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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada • Page 2

Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada • Page 2

Edmonton Journali
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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M. McDonald Preached Sermon on Reasons for Living an Unselfish Life 'I a not evary man on hla own thlnrs hut alto on th thinx. r( other Th (aim ambition. nam. arose from th elf centered Idea of servrng If at 1it Inmi I vhril frm th motto of lh tut and from that of Notary Itaalf, profit mot who sarvea Halping Othara th Baat Way Th true theory of Ufa.

th preacher want on to aay, waa that which found prtumn in ina aarv, 01 nmer. b( fr Tru.rft Till, did not mean, howavar, that Shirts That Fit and Wear We do not handle any but the best. Dr. Jaeger, Cluett, Peabody's, Arrow Jirand, Shirts and The new spring lines are here. Come to the store that has the goods.

THE BOSTON Clothing Store MRS. LAURA PEARCY Mrs. Peareey, alleged to hsve passed forged check on th Edmonton branch of th Bank of Montreal to th xtnt of $3-000, will triad in a Calgary court. Inspector Shaw and Police Matron Robinson went to Calgary on Saturday for tha purpot of bringing th accused to Edmonton for trial, but after a conference with the southern authorities it was deoided not to Chang th venue as th majority of th vjtnete are located in the south. It i expected th preliminary will taka place this week.

Dominion Commissioner Ruddick Here to Attend Big Convention "We hav bn hearing talk of how the dairyman 1 going to put out of bunlnea for th past twenty years," remarked A. Ruddick, dominion dairy and eold storage commlasionsr, at th Muedonald thl morning, "but the fact remains that more and more farmer are going Into dairying Intensively, wtth In-creaaed prosperity to themselves and to the country." In thla way did Mr. Ruddick dispose of th many times repeated complaint that fodder price were going so high that th producer of dairy product! would have to go out of business. Th moat prosperous fnrming community In all Canada Is that centering around London and Woodstock, Ontario, where the farmers hav gone Into dairying on a big seal. (Showing the Increase In dairying In Alberta, Mr.

Ruddick stated that last year the province produced about ten and a half million pounds of creamery butter a compared with nine million pcunds In 1918. Commissioner Ruddick Is to address the convention of Alberta dairymen which opens on Tuesday morning at the Macdonald. Delegates are arriving In Increasing numbers today and it 1 expected that fully two hundred will be In attendance. A dinner on Monday evening, taking the form of the general meeting of the manufacturers' section of the Alberta dairymen, will start tha proceedings, although the real convention will not open until tomorrow morning when the delegate will be welcomed at 9:10 o'clock by Mayor Clarke. PROF.

ALEXANDER OF VARSITY ADDRESSES SASK. TEACHERS Will Be Principal Speaker at Educational Conference In April Professor William Hardy Alexander of the University of Alberta, has accepted the invitation of the Saskatchewan Educational association to deliver the two principal addresses at their annual gathering in Saskatoon on April 7th. It Is a compliment to Professor Alexander and the local institution that he should be selected for this honor In place of tha. usual speaker from eastern Canada or the United States. His afternoon addreen which principally for teachers Is on "The Evolution of Human Personality," while at the public session in the evening he will speak on the probable evolution of educational methods and Ideals in the light of the new world conditions.

The evening address is entitled "The New Learning." DR. J. S. STEWART LEAVES FOR EAST Dr. J.

S. Stewart, late in charge of the Edmonton office of the Canada Geological survey, ha closed out his work here and left for the east. He will proceed shortly to Trinidad, where he will take up his new work as geologist for the Pearson company, the Englih concern that is carrying on prospecting operations for oil in different parts of the world. It is not known yet whether the government's survey branch will continue its office in Edmonton, with a new official In charge, or whether the shortage of geologists will make it necessary to close the local branch and direct the work in Alberta from headquarters in Ottawa. MORE FARM IN DAIRY BUSINESS MEANS SUCCESS 99th and Jaiper To Prevent Grip Tmko "Laxative Brotno Quinine Tablets" Be sure you get the Genuine Look for this signature on the box.

30c PRESENTATION TO RETIRING SUPT. AT LOCAL POWER PLANT Watch and Fob for E. Cope from His Former Associates An Interesting event took place at the power plant on Sunday afternoon, when all the employes that were off duty assembled for the purpose of making a presentation to their late superintendent, C. E. Cope.

A. Gold in a short and felicitous speech told of the respect and admiration entertained by every man who had served under Mr. Cope, and asked him to accept a gold watch as a small token of their regard. I. Flak In presenting an illuminated autograph album make a racy humorous speech, recounting various deeds which had endeared Mr.

Copo to every man who had served under him, and after C. Hasc had offered a splendid fob the proceedings closed with singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." hart Bros. UE have just receivec! a carload shipment of Pianos. I They are in the latest designs and finished in mahogany, oak and walnut, i I We shall be glad to wel- come you at oufi store and! to make plain the reason- able conditions on which! they are sold. Mason Ltd.

10156 Jasptr Avenue, Edmonton' Th Horn of th Victrole The Northern Hardware Limited TWO CITY STORES East Store West Sterol 99th Jaaper 103rd Jaaper Phone 1013 Phon 4434 In Our New Location 10123 101st Street All Orders will hav eur prompt Attention Northern Seed Ltd. PHONES 1(84-412 or Your Hardware TRY DEVEREAUX WHYTE AVENUE I I to WW MISS JOYCE LAURA PEARCY INE EO Commissioners Recommend That Tender for $1.92 Be Accepted The contract to supply coal to the city power plant for the next six months will bo awarded to the Cardiff Collieries company, if the city council adopts the report of the city commissioners. The fuel will cost $1.93 a ton f.o.b. cars at the mine. The commissioners repeort that the Cardiff company's offer was the beat received in response to the invitation to the operators to submit prices.

Acceptance was recommended by the superintendent. If the company furnishes satisfactory flnancia 1 assurances that it is able to carry out the contract the board favors granting it Dealing with the extension of water and sewer services to block 12, Eastwood, to serve the proposed additions, to the Hayward Lumber company's plant, the board recommends that the work be advertised as a local improvement, providing the company agrees to pay $1000 cash as its portion of the total cost. It was estimated that the whole expense would amount to $5400. FOR FULL CAUCUS LI Government Policy on Proposed Amendments Are Not Yet Outlined What to do with the liquor law and just what changes to make in its methods of enforcement Is the question that is now occupying the attention of the Liberal members of legislature, in caucus assembled. Most of the Ather questions of policy that the government wanted to talk over with its supporters have been threshed out, but the liquor amendments still remain, awaiting decision.

The party caucus has been adjourned from Friday night to a date this week as early as a full attendance of the members can be arranged, but so far the Illness of several of the members has prevented such a meeting. Among the absentees from this cause have been J. McNaughton, the party whip; Hon. G. P.

Smith, who has returned from Calgary, but is still feeling the effects of his recent Illness; S. O. Tobln, who Is returning from California, and Turgeon, who was summoned home by illness in his family. According to Premier Stewart, there is practical unanimity among the members as to the necessity of taking some definite action on the liquor question, but there is a con siderable variance ot opinion as to what that action should be. The principle is admitted, but tha matter of methods Is so far in dispute.

The premier hope, however, that a defi nite pn'Ucy will be agreed upon with the combined effort and wisdom of the government members and that an announcement to that effect, outlin-I ing a proposed line of action fr the lecisljture. will be possible after an-i other sitting of the caucus. RESTORE RAILWAY SERVICE. CAHIO. Feb.

Railway and telegraph communications with Jerusalem have been restored after a week's Interruption, due to storm. The weather during the tut ten deya ha been un-, precrdentedly coW and atorm. AUTOMOBILES BURNED. THIIDELPHIA. Feb.

23. About eeventy automobile were eithrr completely or partly destroyed resterdar In a flrr hH-h burned the Gara-e CARDIFF MAY BE AWARD CITY CONTRACTS PREMER ANXIOUS UOR LAW Mayor Clarke Sayt Liquor Question la Very Live One In Vancouver Thorn la cuinlderable ec(trorit la Hrltlah Columbia rtm.t ritlea a to pro poi-d amendment tn th ll'iunr act to prrmll ihn mIi of beer and liaht win, I aay Mayor I'larka. who returned to Kdmonton on Xunduy delegation of women ha" aeked for tattle Meerieea to amandad no as to atrika out tha pro- vision requiring Imprisonment for th brat conviction. It la the feelinic that thla deKrea of ptintKhment whould optional with the nuirlatrate. "There eerm to he unanimity of opinion everywhere that something will have to he done In the Interent temperance, of whether It la (ailed prohibition or antl-prohlhltion, mm th rijnl fatna fh limine iinaatlefactory everyone." aald the mayor.

Debenture! Were Delivered Th mayor first bueinron was to prepare a report to council Knowing wht waa done by hlrnbolf and City Treasurer Barnhouec In dellvtrrng the city's cje-hentiireN The bond were handed over to the Imperial bank the, day after leaving Edmonton. Two representative of the hank met the city official at the ral'way etation and took charge of the bond, amounting to around The president of the company making the Purchase wa not In Vancouver at the definite arrangement! time. Pending to the manner in which the securities will he turned over and more details In regard to payment for the legal opinion, which has not been settled, the bonds were left wtth the hank. It la quite possible they have now been turned over to the Merchants' bank In accordance with the original tender.

He Advertised Edmonton In order to complete arrangements and ascertain In just what quantities the purchasers will take delivery. City Treasurer Barnhoune will remain In Vancouver until Tuesday, when the National Bond corporation will have all detail ready. None of these preliminary negotiations Interfere with the original agreement. The mayor says he had a very good opportunity to advertise Edmonton and the surrounding district during his trip. While In Vancouver he addressed the Klwanls club, following Ei-Sherlff Ell-beck, of the Youkon, who waa the main speAkor.

Mayor Clarke said nat he met Mayor Gale, of Vancouver, and found that he was Just a buy as the head of a city which owna all Its utilities, although that 1 not the case In the Terminal city. FARMER NEAR WEISS WAS DETERMINED TO COMMIT SUICIDE Rope Broke First Time But a Second Attempt, Waa Successful Evincing a determination to commit suicide, which would brook no denial, Leon Kawalchuk, a farmer residing four miles north of Weisg, near Fedorah, was successful In his second attempt to lake hl life. Kawalchuk threw a rope over a beam In his stable and putting his head through the nooso, whtch ho had tied. Jumped from the box on which he was standing. The rope broke and the man's life was saved momentarily.

He repeated, the process, however, and on the second attempt the rope held. Life was extinct when the young man's mother and father discovered the body hanging In the stable. The parents and neighbors are unable to ascribe any reason for the rash act. Coroner Dr. Mooncy and Constable Stad visited Kawalchuk's farm, and after viewing the body and hearing the circumstances of the case decided that an 'nquest was unnecessary.

CITY POLICE COURT The familiar vlsaga of James Stouten-berg was again seen around the precincts of the city police court on Monday morning. ft was only as recently as Saturday that James had been mulcted a live-spot for overindulgence in liquid refreshment, on this occasion he appeared In the ol of complainant, alleging that Lee Dock, Chinaman from th Allies' cafe on Jasper avenue, had violently assaulted him and thrown him out of the eating house. The celestial denied th charge and as there was nobody to back up the complainant's charge. Magistrate Prim rose dismissed the accused. Richard Hughes, of the Viking rooms on 101st street, nleaded guilty to the charge of keeping a bawdy houe and was fined 20O and costs or four months In Jail.

Mabel Kennedy also entered a plea, of guilty to the charge of being an Inmate of the'place and waa remanded For Imbibing too firy over the week end Fred Newman and Christ Aflund paid 5 and costs each. DIAMOND STOLEN BY BOLD THUGS NEW YORK. Feb. 23. Two hold- up men placed a revolver at the head of an elevator operator in a Broadway building Sundiy, ordered him to stop between floors and took a $500 diamond pin from one of the passengers.

They did not molest the other passengers, but ordered the car lowered and, with a final Injunction to "shut up" left the building. CAR SKIDDED HURT TEN. NEW TORK. SI- Ten persons Bridge last Manhattan. wrt injured on Brooklyn night when car.

entering tltliiml iiul rp.iluJ i unloading passengers The brake falld to hold. The motorman was ar- rested LEAVING VII3TRY. NEW YORK Prearhlnc today at th rhu-h of th- lXTirre Vmtr--nlty on the d-l're of reMrwn. the Rev. Joseph Fortrlutin id twenty per rrrt (of the pre-war miniters had restamed to go Into other occupation.

Edmonton Riparian, peaking, went to ohureh Sunday morning. Their annual church, rvic was h.ld In Ptrat prbytrlan church nni til aitapdwl by larita rrirenta-Hon of th club mmbm and trltnfa. Rv. 1 r. McQueen, mlnleur of (h church and nthultir.

Ilntarian. conducted the. norvlce. ami Kev. A M.

Mi Donald preached the eermon. True and fl ambition In life I era the them of Mr MrPnnald'a re riiarki, which were Mt4 upon the tent VENUE FOR TRIAL OF Alleged Forger Will Not Be Brought to Edmonton This Week Inipeitni Shaw and I'olu-e Matron1 Mr Itoldneon. who went to Calrary on Friday afternoon to bring hack Mra. I Pearry charKd with the aensatlonal forgery Involvlnr over $:.60 which took place In Edmonton iat December, re- I ihe ritv mnlv.htnit.d rtn i Saturdm' evenlna: The reason for the non-appearance of me Calvary woman to aland her trial here la that It ta considered much more advantaireoua to ajl concerned to have the preliminary examination In faKary. the majority of th wftnfeHe In the ca being real-dent In that city.

Mra I'enrcy. together with her daughter. Mi(U Joyce Pearcy, alleged to be the author of one of the mint sensational forgertea ever perpetrated In the province of Alberta. During; the month of Hecemher a atoJmi mllltla check for bearing th forged Ignatur of Captain Neelanda. military paymaster, win pained at fhe Bd-monton branch of the Bank of Montreal.

On the aame day another fraudulent check for JIOO waa pasaed at the Hudson' Bay ertore. The police awert that the elder Mr. Pearcy panned both the The daughter is alleitred to have stolen the blank checka from the office of the military paymaster In CIfrar, where she waa employed as stenographer. It la expected that th preliminary trial will take place in the southern city noma tlmo during th preaent wk. Four wltne.iaen from Edmonton will attend to glv their testimony at th trial.

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Rajraa and Un Drag Stnrw. apetial agantfe Kd-monton: alurr'a Drui BtraUwona. Adams Bldg, 101st a Anew shipment of Ladies' Flannelette Night Gowns, good quality, well made $2.25 $2.50 $2.75 PHONE 6517 Leckie Shoes Hand Made Loggers, Miners, Work and Dress Shoes. Guaranteed to giv Satisfaction. AT Acme Clothiers, Ltd.

Two Stores MEN'S OUTFITTERS 1014 101t St. Phone 4S31 Cor. 101st nd Pa. "hen 1977 STURROCK'S LIMITED Agent for New Idea Pat terra Phon 7J464 Cirssr 111th Av. and 95th St.

The Northern Hardware Company, Limited East Store Nth A Jasper Pnon 1C i CITV STORE West Star 103rd A Jasper Phon 4434 HOOPER'S Ttn 9hop far Mra 10220 Jasper, Opoit Panvafw Far Man' fin Hat LAY NAMED PEARCEY i I Ito ill. la i hould Ixnora hi own Intarema. One muat Klva proper hed to hla paraonal affaire for what one haa and la determined what on can do and civ. Tha vord "alo" In tha teat safeguarded thla and made allowance for a reaann-ahla dlvlaion of Intereat between hla own and hia neighbor', good A reaann for llvlnc tha unselntOi life M-rviia. claimed Mr.

Mcl'onald, waa tha fact that It aaa th beat mean of keeping ona'a own life pur mil i wet. On the principle that running water waa cleaner and more wholmoma than that which waa the life that wa overflowing with usefulneea waa more eweet and wholeeiome than that which waa concerned only with Ita own Intereat. Good Religion Toe The great need or th eplrlt of eer-vice and cooperation In th world today waa another reaaon advanced by the prea'-her for following out the goo llotarlan doctrine of helping other. The battle of the preaent after-war era would be poorly fought If they were I to be fought In the old spirit of aelfleh- and greed, Moreover, Mr. McDonald concluded, practical service was the teat of real Christian life.

True Christianity waa not a matter altogether of what on believed but of what one did and how on acted In relation to hla fellowa. Th service of pralae Included a election by the Rotary club quarette. which assisted the choir of the church In the morning's muelc. Rancher from Grande Prairie la Not the Man Wanted for Murder The euapiclon of being the murderer of two brothers In the Mtale of Oregon some fifteen years ago, which for a time gathered darkly around the bend of Angus McBaln, was definitely dispelled on Monday morning when Sheriff Reinhardt of Wallowa county, arrived In Kdmonton. A vtsit of a few minutes' duration to the provincial police guiird room and a glinipsa of the suspected man was sufficient to satisfy the sjierlft that the wrong man had been arrested.

Mcllaln was Immediately released from custody and resumes his role of private cltl-isen and respected rancher of the (Irande Prairie district. The sheriff returns to Oregon empty handed with the fifteen year old murdor mystery still unsolved. A most remarkable resemblance In facial characteristics and general ap-! pearance was responsible for Mc-i Bain's arrest, which was effected at Spirit River by Constable Powell Just as McBaln was about to board the train for Edmonton. The A P.P. constable brought his man along to Edmonton and lodged him In the local cells to await the arrival of the sheriff from Oregon.

That dignitary reached Edmonton on Monday morning's train, together with another man brought along for the purpose of Identification. When confronted with the suspected man they were not at first at all sure, but reference to the criminal Identification card, which they had brought with them, quickly exonerated Mclialn of alt suspicion. Sheriff Reinhardt states that the correct name of the man wanted for the crime committee In 1905 Is James H. McBaln. The murder took place in Wallowa county, Oregon, when two brother name Troue were shot down in cold blood.

The murderer Immediately decamped, and although the law ho camped relentlessly on his trail ever since, practically all trace has been lost. The description of McBaln as wired to the Wallowa sheriff tallied so closely with the wanted man that the authorities were misled and consequently Reinhardt made the long trip to Kdmonton. A personal inspection showed that the murderer Is about two inches shorter than the Grande Prairie rancher. The latter also has an excellent crop of hair, while the other MtRain was slightly bald-headed when last seen. Angus McUaln's wife and seven children, who are at present In Edmonton, although confident of Mc-Bain's innocence all the time, were naturally overjoyed at his release from custody.

FIRE CAUSED DAMAGE An overheated orirk chimney fir th woodwork on the aecond floor of the residence of Vr and Mrs. In1s JoOS JMh street, on Sunday morning and caused considerable dAm.ce to furniture ajid household In ithe house. The alarm waa turn--d hi at as a.m.. and No land 3 companies 'quickly the call. The partially covered by insurance.

TV net twli dari with Itefetngc ret in Pries. Na sar-4ml npe-atir rwiwirMl Dr. Km at aad ANGUS M'BAIN IS EXONERATED FROM OREGON CHARGE IP11.ES Chaae'a Oiaeilt will relies a a i MUNICIPAL PAVING MAY BE UTILIZED DURING THE YEAR Chance for City to Get Some Return from Investment of $20,000 After laying unused for eome five years, the municipal paving plant Is to be brought Into service. This equipment may be set up on the city's property near the intersection of the C.N K. tracks and 95th street, where the city stables are.

The plant was bought from Calgary in 1014 at a cost of $20,000. It has not been used In recent years, the city making an arrangement with the Crown paving company to do he street maintenance work. That firm received 1500 a month. Now It Is reported thai the company will not be prepared to do this work, so It Is up to the city to resurrect the old plant. Owing to the central location, the city engineer favors taking th plant from where It now Is on 121st street to OMh street.

The cost of this change le estimated at $4,000, Each year tho city does about J5.000 Of maintenance work on roadway paving. It Is not expected that that amount will be exceeded this year. TTO HELP INDUSTRIES IS Industrial Congress Will Be Held In Edmonton Next Summer A civic grant of $2000 for the Alberta Industrial association's con- greses here this year. Is recommended to council by the finance committee. At the last meeting Mayor Brown Medicine Hat showed the great advantages the city would derive from the fact that the main sessions were to be held here, and the need of financial assistance.

The public school board is applying for an advance of $58,000 to meet February salaries which are due for payment next week. This allowance will be on the basis of the December schedule, as the trustees have not been able to yet review increases and pare down where that is possible. When council meets on Monday evening, they will receive the report of the commissioners asking for a policy to be laid down on the power situation. There is a full grist of communication and committee reports, all lending color to the belief that the aldermen have a long session ahead. MRS.

J. W. COOPER DIED ON SUNDAY Mrs. Bertha Cooper, wife of the late J. W.

Cooper, who died of pneumonia on Thursday last, has also succumbed to the same disease, death taking place on Sunday at the family home, 9336 108th avenue. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnston of Clarksburg. and waa married in that town In 1914.

Three children survive. Funeral an nouncement will he made later. The parents of Mrs. Cooper are now on their way from the east. l(SWj RA RECOMMENDED i rms rT a ui i aui -y a rrs 1 I Tin? y4llwayj3 in demand HITm I 14 Ml i as ewrtuahr mmn ymm.

Me a i Ifing, hmtm A CJrf I in nitawipnM. lntSJtOS I eU- matd at ta. M4..

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