The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1947
Page 5
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„.__.., _ Daughter jjincjers pn f Ye ot Music Debut Vj.pETROlT, March 8. (UP)-^Mnr- ; guret Truman;., hcftt hct fingers »• crossed today aj 5>>e 'rehearsed (111< (gently for •Kpr'rd'«b\ : n. professional singcr ; ,v|lh-*tlio Dstroit Sym- Hoiir, lieArd over the American Broadcasting Svslem from 8 to '•> p.m. KST. The songs she lias selected Jov the broadcast will be announced tojnoi'rbiv, >A pliotoiirnphcr who look her picture in her lipstick red yowu lust phony 'O.x'liestia Siinday .night. The 53-year-old daughter oJPres- ijlcni and Mrs. .Tinman will sing uigM n-lslwd "lier "food "lu;k." !-)<•>'! songs to a. uailoiiwJdn radio Slie rc];|Icd, "Tlianl: you, kc»P audience on the Sunday Eveiiliisi your finders crossed." She crossed Copyright by Koreh DeWolf—Dist.ibuled by by Karen DeWolf ( ; W*X: j«J"KOliMV rnurti. ji, « • ?,° r ^1 - !" "" liiKwrniK-i otflec iiiia Jkrri-jy ,v*» wniit, 1,1 ivrltf, liri-iij k»u«c. JV.VHi Norm fliii.ll, .Irrlvi',;. ,' , 2t e •'«.'• «"' .or»>rcn(li .ninl rxvttril. f iV?*" 1 ** .. Hl-othcrx Mirunslit tt\c • ; ionic.''. «ho. wij,. "I'll ten Jim • ! about || whlto'tre e:.l.'> : j ' » •» * CHERRY went | in to Ihe Itltchcn ; and put the chops on the . .broiler. The table In the breakfast • nook was set and the vegetables ' .only needed heating up..She look ';. ; t>io salads out of the icebox nnd •i put them on Ihe table, but all the '* i while.she was thinking of Geor"c * .'Brothers. i She had seen him once when she - had met Mona downtown for _ '.lunch. He.was the head of the in;, 'surance company for which Mona . ; worked..- He looked well fed and - ^comfortable, and his hail- \vns ', i thinning' on lop'. He seemed like a nic'e, pleasant person all right, but ; nc|t the sort of man to cause such \ I a triumphant glow. ~ I , When their meal was almost | over Sherry understood. ' (...She could always see the other * .person's point of view, so clearly . isbmefimos that she lost her own. r :So' she understood Mona's elation ; iwheh,: out of one hundred and : thirty-seven girls, George Brothers , had taken her home. : As Mona talked, the uninlcrest- ' ing m=u became ,is important to ', Sherry as he : was to Mona and. the - ;other hundred and thirty-six. She * t could see-them there in \he huge , room with row alter row of desks. , Some of them were old, the ones i that had been dependably there • tor years and got bonuses. Mona ^ had been there: only six months .. and her desk we= .third from the * end near the entrance to George \ Brothers' private oiTice. . i-^. her own, •A spokesman for tlj e Federation ol Radio Artists announced that the union was "dc- Hslilcd" to pc'nnll Miss ivum-m to appear on the rallo .without.' -\ union card. Miss 'IVuiiiaii, n coloralur-i so- immo, «-on the solid r.pnrovil of Dr. Karl Krnegcr. d I recto? of tiv symr-honcy. in a secret hour iiu 40-rnimitc; audition Wednesday' Kriicjjci- predicted her ( | 0 ' n it would bo the start of "u distinguished career." "She has the first, ingredient ncressnry for a singer's career a distinctive nnd expressive vol- "Morcovcr, her voice is wo. trained and she Is usually musical. Whal she needs now is crystallization of her talent which o public appearances can bring" Miss Truman was accompainV.I liere for the auc'ltlon by Colin Sinllli, Nnvv York; her accompanist, and Mrs. .Thomas j. strlcklcr of Kansas City, Mo., her vo!" ! teacher for more than seven •yea'-s 'Mrs. stdckler, a former opera star, said she knew Kruegcr wh»n he conducted the Kansas City o- ehestrn. and took Miss Tnimnn to him for an "honest appraisal" nf her talent despite .several offer- enslcrn cities. ! i said, ler. She haled disagreeing with icr. It seemed to put a distance JCtween them, to clcwc out their closeness. Bui this was important! There were things siic had to say! I— ~~~~ .:•-... . •• •.f^'^^ U ir SCC '"""' slpclc nlul Sho d <5ciilcd to wait until later sUm r, 8 S aPt ? W iS h h0r A:icl ' dacs «'°y ^ '" rrdnt or .ElUn. manlCUlPn nnnria C^nr.rrrn 41,^ 1*.. ] :\*_. , . s w er ., ;Sllnv, mnnicurcd hands. George 1 Brothers hati- seen 'her there two ; -months ago .for .the. first time. .lie i-had .said, ""(jood" Inorning," and . i heads had turned from the nearcs' •desks.' :j Then they had met in the cle- . val9r- once and exchanged, the time ••; of day. Sherry imagined the man's : surprise at"Moria's throaty, cul- 1 tured voice and precocious rjoise | Tonight they had inct outside The /building, and satol> av.-ay -from i interested eves,' he had offered to « {l.rivo hcrihrtmo. ' . was saying, "And you rc- .•i---^"-iiVember that cocktail'lounqc I -at the Biltmore, the one we walked ; : through that day? Well, we went :. there. Little bowls of olives nnd , ,• .peanuts on all the tables nnd ; hcney, a girl at the bar with my • new blue \'elvet exactly! Only hers i was;lhe real thing. And a squarc- Mcut emorald an inch long!" she ;!fingered her own enormous jade. it "I couldn't phone you. I didn't -.•want to 'give the impression there •jwere any strings to me. He's too . : cagey to go for that sort at thins " ij Sherry did riot like the irnnlic.-!- i;tion. '•! "But— he's married, isn't he?" '.: she -wanted to know. i| Mona laughed her low, ripnlina • I laugh. . • HI o I!. .She said, "People's, lives aren't ..lust all over the. minute they .marry, darling." • ', Sherry hated Mona to laiteh at Illuslrnlcd by Walt Scolt -i wlio sfonil on the slciis regarded Sherry gravely beer your pardon, ot course. You hive an bnloti?" change the collar and cufTs. She did all Ilicjr sewing. . . , After all, Mono worltccUill dny. But the new linen set was for George Brothers. She fell vaguely ••osentful. She had laundered the pinue ones ' beautifully. So IVIonn !mn not been able tc call her because of the impression it would make on George Brothers! What had Mona been thinking when she was smiling that secretive little sniile into the fire? Surely, s^» wouldn't— Whiskers jumped down from the chair and slretched. She went to the door and meowed. .Sherry.said, "I. think it's still* raining, putsy," bill she opened the ' door, and Whiskers meandered' lazily out and sat on the dry to? step. Sherry went into the bedrooiYi where Mona had the dress laid out on the bed. Slio said, "Let me do it, darling." The heavy chink of the knocker surprised them both. Sherry closed tile bedroom door and opened the front one. The young man who stood On the steps wore a scarlet sweater, and there were glistening drops of rain on his dark curls. From his superior height he re- • gardcd Sherry gravely. ; He said, "I beg your pardon, of < course. You have nn onion?" : Sherry said, "I think so." The young mnn smiled happily. "Then we may borrow it?" he wanted to know. "But you see we have a lovefy stow, it needs only ... ,. j, js smjlc Iac|e( , ,. We jn^i UI.-.UU.-J UIL:;/ SHI in iront ol the fire and Monn lighted a cigarct. Sherry darned their stock ings nnd talked about the lilllc things that had happened during the day. How the gardener at the big house up the hill had turned the hose on Whiskers, the eat, to chase her away from the fish pond. How the butcher hud bought a iicw iuiiisc in the canyon and had a bear for a pet. Suddenly, she put down the clarning'bnskct. v ' She said, "Do you know what I decided today?" Mona said, "No, darling. What?" She turned from (he fire tnid tliorc was a little, satisfied smile around her lips, Sherry leaned forward eagerly. "Mona, I'm gofng to write! Really work at it and do something important. Maybe even classics! I'm sure I can!" Mona said, "Of courM you can You write beautifully." ^ * t CHE turned bock to the fire, and after a while she threw her cigarcf in it and rose languorously She said, "I think I'll put my new linen collar and cuffs on the henna \:ool." Sherry was surprised. "But I just put the pique ones back on," she told her. Mona thanked bur biit thought she would change them, and went into the bedroom. Sherry sat and stared at the fire. She felt she ought to offer to an onion." His have no onion." Sherry understood. She said, "Of course. Will you -won't y<iu come in?" | {To Be Continued) ,:Qur Boarding Howse wi^h Ma], Moople Out Our Way Agricultural Leaders Of 16 States to Meet MEMPHIS, Temi.-, March 8 (UPI —industrial, ngrlcnltuifll niid business leaders from Ifi Southern states will gather here March ?i through April 1 for tie Hlh an- mini Southern slates. InuiiMrhu Council to plan ways of Improving the entire region, it was disclosed today. Save Money Today. 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IW.^IS !lk ftW \VOUR FOKMLUft? / ANXtOM TO RHISH WS WtJ^il \^__^. s- V^AND e: t IT PATEN re o '.' ^g||5 / BREATHES A MftN POSSESSED DP SUCH SATANIC I WAS GONNA SIT I'M USED ID YOU BRIWSlW SOIL IN), BUT WHEM VOL) SEED AN' WATER IT, WHY-- AS OLD'AGe IM AS! E&G! -^- RED PAItW AND Abi ARTISTS Bi?liSU-~-TUe CULPK!,T ^no PAINTED THE W M08LE: *fr VWO PARTED Wf NUW8S MC ux« A USHT- J$& Igg^m^y ^ L ^M :EP i IV<E A r* ''' / — •\'-'?£, ~ l~^ s^ 1 ^ !, i^ 5 ^,ff d at . The idea <* working in Mother Mulvane's hat shop, witli mv other idea, ske was nnt H "" my Forget H? Oh, No! VOU'RE EXHAUSTED FROtt OVERWORK ASO VVOZRfaEN. 5.'W SO ^t=^RLS' TKEU... \ TH 1 CABINET w.t/RKiNs. I IT, E^SH. hy VOICVE GOT TO ee^.as Eesri SES1BES, im «:E«E5T PLA5TIC WE MWNS USE PARROT/ 1 HAD FORSorfEN H££M. VOU HAVE HOT5£EN HIM? NOT YET. BUT f THINK I'll DROP IN Ott HIM LAT€R AIREADY ENOUGH BLOOD THISMORNIHS. I'D UHf TO ASK J MAS 8EEH SHJD HIM ABOUT THAT FORMULA VOU LEFT WITH HIM. OVER THAT FORM ULA. FORGET IT.VEEK.' . », UK. u. t. fin, tiff.. BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY ami UAUMl LANK vt - «w<* k uno UMI uiiaittAj uusiness, VYnijfi I was introducing Chili to Mother Mulwile, some mischief wa^ brewing in Beeker Parrots office. She's Reviving ^LLEY OOP BY V. T. HAM LIN A5 KBD iSAiSS H£K 5;0. Time Out for Fun f.':-t J BUTLEfxRNED \ THINK NOTHIME ; : GONER OF THIS \ OF IT, GENERA' . • 5 .r--"r<ETTABLE AFFAIR, IT'S ALL IN f» " 1 ' L ^^ uDLuDEL r E /^wo^^ ..CREAM MUST BKCK TO V/ORK! i.:.;'»^i v v^p tv^-.•:•*•% !, ? >^\. . l :lfm. BOO're ANfD HER BUDDIE r^ NON! THE NITRO,, _,_ SHE CftN WAIT.. I r I f TOD(\V FOR YOU I HAVE THE ER PLAN rf> FRED rIARMAN THE GRAND BALL...WITHOUT M'SIEU BOOM AND THE SO /-4j GALLANT COLONEL OOP rf?/r-\ THE BALL WILL FLOP.' J^A^.f THAT GUY ON THE PHONE, PARROT, WANTS TO KNOW WHEN TO COME , DUO I »F JVOU'RE ''« TOY)V» WITH • COMING R\SHT 0\>t« KLOOO <. HOT LIP In the Groove BY EDGAU MAlt'n t\

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