jo one hell IT. Jusl a Fnv 1'Voin Our i\Iau We Have To Ot'lVt- \Ucnd SMS" Money Saving Event Jk-n's liroatlclnlli. Soliil K.'iiu'v Cnliirs. 'i for and 88 { TENNIS SIM All Si/.cs. lirown and While. 2 Pairs for 88 C SHOES kj^AVa^Uf C'hildron'y Slippors All Si and Oxfords ;. 1'iiir 88 C SANDALS Or (iailtirs for Mon. Tun 0rly S2.50 kind. 1'air I.itilies Wash Krotlss, Sheer and ('mil. ilSir value. 2 fur Sandals. Tlic New Fad rls. All Sliiidcs. I'air for Home Wash value. _$L88 Krnrks OOC Silk Step-ins, liloonu'rs and Slips. !)Sc vulucs. 2 fur OOC 00 DRFSSFS l>4lJ^XjuJL.v3 liltl I'air l.-.ulics_ Dross Stip- I'n--'. lii^j ]{;in;;e. I'air \V:t.sli!'l)lo Shiintiius. §1.95 Kind. Dig Assortment $1,75 $2",98 HOSE Kilk. Knll Fashioned. New Summer Shndrs. Pair Ready-to-Wear with "the txsl llsjure in the Brillsli Isles," although she was born !u America, and it's not the. leiist dltl'icult to figure out why she has won u place In Hollywood. She has been in talkleland fgr some time, but only recently hnve sludio executives .slgiilfKd their intention of slHiTlni; her. Ne.xt Is Pegyy Slinnnon. New York actress, who stopped into Clara Bow's famous shoos when the "If girl retired to a sanitarium re- renlly. Pcjgy, red-haired and Indeiwiiilent, strikingly resembles the Girl she succeeded. The little girl on the right, if you mast know, is one of Flo Zieg- leld's glorious girlies, Claire Dodd, shown here introducing Hollywosd's newest novelty, bicycle polo, to celebrate: the signing of a new contract. Company, n'corporation. The Federal JnUrmedlale Credit IJnnk uf Ht. l.onis, LI corporation, LaFay- ctle Sonlh Side Bunk nnd Trusl Company, n corporation. Bankers' Mortgage Company, n. corporal ion. C. C. Campbell, Administrator uf the Estate of W. M. McKea, deceased, Mrs. Mary E. Glenn, R. B. Nolen, Trustee, F. WARNING OltDEIl CHANCERY COURT. CHICKA' SAWUA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Equitable Building .t Loan Association, Plaintiff, vs. W. L. Cunningham et al. No. •136-1, Defendant. The defendants, A. Harrison and Mrs. A. Harrison, are warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the cnptlon hetcof ant] inswer the complaii^ ol the plain- till Equitable DuMdlng St 1.0:111 As- ^oclatiurt. Dated May 22, 1931. R. L. u A INKS. Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. Jesse Taylor Atty Ad Litem. 22-29-5-12. Hy NKA Service BEIDAIHE. O.-I'm still eeltlng ;hc breaks, lint not the vighi kind," says Smiling uilly Nciihart, 14, Ihe most successful and most cheerful ban-breaker in exisle:ice. with 52 fractures in his record. He has hcon breaking one 1 Iwie alter mother since he was a baby. This brave youngster has ijiiit •uking anesthetic and Jus', grits Ills teeth when Ms broken bones are set "because it costs tco much to go to the hospital.' lie came into -national prominence two rears ago \vhen his 30th tone was broken and the Newspaper Enterprise Association Service sent out tn its clients all over the country a little story aboul Billy. That story brought Billv 50000 letters and postcards. Including a treasured .letter from John Cool- Idge, son of the former pre.siilem. Trouble seems to Jusi keep on troubling Billy. Two months ago he bumped Into a table. Presto! Broken leg. Then another was crushed as Billy was being carried home from 1 school. And now Billy faces anotlv-r bad "break." He may he forccil lo give up his education because his big sister, who in the past has carried him to his fifth grade classes, enters high school next fall. Physicians are at a lass to determine the reason for Billy's brittleness, except that they know his' bones do not have sufficient lime. "I've (juii taking anything when . , , I get 'em set," Billy informed his 1 CCKt dll<l aml »«>™r polity o; visitcr. Takes too much money toi monc y as it is. So I just grit my go to the hospital for ether. 1 have teeth and (ell 'cm to go to it." A, Robinran. dolly business a.< Robinson Packing Company, Clyde T. Dcnton. Trustee, and Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, a corporation, S. J. Mc- Deainion, Trustee, and P. A Hoblnson. Defendants. WARNING OKDKK The defendants, Edna Perdue, and Henry Perdue, her husband, It seems 20° cooler under your OLAR TRAW Ant] you're smarter . .. for wlio look li.-ilf-rn.iilcil rmii np- ]> siiKirl, loo! This yenr's "Solars" are the piamli -I nf all. HHTC'S n swagger .-n.iplirini Milan, for instance ... or a youthful Optimo 1'utuima ... or :in I'asy, clean cut Srtinit Sailor. Also, there are others . . . each fcalher-liglil .itul airy... each at n record low price! J.98 2- 98 3 .98 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY, Inc. 220-222 W Slain SI. Blytntville, Ark. INSIST on the INSIDE FACTS For Your Protection Make These Comparisons Before You Buy Your Tires U M)F.K!VEATH the surface is wtivris you gel the cold <rutli about lire values. It's the iiuitte. oj the tire —the method of construction and the quality and quantity of materials — thai determines its Stamina, Performance, Safely, VALUE. You can no more tell the quality of n tire by its outside appearance than you can tetl the character of a man by the kind of clothes he wears. , We have arranged to show you cross src- lions of Firestone and special brand mail or- iler lire*. You can come here anil make your own comparisons, uninfluenced by any Bales propaganda. \Ve urge you to thoroughly check every vital point — rubber volume, weight, width, thick* nets, nnd plies under iha trend. Then buy accordingly,— ON FACTS AND FACTS ALONE. Against the various claims presented about different lires, isn't this the mosl logical suggcstiou ever made to you? Could there be nny more positive way to definitely determine which lirca offer you thn most for your money'.' Thnrc ran bf iu> ijiipstion or roiUroreray when you gel the FACTS yourself. J MOST MILKS per DOLLAR COMPARE THESE PRICES A UTOlfOBIl.EX«Ti*firt«rtnil>n>t tile rhino. with »{»<{al l;«nd lirw. Wk? llioald Ton lake tlte ! ! rUk wh«n rcm c»n MTV pnon<7 &/ bUTinr FirdTona ( •VftHtT UEtfleJd typ* Trent B» »nd in addition eel •ar Mrvrct. ': W» tin bdotr the Itcding rcplarrmrnt ji = «. HAKE Of CAR Ford 1 Cbrrroler J Oierrolet Ford Ford -] w k hT° ! V' — } Enkme I J Clindltr. 1 DcSoto_ _. Dodge (>rafaam-Paige Pontiac. UixweTell Vilirt-Knlihtj NljItlZIl} Mirqncttc . \ OId«mobllc....j Buick Ant»ni_.. ^ JonUo i Reo J Cardaer ^ Marmon... O.kJan.l I Stndcbn^cr J Chrrslcr 1 Yiki w " L 3 .J 1 FrmUm -j Hadson \ P«k«JdIZ".'.'} I'icrcc.Arrow.... Ciditlae 1 Mncntn J Tine (I2E t.40-21 1. 50-20 i.50-21 4.75-19 t.75-20 5.00-19 5.00-20 5.25-18 5J5-21 5.50-18 S.50-19 6.00-18 6.00-19 6.00.20 6.00-21 6.50-20 7.00-20 Cull Frit*. E»eN- •4-9S *.** f-H *.*5 »-7* ••f* 7.1« 7.». ••17 «-7f «.«o «.»• "" Xl.f« 11.** «« «A »•••• arand Millar. J4.98 5.60 5.69 C.C5 6.7S 6.9S 7.10 7.90 8.57 8.75 8.90 ll.ZO 11.40 11.50 11.63 13.10 1S.3S OM- PlKt. Ptr Pair • ».*• 1*4O ii. ia ».«• 1J.1O !»,*• !**• If.3* «*7» •7» I7.M 17.J» st.7* •*.!• ••.M *«.«• __ ^_ ^. COMPARE Construction and Quality 4.f*-Xl TIRE Rubber Vol. MmWiilth . . Hun Thickness . . M»r« Flics at Tri-aJ 4-75 in. -»»7 In. * plica •*A Special llnnd Mail OrdtrTfre 15-731U. 4.74 In. • S7«in. S titles ^ Double Cuarmtee-Evrry lirc ,,, a , lu r a( , lurcii J br lirnlDtir. lirars llie nnmc "FIRESTOXE" .-inii rarncs Firestone's unlimilcil sunranlcc nnil oiirj. ' You arc dmililr prnkclrd. + A Special lirnnd lire i» m.^c ], 7 a rnnmifdc- tliwr for d,,lril,,,lor« .nth M Mail OrU.r HOD««, oft rompames and olherj, un.lcr n name thai <lo« not i,lcmif r ih c i; rc mam ,faelnrcr lo itic public, usually l)ceouw ho liuilils lii< "first line'' nrcs unilcr LI, OMI nnme. Firestone pals his name, on retry tire he make?. All -we ask is this: Come in to our Service Stores and sec for yonrself set-lion* vnt from various tires. Com/Hire Quality — Construction — and IVicr*. 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 1*

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