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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah • Page 17
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah • Page 17

The Daily Heraldi
Provo, Utah
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Tuesday, September 30, 1986 THE HERALD, Provo, Utah, Page 17 National and World News in Soui'heois'S Asia riepmti irsciy sti Tighe subsequently put together a panel consisting of both current and former officials of the DIA and the Central Intelligence Agency as well as former prisoners-of-war. According to the sources, Tighe filed his final report with Perroots earlier this month. In it, he offered a number of suggestions for improving DIA's internal "analytical process" for investigating live-sighting reports. Pentagon spokesmen declined to discuss the matter Monday night, telling reporters they would have to await Perroots' briefing today. would meet with reporters today to discuss the Tighe report Several administration officials subsequently agreed to discuss the matter in advance on the condition they were not identified.

Tighe, who retired in 1981, has expressed his personal belief in the past that Americans are still being held in Southeast Asia. Last March, Perroots responded to those statements by inviting Tighe to conduct "a complete review of all (live-sighting) reports" since his retirement. WASHINGTON (AP) A new Pentagon report contains no new hard evidence, but nevertheless concludes that the possibility is strong that American servicemen are being held against their will in Southeast Asia, administration sources say. The report, prepared by a task force under retired Lt. Gen.

Eugene F. Tighe, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, does not establish "beyond all doubt" that Vietnam War-era POWs remain behind, the sources said Monday. It also concludes that no evidence substantiates charges the Reagan administration has purposely covered up evidence of live prisoners, the officials added. Nonetheless, the task force concluded the preponderance of the available intelligence information supports a conclusion that American POWs are still alive and held against their will, the sources said. "It's kind of like saying where there's smoke, there's fire," concluded one of the sources.

"But had gone a step beyond the current policy. The Reagan administration's policy is to assume that since there is no conclusive proof to the contrary, there might be some live Americans in Southeast Asia. Under that policy, the DIA continues to investigate all "live-sighting reports" received from Southeast Asia. The Pentagon announced late Monday that Lt. Gen.

Leonard H. Perroots, the Air Force general who currently directs the DIA, they didn't come up with a smoking gun as I understand it, and they cleared the administration of any cover-up." A classified version of Tighe's report will be presented to Congress this morning and an unclassified summary later released to reporters, according to the sources. The officials argued Monday that the conclusion differs only seman-tically from current U.S. policy. But the descriptions of the report appeared to suggest the task force Reagan asks for a global economy at IMF conference Storms rumble through Midwest, cause millions of dollars damage WASHINGTON (AP) Pres.

Reagan called on world financial leaders today to join the United States in developing "a truly global economy" with open markets and stable exchange rates. Acknowledging there would be some economic "dislocation" in the process, Reagan sought to assure his audience at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund that the United States and other nations already are enjoying the fruits of freer markets and lowered trade barriers. At the same time, a $12 billion rescue plan for debt-plagued Mexico appeared to be taking final shape in a series of high-level negotiations. The private talks continued today after the IMF extended by one day a Monday deadline for the accord. Mexican officials and private banks failed to nail down the rescue package on Monday in talks that lasted past midnight.

Agreement was reported to be close, however. "My friends, I believe that the challenge before us is to develop a truly global economy one that celebrates the diversity of our nations while it opens us to uninhibited trade and investment among our peoples," Reagan said in remarks prepared for the IMF. He offered no specific plan for building on the agreement worked out at last May's economic summit in Tokyo to help stabilize international exchange rates. Instead, he said, "Let us look with open minds at ways of promoting stable exchange rates and assuring sound money. Let us approach with open minds the next round of trade talks and push them as far as we can to our goal of eliminating all trade barriers." Boasting of improvements in the U.S.

economy during his six years in office, Reagan said, "Our growth has fueled the growth of the entire world economy." And the "message of economic freedom" he has preached for years "is at last being heard and acted upon in Europe and Africa, in Asia and Latin America," the president said. ftp: i 5- i A A i WA 1 -T Lt. Gov. George Ryan, who used a boat to tour the streets of Gurnee, outside Chicago, pronounced the scene "probably the worst flooding I've seen in Main Street in Gurnee, just west of Waukegan and north of Chicago, was under 2 feet of water Monday, and officials at the Gurnee Elementary School reported 5 feet of water in some classrooms. A search was under way in the north Chicago suburb of Liberty-ville for a man in his 20s whose boat capsized in the swollen Des Plaines River.

In North Riverside west of Chicago, sections of the roof of a Kmart store and the building of an automobile dealership collapsed during a thunderstorm Monday, damaging 16 cars and sending at least seven people to hospitals with minor injuries, authorities said. Thirty miles west in Aurora, the entire roof was blown off a two-story condominium apartment building, said Police Sgt. Gerald Soos. No injuries were reported. Forest Hospital, a private mental-health facility in suburban Des Plaines, evacuated 85 patients and 85 staff members due to the threat of flooding.

The patients were bused to other local hospitals. At least 165 families have been displaced by the flooding, said Lake County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Townsend. All Des Plaines residents can do, Mayor John Seitz said, "is pray for the sun." In Iowa, Gov. Terry Branstad on Monday night signed a declaration declaring Jasper County a disaster area because of Sunday night's storm, which leveled a 100-year-old farm house. ''It just kind of rained and the wall shuddered and it just tumbled and then it was said Donna Cross, 72, who lost the farm home.

Severe thunderstorms pum-meled the nation's mid-section, causing millions of dollars in damage and spawning floods that forced the evacuation of hundreds of people and left one man feared drowned. "The entire village of Gurnee is gone," said Lake County sheriff's Sgt. Steve Townsend said of the Illinois community. "The police are patrolling in boats. The situation is very, very bad." Up to 8 inches of rain fell on Oklahoma Monday as thunderstorms and at least one tornado caused extensive damage, officials said.

Hundreds of residents north of Oklahoma City were evacuated because of flooding. "We've got a lot of flood water. We've got a little looting, and we've got some traffic problems. But otherwise, we're doing pretty good," said Howard Watson, director of the Kingfisher City-County Civil Defense, which oversaw the evacuation of 300 residents. Thunderstorms dumped rain on Michigan's waterlogged Lower Peninsula on Monday, as a tornado in Genesee County destroyed three homes and damaged five others, knocked down power lines, and blew trees on cars and houses, authorities said.

Residents of flood-drenched northeastern Illinois hoped for sun today after Monday's storms ripped roofs from buildings west of Chicago, resulted in flight delays and cancellations at O'Hare International Airport, and continued flooding that has caused an estimated $30 million in damage. Heavy rain Monday also caused flooding in Missouri and Kansas while thunderstorms pounded Indiana. Rivers were above flood stage in South Dakota and North Dakota. Farmers in central Iowa cleaned up in the wake of a tornado, strong winds and hail that destroyed a dozen buildings and caused an estimated $2 million in damage. In Oklahoma, thunderstorms Rebels threaten efforts to send food to Sudan Farmers in Baxter, Iowa salvage grain from damaged silos.

from Khartoum to the southern cities of Juba and Malakal, which are held by the government. An earlier plan, endorsed by the rebels but vetoed by the government, would have carried supplies to the rebel-controlled town of Yir-ol and the government-held town of Wau. "Until arrangements to put this scheme into practice are completed by all concerned parties namely SPLA, the Khartoum government and relief organizations the SPLA position is that no relief flights are to be permitted into the south," said the rebel broadcast, monitored in Nairobi. NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) A relief official said an emergency airlift of food for starving people in southern Sudan will go ahead despite an announcement from rebels in the area that they will not grant safe passage to the planes. The Sudan People's Liberation Army rebel group, which shot down a civilian airliner last month, said in a radio broadcast Monday that it could not accept the plan of international relief agencies to aid some of the estimated 2-3 million people threatened with starvation in Sudan's south.

The plan put forward by the agencies in Khartoum, Sudan's capital, calls for a C-130 Hercules transport to fly food and medicine were closed because of high water. "The bridge near my home was under water. I don't know if it's going to get into my house or not but I didn't want to take any chances," said Connie Ross at a temporary shelter. In Illinois, where forecasters were predicting even more rain, damage from the recent storms was estimated at $30 million. packing winds up to 60 mph ripped the roofs off a church and an unoccupied office building in Oklahoma City, Monday.

Damage was estimated at nearly $1 million. A tornado demolished a vacant mobile home near the city, officials said. In Kingfisher, water rose to 18 inches in some areas, and one car was trapped up to its windshield. Several stretches of highway Business What is happening in the stock markets and the business world. Closing stocks Counter trading INTERMOUNTAIN STOCK EXCHANGE NEW YORK (AP-Monday's closing New York Stock Exchange selected prices: Stock Last Chg AMR 55a4- Albtsns 42' Alcan 31' AlilSenl 403- Bid Asked Arizona-Juno .03 .10 Bio-Tech Gen.

13.00 13.25 Bristol Gaming 1.00 1.10 Chiel Consolidated Mines 4.62 4 87 Clavton Silver Mines 1.94 2.12 Comstock Tunnel .62 .87 Copley Power .12 .25 Crown Point Cons. Mining .03 .12 Dragon Cons. Mining .12 .37 Gold Chain Mining .10 .20 Justheim Petroleum .25 .50 Louisiana Pacific Res. .05 .15 Mammoth Mining Co. .50 1.00 New Quincv Mining .15 .25 North Lilv Mining 150 1.75 Park City Cons.

Mines .20 40 Park Premier Mining .05 .10 Prince Cons. Mining .05 .12 South Standard Mining 100 1.50 United Park Citv Mines 2 87 3O0 Ut Power Light 31.25 31.50 Vega-Bio-Tech 3.00 3.25 Nil 164 SaraLe 59l4 NtSemi 84- Mi ScottP v4 Navistr 7'4 Sears 39'i NorfkSo SCalEd 323- 4 Norwst SouthCo 24 Nvnexs 63'i- SwBell 106 '4 Occil'et 28 StdOil 463. l'4 Olin 4l)' '4 SterlDg 42 -1 OutbdM 28J4 Svntexs 56' 134 Ownllls 4234l'4 TRW 90'4-l'i PacGE '4 Tcktrnx 5934 '1 ParLtg 48 Teldyn 318 PacTels 52a4- '4 Tennco 40'- '4 Pacilcp 34 Texaco 33' PanAm 5'4- '4 Texlnst Ul'4-1'4 PanhEC 46'. Textron 54'i- PavNP lO'i- Tigerln 5 Pehnev 6934- 4 Timken 40 PepsiCs 2534-l TodShp 21'i Pfizer 57'4-l Transm 33'4- 3. PhelpD Trnwlds PhilMr 65'i-J4 TnCon 30'- PhilPet '4 Trinova 64'- Pilsbrv VAL 56' 'i Poland 60 -1J4 fSXCp 23'i- PopTal 20 I'Carbs 't PortGC I nElec 28 Polltch I'nPac 3.

ProctG 67' I'nBrnd 32't '4 PSM'ol I6J4- 'i t'SWsts 53H- 't PugetP 22'i I'nivar 11 '4 (Jut-star 35J4- a. I'nocal 21'. '4 RJR Nb 464- '4 Varian 23J- RalsPur 63 WarnrL 53' .1 Rexnrd 1734 '4 WnAirL 11'. RevMtl VVl nion Rockwl 37'4-l'4 WstgE 51H- RovlD 87. Weyerh SalWv Wlwth 39 Safwvwd 60'4 '4 Xerox SFeSbP 28'.

l4 ZenithE 20 AldStrs AllisL'h Alcoa Amax AmHes AmCan ACvan AEU'w AHome Amrtch AlnGrp AmMut AmStd Amoco Anheu Armco AtlRich AtlasCp Avon BnkAm Bearing BelHwl BellAtl I BelLSoU Boeing 2' 36'4- 'i 21H -iVH-V 74 -2 26H- 'i 73J4- 131 '4-3 121H-21 3 38J- ZIH- '4 633. 24 '4- 7'4 57H Wi- 32'- 405. 65s- 4 4 52'4-ll4 OTC STOCKMARKET Bid Asked McDonalds 57 56H Middle South Util. 124 124 Occidental Pet. 27' 28 Pub.

Svc. of Colo. 17 164 Pub. Serv N. Mex 34'i 34'i Savin Bus.

Math. 2-1. 2' 2 Squibb 100' 99': Svnlex 57 56'. USX 23'. 23' a Utah 311.

Wash Wat 27'. 27'. West. Air. 11'.

11'. OVER THE COUNTER Bid Ask Apple Computer 32'. 32' ConCapIncTr 12 12'. Con Cap Spl Tr 9U 10 CcIncOpporTr 14' 15'. First Security 23 23.

Iomega 61. 6s. Novell 203. 21'. Prud.

Fed. 10 lO'i Wicat 3 3'. Zions First Nat l. 47'. 47 '1 MUTUAL FUNDS Bid Ask Am Cap Comstock 15 06 16.46 Am Gen Pace Fnd 21 56 23.56 Am Gen Venture 14 70 16 07 Oppen Directors 2151 23.51 Oppen Special 18 45 20 16 Oppen High Yield 16 70 17 91 Pkineer Fund 22 47 24 56 Pioneer II 18 36 20 07 Putnam Vovg 17 95 19 62 Templeton Grwlh 12 34 1349 Templeton World 15 89 17.37 Templeton Global 42.45 SI1EARSON SPECIAL PORTFOLIOS Hid Ask Option Income 13 85 13 85 Equity Growth 14 15 14 15 Equitv Plus 14 60 14 60 IntlEquilV 18 98 18 98 ImrmdiGovt 1173 11.73 Long Term Govt 9 09 9 09 Tax Exempt 16 66 16 66 SIIEARSON GROUP Bid Ask Growth 14 03 14 77 Appreciation 25 50 26 84 rmltnntl alue 7 21 7 59 Global 31 47 33 13 Managed Govt 13 31 14 01 lU'h IB Mi 19 98 Managnl Muffl 15 34 16 IS Regional feedlot POCATELLO, Idaho (AP) Idaho Farm Bureau Intermountain grain and livestock report Monday: POCATELLO White wheat 2 21 (steady): barley 3.45 (steady); 14 percent spring 2.66 1 down 10 1 11 percent winter 2.28 1 up 2 1.

OGDEN White wheat 2.40 (steady); barley 3 55 (steady); 14 percent spring 2.71 1 up 2 1 11 percent winter 2.34 (up 2). PORTLAND White wheat 2.72 (up 1); barley 75.00 a ton (steady); 14 percent spring 3.32 idown 61: 11 percent winter 2.89 (up 2). CALDWELL White wheat 361 cwt steady 1 L.A. barley 4.70-4.75 (steady). Idaho Range and Feedlot Report: slaughter steers 1200-1300 lbs 58 slaughter heifers 975-1050 lbs 56.560-57 50; feeder steers 425-475 lbs 70 October-November delivery feeder heifers 400450 lbs 60.00-62 00 1 October-November delivery); feeder Holstein steers 850-900 lbs 47.00-48.50; slaughter holstein steers 1250-1400 lbs 55.00; slaughter lambs no quote: feeder lambs no quote.

LIVESTOCK AUCTION Nampa Livestock Markets Saturday: utility and commercial cows 35.00-41.50: heavy feeder steers 56 00-6025; light feeder steers 56.00-6025; stacker steers 64.00-71.50; Holstein feeder steers 42 Holstein dairy heifers 600.00-860 00: baby dairy calves no quote: (at lambs 61.00; utility commercial bulls 45.00-52 50; heavy feeder heifers 51.00-56 50; light feeder heifers 51.00-56 50; stocker heifers 54 stock cows no quote; dairy cows (top 101 58000; (at hogs 55.00-57.00; feeder lambs 55 Remarks: cows lower, (eeder cattle 1 00-3 00 lower. Metals quotes NEW YORK (AP) Spot nonferrous meU! prices Tuesday. Copper 67-67li cents a pound, U.S. destinations. Copper 60 50 cents per pound, NY Comex spot month closed Mon.

Gold 423 45 per ounce Handy Harman (only daily quote). Gold $422 90 per troy ounce, NY Comet spot month closed Mon, Silver $5 575 per ounce Handy fc Harman. Silver $5 4 99 per troy ounce, NY Comex spot month closed Mon Platinum $565 00 1570 00 troy ounce, Y. contract Platinum $541 80 Y. Merc spot per troy ot Mon.

Supply about 80 feeder cattle. Feeder steers Medium and large frame 1: package 200 lbs: 300-500 lbs 65.00 to 74.00, mostly 70.00 to 73.00 500-600 lbs 59.00 to 67.00. mostly 62.00 to 65 00; 600-700 lbs 58.50-63.50 700-800 lbs 55.50-60.00: 800-915 lbs 52.50-57.50. Large frame 2 Holsteins lbs 4400-4950: load of crossbred steers 675-900 lbs 52.00-55 00. Feeder heifers Medium and large frame 1: 300-400 lbs 61.00-64.00 400-500 lbs 53 package 450 lbs 64.50 500-995 lbs 50.00-54.50.

Slaughter cows High cutter and boning utility 1-3 34.00-37.00. Breaking utility and commercial 2-4 34.00-36 25. Cutter and low dressing utility 29.00-34.00. Canner 25.00-28 00. Good heiferettes 48.00-50.00.

Slaughter bulls Yield grade 1 couple 1.855-1.915 lbs 43.0044.50. Yield grade 2 1.260-1.855 lbs 40.00-42.50. Utah livestock Market report prices at Utah Livestock Auction, Spanish Fork for September 27. 19H6: Horses: Riding horses from 20000 to 350.00. Lighter horses from 140 00 to 225 00.

Ponies 60.00 to 120 00. Pigs: Ueaners 25 00 to 35 00 per head. Feeders 3000 to 40 00 per head. Top Hogs 210 to 250 lbs. 0.53.50 to 0 54 50 per pound.

Sows 0.38 00 to 0 45 00 per pound. Boars 0.30.00 to 0 35 00 per pound. Sheep: Lambs 0 53.00 to 0 58 00 per pound. Mutton Ewes 0 1 8 00 to 0.27.00 per pound. Breeding Ewes 0.2500 to 0.3500 pa-pound.

Bucks 0.18 00 to 0 27.50 per pound. Goats: Nannv Goats 23 00 to 40 00 per head. Billv Goats 15 00 to 25 00 per head. Kid Goats 10 00 to 25 00 per head. Cattle: Newborn Calves 35 00 to 60 00 per head.

Feeder Steers 0 64 00 to 0 72 00 pa-pound, weighing 400 to 6U0 lbs Feeder Heifers 0 48 00 to 0 5350 per pound Holstein Steers 0 40 00 to 0 47 00 per pound, weighing 600 to 900 lbs Utility (own 0 32 00 to 0 35 25 per pound Culler Cows 0 28 00 to 0 33 SO per pound. Hoping Calves 125 00 to 160 00 per head Hulls 0 40 00 to 0 47 25 cents per pound Uiiotel provided by llrent Kelly, i6M- 0Hii2 I tan Livestock Auction Auction lime Every Saturday, II Palmyra Hoad, Sunih Fork Disnevs 3814-ll DowCh 52s- '4 Dresr 17'. duPonl 80'i 4 EastAir 9 EKodk 53' i- Eaton 6834-l'4 Exxon 66' i 'i EMC 16a4-J. Eairchd Eiresln 24' FIntste FordMs 52' P. FrptMc 19V.

Fruehf Fruehfwd GTE 52'i-lJ Gannett 67-1 GnCorp '4 GnDvn 71 14 GenEI 71'. 1 GnMills 79'i- GMot G.M 34'. 4 GaPac 34' 4- Gillet 3t4- '4 Gdrich Goodyr 33 'i Grace 46 Grevh 32 Halbtn 214- HeclaM 12'i- Hewll'k 37 HolIvS HmsUe 27'i- 4 Honwell 7l'4-l' ITTCp 28 IdealB IM'O 13'i l4 IBM 134'4-l'i Intl'apr JRiveri mart 453i- KaisrAl 17 Litton 73 -1'. Lockhd 4 Loews 6IH- 't LnStar 28t-l' Lal'ac l4 LuckvS 3.V.- '4 MIHjI 22- MartM 4.T.- Mrlwill MdmU nr-2'4 McKeu '4 Mt Keiwi 31 99 '4- MMM Mi.nil '4 Munun 674-l'. Mnnl'w NV.A 51 NatlMit 40'- 'i 56J4- BoiseC Boise pfC 52 l.

'l Market quotes .20 187 09 387 16 37 .31 1 18 I 12 125 .35 .62 06 .31 33 00 81 44 212 7 50 015 300 Atm-r. Cons. A MSI Argus Tech. ATNN Bayly Crested Corp. Emery Energy Galtech Int I Equestrian Oxford Prime Resources Strategic Rec.

Tan Group Tires Inc Ultra Unity lx-vel Energy Valtck Ventura Wicat .28 200 .14 412 17.00 .37 121 1.50 2.25 .45 .87 .09 .50 34 50 106 68 2 37 7.75 .04 312 AVERVGES IM)W JONES VOLUME 115.610.000 Industrials 1755 20 -14 TransporuiUon 789 63 48) 5 381 NEW YORK STOCK EX( IIAN(iE 72'U4 '4 2R14-1 4 58 'i 69'4 4 17 '4 17'. 37'4-1't 2m -4 Mi 2.V.- 43 36 't 33 '4- 4 36 41 4. 34 4 44 V- 'l 31 I 4H-I' 274 Borden I BnslM Britl't Brnsw Burllnd BrlMh Burrs CascNU CaslICk Caterp ('elans Otteed C'hmf In Oievm Chrvs rocaCI I Colgl'al t'onnat CnnftKd (onlel ID.iU I'rwZH CurtW ItaiuCp Iere DigiUl I Oprn Cloxe Albertsons 43'4 42'i American Stores 54'. 54r. Am Exp.

55 54' Avnet 28'. 27'. ATiT 22', 22, Ariama Public Svc. 29'. 2t'i Boise Case 57'.

5H34 Coiiimodore Intl. 7. Katltnan Kodnk 53'. 53' 4 Tel EIit. 53s.

52'. Ili-rculei Inc. Hul Inns 71 Wi Hmp Corp o( AiniTK I 38 37i Intl Bus MjiH 1.14'. ivanMS Gas 4 Electric IN'. Marriott 2d'.

29'. Salina auction Producers Livestock Audnm at S.lnu. pin es lor Friday, Spt 26 1st at auction 1.102 compared to V2j last week and 699 last year Fair attendance Feeder steers steady tu 0 50 higher Feec- hellers slaedv to I 00 lower. Slaughter Co I 01) I 50 lower Slaughter bulls poorly tested Protidrd to The Dailv Herald Shi-arson American Ktprrtt Inc..

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