The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1951
Page 3
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, PECEMBEH **Mria (Set. AH We Do/ Dominion Say.— Canada Has Unique Atom Project But Can't Swap Secrets with U.S BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS i Kattl Thte ii the tint i *t low alorle* on Can»4»a'« ••!••• Atonic Energy pro- Jo* and Ifa pomlble ImporUno. I" r»UUoB t« American derelop- MMta. AaweUted Pres* Science Reporter Frank Carey loured the Canadian project at Chalk Elver, O»t., and Interviewed top Douia- fj">* atonk MlcntUU. HI, wle* t*&bn*4UutM <h« mott eomprehen- »lTt roundup at Canada'* work vel m»d« by an American reporter.) By FRANK CAREY AP Science Reporter OTTAWA, Ont. (XPJ _ American atomic secrecy in so light that Canada, a wartime partner on the A-bomb project, Is prevented from getting "practically anything the Russians can't act." So «aya Dr. . c. J. MacKenzie, scientific chler o( the Dominion's atomic project. He declares that exchange of m- lorination between the two countries Is "in essence, a one-way How of trariic".--from Canada's direction—and that he believes "Ihls b very much to the disadvantage of the United plates." Information Called "Vital" Asserting (hat Canada has given all it* atomic information to the United States, and: that he considers tome ol H 'Vital to the Americana in their future plans," MacKenzie declared with reference to th« lalter type: "We never have an opportunity to see how they na« it and they fry*? be making a lot ot mistakes fc-hlch w« could correct." He was re/erring specifically to information about, the development and uee or a device which constitute, the "heart" ol Canada's program." i h Superior" It U in •torn-splitting reactor or "furnace," having an Intensity ot atomic rayi superior ( to thsjt ol •ny reactor «o far disclosed br th« Arnarlcaru. With it, Canadian «cl«ntlsts say, they h»T« learned how plutonliun. A-bomb material, can be made f»3t«r than it l» mad> by tht Amerl- ca aproc«M. But they also say their P******* Mackor can produce only "»m»n quBntltiM" of plutorUwn and that »y«n In a larger reactor now bring BuiH. they dp not plan t« prodtiM It In larg* amount*. "It'i a Suggestion" Dr. M*cK.« t iai« •mphuiled that, regarding Information wehangt, h« •wa* not •poaktng critically b»t rather to mggMt th> pnatlblllty of a "disadvantage" to fh« United StatM. Saying the attuaiion wu dm to tha MoMahon Act — th* American JjWmlo mngj (xmtrol law which lw»lt» tb« amount at Information th« tmltod atatea can transmit to oth«r na«on»—Mackeral* declarad: "lt'» no* tha fault of IndirlduaU fc tti« ADoartean atomld program IV* ttx aet that prwwiU them •^•a f*'i*# men Information." "W» la Canada," M »ald, "ar« IV* In th« bomb-making business •—' thar* It need in th« overall program for Mtabllshmantl • "Of proj»o« it prob.hir u » M riil »o *h* UnlUd BUK* u X !• to u«. "Th»re'» nothing about tht bomb that would help our research, but 01 ir Teiearch might help makers of the bomb." Kuutan* act II, To* Dr. Mackenzie, president of Canada'! National Research Council and of the rx,rflf n i O n.,, Atomic energy Control Board AECB, said the McMahon Act "prevents u« from getting practically anything Die Russians can't set. "Wlien information Is taken off the secret list by the American it's open to the world. In (he classified secret field, the information available to us Is very, very limited. "There's not very much distinction between what's given to one's friends and one's enemies." But lie did say Canada is getting complete cooperation "within the limits" of the McMahon Act. Mackenzie told me lie believes Canada, if it wished, could make "one bomb" In from "one to twenty years" depending upon the amount of technological effort put into It. But- he said "quantity" production of bombs would "not, be feasible" for Canada because it would entail a marshalling of national resources "which no sane person would suggest" He added: "There is' no scientific secret nbotit the atomic bomb and no technological secret that any nation having bomb materials and sufficiently competent and extensive technology couldn't ferret out In time. Anyone Can Build One "Published material that has come out of the United states would make It possible for anyone having fissionable material - and sufficient technologv-to make one bomb. "But whether that would be In on* or 20 years Is another question." Other points developed In the Interview with Mackenzie or In talks with oficfialB at Canada's atomic plant at chalk Hlver Ont include: "! 1. Canada has a unique atomic furnace - the world's "hottest" known reactor from the standpoint of radioactivity produced at any one given time in a given area. And the dominion Is now building a «nd mor« powerful on« SpecUl Water milled Th. uniqueness of the exlstin d«vice l!ei In tht fact that It em ploy« a «pec!al kind of water calle "heavy water" to keep a chain re action going In a pile of uranlun fuel. In contrast, all known Ameri can reactors of high power emplo graphite, a form of carbon, for thl purpose. Either "heavy water" or graph ite serves the purpose of slowing down or moderating high-speei neutrons-or atomic bullets-initiall released by the splitting of uranium atoms. This reduced soeed pro motes further splitting of othe uranium atoms so that » chain re action is maintained. But heav water is more efficient than graph Ite because its atoms are closer tc the size of a neutron. Fewer IVecitroru Absorbed Also, heavy water absorbs lewe neutrons than rtoes graphite ana thus Is more efficient at keeping these neutron.-; at work maintaining Hie dtoniic "fire." 2. Since It has more neutron available In a given space at i given time, the Canadian device can produce Plutonium faster from a given amount of uranium than can any other known reactor. 3. Also. Its champion radioactive iotnea" makes it possible for th. Canadian device to produce radioactive Isotopes having higher Intensity of atomic rays than thos, producible anywhere else. Cobalt Is Spectacular Most spectacular of these - although still very limited In quan tity-ls radioactive cobalt. This can be fabricated Into "bombs" for treatment of cancer as a more efficient substitute for much more expensive radium and for high-energy X-ray machines. 4. Canada Is not developing atomic bombs nor any other military aspect* of atomic energy. The objective of her program is the "furtherance of the peacetime uses" of such energy, including the ques for practical Industrial power. Tomorrow: Canada'!* atomic plant could b« mistaken for a factory making babies' rompert. Arkansas Nen>s Briefs— Couple Told Only Son Listed As ROW After Report of Death By TBF. ASSOCIATE!! PltKSS PI.EASANT PLAINS-A couple who prayed for a year that th^r only „„ wa, .till alive may have had (heir prayers answered. Mr and Mr,. Reuben H. Matlock had been notified that their K» Opl. James F. Matlock, », w «.. W \^ , n actlon ta KorM 38, 19SO, ' . ' ' But yesterday-ohrWma. Day-they received word that the eom- muntsu hnd ItsUd him as a prisoner of wa r. ^chuh , Sn ole b * "»"*"•« l»ir church In daily prayer, for the soldier's safety x h T^ 1 , 1 " " id th " Wh " n Mat ' 00lt rettlras home ' ""«•« HOlng have Chrislma. all over agaln-no matter what time of year ItJ, " Duma* /c* Plant Free on Bail ABKAKSAS CITY-Cecll Rice, Duma. Ice plant' operator ,hr =rr sr;: ™r: " Th. bond wa, fl«d by th. Arka COMBAT STYLE-Sgt Gustave Vandeneede ot Ghent Belgium, iporft a nifty wt of chin whiskers, carefully trimmed to match hij combat outfit, Th« sergeant Is > member of the Belgian detachment assigned to lh« U. b. 3rd Division in Krr»a ([\EA-Acme photo by Staff Photographer Walter Lea ) Will Get Best Service If You Bring It to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. *** r«»»« zu, No tr«. of Mr,. Hie. nor h w body h« been found. Clark County Coroner, ^TcNorm, Diet S " rVlV ° r dow and two son,. California 'Quivers LOS ANGELES MV-The serenity ot Christmas in Southern Califor- »«noon earthquake that Wiu felt i n sU counties but caused no damage Wonderful • f^. ' "^fe — — -^ *m Hlflfr « Bu?«i ' \ J when atfghing colds strike tJi<<rttd sf DKP-ACTIOH RHlfF f Now those raspy, crouov coughs of children's coldj can with" h e ix ed . almost inst » n "? with this nom.p,» vil d treat- nil? r,V vi 1 ? 0 l Jf a P | "g spoonfuls of Vlck.i VapoRub In a raporl«r or bowl of bo ling water as directed, in package It's >oty, i.ol . . . Your Illiir. one Just breathes In the sooth! Ing s earn Every breath carries VapoRnb's reller-brinElnr medlcatforis deep Into Iroub lei throat and large bronchial tubes. There f& w, n d c , u Irtalmtnl medicates anrl soothes .dry. Irritated m ^- B;»nes, rases away cotiKhirur help* t«tor« normal breath: pn e c °J. lfort com es fast! For coughing spellj, upn e r bronchial congestion and that cold^Vif f ^" ng «« s ^ by cods, there's nothing liki ..sinVlck* And always rub rt en far continued r*li«f To Insure continued ac"'": R ' w . a y». rub Vaponub on throat, chest and back Works for hours -even while your child al«ps~ to relieve distress It's ih7 best-known home' you can use when any cold strikes child or grown-up... T • .'I » VICKS v VAPOHUI n«hl I' ' " « r - P« nthl, *hlpir,ent made to the Philippine Battalion Combat Team fl»hting in Korea, by a friendly brewer. Tobey May Ask Whipping Post For Wayward Public Officials WASHINGTON (ff)-sen. Tobey R-NH suggested tsdny that Die whipping post be revived to punish publla officials who betray thrir trust. The sharp tougued senator told reporter he is "thinking seriously" of asking Congress to impose the penalty of flogging for gross misconduct in federal office. Widespread irregularities disclosed by a House Investigation >f income tax frauds and Senate Inquires Into Government lending operations, he said, disclose a need for more drastic penalties. ~I*t'« Revive Ihe Foul" "Let's revive the whipping post " Tobey said. "They'd - (ear that. No punishment really can be adequate, but thM practice of accepting re- slgnltlons of thoso who are caught in wrongdoing ij childishly Inadequate." Sen. Kefauver D-Tenn, In a !par«t« interview, called for Con- grees to create a special, Independent commission to take over a Governmental houseclcaning assignment which President Truman has s«ld he will launch soon. Kefsuver, former heart of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee on which Tobey also served, called attention to lt« reoommenda- WARNINO ORDER In (he Chancrry Court, Chicka- ««wSa District, Mixlurtppi County Arkanea*. Anka Marston, Ptf. v*. No.ll.SflS Eugene Marston, Dft. The defendant, Eugene, Marston, s hereby warned to appear within hlrty days in th« court named in the caption hereof ind answer HIE complaint of th« plaintiff, Anka •farGton. Dated thli I day of December i961. Harrey Morris, Clerk By Anila Sykes, D. C. O. T. Cooper atty. for ptf. 1W B. Cook, atty. ad lltem. tloti tor creation of a crime commission of distinguished citizens ( 0 curry on the right agninst gamblers and olher underworld chnraclers. Needs Broadcrilnr "We should broaden (hnt plai non-," Kefauver s n!d, "and crenU that commission with «vjde powers to look Into executive departments of the Government, it should absorb tho interim commission the President is expected lo set up Meanwhile Sen. Wiley R-Wis urged a public airing or Btialrs of the alien property custodian's of- rlce, which he contends hss been swayed by "big money InfluenA peddlers" In the past. Holiday Hints: Don't Be 'Party Hopper;' Take Own Wife Home, Group Says NEW YORK. IIP)— "Don't be a party hopper. Stick to your own party. Don't bring exlra gnesU without permission. Make certain you take vrmr own dale or wife home nfter the party is over." Heeding a tew tips like those, a student, social organization or city College says, will help % cett (, ne holiday season merry and hoppy The advice is contained in a booklet Issued by the group yesterday. IN THE CHANCERY CO\JRT FOR THE CHICKASAWRA niSTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS V. B. KEITH, Ptf. vs HENRY BACKSTROM and MARY SUE BACKSTROM, Dfls. H'ARN'IiVG ORDER These defendants Henry Backstrom and Mary Sue Backstroin are warned to nppear Jn this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the Complaint or the plaintiff V B. Keith. This the 11 tli day of December 1951. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Rulh Magce, D. O. 12115-19-26-1)2 Death Wa§ Und«r tht Chrf.tmai Tr«— Lonely Yule Drives Bachelor Mad; It Was Not Merry for All SHAW1NIQAN KALI a, Qu«. (AP)-A lonely Christmas drov. Jean-Marie Trottler mad. The 24-year-old bachflor gum mid «»'ord hobbyist heard th« Joyous sounds of reveilloiis. tht all-ulght Christnu. morn parlies following midnight mas» for the French-speaking people. •' Tliey were not for him. Alone, he prowled the street*, shooting as he went, terrorizing people enroling along Ihe way. First he wounded Polici Sergeant Mathla.s Lnchance. Then he killed Constable I/mls I,an«evin, 58. the favorite- cop of the-village children. A manhunt was started with slioot-to-klll orders. Five hours Inter Trottler 1 .! body was found in a snowbank with his head blown off by a charge from Ills rifle. The verdict of (he coroner was murder and suicide while of nn- sound mind at 2 a.m. Christmas morning. Despondent Labortr Kills Self on Holiday OAKLAND, Calif. W) —Waller W. Hoppkc wrote a brief note ray- Ing his Christmas had not been merry. Then. Oakland police reported U>day, the -18-year-old laborer Irom Redmond. Ore., killed himself with a shotgun. Police said Roepke had come to Oakland to attempt a reconciliation with his wife, Viola. 44. His wife refused but, they spent Christmas at the home of a daughter, After Christmas dinner Roepke volunteered to baby sit for lib six- weeks-old granddaughter while tile rest of the family went to a movie. They found his body, and the note, when they returned home. The baby was sleeping In an ad- Joinflig room. Man Slays Parent! On Christmas fy» LARAMIB, Wyo. W) — A M- year-old railroad mechanic has admitted the Christmas Eve slaying of his parents "because my father was ill and I didn't want mother to be left alone," Sheriff Ted Buruslad jaid. Dean Henderson, stooky, blond haired father of a seven-year-old girl, pleaded guilty at lib arraignment yest*rdny in justice court on first degree murder charges. He was bound over lor District Co'urt trial without bond. His father, Jchn, 62, railroad roundhouse worker, and his mother, Ethel, M, were shot in the head with a .30 caliber rifle at their modejt Laramle home about 8 p.m. Monday. Young Henderson was arrested by live officers who found him, apparently asleep, in a small cabin at the rear of the slain couple's hcm«. He lived In the cabin with his wile, Lucille, and their daughter. Viola May. PACE 1JIJIH Stafe'sHoMaT Toll Reaches 15 Unidentified Man Falls Into Arkan.oi Riv«r At LirH. Rock Bridge I By THE ASSOCIATED r«Ut ! At least 15 pel-sons died vlolenu* ' na* *"**"'' dUrlng the ' On * Chrut - ' Latest death' reported — and on* of the few not attributed to traffic -was that of an unidentified mm who fell, apparently accidentally Into the Arkansas River at Lltti Rock early Tuesday night There were three other Christina, Day deaths, all In traffic acldenU. Man "Rtx-ked" and Fell The unidentified man, apparently ibout 40 or 45, w«i sittlnr on a balustrade of the Main street bridge connecting Little Rock »nd 7 7 Art Slain, fight Kidnaped in Philippines MANILA. (/r> — Eleven persons were killed and eight kidnapped In Christmas Day violence In the Philippines, Seven of the dead wore Com- luunht Hubs, three were bandits and one a policeman. Among those kidnaped were Mayor Joaquin Andres of failo, Cagayan Pros-luce, In northern Luzon, the town's chief of police and a policeman. 'Reds Execute 220,000' HOMO KONG M'j—The Chinese newspaper Wah Kill Yat po said in a Canton dispatch today the Reds had executed 220.000 people In Kwangtung Province In the last half of 1951. WARNING ORDKR In the Chancery Courl, Chlrka- •»wba District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Oharle« Sabato. Ptf. v -'- i No. 11,915 Felicia Sabato, Dfe, Tin defendant, Felicia Sabato, ii hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Cliarle; Sabato. Dated this 7 day of December 1951. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes, D. C. C F Cooper, alty. for pit. Ed B. Book, atty. ad lltem. Read Courier N« s Classified Ads Someone notified police. Office™ were on their way to the «-en. when he tumbled backward into the River, some 70 feet below. A rescue squad recovered till body. Other Christmas Day deaths' Army r-vt. Howard G. Deason, 20. of Wynne, home on furlough killed when his automobile collided with a passenger train at a crossing near Wynne. Man Dies In Car Wreck Eunice Hallmark, 23, of Nashville. Injured fatally in , collision of Iwo automobiles near o«- (leii Little River County. Andy L. Honea, 27, of Parft killed In the early morning when Uie automobile In which he waa riding struck a bridge abutment on a highway near Booneville. Nine persons died vtolenlly Saturday and Sunday, one was killed In a traffic mlsliap Monday — th« tlay before Chrlstmas-and another died Monday of Injuries suffered In a traffic accident Sunday. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chleka- sawti. District, Mlsalsslppl Cmmty. Arkansas. Jean c. Kramer, Ptf. _ ,. vs - NO. n.»i» Robert F. Kramer. Dft. The defendant, Robert I*. Krimer Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and anjwer th« complaint of the plaintiff, Man O. Kramer. Dated this T day of December, C. F. Cooper, nlly. for ptf. Ed B. Cook. alty. ad lltem. Harvey Morrli, OJ«rk By Anila Syke«, D. O. 'Are Golf Courses Necessary? 7 xVrmy /s Asked WASHFNflTTiTJ fin* r> -.—^-i r_ _ i.,_....-_... • TO YOUR CLOTHES YOUR CLOTHCS LAST LONGER ... KEEP THAT "SHOWCASE" LOOK S«nd us your finest fabrics, your costliest linens with worry. . .w e will return them lo you Kciilly hut .(horoii)?hly laundered.. .and pressed pcr- fectly by our skilled operators. BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 WASHINGTON UF> - Reporting that the. Army .has <1 golf courses at different averbeas bases, a Senate armed services subcommittee questioned last night whether they nre an unnecessary luxury. Th« Subcommittee on Preparedness, which IJH.I been dolnn a watchdog job on the multi-billion dollar defense program, jald Army K°lf courses are also numerous in this country, but it did not say how many there are. It noted that f|v« of the alghl Army training centers visited .by Its investigators had golf courses Nearby Port Belvoir, Va., had two' one an 18-hole layout and the other nine. Tile report said Ihe 41 overseas golf courses Included 18 In the European Command, 11 in the Pac- ific, five 'In th» Caribbean Command and >t«;1n Alaska. The Senate group sharply criticized what it called waste in tome Army activities but used softer terms In discussing recreational facilities. "Ths committee does not question tht need for adequate diversionary activity as necessary to foster good morale," the report #f VI* ASK fat "ASPIRIN" said. "However,-.. particularly fa r»- gard to. the. golf coursw, we BUM-' (Ion whether th« outlay and overhead Is wholly Jujsllllabls te term, of utilization." makes 0ff your coolr/ fosf coo fan TfAte fK. Stil it- ... by using classified advertising in the COURIER! Ad« placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. —— . , BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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