Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on October 23, 1948 · 7
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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 7

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 23, 1948
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- EDMONTON JOURNAL, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 33, 1948- Great Church Work Done In Arctic TORONTO. A great work among the Eskimo In the Canadian Arctic has ' been accomplished by the Church of England, according to a report appearing in the Canadian Churchman, national semi-monthly review published here. Report wa made by Rt. Rev. W. F. Barfoot, Bishop of Edmonton, end based upon observations made during a summer Inspection trip made by plane down the Mackenzie. The Bishop of Edmonton recounts a flying visit to ''the true north-land" on the shores of the Arctic Ocean and the Islands beyond, a round trip of 3,500 miles. Stating that he went to see the church at work in the diocese of the Arctic, he writes: "I return full of pride and gratitude for what we have been able, under God, to accomplish during the past 20 years or so . . . Apart from the Roman Catholic missions with about five priests to our one there is no other church at work there." The bishop says that 85 percent of the Christian Eskimos in the area are loyal and devout members of the Church of England ..." I confirmed about 40 Eskimos, all over the age of eighteen, all well prepared, all able to recite the creed, the Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments, and also able to answer other questions in the catechism. Years of careful training and preparation lay in the background. They all know why they are members of our church and not of some other communion." Tribute is paid to Canon J. H. Webster, who has worked in the area for 20 years. "Only a poet could begin to tell his story." Church Newsbits Anniversary of Uie founding of the United Nations will be observed by Rome city churches Sunday. Among these will be McDougall United, where the minister, Rev. Wesley Bainbridge, will do so at the evening service and take the topic, "In Search of Life." 'I Rev. Dr. D. C. Ramsey, minister f Garneau United Church will be guest speaker at Knox United Church on Sunday morning. At Wesley United Church Sunday morning Mr. Nelles V. Buchanan Will give an address on "The General Council." Annual Sunday School and Junior Congregation award service will be held at Christ Anglican Church on Sunday morning, Rev. E. S. Ottley, the rector, has announced. Special speaker at the evening service will be Rev. F. A. Peake, western secretary of religious education. Rev. Dr. George Caird of St. Stephen's College will be guest speaker at Highlands United Chinch on Sunday morning and in the evening Mr. Hugh Coldridge will preach. Rev. T. R. Dftvles will conduct a baptismal service at 3:00 p.m. Harold X. Kesttr of California will cpeaic at Gospel Hall Monday through Friday at 8:00 p.m. Mr. K ester will also speak at the regular service Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Subjects to be exponded by Rev. R. M. Thompson at Metropolitan United Church Sunday will be of a pre-annlveraary nature. The 31st anniversary of the church will be marked Sunday, Oct. 31, when guest speakers will be Rev. Angus J. Mac-Queen of Robertson United Church, and Rev. T. L. Jackson of Wesley United. Congregational gathering will be held the following Monday avening. At Central Lutheran Church, pastor of which is Rev. T. W. Maake- ANNUAL NATIONAL CONVENTION OF THI INDEPENDENT ASSEMBLIES OF GOD OCTOBER 24th-31st INCLUSIVE THREE BIG MEETINGS DAILY 10:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. HOST CHURCH EDMONTON GOSPEL TEMPLE A. W..RASMUSSEN, T. E. CRANE, Paston All convention meetings (except Sunday morning) will be held iu the APOSTOLIC LIGHTHOUSE Corner of 101A Ave.-97 St. REV. HAROLD ALLC0CK, Pastor This is the first general jratheriiij? of ministers and gospel workers since the NORTH BATTLEKORD CAM P MEKTINU (clays never 1o be forgotten). Many have been fasting and praying for these meetings that GOD will give us another glorious outpouring of His Holy Sipirt. REV. GEORGE HAWTIN, REV. P. 0. HUNT and ERNEST HAWTIN, from North Battleford, Sask., and other spiritual leaders from Canada, United States, Iceland and India will preach and teach God's word in all the convention meetings. SUNDAY SERVICES NOTE: MORNING SERVICES, 11:00 a.m. REV. GEORGE HAWTIN, Speaks at EDMONTON GOSPEL TEMPLE Corner of 103A Ave., 95 St. REV. ERNEST HAWTIN, Speaks at the APOSTOLIC LIGHTHOUSE 2 GREAT CONVENTION MEETINGS AT 2:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. - s Come One! Come All I JBSl'S will SAVE, HEAL. BAPTISE, and give SPIRITUAL GIFTS UNTO MEN Hugh Creighton Murray of New York did a fine Job of accompanying his cousin, Celebrity Concert Violinist John Creighton Murray, here a week ago. For a 16-year-old it was a remarkably fine piece of work. . Perhaps Edmonton will hear of Hugh Creighton Murray again In another role, for the youthful New Yorker Is seeking a career as a concert pianist. By touring with his brilliant artist cousin, Hugh Murray Is not only serving the violinist most ably but ako gaining valuable experience. Hugh, who appeared here to be a young man of considerable aplomb and very definite mind about hla own future plans, has studied with excellent teachers in New York Including the noted Harold Bauer. He started studying music and the piano at the age of six and already has 10 quite apparently fruitful years of preparation behind him. John Creighton Murray, coming here almost unheralded, proved a delightful surprise packet and gave an outstanding concert. . The next 'V.''. . ' VJ- ' f Miss Hazel Solomon, Toronto dramatic soprano, who will give recitals in Central United Church Nov.- 15 and 16 under church auspices. Celebrity Concert will be given Oct. 28 in McDougall United Church by an extremely well and favorably known group of artists, the Don Cossacks. This will be the "extra" concert for this season open to the general public. The Don Cossacks, led by tiny Serge Jaroff, are unquestionably one of the finest choral groups this continent has heard, and it has heard them with increasing pleasure as the years pass. The Cossacks sing beautiful music at their concerts and they sing it outstandingly well. The range of volume and tone color they command is little short of astounding, ethereal piannissimi contrasting with sonorous climaxes at full power. Finger-tip control by Jaroff is another source of delight to the listener, and the lusty, joyful manner of much of the performance makes it a visual show as well. The Cossacks are returning here for the eighth time this season, but that's nothing compared with their record in New York where they have sung no less than 100 times, al- stad, Rev. A. M. Vinge will preach at both Sunday services. Following the evening service at Buchanan United Church Sunday, there will be a meeting of all persons interested in establishing this church in the community. Rev. A. R. Schrag is pastor of the church which is located at 88 st. and 120 ave. Young Artists Sing Leading Roles In Opera f'l In ,,' .1,1, ' , " 111 , I'l 1' , H a Hit 9 gHERRILL LANYON Miss I.anyon and Miss Donii, talented city sopranos, will share title role honors in the November production of The Bohemian Girl by the Edmonton Civic Opera Society. The melody-filled Balfe opera will be presented In the Strand Theatre Nov. 17-20, under the direction of Mrs. J. B. Carmichael. Each artist will play the role of Arline In two of the four evening performances. ways to packed and applauding houses. The Idea of a chorus was conceived bv Serge Jaroff, then a Cossack officer, in 1920 when singers In the original group were members of a troop of hungry Russian soldiers resting around a campflre near Constantinople. Singing began spontaneously around the fire. Jaroff, considered by his enormous brothers too little to be of much use, had studied to be a choirmaster before the war. That night it occurred to him that others might enjoy the deep-throated choruses of his comrades. Before long he had a chorus formed and in operation. In the 28 years since then, the Cossacks have travelled almost 2,-000,000 miles, performed throughout the world, and via annual tours sung in every centre of 80,000 population or more In the United States. Cornetist Fred Smith and Tenor Tom Foulkes will be featured soloists at the symphonic band concert to be presented in the Strand Theatre Sunday night under the direction of Bandmaster Carl Frl-berg, of North West Air Command. The concert is being given under the auspices of the American Federation of Musicians union here, via the recording and transcription, fund. , Mr. Smith will play Rossini's Sta-bat Mater as a cornet solo, and Mr. Foulkes will sing Franck's Panis An-gelicus. The 60-piece band will present a varied program of standard FREQUENCIES N NBC stations; C CBS stations; CBX Lacombe. is regional CBC station. These programs are as supplied to THE JOURNAL. Any variations are due to the last-minute changes bv the broadcasting companies. CJCA 930 KHQ 590 KSL 1180 CFRN 1260 KPO 680 KNX 1070 CBX 1010 KOA 850 KVI B70 CKUA 580 CKUA (FM). 98.1 Mcs. Tonight' Programt 8:00 Find Your Fortune. CJCA. CBX Twenty Questions. CFRN. Dinner Diversions. CKUA. NBC Hollywood Star Theatre. KOA. Sing It Again. KSL. 6 SO Share the Wealth. CJCA, CBX. Supper Serenade. CFRN. Newscast. CKUA. NBC Top Hat Tunes. KOA. '"It ' 'ittiutfrtt' ' ROSE BOMS works and popular melodies. The concert is free to the public. The Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra will open its season Oct. 31 in the Strand Theatre with Abe Fratkin conducting a program of works by Weber, Mozart, Johann Strauss, Haydn and Von Suppe. The soloist, Edgar Williams, will play Mozart's Concerto No. 4 in D major lor violin. Mr. Williams recently returned to Edmonton after 22 years' teaching and conducting in New York and is now teaching at the Alberta College conservatory. The Royal Toronto Conservatory of Music has announced another scholarship award to a young Edmonton musician. He is Harlan Green, formerly of Dewberry, Alta, who has been awarded the Mina Flavelle Barret orchestral scholarship for flute. ' Mr. Green played flute in the Philharmonic Orchestra here for several years and was soloist frequently at concerts and social affairs. Last year, he studied at the Toronto Conservatory and he is now playing professionally in eastern Canada. Preparations are proceeding for the two recitals to be given in Central United Church by Hazel Solomon, Toronto dramatic soprano, who comes here with an outstanding record in musical studies at the Toronto Conservatory. She will sing Nov. 15 and 18 at 8:15 p.m. under church auspices. I.C.M. 6:45 Sports Hilites. CKUA. Public Affairs. KOA. 7:00 News. CJCA. CBX. Johnny Fletcher Show. CFRN. Honor Roll of Hits. CKUA. Your Hit Parade. KOA. Winner Take All. KSL. 7:15 N.H.U Hockey. CJCA. 7:30 N.H.L. Hockey. CBX. Barn Dance. (1 hr). CFRN. NBC Judy Cauova. KOA. Vivian Miek. KSL. 8:00 Sereuata. CBX. CLUB Kilocycle. CKUA. NBC Dennis Day Show. KOA Guy Lombardo Show. KSL. 8:30 News. Nat Brandy Wynne, i CJCA. Spotlight Review. CFRN. NBC Grand Ole Oprv. KOA. Wayne King Show. KSL. 8 :5 Prairie Roundup. CBX. 9:00 Charlie Spivak. CJCA. Alberta Ranch House. CBX. Tommy Dorsey orch. CFRN. Hockey. CKUA. Vic Damone. KOA. Vaughn Monroe. KSL. 9 :30 Barnyard Jamboree. CJCA. All-Time Hit Parade. CFRN. Hotel Blltmore orch. CBX. NBC Truth or Consequences. KOA. News Hometown Reunion. KSL. ! 10:00 News; CJCA, CFRN, Chamber Music. CBX. It Pays to be Ignorant. KSL. 10:15 Your Sat. Dance Date. CJCA. Dance Music. CFRN. Command Performance. CKUA 10:30 NBC Three Suns Trio. KOA. World News. KSL. 10 : Songs by Morton Downey. KOA CBS Dance orch. KSL. 11:00 News. CJCA, CBX. KOA. Duke Ellington Show, CFRN. 11:05 Dance orch. CFRN KSL. 11:10 Weather. CBX. 11:15 Music Til Midnlte. CJCA. As A Listener. CBX. Serenade in Night. KOA. 11:30 Biltmore Hotel orch. KOA, CBS Dance orch. KSL. 1 1 :45 Midnight Melodies. KOA. 11-55 News. CFRN, KSL. 12:00 Hello the North! CJCA. News. CFRN. CKUA. 12:05 Mldnit Special. CFRN. Sunday Morning 7:30 Old-fashioned Revival. CFRN. 8:00 i:ews. CJCA. CKUA. 8:05 Andre Kostelantz. CJCA. Sunday Breakfast. CKUA. 8:30 Christian Training Inst. CFRN Newscast. CKUA. 8:45 Sunday Breakfast. CKUA.' 8:58 Weather. CBX. 8:00 Christian Faith. CJCA. CBC News. CBX CKUA. Morning Evangels. CFRN. 9:02 Neighborly News. CBX, CKUA 9:15 Prairie Gardener. CBX. 9:30 Your Canadian Music. CJCA. Recital. CBX, CKUA. Lutheran Hour. CFRN. 10:00 Sunday Morning at Home. CJCA. BBC News. CBX, CKUA. Bible Institute. CFRN. 10:15 Royal Conservatory . CJCA Morning Song. CBX, CKUA Evangelical Lutheran. CFRN. 10:30 Kiddies Corner. CJCA. Harmony Harbor. CBX. Hebrew Christian Hour. CFRN 10:45 Sunday School of Air. CFRN. 10:59 Dominion Time Signal. CJCA. CBX, CFRN. CKUA. 11:00 Church Service. CJCA. CFRN. Alan Mills. CBX, CKUA. 11:15 Just -Mary. CBX, CKUA. 1 1 :30 Way of the Spirit. CBX. CKUA: Sunday Afternoon 12:00 CBC News. CBX, CKUA. 12:03 Capital Report. CBX, CKUA. 12.10 News Review. CJCA. 12:15 Memorable Music. CJCA. E. J. Springett. CFRN. 12:30 Lyn Murray Show. CJCA. Concert in Miniature. CFRN, 12:45 Drama of Medicine. CJCA. News. CFRN. 1:00 News. CJCA. Symphony orch. CBX. Speaking of Sport. CFRN, 1:15 Barry Wood Show. CJCA. 1 :30 Till the End of Time. CJCA. Sketches in Melody. CFRN. 1:45 News. CFRN. 2:00-Rellglous talk. CJCA. Home Melody Hour. CFRN. 2 :30 Musical Masterpieces. CJCA. Church of ths Air. CBX. CKUA. Home Melody Hour. CFRN. 1:00 Singing Stars of Tomorrow, CJCA. Music ln Nature. CBX, New Review. CFRN. Sunday Matinee. CKUA. S : 1 5 Frank Sinatra. CFRN. J. 30 Romance of Famous Jewels. CJCA. Vancouver Symphnny. CBX. Curtain CsU. CFRN. Ok. ,k ,? ti J 7!h Ji! Deslttns by Dennis, CKUA. 8:45 Munlcal Favorlw. CJCA. Frank Sinatra. CFItN. 4:00 Spotlight on Melody. CJCA. Bell Slngf-m. CFRN. Meditations. CKUA, 4:25 CBC News. CBX. 4:27 Weather. CBX. 4:30 It's Refreshing. CJCA. Songs and Btngera. CBX Pause tnat Itfreshe. CFRN. Song from fihown. CKUA. 8:00 Movlelown Theatre. CJCA. Week-end Review. CBX. CKUA Music In the Air. CFRN. 8:15 John Ftaher. CBX, CKUA. 6:30 Ray Block. CJCA. Hernenhorn orch. CBX. Amoa V Andy. CFRN Alberta Bcrapbook. CKUA. Sunday Night 8:00 Charlie McCarthy. CJCA, CBX, KOA. News: CFRN. Autumn Tapestriei. CKUA. Bam Bpade. KSL. 6:15 Dinner Music. CFRN. 8:30 Fred Allen. CJCA, CBX. KOA. Family Theatre. CFRN. New. CKUA. Demon Runyon Theatre. KSL e: At fcaae! ck.ua. 1. 00 News. CJCA. CBX. Serenade. CFRN. Town Meetlne. CKUA. Manhattan Merry Go Round. KOA. Electric Theatre. KSL. 7:10 The Old Songs. CBX. 7:1S Musical Showboat. CJCA. 7:30 F'amlllar Music. CJCA. CBX. Hawaii Calls. CFRN. Our MIrs Brooks. KSL. 8:00 Music of Manhattan. CJCA. Stage 49. CBX. Hobby Lobby. CFRN. News. CKUA. Take It or Leave It. KOA. Lum and Abner. KSL. 8:15 Wings Over Jordan. CKUA. 8:80 Smiths of Hollywood. CJCA. Starlite Moods. CFRN. Blng Crosby. CKUA, Horace Heldt. KOA, Concert Hall. KSL. S;00 Ozzle and Harriet. CJCA. CBX, KOA. Music for Remembrance. CFRN. Community Cheet. CKUA. L.D.S. Church. KSL. 0:15 Tenor and Baritone. CKUA. 9:30 Boston Blackie. CJCA. Movie Critic. CBX. Reverie. CFRN. Trails of Melody. KOA. Evening Service. KSL. 10:00 News. CJCA, CFRN, KOA. Classics for Today. CBX. Tabernacle Choir. KSL. 10:15 Melody Lady. CJCA. Sportstlme. CFRN. Listen to Louise. CKUA. Top Hat Tunes. KOA. 10:3O Just the Two of Us. CJCA. Vesper Hour. CBX. CKUA. Fireside Hour. CFRN. Newa. KOA, KSL. 11:00 News. CJCA, CBX, CFRN, SPECIAL BROADCAST Hear Alberta's Minister of Lands and Mines, the Hon. N. E. Tanner address delegates attending the annual tour of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. 2:30 p.m. SUNDAY CFRN 7260 On Your Dial LESAGE PIANOS For Sale or Rent" (new, small model) TERMS JONES & CROSS LIMITED Next Journal fildg. Phone 24746 SCHOOL ut 28587--UNION BLD6. 10023 ran a INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION ONLY The University of Alberta Announces a LECTURE by , SIR ERIC McLAGAN, K.C., V.O., C.B.E. ON "The Function of the Museum in the Community" to be held in CONVOCATION HALL MONDAY, OCTOBER 25th, AT 8:00 P.M. National Film Society of Canada EDMONTON BRANCH Opening Program, Monday, Oct. 25 West Theatre, University Medical Bldg. Showing BALLERINA, Internationally Famous Film on Leningrad Ballet; Selected Shorts Season tickets, single $3.00, double $5.00 Covering; ten performances, at door. These Enjoyable Half-Hour Programs Edmonton's Bridge to Dreamland. CKUA. On Temple Square. KSL. News. KOA. J 1:10 Weather. CBX. 11:16 Music til Mldnlte. CJCA. Had You lived Then. CBX, CKUA. Starlite Serenade. CFRN. 11:30 Prelude to Midnight. CBX. News. CKUA, Blltmore Orch. KOA. Bymphony Hall. KSL. 11:55 News. CFRN. 12:00 News Flashea. CJCA. I Monday Morning 8:10 Sports. CJCA. Weather. CBX. CKUA. 8:15 Variety Show. CJCA. Morning Devotions. CBX, Pun At Breakfast. CFRN, Melody Menu. CKUA. 8:20 Tic Toe Serenade. CFRN. 8:30 South 81de Show. CJCA. CBX Reporter. CBX. 8:35 Morning Comment. CBX. 8:45 Grain; Interlude. CJCA. Songs and Singers. CBX. Club 1260, Markets. CFRN. 9:00 Road of Life. CJCA, CBX. Across the Board. CKUA. 9:15 Big Eister. CJCA, CBX. Conrt Corner. CKUA. 9:30 Timely Fare. CJCA. CJCA. Wb it's Your Beef? CBX. 9::45 Laura Limited. CJCA. CBX. Music For Moderns. CKUA. 1CUP0 Rldln' The Range. CJCA. BBC News. CBX, CKUA. News. CFRN. 10:05 Club 1260 CFRN. 10:15 Aunt Lucy. CJCA, CBX. Women's Digest. CKUA. 10:30 Smile In The News. CJCA. Kindergarten of Atr CBX. Personal Album. CFRN, 10:35 Interlude. CJCA. 10:45 Camrobe Calling. CJCA. Alberta Memos. CBX. Woman's World. CFRN. Bulletin Board. CKUA. 10:59 Dom. Time Sig. CJCA, CBX, CFRN 11:00 News Briefs. CJCA. OPENS COURSE V? i LESLIE F. PITCHER Active in Edmonton amateur theatre work for 20 years, is conducting for the Edmonton Community Theatre a PRACTICAL COURSE in the "Building and Painting of Stage Settings and Scenery" Those wishing to take this court e are welcome to attend the first course in the Community Theatre Workshop Basement Family Allowance Building Monday, Oct. 25th, at 8 p.m. Christina Bates Diploma Amsterdam Conservatory TEACHER OF PIANO Studio: 10510 -8B Ave. Phone 34805 Muriel A. Cooper Gold Medalist A.T.C.M. PIANO Member of A.R.M.T.A. Phone 3.3888 9809-91st Ave, Leduc Friday ond Saturday rov" 102 AYE. Over CFRN at 1:15 to 1:45 p.m. Monday JU rough Friday Own Store Everybody Sings. CBX. Meson's Variety Shows. CFRN, Current ' Events. CKUA. 11:05 Club Calendar, CJCA. . 11:15 Happy Gang. CJCA, CBX. Daily Diary. CFRN. Music While You Work. CKUA. 11.45 Claire Wallace. CJCA. CBX Luncheon Club. CFRN. Monday Afternoon 12:00 Music For Happy Feet. CJCA. CBC News. CBX. CKUA. Mid-day Mcrry-Go-Round, CFRN. 12 10 Weather. CBX. 12:15 A. L.C. Reporter. CJCA. Farmcast. CBX, 12.30 News. CJCA, CFRN. Alta. Farm News. CKUA. 12:40 One Man's Viewpoint. CJCA. 12:45 Sports. CJCA, CFRN Plantation Party. CBX. Movie Review. CKUA. 12:55 Grain Prices. CJCA. 1 :00 Lile Can Be Beautiful. CJCA, CBX. Farm Service Notes. CFRN. Music Lovers' Corner. CKUA. 1:10 Closing Markets. CFRN. 1:15 Ma Perkins. CJCA. CBX. Deems Taylor Concert. CFRN. ' 1 :30 Pepper Young. CJCA, CBX. 1:45 Right To Happiness. CJCA, CBX. Gems From the Shows. CFRN, 2 00 Aunt Mary. CJCA. School Broadcast. CBX. Musical Mallbag. CFRN. Elementary Music. CKUA. 2:15 Easy Aces. CJCA. 2 :30 Afternoon Assignment. CJCA. Bernie Braden. CBX Fred Waring Show. CFRN. Matinee. CKUA. 2:45 Women's Programs. CBX. 3:00 As You Like It. CJCA. Feature Conceit, CBX. Woman's Editor. CFRN. ''V&lmM THE LYNN I &cWmm. r MURRAYSH0VV: 1 A fX9 1 ""a I A presented by 11 KSUrA 3 Srcrlina II ...-tl. .. m Furniture ud- II LirrvKU ruuLt, rianut gVI 111 Programme BttI It I ' Jardlns sous la Plule IWtSw. j I Bethoven-Busonl Prelude In G major , 8. Rachmaninoff SPONSORED BY THE MAKERS fIF .-yvwwjw vMiMMW cjca Tomorrow . ' , - " fi Stars I If o Tomorrow A Nation-Wide Talent Parade 3:00 p.m. Sunday Presented hy York Knitting Mills ! 530 ke -930 ke if CL-fT Under Au5P'ces Women's I I iSfsissS Musical Club II "-J-4 DIRECTION j DON COSSACK CHORUS Serge Jaroff, McDOUGALL CHURCH, Oct 29th at 8:30 p.m. SEATS NOW AT HEINTZMAN'S Prices: $2.20, $1.65 Inclusive of Tax Ph. 24801 ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY 1 I ALBERTA COLLEGE November 1 Final Registration for 1948 (Day and Night Classes) COURSES IS Stenography 0 Secretarial 0 Bookkeeping 0 Comptometer, etc. All Grade 12 Subjects Including: Biology ALSO: New Class in Russian Language November 2 Register now for Dr. Caird's lectures on "The "Critics of Christianity" and Dr. Walter Johns' on "World Affairs" PAOI 8VI Home and Country. CKUA. 8:15 Family Favorites. CBX. Mason's Variety. CfRM. 8:30 News. CJCA. Heaven and Home. CFRN. Just for Fun. CKUA. 3 40 Music For Monday. CJCA. 3:45 Don Messer. CBX. Eay Rhythm. CKCA. 4:00 Southland Singing. CJCA. Ethel and Albert. CBX, Highway 1260. CFRN. It's the Band. CKUA. 4.05 Southland Singing. CJCA. 4:16-Lloyd Coopr. CJCA. Woman's View. CBX. 4:30 Memorable Music. CJCA. ' Divertimento. CBX. Mason's Variety Shows. CFRN 4:45 Songmakers. CJCA. BBC News. CBX. CKUA. Meet the Band. CFRN. 5:00 Song Corral. CJCA. Chicho Valle. CBX. The Magic Shop. CFRN. Song Shop. CKUA. 5:15 Jack Smith Show. CJCA, CBX Good Scouts. CKUA. 5:30 Kiddies Program. CJCA. Magic Adventure. CBX. Club 15. CFRN. Just About Time. CKUA. 5:45 News. CBX. Sons Of The Pioneers. CFRN. 5:55 Road Reports. CJCA. Alberta Weather. CBX A SUNDAY Conductor i ESS

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