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Ommttmt Sternal City News Want Ads Tnurry.EicnTu yeau EDMONTON. ALEEHTA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1911 PAGES 13 TO Section Two I Here's Edmonton's 1941 "First Baby' Building Permits, Land Sales, Tax Collections Increase Decide City Must Increase Payments to Varsity Hospital Protest Is Made Over Condition Of Fort Trail 1 1 Hundreds Attend on Marriage Total ll 'Gain of $285,480 la Home-Building New Year Le Sets New Record vee Order Payment Full Interest oA Hospital Bond In Gty Hands CLINIC COST UP Reported Improvement Said Necessary Near Recent Fatal Crash MUCH LAND IS SOLD COUNCILLOR SPEAKS Arbitration Board Decision Binding on Both Parties Officials Gratified Over Fine Showing of City In 1940 Setting new record for Edmonton, more than 2.053 couples wen married here in 1940, according to Donald Mackie, provincial reg'trar. With return on marriage incomplete for the year, the figure issued Thursday showed an Increase of 144 marriages over the record number performed last year. Large number of soldier marrying in 1339 and 1940 was given by the registrar as the maun reason for the increase. In 193S the marriage totalled Births in Edmonton last year totalled 3.109.

an increase of 295. while deaths totalled an increase of 163 over 1939. Declares Many Accidents Have Occurred at Curve Indicative of Improved conditions Hundred of Edmonton citins -en2 Year dxy reception hu many bo a from tnct pomu lor the Hon. J. c.

Rowea, lieutenant-ovfnior. hi usual leree at i kgmve buildings, and this drew wn 600 caatra. HI Honor reived with Hon. Horace Harvey. thft Justice of the uprem court CI Alberta.

Honorary aides-de-camp who attended were A. E. Lad-f. VD, and Insprctor O. J.

Curlefgh. of the CM P. Thi was the first time since the province i formed 34 year aso that the RCJIP. ha betn represented In thia wiy at m-h a function. Capt.

A. R. Gillie, aecretary to the gov-tmor. aiso attended. Large number of citizen attended the recepton held by Mayor and Mrs Fry at their home in Oarneau.

and by the officer at the Prince of Walr ar-1 morie. Connaugnt armories and 1 Frank I- Shnaaaod, manager Barber-Elli mt I-frta Ltd, wb ha Jetnea the -nnti Fasilier. Canadiaa Amy. A veteran ef tbe fin Great War, he is a captaia. seewad in rvmmaad a company.

and war activity increases over H39's figure were reported for 1940 Thursday in city tax collection, value of Edmonton building permits, sales of land and property by the city land department and collection of rental by that department. City officials expressed much gratification over what they called the city's fine showing. Building permit were up including a gain of 1285,00 in home-building alone. Total of all Strong protest against conditions on the Fort road tn the vicinity of the Oliver mental institution, wis voiced Thursday by A. H.

Clark, of North Edmonton, councillor of Sturgeon municipal district. It was on this stretch of highway Two Groan, Saved I As Gas Jet Open Frank Simmonds Joins Fusiliers permit was I2.S39.870. rearing the Victoria armories. i i Rainfall Heavy An arbitration beard ruled Thursday that Edmonton muai increase it patient-day rate payment to the University of Alberta hospital but that the city can deduct enough to make up full interest rate on the hospitals bonds held by the city. City Commissioner John Hodgson said the average annual increase in the city's payments will be 15.000 and that the of fset tor bond interest will be about S2 00O.

leaving a net increase of about 13,000. In addition, the arbiter ruled that the city must begin Immediately a schedule of payments estimated by Mr. Hougson to increase by 11.000 a year the city's payments for the care of Edmonton patient treated In the hospitals so-called "outdoor" clinic, now located in the Kelly-Ramsey building. Thus the total Increase to the city will be $4,000 annually, the commissioner said. Decision Binding The board's decision was unanimous and is binding on both the city and the hospital It takes effect at once.

The hospital, owned by the pro- vlnclal university and operated under control of the Alberta government asked the city in November 1939 to double the rate which Edmonton had been paying since 1922 on all Edmonton resident listed as patients in the modern record of S2.so6.340. set in Attracted by groans. Mrs. A. Mis-I 1938.

Value of all home-building kew, 10103 95 early Thursday permit was $795,195 in 1940. called help and saved Mr. and Mrs. I Tax collections totaled 13,768.302. H.

Kephart, each about 70, from compared with 83.678.490 in 1939. death from gas which was escaping I the city assessor's department said unbumed from a Jet accidentally in a preliminary report. This was a left open in the Kephart suite. fain of $89,812. Mr.

and Mrs. Kephart, uncon- I nil Mr. and Mrs. John Martin, of Horse mis, Alta, were fatally injured in a mctor accident some uay ago. Declared Dangeroos Some three-quarters of a mile northeast of the Institution there is a dangerous stretch of roaa, said Mr.

Clark. This forms an bend, ntn a right angle turn on one end and a left angle turn at the other, he said. "Minor and serious accidents have been oo.urring there for acme time." Yjt said. "During this winter. Feature of 1940 Land Sales 92Kf I Sales by the land department totalled $202420, a gain of $18,074.

and collections of rentals on city some 20 ear skidded and some turn ed round on this stretch. Precipitation during 1940 totaled II 87 inch in term of rain, fifth largest rainfall in 40 year of weather history here and the most Biowure ince 19ZS. according to the federal meteorological office in the Highland. Average monthly moisture last year was lnche. Greatest precipitation In the 40-Jcar period wa 25 29 inches In 1914 hile in 1935.

fourth place in amount of moisture waa reached with 231 Inches. Average tempera- "Unless something is done by the province to widen this part of the road and eliminate these bad turns, there will be more serious accidents Manager of Barber-Ellis of Alberta Ltd. for the past 11 years, Frank J. bimmonds. veteran of the first Great War.

has Joined the Edmonton Fusiliers. Canadian Army, as a captain, second in command of a company. Enlisting as a gunner in Brant-ford. in 1914. he served with the 23rd Battery overseas and was with the army of occupation in Germany in 1919.

returning to Canada as a sergeant. He has been a captain in the Edmonton Fusiliers. P.A and was with the 13th Machine Gun Battery before it was absorbed by the FusUieTS when it became a machine gun unit He was president of the Edmonton Lions' club two years ago. has been a director of the Edmonton District Thoroughbred society, and a mtjiber of the Edmonton Saddle club. Other officers who have Joined the Fusiliers this week, in training at the Prince of Wales armories, are 2nd Lieut Thomas McLeod of Calgary, transport officer; 2nd lieutenants D.

Thexton, of Edmonton, scious. were taken to hospital in a 8mith's ambulance. They were revived a half hour later, and at 1:00 p.m. Thursday it was stated their condition is satisfactory. Couple Crippled The couple apparently had retired at about midnight Wednesday.

Both are crippled. At 1:45 a.m, Mrs. Miskew heard a "queer, groaning noise." She got out of bed, left her suite and discovered that the groans were coming from the Kephart suite. Mrs. Miskew ran dewn the hall and woke T.

Karate ad. Janitor of the apartment house. With Mr. Harstead. she opened the unlocked there this winter." property totailea $163,392, a gam of $7,533.

Biggest item on the 1940 building list was $935,751 for 12 public buildings, and officials said virtually ail this was on military structures built at the airport or elsewhere at the expense of the dominion government. In the year there were permits for 33 commercial buildings, totaling tMlJbOO; two apartments, 723 Jobs of alterations and repairs. 8C13.451; 314 houses each costing $1,000 or more, totaling I745.1S5: 95 While the roadway was slippery at present, due to ice and snow, this Nane Lilian rower, tapirlntendent ef abstetries at the Miserkwdla baapital. bold Bb Vklrir, Edmonton's 1941 "first baby. Tbe child, aaagbter at Mr.

arid Mr. Cyril Victoor Vllleneave, arrived at 2:52 am. while in ether part ef the city the notee and the tamult greet-: tngi to the New Year till went an. Helping Mia Fewer smile was the fact that tre Edmcnton New Year kaby title ha been takes by the Miserkordia three yean In a row. Baby Victoor, Villeneave, i 7s City's New Year Baby First Infant to enter the world I in the Misericordia and one In the In Edmonton this year was a seven- University hospital.

No babies were lure for 1940 waa 36 8 above. High- condition was hard to avoid on the "blottered" surface, he said. Another difficulty was that one part of the est temoerature wan SO last August and the coldest for the year was i hospital. The city refused, and the 10 below aero in January. i dispute went to an arbitration board For December the weather was namea oy me aispmani.

normal. Avenue temperature waa The board ruled that the rate door of the Kephart suite and saw uuut Vi i. 153 above, colder than December. er le lnan 1'wo' the elderly couple in bed. The The 1938 building permit total of must increase 52' cents, "pro-tided that the city deduct from the above payments the amount required to make up to the full face rate of five per cent the interest 1939.

Highest average In 21 years wu 25 5 above in 1940 and the lowest average 9.6 below in 1933. born in the General hospital. road was shaded by bushes, and as a result ice surface condition remained until the spring thaw. Cinders l'ed While some cinders had been dumped there following the recent accident, a lot more were needed to effect some material improvement in the road, he said. "Due to the ice conditions, cars go into a spin and accidents result," he said.

pouna mije-uunce sx. dic at the MUerieordia hospital mater $2.806 J40, highest since the -boom" Doors, Window Opened years of 1928-29, Included permits for Maximum temperature was 40 nity ward two tours and 52 minutes 111 IUU kWU UUUld 11U several large retail stores, officials above in December. Top reading for P'd to the city on the University fter cltlzens had hailed the arrival- Baby Victoor will receive many gifts including a baby swing, gift box. electric Iron, sweater, cash donations and a free taxi ride from city merchants and also a war savings certificate from Ex. kowtow JomutAb Ernest Wood, J.

A. Hardisty, aU from the Infintry Training Centre in Calgary, Thexton, former University ot Alberta football star and gymnast, enlisted in the ranks in the Edmon- While Mrs. Miskew telephoned for a doctor, Mr. Harstead opened windows and doors in the suite to allow the gas to escape. He later found the gas was escaping from the kitchen range, where a jet was any December was 59 above in 1939 I or Aioena aeoeniures isbuto um 0, 1941 ant' coldest peak being 33 above In eity in respect to the purchase of viH hSL3 not received 19 3 over the 21-year period.

Low- the hospital and still outstanding. her Mme She daughter of I ton Regiment and has been a phys The Other Babies recalled. 1,442 Permit Issued Number of permits of all kinds Issued throughout the year was 1,442, compared with 1,244 in 1939. For December alone, there were 43 permits totaling $19,630, as against 37 totaling $36,954 in the same month of 1939. The tax collection total reported reading was 18 below compared on wnicn ai presem uittrresi ia wcui with 48 below in 1938 and four i paid at half the lace In 1930.

Tctal precipitation Since the sprir.j of 1936 the Al-was 79 inches. Including .08 of an berta government has been offering A lot of traffic enters this highway from the north. The road should be widened and the dangerous curved removed, said Mr. Clark. Mr.

and Mrs. Cyril Victoor, Ville-neuve. Nurses tn the Misericordla were excited and proud of the 1941 girl. They also are proud that their hos- Following are other babies born open. i Electric light In the kitchen of I the suite had been left burning.

Neither police nor fire department was notified of the occurrence. on New Year's day: In the Royal Alexandra hospital only hall-interest on an lis Donas A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fyfe inch of rain. Total hours of bright in December was 67 J.

With a cold wave gripping the north, colder weather reached Ed and also on provincial savings cer- ltal hgJ the bihpUce of the tificates and on securities guaran- Npw baby for the past three teed by the province. eftri Nurs uiian Powers, super- ical instructor at the Calgary centre. Wood was a corporal with the Seaforth Highlanders and took part in the arms demonstration at Clarke stadium last September. Hardisty was a member of the Duke of Con-naughts Own Rifles, of Vancouver. The Fusiliers now have eight "Jeeps." rugged trucks used for platoon general transport.

They play an important role in manoeuvres. at 10:35 a boy to Mr. and Mrs. Hesse at p.m.; boy to Mr. and by the assessor's department includ ay uie assessor aepanmeni Parley Will Air Butter Situation inciuu- wj ed current and arrears payments on LsTOUp lO rlonor monton Thursday.

The temperature i dipped to alx below early Monday Gift of lntendent of obstetrics at the hos- Hodn said the hospital Vital, has been present at the birth Mrs. Nick Slyka at 3:55 p.m.: boy to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Loga at 4:05 p.m.. property and business taxes, plus Retired Fireman from Wednesday's hleh mark of "'ZZ." "I of the last three New Year babies.

to Buiia ana was soia nine above. Not much change in illtotMwaU "nt Are PTOnd J1 AA astZTSi Baby Victoor and her mother "are cos'. $352,000 Butter price situation Is scheduled Dinner in honor of Capt. William Martin, who retired this week after nearly 30 years' service with the the $30,000 which the Alberta government has been paying Edmonton annually to replace the service tax the city used to levy has been done since the province began taxing incomes. am.

weanesoayuie n-Mingreacnea and Mr. and Mrs. 2:00 m. Friday between the i blX Welcome 1941 five above, then dropped three de 1UI iU9 iuui.iim. i price was $150,000 In Alberta gov- Victoor are "mlghtly proud their and a girl to Mr.

and Mrs. John Pacholko at 7:45 pjn. In the Misericordla hospital A boy to Mr. and Mrs. A.

Teslyk at 9:57 am, and a girl to Mr. and Mrs. Henkle at 3:31 p.m. A boy born to Mr. and Mrs.

P. R. Coggles at 7:38 p.m. was the lone arrival in the University hospital. Boys led the girls five to four.

provincial price spreads board ana grees during the next two hours. In Police Prison emment debentures, which meant Da By gin was tne ursi new me va butter manufacturers. city fire department, will be held I by members of No. 6 fire hall at the I El Fatio hall at 8:30 p.m. Friday.

Capt. Martin had been in charge i of the south side hall since 1315. that even vita full payment enter tne city W. D. King, board chairman, said A woman in England claims she wrote jjcety during air raids.

I interest on those bonds, the city fcignt oiner DaDiea were corn i city hospitals on New Years day, was "making the university a gift five In the Royal Alexandra, two Celebrating the arrival of New Year in the ceil block is "dif- ferenf but could be a "lot worse." six citizens were willing to admit! Thursday after spending two nights and a day in jail. i Turkey or chicken was not on the I menu for New Year's dinner but; the meeting had been called for the purpose of reviewing the situation and was contemplated before the issuance last week of the federal wartime board's order fixing maximum wholesale butter prices at the level that prevailed in each ARMY NAVY GROCETERIA HTART THE NEW YEAR RIGHT Let us help Too to make this a happv New Year by makln your Grocerv Purchases from the ARMY A NAV GROCETERIA von will be happier, live better and lor less. Free delivery of orders of $3.09 and over accepted op to 4 o'clock Friday and Saturday for delivery same day. Says British Win To Aid Democracy of $202,000 on the deal," the commissioner said. He said bonds to the face value of $77,500 still are outstanding of the original $150,000 worth turned over to the city in 1322, and the government has been paving half- interest on these since 1936.

Yet Edmonton must continue un- til 1967 paving full Interest charges on the original $352,000 cost of the building. Mr. Hodgson said. old-fashioned roast beef and vegetables made a suitable substitute. Military Note PETROL PARK 2nd Corps Troop R.C.A.9.A.

The park will parade as follow: Sunday All rank will report at the armories at 9:45 hours sharp for a church parade to the First Presbyterian church. Tuesday Sections and will parade at 20:00 hour. Petrol Park Plans Parade to Church Approximately 300 officers and men of the Petrol Park, 2nd Corps Trodps. R.CAS.C, will march from the Prince of Wales armories to First Presbyterian church 8unday fnrrnoon for church services. They will parade to the music of the Edmonton Fusiliers brass and bugle bands, loaned to the unit for the occasion.

Roman Catholic member of the unit, who will form, a separate section at the rear of the parade, will continue along Jasper to the cathedral at 113 for COCOA Fry's Pure Breakfast, 1-lb. tin 31c PLUMS, Aylmer, red, per tin 9c JAM, Pure Loganberry, per 4-lb. tin 43c locality on Dec. 12. Mr.

King said the purpose of the conference was to enable the board to keep In touch with the situation. It is not the purpose to deal with interpretation of the federal order or to consider matters that are under federal supervision, he said. It was reported creamery operators are to hold a meeting here Friday to discuss the butter price situation. i It was reported there was a con- I Vigor and extent of democracy throughout the world will be increased by a British victor in the present war, Re. Dr.

A. S. Tuttle, moderator of the United Church of Canada, declared Thursday at a rotary luncheon meeting at the Macdonald. Under terms of the University of Alberta Hospital act, passed by the legislature in 1929 and amended In 1939. any dispute on rates must be DANCE TONIGHT "THE BARN" "Western Canada's Newest, Gayest Night Spot" Music by "THE STABLEB0YS" Gentlemen 40c: Ladies 35e Located en I03rr? Street "Jest North of the Bay" Thursday Sections D.

K. and will parade at 20 hours. and respect at present maintained on a religious and moral basis. All the principles of true democracy have their roots in the church, and the church is ready and anxious to play its proper role In the bulwark flict of opinion on the Dec. 12 wholesale price.

Some dealers claim it was 34; others, 33. Some whole salers Thursday were quoting the 34-cent rate, with butter retailing at 37. The foundation on which "a true and lasting democracy can be built" can be found in teachings of the church. Dr. Tuttle said.

"It has been said that the 18th century believed; the 19th century hoped, and the 20ta century does neither. The dictators have taken advantage of a lack of faith to attempt to establish a new paganism," stated the moderator. "The Immediate aim of democracy at the present time is the winning of a war in which all the principles of democracy are ruthlessly challenged by the enemy. TEA, Malkin's Indian Ceylon Blend, 1-lb. pkg 49c PRUNES, Extra Special 3 lbs.

2jc GHERKINS Sweet Crisp, 14-oz. jars 21 LARD, Maple Leaf, 1-lb. cartons 2 for 1 6c SHORTENING, Domestic, 1-lb. cartons 3 for 31 KRAFT DINNER, a meal for four in a few minutes 1 7c SODA BISCUITS, wooden box 27c JAM, Plum, Pure, 4-lb. tin 35 JAM, K.

B. Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pectin, 12-oz. jars 17c WHEAT HEARTS, per pkg 15c ROLLED Bobin Hood, non-premium 2 for 23c COFFEE, Superior Quality, per lb 33c COFFEE, Maxwell House, per lb. tin 48c HOT CHOCOLATE, Fry's, 1-lb. tin 41 c.

half lb. tin 21c Graham Wafers, Weston's, 1-lb. pkg 2 for 35c RITZ BISCUITS 2 pkgs. 27c submitted to a mutually-named three-man arbitration board and the board's ruling must be accepted as binding by both parties, without appeal. The act says, in this regard: "The decision of the arbitrators, or of ny two of them, shall be conclusive and binding upon the city and the board (the hospital board), and the sura fixed by the arbitrators shall be the sum payable by the city." W.

J. Dick was chairman of the arbitration board, with H. M. E. Evans as the appointee of the hospital and Einar Gunderson.

C.A., as that of the city. Mr. Dick was named Jointly by the two other arbiters. Another part of the board's ruling sen-ices. At First Presbyterian churcTi.

service will be conducted by Rev. J. MacBeath Miller, minister. At the cathedral, solemn high mass will be celebrated by Rev. R.

V. Bntton. Rev. Emmett Doyle will preach. Church parade will be under the command of Capt.

George Crossley, acting officer commanding. MNY TELEPHONE CALLS Volume of long-distance telephone rails to all parts of Canad over the holidiv was "heavy." officials ing and extension of democratic principles throughout the world," stated Dr. Tuttle. Democracy had first been conceived in ancient Greece, but throughout the ages it had never been completely attained. There was reason to hope and believe that it would assume a new and vital role worthy of its merits in a post-war world, he added.

jANUATTy Mv Aim for Future "The future aim should be the Electricity used by industries of Palestine is 75 per cent above a year ago. of the Alberta Government Tele phones reported Thursday. says the city must begin at once paying the hospital 38 cents a day for Edmonton patients treated in the hospital's so-called SPORTING GOODS Year-End Statistics clinic, now stationed In the Kelly' EGGS, Large, doz. EGGS, Medium, doz. 31C Ramsey building.

Up to now, the extension of equal opportunity in the economic field to all individuals and all nations," Dr. Tuttle maintained. Recent speeches by His Majesty, Prime Minister Churchill and other British statesmen have Indicated Britain's Intention after the war to adjust tariffs and distribute raw materials in a manner conducive to democracy between nations, he continued. "Already emerging in Britalr is a' 1940. 1939.

Cml lotion I3.76fl.302 Bulldinn permit 1,442 1.244 Value, building Final Clearance Skates Professional Shoes Tube Skates Extra Special! BEST FILTERED CLEANING Spring COATS. Ladies Two-piece Tailored SLITS, Men's SUITS, Plain DRESSES. Boys, sizes 13" and Ladies, sizes 3, 4, 5 and nerm I city has been paying a flat rate of $3,000 a year. The award says the payments must not total more than $4,000 a year under the new set-up, but Mr. Hodgson said the costs of the clinic are so high that the city is certain to pay the $4,000 maximum each year.

-99 Mens, sizes 6. 7. 8 and 10. Only a few pairs onop eariy. oaie (202 220 S1R4.146 1163 392.

$155,359 3.109 3.814 J.053 1.909 1.148 985 City land sale City rentals Birth Marriages Deaths Dry Cleaned and Pressed PECEMBEM STATISTICS 1939. 1940. new equality in the enjoyment of privileges and advantages formerly reserved for a small group," said the moderator. Rooted in Church "The ultimate aim of should be the widespread establishment of freedom, Individual rights LIFEBUOY SOAP 3 for 17c LCX TOILfT SOAP 3 for 14? FLOOR WAX A. ii N.

Gives real hard finish 1-lb. tin 25e FLOOR WAX Japalac 1-lb. tir. 33e OLD DUTCH CLEANSER Tin 9c S0D0NE, 2-lb. pkg.

20c POLISHING OIL Brindleya Cedar or Lemon Bottle 15o TURPENTINE Bottle 17e BAKING POWDER Nabob 12-os. tin 17e 16-os. tin. 20c; 3 -lb. tin, 49c; 5-lb.

tin 79c PEAS Country Kist Sweet Wrinkled 3 tins 28c GREEN BEANS Prairie Maid 3 tins 28c COCOANUT Desiccated or Shredded Lb. 19e FIGS Cooking 2 lbs. 29c FEARS Light Evaporated 2 lbs. 33e RAISINS California Seedless Lb. 14c WALNUTS Light Cracked Lb.

29c TOILET TISSUE 9 rolls 25 WESTMINSTER TISSUE 4 rolls 23c TOMATO JUICE Brimfnll 20-oz. lie LIQl'OR SALES NORMAL While detailed Information is not yet at hand, liquor sales during the New Year's eve period will measure up to previous years, J. A. King, chairman of the Alberta llauor control board, said Thursday. 3 S9.9A5 $13,226 240 220 91 43 .2.806 $13,366 240 154 112 DolIarCleaners Phone 23513 Bulldlnu permit Value building permits City land sales City rental Births Deaths DELUXE MEN'S SKATING OUTFITS I Both Pleasure and Hockey models.

ai -a I Regular $595. Sale I "''iMsassBssa Shin and Knee Pads HOCKEY GLOVES Be. $1.10 pair. Sale. 89c Keg.

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Sale, $10.00 I ELBOW PADS OA Reg. $1.65. Sale, pair $1LV SHOt'LDER FADS A Reg. $4.30. Sale i SHOI LDER AND ARM PADS i IMifY if SPECIAL MEETING DUMP-TRUCK OPERATORS A Special Meeting of all Dump-truck Operators will be held January 3rd.

1941, at l.O.OJF". Hall, 10169 103rd Street, at 8 pm. YOUR PROBLEMS WILL BE DISCUSSED BE THERE I ALBERTA MOTOR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION Fight Fast-Spreading HOCKEY PANTS Size 28 to Reg. $3.00. Sale $2.59 BONELESS CHICKEN Aylmer, 7-oz.

tin 25c PUKE POEK SAUSAGE, Burns' 19c SPOBK, Burns', per tin 25c SPAGHETTI and MEAT BALLS, Burns, per tin 1 1 CHILI CON CABNE, Burns' 2 for 27c 32. Reg. $1.60. gl in Sale, pair BOIS' GOAL PADS Reg. $7.7.

Sale, pair $5.99 Hockey Sticks Beg. 65c. Sale 55c Beg. 85c. Sale 69c Beg.

$1.10. Sale 94c Beg. $1.35. Sale, $1.15 Beg. $1.60.

Sale $1.29 GRIPPE COLDS THIS PROVEN WAY! Poring the present epidemic don't let a courh, sneexe, ache or ithlver go unchecked. At the very first lrn take Buckley's Cinnamated Capsules and Buckley's Mixture. This double-treatment acts fast. Buckley's Mixture eases the cough almost Instan'ly and helps correct over-aridity. Burkley's Cinnamated Capsules give too the benefit of not ONE hut THREE cold-dispelling Ingredients.

One ingredient brings euick relief from aches, pain and cold misery. Another stimulates and lefreshes. The third Induce a beneficial relaxation of the nerves. A fourth Ingredient OH of Cinnamon ha long been a standbj In Europe for fighting grippe and similar maladlev Be Prepared. Get these two dependable Buckley remedies NOW.

If this treatment doe nat bring. SKI POLES Children 'g. Sale, pair. 79c Youths. Sale, pair 95c Adults.

Sale, pair $1.49 VEGETABLES Celery Crisp Green Utah 2 lbs. 19c Lettuce Large, Crisp Heads 2 for 15c Apples Delicious, Fancy 4 lbs. 25e Apples Mcintosh Reds, Fancy 4 lbs. 25c Apples Mcintosh Reds, Grade i lb. 25 FRUITS AND Sweet Potatoes 3 lbs.

23c Tomatoes Firm Ripe Lb 17c Cauliflower White Snowball Each 20c Cranberries Late Howes Lb. 29c Mincemeat ..2 lbs. 25c Oranges Large Doz, 29c Family Size Do. 21c Lemons Juicy Dos. 25c EDMONTON TECHNICAL SCHOOL EVENING CLASSES Opening Night Monday, January 6th, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Classes in: Commercial Subjects, Motor Mechanics, Machine Shop, Welding, Radio Servicing. Woodwork, Modern Merchandising. Show Card Writing, Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing Electricity, Coal Mining, Aircraft Repair Mec.iuiics, Sewing Telephone 22875 for Information. EDMONTON PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD 1 M. J.

HILTON, Principal, Technical School. R. SHF.l'r ARD, duprrtnUndrnt of Schools. prompt relief call joor doctor. 10014 102nJ Avenue Phone 22573.

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