The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1951
Page 15
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"My investigations have not yet carried me that far, Watson," he retorled in « dryly sepulchural Holme? voice, then added, "Order some dessert that takes a long time to eat. I want to follow ihem when they leave." Aaron Riggs and the woman had chosen a table near the center of the room. Striking in appearance and entirely aware of it, she was not the person to. seek obscure corners or value privacy. Her blond flambuoyancy completely obscured th« lawyer. Next to her brassy hair, heavy makeup, extravagant clothes, his light eyes, hair and skm paled almost to the point of Invisibility. ^l^lir.abeth smiled. "I've never r f*n on intimate terms with mink and emeralds Bill, but hers look very real to me." He squinted speculatively. "She's probably worth a hundred thousand on (he hoof, eh?" ^," W ^ a V d0 you know abou ' Aaron Riggs?" he demanded . " W . h 7- \" y m " e . I guess. Just that he's Mrs. Steinhart's financial advisor. 1 believe he handles all th« Stcmhart alTairs. Ollie apparently is impractical when it comes to business and banking and so old Luc.en Stemhart gave control of everything to Aaron Ri ggs Qllie is quite provoked with him at present because — " Because what?" Bill prompted. Because he's nagging Ollie more economical. ,, 3 . Bill nodded toward (he couple In the center of the room. "She " ke an dish?" 1 h ° kn ° W she ' s his "Logical, Isnl It? Besides, 1 found out a good deal today '• * * * , I.TE refused to explain further. A Despite th« wait«r'i annoyed looks, they ordered more coflfee and lingered until Aaron Riggs and his blond stood up to leave. Bill «nd Elizabelh followed them a] closely as they dared. As Bill turned on the station wagon's ignition he muttered, "Hope to heaven they don't go to a night club—my po c k- etbook won't stand it." She was amused. "How do you suppose- private detectives make out?" "The client foots the bill. Modern authors give unlimited expense accounts to these eel-brained shamuses they create." They followed a block behind Aaron Higgs' car. He drove with the same maddening slownesa he had in Avonctale. In the glow of the dashboard light Elizabeth saw that Bill was frowning. "Funny he hasn't provided her with i snappy car to go with the furbelows." "He had to draw the line somewhere, I suppose." Bill didn't answer. Riggs' car turned into the residential section and slopped before • modern apartment house. They waited ten minutes then went into the lushly- carpcted foyer. A single urbane clerk leaned on the marbl* desk Bill approached him confidently. "Can you help me out? I'm lo meet a friend ot mine here He'i with » tall attractive blond lady who has an apartment in thti building." "You mean Mrs. Winslo—she h«j the penthouse." Bill snapped his fingers. "That'j right, should have remembered." The clerk's eyes gleamed, whether with suspicion or some furtive knowledge of Mrs. Winslo, it was impossible lo tell. He reached for the switchboard phone. "I'll announce you, sir." "Don't bother," Bill jaid quick- ly. "We're expected." With that h« quickly took Eliz.beth'i elbow' ushered her into th« cozy cream' chrome and mirrored cubicle of the elevator and pressed tht button just below th» one labeled Pent- houw. He grinned down at her. "Hop« that c!erk ia not a dial watcher and If he i, 1 "hop, he thinkj I accidentally pressed the wrong button." "Bill, what are you up to?" "More ileutbing. How'i your wind?" And when she looked as- lonished. "You're going to have to wslk back down the service stairs. I'm going to do a little key-hole peeping." "Why can't I take the leveator down?" "Might make the clerk' suspl- cioui. If we're going to be private eyes we've got to follow the rules It's only five flights—great to develop leg muscles." The elevator stopped opposite a door marked Stairs. Bill prodded Her toward them with a grin. "Get going, sweetheart," • • • 'THE few minutes dragged Into * half an hour. From where she sat in the station wagon she could look up at lh« side of the apartment building. The angular ribbed outline of the fire escape was silhouetted against the warm yellow glow of the penthouse windows. Twice she saw a crouching figure move along it and knew it was Bill. Why did he take such chances! Her small gloved hands clenched and unclenched nervously. Minutes later »he heard 'footsteps on the pavement. She turned expectantly, a relieved smile lighting her face. It was not Bill but Aaron Riggs who moved opposite the cirl Sh« turned sharply, shrank lower in th* teat. He had paused. She could feel him staring at the car. Then, slowly, the footsteps moved away. She waited until she heard a door slam, saw headlights wink on before she straightened up in the seat. \ little shiver ot apprehension ran over her. Undoubtedly he had recognized the station wagon. Hud he aiso recognized the girl insijn jt? (To B« ConUmitd) Australia's first parliament was opened May 9, !{J01. 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ABOUT IT TRY _ RWQUeNTLY POPULAR TO *E- wi-utrcvEi? t«r /VWAM* AND HEMOiCS BA Fo»r_ INOIGM».TIC)« GROWS »JITH £*CH MIlETHW DRAWS WEARER 3A.NET TU1.U3 REMIZEO ID DtHH WE WWOU THING— THM- IS,-F SHE* CM*8tE OF RE*5OUI»)<3.. WHO \CAPTWM MS/! I* IT, ^^TTjJISS JkNCT TUai*! PteMt ^^ • ,_„,. -.VOU STILL GOT \SURE.. WHY THROW, , 'w^?r^FA A TSt?9^9 N I * CARD AWAY x^H^IUNUSUAL WON MUG FILE, \ THAT OU MUST BECAUSE / BOY MO BUBBLE ^?";^? 6R V R °OS T ER?/ A KID 3TO>8 7 J5Ki FO^^Lr^RT, \C. I9O7. ^V ^X BE1.IEV1NG IN I MOSIR.'ALL HE'S SANTA CLAUS\ ASKING FOR 13 A SLIDE RULE. 1 LrtX rs WHW'STHAT CARD GOT TO 1 DO WITH US HAVING A LOOK AT 'IM r«3W? IHESe HOLES, ALLEY.. } I TOP A PERSONA CARD THEY ARE WONMUGB 1 INTO THE MACHINE AND CODE k£Y...EVERY- VBINGOi I CAN SEE JUST OMIT3 CARD IS VwHAT HE OR SHE IS DOING 1 DIFr'ERENT... rf[ IT'S GREAT FC« CHEOONG ' A KIOS DEPORTMENT.' ?>«•#

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