Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 24, 1895
Page 2
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Call It a. Craze. AN ALARMING STATEMENT CONCERNING WOMEN. UOW BAD HABITS ARE FORMED. eir iiainc indioiten. nre claimed by tlie manu- cturers to tn.-a positive and speedy cure for any rm of headache. In many cases their chief gredient is morphine, Cipium. crjcaiue wsoinc Thr Vrtc York Tribuar says : " The habit of takitisr"' headache powders '"is increasing to an jUarinini: extent itmonir a src.tr number of wo- BKII throughout fne country. These powders ai their iiainc indioiten. nre claimed by tlie manu- factu form ingredient is morp, i. other eqiiallv injurious drnjr having n tendency to deaden pain. The habit of taking them <s casitv formed, but almost impossible to shake off "Women usually begin taking them to relieve a ravine headache and soon reiort to the powder to alleviate any little pain or ache they may be .subjected to, and finally like the nior- • -phioc or opium fiend, pet into the habit of uikini; 1 them regularly, iniaeiiiiinr that they arc in paiu if they happen to miss their regular dose." In nine cases out of ten, t!ie trouble is in the stomach and liver. Take a simple laxative and liver tonic and remove the •offending matter which fit-ranges the . stomach and causes the headache,. Dr. Pierce 's Pleasant Pellets are composed entirely of Hie purest, concentrated, vegetable extracts. One Pellet is- a, .dose; sugar-coated, easily swallowed; •mice used, always in favor. They positively cure sick headache and .remove -the disposition to it. MrT X. VAit'iASO.v, of Otter Ijikf, fafietf Co., Mich., writes: "I not infrequently have an attack of th'e headache. It usually conic* on in the forenoon. At my dinner I cat my regular meal, and take one or two of Doctor Pierce'.* Pleasant Pellets immediately after, and iu the course of an hour my headache is cured nna no bad effect!). I feel better every way for having taken them— not worse, as is usual after taking other kinds of pills. * Pleasant Pellets' ore worth more than their weight in gold, if for nothing else . VAKGASOS. JJSQ. than to cure headache." The ulraultftoeoiw appearance la .Seattle. Wanh.. ofE-'^. Debs, of the American Railway union, nod John M. . Egnn. ex prosiden'. of the General M»na<*erb' »«itoclatioo, which con. ' ducted tbe grent railroad .strike, has reiulted In trouble. In an interview last Moodny E/an upoke severely of Debs cbarglDjr nlm wit.l> responsibility for tbe idlenem ot hundreds of men who have beoo In the railroad busl- ne>8 many .mn.ru and were competent in many way. Ho animadverted Mverely on Dubs' union and Its etrlks method* After reading this Inter. flew Deba addressed a mass meeting, At which be aoored. Egaa In a most savage manner, openly accusing him of dlsbonesiy, etc. He loudly asserted that Egan would never meet bim in private orpublh, and discuss "who wore the conspirators," for be (Egac) knew who they were and whai would be tbe result. Eofiine 34 which was exhibited at i.hu World's Fair, und later on pur- uhiised by tb<5 Vandalia to ha.i;l tbelr heavy fast puooencer trains OD . tbe mnin line baa been ordered off the road. It, its belotf claimed by the officials that the locomotive is too heavy for the road, especially in cold weather. Directly after the Coates- vlllo wreck In January .the line was inspected and more than twenty broken rails were found on the divU slon over which No. 34 runs. The broken rails were at once replaced by now ones and to avoid further catastrophes the engine w«e ordered to remain boused up In the round house at Terre Haute. Trainmasters on tbe Pan Handle lines met Friday at Columbus, 0., to Inspect a new cabin car, which, on other linen. Is called a caboose. The now car is looked upon as quite an Improvement over those now in use, as It la much more commodious and will ride easier. The trainmasters are to pass on the new cabin car and offer suggestions which will aid in future construction. O. D Ashley, president of the Wa- hash road, eajs the net earnings o/ the line for, February will show further Improvement over last year. General business, he says, in tbe Wa- bafeh territory is reflecting a more hopeful sentiment, although there is yet much to be desired in the situation. Reform is also promised by some of the rate cutters of 'western*and eouthwettern lines. Employes of the American Express company are uneasy, as at several points of late there have been changes not only In officials but in the clerical departments, where men have long held their positions. Two of the division luperlntendonts have been reduced In rank and somfe of the route agents discharged. At the hospital of the Wabash at Peru, Ind., there are now twenty-two Injured and eiclc employes, and unusu- ally'large number, the average heretofore having been about twelve. The condition of Harry Harris, the Vandalia bralceman who lo«t a leg Friday was reported quite critical yesterday morning. Trainmen who came in from South Bend later in the day Prepare for Spring ' , , , • i_ „ m,/-, ~nfr>£ nprrirrmlished bv Hood S If you were about to journey to warmer or colder climate you would make careful preparations. Besides taking- a supply o£ warmer or cooler clothin?, as the case imffht be, you would thoughtfully soloct a stock of medicines as i keep you in good health. V ^BtBf^ The cnres accomplished by Hood's Sarsaparilla tell -what it does more eloquently than any argument which can be written. Ke.id the frank statement below: - " Last spring, on account ol overwork to I and bad humors, I became very much run I down. About June a scrofula bunch ap- Your Blood O wo arc aU about to change to a warmer climate, though not of our own volition, and what is more reasonable than to take a reliable medicine to resist the debilitating effects of higher, temperatures? . Hood's Sarsaparilla is just the medi-1 cine needed. It thoroughly expels] peared on the left tide ol my collar bone. It was very sore continually, »nd after a time my left arm began to feel disagreeable. In a abort time it pained m» nearly aU the time. With that »nd tbe scrofula I wa» In perfect misery all through the summer. I becam* no bad that my friends tried to mo E«t to have • doc- Hood's Sarsaparilla from the blood the impurities which have accumulated during the winter, increases the appetite and improves the digestion, drives away that tired feeling and nervousness, and gives the strength and vigor without which w_e cannot appreciate beautiful Spring. It is tor, but I thought I would try Hood'i Sarsaparilla. I have taken five bottles and part of the sixth and »m feeling like myself again, I have gained flesh rapidly The scrofula bunch and my lameness has all ffone, an d I {eel like a new creature." Miss HATTIE M. CLABK, Parlcman, Maine. The Spring Medicine And the Best Blood Purifier. reported that he bad improved somewhat and that there were good grounds for believing that he will pull through. The Pan Handle has been sued for 110,000 damages for the death of David Ferran, a deaf mute who was killed by a train near Elwood about a year ago. Foreman Thos. Shanahan of the Pan Handle paint shop is off duty with an attack of rheumatism. • All free, Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not) have now the opportunity to try It free. Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box, of Dr. King's New Life Pills free, as well a» i Guide to Health and Household Instructor free. All of which is guaranteed, to do do you good and cost you nothing at B. F. Keesling's drug store. Garden and flower seeds at Kreii' Mfg. Co., 414 Broadway. Jndif Jlmldwlu'u I<f ctnre. "In and About Rome" will be the subject of a lecture tonight at 7 o'clock at the Broadway M. E. church and a big attendance la expected, for which 120 new chairs have been provided. V*D<UIla liiu« .Excursion*. On April 2 and 30, 1895, home seeker's excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap rates to various points in the South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover privllges, etc., apply to J. C. EDOEWORTH, Agt., Logansport, Ind. Aiclent and Accepted ~*Scottlih Bite of Fre Hiuonrjr of Indium, Indluipolh, M.rch 20- 28, 1815. For the above occasion the Vandalia line will sell on March 26th and 27th, 1895, excursion tickets from points in Indiana to Indianapolis, Ind., with return limit of March 29, 1895. For full particulars call on nearest Tandalia line ticket agent, or address W. F. Brunner, Ase't Gen'l Passenger Agent, Ski Louis, Mo. Headquarters for paints, oils and varnish, at Ben Fisher's drug store. HOW "TROUBLES ARET DIVIDED. Neither Sex n»« a Monopoly »o<« They Vary Chief]}- In Kfurt. Troubles are pretty evenly divided, after all. says the Philadelphia Times. A £ir! may <jo nearly distracted when she feels" chat the "band of her dress skirt has come unfastened, but think of the misery of the man when the buttonhole in the nook-band of his shirt rips open and lets his collnr and necktie slide up to his curs. A girl h:is to fold her hands and wait, for a roan to ask her to £0 to the theater with him, but, when she does go she has the comfort of making the man spend a lot of money. That consoles her to n certain •extent. A pirl has to entertain stupid callers whether she wants to or not, because society demands it. A man has to dance with girls who can't even walk gracefully, because if he did not his hostess would' consider him rude. A g-irl carries her life in her han'ds when she tries to pet within a rod of a bargain counter, but she can walk along the.strcet in peace. Half a dozen bootblacks don't yell: "Shine, sir; shine?" at her. A girl lias heaps of trouble with her complexion and her front hair, but she doesn't have to have a razor go traveling over her f.icc every day. A girl is very likely to spend weeks in planning the construction ol a new hat, but when she does get it people don't sit on it, as they always do on men's headgear. Perhaps that's because a girl doesn't leave her hat lying around on sofas und chairs. —Holland was so named by the Danes from a word Minifying "marshy ground." Rising Breast FRIEND"! ... Is the greatest blessing ever ottered child-bearing -woman. I have been a midwife for many years, ... -.--. ...... — and in each case' i where "MOTHERS' FRIEND" was used ilt accomplished wonders and -relieved i much DUfferlng. It is ihe best remedy for irlslntof the Bre'«st known, and worth the .., Montgomery, Ala. ' Bent by Exprm or mill, on "oelpt or price, 1 II perT)otHo. Sold by all DrureliU. I Book" To Uolbert " rnkited tree. 'BRADFIELD REGULATOR co., ATLIXH. o*. Far Orcr Fifty Tear* Mrs. .Winelow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty jeare by millions of mothers for tbelr children while teething, with perfect succeee. It soothes tbe child, softens tbe gum?, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and IB the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents B bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. WInslow's SoothlDK Syrup," and take no other kid. A CINNAMON DRUNK. IioahV t>:s'-i'mii> the EiTfcrs ol" the YIV:-.i!. Urnntl of VThUkj'- -Did you rvor see a juaii ou a cinnamon drunk?" saiil a Tennessee lumberman to :: writer for the St. Louis Globe- l)crjo..-r;-.t. -"If you should witness a ..v.se you would never want to see another. A few months a5-0 1 had three youn;: men ffeuinpf out pipe staves Iiown in the Tennessee mountains, and they concluded to have a little toot on pay day. They went to a near-by town, but failed to gel the needed article. In fact, they could get nothing whatever, of a stimulatinfr nature but essence- ol cinnamon. This essence comes iu little liftecn-ceiit.vials, and is, of course., put up for flavoring-. The boys bought a couple of dozen of these vials and began drinking the essence straight. When they got back to camp they were in a very bad fix. They were noisy and violent and reeled and stag-gcrcd about helplessly. One of the boys, a quiet, modest fellow, who was never known to make any sort of a demonstration, danced and sang- like a wild man. They, all yelled like demons and acted like BO. many lunatics on a tear. It was iv shocking- sight. They were pale as deuth, and their eyes were set liko a cat's 'eyes. To movo their sight they moved "their heads. They had no control over their minds and voices. They were deathly sick, but their stomachs- could not throw off the horrible dose thev had taken, and tlms for three hours the young- men raved and danced and suffered, llow they suffered no words cau tell. It took them three days to get over it. When they got Straightened up a^ain they said the one experiment was enough—no more- cinnamon drunks for them. I think they meant it. My experience is, and. I have been investigating the subject a good many years, that the best and safest indulgence, i'f a man feels like stirring- up his lateut powers a little, la- good straight whisky. There is no substitute for it that can create as many- grateful emotions, and add as much to a fellow's feelings' of importance, with as little discomfort i« after effects. I have tried every indulgence known to- caterers the world over, and I take good Tennessee mountain dew every time, when I take anything." OXEN and s:u-cp fatten better in com* pany than wi-u'n kcptttlono. When ihoChlll Mi»t» .,f ttoe Mor»lnjC Ilane like a pall over the surface or «He eMto, It will Be well for jou before vonturlnK Into theW" vaporous nlr. churged. perhnpi, with th« twwls of nialfiHaorproTO«Htlve of rheumatic twlngw, v> takeawmeRlasiful ot Hontetter's Stomach Bit- tew, anp thus shield youwelf from atmospheric influences threatening to icnlth. If you happen to get snowed, fleeted or rained upon, u«e the- same preventive, and avoid the rbeamRtUm or a dangerous cold. The agreeable warmth Infiued Into the circulation by this K»n!al itomachlc, Its invigorating and regnlaUng pro»ertle» commend t to all appreciative of the fact that nwrentlon It betteor than cure. Use the Bltteri for dispepiW, biliousness, nervowneu and kldn»y trouble, slot headache and debility. Wonderful! Amazin Behold! Captured the old Town by Storm d " <o "" ott of the would-be competitor.. Jast think! Our promises are mighty, our prices marvelous. COME, flND SBE>, Remember! This great opportunity will not last forever, so take advantage of game and purchase -what you need while the stock latt, as these prices are lower than your Merchant can can buy them from Eastern Manufactures. Remember NOTHING HELD. 3SOTHIN9 RESERVED. FOR Cash Only. It must be very trying for our DEAR competitors to "love their neighbor as themselves," for we have cut out such a lively pace for them, that, copy our methods as much as lies in their power, they cannot touch our qualities and low prices. Boastful? Maybe; but the proofs are at your command-if you will come to The New York Bankrupt Co's. Store, Everything which we advertise we have in ample plentitude, for we believe that •Truth Is Mightier Than Fiction." Don't Be Misled by Merchants advertising the btst suit in the house for $9.50. The New York Bankrupt Company sells the same suit for $5. W« advertise nothing fictitious and have no third floor to move the .better grades too. We keep all our's together so come and seleet your choice at the telling prices we quote. Our would- be competitors quake and squeaL The shoe pinches! and we will continue to sell our clothing at these Dai ing Low Prices to their utter discourort. . Behold these prices only good lor Ten Days. MEN'S SUITS BEHOLD THESE TELLING PKIOES: BOYS' SUITS Worth 5 at., Worth 4 at.. Worth $20 at Worth JSat W.^rth 15 »t : Worth JO at Worth Sat OVERCOATS $7.98 5.24 a. os 3.70 1.0S Worth $30 at..., Worth 15 at Worth 13 at Worth 10 at Worth Sat... ,.$7 98 .. 5.24 . 3.9S . 2.78 . 1.9S Worth Worth Worth Worth Worth Worth Worth $15 at SG.08 12 at 10 at.. Sat 5 at 4 at i . 6.24 498 3.79 2.48 1.43 71 OVERCOATS Worth $15 at Worth 12 at Worth 10 at .$G.9S 5.24 4; os MEN'S PANTS 100 doz Jeans pants, worth 11.25 a, pair at 100 pair pants, worth §5 a pair at 300 p»ir pants, worth *3, «3.50 and $4 a pair at... 500 pair pants, worth $5, $0, $7 and $9 a pair at.. FURNISHINGS 300 shirts and drawers, worth 75c and $1 at 150 doz working shirts, worth f.Qa at 100 doz stiff hats worth $1.50, $2 and $2.50 at 150 soft hats, worth $1.50, $2 and $3.50 at 2 48 "is § .59 2.24 1,37 29e I9e 48c 73c SEE—Two Great stocks in one room. The New York Sheriff Sale and Jos. G. Crase Boston ERALD the Glad Tidings Among Your Neighbors and Investigate TKese Low Prices. Fire Sale. The New York Bankruot Company, 324 Fourth St., Logansport, Ind., Room Formerly Occupied by H. Wiler & Co. AJh i • •-- - - ^-- *> - - *- >•• - ••'-' - ^

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