The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1947
Page 10
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.V. rf ^.PAGE TEN Two Lads Read of Jack London And Start North on Their Own AL/rADErfA, Cnl, Mar. 7—(UP) —Two junior adventurers who devoured the life of Jack London were off to Alaska lodny to seek their fortunes. "I'm going because I seek adventure," read the note pinned to the pillow of Peter Dean McCartney, 14. George (Larry) inkc, 13, left n timilar note mid added that he wanted to write n book, 'The two junior high school students were "pretty well financed" according to Larry. They had {38 uetwecn them, scr together . ""• ^-"j'^i IVK'-U"--' -I nave KOne for n lute vnca- irom newspaper (IcllvcHesjmd^al-J Uon up North. J plan to get a Job lowanccs- Lai-ry, wlio never lind exhibited wmidcrlusl before, suddenly devouring n Ijiojjr.ipliy of 'Alusknn ndventurer Jack London, [.ondon's "Catl of the Wild" «!)<! liobcr! W. Service's poems of the Frozen North, his rather, George W. Luki>, said. '•He snid lie wanted to go to AiHska," Lake recalled, "but he didn't say It would be so soon." The boys disappeared yesterday. "I have gone for n little vnca- latofhe Copyright by Koren DeV/olf—.Distributed by CHE told herself it was silly to be *V scared just because Mona was late, but she pressed her i)c.-se against the cold glass and stared out through the sycamore trees and the rain. | The street car stopped at the I Corner. !• • Its windows ir.ndc nice squares !of yellow light, and against them ;Sherry could se« the two people :who got off—a man and a woman. She felt a little flutter of cxpec- :tancy and held her breath, hut the '• woman wailed for the car to pass 'and crossed the street. ' j .•" Sherry had been kneeling on the jdavenport. She slid down with a .despondent thump and then remembered that Ihe springs were (precarious. She eased her feet to fjne floor and sat storing at the 'Pleasant room. I Suppose "anything" had hap- ipened to Mona! j ^But even in her small moment !o£ anxiety the room comforted her. 'She had cleaned it that morning— itheir whole tiny house for that [matter—and it was nice the way jthe polished furniture gleamed, she ^thought, and by the firelight mid {shaded lamps you couldn't sec that jthe rug was worn nor that things ididn't match. She looked around ;With a soothing sense of pride, j. iThis was her house! Her very first home of her own to cave for .as she chose. Would she ever for;get that day two weeks ago when she had found the little cottage larnong the frees with a For Kent jKign on It? Not an apartment but •.a:real entire house, with a front door and a back door and a iU- c ; Place. That there were seven other [identical ones burrowing back into jthe hill had not mattered. MShe hart been excited and a little •jput o£ breath when she knocked ! cn. the manager's doo% — The woman had said, "Oh, two girls," in a tone that made Sherry feel that they shouldn't be. you have much company?" "Do Sherry had saici, "Oli'/no," i m t had not added that that was be- AUse they did not kjnow anybody jNt. ''But \vo have a cal." .The manager lifld.-s.-iid, "TliaCs aU right," very unexpectedly. "The boys at. the end have three and a dog." Sherry loved the boys at the end » « .* gHE had told Mona about it that >•• night in their one room ami kitchenette with maid service. Mona had studied a long scarlet and glamorousiy kept fingernail and said, "Oh, a bungalow cowl " Sherry had said, "But it Isn't like that at all! You'd hardly notice the other houses through the (rees. It's just like—well, sort ol like a fairy-tale village!" Then she told her atiout how you stepped o(T Ihe street and all o£ a sudden you u-ere in an ancient garden, and Mona had reminded Sherry about (he ancient part When she saw the plumbing. But the hod been sweet about the long ride almost to the end of the car line every night, nnd Sherry did not mmd the walk to the grocer's In the end they took it. Sherry had wrilten home for some of her own things, and when they came she had spent an ex- after ,1 hastily got together dinner before the fire, Mona had reluctantly admitted that while the house was not exactly her sleek, sopliislifnfcd type, it was cozy. Sherry had called it "Hidden House" from a book she had read once, and the two had settled down to normal routine. Mona had a job in an insurance onice so she left early every morning, and she did not eat any breakfast because it took thought to maintain her iranllicrish lilhencss So Sherry slept late, rushed or dawdled through her chores as Ihe mood moved her, read, wrote or just dreamed slories as she chose As long ns she had her tiny allowance from home it was pleasantly easy to put off Ihe looking for a job day. Sometimes she had felt n little shiftless and guilty about it but tonight she snt and watched the fire and was glad she had wailed. They had not bought any logs, yet, and she was burning pieces of boxes she had broken up outside the hilchen door. They made nice kindling lor a neat pile of manuscripts. Sherry watched Idem burn with pleasant satisfaction. They were not worthy of her. It was funny what you had thought was good when you were very young. Besides, the trunk the stories had lived rn could be used to better on the lillle things Hint came to her—what was Ihe use of keeping material that she wouldn't have a. soul see anyway? < * « » ! A NOTilER street car rumbled up Ihe street and Slicrry flow to the. window. What would she do if Mona wasn't on it? Her panic surprised her. Mona must be on this one! But before the street car- came in sight a Cadillac roadster' stopped at the entrance to tho' court. It was glistening with rain' and the- twin windshield wipers' were working systematically. • By the light of a street lamp- Sherry could see Mona get out. She thanked Ihe man at the wheel with gracious coolness and started to-, ward the house. J Sherry ran to the door and Jield it open. ; She said, "I've been worried to' death, darling! I couldn't put the chops on till you carr.e or they'd have been done to n frazzle." Mona slipped off her wet coat : She said, "Well, mil them on now, honey. I had a cocktail and I m starved!" ; Her eyes sparkled nnd her 1 checks were flushed. She went into the bedroom. i "Will you rush them?" she wanted to know. "George BroUuirs brought me home. I'll tell you all' nbout it while we cat." 1 {To Be ^^ •_'" \-»u i>u ^onunuca Our Boardin^House with Ma j. HooplTOt^Our Way ln a lumber camp," Larry's scrawled note to his parents read "I'm net leaving because I ^n't u'avo a iod home. Home is swell "Don't worry, I can handle myself okay. I'm leaving because I •k a little adventure. Maybe someday ill write a book about Alaska. "I will probably be back some- rti'.y. I don't know when. Please cion't worry. I withdrew my money from the bank so I'm pretty well Ilnnncecl. Again I say don't worry l.nvc always." *' Peter's note, almost JdciKfcal Ided In a postscript; " ' "I'm not, leaving homo because I wasn't happy, because I wa s happy. I had a swell home and a svcll Mom and Dad. please don't think it was your fault because it wasn't. I am seeking adventure." l/ike said his son "knew his way mound," but Mrs. McCartney dld- n' 1 believe her boy was adventurous. She said |,c had neither been reading nor talking about travel "I can't explain why ] le W ont," she said. "It Isn't explained In my -wn mind yet." • Box Cor Rung Principle Used as Fire Escape ERIE, i>a. (UP)—Escaping from fire In 'the Ctibbison Hotel would )c as easy as climbing down the side of n freight car. Manager Peter Spores, who conceived the idea, Is having steel brackets anchored outside the window of each room. In the case of lire, guests would climb down to about 10 feet, above the ground, then jump to safety. The lowest bracket would be high enough from the street, to prevent thieves from using the procedure In reverse. Save Money Today, Any D»y STOP AND SWAP ELBEBT HUFFMAN'S *« E. Main You Must B« Happy or No Deal FRIDAY, MAUCH 7, 1017 •'We're taking up a collection to help our economics professor pay up some back bills and get away from hi. ~~---' financial worries! 1 ',-' ~— " FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy Cl at State Line Phone lilytheville 714 Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 Norlh Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. BITTNER YOU GURe IT'S SAFE TO GET UP ? -<~- DM..' MOW WE MOST UNJRMJ6L TUB M.YST6RYOF HOWTUOSE- 5POTS GOT Or>i NW FACE/ THfcr STICKS OUT Like. tHE GIRAPFE9 osS Tl4& ARK/— -rufe PATTERNS OP THE CRIME IS A<5 PUDDIM9 THREE NlGUTS A WEEK-— 8LJT WE STILL HAtfe A UTTLE SMOOPlWG To DO COME O.-O/ 1 VIC FLINT A Job for Cliili THAT'S THE ART OF LOOKW IMPORTANT— I'D H«TE TO TRY THREADIN' A NEEDLE AROUMP HERE. 1 CAN CHANGE ITS SEX SEVERAL TJ/WES IN YOU TAKE AN IRONING BOARD DOWN TO purirup," Says MARGIE H. BRONSON, X//770, Finest Selection of QUALITY SOFA BEDS Awaits Your Choice ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 113 East Main Phone 2302 Levels and Lines Surveying ^ DKAG LIN K FARM DITCHES Wm. R. Overfron -- County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years x 01* Write Uox S'l, Rosclaud, Ark. Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week— * Pontiacs * Fords 0 Chevrolets * Plymouths and others I'lacc your order Now f or Immediate Delivery We |» ay Top Dollar for Clean Laic Model Cars BUD WILSON AUTO SALES I'hone 2037 Cor. Frankiin and Main St. ^EAK OF ANY ROCK FORMATION THAT WAS LAID DOWN IN THE LASf I/i AS 3-7 COPR. 1517 J!» XE* stmlCC. IIJC. \. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF. — 3 ^_'!lF.L 0 . u _ r _^l th . 'i fl «« so'ar syslcm. SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Spring Oafs, J.cspcdczn, AHnlfn and Pasture Mixtures ALL POPULAR VARIETIES SOYBEANS SEED CORN AND GARDEN SEEDS Select your Field or Gore/en Seeds from BtythevillQ's largest Seed Stocl Blytheville Soybean Corporation 1800 W. Main Phones 856, 857 WASH TUBBS NOW? 01.......,, OF LOST INTEREST IN l[ PAD. MMBE NEXT fEAR That Could Bo WWV. VOU'Ll. BE GIUD^ TO HEfrP THE RftMpAL UO 1 /IS RETURNING TO TOWM TDWOEEOIV! RP.n RVTIRH BY LESLIE TURNEJ NEVEC FELT BETTER. VOU OLD DARLING' Bf THE WAV. PAD, DID VOU KNOW THAT CM>TMN EASS KINDft LIKES ME...XTHIUIC! , t THEENKTHE CHAKMIH6 MEESi L4HG SUFFERS FROM TWO AfHEKTOKS-ONE OFTH6 HEART AHD ^ON£ Of THE E«S. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. 6JT A SHADE TOO G2EEN. 80T SHE HAS «0 CAUSE TO BE JEALOUS. I SHALL tior TRESPASS. HY WHAT EES TKtES JOB WU HAVE FOR ME, ^VEEK? , WHAT DO YOU KUOW ABOUT HATS ? nnd RALPH LANE WHAT DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT ^ HATS ? YOU HAVE \ A JOB FOR AM MULVANE, W TAKES CARE TftCKY TKOMASiHAS Double Idenlih »Y V. T HAMLDV 4LLEY OOP YOU SEE.OOR THE THING I HAD YOU RUT IN MY PISTOL WAS A SORT OF ,* ROMAN CANDLE! -v\ . NOT J \\O- BAD,EH? _The_l% Guy OH! SO THAT'S WHAT VOU WAS WORRYIM' ON YESTERDAY? BY GADFRY, OSCAR, YOU'RE A GENIUS) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HAKMAJ* Nighlmnvc ...THAT WAS A THAT A MOST EXTRA- HE l&, \ ORDINARY COLONEL j EXHIBITION: OOI w> BY EDGAR MART1A

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