The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE POUR Interest of Farni Families of This Agricultural Section. Published Evwy Friday Jn the _BLYTHEVILLE ( A R K .) COURIER NEWS 'MNEM FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1<M7. Sugg«stons For Better Farminir Featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. K. -^lanced Farming Competition sponsored in Arkansas Ties in With Plqnt-to-Prosper Contest '"Plans are' being made to encourage wide s i>arlicipfltio)» in Mississippi County in «'• balanced farming program for Arkansas, which will tie in with the iinnua! plant to prosper contest-conducted in the tri-state area by the Memphis Commercial Appeal. —— — *.Se .balanced farming contest Is being., sponsored by the Arkansas ^Press • Association \Uth the Exten- s J')n~ Service of the University of Arkansas college of Agriculture co operating. *The competition is open to ten- ojj.ts, sharecroppers nnd landowner* , :' ' 'County winners, selected by lo- cji!. Judging committees nt the end or* the year, will attend n forum mid banquet in Little Rock ns guests of the Arkansas Power and IJght Company. The power company will also provide cash prizes for state winners. A judging committee appointed by the director of the Extension Service will select, state winners. These outstanding families will be recognized as Arkansas winners in The Commercial Appeal's plant to Prosper contest. They will compete with winners from other states for sweepstake prizes, roiiifs Explained Contests in ihe Balanced Pnriu- iiiK Competition will be judged as follows: living at home 40 points, sbir conservation 20 points, diversification of crops 20 points and home improvement 20 points. Tlie Negro division i_ s cniled Arkansas Live-at-Hoinc 'competition. Negro families wilt be judged as follows: living at home SO points, diversification 15 points, soil conservation 15 points, and home Improvement 10 points. Local cash prizes are expected to be offered in many counties. State awards total $1,250 nnd sweepstake prizes $1,100. Separate divisions are provided for tenants, landowners and plantation owners with prizes offered winners in each division. Knrollnicnt cards ' nnd complete information O n ihe contest are available at newspaper offices and co\mty_'Extenslon offices. Brinkley to Get $100,000 Rice Plant them ns soon n s possible. Apply sonic leaf mulch for protection mill danger of frost is past. Feed proteins lo sows before they .arrow. Gel farrowing houses in shape by adding guard ,-nils nnd denning with hot water ami lye. Check your pressure canner to Drying BRINKLBY. Ark.. March ,7. (UP) —'Ptaiis for construction of a SIO'J,- 000" fief 'drier with a capacity of 600.000 bcshcls per season Were being drawn, here today by the Arkansas Slate Rice ' MUling Co. Construction i s expected to get under'way by Apiil 1. The rice firm already has driers at Carlisle and Stuttgart. Company, rcpres.eutatives were iiere ear- Xv^tiiL^wiiek. to oiitihiB the opern- tions of the new plant. They in- cliideci_ E._L. crainVali. virt-presi- (iciit—arid- general manager; p. p. Best, a buyer; and J. J. Moss, nn ifitl ust riat-age nt of the Cotton Belt Lines.'on .whose property the drier will '..fie' built.- • ••• • Urged For Control of Buffalo Gnats A mixture of used motor oil. \vntor .ncl fish oil soap, is recommended by County Agent Keith J. nilbrcy ;o protect horses and inulos from aiiffalo gnat,Injury. Formers should JC careful in using oils to protect work stock from buffalo gnats, he warned, since undiluted oils may do more actual harm lo the animals than the buffalo gnats. The recommended mixture consists of three quarts of used ir.oior oil, four ciuiirts of water, and one pound of potash fish oil soap. Tlie oil should be added very slowly to the soap, and stirred vigorously to form n uniform mixture. This mixture cnn then be stored .and water added just before using. Buffalo gnats concentrate on the breast, crotches, ears, and head, but seldom bite the back and lower legs. If the oil Is not applied to'the back Ihe animal is less likely to overheat. Smudges are the standard means of protecting livestock from Hie gnats. They are convenient 10 use lo iii-olcet, cattle. Buffalo gnats seriously injure livestock In some ports of Arkansas nearly every ycnr. They nre usually caused by overflows, the Immature stages developing In flood water Many Delinting Plants in State Mississippi County Has Three of 13 Points in Arkansas To inccL Ihc need for dellnled totton scctl, insinuations of clelint- in« plants have Increased In Ar- knlisas timing the 'last few years iinlil there arc now one or more nt 13 points In the stute wlOi three in Mississippi county. In I his county mere arc dellnt- ">« plains nt niytheville, Leacli- vfl.'c nnd Osccola. plants nr e also located at Crawfonlsvllle, Cruin|»l, England, Hughes, Joneshoro. New- pint, proctor, Piokens, Pine Bluff ana Scott. •flic Newport plnnt dcllnts with nclcl while tlie others are' median? i<:nl dclinlers of from one to five stunds. Sonic do ctislom'work hud others me used exclusively for seed "I'oivn by tlie owner. Insinuation of dclliillng-ulants at Cnrnln|> and Marked Tree have hccn planned. The Blythevillc DeUnttiig Coi- poralion, which ljegu n operations iist November, is n flvc-slnml plant with' a capacity of SQ tons per day. Ceresnn treatment, of seed is nvnil- nhle here in nddltion 16 delintlng iind cleaning. So Ncar, : Yet So I?Ar If you lived In Chicago, III., you'd lie nearer to every capital In Europe, or nearer even to Moscow, than to Buenos Aires, capital of our "hemispherical neighbor," Ar- Read Courier News Want Ads. icee If any parts need replacing. Order them now before the cunning senson. These suggestions come from the county ngent and ijome tleanon- slrntlon ngeiit, More Information is nvoilnblc at their offices. where University of Arkansas College of Agriculture publication.; niny also be obtained. Farm Agents' Tips ITS TIME TO: , Make sure of sufficient seed of Eo'od .quality for spring planting. Now is a good time lo dust off the • electric brooder, check the thermostat, and see that all the wires are ready to keep the baby chicks warm. Before you buy garden seed learn the varieties of vegetables which arc best for.canning and freezing. Flies will injure those cured hams and bacon hanging in the open, so wrap them now and place in a ily free nuislin bag and hang in n cool, dry place. 4-H Club members—Now is ihe time to build that jnaitjii hcmse if you intend to have it .-eady for inspection when birds start their spring home shopping tour. Rake leaves carefully away from the house and all other buildings to avoid a fin; v|y:« the leaves become dry enough to burr. Arkansas hns had ciUirij'y t"01 many fires lately. Apply lime if needed t. n land to be seeded to alfalfa this fall. Make plans for top-dressing outs with nitrogen. •Hardy annual or biennial flowers such as petunias, larkspur, and hollyhock may be planted now. Dig strawberry plants and shake them clean, plants dug and cleaned now nil] be free from strawberry crown borer. _Order roses at once and plant Insurance is not j usl ("another expense". It jproviclcs security and freedom from worry.' Remember, it i s oncr thing you cannot liny when you need it FOR RENT 2000 Acres of Cotton Land located on the Parma, Risco, and Campbell, Mo. Auxiliary Air Fields. All \ tractor land. To be rented in any size tract to suit tenant. E. B. GEE COTTON CO. Marsfon, Parma, and Frailcy, Mo., and Blyrheville, Ark. > ***^ C WCV* «*' " n| y» xV/ •geitdonet I NOBLE GILL! ' ~ AGENCY I CICNCOC Mortt 1106. KILL WATER-BORNE GERMS WITH PURINA CHEK-R-TABS One tablet to quart of water kill* common ge*ms-—helps prevent «pr«ad of disease. £0*7, economical to us*. Quality Eggs Complete feed (or lots o| premium quality eggs vjith delicious flavor. Rely on LQ ye no EcUntiHcally balanced for fait gtowlK, M«h Uva- bilily. Tok*i cmlr two pound* p»r chick. ftlD STAMINA - K. Ashcraf t Co. Blk. 8. »f Frisco Dep«t Phone 493 farm Women's Column The following monthly garden reminders have been suggested ),v .Miss cora Lee Coleinnii, Jioihc dem- Pruning of Grapes in March Desirable, Farm Agent Says t^hrc^rr^ n :' l '^',!i™ «».*•?-•««*««t two or thrco weeks in March. As- t.istam County Agent, W. O. Hanel- bnker said today. It lias uaen i; m-rmi. T .1 " -'I'' 0 ". 1 - 1 ' acr e per . Miirts lo move or tlie grape" vine's nnn i ! . C f V ' ' ' ! wi " bk ' r;<i oxwssivoly, causing the vjiu.-ii.nih acre will, be sufficient vine to die or be severely weakened 10 plant: .150 feet of row or ureen I Act or leafy vegetables;'50 feet or row ' tests of tomatoes; 050 feet of row of j,.,;,, ' KxiK , or Jhrec weeks in March to finish (lie pruning of the vineyard. Grapes grown in Arkansas arc Usually 'pruned to (lie four-cane Kiiiffiii system, wherein the main trunk is brought to • the top of a two-wire trellis and each year arnij ._ • . ,, . Ol " canes arc' trained along «ach f.*o^f. rva l^.,.^iy lre '" «x>"i directions, if must at the. Arkansas Agricultural Station, bleeding nf harmful. However, the prmiinc; ,„ . .„, , j-hmilc! not Ije delayed until the in addition to (lie above garden, ' buds start growth. Thi s ordinarily it is recommended that each fam- I • - —- -_ lly plant approximately one-half M - k <: successive plnntin»s of .11:ic to such crop., ns watermelons, •""•'> vegetaWcs ns rHdhln cantnloupes, squash, peanuts, so,- l''ttuce, onions aivt carrots Khum, cucumbers, sweet corn, ,,m| flant two or more varieties leaf I Inn your garden on paper/Make he phui to fit your needs. P ] n nl the garden (<> fit tb ( . nlaii Arrange the plan on' paiier and Die garden on the land, , so all cool snort-senson crops are-planted together In one section, then follow then, with a late summer o r fall garden, or rallow" the land Keep all long senOTii crop, in- getl,^ for ease of cuHlvation'„,,,.- strawberries. aspar ; , B ,, f , " S ,", " chives, O f outer herbs ' m " Use good garde,, JCC( | Ihe garden productive of garden such vegetables as 'beans, [ions, and cabbage. Plant certified potato seed. Try w«ne Katahdin or Warbn varieties nnd compare with Cobbler or Triumpli. Treat- Irish potato seed -before planting. ^ County Agent lur rC'coinniDudcd treatment.) 1'lant cabbage., bi'occoli, Bnisscl sprouts, mid caiillrloiver plants early. I-nte mnturing during hot dry ivcatlicr results in a poor quality Purchase your garden fertilizer mm: Get 5-10-5 or 6-12-6 nnrt ni- iraic of soda. Use ns recommended. Complete fertilizer at planting lime, .side-dress with nitrate of later. .... . mus •be. remembered that tlie grape, like the peacl). hairs H s Iruit on woo'J that wns grown the previous year. And each year the mature vine will produce a lot more •bearing wood thiin it should be required to support the following year. Pruning. Mr. Hazeibaker said, should consist of selecting four Icsifable new fruiting canes, training them on the trellis and removing (he rest of the canes, except for two lo four two-bud spurs near both wires to provide new 1 canes for the following- year. Both canes and spurs should originate as near the main truck as is possible. The mast desirable type o/ fruit cane is one that is otic-fourth to one-half of nn inch in diameter. Prom SO to 70 buds mav bo left on the average grap vine to produce fruit. These fruit buds are found joint on the fruiting cane. On vigorously growing vines not oidy the excess canes will nee< lo be removed, but the canes themselves may need, to b™ shortened In order not to have too :mm5 biids left oh the vine. Numerous vineyard's' In the state will Jert not require a great deal of .ilizer to produce canes and bear a crop of fruit each year. However, most vines will produce more if fertilized. FERGUSON n MORE THAU A NAME! WHEEL-LESS IMPLEMENTS 4D Ford Motor Co. The name Kprjviison does, not ( a |;o on so much significance until it is used Lo rotVr to that particular brand of parts and the system of implements afforded by- the new Ford tractor. The: combination of Ford and Ferguson give the owner a tractor that has everything t o be desired. Tho Ford chores tractor with' FortniMm System can be used for so many around a farm, IhaUit'is hard to understand how a well run farm can bo without'it. know why! son (he now Ford tractor'aiul vou.'ll SEE THE NEW FORD TRACTOR With Ferguson System HSLLSPS South Highway 61 Phone 2121 * "BAZOOKA" BOB BURNS WINDJAMMER" TO BE SHOWN HERE AS PART OF BIG JOHN DEERE DAY PROGRAM! FREE SHOWING to the Public at thcROXY Theatre, March TUh at 9 a.m. COURTESY OP MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. ItO \V. AVnliuit Phone 434 DELTA Published By The Delta Implement Ct... Hlythevill* Vol. S Friday, March 7, 194r Nu. \)'c have been advised (hat (lie Farm Ru- reau Drive is not progressing ;l s ii should. Kvery farmer and business man in Mississippi Cminly should beloltg, as i( is 1hc only way the people in an agLictiHui-ai section will ever get their problems across in Washington, S o join now. — 1)[ .J. M. Terrell, Promised Land, telephone COS Das a good Athens Bush and Bog- tlisc for - DI- _ We still have a f ew 4 and r, blade stalk cutters on hand. Also a few rotarv wecdcrs and disk hillers. . __ rjj_ _ . We call your special attention to the sru«Iv ' i., plants which enable the tractor operator to cultivate at a faster speed without covering up tlie crop. • __ — D\ - . We are expecting a shipment of I, -actor umbrellas in the near future. Place your order now so that you will be sure of 'one wnen the weather gets hot - m — ' . Hear America's favoriti tenor If you haven't heart! International Harvester's "Harvest of Stars", tune in this Sunday and listen; you'll hear a good program . . . enjoy James Melton's singing and hear an interest ing story! JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVESTOF STARS with Howard Barlow and 6O-p[*» Orchestra Lyn Murray Chorui Distinguished Dramatic Casrt Special Muikal Gueiti mi NIC unworn. IIH-JOT ru. en INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER .'f DELINT YOUR COTTON SEED Our new plant is now equipped to delint your cotton seed for planting and treat them with CERESAN. Our screens and fans take out all burs, trash and light immature seed, insuring better and more even stands. All State Experiment Station records indicate that CERESAN Mill kill all seed borne diseases and protect small seedlings from adverse bacteria in the soil. Call Us for Details —or Come See Us Good collon seed with high germination for sale DELTAPINE 14 & STONEVILLE 2-B Blytheville Delinting Corp. 300 So. 2nd St. DOYLE HENDERSON, Secretary-Treasurer Phones 2860—2976—3<118—3153 WSJ TORS ALWAYS WELCQMS

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