The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1947
Page 3
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^TUESDAY. MARCH 1], McNear Victim of Assassin's Bullet Railroad Head Slain Last Night While Strolling Near Home BY KOBKIIT T. I.OUOHRAN (United I'rcss SUIT Correspondent) PEOniA, 111.. March 11. (UPl— George P. McNear, the fiery president of the strikebound Toledo. P<>- oria and Western Railroad, involved ylor the last five yours in a blondv Wlspule with 13 unions, was dead todav, the victim of an assassin's bullet. McNear was ambushed and slain last night while taking a late walk through his neighborhood which wns temporarily blacked out nv a yower'fallurc. The gunman, apparently aided by a companion in n getaway car. fired six shots from an automatic pistol into the MJ- year-old railroad president's chest, neck and arms. The attack took place just 350 feet from thc ivlcNear home at 10:40 p.m.. shortly after McNear had I-P- turned from a college basketball gnniR. He died at 11:05 p.m. without making a statement and after receiving the last rites of the Catholic Church at St. Francis Hospital Police pieced togcllicr a story of the ambush from three persons, none of tt^-n eye-witnesses. Two Bradley College students rooming at the Dr. Robert M. Bui- Ion home, heard what they believed <o be a series of automobile backfires, rooking from their upstairs window they saw u man sitting on a stone parapet across the street and a .speeding automobile round- inn the comer at the next Intersection. The man, they said, ,'ell backwards onto the grass and they summoned Button and an ambulance. Sutton told police he found McNear unconscious nnd blcedi'i? ^ from his wounds. * Police Detectives Harry Schultz and George Gridley said the failure of the city's residential power supply at 6:25 p.m. nnrt the absence of street lighting | n the neighborhood prevented identification of the automobile, and may have led the kili- er to choose last night as the "perfect time" for the slaying, Ciriciley said McNeai-'s nocturnal walks were well known and that the killer apparently followed the railroad executive from the basketball game, waited until he had parked his automobile in the family garage and then followed him nsain the- short distance between his home and the assassination spot. The strike of the 13 railroad . brotherhoods against the T P & w began Dec. 28, 1941, when McNepr refused to carry out a mediation board's order granting wage Increases to all railroads. Since that time, with the exception of a three and a half period of government operation the railroad has been beset by company-union strife. In Feb ISMfi two U njo n nickcl .. were 5 , iol a] - d ' killed by guards riding an armorpd train. On numerous other occasions railroad employes have complained of shotgun blasts aimed at • equipment of thc partially onc-a-- Ing railroad. The road, an important connecting link for transcontinental freight traffic, serves a 239-mile route between EfTncr, Ind.. and Keokuk In Trains now operate over the eastern section from Effner to Peoria under a federal court order issued on behalf of shippers. The violence which has accompanied other operations of the lin» . was the outgrowth of union complaints that McNear insisted on run- nmg "test trains" over thc system using armored cars and armed guards to "bait" pickets. 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To pet real relief you must ki funllKuert from Page I. in this cause." E.'-inging of Ihe records from the August 13 i:rlmary ln<o court was suggeslcc! yesteron'y morning within o few minutes nflcr court wns convened In special session in Osceola lo hear the ease. The county clfi-k, custodian of the original ballot?, aiul the county treasurer cus- todlnn of tile duplicate ballots were Instructed to bring (ho i, ox o s in ihelr custody Into the court. Miss Delia IJiu-tle Informed the court that she has th c duplicnle ballots In thc August 13 primary. Eleven Witnesses Teslliy- Eleven witnesses testified yesterday afternoon concerning (he disposition of the ualtots which were to have been used in the presentation of evidence concerning the rightful nominee to the high county office., It was disclosed that only the duplicate ballots, which nr e in the custody of the county treasurer, as requited by law, remain Intact. Judge Light at th e conclusion of yesterday's hearing Instructed Miss Delia Puille, treasurer. t 0 retain custody of Ihese ballots and allow no one to open the boxes except on his order. Other witnesses heard yesterday included Roy L. Ware, deputy county clerk, who is in chnrgc of the records of the Osceola District; Former sheriff Hale Jackson, w'.iom Sheriff Berryiium succeeded; Sheriff Berryman and four'depu- ties. who_served under Mr. Jackson and who' now arc serving under Sheriff Berryman; Miss Marjorie I>cy!e. deputy county treasurer in Offeola; Miss Geraldlne Listen, deputy circuit clerk in Osceola; and Circuit Clerk Harvey Morris of Biylhevllle. Mr. Morris exhibited la court n record of an order issue<l \iy Circuit Judge Znl a. Harrison in the Chickasawba District in Blythevillc on November 1 for the destruction of the ballots used in the July 30 preferential primary In order to release ballot boxes for use In thc November general elecllon. Election Board .Sought Order This order was obtained, thc record shows, oh the application of the Mississippi County election commissioners, r jC roy Carter. Dave S. Laney and Oliver Clark, who arc responsible for conducting the general elections within the county. The election, out of which the contest arose, was conducted by thc Mississippi County Democratic Committee on August 13, and the order Issued by Judge Harrison dealt only with the preferential primary conducted by this same committee on July 30. The order directed the' circuit clerk and sheriffs deputies to destroy the ballots which under Arkansas law are kept in the custody of the county clerk and the treasurer. The county,clerk is custodian of the original ballots, laily sheets' am! poll regUtarg while the law makes llic county treasurer custodian of the duplicate ballots kept in separate boxes under seal at all times unless brought into court to be used in final determination of winners in the event of a contested i ace. Mr. Ware, who keeps the key to Ihe vault in the Oficeola court house where the boxes containing the original ballots arc stored, was BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS tha first witness to tesUly concerning th e disposition which had ucen made of Ihe ballots, which uo'v arc not available for use In (hi; contest broushl by Mr Robinton against sheriff Berryman rullijwed Precedent He told of having received Che returns from Iho July 30 and Ang- 1 usl 13 Democratic primaries and de-livery of custody of the duplicate 'onilols lo the county treasurer Ho toll of having unlocked the vault I for sheriffs deputies early in No| vc-mber lo permit them to obtain I the boxes needed for ns L > in Die j e-Miernl election. He snld he follow- j fd precedent In Ihe county and did not supervise Ihe destruction of the , l-a'lots and did no! n .sk for n copy of a court order .for their destruction. | Boxes from bo'.h the .first and i second jirimnries were IK the voull I c'.loug with-the duplicate P.illols from the first primary, the witness , related. The duplicate boxes from i tlie second primary, out of which Hi'. 1 conies', arose, were kept in a I separate vault In the Farmers Bank of Csceola, where the deputy treasure;-, Miss MnrJiH'ie Do.vle, has her ofllce. Mr. Ware, at tile suggestion of counsel In the election contest, ycs- :mlay Inspected (he vault and re-ported that the only ballot boxes. now In Ihe vault are those used In 1 Hie November general election. Dave young, deputy .sheriff, wns' I lie second witness. He fold of having obtained the boxes after Judge Harrison's November 1 order had been issued, mid O f having destroyed Ihe ballots which were Jn the boxes at Ihc time they were removed from the vault where they are kept by tlu- custodian, the county clerk. Tells of r,urniri K Kallots He told the court that Miss Dovle, Miss Geraldlne Listen, the deputy circuit clerk In Osceola and three other deputies were present. The deputies dumped the contents f'om the ballot boxes into baskets and burned them across the street i from the court house in Osceoli. jHc testified that he believed that | the boxes involved In the-Roblnson- Berryman contest were kept at the :lme in the bank where Miss Doyle has her office. s Aflcr emptying the boxes In the vault in thc court house, Deputy Sheriff Young said they were delivered to the polling places used i in the general election and that he j personally delivered in Ulythcville »t the county jail the boxes to be used In North Mississippi County. William F. Dowen, clilf Cannon and Edgar Young, all deputies in I Ui e sheriff's office, told of assist 1 ing with the destruction of the ballots. Deputy Sheriff Cannon explained that he was instructed by I.Mr. Jackson, who then.was sheriff, to get out boxes for the general election, . . , . . . Mr. Jackson told (he coui'l lie dl< not order the destruction of the ballots but did tell his deputies lo get ovit two boxes for each precinct In the county for Ihe general election. He said he learned of Ihe <lo- stiiicllan of the ballots only |wo weeks ago from Sheriff lierryman at Ihe jail In Ijlythevillc. Mr. Jackson also said that he did not know of Judge Harrison's order for destruction of iho ballJls in the preferential primary but had instructed , his deputies not to acl without a court order, Miss Llslon, deputy In tho circuit clerk's office In Osceola, snld she was present when the ballot boxes were taken from Ihe vault In the court house basement and emptied, Carries Out Judge's Order Mr. Morris, the circuit dork, told of having carried out the .order by Judge Harrison with tho reference lo the ballots winch were In the custody of Miss Purtlu, |he treasurer, In lilythevllle. lie said that- he was assisted by Miss Eunice Brogdon, deputy sheriff i n tj )c Hly- tlicvllift office, and lhat they ou~ tallied the ballots called for in tho court order from Miss Purllc and burned them In the furnace in ihe court house. These were the duplicate ballots fiom Norn, Mississippi County In the first, or preferential primary and did not Involve any contested election. He said the order for the destruction of the' ballots was the usual order Issued by ihe court In other years. Miss purtls, the final witness of the Monday court session, lolil of having turned the boxes in her. office over to Mr. Morris, and a 1tu iold of telephone coiwerdailor;5 With her deputy h> o.sceo)« regarding disposition of tile boxes In '.he fotith half or the county •Ahi-sh were use<i In the preferential' jirl- The 'Elders' Deviations From Righteousness Gets The Money PAGE, .TORE*; 1'nlli'il press stuff C'ori-fsiiomlrnt j'INB BI,Ul''P. Ark., Mnr. 10. 'Ul>> ._ T ne spiritual (jhuveh of Y\ l _ ls '. 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