The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1947
Page 4
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J'AGE' FOUB China Objects To Being On Agenda Chinese Mfnisrer Wants His Nation Represented At Talks x Navy Rescues Sole Survivor BLYTHEVILLEjCAJtK.) COURIER NEWS ' Bv WALTER I.OGAN Gulfed rre?s gtbff .CorrespiiniU-nl March IL (O.P,>-— Foreign Minister Wang SMli- Chieh announced todny '(lint china rtfnjes to agree to 'inclusion of, Chinese internal affairs on ilici Moscow conference agenda. WPrijr recalled tlmt china lias mernbsrshfn on the council of Rn-qipn Ministers. He ;nphnrtB>u fhtnn's -revloi'is objections I 0 the disjyssion by the Big Four of pni Ea matters in China's ab- scnee. "It cannot be over.ilressed that tt>o internal problems of any state ~nm»cnf<>rt- on the Council O r o-eVn Misters d-> not lie wltli- '"- ,'he s-ons of dpltlm-nllons by 'he rouiicil," he said in .1 public (Mo—nut.. "Thc Chinue ROverji- -• >. will not In any manner o<rrr~, f o (J 1(> illClUVVl Of SUCll p -t-in^.r in the agenda." A Forelcn office source indical- <~d that chlnn would not consider "*• •lr"'t"'t!r-'<» to Moscoiy to d:s- mss 1 Chinese problems i even ir £Ur>~ -n. Invitation were issued. ,»--th'rl ? s*- ! V3 For;?l<in Officials fairtrtr>? cln'nefs KOverrrncnt, would not'.""nslder Itself bound by any Pi>, r--inr 'division'"ob iohlnn in wMnh it has not BaHl-ipBl-il. Mr-v nni\rt-r<: in Nanking bo- Jieved that Scviel Foreign Mln's- •tKr ,V. M. MolotOV's ''proposal '.0 raise the Chine" V"ii"fti'>n )M jrof-^ w mrls a forerunner of open Pnvifcf. dfrloma'tic support for the ChSn-si Communists. • •„. v..i-»i U - a|IU |.-|iiuui in ] )c nil c»aiiiiin:i CXplillllCd ln.1t Nick Th,, .,,.„!„, iv. ' r i i i of a foot-race from Walurt' llnd " ;l11 "' in hi s lest on »ht' ti s ' . « i!lv , ele "l!'h of light Is abi Issotirl streets grew out of a cc-istllutlon. , 071e f'lly-tliousnndlh ot an inch. •k that Nick was "loo'blu tn "!'>'« known Nick for :<r, VM.S" — -'—. ' : "' : Navy snlviiso crew rescues J. J. O f Giccn Cove- Spring oner a truck in which he and 1*0 oilier persons were rirtm trushcd through u bridge rujj and plunged intu an ocean iiile! The other two occupants wore drowned. Life ToSaveShters,Books, 7 -Year Old Boy To Be Rewarded ATLANTA. Ol.. M'll'ch II.—<UP» —-Sfivcn year o!tl George I'oorc, Jr., •' en''-!^!' hu hu'Mur- ]"-"^ rn -.—. -. - ••-.... jbring out Uo baby sisters, and his Thr- foreign minister safcl China - scliool books at the risk of his life been ndvised ofllcliUly of I was rf ::en.mendeii todiy for a . f „!,„...„,.,, f ,, r h)>] . n((<T(v The burning of the Poore home week wri* icpoueci ,„ a dlfno'cli • Irom Acluinsvilli-. on HIP outskirts of the city. Handsome .1 liload George nnd his mother were i"- iie»-;c 1 in a fire that could [have: snuffed out tlic lives of .most i of the eight Poore children. | The father was in.prl : o,i scrvins a spntchcc for larceny. H L . was pcr- inilted to attend tliv f'.inernl of hlE 10 year old daughter Jewel who Mclftov's nrqrdsal. He si rcss^d f.baV Britain. France and the Upltird States had supported C"''!jp.'s previous obJctlionV 'and adcli;d thnf. Russia j-'Jit not objected to china's position. Builrtina Collrrases On Cincinnati Waterfront _ C'i'NcirN'Tl. o.. March 11. fUP.) — pirc officials today said that -at least -six persons were In- i )vf"t here when n six-story brick buildinc: In the downtown river- i front business area collapsed with i a tremendous roar. ', Several other' persons were Ije- lieved still trapped l n the tiebris. i : At least, two men wcr» ,m alive j Our Radio QUICK toward them. The collnpse ot the arc quick builcllnjj -...^M.:!^ wui.-n.-a ainio live wires and gas rumps. Smoking was l)ro- hlbited in tile area. _A cloua or dust ro^» over !hr central rlverrront, choking rescue workers and adding to the misery of the injured, some of whom were suffering, from dust inhalation. Oil shal; founa In Sweden contains 220 grams' of atomlcallv-val- uable uranium oxide per ton ' than anywhere VIK RI-'l'AIR AN'V MAKE—ANV HIODF.1, Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN TTlcrt£fur2a 106 South First succumbed to severe burns. Ebrj hud poured kerosene on some coals in thi! grate to keep the family wan-i '; ••.:•(•"•» iierolsm wasn't revealed until Morgan Blake, widely read Atlanta Journal columnist hivc.slf- aatctl. Dcscriblnit htm ns "a manly and nv:eet little chap who Just wrapped hl!>isclf around a follows hrati- striiiBS," Blake lol;l' of George's Policeman NicholsonWiris Race, Collects Bet, No Records Were Broken In the event that the "prowl" cars of the Blythcville Police Do- Ijartmenl. break down and some fast moving is necessary, the members of the force have picked their man to do the fool-work. Policeman O. E. (Nick) Nicholso'i settled an nrgunieiit—and a small wager—on his ability to lug his 240- pound frame over the ground at •, fast Kullop lust night when he ac cepted a challenge to prove thnt his weight was no detriment to his riiiinliii,'. On-the-spot-proof in lh c ! form of to Mi remark that Nick was "loo ' blij to run." and Buford Young and his Jimioi-hlBh-school-agc son appeared as competition. nut Nick made yood his claim and hot-footed It over the third- of-a-mllc course and nosed out the nearest contender by half a- block" Including the younger Young who dps the scales at about one-thlru deed: "In n blaming house, George without regard t o his own uie, carried his ilnce-year old sister to safety. Then dashed back into the house to where the three months u.iby sl.sler w«s lying l n a flame- cnvclopc<i cradle, within a few seconds f ;he would hnvc been past aid. "Hut George lifted her out and saved her life, though she was severely burned. And [hen with no more humans to rescue. George •>'."it back in the house again And this time he brought out h'ls school books." LSlake said that the nien nf the c'ur.nuinlty arc going to rebuild the i-oiise m r Mrs, I'noro and her children. For George,' Blake has start- i'd n nin,i "to give this kid a real break and a college education." "When a kid of seven, alter rescuing two sisters from a burning l.o.ise. goes in again to bring out his'school books,'' lilake said, "one .'eels sure he has the stuff In him >- /'Miioiiftrnl.- lil s appreciation for wl'Ptcvcr further education may be granted him." of Mick's tonnage. Nick, an cx- gvlclnmn, was admittedly winded but satisfied he had upheld his claim But co-worker Policeman Gene Dickinson was less flattering: "A case of ilvi hippopotamus beit- li»8 the rabbit," he said. 'Nick' Passes Test, TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1047 Fear Hew Outbreaks NEW DELHI, March 11.— (DIM —Indian police armed with rifles were stationed at strategic points hi Hie ol(] cily today as a precaution against Hindu-Moslem outbreaks on "anll-paklstan day." Police patroled the streets In groups of' three and four. Meetings and carrying O f weapons were ban- Gets His Citizenship ,'JKUNSWICK, Ga., March 11 — run—U. S, District Judge Frank M.' '*d. Many sliojjs'v/e're closed" Scarlett located his friend Nick Pakistan, a scp:ira:e state m.isis in the rear of the court look- " ' Irs dejected. A group before the justice was scheduled to become naturalized. An examiner explained Nick , for Moslems in India, is the major demand of Mohammed All Jhmah's Moslem league. Cotton and Steve Moore Announce the opening of their new Garage, located on South Second Street, across from the; Armory Hall. • We arc equipped to hike caro of all types of Tractor, 1 ; Truck & Automobile repair. \Vc also do electric and acetylene welding and MaKiietto repair. You can. got . a complete overhaul job, with motor rebuilding fi,<f ''"* fT. All work aUAKANTEED. Jliiko our shop your headquarters. You'll always be welcome. Prompt and courteous at all times; You can call us day or night Day Phone 879 Nighf Phone 2179 . -r-i-c known Nick for 38 years" said (he judge. "Let me examine him." "Nick,'' asked the judge, "who do yoi: think n- n jj the greatest of all Americans." "Koliert, .E Lee." Nick shouted. i>:-:ir!ct swore him in as a cU'lzcn. We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Bo GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODJNGER TIRE CO. 110 K. Main i>i, mle ^; 0 , GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! CALL 501 C. L. NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Richelieu Poods Fresh Vegetables Best Cut,Meats , A'O Extra Charge for Delivery! '...andlofsofem For Sale- Al all times I keep on hand several tractors ;ind equipment, including new and used. I have John Decrf, Farmall and other makes. Also have for sale at all times 70 to 80 head of mules. Terms can be arranged. I will trade for almost anything you have. see F. C. CROWE 1 Mile South Braggadocio, Mo. GATEWOOD GROCERY Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch J Crown Kinsey Schentey PKilarlciphia Three Feathers Hiir&Hill Old Taylor Four Roses '/• VI. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 rt 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 Beer GAS, reg. . . . Cigarettes . . . per case $3.35 •6.8c; :,. . Ethyl 18.8c ....:... per carton $1.45 We have just received a shipment of BENDIX washers and ere now prepared to make immediate delivery on a limited amount. BENDIX is the woHd's finest automatic washer . . , If interested in obtaining one of these fine washers, phone 3450. w^Skm K Your G.E. Store in BlytheYille Come in! GET Safety in the Super-Strciigili Tire will] Easy-Chair Hiding THE BY DAYTON _Sel«tiva 2- ond 4-whee! ^ Drive ' 6 Speeds Forward, 2 Rove. ..Power Takc-Off ol Rear, Center and F«">' Sec it : : : drive k yourself ; r ; and you'H know why the Universal "Jeep" is the practical, economical vehicle for a thousand jobs in industry and on the farm. With its mighty Willys- Overland "Jeep"Engine and 4-whecl- drive, the "Jeep" goes places no other vehicle can go. It will pull plows, harrows, mowers, etc. It serves as a handy pick-up truck and runabout. It tows a 5,500 Ib. trailer payload. Thc "Jeep" power take-off furnishes up to 30 h. p. to operate shaft- and belt-driven equipment. Come in now and check the many features of the all-purpose Universal "Jeep.'! _9-Poufion Brokef _&<»ro tors* CWtbl $H THE MIGHJY y JKP' AT POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Phone 49 Formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Operator Steeie, Mo, Scif.jly in ycy,- tires lies in the strength of Hie cords under lhc tread, which arc the reinforcement against shock and ryatl hazard.*. Au.'ocrals give you 6-pfy rating. This is achieved by Kavti-x Kortincd Cords of a military truck type, far stronger- than those used in ordinary rayon automobile tires. You fyef a smool.'i, cosy-chair ride since only •! plies of this supcr-sivcr.plh cord arc needed to give Autocrats this 0-ply fti-cnirlh. Sura, qui'c.'c stroi'ghf-line slops. Toe-r.ction tread with hundreds of silent, tos-artion cogs, bites through road film for positive control of your car. BY jyjg THE TIRE FOR lV» OF TODAY'S MOTORISTS MAKE A DATE WITH DAYTON AT T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO, 121 E. Main Phone 2122 Dr. Milton E. Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2279 B!ythevil!e DON EDWARDS Thov e. Ihey ' out when you need them. * Lawn Mowers * Attic Fans "r ff H/ ?, aters * Screen Wire Cotton Choppm Hoes Outside White Paint K.ubger Lawn Hose * Linseed Oil PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St. ACIDITY? Is Your Trouble Mountain Vnllcy is naturally anti-acid—helpful in uric acid conditions and in hyperacidity of the stomach. This famous health water from Hut Springs, Ark., has been recommended for more than 50 years —for these acid conditions and for Kidney ami Blirt- dcr disorders. It's worth a trial! Call or Write for Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main nnd Division Blyllicvillc, Ark. WANTED 25 Share Crop Families Full Crop—50-50 Basis E. B. GEE COTTON CO. Marstxm, Mo. Frailey, Mo. (8 Mi. West of I'ortaEcvMlc) "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS

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