The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 7, 1947
Page 2
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VAGK TWO r Party'Honors d Mrs. Hubener Dr.-and Mrs. G. S. Atkinson entertained last night lu'ilic Colonial Room of Hot«l Noble with n dinner party honoring Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Hubener, who recently moved here. The nine couples who were guest,, were served at a. long table. Deco 1 - ratlons were In white and green !o carry out a St. Patrick's Day color scheme. The-unusually attractive banquet-size;," centerpiece was of white glacUoJi". jyhite snapdragons, white Riid--. £reen. carnations and candy' tuft:-' >••-'.•• A simllatTarratigement for the InifTet featured tiered pencil-slim green rainbow 1 tapers glowing iji the center of an arrangement of gracefully spangled white snapdragons, irrecn and white carnations and giceii-patntcd daisies. ..Mrs. Kiibener was presented a while carnation corsage with a shamrock-,.-tied ;with a Nile green lluu* of tulle.- Each of the other women guests'were presented similar corsages. The unique place cards were replicas of Irish hats; •- * . • * Mrs. Banister Hostess To Bridge Club, Guests Mrs. Edgar Boruin and Mrs. Chester Caldwell played bridge yesterday with members of the Thursday Contract Club when Mrs. Rodney L. Banister entertained with a bridge luncheon at her home, lllti Wesl Main. Arrangements of Jonquils decorated the home and centering the luncheon table was a bowl of floating Spring Mowers. Mrs. Borum won high score bridge prize anrt second high wns nvranjocl to Mrs. Henry Humphreys. * » * Mrs.:Rose Entertains Octette Club, Guests Mrs, R. c. Rose was hostess at her Home in Roscland yesterday afternoon to members of the Oc- tette C!iit> and four other guests, Mrs. -Frank . B! Levy of Houston. Texas; her sister. Mrs. Cornelius Mbdingcr, Mrs. Vf. F. McDanlel and Mrs. Fred Rutherford. Mrs Levy won- high score prize in brftlge games played during the afternoon and. second High was awarded lo-Mrs. Edwin Robinson. The hostess served refreshments. •'*'»• Bride-elect Honored Men Pick This Dross Juiiiaitl wotil ihess fin ctnytiii'.o with cap sleeves, mid hi^ii round neck aUli piijue pilling, anil KolcL-studtlciil lc:i(licr bell sliown ntinvc M'U« -ciccted tiy C'osiiKiiiutilan ma-ia/imn's mule fashfuii Jury us itlcial :i(llre for uoi.u-it. Jury uf niilabti>s who piclit'tl .Ihls ikcss froin wiilc vurlety Included Hoiifiy Cannlclnirl, l!ul> Orr, V:rjj;Iiu Monroe, K« IKIII \Vynn, •eau gabion, l.nn MtC'iillislcr anil I'clcr Iloiuilil. Bits of News C. F. Cooper, Blythoville attorn.;/, was Hinonis the meinljersof the Public Uelutions Committee of Arkan- ns State Bar Association hr Little Rock yesterday for « meeting of the committee. Mrs, Cecil Shane is ill and coii- fliu'd to her home, 1001 West Main Pvt. Robert V. IMichiUifin, W ho JX)U1»BK UBW8 At The Hospitals BLYTIIKVIILK HOSPITALS Admitted: Mrs. J. c. Storey. Manila Guy Whitney, Manila Kenneth Cnroy. Manila. Edwin Wallace, Osceola Dismissed: David Lynwood Lewis, cltv James Hamilton, city Barbara Stewart, city.' Jolm R. Logan, city. WAU.S HOSPITAL Dismissed: , W. L. Bymim, Route 1, city, i Mr.s. W. A. Hyiidiimn and fcaby, jcity. Mrs. Lucian Downs, Osceola. Mrs. w. 1). Morelaml and 1 baby city. Mrs. B. nollhiger, Manila. Mrs. Clyde Gallics, Route 3 city Warren Howard, Dell ISAI'TIST HOSPITAL. MKMI'III.S Mrs. Poarl Coiiway, Osceola Mrs. J. n. Seonian, Blylhovillo. Ins been tUitioncd al Port Knox 7nu 'ill K->I,,M,,- .,„ ,. ,, Ky., Is the\ of his parents M*' ™uu O v J, *, * " l S " 1>|)ly 01 and Mrs. Losiln mi-i,™,,,, i, ' ,,! °" ly " M '"Is »'e«rs and Girl Scouts Will Observe Anniversary Week ,™™^Z^-%S} 'Next week. Girl Scouts of filythe-' fl "' E *' M1|>tt Olio Winstead, 24, who Manila War Veteran Given Military Funeral MANILA. Ark.. Mar. 7.—Funeral . ville will observe tlin anniversary of America. Gn. To myth thirty-fifth SJoiitlng in Feb. 22nd. at his home in liaker,' Ida., and Mrs. Leslie Buchanan. He is en route to New Jersey, from where lie will go to Germntiy. Smith Brackln Is confined to his home, 2308 West Carolyn St., as aj Ksull of Injuries received when lie fe'l while working on ihe new aildllion to Rice Slix Factory. He is suffering with chest bruises, prob- alj'y fractured ribs and n leg injury. ivir. and Mrs. C. I). Bennett and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. liennell will spinel this weekend it points in Mississippi with relatives and friends. .lohn Foster is ill at his home, 3K North Fifth. J. .1. 'fii.vant, who Is employed In St. Louis, will spend the weekend | here with Mrs. Bryant. Llnwood Lewis, Jr., who has been 111 of bronchial pneumonia at Bly- Iheville Hospital, has been removed to Ills home and his condition Is much Improved. Mr. anil Mrs. George W. Moore of lioswell, N. Mex., formerly of Bl.vthoville, arrived lust niglit for a visit wilh friends. yciirlings, mostly medium Ih'slied of- c-ows around ' 15'.fi[|-lG'.5o';""co°nn"on and medium beef cows IS-15. FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1947 We the Women BV RUTH MILLKTT NEA Wlalf HVItcr Too many women are willing to get a feeling of doing something about their community proo- It'tns by kibitzing from the sldc- lints—Instead of jumping in and working where their interest will have practical results. As u result, organizations; that require active leidership plead for women, while a!l over the country women waste their time in nuiiM. cl " b!i :m<l °''K ! ""- njillctl /uions thai arc devoted lo talk. March 12 will mark the 35ih ininversary of the Girl Scouts in this fonntry. Ar, part of the anniversary celebration Girl Scout cx- ceulivcs are going to try |. O make American women aware of their DOCTOR'S DISCOVERY FOR BACKACHES DUE TO KIDNEYS desperate need for leaders. "Practically every troop in the country has a wulting list, and a conservative estimate indicaleslhai 20,003 new lleader.s are needed,' suy Girl Seoul officials. It's ihe same old story in an} organization that demands from its members. Women ,, n v to feel Dial they have Inlerests outsltia the home and are doing something about community problems. TOO MANY .1UST LISTEN 'But loo many of Uiem choose clubs where all they do is listen to speakers, have long-winded discussions, and end up by making resolutions that somebody ought to do something about ihis or that condition. If more women would realia.' that their outside Interests should mean "taking on a job" instead ol From Me to You By F1UT/1IJS Crisis every thing jri UNITED INSURANCE Mr. Winstead wus Riven in nlla. AltriHilni; school here by Juliette Low in Savannah.: in his sophomore year In 1041 when hf was called into' service. He s|)rnt observance of two years in Germany and France Livestock begin , IT .I ,. . ^ - , , — " iv - "« '-*vu ,vi-ins in (jermaiiv and Trance rJrv e "Smd'f ""* ?"" 'i tlcnd nlld """'""I '"* *^ [ ™ «««> he rseruces h "™^^ ir ™°'™>>^ »>.., ;' Civilian Corps in Baker, Ida., where The Hymn of Scouting will be included in the program. ' I .Throughout the week a Giri!, Scout display. Including arts and "-""cr ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, March 1. tUP) — , ., I USDA)— Livestock: Hogs— 3.500, salable 3,000: tnnrkct active to nil interests. Barrows mid Kilts 25-50 cents higher thun Thuvs- tlny's average. Kows steady to 25 cents higher: bulk of good nnrt choice 170-270 iiouiuls 28.75-29: top .25 paid for several loads 180-230 . Everett O. Wlnslend. Jr.; Ill *"' *' *!^'K R VW Mgr . Three eeiicrulinni ago a fumou. doctor thtJ boci I "V'' dr "" "' >>'» P»ti«>t, C tliib bOLknclic. He compounded a mcilir,,.. made of 16 (herb,. rcxJl,. vegetable" Til "TriF'"", y Watu <"'» •"••'" way to re rf MjllLC,,, , 0 ve used it. The ,nedici,« i Dr. Kilmer's Instantly you tuke ,t, ,t starts to work fl u ,l,| nt out tlms" itiCTeSI? u '!>«y«l'«yoi.r l.ackache .. . incrcumz the How of urine to help ease that burning sensation when von» water . . . and that bladder irrilritfon ha I ?cc?ed°Y ee ll"' " I? ".' 3 - Couti °» ; <"l"= •>• iircclecl. You'll ,Ky if, marvelous. I'or free trial supply. sc , u ) n o Dept v Kilmer fc Co.. Inc., Box 12S5, Slomf, ,d Conn. Qr- K et full-sized IxiUleof Swamo. Root today at your dragster.. owan >l> > Mrs. G. E. Keck entertained last • x ntehtiat her hoiiie, 810 West Ivfain, wilh la bridge party complimenting Miss .Virginia Martin, bride-to-be of Leonard Oldham. In bridge games, Mrs. S..P. Martin, inother of trie guest of honor, won r high siore. prize and Miss Francis Littie"won'secona high. •Mist Martin was. presented'"'a gift of permanent mirrored place cards'.by- her hostess. Tho, three tables of guests were - served a dessent course. MidfWeek BrJdj^ Club Guests of Mrs. Usrey 1 Mrg, M. O. Usrey was hostess yesterday wilh -a bridge luncheon lo memfjers of Mid-Week Bridge Club. Guests were served at the dining room table, centered wilh a crystal bowl of Jonquils arranged with fcr:i. In bridge games, high score prize was awarded to Mrs. W. L. Horner and second high went to Mrs Har'-y Hainffs. * * • Mrs; Zellers Hostess To GNB Club Members Mrs_. Louis Zellers was hostess last members of the GNB Club and one guest. Miss Jewel Lee. In the gnmes Mrs. Boyce Moore won high Score prize, Mrs. Norvell Humphrey., low, and bunco went to Miss Lee. The hostess served a dessert plate with ^coffee. * * * • Stone Son Is Named The son -born to Mr. and Mrs Dick Stone Sunday at Walls Hosp* - tal has been named Ronald Jo v He Is their first child. Mrs. Stone is the former iMlss Owetq Hargett. OAR Luncheon Is Given Today at Hotel Peabody OSCEOLA, Ark., March 7—The William Strong Chapter of Daugh- lers of Ihe American Revolution had a luncheon meeting today at Hotel Peabody in Memphis. Hostesses for the affair were Mrs. A. c Oliver and daughter, Miss Sue Oliver of , Proctor, Mrs. E. C. Gainings of West Memphis, and Mrs. W. P. Wilson of Lake Village. Miss Anna Louise Golightly o Turrtll was guest speaker, with "Th Historic Churches I Have Visited as her topic. ; Members attending from Osccol were Mrs. John W. Ed ring ton Mr Myron T. Nailling, Mrs. G B "sc- graves, Mrs. J. H. Hook, Mrs C A Davis and Miss Ruth Masscy 'rziuuy nigtH. rao o clock, at [tie j"iit-iit.-', mr. n High School audilorium they will, lif f °f Manila. have their annual festival, n pro-1 -Mrs.-Winstead was Riven a mil- gram in which every scout hits a| jtnry funeral by combined mcm- pn ,L, ,. . I bers of (he Dud Cason Post of There arc 130 girls registered in BlvUievillc, and the Herman Davis the seven troops of Blylhcville. Posl of Manila. Funeral .Services c , . _ . w<-'ro conducted by the riev. w. Ji. bmcjmrj Convention Rushing. Manila; «ev. Edgar Grlf- Will Be Held Sunday £", sof ^0™.^"' ' nn< c Rcv ' H V W- There will be n Mississippi Ooiimyj c '' ri> j' Honu^of^Stceic > Mo" a> wn'-" I i l n HASHES? Women In your'40V—this Brent mctil- cluo la lamons lo relieve Hot Hushes, nervous tension—when due to the functional •inklcllo-oiie- period ireui^ llnr to women." Worm Ir^ltipf IN PER§ON! Amfiforiiim, March 21 .1 FRED WARING AND HIS PENNSYLVANIANS oi\'r,v ,\ow: SKND SELF ADI>KESSED, STAMPED K.\\'EI.O!'E WITH APPLICATION TO AU1HTOKIUM, MEMPHIS I'HICES: S3.CO. S3.00, SJ.80, $1.20 iv K N i«. n T "ONLY* AT FR1TZIUS ^BEGINNING SATURDAY \>\ -o-a of the Nazarene here. The convention will be two arid-a half hours long and will include roup singing and specialties. The public is invited ,H was vm- ouncecl by Walton Killburn. prcxi- ent of the Mississippi County sin:>- ig organization. Meeting - Shipment .;I>N of ||: Bassinettes a % 1 Just in #; $5.95 THE i TOT SHOP 105 S. 2nd. Phone 2308 vonge/isfic Services ^fanned at Tabernacle \ A scries of evangelistic services ill be conducted :il the Pull Uo 1 ;el Tabernacle bcginuini; p.t 7.-J1) .m. Tueslay, ii was nnnoiincp.'l - oday by the Rev. U. n Harmon, astor. The services will bo con-' uctert by the Rev. Mr Thomp.ion' f Lillle Rock and will continue' hrough March 22. Mrs. Mason Hostess With Bridge Luncheon OSCEOI-rA, Ark., March 7.—Mrs. W. C. Mason was hostess yeslerday afiernoon to fellow members of a four liible bridge eluu wilh n luncheon. When bridge was played, high score pi'i/c was won by Mrs. John W. Edvinglon. The consolation pri/.c went in Mrs. J. b. Ward. In homblng attacks nn Japan late in the war. B-29's used a secret 10- foot linear antenna rndur lermed ICAGLK bombing system. The American Association of Uni- 'ersily Women meetliiB which was a have been held tomorrow alter- loon nt the home of Mis. Erwln tones has been postponed. Rend Courier News Want Atl3 NEW" TYPEWRITERS We arc now taking orders lor Royal Typewriters for delivery anywhere in Mississippi County. Call or write us. SAMUEL F. NORRIS i:— office S 122 North Scconil Instruments Supplies - Repairs Radios, Office Supplies SPECIAL ORDERS JOLICITED Schools, Churches Ochcstias & Chilis SPECIAL PRICES On Musical lustrtnnenls J.Mel! BrooksJr 107 E. Main Tel. 811 'VIVID lightning i-n the darl< by BOMB! TOILET WATER fieri) brew— restless — stirs the heart 5.00 to 1.75 PERFUME 10.75 to 2.00 WOOD'S DRUG STORE 221 W. Main Phone 507 DELTA CAFE Now Open 7 a. m. to 1 a. m. days a week Delicious * Sea Food * Sizzling Steaks * Golden Fried Chicken at ail times f You'll Enjoy our special dishes too! Private Dining Room open for Reservations * Clubs • Parties * Special Events Call 3685 ELT CAFE So. Highway 61 A SALE OF AND ^fafibmt: (j>)/l€et4 Also Fieldm-sl Wiishclollis and Kicltlcrexl Pillow Slips Sale Begins Saturday and Continues Throughout Next Week. , lo , Iay 5n your ™n*y of •n i i • W!lsllcloths - My 1'iwliction is that they will bo hisrlior and scarce. We have Kieldci-est towels in a variety of beautiful pnstels and snowy white and in :l ll from guest sue t,, the Ia,-est and fine ball, towels. Thveo dif- whHe ™ ° V t ' i "° Wash Cl °" ls in 1);lslols ' !lll(1 While room will not permit tl, e Hsf,-,,,, of s ,, ; on HO many «lifr cront kiml, ol' towels and washcloth, joii will be agreeably snrpi-isecl tomorrow when yon sne our mctl , !iit of Unvcl |)HpM anf , ^^™ >'0th m . our show window and on our towel counter. Fiefdcrest "Wearwelf" Sheets, a regular $3 25 vaiue during this sale only cacn $2.69 F.eidcrest "Goldengate" Sheets (the finest mus- ,F th ^l " n P° ssib 'y be made), sells regularly at $3.89. This sole only, each $3.25 Golden Gate Pillow Cases. S a me quality as GoJdengate Sheets. Reg. price per pair $1.78. inis sale only per pair $1 38 Also a Sulislanlial Kcdnclion Dtirin K This Sale Only on All Ficldcrcsl lilnnkcls EXTRA SPECIAL SATURDAY ONLY OIL-CLOTH to Last All Day) First quality Oil-Cloth, beautiful patterns and solid white, regular price per yd. 73c; Satur- da V on 'y per yard 59c FRIT2IUS "Your Dealer" On West Main Across From Ricc-Stix Factory Fril/ius Joining a group, su-li worthy organizations as the Girl Scouts wouldn't have to turn down kids eager to join, coloii. V/r. only E Ib. /I Hancfy extra <ho!r foi "I" jhouie at yard. RuMJetl. | t-.'on^ e. j*i ' ""' tfftlSS ,CAROLLO PIST. CO.. SLIDELL, Some world crises come with Ihe fanfare of war with all its patriotic speeches, exciting thrills, economic changes, proud victories and icrrl- fymif losses, other crises of cciual and sometimes even greater imporl- ance as judged by future historians seem to creep upon ( , s quietly mid unnoted by the majority of the population. .The danger in the last instance lies In the unpreparcdnoi.s of uninformed minds to urasti lh« sravily of n situation and even to resist the decisions of o n i statesmen who, knowing all the facts, realize that certain bold steps must he laken 50 quickly that the matter of public preparedness becomes of secondary importance. On occasions of this kind, the :>o- ealled dictator controlled nations- have the advantage over our democratic processes. Our leaders may make a wise decision which calls for immediate notion and then, while they need every ounce of their energies to cope w i t h the situation at hand, be forced to "sell" the legislative bodies of the nation and the people as a whole' as wall, upon their program with the fearful dread that in the end they may be beaten—not by the other nations involved, but by their own people! In times such as these—following ^reat wars—with all the subsequent shifting of power, financial fluctuations, jockeying for strategic positions in the new world to be formed and especially when two great and, powerful idealisms of government, while friendly on the surface, are actually, under Ihe surface, waging n relentless war for supremacy,—in such uncertain times, democracies should be elastic enough to with quickly arising situations upon an even basis with nations of centralized power—EVEN AT THE EXPENSE OF SACRIFICING -SOME OP OUR MOST CHERISHED DEMOCRATIC IDEALS! If we have any faith al all in our leaders, they should be legally equipped lo f acl in any crisis of great gravity with the assurance that legislative and judicial bodies would assist rather than hinder their course of ;tion. Yes, there is danger in sncli i)owcr. but this danger weighed against the danger of foreign scheming and trickery would be the same a^ the danger of Irnsling the decision of the head of a family without question when the family's homo was about to be undermined and ruined by an outsider. While space will not allow hero to go into detail regarding ihe present world crisis, one does exist, AND OF THE GREATEST GRAVITY. Our new Secretary of Stale. Gen. Marshall, is for instance faced wilh tiiis perplexing problem, along with many olhers of ulniosl equal gravity: Gen. Marshall is now on his way to allend a meeting of world leaders, primarily to work out a basis for a peace treaty with conquered Gerinarty. This, within itself, would be a lask of enormous proportions, considering the aspirations of Russia as opposed to those of the democratic nations. At exactly this critical point there arlssa a question like the ghost at the banquet. Unless America lends >I.M- aid promptly and lavishly, Russia will within a matter of months or perhaps weeks, gain control of ihe government of strategic Greece and perhaps Turkey nnd through them the whole of the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean sector. This coveted position towards which Russia has been working tirelessly since the close of the war amounUs lo a "beach-head" to ihe invasion of the whole of Europe by Russian Communism at the expenr,o of the praclical elimination of Western Democracy! A decision lo give direcl and ini- medialo old to Greece and perhaps England, al this particular time would bo looked upon by Russia -is an unfriendly acl: yet that decision must be made .regardless of relations wilh Russia. Neither can we be in the position of spraying a fire with water with one hand and with easolinr with the other. This sinr- ply means lhat we cannot continue to ship Russia the means and to lend Russia our money with which to prosecute her campaign against Greece and at the same time try to furnish Greece and England with the means of resisting Russia. (We should have learned our lesson from the bullets and shells which killed our boys in the Japanese war, bullets and shells, marie from American scrap iron). Gen. Marshall must make a decision. President Truman must make a decision, our congress must make a decision and make it quickly, an;! even al the expense of wrecking the conference towards which Mr. Marshall is traveling. The history of the whole world may be changed for the nest thousand years if this decision is delayed, if we temporize, If we appease and if after making a decision our government falls lo promptly back thatjdecision. Confinuons Shows livery Uay Hnx Office Opens 1 :'I5 Show SUirls 2:0(1 I.ISTKN TO Kl.CH 8:00 a.m. I2:-I5 n.rn. •Il30 p.m. Lasl Time Today \viih (;im;er Ilof;er!i and Jean i^i'-rro Aiimont I'aramniint Nev,^ Also Khoils Continuous KhowTnir Kveryday Serial "Son uf Onardsninir 1 -No. 2 and Short Confd Shows Sat. 15:30-11:30 SlUUhly ililtl I'.irMiiiiiunl News and Sliorts Cont'tl. ^ilunvsSun. 1:15-11:00 Ho.v Office Oprns :i Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts 1:13 Conlinuoiis Shows S:tt. anil Sim. Bargain Night Every Msht Except Saturday. No passes hnnnrcil on Sunday at the Rosy. Last Time Today U: I-'HATIIRK wilh Carmen Mirnmta anil Pcrrv C'umo Strange Mr, Gregory wllh Ktlmmul I,owe A- Ji'iiu Ko^crs Saturday Murder on with .lira Xrwill Serial ">iysti'rions ."Mr. Al" No. - anit Short Cont'il Shows Sat. 12:30-11:30 .Sunday :ind i\Iond;iy NINETIES with Atilwlt anil C'oslello Fn» News and Selected Short Contingent* Showlnsr Sin. 1:15 t* 11

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