The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1951
Page 5
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THtJRBBAY, W5CWWBET5 27, 1991 <AT?K.) COUKIE* raws OSCEOLA NEWS STARR GAZING &U V . rU(. Star, I-S V * *Tki tttf mornlm "lEV .-•i> th* floor i« after the day r*malni of toys all over broken horns and trains th»t tefl^M to run; SQ muefc pushing and shoving for n* .(Uyi tun CHw, OhriilniRs dinner was great Bu« waf dran conglomeration gar* Um indigestion. A» I alwavs sa\ "Anticipation is great** 'than'reallzatlon." You'll ad- mtt you had more fun putinR your Christmas tree than you did taking it down.« -- Leo Sjhrelck our 111 1 ole postmast- 'er. saj'i' about the Christmas rush: .. "It posped me out." Do I hear sec-. onds? And «pe»klng of such, a meek ..little man . in a restaurant asked. "Are you Mr. Jones of St. Louts'" "_ The man replied. "No, I an not." ', Tin meek little man stammered - »nd said. "Well I am and that's my hat you're putting on." the book. Such a beautiful wedding! I loved the Idea of ice blue and white color scheme . . . looked Chrlstmasey as well «s "brldcy." Congratulations! Well, my 11-year-old "Son",Is ting In the groova (man-like). Llltle Pbll Morrow, three vear old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Morrow knelt to say his prayers and this was It: "Dod bless my sisters, my mom- inle mid my daddy, you know my daddy. Dod? His name is Mr. Bob Amen." Agreeable people are usually the ones who agree with YOU First YMCA organized In the USA was on Dec. 20, 1851—100 years of success. Dont turn a man down because he Is handicapped. Maybe he can't do so much as an able-bodied ma but he Iwll do as much. Remember that. : Osceola really Is decked out to the fullest In Christmas decorations. In all these years of decorating they have really gone all out to make this ye«r memorable. Beginning with the •beautiful Crrlstmas parade. Highway 61 and Hale Avenue look : like Time Square. The municipal light plant Is responsible for It, . They furnished all the lighting ..decorations M well as the "Juice." .. The spire on the Presbyterian • Church with the red floodllzhts . ehlninj on 11, h another one of "the ..beautiful sight*. . This haj caused »o much praise, ;.;! hear tt li to be permanent. Credit f -'_tott to Dick Cromer, Jr., for this • eontrtbuWon. ' Alll-rn-aH'Oaceola fe really drei- " «ed up *or th* holidays. Dont »org«t that hog jowl and ' Mattered peas, . .with the hog look- V Ing aouth, nahrrally. I'm not planning on klMln? him •• anytime soon, but rd like the looks :pf Federal Judge Tom Murphy If he'd shMrt that Stalin mustache a little, • •"• '-' Th« d[ff«rencw betwa«n • country . ^neighbor* and oHy neighbors Is W that country n»l«hbor« remember all about you and city neighbors for• •«* aH about you. • Tern a**d «o no ferttMr than .Wl*d*#l StvMt fa O«s»ola M you • ••» te Mircfa of a e*t«r*M, and I • »w««i to M! you a jood one, too. . M«r (Mm. Welby) Toung fa the . .p«r*on tit whom I'm speaking and all the cute thing* she can make tHlt of a slice of bread I . She ha« that certain knack It takes *a tun a party into a part-te*. "A toast to the New Tear" I know my yearly resolutions I • make by heart •• And I iwear every year to make • myself a better soul. I decide from all my mistakes I'll -- depart, < But erery year I make the same old rlgamarole. • However I know of nothing worse'n Trylni W> b< another person. OSCEOLA NEWS By Bel lye Nelle Slnrr Turkey Dinner Held , Forty (ruests were entertained by D. H. Blncktvood, Jr., and Albert Gallihl with a turkey dinner Wednesday night at the Hut. The large mirror over the but/et. was outlined in silvered magnolia leaves and shot with glitter. In the center ot the tiered table a silver, bowl filled with red tulips a n d flanked by slender burning red t;ip- er.s were reflected in the mirror. A large Christmas tree which carried out the stiver and red motif was standing at an end of the table. The guests were seated at small tables where the silver and red decorations were used. Out-of-town guests werfc Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Rose of Roseland, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lowrance of Driver and Jimmy Holmes of Memphis. Following dinner, the guests danced to th« music of Willie Blooms. . Guest Honored Mr. and Mrs. Searcy Mears .and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gillespte entertained for Mr. and Mrs. Thad Pelton of Bay Town. Tex., Sunday night with a steak dinner at the Hut. 'Hi* guests jfere seated at a banquet table centered with an arrangement of Christinas red flowers and red Upers in silver candelabra. Hold Dinner Party Mr. and Mrs. Clem Whistle. Br. anUrtalned with a dinner party Thursday night at Hotel Noble in Blythevilie honoring their .son, Clem Whistle, Jr., and his fiance. Misi Karolyn Rose spelse. The guests were members of the oouple's families. Centering the table was a while Christmas tree with red carnations tied to red inch bough. The . base of th» tree waa entwined In red malirw and red candles in branched silver stood at either side. - Miss Spetsa waa presented a oor- saje of rert carnations. For the occasion she was dressed in mi afternoon gown o! forrcst green velvet. lirldes-EIcct Honored Two brides-elect were honored Friday when Mrs. Harold Ohlen- rJorf and Mrs. Darrell Crane en- tcri.'iined at tlw Blythevilie Country Club for Miss Karolvn Rose Speise and Miss Peggy Jane Driver. A bridal theme of pink atid white was carried out in the center design of the table at which the guests were seated. Pink and whit** In silver bowls were sprinkled with glitter and interspersed with puffs of pink Illusion. The lionorees were presented corsages of white rosebuds and gifts 0 [ linen. Rehearsal Dinner Held Climaxing the series o! parties honoring Miss Karolyn Roje SpeUe and her fiance, clem Hamilton Whistle, Jr., was the rehearsal dinner at the home of Mrs. L- D Mas- scy, Saturday night. Mrs. A. W. Bon-en was co-hostess for the event the table was overlaid In linen and centered with a circular container filled with colorful baubles and outlined In white chrysanthemums. The 34 gue.sts were sealed at small tables centered with red candlas Vivid red polnsetttas were placed at Intervals about the entertaining rooms and a Christmas tree was set in the sun parlor. Employe* Give firtr TUB employes .of the Mississippi County Bank and thaw of the Florida Heal Estate and Insurance Company gave their annual Christma! party for the bo.rd members and special guest's. The families of numbers of the organization attended the affair which was given in the lobby of the bank. , Special guest* were' Mr. and Mrs Ben Butler, Mr. and Mrs, Item* and Mr. and MM. Charlie A banquet table was overlaid In ••tin damaak and held an array of party foods and the traditional eggnog and fruit cake. Red candles nestled In bouglis ol evergreen and were Interspersed rlth th« baubles. The large Christmas tree In the '« of Santa Clans holding gifts for the gue.sts. ' Hold Family lUunion Mrs. Harry Driver's family enjoyed an old-time family reunion during the holidays. Her daughter. Mrs. W. B. Johnson and Mr. Johnson ol West Memphis, hei grandson. Lieut, w. E. Johnson, Jr., wife and son, W. E. Johnson, III. attended the celebration. 11. Johnson returned to the United States in December after spending eight months In Korea as a navigator. LI. Johnson made 60 missions while there. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pope and family entertained (lie family for Christmas dinner at their country home. "Twin Farms." Mrs. Pope U a daughter of tin. Driver. After the holidays 1,1. Johnson will train at line-well, N. M. Honored Wllh Dance Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ransom Cullom, Br.. honored their granddaughter. MUs Joanne Cullom. who is home from CUilfparl- Co'llege GiiJfporl, Miss., with s formal dance at their country home at Carson Lake Saturday night. One hundred fifty college student.-; attended. MiM Cullom received with Terry Rees of Booneville, Miss., and wore a Cell chap- man dance gown at white Illusion featuring a strapless bodice and draped folds of Christmas red velvet embroidered Ih gol• bugle beads and pearls. HOT shoes were of Identical red velvet and she pinned an orchid In her hair. Clusters of balloons in red and green were suspended • from the cellinj of the foyer of the home and a white Chrlstmaa tree with colored baubles and sprinkled with silver glitter and flanked by silvered magnolia leaves was the focal point of Interest In the receiving room. At midnight, the dining table was ladened with foods In keep- Irur with the holiday season. The centerpiece was a large while candle trimmed In sequins and centered with a anon- scene of reindeer »nd snowball sprinkled In aequins Guests from Memphis, Jonesboro, Blylheville. I^panto, Bassett and Onceola attended the event Bullers Kntrrialn Mr. and Mrs. Guy Butter entertained 30 of their friends Sunday night with-a drop-in. The refreshment table was overlaid with a lace cloth and centered with a Christmas scene flanked by tapers. The evening was spent Informal- Mni. Grain flmlesa Mrs. Johnny Grain of Wilson entertained the bridal party of the Whtstie-Spelse wedding with a luncheon at the Peabody Hotel In Memphis, Thursday. A silver bowl of white carna- c»nt«r«d the table and a BABSON (Continued' from Page 1) sales ot variety and drug chains. Foreign Trade Outlook 24. 1 believe that armament is to become & new and permanent Irdustry, at least for many years to come. Airplanes, tanks, artillery, guns, and munitions will constantly be replied B s they become obsolete. This new activity will operate much as the automobile industry has operated. I forecast Iliat (his will be more recogni?.ed throughout 1952. 25. Barring new war developments, I look for continued shrinkage In our civilian experts during 1352. Imports, however, may rise further. Exports to South America will be off. Total foreign trade should not be changed murh, but the exporters will be on the short end of this business with the Importers yalning. 26 Except for war supplies, It will become more difficult to convince Congress that additional heavy credits should be granted abroad. 27. Many domestic manufacturer* will feel Increasing competition from foreign merchandise, A cry for Increased tariff protection will be heard: but no radical larlfl | C g. IsiatIon will result. MORR DEFICIT I'lNANCI.VO 28. The first quarter o[ loss may actually see '« budget surplus as a result of high national income and Increased taxation. But. a federal deficit will surely arise during the balance of the year. ' 29. Government loans will grad- *jj A patient asked the doctor If he ; thought she would recover. He told her he was sure shs would as one In every forty with her dls- I ease recovered and the 39 he had .treated before her were all dead. It would be almost impossible to thank each one who so willingly I and generously contributed to mv I plea for home mnde candy for the' veteran.! for their breakfast trays on Christmas morning. You were all wonderful and it thank you from the bottom of mv, : heart. The 300'boxes were filled and the! 300 boys who received them all say' "thanks." Has anybody seen Mrs. C B Wood. Sr.7 I Can you Imagine a grandmother.! of all people, taking four grand-' c-hlldren on a two-day «hopplng ' party? I can't. And In all that Christ-' mas. pushing at that. Whew! i Thirty minutes at sterlines with my two 0-men whoops me down, i EV i i* Karolyn Rose and Clem (Whistle) made a bride and groom out of , S^.. Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day black velveteen two piece semi- ffirmul dress with winter while accessories. Miss Driver ilonorerf Miss Diane Butler and Miss Ilia Vern Crews entertained 25 members of the younger set for a morn- Ing party to sny good-bye to Miss Shirley Bowen Driver, who Is leaving soon for 'Lexington, ya., to make her home. The party was given in the Butler home and Christmas decorations were used. The refreshment table was overlaid with a maderla cloth and centered with a snowman scene. Miss Driver and her fnmlly. Mr and Mrs. w. J. Dnver will' leave following new year's for their new home. Personals Miss Evelyn Smith of Lns Cruses, N. M. is the holiday guest of her mother, Mrs, J. I,, Ward and family. Bob Bailey of Natchez. Miss., is spending the holidays with his family. Mrs. Bailey nnd son Prank. Mis mother. Mrs. E. W. Bailey accompanied him to Osceola. Snow Wilson arrived Saturday night to spend the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Oillesple. He attends Western Military Academy, Alton. HI. Mr. and Mrs. Thad Felton and daughter. Miss Suzanne Felton, of Bay Town, Tex., are visiting Mrs. Felton's niother, Mrs. J. H. Lovewell and other relative*." Mr. and Mr«. Jesse Clinton attended the funeral of Mr. Clinton's aunt Mrs. Virginia Howell in Bardwell. Ky.. Sunday. PAGE u*ar ktcfM** during iwt and wtli be torn* s4r«ntthenin« cf buic Jnt«r»at rttei. »0. Government bonds will continue to be held tightly between the floor of Federal Reserve support purchases and (he ceiling of Federal Reserve anti-Inflation sa)« Under auch condition! price change, should be negligible during 1952. 31. While Canada and South Africa have permitted -free market*" or revaluation of gold, because of increase* In costs of production the Administration Is still opposed The gold stock of the United States is, however, likely to be revalued upward »hen the nation in the opinion of government cconoinlits "needs another shot of Inflation."' MARKKT, BOND OUTLOOK 32. Until the danger of war Is past, wise people who can easily do so will move out ol large homb- viiltierable cities and avoid having investments In such areas. :i3. Sometime during 1953 stocks will sell lower than current quotations. This applies especially to oils and certain "blue chips. 11 34. Stock now In the best position for 11)52 should be many of those that have not been popular as inflation hedges In the past months. I like good chain variety store stocks, certain movie stocks and possibly the air-transportation Issues. 35. Investment trust funds pension funds, and insurance companies may provide «n excellent backlog of demand for sound Income slocks where good values can be demonstrated. 36. Successful Investors ol 1952 will be those who have the patience to follow a carefully planned Investment program. Such a program will emphasize diversification—not only by company and Industry, but alw by quality and cash. 31. Highest-grade taxable corporate bonds should hold In a narrow rrlc- rang- during 1052, but I »ee reason for Individual Investors to buy them unless they »r« convertibles. 38. With present high Income taxes, lax-exempt bonds should continue In good demand. Investors should see to It that, their bond •naturlttcs are carelully diversified vlth some part of their bond funds naturlng each year. As there us- inlly Is not a good market for tax- exempts when an estate Is liquidated, it is wise to hold only such bonds as will mature near th« time >ne's probable death. RKAt, ESTATE ACTIVITY 39. Much of the recent renl es late boom was the result of eas> credit—almost nothing down »nd small payments for years hence. Under the recent legislation, there WAVY LINE CHENILLE SPREADS 3,77 (twin or full) Row after row of velvel-y sof!, pin-point chenille in her favorite wavy line design. Generous 4" bullion fringe matches color of spread. I WOMEN'S HATS - WOMEN'S ROBES 5.00 WOMEN'S WINTER COATS - - 15.00 WOMEN'S PURSES 1.00 Drew and Work Stylet MEN'S SHOES - - - 3.33 MEN'S BEACON ROBES - - - - 6.00 Larg« Siz«i, M«n't Nylon SPORT SHIRTS - 2.66 Foam Latex PILLOWS $ 5.00 CLEARANCE TABLE • Allotted NMH, 1 (fa. tin* 55 C • Gfas* Candy Dith« 66c • Caiiidy Pistod !'.'.'. 55c • Nylon Brassiere* 1 00 • Nylon Hose, 60 gauge. ..'.'.'. 50e Women'* DRESSES Taffetas .j.oo Crepes fi.oo Hijrh (Jusilily g.on w«l b« few»r amall hom«« built In 1M»; bul aome crMH restrictions will b« modified. Morljage money ahould soon be had on more liberal terms. 40. Noncssenllal eo mm building will be hit In lS52-but, barring World War III. controls will be lessoned rather than Increased. 41. The decline In new building will continue to throw a wet blanket over speculation ) n vacant, sub- iirbnirlotis during 1952. 42. 'Hie scare caused by the Korean-China War and fears o! an early outbreak In other sections will adversely mien Dip demand for big city real estate. This fear, however, Is declining and many who had put their city piojicrtjcs up for sale are withdrawing them. 43. Small sustenance fnrins should hold up well in pike as these continue to be valuable Inflation hedges. Demand for large commercial fnrms. however, should weaken as the year progresses. 44. Any swing back townm rent control will act us a further damper on n«H' apartment house building. There Is as yet no Incentive to build homes for rental Income, although rent control Is gradually lessening. 48. Tighter credit controls will make It more dllllcult to Improve older resident!*! properties, Hence, l!i« prices for the« should weaken even though these are now (lie best buys. 48. Volume of money and credit In circulation will contlnu* (• fa. crease to about the peak of a few years back. The big il»» ha« b*m In credit. Much of th» credit increase Is "secured" by eommoltty and property values that can shrink greatly when defens* »penclln« ends. * UKKEN.SE ORDERS AP*» POLITICS 47. Those who can do so ahouM attempt to get defense orders U needed to hold up production volumes and reduce overhead Not too much profit from such war business should be expected. These contracts si-Ill be subject to tljhtfisled renegotiations. 48. The political outlook for 1M« will be completely dominated b? Jockeying for position In the presidential race for 1952. Barring world War III, Congress will paw very llllc new legislation except som» sops to labor and the veterans. •10. Congress will siil! be dominated by a conservative coalition of Norlli nepubllcana and Southern Democrats. This North-South coalition will still be able to curb on- slnuBhts by New Dealers. 50. Democrats, as well as Repub- licruis, In Congress are making every effort to avoid antagonizing farmers. Again. In 1952—as In 1948 —the farmers will hold the balanca of power In the presidential and many Congressional elections. Midwest stales can mnke or breaic th» Presidential candidates The labor vote Is oiTf r 406 W. M«ln In Osceo/a... CALL Harold Siler at Siler's Drug Store for everyday delivery of the Blythevilie Courier News WARDS 80-SQUARE PERCALES -REG. 2.79 AND 2,98 FOR 2.69 EACH NOTE THESE STYLES— DETAILS-PATTERNS 8ig, spring selection. Coal «tyl«, ilpper Ironh and ihirrwcml ryp.i. Generously tun tWrtt, «om« at wid« o, W, Many vilh 2 deep hand/ pocleeti. plaHering V-ihopsd, »w««lh«ar| or j ql Generous while trims. Face-framing organdy ruffles. Eyelet pique collar). Pretty lac» trimi. Novelty buttons. Gay piping. New tpring patteim in colorful combination*. Oi«ery florals, geometries, plaids, SIZES FOR MISSES', \VOM£N, ALSO EXTRAS L

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