The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1947
Page 9
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I FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ertwu" 1 * " er ""* t " 1 con '«»"v« IB- IV lime per Una --I"""'"' " fst I a tlnicil uer line per day !°c tilltos liar hue per day So . - llmos per Un« per day ..""" ?c I la limes per line per day „"::. 5c ' Month i>er line „ Cue Count five avenge words to the lluo. I «„ 2 r<1 "«l for three or six tlmej ana |stO|.i>cd before cxulratlon will lio cliarK- I ed for the number of times Ihe ad »u- I peered and. adjustment of bill made I nlM 11 ! p tasslfled Advertising copy su> liuittcd by persons residing outside oi the • city must oe accompanied by case. HUe« It' 1 !.? rasi) y computed from the above I Advertising order for irregular Insor- Itioij^jakes the one time rate. I '**resuouslbiWy will lie taken for • Jnoro- ilutj OUQ Jucorrecl iusertion of any • classified ad. For Safe 11 94l> Clirvrolcn or i.-al.TK. v..ry I. ' •iw mili'aiir, 1011 Kurd >|||M', IiliTlmnifiilly ,s-l, (.Ironc 2:191. :i]7.fli-lf .IVP Imyer- for your hoine H O. Cniiipbrll. I'hone -110 — 2030 Otfko TJO .South Second. 1012-ck-lf 12 ulii-ch'i! furni trailer. Estra imrt 10 mnfcn :i lioltom of 'i bottom A. C plow Wiley Srnllli. g'26 K. Ky. 2l24-i)k-3|l 0 | AH coaV heaters at cost. Good selection. Planters Hardware. 2-i-ck-tf IIUCVCLKR AND CHAIN DRIVEN TltlKKS — Just received—ECO ll.c«o to.lay—first conic, first served. Kirc- Elinie KIOTO. 207 \V. itnin. 2|l2-cV-tf {RADIOS — A beautiful selection of combination nru] tnljle model radios novv- in slock. No aerial or ground needed. FircMono Store. 207 W liain. 2!12-ck-lf For Sale BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Modern home, brand ncw,i built of pre-war, hand sized cypress lumber, Youngstown kitchen, at lie fan, Dutnne floor furnace. House is completely insulated and weather si ripped. Large lot. Yard is graded and seeded. Huill for permanent, home. 5 rooms and biilh, attic fan, water heater, plastered interior, fireplace, beautiful hardwood floors. Rrsily financed. Large 5 room house on double lol. Tile bath. |{,,j[( in breakfast noolt. Newly decorated and in best condition. Well located. Kasilv financed. H will be a pleasure- to .show you these three modern homes. Sec or c;«ll Max Logan, realtor, Lynch Building. Phone :>n;M. 2-28-ck-U 1 ^^.™"U'a.'ffl.^'i'.rir^ iuriis. Kc'alur!" li'ioii'J |Sce the large 3 compartment Norge Freezer chest. Holds 650 Ifos. of food. In stock for immediate delivery Planters Hardware Inc. 2-24-ck-tt 'se'l Halteries. also battery recharging and rrtmililtng. Anslitv's Hallery Klic.]>. 40f. K. Vino SI. 2l25.i>k.3|25 iUrTOIi TIRES — The new lira that ^Hs. otit cleans, out wears any oilier tractor tiro Timilc. We mount anil dn- IIVIT to (arm. Firostono Store. 207 W. S| l"". 2112-ck-H BKST 11UV IS PAINT Iteil ami trrey Knainel ?1.50 1'cr Gnllon TJRUSI TIHEKI TIHESI Juat rcccivpj ni/rj Ren x 10. loo i ic or.o x is TIO X 15. -I ami G ply lirrs. Also Iho famous stiuMed ground ei-ius in siiea f>00 x 17 and COO X 1C. We deliver nnd mount. Firestone Store 20r. W. TII-U- ClililFDOt rc(rii;ora!<i Kiii,,.. ]i\-ink r room suit c( I'rirod In niiirt sale. ounti-r ico cream freo/er ivitti 00 Ral linntcner. will, K ond mix nuoln. II. I,. Kin,;. Manil.. ,lrt, 2|21-i>fc.;i|21 S nrro^ rypress loaniy soil, on KOOI! irrivrl rnn.l. vvilli t.ici- hniui. and !,„„>. rlii. )>1acc is located H Vj miles east of Dcxti-r. .\lo._ aljovu ov.-rflnw. ,-ind wrll ,lniiiif-,1 >vith dreilfod ililcli on Hv-o kiilrs. Thi^ Is wnrth Hie innnoy. IVi'-e ?1IO lier ncre Tfrms can lie nrriinut'd In suil pnrrliascr. Iiiiiunli- nie ii.i.-i-isii.ii, Kie ,jr call I.UTIIKH CRAY lies ]'h S13 lIKltT ]<(>KR. He.«. I'll. :150S |)ffire ivitli Jlarion Williams Ins. AKCX-. Pli. 275 1 K a liosr pcruti-h once or twice? Kx- , 'nr il flnsc-ly. Uljhnli — lice I And iht- v.-iy to iri-t rid ol ho>; li,-c in winter is to n<o l>ryri,le n Dr Hoss !>r,idurt. Sprinkle ,.n hoe^ an.l in lird- dini;. A ,lry dip. K.-ilistaction jtuar- anl.-ed. Wood's Ortiir Rtore 221 West Main f=l. I'lione r>07. 7-cV-ll Allls Clinlmerp with starter lichts' .and equipment. WC Allis Clialmors \iilli e()nipmrnl. r 12 Farina]] with tunip- iiii-nt. Honry'.s (>»rjiut\ ,1,-niss fnini Hlyllioville Oil Mill, lllyllieville ,:-k. I'll. Or.l. 3ii-p!<-t4 |lin acres near Steele \vell located, pood iinnrovenienls. r^oil ro.idp, electricity. Pan divide and sell in 10 or RO acre tracts. Tosscssion at onre. |I20 acres veil locntc.I. vood Toad i. olrctricity. pond iniprovcineiitp. Poses*ion Jan, J 104S. I'riced to pell. Hcv- eral other forms is-ith or vitliout im- Ilirilinte possession. M. Tr. t'arrls Klrelo, Mo. IMionft 212. 31l-ck3'12 |Sfrawlierrv plants, ^larie Harnish 1710 Cliick.-ismvba. rhono ^710. ;ll;i-uk-i|rt nvpi|int: Imnso. 7 rooms, with lichts. \i-arnr. h.-ith. 30 x 50 store, general liierchanilise: one acre land on 77 lli- y-r.y Sr.nlh of MunlTa. Ark.. Star " le. Krc or write K. }l. French. ira. 315 rtk-12 •One used Hendis wasliinc marbino in rood condition, less than half Ilie. T-ricc of a new one.. One small friir- idnire. in perfect condition." C. 11. Wonil .Motor Co.. Osceola, Ark. 315-cV-lS m« r,t used furniture. Girl's 26" I.iryclc. I'hone 25r,<-.. 3|s-i>l--13 IKARY CHICKS Quadruple A * I3.7S per hundred. :iitn llronn Ktnre. lt!. r ,.ck-tf Fleetrir rnnpe. radio larce anil small ei! hrater. kitchen laldii and chain" coal nnd v-noit oilier honpehold items. IMion.- 2S9n. 31IVck-2n Voice recorder Only ? 10, RO Hecord your child's voiro. play hark on same machine. Speech correction, die- tnlioo and many other uses in the Itoine .111,1 hiisinc-sp. Kecords — five ,-,-nlH e.-icli. mav he tised many times, r.ill Illytheville Sales Co. Mir, for t'elnils. Xo obligation. Can make delivery on only six recorders each monlh. f, ck-9 -' piece livinc roonv suite, nru- slip cov- rs. I'lmnc- S07. »in-nk-ll •ctric ranees. Ajiartment si?.e. Here odny. Roue tomorrow, lie who ho*i- ales i« lost. Call now, 3010. Hlrlhe- ,-ilto Sales Co . (i'-rk.n Dr. W. F. Brewer DENTIST General Practice —Bat— Spec/a/ Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVER GUARD'S Across Street From Kress Office Hours 9 a.m.-» p.m. Tlione 3172 II flalUttom Muss,.,- Hum, ,,i, nv 7 '., J^r & 'aMgi^r^a..^ .ICK on rnlllo <•„„ l,e clcnuej uTTT^r M™ V $L& £^r$$*™> ^raf ',"-?j%c.^r tt ... Mi "" hl - "'<•• S07. 7l .k-ll •'l-rlSllt• Tiuno—A.| condition. Oil'la-,.. er. Bedrooiti Suite. Lnyin.. |.. MI4 .,..,1 I«JUK> north ot Akcan Church. ' j. "it. _ Baby Chicks—Custom - ing. High grade Pullorum Controlled Chicks (hat are hatched h e r.c Started Custom hatching §3.50 per hundred eggs set. lilaylock Hatchery^ Mori It 61, phone 3172. "3-4-ck-lf 'lJO Mjrrury couvtrlil.lo. Oooil con.]!lion, lo«- inilc.iiio. railio nml hauler. Walk in Ice Box, Coils and compression complete. It. C. Allen, phone 3188. 3-7-ck-14 Slfjl oil tinrrel .racxs. lilj thcvillo 5la- ^cMnc JShoi,. Call 2828. MllS-ck-lf !.»Jj:e Jlie Ncsco oil C0 ok ,~irwT vltli Jive Imrnerj. T.ihle ton model $30 \V G. Harden. 1011 W. Vine, city^ Wanted' To Buy Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auk. Salvage, North Hiway 61. I'hone 3785. 2-2C-pk-3-2fc Used pianos, any make. Adams Appliance. Phono 2071 Day, 2059 nife. 2-28-ck-4-l Designs have been completed for an "eleetropuit" capable of launching largest existing airliners in 500 feet with a 120-nij>h takeoff They now need 4000 feet. BUFF BLEND Per J 70 Role BACK AGAIN at WARDS BUFF SIDING THIC SHINGLES K 6 HEX SHINGLES £' 4 Montgomery ' Ward THICK BUTT 35 95 FARM LOANS /Lowln / Fair / Prompt &H-ft<» RAY WORTHINGTON Serrtn; This Sectton for 21 Year* 115 So. 3rd Bljtheyille, Aik. Tone In Prudential Program Snatfay at 4 p.m. <, ver Is Your Car R6ady For Spring Driving? It's easy to check— If you intend to take those weekend irips you're planniiiK for this sprinjt, havo Iho oar checked Io sec Unit the motor; tires, chassis and batter/ arc in tiptop .shape. Our service department handles-your needs thoroughly ami quickly. 7 Important Service OPERATIONS- • Adjust steering gear and front wheel toe-in • Rearrange tires if necessary • Adjust and clean spark plugs • Clean fuel pump and adjust carburetor • Inspect battery and clean terminals • Adjust brakes • Adjust fan belt PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth-Biythevillo, Ark.-Tcl. 453-3715 For Rent in ml. Cuinpl^lo Jolui D tunlit t-yiiii'J.'tL' <s itlt cii t-< vvhli land. JEfd 1 Mox .I • .. ];•>. ck-lU nsn\vt>n. Lose Ed i>n tifir.itEim Ijr.trolc-t with ltr;iilfor.l lust itCMTrtv n licwnnl. I'll. •* l.Sll Help Wanted om in the market for a *i*-room home in Illj-tiievillo. Prefer 1 in Davis nddi- lien. I'l'jco rnri(,-c .^(J.OIJO t,» *S flOO. K. T. lluhbaril. P.O. llux I wt'eelf Read Courier News Want Ads. Wanted to Runt S UHIIIII,, n|,| |, 3llJ . J yf ""'"'• nci-vk'iiiii _ ?r-«.00 rewaril r,,r rent ot .1 or lion..,., \\ill p n) . yililr . „ rt . n| vnnco. I'hnne ^IBIJ. , Rend Courier News Want Ads. FKAI, ESTATE WANTED Oily rroncrly, all tyius rjuslnosBoj ind farms In and around Blylhovillo. Kcll 113 your uronorty, jdonly of buyors—llat liowl I'liono U30-1, J. J. Field. Bunded Ilca] Eslala Broker. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious 250 BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. phone 3647 Regular Inspection Is ESSENTIAL Expert, periodic care is the only thing that will keep your car running as it should. Cars lacking proper lubrication and mechanical adjustment will give trouble that will cost you money. Let our service department and shop put new life in to your car with an over-all check ond cor- ft rective measvrcs. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Safes—BUI CK—Service U - s - Tir « * Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 658 ' . l,>,, O t i| n ,i 0( " '""• l l! «l»r on. Alto dell»«r. MONRY '1X> T.OAN Do you need « loim to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rod tnpc. V\\\ approved rate 6*. Ask for details, Staa I'OgHii, Realtor, phone 2084. Lynch llldg., RlytherUle. 9-2S-ck-tt See us for an estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. We specialize in steam donning nni \ IMlnlmg. Klcdric and ncet- yk'ne welding. Hnsscti Phillips Tractor Co. Hiwny 01 South. I'lionc 2(7!. - 2-1-ck-tf nml lilncli ntoi-li>. M,), lnylni: vrite Ui>\ Mil n |ik 20 Kcnl n Floor Sander AT WAUOS. Save money by refinishitifr your own floors. Adds years of life and gives them new beauty. It's easy <o do, loo! MONTGOMERY WARD .& CO., -102 Mnin, Phone 5<)1. 2-13-ck-tf K»|i"l ttovo roi.alr work. ON foT Mr. ll f> -,,ra a! Itiibunril llarjwnro Vi'e .specialize In fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to use. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 126 W. Main, phone 5lr >- 1-,31-ck-tf Oil Stoves cleaned & repaired. Work guaranteed. Ph ,1 71 k ' ! '"" r ri " <ill,,M,, [„ ,| I01 llniminnliln jirlcos. 2!2'J.nk-:i|22 'K and paper hanging. Work Ktiaraiiteed. Hill Davis, phoiiR 'l(il). : . ?. 7-pk-4-7 Loans T)0 YOU XKKB A T.OAN t Id insur.. ninl (liinnro n nn- nr ii.v.l cnr. Ir.n-k ..r Iraclor. In ^rknn»n< or AIIHEIIIlrl. K 1H. ],„„. „(,., Vo.l'll lit., i.iif MTVI™. Aljo PIIA Loan, ami •IW l->nii l.onn«. nn.l liullvlilnnl r«l on/ili. lonns. Unllril Itiaiiranro .Aiwner nvr-r nnanl'ii Jrirnlry Stnr.-, uliono Wanted . ulnnii. Sitnulo MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LICIT — nnd Coaa Out... ... But this March is slated for big things if you'll take advantage of our complete "after winter" check-up of your car. Drive in today and you'll enjoy miles of smiles/this.spring; (And we ain't lion!) •••• LOY EKH CHEVROLET CO. We Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m 301 W. WALNUT ST. ,. PHONE 578 Tr.icfor iirvntilnir plow, boitillntf nloiv jllHC. li»Tn»v. Cnll ]{. II. Wnllap,., PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Ucsl I'riccs Kirby Drug Stores THE FARMBKS nnd ISAXKKIIS LIFE INSUUANCK CO, VI. 0. OF.UIUN, Ooti. Agent John r. Holmos—W. 0. Oeurlu Jr. Offtco noiiRlai BldK. 215 W. Walnut rhono 23B , o Our Flowers - - For Every Occasion nnd yo " r orilcr wl " bc on Arrnngcmciils tell a complete story ™f FLOWER SHOP We r>i. JO ''' e e I'll. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, owner Anywhere Glcncoc Bldf. SWIFT'S Loose Cottonseed Hulls 100 Lb. Sacks Cottonseed Hulls 41% Cottonseed Mea! 43% Soybean Meal We We/come Your Business One Sack or Truck Load Swift & Company Oil Mill So Highway 61 Blytheville, Ark." KRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FOR SALE STATE CERTIFIED GRADE "A" D & P L NO. 14 COTTON SEED Also Ogden ond Royal Soy Beans EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phonc635 TODAY IMPORTANT! Snve your prcsrnt car Kv|)crt aic«linnlcnl Survlco ...... Alcmlle Oil nnd Lubrictinls < 1'fs, we wash nntl frcnsc curs too!' ' • • ' Motors? \Vc Imvc new molars Overhaul <ir rehulltl them Tires nntl Tubes , Oh, 1'cs, We pnlnl Cnrs Too! Repair and Kcrinlsli nil bodies Charge Ballerlcx T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phono 2122 • AT COST ON BLAN HEATH SPECIALS! Cannon face towel sets ... $3,55 Cannon dish towel sets Hassocks . $2.24 Clothes Hampers $4.50 $4.50 Chenille ficdsureads $7.75 Wine and Water Sets $2.10 up BLAN HEATH AUTO & HOME SUPPLY 421 W. Main St. Phone 828 THAT HORSE OF TOURS (I'M SORRV. WALKED IM MERc AND IMft-BERGeR- SfARED MY CUSTOMERS I HOAJ MUCH HALF To DEATH ! J—'DO i owe y j< YOU-? Wise Up! Jusr PAY FOR. TH£ c\.ize SUG«F AMD BWW& Me SOME SUGAR Do'^o .THINK THE 'POLICE WUL LEf ME HAVE DROOPY BAG; BY MERRILL BLOSSET ' IF TOO CA jw THE pHOMe k AMD ASK.THEM? PPI LOOK . PAL—THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS TO HOE.5E5 WHO REFUSE 70

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