The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1947
Page 7
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JIONDAY, MARCH 10, 1947 ^ 1947 Legislature A Free Spender Appropriations for Next Biennium Run Highest in History «V HOI! limed Press Staff Corrcspuiidcnt UTTLE ROCK, Ark., Mar. 10. — (OP)—The 5Bth General Assembly of Arkansas !s going clown In history as the freest spending legislature of nU times. While complete appropriation IKgurcs are not available, one leading state fiscal expert estimated to- da> that tlie total for next l\vo years is 50 j\er cent more than amounts set out for the current btennium. He predicted that the total will reach the astronomical figure of $250,000,000 — including 2$00.000,000 in state fluids and $50,- OW.O in federal nioney. Grand total appropriations for tlie present bicnniiim amounted to $172,303,512—of which S147.243.511 wv.a state money and $25,150,000 federal funds. Evidence that his estimate is fairly accurate is found in the fact tnat the legislature Is in th c process of appropriating in state and federal funds more than $160,000,000 for three departments alone. -More than $70,000,000 has been set aside for county roads and the highway department, some $50,000,030- for the education department ami more than $41,000,000 for'the welfare department. Highway Director J. C. Baker explained, however, that the state doe s not expect to have all of the nioney appropriated for his department, it was set aside in case the federal government should increase feciera.! aid. The welfare appropriation is designed to include some SG.Coo.OOO in surplus funds which the department has on hand. Meanwhile. Gov. Ben Laney said he would not sign bills that woultl i overdraw their accounts. if "II they are kept within estimated revenues." Laiicy said, "there probably will be no vetoes. But il appropriations have been made that will run various funds into the red, I might have to trim them a iittle." ncmined of \eiv Dealers Stale Controller John Truemper said - several appropriation Bills Jiave not received thc governor's signature and a tew others arc pending between the houses. These facts jnakc it impossible to arrive .it Hie total appropriations at this lime. "This legislature has reminded me of New Deal days in Washington," Trucmper commented. He pointed out, however, that a considerable Portion of the appropriations came from surpluses in various departments. The general rev- cnue fund—which had a total distribution oT'$34,220,828 Wine revenue year ol 1945-46—is expected to fcat^i $.10.000,000 annually. He admitted readily that the amount appropriated was well above estimated revenue which, with new (axes voted this year, is expected logo above $60,000,000 n year. At, no time during the session have economy pains particularly bothered the legislature. At one time, however, the House became economy minded and slashed two .'lien off the payroll of the Resources and Development Commission— tolal saving: SB.VOl). Shortly thereafter thc House raised salaries in Ula Forestry Department of thc R. No Wed ding Bel Is Now _BLYT11EVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS raises Cor more lhaii half the county judges in Arkansas und lias Ixoslcct siilmH'8 of county olfleinls In many places. Comptroller Trunnper says (hero Is OIK- redeeming reunite. "They can't Mioml it u U isn't l!iL'K>, but it will make our job h'u-der because we'll hi\vc to wnieh elusely for (lie limits,'' Traenipx' 1 ' said. 37 Sailors Give Blood to Aid Buddy's Mother DYERSHURCl, Ti'inv, March ll>. (UP)—A widowed mother whose son was killed in action during the war was .still allvo In n Memphis liofpiliil today, helped by lh« volunteered blood donations or 37 suiloss from Hip nearby Navy Air Tirhnlcni Trahunj! Center. Mrs. Myrtle Diane, of Ncwbcru, li'nn., was burned sevrrclv Jan. '•> when s hc throw triictor fuel on i» pri-siimably (tend lire. Sliuv then NIL-' Ims undergone ai blood Ivans"sums and u series of skln-,;nift- "M! opcnillon.s, Wlini the nyeisburi;, Tcnn.. lied J-'o.'-s was •uiiHbio lo meet, rtomiuuh >w min-c blood of her lyjn., u !' >;>c;ilcd to tlie Navy, with WDIL-II Mrs. HluuB's son, Chillies Wllllum. clifd July rj imj vvh( ,,, h|; . ((t ,, •";''flyi'r. Ilic U. S. S. Clwln, wits Mini! In the Solomon islands. •Navy Chaplain Norniim H. Flow- rl! > "Wealed lo vohuiteurs. More • nun (>l> responded. A siu-clnl bus ',,"''' ""' :l7 wlll > thu ill-lit, type <>' blood lo Memphis. Drcxcl 0. Cliitty, an ex-Ol, nun ins Parisian fiancee. Joselene ponder their problem after a New York judge refused to waive a 72- hour delay and let them wed immediately. Instead of a wciUIInK Clntty is scheduled to leave lor Maryville, Ohio, to lace statutory rape charge. (NEA .Tclephoto.) and D. comission. addiny $64,000 to tl'.e budget on the same day the lower body added $5,000 to the pub- l:city account in (lie same division. | In another instance the House j cut out the jobs of five invcstiga- ' tors In the beverage division of the revenue department. Hardly had the mimeograph Ink dried when Che House voted i u 29 new auditors in ll'.o same department. .Millions for Construction Again, (he House cut out the governor's liaison man at S5.00Q a year and then voted in tile legislative research council which provides that the director shall be a liaison man. The council's annual budget —still pending I n the Senate—was set at $20.800. Construction, expected 10 be curtailed, rah rampant. To date the legislature IMS voted $2,000,000 for buildings at the State Hospital, another $2.000,000 for the University of Arkansas $1 000,000 for thn University Hospital in Little Rock, $50,000 u year for state parks, $200,000 a year at the slate penitentiary and has provided for a neiv educational building, a new Workmen's Compensation hui'ding and an addition to the Health Building on the capitol grounds. This does not include construc- (ion at other state-owned schools or institutions, still pending before tho legislature is another" hospital building, a governor's mansion and a memorial stadium. The legislature also was liberal with county funds, it provided ATTENTION VETERANS! II you served (H T oi.\c:ts, yon should join the V.r.VV. nnivl Meetings tivi'iy Wuilncsiluy ntjjliS, 7:31! ul the \Yeleu!<:<mp Cotton Oflii'c. lliijis ;i veteran wild you, VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Karris A!rCull;i, Cummamler Radio Clinic J 430 W. Ash St. 1 Plione 855 or 2294 • j WE I I PICK UP and DELIVER J TRACTOR AUCTION SALE Sikeston, Mo., Thursday, March 13, 1947 50 — La^e Model Tractors — 50 We think this is thc biggest sale of the kind in U S A * " 5—New 1Q4G M p-all Tractors on rubber S & L 7—New Power Lift Cultivators 5—1040 M F-all Tractors on rubber S&L 6—Power Lift Cultivators 4—1846 Ford Tractors on rubber S & L 4—Power Lift CuU.., Disc and mower 3—2 Bottom 12" Plows 2—14" Plows ; 2—'45 A JD Tractors on rubber S A: L 3—Power Lift Cultivators 2—1D46 New H F-all Tractors on rubber S & i, 5—Power Lift Cultivators 4—194fi H F-all Tractors on rubber S & L , 3—1945 AC Tractors on rubber S L G—Power Lift Cultivators 3--1045 M F-all Tractors on rubber S & L, 5—Power Lift Cultivators 1—Case Tractor on rubber S & L 1—Case Tractor on Steel 4— Power Lift Cultivators 3—Tractor Cultivators k 2—1944 M F-all Tractors on rubber S & L, 4—Power Lift Cultivators G—1944 H F-all Tractors on rubber S ,85 it, 3—OD Tractors on rubber S & L 4-JD Cultivators 3 — Ac Tractors on rubber S & L 3—1943 M F-all Tractors on rubber S & L 2-1942 M F-all Tractors on rubber o oc L : ~^ B F-all Tractor on rubber Sale will be hclil „! » lc K . |). rla auspices AxLctioncets: f l coi. n. A. f. lcc Col, S. Mr 9 w 1—1342 JD Tractor on rubber S &r L 3—Power Lift Cultivators 4—Sets Tractor Middle Busters 1—Case Hay Baler 1—New Holland Self Tieing Hay Baler 1—New IHC Rotary Hoc 3—Laic Model AC Combines 2—John Deere Combines 2—2 row Ideal C'orn Pickers 2—Mule Drawn me Mowers 2—IHC Tractor Mowers J—IHC Tractor Scoop 3—Allis-Chalmcrs Disc Harrows 1—New Ideal Corn Picker 2—Farm Wagons 3—12" IHC 2 Bottom Plows 3-14" IHC 2 Bottom Plows 2—14" IHC 3 Bottom Plows 3-Ncw Farm Trailers on rubber 5—New 2 Horse Middle Busters 1—Now Black Hawk Mulo Planter 2-Uscd Black- Hawk Mule Planter.,J—50 Tooth Harrows 7-Ncw Walking Cultivators 14—Used Walking Cultivators 1-Mule Drawn Hiding Cultivator 6—New 2 Horse Walking Plows 12-Used 2 Horse Walking Plows 2-Scte Middle Busters lor M Trac- 8—2 Horse Mldd'lc Busters 1-2-M 1D46 Corn Picker Tor H or M F-all 1—2 Pan IHC Plow on rubber 1—10" IHC 2 Bottom Plow 2—IHC 2 row Mule Planters 1—1 row IHC Comb. Planter With Seed Attachment 2-CultIpackcrs Jlon S;'!c I'avilion and under the of the SIKESTON AUTO AUCTION Tillman W. Anderson, MR Sule Starts 10:30 a.m. *"° b C1J * M1 ' 813 Slkcv ton. Mo., o; Till man W. Anderson -•""'" ^v J. LOUIS CHERRY Reprraentlnf New York Life Insurance Co. BlytliCTiUe, Ark. Dr. CHAS. L. CRAIG Dentist Wishes to announce the opening of his office Lynch Building Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2540 PAGE 1 <im ff At thc beginning O t this century, " wcfo ninny scientists who "•' Uml thsj human body L'OllllI not H'll)tstllir ( | H S|K'C(I "lui'e limn 100 mlkVi iw hour. ol Iti'iul Courier News Want Adi, KAI, KS'l'ATK FOB SAI.K 'f» I'ro.iiectlv. buyer, .. !,«. > Mlocl LIU Ot 1101I»OB.-|IOU1C3—»jit«. — bllll- Limca-irrow >LI,I r.rnii |,> , c d , ro ,, ud lIlyllLCVIIIc. Wo Ucln ll,,. uc . •>!». l.holi, -•301 J. J. rt,U. BOBJ.J Bo,| j;, u i 0 HroVpr. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 "the Old FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS .G. O. POETZ *oir Buorce of PKTUOLKUM Dependable Service PRODUCTS Olflca OR ANY EXCAVATION ' ' ' ' FROZEN FOODS Lockers for Rent—Moat Curing— Groceries — ; Meats — Vegetables Wilson Pasteurized Milk— Birdscye Frozen Products We Deliver Telephone 2802 ' Main ril 21nt-Street BE THRIFTY! SAVE MONEY! Bring your car to HOT'S BODY SHOP for all body and fonder repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-LININGS for nil cars niiulc like llio la dory mute t.hism, mime nisitonal antl \vorkmiiii.slii|). Ciiiiinintccd to fit, ami look liku (iriBinal uphclslcvv 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 8.JlHEN Contractor CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Also CULVERTS Wo are Dealers /or It Ino&w m la U Inch* Again in 1946.. • FIRST IN CAR SALES-FIRST IN TRUCK SALES FIRST IN COMBINED CAR AND TRUCK SALES! The final registration figures are in, and again in I946 America purchased more Chevrolet cars — more Chevrolet trucks—more Clicvrolet cars and trucks combined—than any other make, despite the fact that Chevrolet was out of production entirely during thc first three months of the year! A magnificent tribute to Chevrolet production efficiency, as welt as to tho dollar value of.Chevrolet products! It's the best proof you can possibly have that you're wise to choose Chevrolet, the only cars giving IUG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST, and thc only trucks rating as THRIl'T-CARKJERS FOR THE NATION! True, there still aren't enough new Chevrolets to go around, but highest popular demand means /irgftcr dollar value, just as highest production means quicker delivery of your new car or truck, Place your order— today! CHEVROLET-LOWEST-PRICED LINE IN ITS FIELD LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK CALL 2611 ... Don't Hesitate lo Ask for Free Service ' ' .... '.-••, _.-^;; •-*- l C'^! • ".-'''.., -. — We can wash your car in.,30 minutes; We UHC Genuine Alcmitc Grcnsc to lubricate your car. Yes, we huvu the tires — Dayton — Hood — Goodyear. We have New naileries. Standard £SSO Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State MARR' IYi ^\ IV BV I'hoiie 20tl A U T 6 SERVICE Second and Ash Sts. Hcre'i the man with real truck know- how. He's the International-trained truck mechanic — trained in special schools and classes, in the best and latest ways of servicing trucks. He's an expert on the special International Truck equipment we use for tcstitig, repairing, reconditioning and proving. He's an expert on preventive maintenance. So put your trucks in his hands-any makes or models-for the simplest repair job or a complete program of regular preventive maintenance. Phone today and tell us when your trucks will be in. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 3?2So. 2nd Phone 863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks

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