The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1947
Page 5
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^TUESDAY, MARCH 11. 194? Assassin's Poor Saves Roxas Arrest Labor Head As Co-Principal In Philippine Plot MANILA, MnicU 11 (UP)-Amauo Heniamtcz, editor and acting clinlr- man of the Philippine Congress of Labor Organizo-lions. was arrcsled oday as H co-principal In the attempted assassination of President Miguel Roxas. W5 arrest followed the confession earlier today of Julio Guillen who told police he threw the hand erenade that exploded yesterday "car a platform from which Roxas «ad just spoken. Roxas was not Hint but seven persons suffered Injuries. Guillen, a minor opposition partv official, told police thai he had concluded that Roxas was responsible for all the troubles of the Phllio- Pine republic. Guillen said he had made that decision after reading newspaper accounts criticizing the Roxas government. He acted entirely on his own, he said. Roxas was returning to his scot on the platform after he had just addressed a mass meeting at the Plaza Miranda in the heart of Manila when the grenade exploded Police said the grenade was thrown almost at the feet of Roxas out that officials nearby kicked it i L nj'ured aiUl "^ PrBSWent was not The blast did injure a photographer who was taking a picture of Roxas and Carlos P. Romulo, the ' iiHippine's permanent delegate to the United Nations. Three bystanders wrestled with Guillen at the scene and identiiie-1 bomb" 8 man Wh ° threw tn(> Guillen had made his will and it S?s m Jus pocket when he was ar- Vod Also in his pocket was his appointment as a party election in- Hy ,°rt S ! B " Bd **'' th ° ° fflclal mlnm ~ Police grilled him throughout the day and last night in an effort o determine if he were the tool of an organized venture, but unofficial source* said he had convinced them he was working alone rI,T!lTr. i! ! JU , red m lhe e *P'°siou in- nf » ,f °,' ° SC Tim "°' Commander of the Malacanan Guard, and Mnslalang, Malacanan ph BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Baylor Confers Degree On President Truman Roxas voted this morning for Uv> }'""'>' "-{Ehls amendment in a pleb-' iscite-tiie cause for which he had list finished speaking when the attempt on his life was made. Three Alarm Fire Routs Out Roomers ROCK, Ark.. March II —riie Gillespie Appliance Co w-K I ^ni' VOS i Sevcllth st reel here was badly damaged b thre»- alarm fire early today: •' Several persons rooming on the second floor of the 55-year old -ury buildills esca t>ed without lu- Thc fir c t alarm was received at ?<;? ]i I he second fivc minutes w 2 "r . e third at 6:W a -m. No estimate of the damage was ivaitablc immediately, but a (beauty crvicc anrt rce d store also in the oakeT 'building were water- It Is estimated that between four "id eight nor cent or the n S population | S left-handed ' r his B ? Ml °' Eajrlnr "'»™«"y. which conlerrc.l nn honornry ° " BW '" t0 " 1>IlOto: Tom Ctark ' °' S ' Atln ™'>' General; Tom , »u H ™"* ^ MBy ° r ° f ^ clt * ° l Wu «>' l "" "«=«• P™'*** °« ™'' PlClUr ° PrCSiUC " 1 Tru •erce of Doctor of Laws o , u , f Connally, senior i.nto, f™ T^n Baylor, and Pres dent ™"* Just after receivmhis de e S Kn« r ° rCSC " 1 Trul " nn """'^ " is "«""" l ° ™ Telephoto) Stantlmg to r,gl,t of President Truman is Ciovcrnor Beauford Jester. (NBA Spelling Bee Eliminations To Be Held In Courthouse March 29 The Mississippi .ounty eliminations in tli e Press-Scimitar's Fourth Annual Mid-South spelling Bee April 25 will be held Saturday, March 29, in the auditoruim of BIythcville Courthouse, Philip j. Deer, County School supervisor, faid today. H. C. Knappenberger, executive secretary of the Mississippi County R. E. .A., nun secretary-treasurer of the Mississippi county Farm Bureau, u-ili gi vc a 525 Savillgs Bond to the first place winner and the Mississippi ounty Principals and Superintendents Associa- ,11011 will ive $10 in Savings Stamps to the second place winner in the county contest. The winner will enter the Spcll- j were Bobby Etherise, 8th 'gmd- cr from Dyersburg, Tcnn.. first, niici Friedrich "Sonny" Lackmann, niythevllle grnnunnr school student, second. Only students who have not passed the eighth grade are eligible for entry. ir. Bee in Memphis, to be 1 , Tech llih School. Eve ry cut eld ant In ! be Read Courier News Wan; Ada. t!ie contest in Memp'his awarded at $25 bond. Firs winner will receive a free rip to Washington, D. C. lo complete in the National spelling Bee; second j prize winner will receive n S100 U. is. Savings Bond and third prize winner will win a $50 Savings Bond. Winners hi last year's contest - Brings MjGHTY FAST Long-lasting Relief In f CHEST GOLDS RUB ON [T ^fcflf. ~ / x ,, ,MvC *lm »:/* tof m/-.f ^\ EASTCft BLGUSCG AT A SPECIAL PRICE ; ; .' 49 Cloiid-sliccr~rayoiis7 fresh as an Easier lily liaiiiHicrcliicf-likc rayons, sofl as the finest linen! They're touched willi lace, with ciiibroiJcry, wilh cascading ruf- Ilcs ,.. styled lo compliment your most feminine siile. Choose from our big selection, \Vliilc. 32-31). Reid Robinson, CIO Left Winger, Resigns Job WASHINGTON, March n. (UP) -Ht'lc Uoblnson, president of the United Mi,,e, Mm , uu , Bln ,. lt Workers (CIO), reslyned today in ft surmise cllnmx lo » bitter dls|iu'i> whrnr" l ! 10 ll "' on ' s lc(t mul f "< h l Willn f:\ctlons. ncd 0 wii l h 0 'Ji, cwl1l J >rtlll !j 1 rbct '! 1 1<|c| "i- f!?,""T d nls "^H'lnfon slioi-tlv ">o- roie n> was to confer wlih'ciO !„ ! I'M 1>ll " l|) Mllm <.v o» wnys M., ' " nlol »'» fnctlonnl slrlfo. Mil my slepiicil In nfier :i(i lot-ills mil seceded In protest mjiilnst lloli- jiisoii s Ji'JKu'i'slih) ""'IV'T lww(1 "°" 1 " pl( "«" «"81} alt.tck on what lie called "tin. ion busting" forces not only in lil- orgiinl/uiion but In (he , m( i 0 , m) 010 us well, ire said He would slay on is r, rank-aiul-mo ineniber to Ughl for the "preservallon o( oil" iniBnty union." , PAGE FIVft US$ Memphis Relics To Rest In Museum "MEMPHIS. Tenn., March 11. (UP) --1 >>f VSS Memphis will jc broken lip into scrap, but the famed cnns- Musical Instruments Supplies - Repairs Radios, Office Supplies SPECIAL ORDERS SOLICITED Schools, Churches, Humls, Oeht'sJras & Clubs Givtn SPECIAL PRICES On Musical Inslrimionff! J.MellBrooksJr 107 E. Main Tel. 811 ss, auxliary steering wheel, float- ng anchor, namepiat* and pboto-" static log pagtt. • . 1, .;,*;,* I HO TO FLY KITfcS AWAY FROM ELECTRIC WIRES • • -, v DO USE DRY COTTON STRING DON'T CLIMB POLES TOT, RECOVER KITES D 0 N't USE METAL or WIRE ON KITES t This Message Published as a Public Service by ARK-MO POWER CO. Coniniuni(y Wo S<;rve" "A C'i(jy.uu in Marquis James tells of "ONE OF METROPOLITAN GREATEST YEARS-1946 r LiKE with its long-cslnblishcd "Open Book" policy, Mclropolitnn recently iskcd Mnrquis James, noted historian and a Metropolitan policyholdcr, to write the Company's Annual Report to Policyholders for 1916, Mr. James was unusually well equipped to do this because he imd just finished, at the request of the Company, n Ihrce-ycnr study of Metropolitan's operations from the time it was founded. The results of this •tudy have been published by the Viking Press under the title of "Trip Mclropolilnn Life, A Study in Business Growth," on sale at any bookstore. In Mr. James' report of (lie Company's operations for 191G, he tells a story of con- tinned progress in service to policyholdcrs. He points out— — Hint payments to policyholdors nnd their beneficiaries last year exceeded $630,000,000. —thnl 2,'100,000 people bought new Mclropolitnn policies in 1916. — Hint the amount of new insurance purchased in 19'IG topped anything in Metropolitan's 73 years in business. —Hint the gain in insurance in force sot a new high record. — Hint the Company had one ol the lowest death rates in its history. —thnl, dcspitcn trend toward increased cosls caused primarily by a continued decline in interest rales e,w;icd, the Company lins found it possible to con-" tinuc clivi'dcnds on Ordinary and In-' tluslrial policies during the coining year ' (it Hie same rotes as during 1946. Mr. Jnmcs' report is much more (han a compilalionof statistics. Amongothcr things,, lie discusses Iho social value of Metropoli- ' (nil's invcslmenls. For cxnmplc, hech'arae- ! terizcs Metropolitan's housing program a» . o— — "oloid demonstration ol how private . enterprise worki lor the public good." Whether or not you are a Metropolitan .'i policyholdcr, you will find the Annual- Report to Policyholdcrs well worth reading. To got your free copy, just fill in and maU the coupon below. BUSINESS REPORT FOR 1946 (In .cconlnnw .ill, the Ann,,nl Sl^cmcnt „, ot LXctn.l.-cr 31. 18W, f.ltj will, U,c New YorV Sl u lc I ns ,,, mC c D cpmlm , , "r- T ^™. ~^^?'V?? 1 *" 1 ^^ 1 ."^ . H*"" S WH ' CH fl » U " E »«tt«NT Of C.*«T,«,, animator Future r«yrmnl Ond.r S«pplim»nUry Contract, . 3JJ 7-17 GOT 65 hSldr5r l . h |" . r " ym " 1 . 1 " .Mc"i'™e'nTnci"iT««'"'m!*iII ) 'ii 1 c l y: rotlcirhorcfcrV Dividend L.Ct on . . . 53 767 508 JO £?£ui? for ?iymc"l 1 ?n l ' > 19o"tJ h ih ld "* ' ' ' l«,«15,377.0a ^'.'^^•'""Curr.ntlKOuf^^ndrnR .... 31,l)i;.61I.OJ Olh«r Policy Ohllsntloni . . ,„ ,,. „„, .„ Including premium, rcctivcd in • dvnrWc.'e to. ' ' " ^O.SU.'JOJ.ll . 2-12,837,541.17 ^WW^i 53 0.651.82 7.S7 , v All but 11.533.700.00 me IVcfenai or'c Firjl Mort«(o on Rc.l ™ 10S.85J.7SO.OO ^M&™«; thc^i^rtD^ 7 ' «J«.«».i« n««,e Housing project* nnd oilier rtol estate ", Rc»r». (or Mort s a,c . . . II.OM.OOO.OO Milce!Un*Qirl LTabllltfct ^ 21<W4S^9lfi TOTAL OBLIGATIONS ...,..'.'. }7.S<8 450 IDjlli Thus, Assets exceed OWig.ntions by $'I95,<)32,280.85 N This snfcty fund is mndc up of: I Srccial Surplus Funds S8.i,533,000 00 S « . (includint .569, for ponihlc lo,. ->,wu.«u ; . . or fluctuation in the value of L Un.lssigncd Funds (Surplus) $'H3,4.1D.280.S5 ) iiuthor^^'c^ann t^"*"! at .^ lafi - s? S.fi29.S.1 in the nlxive statement nrc di ny. v.anau,nn uuiincsi cmbiaceu in ttiis statement ii reported A»»I,«J In M lS.^ „'„,' , pi ".885.954.04 IndebtedncM ($39,628,289.63 uSdcr contract of »«lc) ..... 761721osiul C..h .nd ». nk o.po,it, . . . ', 76 ' 1 "- 19S - 8< ' Pr.mI U rm,D.t« T .rf,ndln ........ «.nUr.,f.Rn,u.-.7., « TOTAL ASSETS TO Ms*, f^,. JM IOHS '. '. wTi This fund, representing nbctcv «6 percent of the • ... obligations, serves us a cushion agair.S [Wssiblc un- favornblc experience and gives extra assurance that all policy benefits will be paid in full as they fall due. ^^^S^l^^^^"^-^^^^^^^^ Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (A MUTUAL COMPANY) II. rci.-rcilMf.UAH o» Titp. B.JASD r.rrnv A. f.r'rtco/n. 1 MADISON Avu,u*, Ntw YORK 10, N. Y. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE Co. 1 Madison Avenue, New York 10, N. Y; Gentlemen: I i, Please srrwl me a ccipy of your Annual Report 1 _1<H6 " '' "° nc ° f Mctr °P° litan ' s Greatest Yea: NAME STRSET AND NUMBER. .

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