The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1947
Page 3
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FIUDAY, MAKC1I 7, 1047 UN Due fo Okay Island Mandates America Lays Claim . To 623 Key Spots In Area Around Japan BY KOUKirr M,\\NIN<; United l>ress Slilff Correspondent IAKE SUCCESS. N. V., Mar. 7.— America'.-; claim to (bo C3'J Pacific islnnce once mandated lo Japan headed toward iinnl approval today 'klUic United Nntlons Security oljPl]. Delegates scheduled a meeting or '•> EST to IcBiiliiM' American Possession of tin- Islands, iu (he -mm of the United Nations' first strategic trusteeship agreement. The pact dives this country full iKlministrative and military control of tho tattle- famous strJlj of islands. will) the rinht to build them into secret bases and fortresses ns part of the American national .security svstem. The council had fuel for .some tel-mimite debate on (he Amerian proposals. Russia, while cordially in favor of American control of (lie islands, sought to make change* in terms of the Ir.isleeshlp. All were relatively minor. Britain and Australia, liolh professing through support of Ihe American plan, had one lastcliancc place on tho record their mild protcsl.s Hint ihe American move was premature. Both have said the trusteeship should be ap-provcd later. \vhen th'^ peace treaty lias divested Japan of al] connection with ihe mandates. Would llcni-m Others. Too The United stales laced its case for Ihe islands before the council list week, terrains; ihcm vital to I w.:rld security a s well a s American defense requirements. 1» the same speech American • M'-sjalc Warren Austin hinted j liWt the council will be asked to I r.ppi-ovc similar agreements giving America cxrhxlvc clislody or Jap- incsc-oivncd islands like Okinawa the Pacific peace Ireafv i« prenared. Meanwhile. American hesitation Kept. Ihe other United Nations K'Jessing about when— aivi ,,oiv — Pritnln will brine the Palestine is- n;e before (he UN. Russia. Oreat. Britain. Prance "»rf China have accep;cd i.i principle Secretary - General ~Trygve ' proposal for a suecial emergency committee to sift facts on the Holy Land controversy and pave Ihe «-av for an attempt bv the UN assembly | 0 settle it at September session. American officials held hou'evcr. 'lie BLYTI1EVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Grade Fields Bids Americans Goodbye; Plans to Settle Down its back. has made clear he will RO l ead with the cmergc'ncy committee nlan only if nil five big po«-er s like it. BY KICIIAK1) C. fil.ASS (United t'rcss Slaff Correspondent) MIAMI BEACH. Fill., Marcll 1 — Oracle Fields sang a goodbye to the nightclubs, turned a handspring, nnd said she was going to settle down. The English comedy slar, once the highest paid oi all entertainers, last night camo to the end of the vaudeville trail on which slie had spent 42 of her admitted 49 years, with time out for movies anil radio. Few in Ihe audience at Ihe exclusive Brook Club knew they were hearing her, close up, ftif the last time. There was only a muttered "Since this is my last night in Vaudeville", in granting a request, lo tip ihem off, There was a little more tenderness than usual in her finale— tlie Maori 'Farewell song she picked till on u wartime trip to New Zealand. Then, her frizzled, short hair gleaming in the spotlight, she picked her way through tables to Ihe tiny lobby, flashed her knees in a handspring across il, and said she was through. "I'm going : b:ick lo England on the 15lh." Miss Field said. "I may do something there but I waul to go lo my house in Capri first. I'm done with the music halls—1 need some rest. "But I want lo make some more pictures, and do some stage shows. U all depends on the roles they me. II there -were only another, "Holy Matrimony"... i In ''Holy Matrimony", considered her best American picture, Miss Fields almost deserted comedy to give a heart-warming portrayal ot" bearded Monty Woolley's wife. As tlie non-ingenue toast ol England before tlie war Miss Fields was reported milking S503.000 or more per year. She lias spent most, of the past six years in this country, living in California, but made many extended trips to war battlefronts and rest areas. Her motherly figure, free-kicking legs, raucous voice and the little scarf she docs wonders with were known to as many Allied soldiers Jis Bob Hope's oldest gng. Miss Fields couldn't say whether she would silence the singing voice that can top high C—or interpolate a burp—with the greatest ease. She has been singing straight or singing silly for all her life, anci it paid both ways. She sang all the songs, all ways, in her final .show. There w r as "Walter", the tapeoff on Toselli's serenade, "The Biggest Aspidistra in the World." "Wind Round My I Heart," the whistle-chorus song about the fiscrboy and his girl- anil the slow, tender farewell. She had the audience sing that Monoply Scored By Idaho Senator in Southern Talk CHAPEL HILL. N. C., March 7. (UP)--The tight against coiiilrtn.v- tion of David Lllieiithnl us Atomic Energy Commission chairman j s "part of the price we pay fof permitting monopoly lo grow," Sen. Glenn 11. Taylor, D., Ida., said last night. "One of ihe mosl vicious aspens of monopoly is its tendency to maintain enormous itnil well-financed lobbies in Washington to inihience the course of legislation." Taylor lold n University of North Carolina audience. "Railroad monopolies," lie added, hurt resulted in the South and Wesl being on the short end of an unbalanced economy Freight rales, he said, had" been arranged "so us to permit Ihe Run to take the raw materials out ol the South and West cheaply and ,.t Ihe same time block tiny ailempl on their part (o ship finished products-n neat way of yuaianteein^ that the Sonlh and West would lose the advantage nnd [mini rnmi processing their own raw materials." Taylor praised UlienUml's rcc<ml as Tennessee Valley Authority Administrator and charged that th- f'ghl against his confirmation couhl be traced to "monopolistic business and political interests " Frisco's Tax Assessments Face Review TITTLE ROCK. Ark., Mar. 7.— <UP>—LI. Gov. Nathan Gordon yesterday appointed a five-inn n Senate committee to investigate "inequalities" in the assessnienl of pi-jper.-ies belonging to the Frisco Railroad l n Arkansas. Tlie committee was named after Ihe upper chamber adopted a resolution Introduced bv Sen. Lnmar Rodgers of west Memphis. Rodgcrs charged that the- railroad is being assessed nt about 00 per cent of what its assessment was 15 years ago. '•For many years Frisco has been hauling more people and running more freight trains than It cvcr dirt before." Rodgcrs declared. "Passenger nnd freight rales are Idgher than they ever were, and I think steps should be taken to cor- Reece 4-H Club Meets; Captains Submit Reports A meeting of the Recce 4-H Club was held Tuesday with Billy Dean •Kson presiding. ^Reports were given ty the fol-1 lowing group captains: Harold' Dunn, pig captain, reported 8- So-.i- iij- Taylor, calf captain, reported 2; Carolyn Wilson, gardenia <fc rannnig captain, reported' 2- Hazel Hurst, clothinj; captain, reported !>; and Billy Joe Taylor, poultry captain, reported 7. Betty Jane Williamson son? captain, led the Rioiip in singing 1 , America the Beautiful." Betty Jean stalling.? was j,i' chars,; of a slmrJ program. A poem,' 'India Children." was read by Harold Mixon. Two congs. "Home of the Soil", and "I know Some- 1 bodv Lfslenlii".- were given by Wilhc Sue and Patricia <Ro:hclie i Two SOUKS. -Walking the Sca' : j siiil "Jesus is Ihe One," were pivc'iv by Mazic and May Del! Smith t Jane Williamson sang t'TO soivs ' "The Old Lamplighter," and "Beau-1 !j/yl Dreamer." A poem, -Ruth." Br.. read by Willie Sue- Rochclle. Miss Cora Lee Coeman, homo demonstration agent, and w O Hazelbuker. assistant county a-cnt were present at this mcet'in" Mother of Seven Crowns When Levee Gives Way HELENA, Ark.. Mar. 7_(un — Phillips County officers and Naval leserve landing craft were search- in? the Mississippi River today /or the body of Mrs. R, E. Miller, who drowned earlier this week after a cave-in of an old levee. The 33-year-old woman and her husband were standing on a levee at Modoc, 40 miles south of Helena, Local & Long Distance Mosfns Competent Help uitf equipment. Ade- qnitcir Insured Oontrkct Haullnf • o<J Mlac. S«TT!CCS, HOMB Bflrvlca ft Storift do. Phone 2801 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/cncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 \v)icn the Ijnnk siitlclcnly caved. -Wilier managed to pull his wife to the shore, but more ol the Icvcc gave way an<| - the' strong current carried her body downstream. Survivors include seven children. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE" To prospective Tniyers we have a select list of houses—homes—ayls. — businesses—acreage an,fl farms In and arouuil Elythevllle. We he]|) finance sales. Plinuc i3!)l. J. J. i'icld. Eouiled Kcal Est»tc Broker. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service We l!uv and Sell GOOD USKI) CAHS Bill Clianiblin — Chamliliii Railroad & Ash Sts. I'honc 2195 ' STEAKS CHOPS SEA FOOD CHICKEN If you have a yen for delicious fr.od . . . Steaks, Chicken, Chops or Lenten Seafood . . . make a date with Don's tonight! We cater to "aftcr-tlic-show" customers too—you'll enjoy oar home- cooked foods. Try Don's Jor ,r, )0( i things lo cat! DON'S CAP Delicious Pies and Pastries 409 W. Main Phone 3900 Students at University To Hear federal Judge i-'AVBrnoviLu-:, Avk., M ;U -. 7 — CUI')—JiidBc John r, ; . MIlH'i- ot Kurt Smllh. fcik-rul jud^r for (lie Western DlshU-t of Avkimsus n ml pi'ln- i'ipitl K))i>;ikr']- nl tlie iiiiiiiin! |jit\i-- yus' Duy c'rlebrulloii ut (In; Unl- vi'isl'iy ht'iv SaUuclny. will mlilrt'ss tlio huv sltiilciils ;> ( an II cou- fial will) Donu KoUerl rfnr presiding. w lll .(oiilurc (lw afternoon's ncllvlllvs. LEGISLATURE Oindnucd from 1'ane I. when the House pasrcd the revised -stadium bill and voted 1 to revise drastically ihe lormula for distribution of county road turnback Imids. The sladium bill-Introduced barfly '24 hours earlier—was passed til lo a? after lenr.thy flights of on- (ory which brought at least one speaker (o tenr.x The bill now goes to ;he Senate. Approval came only tw,i days after the House- <m>nvli<>l!nln:/ly refused to nupi-opi-lnte SHOU.OOD lor ionstt iiction of a stadium. The new bill provides for cren- tion ol a ni'.ie-nian stadium commission which has the power lo issue revenue brmds lo build (he •nru-tme. U, further provides Hint the slate 'muy pur;h:tse Ihe refc- inii? b.iiuls up to jsio.OCO. Principle obj^'tlon to (he bill I'ame from Rep. j. K. Lluhtle of While County who charged that "this ain't an outrii-hL sleal but it is doir.j! it,- by indirection." The measure was defended on the floor'by Rep. Bc-'j Riley of Pn- la.^ki County--sponsor of the bill- iind by .'iep-;. Leslie N. Speck of Mississippi Caiinly and Lloyd Uari!;-ii of Garliind. Speek, in taking the floor for the bill, reversed his previous I DO YOU" NEED: A LOAN? I slniul and explained Ills chunr-.e of heait on grounds Hint he believed me siaihum would pay off Hie bonded indebtedness. Tlie turnback formula was approved by a vole ol 51 lo ai after Us millior, Hep. j. T. Ouuler ol jjOiioKo County, was sneressful in IIIIVIIIK mi earlier defeat vote ;•<•- cpnsidfre,!. Tlie bill now goes lo Hie Si-mile. <iuiiU'r said (he bill Is designed, lo lake revenue aiiay from l.T 1H(!lily |io|iultiteii counties — In- rludhiK |>uiiuikl. Sebastian, .Mississippi ,,nd <;nrlnnil—anil give nuire reveitiu! |o smaller rauiilles. "'"'' r 's bill would dlslribiite me county money on a 50-50 formula based on area and population —with cities over ao.COa not being counlcd 'i-Jie present plan distributes uu> f l1|H|s 01| a (hrcc-wav basis-one-third on papiilallon.onc- Ihiru mi area and a llilrd on ve- Incle registration. Kni-ller in the day (he house appro;ed ^ budget bills on multiple roll call and Budget Commtl- tee Chairman Curl llendrls of llo- mlio s»id thai practically all up- propiiatum measures huvo been approved by the House, Meantime, Ihe Semite was lak- liiB 'n-tion on so loeal and ntm- c.onlioveisiKl bills. Included was tine •ay Sen. niissell K | r0(1 , lt sjinam °l' rl "l"'. "How-Ing counties to pliu-c PAGE lilRBB :in annual 'fee of }25 on mmise- ment e.umes uiul vending machines Anollier, liitrodnced .by Sens. Ernest Maner of Hot Billing,* iind O. W. Ijoukudun of Arkaifelpbla, allows t-ounly Jtidues to build roads and bridncs Inside n city limits, Thu .Semite itlso approved mid sent to Ihe Mouse six proposed constitutional iimcndlncnls J We Guarantee ' 1 I j RECAPPING i ! . , ' i with J I i • Hawkinson Treads i ; i I Lcr Your Next Tires Be | j GENERALS j 1\I,,,- C _ \Vori 1> More' MODINGER TIRE CO. • «<! K. Mali. 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Bring your car to , HOT'S BODY SHOP for all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-LININGS Tor (ill cars mitdc lilu! tliu fiiclory ninko.s tligm, s;imc niiituriiil mid woi-ltiniinslilp. OiiumiiLuctl lo fit look like 1 orit'innl upholslcry. ". 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 THRUH IHONSTKKS NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM ink- II In nint Buffer I'lcivn UMT Knuwn, Try il :"t- CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main anil Division IllydicvlIlD, Ark, For Sale At all limes 1 keep on hand several (factors and equipment, im-haling new iind used. \ have John Deere, Farmali and oilier makes. Also have for sale at all limes 7(1 lo SO head of mules. Terms can be arranged. I will (rade for almost anything you have. seeF. C.CROWE 1 Mile South Braggadocio, Mo. Dr. CHAS. L. CRAIG Dentist Wishes to announce the opening of his office Lynch Building \ ^ Blythevillc, Ark. Phone 2540

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