The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1951
Page 12
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MCE TWELVE BI/VTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUHUn KEW8 MKBMHMI M. MM FARM NEW Fanners Urged To Harvest Late Cotton Carefully Ginntm Association Advises Mixing Rotted Boll* with Good Ones Cw«ful harvesting ol the late. »B*th6r-damaEed cotton remaining fa th« field* can mean extra dot- IM« in the farmers pockets anrt e»n prevent excessive damage lo ginning equipment. Grmtly improved grades csn be ••cured if caution Is used not to mix th« fre«e-rotted bolls with the good cotton on the plant. Short supply ol good grades needed t>} military and domestic markets should be considered by cotton producers is they complete harvest, of thlc high-cost crop, These facts K*r« made known today by. W Kemper Bruton, Executive vice president ol the ArkansaslMUsourl Oinneri Association. It It definitely to (he advantage ctf «very cotton grower who wishes to get «v«ry dollar possible out o! thii expensiY« crop to zee that hts pk4«r» do not mix the bad with the «ood »nd that (hey da not, pick fatten bolls »nd unopened bolls to b» tnken to the gin, said Mr. Bruton. , M»ny farmers expect the gins to *> th» ImpoMible—make middling cotton out of trash. And many or ttmn do not understand the h«- •fd§ er»«t«d a* the gin in forms of d«m*g« to gin parts and increased d«ng«r of fire. The modern gins in dwi&iBd to do the best possible job on ill cotton harvested within bounda of a normal season — but *«y cannot be expected to accomplish miracles with th« unusual type at freeie-damaged cotton now beinf picked in certain areas. Both tantMr uid gtoaar loee when such cotton if mllowed te> go to the gin, Mr. Bruton concluded, On Missco Farms *r C*mnty Acenl Keith J. Bllbrej Agriculture Has Tracking Interest Agriculture seems to have an In- hrwt In »bout h»K of all the trucks to til* country. A report from the U.S.D.A. says Nltt »boat » third of the trucks are owned by firm en or agencies en* in farming . . . and of course UMd for many purposes be- hauling farm produce. rty a quarter of the trucks fcj? other concern* haul farm product! KM! processed products, the O.B.DA. report jhowj. Con You Tell Otw BlgfrerT This month's Farm Journal carries a good article "See what Happened since Farm Journal First Told You About Weeding the GMse." They claim that their nr- Ifcle, "3-4-D Oftif" In their March 1950 Issue was the first such article ever written on the subject. There is plenty of room for art-u- ment. I remember reading about you folks In Mississippi County using geese In cotton fields Ions before I came here and that's been over elBht years a(?o. The Journal went on to say how different people had used geese after reading their article, They did us one better, though. They loM how Rusty Kendrlcic or Marlcopa County, Arizona was using portable Held light,-; so the geese woulrt work nt night. Boy, wh»l an Irlen. There's a way Mr. Knappcnbergcr ami Ark- Mo Power Company can Increase the use of electricity on the farms. Imagine > "plug In" on every 10th fence post. Tljen we cotilrl have hot coffee and paucokcs every hour. Walt • Few Day» Sorry but we can't take soil samples now. It's raining. Th« university advUes us not to take soil sample* until the land Is dry enough to plow. If samples are taken when wet, the analysts may be very much Jn error. M. J. osborne at Roseland and H. II. Carter of Blytheville have borrowed soil sampling tubes from the office but are waiting for a drjw period before collecting their samples. Nitrogen Bn>-« Will Cry A one-year lest leldom prove.s anything. In the university and Farm Bureau vertlcllllum wilt lists at Osceola this year however, wilt incidence via higher tn every cflso ivher* nitrogen was used alone nnd usually the higher the nitrogen the higher the illt. ^All nitrogen plots averaged around '57 per cent wilted pi an la. Plots with fertilizer, pot-ish plots, 6-8-12 plots, manure, etc.. all averaged about 40 percent wilted plant*. Nitrogen Boyi Will Praise This In spite of the- wilt figures, nitrogen plots made decldely the most cotton this year. As an example the. four plots receiving 200 pounds of ammonium nitrate averaged 1.888 pounds of seed cotton. The checks with no fertilizer produced 1,303 pounds. Phosphrous alone averaged 1,133 pounds nnd muriate of potash alone produced 1,05!) pounds of seed cotton per acre. Four hundred pounds of 8-8-12 plots only averaged 1,583 lounds. H'j Amazon* In nearly every cast, the nitrogen alonr plols also picked nut To eacri of yow . . . Your loyal patronage ancf friendship hava played »n important part m the success of oor firm - • We say to yo« •. Thank* for yoor good-will, may you enjoy fr* merriest ClirUimas eve*. Jack Robinson - Implement Co. "Your F«rguion implement Dealer" the most cotton at first picking Oct. 17. There were 22 different Icr- tili?^r Irratmcnte. Corm: to my office nnd study the results. Why such results? Was It <he soil, or the year, or the siill, or the lute crop? This research is primarily to fine! verticUlum wilt controls but the fcrtmmr Plot* may (elf us more In the next tcv years than likely wilt controls. Remember—these arc one-year trials that <i o not prove anvlhins. The university probably will not. permit publishing one year result.*. Listen, Frhiiil* In all sincerity I wish each of you a pleasant Clulslma.i. anrt may you have a better year In 1952. 1 am grateful to nil you farm loaders and cooner.irors nnd t am truly proud of the procress yon f.itm people r<ro mating, you are my pride and joy. Nation's 7957 Com, Wheat Output Falls WASHINGTON (API--The Agriculture Department In Us final report of the j'car, today estimated tilts year's corn crop at 2.011,423,000 bushels and wheat nt 087.474000 bushels. The corn estimate Is HB.C69.000 bushels less thnn 3.088,092.000 forecast last month. It compares with a government production goal of 3.375,000,000 bushels. It also compares with « revised estimate nf 3 057,803.000 bushels (or last year an'rl 2.080.777,000 for the 10-ycnr 10IO-4D average. The wheat figure Is 6.124,000 less Mian the 091.503.000 Indicated a month ago. It compnrcs with a reviser] estimate of 1,010.388,000 bushels for the 1950 crop and 1.071,310,000 for the ten-year average. The wheat production goal was 1.150,000,000 bushels. Permanent records ol the Individual moves in a chp« gome can be made with a new rbess-boani. The records are made without effort on the ptirt of the plnyers nnrt without diverting their attention from their playing, nm! they cun be reviewing without the necessity ot plnying the game over again. A skunk can squirt his defensive liquid as much as 15 feet. U.A. Publishes Booklet on Farm Housing Survey FAYBTTEVILLE, Ark, - Publication of a bulletin on "Farm Housing In (he South," which includes the result* of a study ol homing conditions In seven Southeastern states, was announced recently by the University ol Arkansas College ol Agriculture. The fourteenth In s series of southeastern cooperative projects, this publication Is a report of work completed under the Research and Marketing Act of 1916 by home economists in Agricultural Txperl- ment stations in the seven states, and in the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Dr. Dciilah V. GilJas|)ie, head it the department of home economics at the University of Arkansas, participated in the study. Some 1.500 homemakers of owner- oncralcr farm families were interviewed to obtain the information on which the report Is based. These include 253 liomemniters in Arkansas. The Interviews were designed to provide information that will be helpful to people planning farm ' housing construction in this region.! Results of the survey showed that \ most of the houses in which the '• families lived were of one-story} frame construction, with one or' more porches. Seventy-two per cent I of the homes had electricity. 33 j |)er cent had running water, and 18, per cent a bathroom. Storage facilities were inadequate in over hall of the pro-sent houses'. Major needs and preferences of farm women In planning homes were discovered. The honicmakers were almcst unanimous in their desire for more adequate storage facilities. Almost all families wanted porches, usually an open front porch and a screened back porch. Three-fourths of the 1.500 homemakers interviewed preferred a one-story house. REVIEW, Negro County Council Elects 1952 Officers Officers for the corning year were elected at the County Nejro Women Home Demonstration Club Council's annual Christmas Party held In Osceola last Saturday. Elected president was Lee Ella Murry. Mattio B. Alexander was elected secretary and Maltilda Holmon was elected . reporter. A short business meeting pre- :eded the election of officers and the party. 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