The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1931
Page 7
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mUKSIUY, MAY 28, 1031 BJ,Y'rilRV!UJO, (AUK.)' COURlKH N'KWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two rents a word ior first Insertion and ona cent u word /or each iuteequenl Insertion. No advertisement taken for less.- than &0o. Count the words au4 scud the ;ash. I'lione 30C Reno Divorce Mill Grinds Out Divorce in 1.0 Mitmle^ SISTER MARY'S KITCHENS PAGE SEVEN All ini'.il and jlsh salads are pioveit by the addition ol ph:.'apple. OUttBOARDING HOUSE 'i'umurrow'.s MIMIU HHKAKI-'AST — Molded cereal ,th. Mriiwlierries ami cii'am, can,i'ii bacon oil toast with c..-. mlik, collie. lAi.MCHHON—Onion and a-lory soup, tojst i licks, collar UlKl C.nre-1 Slllmi, ll.lle .lUUl Dili t'UH KENT l-'Oll HUNT—Apartment iu Ingram building. See I'arkhurst Company. BC-TF! I'YUt ui-;NT—Famished rooms lor light housekeeping, also slcc porch for couple or two young mm. 100 West Walnut. aic-tf TOR KENT—4 room:; and bath, Krl Holly. Seven rooms ar.d bath, 1133 W. Ash. I'l'.oiie 100. JJ. D. Ferguson. 2jC-K3 l-'OK RENT—Eolith Ix'tiroom. Phono 4U4. ' 270-K3 l-'OK KEN'T—-Fiirnlihe-l apartment lor summer or i:ari of summer, CJiawiord Greene, .I'hone b"fO. 1112 \V. -"..•ill Si. MC'-K'TF ii-OR 1U1NT — Malcrii bungalow, ^ fuinlshcd, $40 |icr inonlh. 01S llearn, Phone «. 28C-K31; WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. SC-TP WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora ITiy.'.'ll, 2207 I8lh St. TF PAY llASn for Used Curs. J.ehiron Gillisnie, r/enton Chevrolet Co. 27P-K1 LOST AKD FOUND LOS'i 1 —Male, bird-dog puppy, two months old, liver siiols. Liberal reward. B. li. West, l'hon:i CO. 20P-K20 1'KnyoNAr, Ken&'s tM'O divorce judges arc shoun hcn\ Abuve b F. Jloran and, below, Judge K. 1-'. Curler. •plahus. 'li'.c o.-f'.'.r in which the BY rHII.II 1 J. S.INNOTT • Nt'A Service Writer ''cases arc filed during the \\\cX d- 1 - REN'O, Nevada — Henry Ford ieii:::nc ih.-:r order c:i :hi, i:oi::'.'.'.y introduced higli-suceil proJucucr. i calendar when it 'is made up by — i lo ihc induslriat v.orld, ?.ud i:'-w . D'.ema:i Saturday. CASH PAID for second hand fur-l-Reiio's twin mills of divorce have! As they crm; in, the cases are uiture. A. U Flowers, corner Jlain clone the same for the judicial j assigned alternately to Hie two i; Lake Sts. CC-TFl-,vorld. : jui'-sci. Thcmas F. Moran and B. 5-'- Thcy had to, becau;-; the big jCuKtr. The a'.iDrnejs must ar- jnercaso in the divorce industry 'ran;c a i):L-i:et icheduij to insure that, has followed Nevada's sixjihcir ^c-ttmi; iroia court to co^i.l weeks' residence iaw lias made! as their ea^s come up. Clcri; STOCKHOLDERS MEKTIXG uf The lUjihcvillc Cotton Oil Coni|iuny Tiie Annuai of Ihe rti- rcctors and clockiiolders of the above company vill bo lield Thursday. June 9th at 10:30 A. M. in the oirices of W. A. Case & Co., Falls Bid,'., Memphis, Temi. 4C-KC-3 •':, r.n aslrm;;cr.t in the skin ai.d eye;, of jmu'.'.pplc;. tlr.u olti'ii i'.-> lh? mu'.lth :.ure r so inliilite should Iw tida-ii fruit for the (able. The easl- i c-jt v.ay to rio-lbis Is Iu cut the! Lriii 1 . in.inch j'lices. Then pare off i J5j*^ and «i-j u'-ti It:.. 1 eves wllh u sharp | kiule. Huuove Ihe hard' cum in Ihe center and cut 111 dice | or shred as picfcricd. If the trull Is sprinkled with sti^ar ii'. lean half tin hour before ihe llavor ii more bland . 7 i and the sugar iit'iiclralc^ through I foul r I >>"> f«»l- 'will and icm ; Juke Used as Itenu'ily i j tl ^ 1L . ^^^ I'incspple juice lias a soothing I ] i mr ' m:m 1,1.; I'llect on tile mesr.branccs of the lineal and often i.s used in throat U Bibles. It also is ;-aid to bo a remedy for a mild attack of hic- uo'.iyhs than won't iispuml to the|f- oy[cl . traditional nine i.v.alljws of water, j j^ 1 . ( ,, : . 1 The vitamin ccn'.e:it is good, I jj^', cuiii>.u'inu favorably with oranges. This is worth keeping in mind, for i el this reason oi the year orangos ! uvc becoming scaice and high in 1 pi-ice. Perfectly rips. 1 . Minri|>cncd pineapple is very sweet and usually requires no snyar. From this sort of fruii, an unsweetened juice Is iiiciiarcd especially for babies. ot Jackson, Ten]!. v:u: l:s i:ui raeli Ix'For ti.nmi-.L; i-.nHiis g|k-n v.-jth Jiinniy .Vi.i>ii, yinni'^ onllirlilcr of ijihla Alhlrlic.s. t)ullrr Ls l::r in tl:e ounu-lil or Loses Loop Game to Cooler COOTEU, Mo—Cooler defeated Bi.v^.r.iiicio In a Soulhcas!, Mtsscui: :i'.i:;ue i;n::v. here Wednesday, ;corci! twite in the wc- letntii innlnn* iind once .sixth cuid iievoiuli. iv.o triples. Cuoler err.L> v.Lic u'spnn.sllile for three ol i3ia;-,t;adoclo's runs. l?lchal'(Ls o 1 . Br.i^.:.u!ccu liil a triple. U 11 IU 'i racrics were Ins and illxler Cw>'.er and yiewart and Davis B::isyadoc;o. 'Ior OI.I) I.11T-I10AT DMSlHlTlil) CTUCAUO. tUl'l—Ti:e KCa scon boat Dauntless, exhib^sd at the firM Chicago world's lair in 1893 as an exhibition ol HI ogress in coas Jt's easy to select lino Iriilt when| g , liud equipment, will bc'cxhlbltci New York Cotton speed, efficiency and mass proauc- Bec-msn's system doesn't, "jam" .111 tiot\ necessary. [-.ttcniey ihrouL'it Juu'in^ c.i.sis i: 1 . In Just 10 minutij: by Ihc ' liotli coarti; at the s?n:2 time. Du; WashoD county tonnhoiisc clock, I it's up to the attorneys o see ;!ul wife — or liusbimd— may hnvc ; they i'.ro ii; court when their cases marriage bunds uniicd in a thor- I are up. oughly Icyal manner and emerge ! t'omjilcie Case Kslablislied to the street free of all main- | One itlloruty iccentiy fo'.mn ii::::- iNEW YORK. May 28 lUP)-Cot ton closed barely steady. .> . high io;i fi'j'l IU5 893 July Oci 15tc Jan March 831 00') ai-i 379 oon close 85'J 891 357 quicl and 0-1 G S-15 unchanged al Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 28 (U! 1 ) — Cotton closed steaiiv. ,. alliances. The action icpeaten • many limes Monday, which is divorco day in the i-c-yi wi'.h io'.ir cai;^ to 'u^ tried o:ie (lay, and an important confer- once o:L-n;:ymi; in:- ! Mn:c aftt:riv:.c:i. markeling, for it lias few imper ftciior.s. Tin: size of nine-apples really has little to do with their quality. Pound far pound one pineapple yields about the same pucenlage of edible material ns another. Fruit v.'.inlcd for immediate use should, of course, be again at the UKiS century ol pro Ol-t Doc Ja:i .March I5;;ots 8:11. open KU-1 t>60 901 Ills 337 quieb and 895 916 DM 917 low S-15 877 6M BIG S:H clcse 859 892 Dti! 923b 8-15 riper than that which U not In be used for a day or two. An even, kolclen yeilow color denotes full upernni;. Pulling 1 the leaves from tl.c tiown" Ls anetiUT way to dc^ county's two district, courts. lie uc:leu o'.hcr lawyers. picit:a up! u , rn ,| llc maturity The leaves Half an hour -before; eonvenins ccmplaints in four other divorce I <.,,„„,„ , uin raslly ,,' nil be white fur! time, each of the Iv.o courtrooms (.nits, ait-.-riiutod tnct-j wuli his . OI1 , C detain'.' up from the base.i is filled. There are three rows':ovn cc:::uiai!i!i. and filed all :iiU- c v cr 'chooic fruit thai is hard of seats—capacity for abDiit (iOj^'-T.ce. As a result, hi-, v:c:'c ail as- ! biwctators - - in each courtruo:ii.~sisncd to our. ct'.irt. 10 !;•-' hear:! in Inside the mil, there are a'jtul a tuecession; the other cases were fiezcn seats for counsel, plaiuufl's all assiuiiect 10 th-j olhtr rad Witll '' iSeS - : ^''in^ t :-:i;;; 11 v^",'fd'li,y- t h^ ^ve black spots. The ha:l his alfer!:cj:i live for his conference. 1i;e di-.crce mill moves quietly h'jiv, ail ri^lit lint (he critical ub- ia^e is csiabU.shed. with .nil pro- \iiL3:i ior avoidance of fraud. JIH!io:iaires are selling scarcer in BriUain; In 1924-'J5 there were (J01, while in 1M8-29 there were only 487. unchanged al Tile hum of conversation re- '• \rais par 1 , of the crowd to be future divorce .'.-.ek-irs GL'einj what- has to be done, part cf iLe cair.e ! category "shopiiing around" fer aliori;eys. P.eno men and wom-- on drop in, loo. lor a lili'.e en- i uttainn::nt. And there's The 115- - thiill-sceka 1 one iinds in every ; cointhous; lir.ousiiout the land ] T-J judge's entry starts tiling rolling. The first ca:e on tl:e calendar lor Hi? day is caliid by the Closiiif} Stock Prices CLOSING STOCKS ,\. T. .\; T Anacmulii Copier . Auburn • Catcrpiller Tractor Chiy^ler Cilii's ty.rvice Ccc-n Cola Cciitinental ULikiii 1 .; Klcctric .. CciLcral Motor?. .., Monl'^ti'.i-ry Ward New Vf)rk Ctn'.ra! 1'r.ckard Radio Coi[> ShnnioiK BlLindard of N. J. Texas Ccrip U. S. S'.rcl dcis \viio folder coutaininy all tlie papers in the case. Witnesses Sworn Quickly 'Ihc plaintiff and her witness or? called by her atlormy. lioUi \)f thesci are sw'crn in to;;eth^r, to ritOl'D OF VIS'E PORTT.AND, Ore. lUP)-G. 1. Tult.s c.Lsplays his wisleria vine wit'a priilt. 1; covers hall his house and i!:e stalk is 21 inches in circumference. M 3-4 1(<D 1-^ usually 22 7-8' IS 3--1 10 7-3 13:1 7-8 10 1-U 3:1 :t-H 35 5-b 38 1-8 81 a-4 C 1--! 15 1:: 3J 5-8 NI:\V VKS-MONT foi.i.Koi: RU'ILAND. vt. i U!')—Vermont i to have a n-iv junior collrue. to b !:twv.:i as "l'i:e Green Mountain College of I'oultncy.' 1 The new college is sci:cclu:cd to open in the fall. liulo time. Tlie wiliuto a landlord or landlady— tcstihc.s that: tlie plaii'lilf has i:ein i re.sidrnl o;" Her.o, Wa.sSiec cou:i- y, Nevada, for a cortrin !c:u;.h t>i tiiii-^; always mo:c than six wcci:s. i The co:iin!ainar.l then is asked Reno i.'i iiib jr I'.er rewiivin;;, how loiiij th.x le lesxkd here, wlulhcr they c;:;rc lo mal:e their i'e, aixi It is estimated tl-.nt there are no.v between 203 anil 210 eli CIuistian M'cts or (leiiomhialioiis in tile and aiecn lookim; unless it is to be r:cpt fcr seveial days before using. Ovir-rir.c |ilii.-s are soft'and fre- black 5!>ols iudifate "black rot," which becou'.cs troublesome with weather. This blemish i stalls at the base of t fruit and is easily apparent. jicmemtcr that both the fruit and juice of frc.s'ii pineapple musli l:e icaldecl bcfor.; they are ai!d> d | u a gchli:ic mixture. O'.hurwi-e i the jelly won't "jell." I Pineapple is one of the most; i.'r^atilc of f'.uits, for it co:iibii:c-o with other fiuit-, vegetables and] meals to make mosl delectable and ; Iiiquant dishes. A whole chapter; mUht be written jusl about meat and pineapple combinations, ec- causc any broiled or roasted meal _ gains distinction served willij |j:-o'\ne;l slices ol juicy pincappU'. IJA'UCAIN NO. d Built-in Cabinets 1 Wiill CiihincJ [ Ironing lio;trd i Ironing iio;iul I Tclcphunc Cal>ini!t T!rc;ikf;ist Nook 1 Tabl and litnchcs 2 JionU Casu Eitth I 'hone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co, By Ahern n A-tCrXCAL ME 5QME130PV TtC 3kiA-fcH OU A BO-r-fLlS CF -fo GO ARQUMP i-r-ri/ac ALCQrlOL i — rle HALF FULL or A/^ 7 VF VaU cue CURL UP IF -K -TALK: AT ME 2 \\ ' H fjKTrllrviG) ABOUT .CASE' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . IT SUITS \V!I,UK I'hN'IC! By Marti* §5.1)1) $7.50 Courier Kev.s Want Ar!s Pay. REPAIRKJ: iWASHEDi EATON AND SON riliilin 1Ui) Main A Mil St. Will Buy Late Model Used Cars Lee Motor-Go. whdhcr they intend lo still do tu. Thj answer always is ::i!ira;.:live. : ven when lici-.ct. "bad; !:uiu" iias already t;en bought. The allorruy runs lhrou;h the complaint, a^kuv; ciuc:iions lo c ;- (ablU-h each peiiit. jJ.ilc ot ::i::r- r;aya. p).icc of uuiiia/c, tim,- cf jeiiaraticM an;t a few (jucs'.icns aloui Ihe r;;cciJic ihar^e of desertion ci' wha^ no'.. The jud^c a'ic I' a ccpy ol lirj coii'-iiiainl anil ri:ns over it v.-.ili pr.iclic r :l eye. Iu c::-.i.' th.-- pbui- 'liff's -.iilorncy ha i :u:;lect:a to :i.V.; v.i:ether ihi- allr.-'.d trea'urc ;it lus i>l:un'ill s lic.iih. or whclhcr plaiiiliif f'.J.-. a r.viiiitJl:.-.- .-•i tile ;:. Ifl'.lil:^ :;t.!]iti. after uii u'i:> iiv, t:i:: :-,: t-r.e of hi,- hu r ';..r.d lo .1:: :«:. or a pov..r of atloir.'y. Ihe makc.s his piono::iiic:iienl of separation, the dc.;ic is .-1 couil Itos arc paid and the divord is m c-II.-cl. If an iiiloriK'i- .s-.-ms to i>j a-ii- !j too many :iiL-iie:-s <;• if ihu wilnes;. i. too vu'.ub'.t: in an- .•.«ir:'., the comt IHL:> anuuiuicc- lhat enough eviii;jice lui hiral to establish truiiiKls. For the Monday schedule c.ills lor a ca;c cvciy iO mir,'it:.s m each court. Tho job of arr.uv/ir.^ 1 tu:o calendar is up to f:iwocd B;, county c'.erk. He hjo <!evcloi;ed it ir.'.'j a syilein (hat, keeps the trhict .suaay so icng .is caies nre available. Answers usually are h'.cd'with com- N'U HIS FRIENDS A CRCCK SfJSA'^eo IN VllFE'G WTCHEM DR&PPSD IT IU... THE TV AT COFFEE VOO To - Vj.'AS /AE^MT Foz f,\S... A FGU-GvJ S'.AV To !. •'• -> -V.. p^i.-gR. IM EB R03V OF If ALL I WASH TIJHHS I3y Crane M P01M1S TO I'ROWI.KKS IX V.'.MT':."<; FOP, "(HEM IN T'.-lfl HE OM SENTRV DUTY, 15 EVENTS OF THE PA.Y, WHEM JEP>M GASPS TuREt= HGURF.S STEM.IW.Oi -TOWARD THEM. DRESS HijRI(icDL.V,'NO" a tsai *v SEA scRviei-

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