The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 24, 1951
Page 15
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KIT, INK/EMBER M, MM (ARK.) COURTEK HEWS OUR tOARDINO HOUSE — with MoJ.r OUT OUR WAY FRKKLIS AND HIS. PRIfNM -DON'T BLUSH.' CAM STILL BRIrtS IM YOUR PROSPERITY MOSTA HIT MV una.e OT10, Me HIS PHOTON-FIRST •N TO SEE 7HtlR THE 1152 8AMI< CAL6MDARS I KIPS ANP1 C*>KI THIS ONLY SO LONG How woVbo KNOW' 'fcutee MISTLETOE.'I S4WB5 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sli« ip u 3« In. Corrugated Metal . Culverts Siwi ip u> 14 In. A. H. WEBB Your Car Benefit by Reading and Using Couri.r N«wt Classified Ada ...WHAT If 2 HAVf ™,**WO* D OR HNS? I PON THE LAH£,UA&t > , old .uH fit him without any P"!ow for ttuffing!" - Km<itr THfc COHTKOL KOOHI, DOC.. 1F WE PULL THIS. OFF, WE'LL ItOi O ALL Automatic Flood Gat*. Concrete * Mttal Septic. Tank. Sewer Tile Best Price. w . Hlihway «i at Slat* Line Phone 714 There are ten species of skun in the America*. PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE PIT BARBECUE JEEPERS, POP! 3O VOLI LIKE :HRISTMAS AS MUCH CHf?l<3TMA°. IS NICE Know How Foit You Driva? Get a HOME fm As tittle x 2 1 ° per weil Hubbard&Hoke APPLIANCE CO. • ENEHALQmCTRIC mCUVNCLMNCIIS AT THI* X-ED OUT ^^ IT WA* _...,. ^5*:^?" T^ 6 TYPEWRITER ... i Will Get Best Service If You Bring It to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. in *. Kit* Ootar k.M tin FOR SALE Cwwreta nlrerto, 11 Inch to M Inch, plain or reenforeed. AIM Concrete Bnlldinr Blockl cht»p- tr th»n limber for b»rru. chicken BOBMJ, p»nip houjw, tcn.nt ho«sei, tool nhedii. We fellTer Call u for tiet estimate. OSCEOLA. TILE & CULVERT CO. Ph.n* Ml Speedometer Check-up at T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO., Itl B. Mat> F..B. ti FUEL OIL G.O.POETZOILCO. "/• Sell Tkat Stuff" Phone 2089 ,Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day Kitten in the Woods t N€A utvtcr. xxx gHE sat there enveloped in a momentary nothingness. Slowly she became aware of the firm strength of n tree trunk nt her back, cf the cushion of autumn leaves beneath her. She kept her eyes shut, taking in great gasps of the wonderful fresh air. When she opened them, her vision had cleared. A few yards away, nill Devanter. and Lee Hildrcth were doin" something utterly ridiculous to Apron Riegs. . Evidently one of them had hit liiffss on the jaw. He was standing up uncertainly, the grogginess in his eyes rapidly changing to fury. And they were forcing him to put on his overcoat backwards' The balmacaan with its deep collar made the lawyer look like a bibbed monk; it wa s as effective as a straight-jacket Elizabeth struggled to her feet. At once Bill was at her side, gripping her shoulders, peering in- (Hfnily in(r> her eyes. 1 "Are you all right, Beth?" She nodded mutely and then her .voice rel'trned in a hoarse whisper. "Im afraid ] asked for it" "Asked for it!" "Madame X was with me He made a remark that indicated he knew about the kitten. Suddenly I realized he was the poisoner and then all the other myslcries fell into place. I told him my suspicions." * "You crazy little fool!" He couldn't have said it more tender- ^• r u,^. S:.c felt calm, completely sate the sturdy bulk of Bill's masculinity between her and all danger. Perhaps the sudden acceplance of her dependence on him was reflected m her eyes. His arms slid around her, pulling her to him and his lips were firm and determined on hers When tie finally relinquished her' Lee was standins ort from them pinning. They began K slnglt fl] t ( r « k along the narrow path. Nrst Madame X, gaily, a feline drum majorette. Then A n r o n Rie stumbling in silent anger and » reversed overcoat, prodded by t« with a willow club. Then Elizabeth and Dill. " Ho , w did you know? Why did you crime?" she called back to him. Ran into old Hosklns n, I CAm e out of the phone booth. He told about seeing Riggs hiding his car on that ri«ei-ted logging road near ? ',"' He th ° u S ht it odd and so did I, especially when Rig«« was supposed to he In aurllnBlon. Lee and I decided to head for home." /"You, maybe. He probably recognized you In Burlington. Bdt he'll never tell." She peered ahead of her «nd knew Bill was right. Aaron Rtg« would admit nothing now, In spile of the fact the row of overcoat buttons made his shape ridiculous, his shoulders still conveyed • stubborn inflexibility. PLTZABETH and Bill faced Vhe old woman In th* wheelchair beside the living room Bre. Sunshine *.;as bright beyond tht tall cathedral windows but It was n chill wintery sunshine. It f e || across Olllc's hands as he presided over the tea tray with the finess* of a dowager. OlHe refilled her cup, »r v * d on( , some Checking, Mother, Aaron sold some of ouf «lock» on the :hieago exchange. At a very poor time to dispose of those particular stocki. i:ourL hcaril ot the transaction, grew suspicious. H« mRn . aged to secure one of the certificates anti had on expert compare he signature with that on out of four letters to him. St w»» < for*. <?ry. He didn't tell hi, bustneM lartner but in one of their Ulks ha did mention he was employing a handwriting fntf**{*i:~» » "And he came here to t«n me, poor boy," she said wearily. "Ye,. And Aaron killed him. H« was in over his head by then." He teemed such • quiet, self- contained man." Ollie said, "because he discovered I really hadn't broken my glasses «nd thought I could identify him. As a matter of fact 1 did see him but the overcoat fooled me. I thought he was AllJtalr and kept qwlel to spare mother the There .Vas « moment of silence broken only by the crackling embers, then Mrs. Steinhart laughed softly. "Ollie and I have made . few plans." Ollie chuckled, too, and nodded. "That's right. We're giving the state the land under litigation and 1 m going to open my conservatory to the people who'll be coming to the park.'' "That's wonderful news," Beth said, "it's a fascinating garden." "Mr. Harwood is taking over my affairs," Mrs. Steinhart explained Hcs an honest, intelligent man. All our past differences are forgotten." "And," Ollie added, "Lee and Anne are coming to live here. Lee is turning our southwest property into an experimental farm." THERE was another small sf- lence. Emily Steinhart's eyes twinkled. "You'll be glad to leave these wilds for the city. Beth?" Before she couJd reply BUI *quec7ed her hand. "She's leaving these wilds for even wilder wilds!" "My goodness, what does that mean?" "t've taken a surveying job in » Canadian lumber camp." "And I've got a Job «s camp htme," Elizabeth Informed them "But that's not your most important job." Bill reminded her. Ollie e hainaug°hii)g!' Sl<!lnhilrl and "I'm being put in charge of an exceedingly dimeuit patient. He's domineering «nd very hard to manage. Worst of all, he demands that I marry him and t can't think of • good excuse becauc* I | OV e ilm. I believe you both know who v " it, don't yOM?" THE CND KREAM K REAM IXASTLE DRIVE-IN Corner Division & Walnut machine problems? Then you'll appreciate the quick, economical service that you')) find fit Wicker's. Machine work of all kinds; let Wicker solver your machine problem! t Welding Electric and acetylene if Blacksmithing Plow point sharpening! etc. * Winch Truck Service F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 620 East Main St. Phont2192 MSS TULLIS F=L£P, AFTER AIL THAT DREADFUL PUBLICITY) YOU'VE NO IDEA WHAT THE POOR mug's GONe 1HRU SINCE SHE SHOr MR. MREO SLIGHTLY I BESIDES, SUB'S IH SfWJE DANGER- I CAM 1WM1NE THAT..M* WVITES IT! TO I HER SLIGHTW MOW WHERE'D SHE GO' WR^o^^a-te^^t WHY, rt> DIE &ffOftt-/6JOf '£* cWtlMS ME •^TTJ™^"^ * WIFE -DESERTING, ,5^™SBl<.L-r>IC> SOLDIER OF r-2 " tl *^aiV fORTU NE WITH A Mpl'a *Mff!^. SKKMIWD! BUT BEFORE I <30,TEU HER! THERE WW t CM! «U> «»U, WtTHOtlT BREAK1NS WV PROWSB. BUT t HESITATE PICK CM ME. A W*W- LES5 STRAWSER? AMD HOW'D SHE BEEN M / THEN YOU'LL TAKetYE9...BUTYOUU HAVE \ U5 BACK TO THE /TO TRAVEL ON VOUR TROUBLE IN \1-ABC«ATORY?/OWN POWEK...BUTD5 u.cT.Mc.^Ar-L^.r-V -'JUBTASISAYANO AND OOP AND UP ON Of Dlr- FOLLOW ME - \ THROUGH BUT THIS! TH'SKV.' LfcBORATORY HAS STRANDED ALLEY OOP.OOOLA.FOOZY ~~"ANDtXNNYAT THE NORTH POLE WHERE WE FIND THCM BEGSINQ ±~«*/A A HITCH FROM SftNTA CLAUS TH' Lit CLUCK OUQMTA BE OUT

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