The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1947
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 1947 3 Young Slayers I! . Prisoners Pay for Cii:ne Which Netted Them Paltry Si* Dollars CoSIVISO, N. Y., Whir. 8. —(UP) —Tlii'cc young killers who 'sold their lives for $2 cricli died shortly before midnight in the electric ciiiiir at sing sing Prison. One by one, the three—Henry P. Suckow, 24, Edward Koberskl. 22, Jt'nl Edward Kahkoska, 22, all of ™ie Borough Pf Queens. New York City — shuffled Into the prison's death chamber and paid lor a drunken holdup murder that netted (hem a total of SO. Their Attorney had called them • "just plain damned fools" and! pleaded that their lives bo spared ' because "the Army taught them to kill." but (hey had never learned to live "as civilized human beings." He asked In his appeal of tile death sentence that they be allowed to become human guinea pl£s for science and redeem themselves to society. Tiie generators stepping up the death chamber electric current to 2,200 volts started whirring before fie three gave up hope.of a last m.nute reprieve by Oov. Thomas E. Onwcy. When the time came, everyone moved in a matter of fact manner. The priest who stood praying beside the chair as tlie current was turned on. helped unstrap each man, then walked to the rear of the room to accompany the next to the chair. There were no speeches, no briiv- ado, no hysteria iis Ihey entered the 50 by 30 foot execution cliani- ber and walked past the witnesses sitting 15 feet from the electric clinir in the center of the far end o[ the room. It was only 17 minutes from the time the first enter| cd the large oak door from the death cell until the last was dead. House Group Begins Paring On U. S. Budget i WASHINGTON, Mar. 8—(UP) — The House Aprbprlations Committee began application of the Ue- publlcan promised economy in government today by slashing one third from the treasury's requested operating funds for fls'enl 1MB. However, the committee chopped barely one per cent from the 1'ost Office Department's request for funds which were covered in the same b'lll—the first or a series of appropriation bills. The treasury reduction was made dctpite a warning from 'lYeasuiy Secretary John W. snycler that the ' amount asked was rock bottom and fuither cnt would "result In a greater loss to the government and 'i the country Hum the amount : avcd." The committee recommended Sl.- 071,317,500 or $882,710,750 less lhan the treasury had asked for regular operations. Iu addition, the committee approved $9,183,803,773 for various fixed appropriations which arc nnt subject to cuts, such as public debt Interest and the social security funds. The committee recommended $1,530,733,250 for the, post otfice. a reduction of $14,356,000 from tiie department's request. BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COUlURR NEWS Funds Approved Laney Signs Measure Appropriating Total Of $2,000,000 LITTLE HOCK, Ark.. March «. (UP)—Gav. Bc-n Laney yesterday i pro,"ri 'lien at the State Hospital (or Netvous Diseases. The apprcprlatlon calls for the' construction of one new unit, an infhmaiy nnd a laundry at lien- ten; a InuiK'.iy and cold storage at Little Rock nifil n tuberculosis imlding to be erected nt a site selected fcy the hospital board. The hospital measure was one if 24 signed by Laney yesterday. OthL-rs included one providing 'vhcltirshlns for teachers ulteni|K- ing lo attend summer school; n biennial appropriation lor the stiite Rental- Wrangle Shunted Back To Sub-Cdmrriitte'e WASHINGTON. March 8. CUP) — The Beiiatc Banking commlttse tossed the rent control controversy hack to a subcommittee today amla indications that Its members lavor: 1. Continuing rent control at, least through 1947. ami possibly iintil early 19«. 2. Decontrolling new and 111x1117 housing. 3. Permitting states to set up •their own rent control systems by r passing special laws. More titan '''/id 1 state legislatures are 'now irr .session. The subcommittee, headed by Sen. c. Douglass Buck, R.. nt-I., was asked t otry to work out some way to reconcile other points oil which tlie committee is split. Members refused to name the controversial points. They told reporters they had "taken a vow of silence.' Bloody Rioting In India Spreads Over Large Area MEW DELHI, Mar. 8.—tUP) - Blc-ody rioting spread tud'av in th stiife-torn Punjab where Moslem: are fighting the Hindu minority End war-like Sikh. . Three great Punjab cities — Al- hore, Amritsar and Multaan—were effected by the lighting in which unconfirmed reports said hundreds ha<| uneji killed. Martial law was imposed on Lahore and a strict curfew on Amrlt- sir and Multan. . Pillaging and looting mobs were reported In Multan and fears were expressed thst the fighting may spread to the New Delhi urea. Lahore was described as a ,cify of terror by refugees who had escaped. ' Polk Treasurer Dies , MENA, Ark., March 8. (UP) — Funeral arrangements were being completed here today for Mark Prcstdn blney, Poik County treasurer, who died at. his home yesterday after ah illness of scvera months. He was 73. Telegraphers Contemplate Calling Strike WASHINGTON, Miirdi 8. |UP> — The API, raised the ihreni today of ralliiis ,i strike in 20 dny.s ot M,BCO 'Western Union workers whli-li wuulct occur about th<? snine time: us the deun"ine for the tmcnU ened luUlumvile tele|)hone strike. J. A. Payne, hciul »[ the Western Union Division of the Commcrcln" TRtesn>l>!icrs' union (API,). snltl strike plans wcuUI b; "coordlnnU'd" with action by the National Federation of Telephone Workers drill). Thi! telephone workers have filed strike nullces nguinst Die major telephone companies. Payne told the Western Union Telegraph Company Hint Its con- tinct ixvposuls were "an open m- vltftllon to strike...(niut) we accept." Payne, who is chulnnun or the AFT> lele[(i'ni>!i industry PAGE ,THREh State Historical Society Plans Meeting in May l''AVI'l'TEV!bU5. Ark.. Mar. 8.— HJI'j -_ The Arkansus lltstorleal Asscduiloii will |,i)ld Its animal Muli'wUlc meeting rt t the university hi'ie next Mny itj ,ui<l n, it was immmiuTd today. 1):'. William Hessi'lllne, heail of llH' AiiH'i'lcan History Division of the University of Wisconsin ami lo;iiu'r university. of Arkniisu? la- I'Ulty member, will be the iH'liicl-. pa] siM-aker. Dr. 1"), U. MclJrk'ii. president of Henderson College, Is •lead of the associutlon. . imd dlsortteily conduct, ufl'e'f fellow fjrgiiieii liail to be ciitlcll to bxUlntiiUli fiib lit :( sofn In a downtown hotel, police reported lodny. The fli'ciiieii atrVstca were Icleu- llllwl as Krnnds n, Wrlsht, 29. mill ilarry J, WiiMun, VS. They ulleuedly set [ire to tlio i;ofa hy dropping a burning clKaiellu on it. lU'iui Coiirier ffews Wiiril Ads Pace Charges After Fire Starts in Hate! From ci Cigarette Mt.Ml'IHS, •1VIIII.. Mill-oil 0. lUl'l Hrciiii'ii were chiii'RiMl with Steel Oil Barrel Racks Slv t. L. MftBRY 3 MISSOURI ST. I'll. -J1DHU1U n^tffl Upl JHLIUU IUI II 1C MlllC 4 " *•* '»••«*•»» i-t'i i niMiiLH.1 j v.» u n police totaling $'JM ; 950; and two committee, sail that the compiniy's appropriations totaling $21,500,00J "contract neciulii" had, prompted annually in stale and federal funds for highway construction. The governor vetoed two bills, both authored by Hep. John Homer of Phillips County, llornor had explained thai his bills stronglluncd the laws for violation of transporting or possessini; illegal liquor. The chief executive explained that TTe refused to approve the measures because, in his opinion, they would not strengthen the present low, and might in fact weaken it. the action because 11 would nullity all contract nalns won by employes since "a company union was outlawed some years ago." The committee is scheduled to meet with company representatives In New York Monday to bsgln bargaining sessions. Lepanto Marshal Arrests Man Wanted in Louisiana LEPANTO, Ark.. March 8. (UP) — The stroller on Lepanto's rniiin street fitted the description of u wanted man, so night Marshal Buck Guln greeted him and extended his London's Food Supply Running Extremely Low LONDON, March 8. (UP)—London was hit by n food shortage today resulting from the blto.v.ds IH nmnrnnd"fonnd"hlVns c rf"iookViiil which have tied Southern Eng-1 land's transport into knots. I Sufficient supplies of rationed, n n^";urihorttlcs''who"i-ciurTib7r'iimi foods were on hand to carry Li>n- to Lu fc c p,. o vldcnec. La., where h? don over the weekend, the Food W ns wanted In connection with a Ministry reported, but vegetables fatal shooting. and unratloncd foods were vanish- Ing swiftly. Read Courier News Want Ads, Surprised, J. B. Morse stuck (-lit Into a pistol barrel. Morse was turned over to Louisi- REAL ESTATE FOK SALE To prospective buyers Tee liave & select Hst of houses—Iiomes^apts. — bn&i nesses—acreage anil farids in and arouiul Blytheville. We help finance sales. Phone 1:39-!. J. J. Field. EoMed Beat Estate Brotci. U. S. Verified Oklahoma Alfalfa Seed And Plenty of Ogden Soybean Seed L. R. Matthews Gin Co. YAKIIRO. ARK. Phone 727 ATTENTION VEtERANS! If you served overseas, you should join the V.F.W, now! Meeting^ every Wednesday night, 7:30 at the Wetenkamp Cotton Office. Bring a veteran with you, VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Farris IVIcCalla, Commander AClDfTY? Is Your Trouble Mountain Valley is naturally anil-acid—helpful In uric acid conditions and Hi hyperacidity of the stomach. This famous health ~wiiler from lint Springs, Ark., has been recommended for more thnn 50 years for these acid conditions and for Kidney and Ulfid- der disorders. It's worth a trial! Call or Write for Booklet CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Bijltievllle, Ark. Mf9« HOW TO FLY A Kit E FLY KITES AWAY FROM ELECTRIC WIRES DO USE DRY COTTON STRING • DON'T CLIMB PO \LS TO RECOVER KITES • D 0 N'T USE METAL br WIRE ON KITES WHITE & SONS ' L GENERAL. MAIN OFFICE- NORTH JENTH Photo 3151 DON EbWAfcDS "The TyitrvVrller Min- ItOYAI., SMITH. CORONA ind lUCM l,\dl()N l't)Kl,\BI.K 1 JO N. SECOND ST. PiibfJE 33112 i Every TriliiMiullnli MUli'f BB SATISFACTORY' Buy tlicse on I of scnson items now, while (licy arc available. They fnay he out witch you rioed them. * Lawn Mowers •* Oil Heaters Cotton .Choppin Hoes Outside White Paint Rubber Lawn Hose * Attic Fans Screen Wire J. LOtJlS CHERRY fteprracritliii Hew YoHk Lift Insurance Go, BiylheHlle. Ark. CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS Also CULVERTS We arc Dealers for 12 fncTieH ,np tn 48 inrhro THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING (keofe TII6.&.'Culvert to,- Phone 691 OSGEOLA, ARK. Linseed Oil FELIX A. CARNEY C Dominion Automatic Electric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete Line of Electrical and Hat (cry Radios e Expert Kaclio Repairs « We I'ick Up and Deliver 324 K. Main riionc 'MOl NiSlil 3518 j I Radio Clinic i | ! j . 430 \V. Ash St. ! ! Phone 855 or 2294 | j WE '.PICK UP and DELIVER J We Guarantee | RECAPPING ! with ! Hawkinson Treads J Let Your Next Tires Be | I GENERALS I } Cost More — Worth More j « ' i i We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet • New Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP I2i W. Main Si. PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 We^t Main PUBLIC AUCTION 1 WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION AT MV FARM LOCATED ONE MILE EAST OF AVERT OR D MILES NORTH OF OKAY UIDOH— THE FOLLOWING LISTED PROPERTY OX WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12 KEROSENE & FUEL Oil GALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. K)ETZ Tonr Source ui Depend iiblc riB*v? I'KTIlOI.UUiVI Of lire Kit »l Chero Dr. CHAS. L. CRAIG Dentist Wishes to announce the opeiiihff of /!/.*> office Lynch Building Blyrhevillc, Ark. Phone 2540 CALL 26^1 ... STOP AT 2611 f )oh' I 'Hesitate 'to Ask fbr Fi Listen — We can wash your car in 30 minutes. We iisc (iciniiiM! Alehiite Oi'casc to .lubricate vptir, car; ; Yes, we have Hie tires — Dayton — - Hood • — Godd- r. We also have New Hullerics. Standard ESSO Gas & Oils, Also Quaker State A U TO SERVICE Secoiid an<l Ash S(s. BEGINNING AT 10:00 A. M. RAIN OR SHINE MODINGER TIRE CO. • l!6 E. Main Phone 2ZOI j I TRY MANHATTAN FINER Vacuum Packed COFFEE Can Ib 50c AMERICAN LADY CANNED FOODS Found at PICKARD'S Phone 2043 1014 Chickasawha Farm Machinery 1 F TO Farmall I1IC Traclor. 1 F 20 Farmail IIIC Traclor. I II inch Flat Two-Bottom A. C. Breaker. 1 Tracfor Cultivator for F-20. 1 7 ft. cut 1HC Tractor Slower. 1 7 ft. Oliver Dish I Athens Biish and Bos I>isk. I A. C. Combine. I 1945 Model .Ihoti Dccre Fick-Up Hay Baler. 1 Side Delivery. 1 Farm trailers. 2 Road Wafjons. 1 Log Wagon—Solid Rubber Tires. I John Decrc 4-row Cotton, Corn and Bran Planter. 70 Head of Cattle 1 Kcglstcml Hereford Hull. 2 Angus Hull C'iilvcs. 5 Milk Cows. C Small Calves. 10 Whitifacc Cows. 14 Angus Cows. 16 Yonnff Black Cattle—wcifih SCO «D 700 ibs. 20 Yourisr WMteface Calltc—wcieh 300 to 700 Ibs. 1000 Bushels of White Corn. Other Articles Too Numerous 16 Mention. TCDMC Ail Property to be Sell led for licforc Removed From Premises LUNCH WILL BE SERVED ON GROUNDS W. D. GODWIN, Owner TERMS-CASH SHERMAN McNEW, Auctioneer ALL VROFERTY TO BE SETTLED FOR HEFORE. REMOVED FROM PREMISES FROZEN FOODS Lockers for Rent—Mear Curing— Groceries -— Meats — Vegetables— Wilson Pasteurized Milk— Birdseye Frozen Products We Deliver Telephone 2(;02 Main .it 21sl Street BE THRIFTY! SAVE MONEY! Bring your car to HOTS BODY SHOP for all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. 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