The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY/MARCH 10,1947. Showdown Loom in Parliament Labor Government Faced With Possible Cabinet Reshuffle By BKUCK MUN'N (United Press Staff Corrcsiwndent) LONDON, March 10. (UP)-Bi-ii- nin's labor eovenunent prciwcd today for the toughest test this week of ite 20-j;ioiilhs tenure—n showdown which some political obssrv- "'r.'uxijected to produce a sweeping IJL Cm 1 t resJnUTle soon. Prune Minister Clement Attleo went before the parliamentary Labor Parly to marshal his forces for three days of debate in the House of Commons on the government's economic policy as set forth In n recent white paper. The debate will culminate Wednesday, in a motion of no-confidence by Winston Churchill and the conservatives he heads as leader of the opposition. The danijer ot the government being overthrown was regarded as slim. But many observers predicted that the combined Conservative- Liberal vote against the government would reach 200. Thc Laborltes have 394 of the 040 seats in the House Attlee, meeting with the parliamentary Labor Party—the party members In parliament—was expected to tell his followers not to abstain from voting in the debate for any reason whatsoever. All three parties were issuing urgent summonses to their members to be on hand. Reports leaking from today's Labor Party meeting, which was a closed session, said criticism wns leveled against several members of the cabinet. Thc reports said Pood Minister John Strachey and Sir Stafford Cripps. president of the Board of I rude, came under fire. One hack Uanclicr was said to have referred ^trachey, who recently concluded on' agreement in Washington to jJiirchnsc u. S. turkeys, as "Turkev- Strachey. Auto Workers Seek Guaranteed Annual Representative Wage DETROIT, iviaren 10. (UP)—The CIO United Auto Workers Union ins opened a drive for a guaranteed annual wage in the automobile industry by seeking a guaranteed 40-hour work week from General Motors Corporation. -In n weekend announcement UAVV President alter p. Reuther said the minimum pay for a 40- hour week was the first step toward steady employment and pay in th» industry and was contained in "ccT nprnic demands, handed" to month" C0ntract ne eotiations this Almost simultaneously. President Truman asked his council of economic advisers to study guaranteed • annual wage plans and report tn • him on what effect they would have • on stabilizing employment, produc- •Hjon and purchasing power. T*Tlie UAW-OM contract expires on May -SI, but Reuther snid negotiations on economic issues in the agreement could begin as easly as March 19. GM and other industry spokesmen declined to comment on Rciitlier's demand for a 40-hou-- HORIZONTAL J .8 PJctured U.S. 5 Transpose representative (ab.) :'4 Transpose !l5Heav> ISSTotheshel-, j tered side ' 17 Auction : 19 Indian to\vn 20 Brown 21 Electric units ; 23 Music diiec- tion (ab.> 4 Tipsy (Scot.) C Greek mount 7 Close 8 Exuded blood 9 Anent 10 Tree 11 Smell 12 Vulcanized compound 24 Diminutive ; suffix 29 Coarse-grass ni Number 33 Mineral rock • 34 Plaything 35 Glutted 37 Upright 40 Near 41 Thus 42 Half an em 43 Area measure 44 Pronoun 46 Bog 51 Upon (prefix) 52 Wild beast 54 State in Brazil 55 Woody plant 56 Elaborate' 58 Business 60 Reposed 61 Most loved VERTICAL 1 Declaims 2 Veiled 3 Level 30 Speck • <!« Sun god 32 Cereal 40 Rumanian city 35 Mariner CO Secure cuu]|juunu ~-,-. WNJI.V.UII, 13 Scythe handle 3CDr «s • ' • ' 51 GroM Lalto 18 He represents 38 Antics M Burmese [ab.) 39 Adriatic demon seaport (var.) 55 Pilch 45 Descendants 57 Tellurium „, r,,-.—---:- 17 Unclosed (symbol) ^ 27 Clipped (poet.) 59 Note of scale One Dies, Three Injured In Triple Car Wreck WALNUT RIDGE, Ark., March 10 (UP)—A 28-year-old man was injured fatally nnd four others hurt when three automobiles figured in an accident on Highway 01 near here early yesterday. Thc victim was Cyril E. Harrison. I Thc injured were James Dunn of I Hoxie, Nellie Pratt of Pocahonrns ' Thomas Pettltt and Preston Par tnin. Duriii, who was riding wit Harrison, wns believed to be crl'i cally hurt, . Salty Waters It lias been estimated that there are H.130,MO,000,000.000 tons ot sal in the seas, with about 15.000,000 '.oils being added bv rivers amiiial- GET WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Cliicka- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Clmrlyne Kinsinger Plaintifl vs. No. 9995 Richard P. 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