The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 10, 1947
Page 3
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^MONDAY, MARCH 10, 1947 J. 1. Case Strike Conies To An End Brightens Outlook For More Farm Machinery This Year \.vlllj,;AIly. Qase e ClffcUn Onion, vi RACINE, Wis., March 10. (UP) — Tlie outlook brightened for equipment harried farmers todny with the end of Die 433 day strike at (he J. I. Case farm equipment company. employees, members of the Jnltccl Automobile Workers . voted 927 lo 448 last night to accept tlie company's latest offer, which included wage increases averaging 25 cents an hour, new grievance machinery and improved vacation - allowances. The settlement at. the two Racine plants officially ended the com j'-wide walkout which began Dec. 23, 1945 nt Racine, Burlington, ]a., Rockford nnd Rock Island, 111. It also indicated an end to Hie farm equipment shortage which has plagued the nation. The J. I. Case settlement followed nn announcement last £aturctay that the International Harvester p'annecl price reductions which would save farmers $20,- O'O.CO] annually. Thc reductions, the company said, were based on the premise that lierc would be no more strikes, no increase in cost of raw materials, and satisfactory settlement of present con- r^ct negotiations. 'Farm lenders hailed 1 the weekend develcpnients as the removal of a major bottleneck that has kept fann production cost high. .Tlie Case settlement left the strike at thc Allis Chalmers farm equipment plant at West Allis, Wis., the only maj->r postwar la'oor dispute still unsettled. The Allis Chalmers strike, involving 6500 workers, began Anril 30, 104G, The company- has continued onerations, however, ant; company officials said' that a fclorlly of the workers ImoT re- to wo:k. 'rhe Case union originally asked for a closed' shop clause in the contract but successively reduced the demand to a union shop, then maintenance of membership. Pl- nallv it said it would settle for compulsory checkoff of dues. Union negotiators turned down a company proposal to institute a voluntary and revocable checkoff system. Workers nt the company's five plants began the walkout on De 26. 19*5. Americans Face Prison Terms In Palestine JERUSALEM, March 10. (UP) — Twenty Americans accused of aiding and abetting illegal immigration to Palestine in serving as crewmen of the intercepted Jewish refugee sbjp B?" Hecht faced the technical possibility of prison terms r.nd stiff fines today. 'However, responsible quarters 1^- Ilicved the Americans would be [sent back to thc United States. A kfcrusalcin attorney was reported ^Irithout confirmation lo have b3s engaged to seek ;.-.c release of the Ben Hecht crewmen, whose names were not disclosed. The .Ben Hccht, once a. yacht was on coastal patrol for the U. S. •Navy during the war. It was sold to a British company and renamed the Abril. The 600 uncertified rsfr ugee s aboard the ship when it put in to Palestine waters this weekend were trans-shipped to Cyprus. In addition to the confiscation of their, vessels, persons violating immigration ordinances face a maximum penalty of St.COO and prison sentences of eight years for each immigrant whose illegal en- Iry wa s aided. British troops and police arrested 2o suspects today in a search for Jewish underground members who attacked an army camp at It W/f/Pay You to See .teck W. Powell Insurance Counsellor Mississippi County Who will own your home? The Wile or the Mortgagor? Office—21 Lyncli BIdff. I'hone 3702 Residence 1'iionc 2-113 Tost Office Bos 604 Blytheville, Ark. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)] COURIER NEWS Too Late To Classify I KKl. lilllrh -il. row, 100% bll T. \V. Crnflun. (ink i>[ uld Kkn> Jtl *> li.p, SLU C-.HI In, M 0. h, Urjii KitiK uulboiinl motor, il jifliii- 5 IMJI, or buin *•*, ;i miles out on nil ilovie rejector iiicliniliii; -JOO loot ti\m. Call 3IB2 aller 6 p.m. 3]10-iik mules. J. w. 1010 Julin Decru irnrtor. MuJel I) will: eiliiipiiu-nl. H Fiiiuinll. 1913 i]m<lvl. wllh L><jiil]>iiirnl. rhilliira Sun-H-,. £<«• li"". Munviu Ark. :>IIO-|ik-l7 Yurliro, Ark. UllO-k-i.'l 1'P'JI Sl tires, u p. Illnrk Klo, lIl-ljRlxOr, K'OOll IK'.' full for Khar dally. • million. .1 11 J'ftul Hyrun from 7 Lost Empty 5-room hoiisj willi bath, close in. Automatic hot water heater. $2,500 ; cash will handle, LJalance like rent. Hrand new homo and ready to move into. 1 rooms and hath, large kitchen with beautiful built-in cabinets- Terms. Small 4-room house with water and lights, on paved street, close in. Price §2,. 000, Yi cash will handle, possession with deed. Investment property for sale. This is two acres" of ground on gravel road in Southeast Missouri. Has one grocery store, one two- story used furnlurc store 40x60, one repair shop, 32x60, and five dwelling houses, all for sale at reasonable price. Owner did over SI00,000 business last year. Electric lights in all houses and stores. New cotton gin gainjr . up ad-;- _ . _, —•-' joining this property, good 1 '' or Carrie Chapman Caft school across road. Wonderful opportunity for 1 right party. Excellent grocery store Armed With Patience, Pikestaff Chinese Cammies Carry On PAGE THREE U'lilliiT e anil i-y mill MlltoUl 1:n», .„ Kl.TlIni: Knvuy Tln-alr.'. roiiuinlni; i'ar urn-V j)irliiiv*. H»m)- •i-nn' liiuil plrluri'i I.. ,lc'»«i,. this irr. KM. '1. % C. II WhMlv Mil- .\rk. No furllirr liifuniinllon n»k- For Rent . «T w"",',V. I To Hold Service Tuesday NEW ROCHELLB, N. Y., March HV WAI.TKIl I.O<i,VN United Vrc'ss Stuff Coi Tfsiiomion( Y13NAN, chilli). Miir. 10.—(UP) — Singing soldiers of thc Chinese Communist, Army, some of them r.rmcil only ivlt'i pikestaffs tipped wllh metnl polnls, awaited today the comlnj; of the modernized l v oo]Vi of tholr Nnllonnllst toes. Mnny of (hem cxpecl Nftllomu- 1st nrmies of Gen. llu Tsun^ to capture Yeniin, cnpltiil of Communist Chinn. wllhlu n month, possibly vvllhln I wo weeks. But they necepte,! I heir fute wllh a stoicism born of long yenrs of ftaclng before the Nnllonnllsts—nnd proudly predicted Unit the wilon- allsts will ue sorry they c in no lo Venn n. They recalled thnt once before, over a dceiule HBO, Vciiiiu wns in- vndcd by govermnenl troops, but Ihe armies found no food or water nnd were forced lo return to thc productive plains of the Yellow river. The mountnin stronghold O f the p.irly hns been stripped of most of Its Industries'- nnd most of Its fnin- Ilies linve rleu to (he barren mountains which stretch for miles In all directions. The main street of Yenaii Is nl- niost (lesei-U'd nnd it stillness lmiiR3 over the city. Most shops lire closed throughout Hie day for fear of nir raids. They cpnn only inlc In the afternoon. Today there was ft mass mcctlnis or loeal defense workers anil all tvf- (ernoon hundreds of men streamed across Die valley to a secret ri-mlm'oiis. Tin-re orn. elm Teli outlined his plans for defending tile city— by itifllclhiB the heavler-l possible losses on lh e Kuomintniig forces Lrforc faiilnu to the hilb. The immile was high, but underneath were dnrk currents. Flashlnu smiles dissolved into wlndburned f!>re s when (he joke was yonc. The city's greeting to the foreign ooiTi'Ki.onik'iils wug inuvred by Ihe Reds belief Hint the rrpnii-lnlTon of Communists from government territory w ns purl of an American plot lo help (lie Kiiomlntnng WHB- elvll wnr. I>ut my Interpreter explained that, the Commuiitsts were not worried | )y th c losses of towns and territory | o tlie Invaders. '•Westerners don't seem to understand thnl a little territory more or !PSS means nothing," he said, between retrains of Cornell College songs he was humming. "The important, thing is Hint the Nnlionnllsls arc waslliig Ihelr strength on the battlefields while we are saving and increasing our i-trciiRtii nt the expense of glvlnif up territory. , "Kveniimlly. our policy will win." been thc for 10. (U,P.) —Private iu:icrjil services! Firemen extinguished a grass tire will be held tomorrc-v for Mrs. in tiie 500 block on South Franklin Carrie chapman Cat;, plonicr sale. Good location, doing' woman suflr agn and world pence good business, buv stock I advocnte ' wh ° (Jlcii '» her sleep ^ffrfr* r bu i ulii ">' : y --^--'"°---=>uac, xtra fine home for sale, up- Miss Alda Wilson. h«r companion per bracket. $10.500 cash. 'and secretary to r the last 19 years, Owner occupied, .shown by! was vvlth hcr whon she died. appointment onlv I Pl ' csi<icnt Truman wsa among ' i " of co:i - . ' slovo backtlred nt tllc ' Lcc c County land, over cultivation. Balance could 1 Has Fire Score be put in this year with! small amount of work Q' houses, 2 barnsf O^nrj per acre, y t casn will him- die. . . DAVID REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CO. F. H. Joyner, Salesman Phone Day 3633 Night 3205 or 248G 3-10-ck-13 & c!ol "B no other damage. A clogged stove-pipe was believed to have Monthly Payments For UMonlhi! li'.lc tills morning. W. J. PoJIard INSURANCE G/encoc Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Fistula Is Real Threat Frte Hook — Explains Oilier Hclatoil Ailments 40-pn(;e FREE BOOK—tells fuels I about Fistula, Hectnl Abscess, Piles nnd other rcqtnl and colon disorders; also related ailments and latest corrective treatments. Thornton fi Minor Clinic. Suite 372, 92G Mc- Gce, Knnsiis City, Mo. iJIO Dhmnnd T truck lone £1»kc 1,,,,1>, Pho.,,.,5 o or Cafe. Osccoln. Ark! ivlirpl brtse, • I'O at Knri« Hedern last night. Onr soldier was . killed and six were wounded. The underground carried Us offensive against the British Army' if ft, > seC °" d W6ek b ^' striking at the town where-several previous lo'r H-^f° CCUrri!d ' Hedera »es south 'of Haifa near the coast $100 $206" $300 $500 $750" $9.25 13.88 18.50 27.75 46.25 69.38 $1000 92.50 MONEY FOR YOUR INCO'ME TAX Get the money to pay your irtcomc lax from G.C.P.C. Take a year to repay. Compare our rafei. GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE. CORPORATION^ CALL "• "FOR everything In "INSURANCE" UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard Jewelry SfoFd , • * A. F. DIETRICH, Mg'r. HUDSON the TAILOR NOW SHOWING THE FINEST IN SUIT ENDS With Enough to Make EXTRA SLACKS in All Wool TROPICALS and GABARDINES You can see the Full Length Materials All of Your Refitting Needs Can Be Taken Care of in Short Time -Also— BETTER CLEANING WITH THE HUDSON FINISH in 8 HOURS FOR THE ASKING WE GIVE j i Kclter Hat Cleani?ifj\ • Belter Dye Work j Better Alteration j i Service ] HUDS CLEANER CLOTHIER . TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blyrtieyille, Ark. Phone 2612 Hayti Man Injured When Car Leaves Road Wilkerson. 12, of Iluyll, Mo. is In Ihe- lllylhcvlllc liospllnl suriorhiK from Injuries received when Hie enr ho wns driving Je/l Mil 1 lllBhwny iinil cnislicd inlo n liowor line polo npproxImiiLcly O nc ".'"' Ol10 hlllt miles soulh of Hnr- Tlie Impacl. from Iho colllslun mpued LI tross-iinn on (he UUUJ bull i:owi-r line l)olo,i B inB lo tho fli'K-Mo Power Coiiipnny brcnklng '"inuiiy Keiievea fought From ACHING CHEST COLDS wires and leaving Luxora mid surrounding communities without llgMs for approximately two nnd one hnlf hours. ' Mr. Wllkerson, who utipnrenlly was alone In his cur. n 1042 Hudson, WDK trnvclliiK North on Jllgh- '•vay 01, evidently lost control of the vehicle causing It to leave Iho Highway and crash Into the power line .p.loe. The,car wa» completW" demolished, ,' . , „ , ,77* The extent of Mr.'Wllkerison't. Injuries wui not learned today, pending the report of X-rays th«t, were taken. < Read courier News Want' Ads. DREIFUS' WATCHES DIAMOND RINGS > JEWELRY DREIFUS Famous Gotham He'll nppreclnlc yoin- thoushl- fiilness when you ulve him llib HnnrL. Ibln |KickfiL watch, wllh mulching chain mid hiind.somc pen hnUe. Wnlth Is limed for lireclston , . . nccurale . . . dcpendnblc. POCKET WATCH 24.75 O|w:n A Fed. Tax Incl. Chains from $1.00 Knives from,$3.95 Account—Nu Interest, No Carrying Charge DREIFUS Jm»JMUUJUM»MniJ IUi\Vi:SI M4I,\ !il NATIONALLY N ! 'i'^' ADVnitTISED Style No. 1303 -ywd' wtftfi* ' ^ , ^J r ln swcn-slripcil seersucker wilK the crinkle woven in Billowing and whirling skirted for unlimited comfort'nnd glimour"! ' you rip into this household clurmer in a twinkling! Eyelet embroidery, frosting „ demure square neckline and dainty puffed sleeves, and tied ^ wuh a WAist-hugging center bow It's Sinfn ' I i -- -. will wear and wear because it's that well made.'In woven> J ft flr MripcJ seersucker. Assorted colors, sizes I2 to 20/ ^lU./^! See What's New at Whitsitt's Miss Whitsilf's Shop Year-Round Air Conditioning for Your Comfort

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