The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1952
Page 4
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TOURTfflEJf BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, JULT 10; 195J CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION n»ilj I lime per ll»« ISc 1 Ifmcj pet lint per dij l!c J (lines per line per <1.ij 9t t Units jter line per day ic 12 tltnci |itr line per daj Sc Month pfr lln* We Count fire art-raj;*- wnidi to the Ifnt- Ad ordered, for thrrt or six llmrs and itoppfd bftore cxpiraiton IT! 11 ht fharfird for tlic niinvbrr ol lime 1 ; Uir ad «ppr»rfdi and adjnstmrnl of hill niaclr- .411 flissi/ifd artTerliiinj; copy diL- mltltd by prisons Tc-iitllnc outside <il R.iles maj raiily lie cAmpiurd Irom I he aborr fabler AAvfrlisIni; ordfml for trmrulsr in- irrtEnm tskr thp one tinn* table So «5j)onslb!lllT Kill h; lakpn na more I ban OIK- fnfncrert Insertion n( All Jirt* zr< restricted 'to iheli pn»i>''* <l»iittir*tio)i style nnrt lypr. The Courier News reservet Ib* rliihl tn frtlt or reject anj ad. Plans-Estimates rtpilri. rrmfXleJlng or r.H.A OR G. 1. I/M NO OBLIGATION Phone 20C« Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. Giifirnnlced pip no tuning and repair. Call 2071 days, 2050 nij;hlJ!, 5 2A tf Moving & Hauling Ciortd van irurfcs Sate-Dcpi-iKtahle Rxprrlrnriid hHp U W BccXhnm 11V West Rose. Phone B928. 70 pk SO Not/ce We especially wont to tlnnX our many /rtcnrts und nnrs<M vho extended ex;! regions of kln-in^s and sympathy during tbc illness nnrt ricath of our father. The Tankers ley children V 10 pk 11 Apartment for Ren* 2 rm. (urn. apt Utility* fur,, eonatile. Ph. 6D39 or 4059. 2 room furn. apt., close In. UMHUc* film. Ph, 2552. 7flO pfc 1.1 3 room fiirnlshpd apt. Couple only. 12. r i E. Ash. 7;9 pk 12 Nice, small fiirnlshnl. c apt., desirable for onn or two pconlp. 1512 \V. Ash St., ph. 8673. 7|7 p* 14 3 room furnlsh-d npt. Private bath Hot water furnished. Ph. 3-183 4(M Davis aftor 6 p.m. 7|7 pk 34 3 rm. furnished ivpt, Ph. 2353 7;5 pk Watch and Jewelry Repair '."1" "'""" <"> Je»-elnr.-'3 rtnrj on w»trrir< «nd clocVs Ouiunnleed worl ptYrr, " P "' '«»-'""'« lyiwwr ""PAT p' BRYANT Main & Second 3 room unfurnished nnamnetii wltti lights nntl wntrr. lirdroom with kitchen Rrtd living room prtvllcRfj:. rh 3 Fitrn, tiuplox npt , motl^rn ronson- •blc. Couple. 1504 Hcntn. Ph. 2!)09 7[5 pk 12 3 rm. un<um. «pt. Newly ciccorntcd. t*ec. hot water heater. Ph. H325. 3 room unrurnlRhed at>i\rtmcnt Close to. Phone 2535. 6:\ ** u Uodern 2 room flir. .pt Ph 259.S or *«' 3|H ck it Modern «pl.. 3 rooms tnrt b»tt lr decorated, good furniture. KM Ktn>. Ph. 3373. F. Blmon. ' 9'71 ck V Small Apiirtmcnts, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash. Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf 5 room apt. on nearn Street eloae to school. Screened tn backporch. built-in cabinet. Newly decorated. Hot »aler. Ph. 3553 or 2344. 6 2 d ck If Scrrices » XI«;T» PHOTOSTAT-JO SBRT" IC«. O'STMH'5 STUDIO. 115 IT MAIN ll'< r» tf *• R. Alley—Air condlllonlni: refrigeration service. Ph. 2478. 102' E M1s- lourl. Bljthcsllle, ArK. 7:9 t[ Attention Cotton Gtn Owners: Spray palntlne.—We are equipped to paint your gins or anything yon have to be sprayed, ph. 235H or Manila 228 7|7 pk 8;7 Nccrf yottr radro repaired. Call Red Wtllon—8,118. Disabled veteran repair* rsdlos at home. 313 N. 2nd. 7 ; 2 pk d.J CO^^MBRCIAI J REFRtOERATION~Co" Air conrilllonlntj. commercial and flOtisehoJci refrlperatlon service Maurice Sanders. Mfr. Phone 8391 dnc. 3175 nlBht. 416 E. Main. C •'S clt tf REFRIGERATION 8xp«rl eerrlce on Alr-CoijdUIon!nr. Refrigeration and Appliance. Bill Tecelhoff and Harry IJroc/lcj Phone 63M—Jf no anstrcr, call «I64 BROFF RKFRiaKRATION CO.. 3337 Birch 321 ck tf for Sale, Misc. 3 fiet Bntii" Room Flxd'irrs .V Cast Iron tub " X 17 uasl Iron I.ah. .,, V ™>'l'led commode nnd tent S13250 W " h chromr "'tins lor 2" SlllRle hub B01I pipe i?15 -lonKtll * single hub soil pliir 53.M -Length Orfibiirn Supply Phone 3203 T:IO pX 17 Oood standard make Mprlsht l>lino with spat to match lor Rule rri»r.p II taken at once. 504 Mardln St. 7 10 pX M Chippendale «o!a — urren brocMelle. Iteasonnble. Phone 4140. 7 ; 8 pie 11 $2 HOLDS" ANY'CUN THJ, SKPTiaiRKR 15. Pny hKlnnro or then. Choose rrotn vnhi<-s £UR these- lieu, 20.10 .32 Auloirlnllo .. 22 nS Hcif. B7.-IS !ic,)«,tcr ......... ' 50 an lire. 2405 clin nrpi-atrr .... 21 8B Elr-K. 72 DS Pehi.xe Kepenler G'f «!t 12 i- 10 (in ..... "11K2S MONTGOMKHV'WAkl)"' 408 West M«1n lilylllovlllc. ArK ___ _ 7 : 9 ck II Upright plnno, |100. 20^6 chick ___ 7,!I |lk II! 3 rooms of rurnlturp with rental of home or ivlll «f>JI sepnrately. 5.10 N. 6lii St. Ph. 4136. 7 : B pk n refrigerator, rh, 20T5 or MIO. JMO Frlffld.ilre — exrellent condUlon Ccmti\ct Mr«. Trice. Apt 33A chlcka- «»•»• Coiiru. 7; 3 pfc n Cypn-M Timber on 100 Acre! luntl seven miles north of nig I.ftKe Conine: R. a. Costncr. MniLlIn Arh by July first. 62« pk 7H1 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON &. SON FUKNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill W. WMmil rhon. S3«« Plenty of Parking Space J Mrpe CiiAhmnn p rooter 1 smnll Doodle Bug frootsr 1 WhlJi/er motor bike, U.'snrt T>owcr nnrt hand mowers. Also POWPF mrjwnrs for rent WESTBROOK MACHINE SHOP ^^^^ 7|7 ck 21 AbbltR, di-«6je<l fryerB, rcftdy io cook Phona 2950, Rustling. 8;ia pX 7|I2 Ororcrr. mtnr^, stork. \ rooms 2 lols SnLltnR o n orcniinl of bntl hrnlth. 1104 So. 21st, Blythrvlltt. Ark 7;7 pX 8 7 300 CHICKASAWBA Home Of Good Used Cars! 191!) KOKD .... $I(WS H'r-'il like lo h.ii'p yn« drive lliis hanrlRomo maroon CUK- lom Club C-nlipf. Kquippeij wllh rarllo & hralcr. 1'JI!) CHKV .... Sl()<)5 This l;iti- mt>,'p] lilirk Coutic Is .1 tine liny. C' In Hie Korrl Fhff at ^00 flilrka- sawlra in HljIhcvllk. 101(5 F01U) $7lf) A nice mam,ii! Tmlor (liars valiir-|irlrrrl! Huth radio anil Jical-r. Cct Hie rlflil Ir.nlc at I'dilllps! in in HI Hi) $<»95 Anolher Tudor Sr.lan cr|iiip- Jiorl with lu>tli radio ami er. Tnkp a drmnniiralinn drive In this car tomorrow! H>50 KOIll) $7<J5 A Ijliirh '/.-Tan Pickup Ihafs wnsallonally prlre<i! Yniill always ffl faur m.inry'n worth at J'hlllipS. I HI!) SI tide .<r<;.|g I'-rc's a 'vTon Slu.lrrnker J'irNuji fnr jus! SBI5! See II— drive It—you'll want to )>uy It—loilayl 1!H7 FORD $5< )S Vou'll C rl n lot of depon.!- allle service frnrn (hi* f^-Tnn Pickup TriirN. Come |o 300 Broadway In Rlyllieville. 10-18 C1IKV $5!)5 Another pickup you'll want to »ec at 1'hlllips I, this '18 model Chevrolet W-Ton job. Now priced ^l only $595, 300 Broadway Phone 4453 notion screwlall tn. 513 N sth 7;7 pk 14 Plre and InirKlnr proof «ate«. All ;'..(" c i?'l y <""'• v »"'» <»"«. f" paid. Phone 4097.' k 7[19 FISHERMAN R DnEAM 1-12 h.p. motor. 1 trailer nnd boat rlt " P^trn.. call r,34n or 6958. 717 pk 14 Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms 1 A down, balnnce in the fall. Formerly Arnold ft Gnines. Ph. 6357. 4|i7 c k tf for Salt, Heat [state .'l-hedrooiji home on Holly SIvMit^vith sci-vmil's house. KIIA constructed. Trice S13- 500. Also have GI house for $5,000. Closing costs, 175. Complete set of store fixtures, nient case, slicing- ma , chine, cash rojfislor, shelving etc. U'ortli 92,000. Can he bought for §1,150. In good location. Store rents for $30. per month. Have Mniu Street kication, stock and fixtures for sale. F. R. JOYN'KR 11. C. Ciimpliell ' CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Knows How to Service Your Car or Truck FOR SUMMER DRIVING Treal your car or truck as Uie worlhuhilc investment it is. Trust that (ruck or car only lo cxiH'rts who kniiw the answers In the problem of summer. Hij;h( now — liiliricntinn, lire inspection, a wash and Max job, an cn.cine tune-up, a check of the cooling system — these services arc expertly'handled at Chamhlin's. Drive In This Week! Servke • 1 Big Lftfe at RwW«Mj fc X»fc Str^H. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. *• Y*«r Fri«t»rfty St*«Mftok«r Dealer * * Ai* C» Blllkllntr 22 by ns fpot \vltli Cftfc All '"'""•''[til "' | ' ) ',' 1 . 1 '" r! " n>s ..""'"""- J "o « !2il,<)ilfj I llMluv-.-VVii''!]!*'!,,'sl '!2",i,<imV"' H.'< 2 r-ntr.'iinvK. vvlilli- nuil rotun-il! l.i>'-ii!i'U hi Uie 4110 liltn-v Wr.,i HI wllh lu'i-r in-rmll. with iiro.sin.-lsi o! ! li.Tvlitc a h.-ttor buMm-.*s ihls f^ll than i I" ill* 1 l:i-t ^ vfnra. Th!* ptnoc. u 1 firtluflecl CL'Trri-llv will mnX ff inonnv. The prlrr Is SI2.fHVl « Lib tj^Ofl (-:lsh Tv-llfi '"uh^ln 1 <0r 1> °'" t "" <> '""' '"* Ihl5 ''"-"' lm<M \v!''>r."l?unis IIrait or-Insurer Phone—3361 7 10 rfc 17 Modern nnd extra rooriiy, •I room house and bath on paved street at 805 N. Franklin. This house is in tiptop condition inside and out. Extra large kitchen with lots of cabinets. Large lot. $1,250 cash, J44.02 total monthly payments. Vacant. Movt in tomorrow. Modern 5-room house and bath on large corner lot on Adams Street. Attic /an, floor furnace, disappearing stairway, hardwood floors throughout. $1,800 cash, maybe less, will handle. ^54.52 total monthly payments. See or cull" JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 ' Residence Phone 2596 6|10 ck tf Real ESTATE Farms — City ProDerty LOANS Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Bid*. Ph. 6868 Conifoi'liilile 3 bcrlrnom house .'! Mocks from Main Street. This house is in very I (,'ooii I'oiulitioii. Can give im- inofliate pospe.^sion. I Soft or cull i .MAX I.OGAX. KKAi.TOK ' l.yncli I'.liltr. I'll. -2(Kl\ 73 ek 11 :! nodroonis. SR.O 2 liodrouin modern home located in cliuii'e residential dislrii't. Ki|iii|)|)ecl \\-ith \'o- nelian blinds, attic l';m. I.o- <• on ppacioiis lot. Can be financefl. See or call .MAX f.OGAN. REALTOR Lyncli Rldg. Ph. 2084 7?, ck 11 Atmosu now 4 rooms. Btlrirtivp t>«ir,. ,,,. "™™ m 'l. S»"^ Vfnrllan hllinls. Tit , * 1 ' ctrlt ' rtov '. r>,,o-THrrn, r<? loi | r 'hlfT ; -' " r '' n " ' r °' F "" *"• .= ».\NK!i! ens" rhiuii.s.'-sh.ii"'^ nro"' "*• . 1 10 pk 13 K'civn. rn store. Sovith Hlw^j- Rt. Is) Dk 53 ith sm »ll donnaynVmi. ^. "^ :"orns. r't,iMM-:nC On bf rirrf\nKCtl Iir>autifiil New Krick Duplex Ri^nd ri '^x- PIUI put or this '.vi>rld You *lt] Invc (n «*- tvi l|«l.. .« rail h, imslifd l.trr. Ln,,-,- |ol ,•»„ 1 .„.,„ ° n .,," r j*''"' '•:"»._ <">'•••', "J Bedroom Stonekote - ; «'«^»«''»^ Kemp \Visenliunt Uealtnr Phone 3409 u ays or xighu Ji» t* u Self-Propel led Combine Owners: Let us show you the reason why a MAYRATH LOADER Will Pay For Itself! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Ul.vlheville, Arkansas — Phon« JS71 4 room houae and KaraKe H500 1200 <wwu and |3S • month Also cn/r, lo«l at firondirnr »nd Ash Hhone 2 C Abraham 530 ck If Slor* Rria SLrvlce RlaMon located at State Line. 3 miles north of Gosnell Phone 8705. 73 pl( as I have a KOO'| lot /or Mile on a (Travel road two niilp.s ?oiith. J O K.'ratt lit. 4. Blythevllle. Ark, . 18 pk 15 Attention Farmers '" for Kent 2 room furnished house with bath "ml electric kitchen. In a good ppi-.^. horJIOOd. Phone 2938. 7 10 ck 24 3 room house nKo 2 room house. Cnll 62B5 or 2942. See at 509 E. nose St. 7.10 pK 17 No" l(,, " w P ain ong's \l»Vr« ^ ' Ck roatiirlnB Hybrid Corn. corn I ,V' n 5 Care ln " ""•'• ""« corn in 75 rf as . s CBl| Mrs H o»-«rd 5?;, m '-«, ay 1>ho:le 80(il ""^ "'B>" >hone 6218 who represents RoDen |,. Uortch seed farms in this county. 7.9 ck 12 FULLER BRUSHES Ph. 6393, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p n>. 5 rm. tinfurn. house and bulh elee. hot H-arer heater. Newly decorated For Information— 315 chlcVasa^ha. 79 If looms and hall. unf. apt. 506 s XIln St. i; S pk 12 __ Store building, 24x30'. redecorated for rent ncJt to Jordan Clothlnc Store In SteelE. Ph. Steele, 191 or 207. 7'S pic 15 •1 large rooms. 300S W. Vine. No bath Oinjifwr 8 p.m: 3510. 78 nk 15 Three rooms and bath at Varbrol- 1/0. Mrs. E. B. Lloyd. 75 p x |2 3 room riirnUheil hosne anil b[ith— newly decorated. Couple only. 512 a First St. Phone ns:«. ,3 , )k n , .. James Lighty fishermen I We hare porkmelts «nd shrltnj). Luttrell's MarKet. 600 Citlcka- Ja»-jia. 5 ,j A ck m I will buy or sell tm you City Property or Farms Geo. 31. Lee Realtor 120 W. Main. — Ph. Sfl61 Private Rooms 1 bertroo.n wllh balh «nU kltciiTTi prlvtlrgos. Phone 3734. Mrs a Jojjn- !on - «30 pk 7 15 Johnson. room house, rhone 3734. Mr* 4 rooms und bath upstairs. *20 00 per month Cull 8815 « u t( room hciun!. Modern conveniences, 1 " location. L. G. Thompson. 621 rrnnklln. ph. 2154 627 ck tf Small furnUhed room, ph. 2920. Instruction I tfAfh piano, accordion. Phone 3734. flrs. C. Johnson. 530 pit 7(15 /nsurancc Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OUVCOl KOT»I BUILDIMO 1M W. *it B«. 4|I t* A Dedroom with prlrate bath Phone ™- • 7jlO ck 21 Wonted to Buy HlGHEST~PRlCES PAID For tin, wire »nd ill kind* of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdway ft Moultrie Drive Phone 8962 4tlS ck tf CAS " ror vll? "'"" ' urnl <"". . Blythe«l II „ -- '- OX 303. Bly- therllle. Ar«. Or phone 4467. 7[8 ck 14 Many ancient peoples had bathrooms In some of which the bathing InuilltiM apparently were a.s .ide- anale as t.liose In' modern buitcfiiiiis Tin- word "bead" stems from a ronl which means Jo pr«3' and It was only gradually tnat it came (o ap _ ply to oniamenUs which were not prayer beads. IAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Eagle Stamp* ATTENTION GINNERS! s^^^^^--'-™r^ sam ' «> renil. Hie ani train ,aw«; refill anrt „,„„,.,. ^^ M' , ."/.? C " A, n ' rlC " 0< " k u" f """' C ' b "" '"••» «" "^ " »nn p,p t . Al«. , c.mplete line of Ve,ri nt5 tor ,o.r ,i.. We Have the personnel and equipment to meet vour elnnlni r; r tr^ nc Lr e anxious to scrve >-°" -" -' Joe Atkins Machine Works S- Highway 61 Phone 3142 Night 6153 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Frost often hasl process In leaves. SPECIAL Wofch Repa 2 AVeeks Only Cleaned & Adjusted ONLY $2.50 All Work GmrantMd 305 S. 20th Street Phone 8092 formerly nill, Thompson Credit Jcv» O.K. BarberShop Air-Conditioned Television *Jt In cool comfort and »tch teleilslon whits OH Ket jour hair ctlt at »r shop, managed hy Irntnj Ifall. The only In Blylhe?illt after- you both. Try us. JOHNSON GRASS irllh Sntliurn Cblorate, !19% pnre i tor rtry "PP'icatlon. ptr 100 O.K. Barber Shop A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. j 61. State t.ine-Phoni MM WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL xAf||) V HOT or COLD! _,A£-^ A Slice or Truckload! i w^^S5ST*'^ T a _ ^|m^ SPECIAL PRICES ^2^^ FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET " Klytherille Main Street fs Horner-WiJson On East Main Two Wilh surging Korkrl power, Ihis "Ji8" OWsmobilc has H>-- rtramalic »rivc, mrlio. hf.ilrr, pracllrally n PW n rc5 . Glcam- Ing dark blue finish. '50 RMC $nns .* H-Ton fanf whf-rlhase Pirknp wllh new tires. To we this trurk l« |» riay ),< Come t« Horncr-Wilson. '•IS CMC $995 We guarantee the cnnrlillnn of this 2-Ton t.WB Truck! H»* new t>H. Wllh new ones fetllncr Joarce, now's the time Ifl h«v. 2 -Door lovely H s ht st aj Olrlsmo- ,,, !.<!e»all (Ire.,. C ilr ,l r iven, the owner-, name Is fmn on „. guest. '51 CHEVROLET $1050 This -i-Tun ]'ick,,p is u elean as a nrw one! Has de!"" " h - new lires. Homer- mlson trartes right! FORD $750 Save now on (his l^-Ton MVB Trnekl Wilh a practically new motor, new paint and 8 oorl llres, Ifj a b nyl HORNER-WlLSON EAST— MAIN Rocket OMsmobile — (;MC Trucks Phmi, 2fl5« Uwd Car Lot _ Phflne 6151 July Is License Buying Month Sullivan-Nelson's Trucks,Are • Conditioned Right • Priced Right • Sold Right 1916 FORD i/ 2 .T< m Pickup. The motor's over- JJflr hauled, the paint's new. Good tires 4«f3 l.'MS CHKVROJ.BT 1 !/ 2 -Ton lonj; wheelhase $7«C Truck \vith body. Your hest buy today .... I 3D 1915 CHEVROLET lonjj wheelhase Truck wilh $JAC 750x20 (ires all around. Good heater 49V 1918 FORD !/ 2 .Tnn I'ickup Truck that's equip- Ififte P«d with heater and defroster nn ly 099 tor overhauled. 750x20 front 825x20 rear tires new paint 1950 CHEVROLET '/,-Tcm I'ickup Truck with deluxe can. Runs like new. Heater 1950 FORO 1/,-Ton I'it-kup Truck wilh healer and defroster. A truly clean truck Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN R«m*iwfc«r, you run Make a goa i rJ«I ,« SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY The Bi t Us*«l Car Lot •* W«l.«t Strut" 301 W«*t Walnut Rhone 4378 ' color inf j I ir m( " < \ For A Clean Used Cor Or Truck H Your Best Bet

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