The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 24, 1951
Page 13
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, HAL lOYLl'S COLUMN 'Honey, Be Their Angel/ Santa Claus Is American And for Religious Yule *\* HAT. M/lvr r- —. . . By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK, yp)—What U Christma*? It if the tirrte when people's hearts ring like bells. And legend •ays that oxen kneel In their stalls «t midnight In memory. Christmas is the natal date of a lonely Jewish carpenter who in 33 shorts years of breath stamped an Jj Undying conscience on this world - and promised all men life everlasting through belief. He died a. radical upon a cross for what he taught, bleeding slowly to death from the agony of nail and spear wounds. Pew listened to his message in his day. He died a minor gadfly to a Roman sword Christ Is a Martyr One' of many martyrs to many faiths, time has raised Jesus Christ to a gigantic stature, so that today more than 600 million people — one-fourth of all mankind — celebrate his memory. More men follow him than any man who ever lived. In the 1.951 years since his birth hft has hecome the greatest religious figure in tjlstory What is Christmas?. It U his spirit and his philosophy —that "It Is more blessed to give than to receive." Today the celebration of his birth, as Is his death, is crossed with old pagan ceremonials. But his spirit and his example Inflame the day. Cross With Santa Claus Sometimes religious, leaders get cross with Santa Claus and say he fakes the honors that belong to ! Jesus. But no one who hns read ' the life of Christ could ever think of his as being jealous. Santa is Just him with a beard on. Perhaps, If Santa Claus pressed his views 385 days a S'ear, as Jesus did—he might, even in these enlightened days .risk a similar persecution. What Is Christmas? It 1i the time of letting-go of hidebound prejudices and having th» courage to be sentimental and good. It Is the time when men take down cold unfeeling star from the •ky and make it a warm and stirring btaoon on a tree. "For Ihe KidsT" MMnJy the grownup* say. phi to poln 'Christmas is for the kids," But hey themselves enjoy it, most, al'- hough often they are oddly ishamed to acknowledge it. In De- :c-mber their crust of foolish s,o- liisticaticn — the crust they grow • protect themselves rrom disap- tntment _ wears thin. They light » silent candle to an old belief, :hat most men really do wish each Jther well but don't know quite ivhnt to do about It. What is Christmas? It Is a sen- jon when they can cast away their mutual doubts and realty do something for one another. Jews Have Festival The Jews, who regard Jesus as only a prophet, have their own festival this time of year, it is called Chamikah. the festival of light.?. It lasts eight days. On each day they light another candle, give another gift. The other day a Jewish friend of mine, whose children go to a public school and love the festival of Christmas, told me the plight of his young daughter. She came to her father and said: "Daddy, r was chosen to be en angel In our Christmas play, but do I have the right to play it?" And her father, knowing her -problem, said: "Honey, be their angel." I think that is Christmas — and America. Phillip Must Not Spank Wife Any More —ot Least Not with a Frying Pan WILLISTON, N.D. I/PI — Philip Brisson must not spank his wife any more—at least not with a frying pan. Brisson appeared In Justice court, charged with assaulting his wife with a frying pan. She said he spanked her with it. Brisson pleaded guilty and was fined $25 and sentenced to 30 days in jail. He was released on parole until April 1, but must serve the sentence if further complaint is made by Mrs. Brisson. Read Courier News Classified Ads BLYTHTEVILLB (ARK,) COURIEJl }?om l tnffr l? h nl S,9 > P'REMENt-Sub-zero weather and (ho spray cov«in B of icf TS nS ?' red i0e " e these Cllica <>' 0 flre ™" * heavy covering o( ice The riremcn were battling an early-morning hofel blaze that left 300 persons homeless In the cold. Soviet Army to Have Grim, Dry Christmas Day in East Germany DUSSELDORP, Germany, (/n — What will it be like In the Soviet Army in East. Germany this Christmas? Grim. Very grim. And Dry. This information comes from Nikolai Ivanovich Shutov, lately a sergeant in Stalin's PYontier Guards along the Iron Curtain, and now s political refugee in West Germany. He got fed up with the Soviet Army. Here's how he pictures the holiday for his ex-cororades In the east zone: Christinas Ibelf will be Ignored. It. will be the usual dawn-to-dark grind of training and duty with the last meal of the day at 9 p.m. The Russian New Year celebration comes Jan. 13. It won't be hilarious. The men are confined to EDSON Continued from Page g PHA first opened fts oiflcc on the island, was ma(!e Us director In 1940. and he nsUirnlly came Into contact with J. C. Long. El Mundo, San Juan newspaper, firs uncovered the fact Ihat Car- penler was working on the side as mnnager for three of Long's enterprises; a market, a drug store and n rent-collection agency, at the same lime he wns serving ss director ot the FHA ofllce in Puerto Rico. VIOLATES FHA HULKS Tills outside activity Is in direct violation of PHA rules, which specifically bar any employe from en- easing In any business other than his government work, without first obtaining approval from htaher authority. Perlodlcnlly, FHA employes are required to make affidavits they have no outside employment. Carpenter had not reported any such outside activity, and (hat is what led to his firing. The FBI Is now making a further imcsligition of (lie case and final action is dependent on its report Under Civil Service rules, Carpenter Iras a right to make n reply to charges against him and appeal to the civil Service Commission cm his firing. J. C. Long has denied chases that he employed Carpenter. Hut his trouble over this case has been responsible for Ihe further investigation of his relations with FHA camp. The outstanding event will probably be a series of lectures by officers on Marxism, the glorious Bolshevik revolution and the Russian version of history. Liquor is absolutely forbidden.. Even the beer the troops were al-1 lowed before was stopped sonic months ago. Soviet. Army men. long thirsting, will drink anything now tliat has alcohol in it. Germans around the camps sell raw. potato spirits, wood alcohol, methylated spirits and any manner of concoctions .to the Soviet soldiers. But the soldiers can't buy much. Shutov's pay was 15 east marks a month, equal to about $5. Sturgeon meat IB usually smoked. ,W>V V '-^ M •*«•.•>' X :>-J>^ •- .\ Ni» -»„ / s ^f. - . „ — ^y ..jr Greetings, friends: we're wishing you the b««l •! *nd everything good! You're « swell group oi lollts and w your friendship and patroaagc. We hope I «o serve you vUiuicntly ana attentively through the e«»iag ye«rt RUSTIC INN Rebecca Robert-son Manogers Jimmy Robertson FOOD YOU LIKE SHOE REPAIR The Best Shoe Will Save You Repair Money! H-flLTCRS QUflL' T Y 3HO« SHOF 121 w. M«IN ST. Doctor Says Continued from Pago g K-orkers and others went on to l>rov« beyond any doubt the value of liver/ WHen m^rncA to and liver treatments itarted promptly, the rmlti ar« almost al«'sy.s good, Liver by injecllon or by mouth k standard treatment today. Liver will prevent the progress of the disease and reitor* the vigor of those afflicted »ith this kind of Th« oooquwt »t tfefc kM* feM dU««u It i ml 'TliuuLuTT too- medical . oratory And on Bvtn furttitr . treatment have com«" from *• -*fr covery nt cry:!allln Tltomfe B-U and perhaps even thfe k set tfc* G. L. Smyths, General Aftnt 601 So. Elm St. T«l«|»rion« 3112 A Christmas Wish Carols echoing swe«t and clear- Frosty stars that lean to hear; A parlor-tree all tinsel-shine, Up In the woods, a star-tipped pine; Greeting cards in a merry shower- A sweetly solemn midnight hour When a simple tale and an age-old hymn Usher the King of Christmas in; Rebirth of love-new hope for peace- And a miracle to make war cease- Let's all wish this for Christmasl MAUHIEN HUXDOCH • "MEET CORLISS ARCIIKR" for orlijhffu] coratdy, Sundars-CB5-* P.M.. Central lime. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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