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THE RACE FOR THE WhITE HOUSE. BfiyrlgM bf I'nd. raood Under vrood A Half Century Spent Amoni? Men Who Were Atoning Sins Against Society (errtiniif- from aetcad of the New York Staie Re Kfonnatory. a- Elm I Hr. Bre tor nearly twenty-flvo years.

from May, lo1'" the Btory of a prlaoneT of thfj ceptlon-! ehua who adaiitted in 1171. among the second hundred prisoners re ceived. The story of this man is so inter? esting and iuggeattve that the issomewha' yeara of age when re reived at tbfl reforinatory Bruckwa' the priaoaer was small of ftet ti tall. w- rt poonds. but of fme form and lanata good frrality Hla apeech and his were iBflt-BCtlvely those of a gentK aaa Mei he lerably calTared and arithe ii ibe ommi i tonreit of eoa mbad was Hstute, rather than pl It without ap.

In ihrni to have hf-althv ir.mdefi and well developed 0. to morality hc rai BaaBflfre. bul I telllgently voiced tbe comrnorily accepted of right and v.rons of things. and 1 usual s-perftciality of appreclation "Theological thflOTltfl of Delty offend ed by reason of his smfulness ga no bul the mis fortune of hia mlstake. the unworthlness and the folly of hlfl offeaoi vet he phllo hlmself to the ln At tl.e age of fourteen obedleot to the v-nderluet he rar.

away from bOBM the Ohlo to a large interior Weat? ern clty. where. for a time, he joined the Bubsisted i apapera and otherwlse as gamir.s until he set the Jo'o of bellbov- a large hotel. Soon, fortunatelv. permanent gnesl nl tbe botel, a membe: of thi unlvarall waa eni-ated.

iad und Buence and friendly tl I oy earnestly eftered on a i 0f study. enabled hirn to increase b-8 by extra ev-ntngs "i-a and friendly ai a credltably and became a full member of tbfl ualvi. I a Ifashionable mountain aummer reeort i Where, because of his BZCfllh Bt BOCtal qualificatlons, ffldUty gaifl I I amuaenaenta, ar.i his ahiiitv ai account ttflj, he waa glvea compenaatlon At tract by the pteflauiflfl and gance of Hfe nt thli aort, a Ith the warm ii it'- dship and promloe ample i pecuniary Inveotmenl by a gueet of hotel, a multi-mlllionaire of about his OWB age. a little wearled. too, with the bny and thfl small salary of profi i ship.

he reslgned from the unlveralty, put posing with bls frlend to open. as th'-y bad aiready of 'he largest and best modern Weat "Sudden.y. hefo-e thfl arrangf montfl completed. his Wflfllthj frlend died i Tbe project waa rtly up and he was turncd adrift wlth less tnan a thouiand dollat' z- whlch wen soon gone He made hla way to New Tork Clty, where te refldUy obtained em? ployment as a bookkeepei In hardware house. taste propOBlty roi Rei.tle men's gan.bluig acqulrcd Bl II reeort hc Indulged in in Nea I rrl tl the haunts Of professlonal Oa Ofll Optimists Drea i ii r.i from fourlh paflfl.

a partner ln that game with deai must play all the way to North Whltfl Plalna. He haa bo one la the lltU? box which he occuples at the front flnd of the mulUplfl unlt train to check him in reading of those elghty-six hlgnals. And ean readlly underatand how doubt of the Infalllblllty of fa I sensea rnust a sail thfl buman belng responsibl for so many llret under Buch conditions. Those dlfferent slgnals. meaning di' things.

whlp paat a plunging traln rapMly, especlally ln thfl half llght of a tunnel. ihat thfl prflaeflOfl Of an? other pair Of eyea aeelug the same OOlol greatly rollevfl the nervous fltraln, gftcr the only real punlshment, p.v chologlflta -av, is that of lonellaeaa flnd the peration of a traln full of fellOW Ings, oblivlous of your exlatence. throtign in oava when death awaits only a tflgfat break ln the work lion he loM gar; .51 I rh. i ropei I bul pul up arm loat No had I en of Um ivi pald thfl atorc after the afe. "Frmn day te la fei re.i ti ir.

tbfl bopea to a ha bfl I restore 't. Fo. thlfl he boTowed till and lost again. age tht Ml alai med at the feai' 1 he his ladlBcretlon, hi i la 1 flrfloi Bundfl ty to earn aml refund the emo int "To thlfl Um mpk) Ing, aasented, facti at thfl Mondfly things werfl 1 and the clerh afrald he had Bgreod, I for the Intervtea ln" tiuif irt ol r.enerai Beifllonfl. Hen all th I of Electric braln onl longed, di Ive Hii BBCOfld ohjectlon, and th apply nol ealy to muli I tfl thOBfl "-1" Of I iifli on Ihe Ivanla roads, his to dO Itfa tl man'a flapoeed poeltloa.

fllta beblnd paa? of gtaaa ln i'" ihe train paa nflerfl ai AA forget tbat whei moUva hlta Bomethlng a tbfl trflci II Ifl not only thal aomi thlng or Bomebody Buffera, but alao the moUvfl and. 11 ma the On a flteai lotlvi i reaUeee, tha alta ovei tbe raar af th? long bollei whb atreti UM nt ol anrt' Olllfl. glaacfl at Um I'i't of tl locomotlvfl aaed wlll show that tlus provMefl IA, render In the "aualllan cab" whlch sticks oui alae feei ka froai of thfl France Comes Here from tltih pM very M-aaiaT' Burf.e! JW' by tbfl aaaaaa. tmm Ira dhniaiat "Wn'1 8urfa'; of om. nS th'Ji a nlce'- ateadiiy wlth tba the An wuuyala Bvena sParforatlon, of th.

rr rrrc-r, he will fmt desiderau a tlme, aady tr, r-maln pre-ent Sa? thi. i. tlie Blliai araii, the th! Mt eaplaln. off UrKet have taught their both htV6 tnodlflad to of our ble.Bing* in thia world wlth dlBcounting alloya. powder wme to perfect comb-j.

i developed wlthln In bumlng temperature nearly melilng point of steel, ai know' ls of 0Ul fluna are bullt. When the pr? to Learn Secret of ifletUfl daaa aol Ml thfl bore pf the rlflfl eo that the gaaefl cannot eaeape forward Bflfll lt aa tl.e flbeLl ranceO, then these flOBM um weapefli Hke the ettach of the Intenaa flaaae of a biowpipe. This eau Away tha rlfung and soon daaflrayfl tflfl flrlng accuracy af the weflflm II tbat the Kngllsh cordl.e Ifl WOTOO ln tblB rflflpoet than our smokeless powder. an.i effort of tha cheinlal lo find aome agent whWh will redflCfl tl.e heat of com althout affectlng the othe, flW? attrlbutes of the propellant BB dilmel by roHeaa Uattbfl accon.pllshe<l thla end, but Ofl a.hlevement ls merely one of degree an ta not absolute. The problem MtUoA.

a con.plex OBC. The stee s-the fltted phy.ic.lly for Jjdfljjce more or le.a rlch ln loj. whleh rnake them what they flffl fllloy. the me.ting fllBjMj meials, and to Just that tflfl. more eptibb' to Ofl effed of the IfltOBB.

heat of tomary io roUoe the big gnnsel tbe navy so many full Hervbe charges flflflfl ln, fl.ed ln them. and thfl mc cbanlcal fad.itle* make It ble to do thlfl at a relatlvely moderate outlav rellned guna are Just aa good as new Smokelesa powder, after a years. even though BOaled llnders. la l.kely to dry out and becom too la. ImpetuoUH in lt raie of ia no that condition flt or flflfa guns But the powder la not thrown away.

aa would have been the case wlth old gunpowder when damaged TBfl smokeless propellant ia returned to th faoteay, where lt reworked and turned out once more acceptable to theiBWf Tljia rehabllltatlon ia arcompllahed at a outlay- actually costlng Mflfl than tl.e preparatlon of an entlrely new pro? pellant. Thla ahowa us how Inaefltruc tlble the vegetable celluloae which con atltutes the naa- of smokelws Old gunpowder had to be kept dry lest becomfl utterly unflt for servlee. IBBB powder can bc aoak-d and dried again without harmful effect. provided the propellant Ifl BOt allow. to mlldew.

Again nt see bow much better tl.e Iliodc. POWdei than the old ones. The chem fl, Smokeless Powder I gchlavamei aad ta Baeklna to Improvi ortaaaci ooca and who say form the better. wiii take ba thf oeai futuri matter of fa-t. a certain "fltablllaei beea dlacovered wbieh nol onl preservea the beal featuri of the powdei tor kmgei -aflrled, liul alao glvea check tbe wltb arhtch -ig dnrini carta a ol ti al igi i af without balni bv.i national blaa, it mav ba Btttnaij iBlmed lhal the i nea golng a rery arlaa 'hing ln eleeUna to patteT-r.

thetr propellanl aftei our Bat avaa arlth thia gaifl la the ta bnlcal improvemf-nf, th'- naval efflcen win have tu obaervfl rartala as we do. hecause may fm ther disasters. iiaa vlrtuall: ravelatJoBlaod tha raafa nnd the tactlc of the next battie upon the aeai hm it ha the nOOd of -imple I'i' tlnual ln tlmes of pBBCI ANIMAL CROOKS. "There are BBHHIg BBtmalfl as among B4ld a fltudent. "Take, for example.

the ha horse looks very DOMe very eh? Yet tlme and agaln a horse will folgn lameness ln one leg or UM Otb4M because he knows that. when he's his boaa w-in let Mm taaf "jack Lovar totja aboul Bhltapaaaoe lhat thev once fed on cake and wine haa he" had a cold. Tl.e rascal nov up a bad rough Ifl thr hope uf gettlng more wlne and cake "But the cuckoo ls the vvorsi cuckoo ioo flighlv a lady tu willlng to slt IB a nest and hat. Ottt ckss, so she in the nests Of other blrds. Oflfl nnd one there.

and, by tO COmplOte the deceptlon. she absiracts egg frew tm nest she laya ln, that addition of her own egg went be no tlced. "A crlmlnal-not a common I rook the Australlan parrot. I a vegetatian, thia foul btrd nnw BahU on a Bbeep'a baoh aad, standing where the reach hlm, he hackfl hi. aay down to tbe llver.

whleh b4 BBtfl aheep murder.d bv pan-ots fur thalr llver eoaatltute nf the grava laaaai AuatiaUaa bbmkp farming." i.e llinll. -i 0f Mr POlBl and Bt of I ni th- of llng and "Hla tnifltfl lo thi Railways While through whlcb otbei n. whatev. to break tl wlndoa In Ud wl i um. roua hlghwa the Bea i a i lula ui on these multlpU lUini i bai gol between ictlon "i irttUon it is no' of abead blm I it of thi wlndoa and down ani thlng ti" to bi the ihocb from waflon oi ora.ui itomoblli, oi inything havi bad caaee a bera baa thronflh ihe gla And LflWifl Aii'istion-r.

i fln enfllnea ea tha Weei fldmltted that "ne of multlpli unll iralna hll a naa oncfl it ooped up Into Um bwUB hile fl.i BtOBO, grand the Brotheii. of Looomotlve KngJnee. contended thal a hai -i in a motormaa'a lap ea this road in tn. ii however, tet lha bene nervi thal the of mulHple UBll tram mu i beep OB Hltlfl I'Vei Bl 1 "" ill tha tlrofl operatfl bla tra stiouhi an flutomobile Jump Iflto hlfl cab him, or ahould he merely ralnt frlght ar Um proepeet, hla i and wouid natnraUj drop thla lever, levai WOUld IIy bach, Ihfl current wouM i WOUld set. flll, Ia iie of the Pflanaylvanta, that Btretch of It al leaat, betweea thi Btreel BtatlOB aad Transfer, ifl um caafl of Um Wew Haven, it mual bt laaBomherad 'hat there ara io I flfla roeelnga ha path fllw Iria tralBfl and that tbfl I lOBOr, BBOTfl tiu- operator ha- of his trach la must clear gatfl.

BfflflM bfl hanl 10 ImagiM greater ui train Bfll ra ll'iti Ii.i li thal Of UM Ofl ''enn Bylvanta flleetrlc locomotive, bauhng a trala through Um eteaa, Btralghl tuba under thfl HudflOB Bfld under Bergflfl Mlll ta Manhattan Tranafer. u- flta aa a stool boalda his master controlier in Uttlfl ciiiiiiiartment taking up the verv fronl hM tooompUve. wlth a big wm diow in irotit of him glvlng him au abOO lUtOly imobstructed view of bls tia'k feet away. en a Maallar atool, in fronl of a slmllar WtodOW. flltfl hlfl belper, when the latter Isn't hehln.l somewhero tcud ing the apparatoa ortdoh baata the train.

With his lefl hand the englneer the lover af bM controlier OVOT earefully and t'i BtaH the heavy traln with? oul blowing oui a fuse His right hand has He Ior the little handle wllh whlch bfl applles bls "air." The motor, flflflh.1 IM tunnage of PutlBMJM, gains momeiituin as doej. an Hiiioni'ibiie. boundlng ahead under ita as he notches up aml swaylllg on lt prings an auloiiioblle wlll tbe road. Iflterlocklng signais gulde It aerOM thfl open atatlon yard un open WlndoWfl th" i ne.i vaii- v. we wen wbaa I ai.s 0 the Belng ma HHi i i ng aork i left the prlfloaer alonfl until I ild return.

whleh I exi aeted lo do al oflce, baM araa detalned uatll mid artthout anxlety thal There Btlil al work al of our pmbleui. but Ifl i nothlng. but hlfl and hla forai aating ii, told me of his fearful battl I ind 1 arfullj 8 again to BUbJael hlm a I thfl of hla lng ln ilttl hlmself with that bi araa vv.ib Bubjactlvely erimlBOue ifli hlfl maM what laflui need by I had unwlttlfli Bl bj thal remi Engineers tii it pi.n Ib tub ahere, fai the twllight, tbe eBftae I Ughl and I gbr loa above thfl ri.ii.i i thi Bl doari ipaaklfli i fc" gaala, four or five of in the ta more of tube. before him, at flrst Utal only the single then BOaror and nearer ufltll the acoompaajrtag deflnea Then Ihe thing aal, and far abaad irvfl of thi gradfl appeau Ita dupllcati tha ralght. motoi aloarfl down ln under the the rlvei il nothlng paata, there la ao fltan of flUuggle, and ha a mo meal or taro II I a ai aal of ihe graund nt russmg ihe meadoara A eeafflntrag blaa tiua iho i the eiiKinf-er applies hn Quips and Jests Bo MOTHER HELPS ENTERTAIN.

'hiilutte von I'ortlandt Nicoll ie nt. gavo tho rarf oa. aaoaoh bathlag tea party, a aaaa-aarvaal aradlag oui wlth boat-ehaped aoallna tea table. perfeetly appolnted, whaiafrou Ml Nicoll ami ber frteada in flve feet of watar, partoob of buttered laaat, caravaa illln-. flOOBOfl and Cooaratulated opoa ihts novel party.

who ls a Blster of Del.ancev NleoUj BBBllod snd BBid I belleve 111 tbfl Who ls the hosiesa Of M's Hlanc'fl lv pe. Blaac vv.ib gOvh-g party on her ya-hi Tb" alfiiir. lOf some reaaon. aaa arafgtag drendfuiiy. Tho guests talbed af nuthing bal Iba weather.

and BV4B ln thlfl talk there would come long, I. iti riu.Menly Mrs. Blanc. loalng her bal fell heavllv agalnst her mofhei -1n law, wli" BBl I'fslde tlie low rall. BBd ith a moanlng cry the dear old woman he.idforemoBt overboatd.

oourae she rescued. but after uard Mr BlBSM Mra. Hlanc pri ratelj ta taal riumay vou he aald. 'tn knn, 1, BBOthOr Inin the water like thal! afrald she won't care to vlslt us hfl a hurry. Vou really flhould be innre i nreful sald Mrs Planc.

'be 1 had to do somethlng. I had to. I'idn't you see how our iv was GENIUS AND CRUELTY. The late Thomas P. the noted artlst.

was mice deaciiblng durlng a le? at the Academy of Flne in Philadelphla the maliclous wlt of a brother arli-t. "Daub, paOf unsuccessful Daub." Mr. Anehttta Hald. "once told thia malicloua ganloa ihat he liad lost hla baby. Loal your baby, genlua sald, a.ljusting his monocle nervoualy.

'Poor nld Daub! Another of your worka AN IMPOS3IBILITY. Senator Penrose, at a dlnner party the Philadelphla Club. said of a certain polltical organUatlon's fallure- Iberlng the simllarity ot hta situation at' I the tlni" of hta CTlBM with aiy own more fortunate poker game BBpflrtflflflB. nearly forly v.ars before, I asked the board of rr.anagers to take ex.ept'.onal actlon by graattflfl bls absolute without the usual parole perlod. Thls waa done roniptly.

thus termlnatlng our control. i and he left New York for his BflUVfl pla i ln another state. "Altoflother roluntarUy, for maay ha ifterward, ba i me advteed of 1 his progrflofl and proflpoctfl by ootfaMoafll Ifltten -taturalli. Bfld ba tme more and more angTooaod ui WPH. frflQoent, aad ri, praeUcallj cMaad wlth om announdflfl his betrothal 10 the daughter ling banker.

one of the ni .1 of hla community. 'I learned from him and BlBO from the father Of the famlly into whirli he mar? ried. that before his BMurrlage, al a fam? lly gatherlng whv li had arranged for i-ose. he had BCQUalnted them all wlth crlme and eoaaaalttal ro th? re formatory. And, alngutai to relate, be toid me.

when we met many yaara after. Ihat from Um date of that "pen exptana tlon B0 icference to this portton of hlfl tg Their Heads te fllow down before i drawbrldfle, where Interlochtng fllfl glvfl him a dear track or stop blm Without another fltgn Of fUM bl iteed obeya blm, it doea afflh. when across thfl brldge hfl WOrkfl Iflfl bflfldM Ol hta controlier over to th? last noteh oflce more. The hlflflflfl flll tbe cab again as thfl big motor approachflfl Manhattan and COBflfl as lt tO rest befltdl Btatlon platform. In thlfl short ride there been BOna thfl Jai wlth which steam locomotives pound thfl ralla Ho flmoki i -team baa ObflCured -urnals or half BUffOOflted engi? tieer aml BremflB, no; to manUon tbe dtlzenablp represented bl rhe glidlng eara bflhtnd.

The air has remalned pure. thfl cai- baa reflBBtned iBUBflOulfllei even the flnglneer ma-. from 1ns cab as uni lf. Bed In appaaraacfl and demeanor as .1 lawyer hlfl offlce Heart) aneeatng ic an evidence of bust health. Weakllng' seldom rn of Mood of Aftei 1 "NO WOnder they failed They tricd to I do thfl Impoaaiblfl.

They were lika a little BprilCfl street girl. Thla little gta-'a aaverneafl found her standing, aii dreeaod, in a full betbtub. aaid tho Bovflrnne. what un earth are you bedraggted youaflwler, as ahe Bllmbed ruefutty out of tha tub, replied: 'i've been trytnfl to walh on the water, and. let bm tell it's no MR.

TAFT TALKINO FATALISM. Taft," said a Waalungton "took tlie Kep ublican cu last month phllosophlcall. Me said if he was fated to be nominated he'j he noaadflated, and on this head he lold a friend of mlne a Uttle story. "A Orand thfl fltory ran, asked his master. tbe Sultati.

for permltslon io depart at once for Smyrna. Vou may go. Vlzier," the Sultan an Bwered, 'out why this Buddfln dopertureT Alas, said the Orflfld have seen the Angel of Death among the throng before your throne and he looked at me so long and strangeiv 1h.1t 1 ani sure he must have come for me 'Uo. then. (lo at the Sultan said; and after the departure he bockOBOd the Angel of Death to him and asked: Why dld you gaze so atrangely at my Orand Vlzier?" I waa only the angel answered, why the man was here, for I have ordera to klll him late thla after? noon In Smyrna." THE SARDONIC MEAT KING.

Mrs. Mary Austln, the novellat, waa talking at Mrs. Helmont'a headquarters 111 New York about the prlmltlve woman. "The prlmltlve woman," she aald, "was the boaa. Stronger, not weaker, than man, the prlmltlve woman ruled the roost.

"ln faet, she govemed aa the trusts govern only she governed more wlsely and more kln.ily. 8he wasn't like Oobsa. Oolde. the sardonlc meat king. Don't you aympathlse wlth the people who are eomplalning about the high cost of living." a stranger once asked Gobsa.

1 the multl-mllllonaire replied blatery had to his knowledge made. flltbOT Wlthln or without the famlly "The last knowledge I had of this niau was on November 14, after the laps" Of tareoty-flvfl years, when he called on nie at my private home ln Klmlra. flfty four vears of age. iotund. BBBtUTOd Bfld prosperous.

I did not him until hta VOlCfl lecailed his Identity. "Wlth a warm hand givsp and I face add 'Reachlng Buffalo teet nlght on my way from New forh to i yielded to tiie impulM to latarrflpl to rnahe thla call on the tweety llfth introduction t-. ege on tbfl hill' "Hfl -M pleased that on bear ing I I ahould 80 q.iii kly lur katervlew ex? tended through the day and most I fylng to tM me of hii bttflli lea and diaappolBl men: imphfl and hlfl of which I bfld 1 1 -'He was. or had tr.asurei of a tha waya an.i aaeanfl i ommttteo of the common coundl, aa i airea.iy knew from othera, had been detagated io negotiate New Clty block inty londs lo fllity lle spoke of lus happy famlly an.i ahflwed photographa bla two grown daughtera soon to he mai I I "Then, menUonlng happlly i nangen i hesttattn od to tiie reformatorj ezperlencfl of the ear'ier n. (real- taike.i about lt all.

"Hfl said thal Bl the Ume tba eontraet between bta cufltomary cutalM aiid tbfl rmatorj food and coking flfflfl di" and Irrit.ulng. and then he felt tbat the BtrtBflflfll'.ations rcquired to a condition of lelease Were tr mlnutfl esaeUag. "Ib hoaraver, he was gr.ite fjl for the plaln, nutritlOUfl dlet and gcn reeton hta poe I health. and bo fott tbat the dledpltaary hen of tlv g.eate-t aervioa la bta proflperlty. "Ab tba talk wenl ob ii he dhnly dleceri ed thal boom myatartoafl ni determined every item of blfl eiitl.e c.reer.

and i-rnef dally it. Ti.e iioiirs oi ooaverflatieo, all too over, nnd the tlme for his ure near, I gladly walkcd wlth him to Ulfl where we partcd. Ifl all proba never to meet again." Dinner Merriment aympflthlafl with the nie you mentlon mest profoundly, lf thlflgfl go on as I expe.t. in three or four months' time I hope to mpathizc aiih them twice as much." LIKE W. WHITE.

William Bryan. looking up from a dish of Baltimore arflhfl in Bfllti nioie. tohi reperter thal a certaln reflMflMed washing tOn White -On tbe autaklrta of Lincoln." he ccn tinued, "I waa caught by a atorm one day took shelter in a one story cot? tage leaflfld abomlnably My hoat. one Washington White. apologized for thfl and I sald to him: Hut.

Washington. why don't you patch tbe place." ye aee, aaid he. 'when tt a rainln' I can't do lt, and when It'fl dear it don't need doln', ao 1 Jest naturally leave lt KEEPING UP WITH FATHER. Dr Ueorge f.owling. tlie Inaugu rator of the antl-kissing movement, toid Bfl add kissitig story at a luncheon tn Llndsay, Okla.

A boy." he sald. "decided to fool his mother. Aceordlngly he ran Into the alt tlng room and cried: Oh, ma. there'a a atrange man in the kltchen kiaaing the With a determined frown hlfl mother roae and hastened kltchenward. But Juat before ahe reached the door the boy laughed and aatd: 'No.

It aln't a atrange man. ma. It a only a POOR FATHER. Mayor Turnbull of Canton waa talking about a atatement made all unconactojsly by a Titanic offlcer, that had been a terrlble biack eye for the Titanic admlnls tration. "Thla atatement." he sald.

"rflmloda me of a Uttle Canton boy. Tommy, why are you ao unklnd to your nurae? Why don't you lovo her? his mother once aaked him 'Becauae 1 the infanl terrlble replied. Juat hate her! I could plach her cheeka llkc papa.

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