The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1947
Page 10
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•a PAGE TEN British Troops On the March In Holy Lands JERUSALEM,; 'March II). (UP) — British troops 20,000 s!ronfe swarmed through north ami central Palestine today in the biggest single military effort to wipe out Jewish Underground forces which struck again even while the search was going on. Royal Air Force planes served a-i eye| for the searchers. They flew , low over groves and factories, re- po£ting suspicious movements to the ground forces. Movement on motor roads fn half of Palestine was paralysed: i lii Tel Aviv, the Irguu Zvai 1*11- mi organization continued its war of nerves- Customs and railivay offices received anonymous telephone calls warning that their buildings were about to be b!6wn up. Surprise raids In wartime secrecy were carried out at Rehovoth, the garden city of Nathnnyn. a diamond industry center; and Hc- dera, a grain and fruit agricultural center. Underground cells were 1)2- lieved to exist in each ctty. Three suspects were arrested at Hedera. An arms cache was found which included: flamethrowers. About 400 Jews were screened at Nathanya and 20 arrested. Bright Lights Scare Deer to Safety NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. (UP) — William Hill, veteran rlverman, wno is an old hand at rescuing both people and animals from Ni- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Building Blows Up Ihe total remains of a tbrcc-slory bulking )„ Chicago's downtown district Is a pile of rubbl,- ing was leveled by explosions attributed to an accumulation of Kas . M least two persons are over 30 Injured as a result of the blast which shattered windows and damaged nearby building damage was estimated at $1,000,000. (NEA Teleplioto ) oimam The hnilrt dea< „„„ agnvn's swirling waters, has struck upon a new life-saving device. Hill's discovery accompanied nil attempt to remove a strugijllnt; five-point buck jrom (he nearby Welland Canal. The deer was locked in a nav- Korea OeWolf 1 >y Karen DeWoH Distributed by x j NEA SERVICE, k#4C I THE STOHYi Shorn- nnrt >!nim rc*t n fatrntftt U>K>*tIirr In our i.f Holly woo ii* N ImiiKtilotv conns. Munn Iw iilfi'k :mii huphtsIk-i\tctl. She unrlfM tti an fiuturtttu'c <itflrv •ml In mnktziK » i»1ny fur her mrir- *t*d box*, c;i-»r£e II nil hern, Slu-rry keep* hiviikc, ^vniilK to ivrllc, •worrle* about Mumi** fnirrcht In Brother*. Af lor Mii|iiit>r onu v.\v~ MiitK* there IN u kuciuk on tin? <M..r. A 1 11 tenner youiiir 111:111 IN Klnmtlu^ atttxldc. He iviml* to hot-row tin onion. Sherry *:IVNS "QI ctmrac. M'oft't you cumc inf" i • ' * ' ; III TIE nodded gravely and stepped in and closed the door. In a moment Sherry returned with the onion. fc The young man accepted it. r He suid, "I thank you irom my heart's bottom," very gravely. ,"But I should have told you! I 'am Sandro Duval. \Ve live down : at.the end." j Sherry smiled. "Oil, o£ course! 'And you have three cats and a .dog. The manager told me." Snndro looked pleased that they had been discussed; ! "I'm Sherry Lynne," she said. j "You're French, aren't you?" j Sandro said yes. | "I have been here 14 months . though," he went on. "My father •taught English at the xinivcrsity j at home. That is wliy I speak it . so good." Sherry wanted to laugh, but Klie said, "You do speak it splendidly." -Sandro said, "But I have been told that. Further, I have been told lhat except for my slight accent one would think me an American." •He seemed very pleased about ithat. I ."My name is Allcsandro," he ! explained, "but here in America one does not have time for it." He sat down on the davenport It was 10 minutes later that the '- knocker banged again and Saudrc sprang to, his feet. ^ "That will be lor me," he said .**! have a feeling." And Shcrrj epened the door to Tony. :?_ He was slichtly shorter thai 'rmtlro with broad shoulders and i .military bearing. He was an- loyeu. He said, "I'm sorry to bother on, but is Sandro Duval here?" Sherry said yes, and then, Won't you come in?" Tony stepped in and glared at ndro. "Is lhat the onion for the slew?" ic wanted to know. Sandro handed him the onion. He said, "And this is Miss Sherry Lynne, who so kindly sup- ilied it. Anthony Dietrich," * • • SONY'S heels clicked as he made n brieC bend from the waist, md for the first time he really saw Sherry. lie said, "I'm sorry to follow Urn like this, but he lorgets things," "That's perfectly nil right," Sherry told him, but she thought, 'And you wouldn't! Not ever. You'd remember if people were waiting for you find you'd worry about it." Sandro said, "Tony is Austrian Viennese. But he speaks English od also." Tony laughed. It. was sudden and infectious. "He thinks he hasn't any accent," he told Sherry. "It's worse than mine." He turned to Sandro. "Do you want to cat or not?"-' After they had gone, SherVy closed the door and for a moment she stood and thought about Tony He was not so classically handsome us Sandro, but she though him more attractive. They weri, probably the same #je, but Tony was n man. She liked bis chii and the strong sweep of his ja\v She smiled when she remembered his laugh. Then she went into tin, bedroom. Mona was finishing the last cuff and looked up with cool amuse mcnt. "What happened?" shs wanted to know. "It sounded like tlv mw channel in the ice-covcri'il wn- Icr. when nil other menus fnilcU brlRht senrclillghts were turned upon (he scene and they so lrlf;lit- oni.'d the shivering niilmni that II crashed tls wny through the ice bm-rler and sped off ntuntf the .engue of Nations." ' Sherry smiled. She snid, "They wanfccl an inion. They live ;it Ilic cmt. One's 'ony and one's Sandro. They're ho ones who have three cats and clng." ^ Mona said, "Sounds fascinating," ,ml bll olj her Ihreiid. * * * [A TDK, when they were in bed, Sherry moved near Mona in he dark. 'Mona—" she began slowly—• 'don't you think it was funny that Mr. Brothers didn't gel out and iurt the car door for yon?" There was silence for a minute, met in a rush at panic Sherry vondcrcd it Mona was HOUIIT to he angry. Then Mona's voice came cool and Impersonally through Ihe darkness. She snid, "Of course not, daring! H'd been silly in the rain." There was an almost imperceptible Jausc, then, "Aflcr all, you know, business woman isn't accorded, ill the liltle attentions from men ;he works with." Sherry agreed quickly. "Thai's just it! Yon work for lim. Besides, ho knows you know itc's married and if yon see him—- Imvc cocktails and things with liim—don't you think he's going Lo think he can sort of—well, [rent you differently?" There was n silence again. When Mona spoke it was lightly. She said, "What you're trying Lo say in your own quaint way, darling, is lhat he'won't 'respect' me. You're right—if I didn't work his office—if I'd had fiond clothes and a few diamonds and sent my chauffeur home so 1 could ride wilh him, he'd have got out to open the door, all riulil! Well, those arc Ihe things I'm going to have! But you've gal to start somewhere." Sherry lay slill. Mona had .snid things like this before, but then there hadn't been any George Brothers. She said, "But if you marry some rich man— J* Mona made a lillle sniffing sound. "Rich men marry rich girls. You've got to moke the grade before you can do that, angel." (To Be Conllmicil) tank. Roasted loeiits nnd grasshoppers :TC a staple food in parts of Mexico. Bare Money Today. Anj Day STOP AND SWAP ELBKKT HUFFMAN'S 401 K. Main Phone 859 Vou Musi Be lljppy or No D«»l FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb H\vy o'l al State Line 1'hone Hlylheville 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE i AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CIIAS. B1TTNER MONDAY, JIAHC1I 10, 19-17 III V3 I CJ^ V_^j '.,.,.• • _yoi'R. 1«7 gy no stuvice. me, T. M. etc. u. s. PAT. on , yt.t~&$r 3-10 She s coming home, Ma—says she could make good in .ttio.movies all right, but it's impossible to find a. place to ;^_i—___ live in Hollywood!" ONCE INHABITED ITS REMAINS HAVE SEEN UNCOVERED AS PAR NORTH •AS t-££OS, AND CURIOUSLY. ALON6 WITH THOSE OP TOU THINK WE HAVE INFLATION) IN CALIFORNIA'^ GOLD RUSH DAYS. FOUR BUSHELS OF . M. REC. U. s. PAT. OFF. / OREGON APPLES SOLD FOK THE ROOTS OF A TREE HOLD IT UP WHILE HOLDIN!6 IT POWM'-Sattf JOHN E NEXT: What did flic Lewis and Clark expedition co=(? Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 Kast Main I'lione 2302 Levels and Lines Surveying DRAG LINK FARM DITCHKS ' Wm. R. Overton -- County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or AVi-He Hox 8!, Koselaiicl, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arrtvmg Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords * Chevrolets * Ply mouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We 1'ay Top Dollar for Clean Lulu Mode! Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Frnnkiin and Main St. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oats, Lespetie/ri, Alfalfa and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Garden Seeds from Blytheville's largest Seed Stoct Blythevi!le Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH TURKS Our Boording House with, Moj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams .' von eoys rAMKETORMTO 30BSATOrtC6 DOCTOR ERRTED lM.TJIA.S- IXtHW 3S-C6WT -& ALL I HAD WAS A FACIAL \i REFUND in! RASH .FROM EATlNVS STRASvJ- )'/ ^-SLiT ARE TU6V PUTTIMG TtAA-T'S TH& ^9 BEST wesvs HIS ACCELERATOR AMD BKAWEu-3 WORK. OM TH' SLICK LIWOLEUM--SO 1'NVOIVIW HIM A HAN P. Ff>.cE wmA STR^^M- BERRlES- 'WHV MOTHER-.:, OET GR.\V Fluke Gets a Look HY MICIIAKI, . IN HERE IS SOMETHING I PSE PARED FROM THE FORMULA THAT IHE PREtlY UUIE LATIN HE. so YOU'VE DISCOVERED THAT, TOO 9 MY, BUT YOU'VE FO3 A MOMENT LET us FORGET CH;L SEQUIN AND HOPE SHt FORSET5 Iff, FtlWf. NOW LOOK INSIDE 5 BOX. "^^.y c rvn wuiHkK HAlf HOUF IWAMT TO SHOW VOU SOMETHING. BEEN READING THE WP£RS, PARROT. THAT'S All. The Missin —._ ttWBELLE'S A KtTTEH I,FRO(A II THW'S BEEN HISSIN 1 SIMCE **-' N1SHT BEFORE LAST ~~\9ms—i/-. j,, f -^ ^^.^^4,;i> ll^f, U RED RYPWfi LESLIE TURNEI IEAZ. W.LEW! Surprise! ERECENTW. AND THERE'S THE BLftCfc KITTEN DEM)! RY V. T. H 4 Ml .I RED \ /^~) WMiJM .E TIM H^NiOi-5 DOESN'T \ 6 £ " ~ ~ tO SETTIE A PERSCrtAl BtfORE I &s!S Hl,"\ TO trie SHERIFF: lU-LEY OOP WELL,HERE WE STEADY. PAI JUST ARE...WOW. 1 /REMEMBER VOU CAN J ri^Vt**i -v& t%> 6 WOTTA BLOW- | LICK ANY GUV IN OUT...GEE, / TH' HOUSE.' OSCAR.I.. ^m ILI-Ya, Josic! jfig&flte } _-, r «.Y FRED aAKMAJ*] \tf OF THESE GENTLE-\ THEY ARE.MOST LOVELV"/ GUI " M P,yj^l AVE NOT /-JOSEPHINE.THENEW- / AN'DO V HbARD... WHO I EST OF YOUR HUSBAND'sl THEY fSUiVV ARE THEV ? A LIEUTENANTS... y-^k RATF.! rrA'fcVfei^ / V S-lZ-fi ^M BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES r vtftra vo% WON'T " . TO I, j c-inoot, PUS;, vitxv. 1DM TM. MVftW- l,~—— Ti^'.t, V:LNC ' Bt&\M TO CIViTtR P,r?o PU&, V.OWO Here's I'ug Aijuin BY EDGAR MARTU* •^•'m ' 'm

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