Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 21, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1896
Page 4
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CORNER. fa tbe following Items: All kinds of warm weather dress ••oda; nil kinds of gauze nnderwear Itor ladles, gouts and children; all kinds »f gold, silk and leather belts;.all kinds •f laces iiiul trimmings nod all other Unto o( poods. DAILY JOURNAL ftobUihed every day In the week (except Monday) by the Logansport Journal Company. W. S. WRIGHT.. ............ ~... President A. HARDY ................... Vice President C. W. GRAVES .................... Secretary |L B. BOYER ...................... Treasurer Price per Annum Price per Month Official Paper of City and County. (Entered us second-class matt-matter at the Logansport Post Office, February 8. 1*8, REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President. McKIM-KY JK. ofOhl". For Vlce-1'reHltli'iit. OAKKKTT A. HOHAKT of New Jcr.ioy. For Governor, JAMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery county For Lieutenant Governor, W. S. HAO.G.'VKD of Tli>iH'Ciinou County. For Sourplury of Stute, .WILLIAM J). OWKN of Ct«t» County. For Auditor of SitatiT, AMKKICITSC. BAILEY of lioone county. For TriMifturtT of -State, JTRKDJ. SC"HOL7. of Vimderbei'R county. For Attorney General, WILLIAM A.KETCHAM of Mtirlon county For lleiiorter ofSupremo Court, CHAKLKS F.llKMY of Itartholeinew Jor Superintendent of Public Instruction V. M.OKKTIXft of Harrison county For Stiite Statistical!, S. J. THOMPSON of Shelby county. For JmlKes <>f thn A|>i>ellBte Court, First l>lstrlc-t, WOODFOJIBKOBIXSOS of Gibson county Second District, \V K. HJ-JNLK Y of Kusli county. TlilrU District, D. \V. COMSTOCK of Wayne comity Fourth District, I JAMES «• "LACK, of Murlon county. Fifth District, 17. '/., WILEY of lleutoji county. Electors at Liir|{c, H. G. TIIAYKW, CHAS. F. JON US, FOK CONCKKSS, GEOKGE W, STEEL E, For Joint Representative. •WILLIA M T. WILSON of Cass county. For BeiireKontatlve-CHAKLES B. i-ON«i Frosecutor-CHAKLES E. HALE. For Clork-JOSEPH G. GRACE. For T«..surcr-MKNJAMINF.KEESLINO For Sheriff-!. A. ADA.KS. ForStirveyor-A.l». DODD For Coroner-Bit. J. A. DOWNEY, For Assessor—JOSEl'H 1SAK11. For Commissioner, First Distrlct-JOHN OEKBAKD. For ' Commissioner, Third Dlntrlct- ABBAHAM SHIDELEK, COMPARE THEM. "The Republican party Is unreservedly for sound money. It caused the enactment of the law providing for the resumption of specie payments In 18"9; Btace then every dollar has been as good as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to every measure calculated to debase our currency or Impair the credit of our country. We arc therefore opposed to the tree coinage of sliver except by International agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, and until then such gold standard must be preserved. "All our silver and paper currency must be maintained at parity with gold, and we favor all measures de- Blgned to maintain Inviolably the obli gallons of the United States and all our money, whether cola or paper, at the present standard, the standard of the most enlightened nations of the earth." — 'Republican platform. "We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both gold a-nd silver at thi present legal ratio of 1C to 1, withou •waiting for the aid or consent of anj other nation. We demand that 1.hi standard silver dollar shall be a ful legal tender, equally with gold, for a! debts, public ni-3 private, n-nd we finer such leglelntlon as will prevent tht demonetization of any kind of legal ten <lu- money by prlvare contract.— Demo cratic platform. We demand free and unlimited ooin age of silver nnd gold at tine present le sal r.itfo of l(i to 1.— I'opulist platform 1892. . .We -hold 1o tlic use of both geld am silver !i.< tin- standard money of tl)< •connti-y. and to the eoln:ige v of both goli and (Silver, without discrlmjnatiui against eit.hor metal or charge for mint age, but the dollar unit of 'coinage o both metals must be of equal int.rlnsl and exchangeable value or bo adjuntei ^through International agreement or b. »nch safeguards of legislation as shal insure the maintenance of the parity of t/he two rnetala and the equal powe of every dollar at all times in (he mark eta and in payment of debt', and we de .-: .,,v, ; ^,.,~^;-;-- ? :—^y.r maud that all paper"icuriericy'shaU kept at par with and redeemable such coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON 'HIS POLICY AS ESPECIALLY NECESSAKY FOK THE PROTEC- 1'ION OF THE FARMERS AND LABORING CUASSES, THE FIRST VND MOST DEFENSELESS VIC- i-IMS OF UNSTABLE MONEY AND V FLUCTUATING ' CUKHENCY.- DiMiiocrntic platform, 1S02. How could auy'lndi-vlihwls lit- injured iy tilt: (ii'inom'ti/ilt-ion uf silv.br in, 1S~" when siivcM- was Hi to 1 by the coinaKU aw.s ii.iul in- the market* of tho world? ,Uid at n time too when (lie United Stiitos had not resinned specie payment V Before 1ST!), wlu;il specie payment was resumed, silver dollars were wined, more than ever before In the itory nf the nation,- and they wore kept at Hi io,l by being redeemable In a,nd .smoe then over *C,00,000,000 ha vi' been put out and they are kept iit Hi to 1 by bein mnde redeemable in . Isn't tl;nf stability and honesty for you? Could niryiutifpii. be fairer its people, to worki'ii'gnien who grt wages, to farmers who sell wheat and to cjipifalists wlio build fiittories and rniJrOiidsV. The cause of depression is not here. Woo be to t'he man who doe.* t'he nation this groat wrong. NOT is the remedy in repudiation, the t'ulik' attempt to make 50 cents worth of bullion sell -for $1 by government stamp. 01 ... dUthonosty of •afctemptra^ to mak same one take it for a silver dollar ivf to ir has t'hn government .stamp of one dollar upon i'l and is back -I n the hands of the mime owner who took ' tlie 50 cents worth of bullion to th.p mint be coined. to WHAT D.O "YOU GET? Will the silver m'Ltie owner who coJns ii fry-two ceirts worth of silver into a dollar. sell yon his silver dollar for fifty- two cents? He will demand of you nnd of every one who wants n wliite dollar, ono hundred cent* for that bis piece of money. How and whore, 'then, are you to reap tho benefits of -His system? What do you set out of it? The mine owner does not promise to lay up in heaven forty-eight cents for every dol Uir the government coins for him. It fc a question- whether the seipnomge should accumulate in the strong box of tlie silver barons, or to 'the lasting credit of t.he nation. The Government As Just rts greatly in peril now us it was in iSfiO. The rebellion was not more destructive of life and property than would be the reckless mtciimpt to chanse the mouerary system bv a one-half redtwtion i,n tlie Inilliou value of oiir coljiu Csi.pi.tal could not find safe invest men!: aml(l,t.he uncertain Rhlftlnjrs and labor without opportunity for work would sfarvc. Tlio i-estrncMon tluis invited would'not 'cease unt.il the ajiy forces -had exhausted themselves and ruin brought reason. It is the duty of every loyal citixon to roeognte Hiis trut,li. ' The Jouriwl suggested: bofoi-c (Jie con vwiitl-on. Hint .the T,iHl.mnu-Altgel'd-Bo'uu c-aiuUiiic Ixi cdflud Wre Popuci-atic party. Other -papers have taken it up. bur -make It ropocratic. The first is prcC i-rable, as the name suggests two part? populism and one pa-it Democracy. wtt.li the De.mocra.r.ic portion as a tall feature. Others Have named' .it the Amirchratie party, but that is a term of. reproacli. Topuerat is a -terni that need not be taken- us a- slight. It. embodies I He stand of Hie two riotoils factions that habitually oppose the srand old Republican The Louisville Courier-Journal presents imterviews witli 220 Democratic business-men and 400 medianlcs an'd la boring.men of Loul^-ille. Of the former, 155 weire outspoken agnlnsl Bryan and the PopuUstic Clucago plat form; 30 for Jr. a.nd -(0 noneommtt.tal Of fJie 400 Demooratl'c laborers 220 expressed themselves against the Bryan ticket, 13(i said they would supporl it. under protest and 41 said tlicy'..hat not made up tholr miwls. It is not at nil prob'hlile.that the uex House will have a majority favorablt to the free coinage of silver a't a ratio of 1C to 1. When it becomes a demonstrated fact that there Is no danger of this country adopting the silver standard ii conducting the business of the country prosperity will come ngain.and, with lower taxes on the necessaries of life every kind of business will boom again —I'liaros editorial, March 12, '90. The dmtter alwut.cheap -money and plenty money is idle. T.lie real Iftsuc a. stake is whether there shall be a oo.m plete unsettling of every public and pri vate •tast.it.iitlon'oV whetlier the slabili ty of rhc Governmiont shall. be main tainnd. and with if every' home an. farm a.nd business. The riiln; of so called cheap money'is only the weapoi of destruction. . No farmer need delay a moment it getting higher prices for life product I lie wants It.' 'But''lie must reflect on what, he can do with the 'irioney nf to: he eels M. Any grain dealer in Logans port will pay seventy-five cents Jn Mexican dollars for wheat or. t ; wo dollars in con-federate money for com. We will not stultiMy our record by.ad- •ocating the eleet^m.-of--Bryan. We are }emfl<Ta.tle: tii&lrtaifrorra mul ticket arc luarchlsrli:, .soeiaMistlc aud everytliin?: Jn all the nmddenliv suiw of political disturbance tlityt this country has ,,..:sed tlu-otigh, Hi*.' Ki.'dt>ral f-nurts lunv constituted a safe and conservative bulwark,- npi'inst .reyoJu'tton. The party tliait. atta<}k.i th'e ^-JjUpd'of! 1 !.!: courts is a ..i.if.'1'iwis party rhal[;ii<£maiii,.,wli(i wishes t.(i sue 1% coiisti-tutiou nulield can af- We denounce Hie -mouetai-y utterance In the Chictijro platform as nn-DiMiio- _...t.k', and fraught with serious mcnafn to the country and its pr.wiiedty.-Do- t.miiit Free Tress. ' The Cli.lcago.plat.l'o]'m gives the Amer- iciin people full warnJn^ or tlio d-ingia' t.liat threatens rhe.m Tit the hands of the party o.f Populism.—riiiliuleipliia Record. I'1K> Ifoial betrayal of l:he Democratic party was t'O-nsninmaU'd in the iiimilua- tlon'of AV. .7. Bryan: a.nd Hire another and Ki-eatiT crime tin- price was pa-id in .silver.—St. Paul Gl«l>e. Tho <]uc,?iioii now for Democrats to ,'onslder It) wluit th-cy can Host iln to make i.lie defeat eft 1 lie silver tlekct and tlie repudiation of tlie anarchistic platform sure and overwhelming.—rrnvi- denco Journal. We think tlie Denioi-ral.s wlio are fur honesty will fweo ajbotlier convention aiml present a ticket a.iid platform which Democrats can support. Welcome Ilio day.—Brooklyn Ea^lc, The Oliifcngo platit'onii reduces hundreds o-f thousand's.....''!' .most faitJifnl Democrats To the necessity of c-lioosin? between, l.wo .evils or o'f a:b?taininp from voting next Novt-mlwr.-SIacon oorjsifl Telegraph. Thore never was n higlior or holier duty 'devolving upon ponuJne De.mo- crsils than oonfronls I'liem now. They should rise up and.-rfsone, from Die Slonff.li of DesponOf false principles in which the free sUvcrltes and.ro.pn- lists. stealing its livery at CluciiSp have nttentptod to befoiil-'anif drown ill—Austin (Texas) Statesman. The (li.-o.laraitioiiK.,Cpnt;ijiK'd iu tho Chicago platform are abhorrent: to Democratic ideiis: they n:-o"no't expressive of Dcuinc.rat.io doctrlup'.—Syracuse Cou- ri«r. If true the Democrats of the country will call a new conveurion and adopt a sound Democnuif'pliill'onii and rioiti- .iual-e oai it a sound DwnocraK we will with all onr energy support it although it. does not. receive a. thousand votes, but. we cauniot support the Chicago bhinder.—New Orleans Statesman. The Chiea-KO coii.veji.tion ..was deaf to nil -reason. Miixl to evrry ooasidcration, of'party expediency, hc«lle.«s of tho country's necessLt.ies, fo-rgftt.fnl of the, supreme obligations of national honor nnd faithless to the solemn responsibil-. ities which rest alike on every citizen to npliold l;lie Ihiancial i-nirffrity of tlie eomitry. IJl e- s e men liitoxleated with the, most sinister craze of the century promulgated a creed' at variance with-every, principle of Democracy and placed, the., staff of leadership in the linnils of a rj-ro thirty-six years old.-nalve.?1 on News. "i • '. It. cuu not be two strongly Impressed upon till sound money Democrats that their duty to the country -does .not stop- witli t.he.^xD.res.'si.on'. .of ...iliSRUst. .The election of :i president this year .may be .fraught with consequences most, momentous both, to the material welfare of t'he people and to, tOie- : future -of our lustiituttoiis.—Baltimore New,?. The Democratic party'-seems. threatened w,ith ciiguIXment in a tleluRe of ropnllsm and a-n;u-eh^*>'» * "Spread Eagle Boy Onitore" are.never safe men to put in charge of governments: Men like Bryan are aKi-tatoi's,.ra:bWe-rou?ers and spell-binders; bitf no man would .tmst thorn with nn ordinary business to manage its executive .affairs, mucli' k-ss at the head of a great nation. A 1 "Boy Orator" like nils,, inexperienced, excl'tahle, w.ild, if placed in charpe of tlie Government'of the United States, may la the existing "Venezuelan or Cu- bani nftaliw, or In some futime affair, by *'} ~i ^'1' y.TI ' --i ' THE TRACK. Henry Dupler Killed at Oalveston by a Freight Train. Henry Dii.pl.ii', a, well digger iiuil stuiie masoii. whose home wn.s near (.5alvcsto.il, was ruiv down and almost. insianrly. killed on .tJie r:uiliaiidle traelw. a fuw I'c'Ot S'o'itii o-r ihw Tiirle.v elevators ill (ialvcston yestowliiy-eveiiliiK at abnut 0 u'ckx-k, a south-bound freight liittins him as In 1 iittt'iiipted to cross tho (racks. Du-pk-r was uuinyrrii'il, was abmii. thir:y-e.ight yw'i'i* i' 1 '' ' »M. »"& . Wlls drunk at: tlie time of his death. He liad taken the .Kvrlvy. cure at 'least twice, but n-tiirned to r.li.e bottle after cacli treatment., and at ilm time of his 'death had two.. bottles of liquor in his jjwckets. Coroner Downey went to Gal- voston at 12:45 ihte .mqi-ntaj.' to Invosli- tlie case. i,,,, ' . nn in«uil.i.ous sllip of "orntory" country a.blaze of warfare and:' nun. * » * Like nil soldlcis of fortune and frco lances, such men seek only for per- so mil seiusittlons. excitemcnt-.-nnd a'p- pliuwe of .thC'lr folWia-s:'*' * '* F" u o£ fan.iticlsm,- totally devoid', of. wnimon sense, rushing across tiie..,world,.for no pracOc.'il purpose, and bringhig death and misery to nJ'l concerned. His expression to die solvent..part of the community is "We defy 'you." ' To elect .such n mini would mean repudiation, anarclvy and social ruin".- * * * But .such a thins is Impossible. -There are too many working men -who- have their -homes. There are too many employes Svlio have families to support but of wages They receive from -solvent' Institutions and employers wlio are their friends. '* * *There are too' many men,women and cliiildren, who'by lives of Industry, self-denial and: thVllt have saved something In the''working'time of their lives for old ago'to'perniit it •to be Jeopardized and''rendered valueless by Irresponsible pJaWornV?.—Lotils- ville c6nrier-,Tournbl, under -the liea'd "Send Out the Democratic-Ark:" A WABASK;TRAQEDY. kills His Histress and Then 'Himself. Wahiish:Mn!.v ':!0.— Si-M>cl;\l.-A liorri- blt; tragedy 'w'tis-cnacu'd on the sfreets of this city tliis'-cvening. I-on Falvey, a man about' towri, ILrod two shots into tlie body of Mrs: T.OIIK Chung, the Gcr- niM.li wifo'iif n Chines*.- laundryman. and then hirn'od ,'tho pistol on himself, sending a biilk't. crashing through his head a.nd dying instantly. The woman was shot 'through both arms, the bnl- iL-ts ]v.MK't rating 'die chest, intlicting wounds from' which' ii. is impossible she can iwovcr. No motive i,« assigned for the deed, 'but 'it is supposed that Falvi'y and i lie woiuan"wero intimate and tin- art was'tlio iwiilfof a (]uari'p!. 'Subscribe for Tlie ,7onrnal,-4p ecnts.a month. • , 1 1 ••• *" T> PERSONAL. Miu-ioii ClirouJcle: Mrs. Robert Gary of Lojran«])ort Is in rlie city, tlie gucsc of Dr. and Mrs. It. W. Hartley. Ft.-Wayne- -Seiiitinfil: Muss Mi.miie Frank-and her «uest, >fks Clara Wller, of Lotranisi)ort..lwve today for a visit at. Toledo. -.:•••.- •'-.- ••. riymon.lli Ne-w*: Melnotle Beljee and JIi.ssr Alta M. Hawley of I/>sansport, \yi;re in tlie city -between trains last evening. • : I.'t. Wayne'Journal: The Very Rev. 'jr. E. 'C;im-p'luJi',"of Lojransport, is the CjiL'St' 'of ilie Itev. F. Delaney and" will •occiipy tlie pulpit at higU mass this : iii0i™iux. Batluer CiiTupiou is one of the UsiOiiiK 0-ra.toi-s. 'o>f 'the Ft . Wayne diocese. Mcmttollo ,Tou.rn:iJ: C. W. Schwarist tun! wife of Ixi^-ansporl. are visitiai with Monticello fru-iwls. Mr. .Schwartz lw« Iwt'-n. ^rajirwl a vacation of two weeks'and will enjoy himself alons tlir 'rlpix>canoo....Hon. S. P. Slieerin of Logansport. was i.n the cl'ty this niorn- i'eru .Toui-iiiil: Miss Anna Nell wen; to' Losaimport. Utis evening to spend a fi^v -days with .friends nnd from there slie will so to W.i,n.nniac .to visit, rela- .i.ti-es... .Mr. ami Mrs. Len Meansr'and cliiild'ixm have -4-.ctu.rned Tiome. after'a ten.days' stay in Clymers ;md . Bisliop White and Ihe.Bev. Dr. >faC .konxie arrived in New York from Kin-ope Friday ami are expected noun the tiiiit of-.nes* : week-- .The.geutlemen were w.Ith'tbe'party of.younp men with wlvicli.Arthur.-B/ KeeslLug -tonrwl En'g : land. Mr. Kecsllus will make a contin- .ental lour. ••-... . , . ,.. Peni Ciironicle:. James Hensley was iit/Lopinsport today v.istting relative:. .'.Levl: Means, ami-family, who have been spending llii!;past two week? with "frlcnddi and ix'L-it-ives.at Ixigansport, returned home ..last : , evening....'Mike Ixius. who has boon ^isfctln? friends at Losansport.nrfew dnys, aimie home last . .Lafayetito Conrii'i 1 : Miss Carrn SchiKSssler, Mlw -Kate -Caiimbam and Mr. andMrs. JqlroT.Cronck w:ill leave .tonight for Aroma -,,on a. fishing . a.ml huintlng -trip. They. . will also '.nn friends from-'Ix«a,u.<por.t wlio will go with ' them.... Mass Altai, of Troy, OT a,n'd Miss .Goleman, of Logansport. an tJie guest oC-Mis. David Murphy. HAVE YOU RHEUMATISMS Kalamaxpo, ! Mlch., May 5, '90. I suffered greatly -with rheumatism for months. I tried numerous reme dies, with no benent. A mend who had been;,helped by Dr. Jebb's Rheumati cure persuaded me to try that I obtained two bottles. The effect surprised me. The first bottle nearly cured me and by the time I'had used-the seconc I was completely cured. I am carefu' aatto '-what 1 endorse; "but.I most un qnollfledly recommend.! that remedy On'my evidence several severe eases 'bare tried It, and-In every'instance, so far as I know, it has'produced n per -'feet cure. f W. F. PABSOKS. President Parsons' ;T?uslnesa College ; aiid Sho'rtiand Institute.- 5 BEN FISHER, Druggist. :\V|i'nyne..'>Y'i{kensoiJ. aged -22, of Fly -mo»tih wns di-owwd. Jn.,_Protty lake wiMe swimlng..' He.-, could not swim .well and theboat-tie went out in. drifted too!fas away. •'•" ••-'' ''"• ' Highest of all in Leavening Power^-Latest U. S. Gov"t Report. y Baking „. Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE HAD A CHOiiOS OF CATS. An Elderly Maiden Lady of Chl- cag-o and Hor Large Family. Dnbeknowu to the Neighbor* She Kept ft Whole Colony or Cal» aud M » Renult W»» Uiutble to Tar the Bent. An elderly maiden's fondness forests stirred up a deal of gossip in North Jlal- sttd su-eet, Chicago, within the 'lost week. That a boua iicle cat, farm could exist and thrive under the very noses of the residents of that -vicinity for i. yea.r and not be discovered is in itself remarkable, but that the fast could escape the eye of the ever-vigilontnand- liiiiy is something even mare remarkable. In North llalstt-d street, near Garlic Id avenue, is a two-story, she<31ike house which has been occupied uatil recently by the elderly spinster in question. 33u-t sho has jus'- moved away, to the relief of nil the neighbors. Ever since she moved into the house the. residents near by have had unpleasant evidence of her absorbing funclness for eats. All last summer they were an un- willi!if>- audience to concerts rendered in choice feline style-n.nd miniated iiKHiiieir by a larpre chorus. In these (Jivi-rtisementa, it is a-lle^d, then; were all ranges end qualities of voice and expression from a decji bass tc n. piping PtitU soprano, a.nd the; lung-power was some'.hing plienomenal. One resident, whowa.sfiirionsonoufi-h to investigate, fount 1 , on going- out ivbont midnight one evening "-hen the concert was at its bes»,, that eoch member «C the chorus wns securely tied to sonic convenient, post or picket nenr the final! rear house. The rumor soon spread thnt the mr.ide.Ti Indy kept, a. houseful of cats ;i);'d onJy allowed them 10 see th<! light of <lny at niffht, but when accused of this by her landlady n!ie indignantly denied the allegation. However, tho neighbors were not disturbed by caterwauling from that quarter thereafter, and it. was only after the removal of the tenant, that the real Et.-ue of a.ffyi.rs was discovered. "I. always used to feel sorry for ho-r when she couldn't pny the rent," sa.:-J the wit-fancier's lanckuly, "but when I went in her house ::nd j'ouud tlio state of affnirs there my feelings were not BO compassionate." She continued: "I know she hod four or live cats, but I'll never forget the night wben I opened the door after dhe went a.-wtiy. •There wore cuts of all sixos nnd colors, white cats, tawny cats, malt«se cats, black cats, gray cats nn<l cats thatwere mottled and streaked Mid piebald with nJI the colors you can imag-ints Then upstairs there were more of them, anJ here there w,is n. larfi-e mattress and two boxes lull of kittens nnd a pail in which a little, puppy "'as curled up. "In all wo counted 19 cats, and tlicrt: is no tellins: how many more she. bad removed before we got into the house. You sec she. did not dare to carry so many to her new house nt once, »n.l so she came at ni;rht and took them nway one or two at a time. The night. she went a.way she 'iold us not to lode the back Rate,, as she wanted to come back for a few thing's she had left. This wns.after 111nd Ifce'r. in the house,' so 1 know what she. wanted. Sure cno-ug-h, about 12 o'clock she came from the ulley into the ^'a.rd with a baby curring'e and took away her pets. Where she gx>t them o.ll I don't know except that the proceryman next door and spverai neighbors have misses their cats, and now we think she had th'err.. When I ilgiire up what it must have cost to feed her pots I don't pity the poor woman who couldn't pny hcv rent." ELECTRIC RAILROAD LINES. All Tawn« In tb* Indiana «»• Belt to Be Connected. The enterprise which has for its object, the connection of all t.he cities of the Indiana natural pas belt with Indianapolis, Ind., by an-electric' line is progressing rapidly and tlie -,vork has now so 'ar cdviLnced that it is believed that the line will be iii -.ipm-ation by winter.' The raiJroad ifc all g-radctl between Marion nud Fairaiounts u.nfi at the latter place a mu.in:not.h powerhouse of stone and brick fans just been completed acd another one begun at Alexaneli-ia. Five. boilers are to be used in each powerhouse, each OC inches in diameter and of 37S-horst power. The dynamos, trolley -Wire and other equipment of tJie road have been contracted for. and -will be put into operation as soon as the track can be laid between any two of, the places included i.ti the line. The scheme of tjie projectors is to connect Marion. .NoblesvilJe, Muiicie, Anderson and all the. intervening towns and then connect-., these with In• dianapolis by a douulc Jine. Tho 'business of the gas btlt town lias grown 'sa'.; rapidly within."the past few \ears that the.'sdheine is reg-ard- s ed as entirely feasible .and destined ' totje profitable. Local capiW is invested in the project, but a paJ-to* the .voad will be.Bonded in order to place the roll- ing.stock upon it, Lattnov Sandwlchet. • Nothing can be.more crisp than let- •tuce • sandwiches. Spread buttered elices of bread with salad dressing and place between imnll 'lettuce leaves.— Housekeeper. >wcKeyJ are not al lowed-to bet on th» ; r««ilt of raow in which they are riding In England. HOPE FOR CALIFORNIA LEPERS. J*I>an«"> Bemody UelDg Tested 1)J th« Unfortunate People". There is a renewed interest in lifo unioiig the J4 unfortunate lepers at the jiesthouse, caused by -the arrival :"rom Japan of thv Gato remedy for the evil •with which they are afflicted. Supervisor Benjamin had sent tbe contributions of philanthropic citizens, .-.mounting TO about $200, to IV. Gato in Japan with'a request that he 1'orwara its value in -his remedies. The result was the receipt of five cases of drugs, weighing in all about one ton, says the San Francisco Chronicle. There were boxes of pills, packages of tea and a compound to be used in baths. The pills taste like arsenic, and probably contain that drug ii? " crude Ktate. The tea mush resembled the combination of cinnamon, flagroot and c-ubebs to be found in ornamental receptacles in barrooms and use/i to ornament the breath of their best patrons. The mixture for the bath w«s without eithsr taste or odor. The citv physician prepared and posted upon tbe wall his schedule of treatment, in which he was guided by pamphlets : n Japanese found ir. each case" Of drugs. For Anna, the only woman leper in tbe place, he prescribed one package of mixture in her batt, which she is to take daily; one package of tea daily, and one spoonful of pills -to be taken three times daily. As ft spoon will hold at least 100 of the pel- 'a*s, Anna will b3 required to take no less than 300 pills each clay. These same doses have been, prescribed for all the unfortunate lepers, r.nd the charitable citizens who have placed these remedies within tho reach of i-hese unfortunate people will ivatch with keen interest the result of their philanthropic effort. TO MINE SILVER IN MICHIGAN. Boiton Capitalist! Are to Die tor • Prerlom Legendary Lode. It is reported that a party of eastern capitalists, chiefly from. Boston, have joined in an enterprise to begin mining operations for silver in what is known as Silver mountain, on the west bank of the Sturgeon river, about 12 miles southeast of Baraga. ^Och. A wonderful legend attributes 'to the mountain a. vast hidden mine of pure silver, the secret opening to which has been known only to the Indians and to one or two white men, whose lives ultimately paid the price for the knowledge thcv surreptitiously gained. Outcroppings of the precious metal or; numerous, and two or three times during- tbe last quarter of a century companies have been organized for exploring- purposes. In 3307 Henry Herbert, i» lloughton druggist, was murdered while searching for the mine, ami the Indians tell of many other whites who lost their lives while prospecting for tlie fabulous lode. It is said the Indians used to come into Onlonagon in. the old days with sacks full of pure nil- ver, and now white men will moke a desperate effort to repeat that experience. Just before the last general election in England a candidate for parliament, in tho course of a speech, refrrred to the flogg-ing of children. "Some folks nowadays," he said, "object to beating youngsters at all, but I agree with the "truth conveyed in that saying' of the wise man: 'Spare the rod and spoil the child.' I suppose I r,-as no worse than other boys," be went on to say, "but I.know 1 had some flogging myself, and I believe it did me good. Now. on one. occasion. I" was flogged for telling the truth." "It cured you, sir," said a voice at the back. Cnrfew In Arkama* City. The curfew ordinance is being strictly enforced in Arkansas City. A fewdayfi few days a«o a 11-year-old girl was fined $25 and costs for being on t*e streets there after nine p. m., unaccompanied by parent or guardian. Key to th« Metric Sritem. A mint report, says that "the nickel ftre-cent piece furnished a. key to the metric system of measures and weights. The diameter of this coil 1 , is two centimeters, nnd its weight is five grammes." lioici* In jvazaretn. Good hotels have recently been opened on Mount Carmcl, at Nazareth, nnd at Tiberias. GIVEN AWAY, SS'S^aisSf — -» houuget tht*,mH»»i* n«i«.

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