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New-York Tribunei
New York, New York
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8 WEES BREAK EVEN Great Pitching Marks Double- Header with Cleveland. FORD IN HIS BEST FORM Hughes and Kaler Give Remarkable Exhibition in the Second Game. Three pitchers. Ford. Hugtiei and Kaler.

MM The. "fan?" who paw the Yankees vrrak 'yen in a double-reader with Cleveland yesterday finest exhibition or isllllaal that has been roabollts in MM rJaM. With Ford in the box the Yankees walked away tho first by a of I to 1. HuKhes took an ascension the eleventh inning of the second. allow ins the to score five runs and capture the by a score of to 0.

Russell Ford was easily the brightest in the He made eleven the Naps walk the plank by the way of --r Strike ont in the first tamo. and three hits, two of bcinp credited Jo While old Cy pitched pretty pood ball, be could not up the which the yours Tank" twirW Youns allowed eipht hits, which ho tailed to keep scattered. KaJrr and Hushes had a keen battle in the second frame, and the 1 was more or of draw lint i Hughes weakened' In the Tom did not allow the Naps a until the tenth Only one Cleveland player reached in the first nine lnnines and he sot a on Austin's error The end came in the eleventh, when three bunched hits. coupled with pass or so and an error. tallied five runs.

Kaler kept up an even. Etjsady pait. holding his opponents to three hits for eleven The Yankees had opporttmit to win the pame, hut th- Cleveland twlrler was invincible with mejj on. 'he Naps started off bravely enoueh. Fcorinc a run in the first Inning of the Turner hit the first ball pitched for a iloul the first base line and FToie third.

Although mason fouled out Austin. Turner took a lone chance ana scored on a short passed ball, making a beautiful Tliat was the best the visitors ro'jjd do. The Yankees tied score in the second liriue. when Knicht sineled and went clear to thirfi on a ild was out to Stovai'. Bcorlng.

Another run added in the sixth. Daniel? tnKinc pecond. on an error and fhirtl on a wild pitrli. He tallied on haces lone Baerifice fly to Thompson. ford's started mon trouble in the richttu and lie was held on Third AVoirer were put out Krunn fwrnbled i 'hash's and Ford Feared.

Ha! sr-M life at first on the error. took on single and scored safe drive to left Xhe scond same was bitter contest for ten with each team fisrhtinis arid for tbe 1 Kites the fircr for visitors in the jrminr. followed him with another Niles takins third The latter tried to nn Siovall's prounder to was out at the plated In Insr. however, the Naps pot to Hughes Althourh Ball ard Lord were easy outs. singled to Turner drew a papf.

tad Thomason beat out an Infield bit. fniinc ihe bases. Niles singled to rieht field, scoring Kaler Turner. K'lierit fumbled Lajoie's £rounner a n.l Thomason scored. singled to centre.

scoring Niles ar.d The score GAME STEW YORK. i ibrlbpcae T'sni'lr. 412 1 411 in rf I ft 40 ci r. O0 Chate. 6 94 lf 4 3 00 ff 312 3 302 4 1 2b 4o i 1 Btoval lr .2 00 On cf SO 0 (i no Bhsrn.

f.if JOO 1 on Austin a i-i Knaupp no 3 12 Hi.r*nr\. fr, noij OO 300 23 0 Fort. "12 30jToung. p. 3no ft 30 ''talc Totals.

91 34 12 8 i 0 6 1 9 2 4 1 4, I. 1, 11-1 Tvn- hsse bay Ht-Fort Chaw PtrtVn Tvrrier. Knirht Iv-ft 2: Fi-st base on York Knight and Si rock out By 11. Bases Off Port. 1.

rouns. I. mid Voung PECOXD GAME. L.EVETMXD. NEK YORK abribpoaf.

Turner. Dtgniels. If SOI 3 O0 I no.Wnlior rf 411 11 00 If--- ''i: 2 OO Chase, 40D15 1 ci 2b 1 30 1" 1 84) lb 1 2b. SOU I 2 4 4 401 3 11 Ball 4 AuMin. 4 1 I.aii'i.

Oij.r 4 11 1 St AllA 11 Ka'er. 1... II 300 'Roa-h 1 11 11 0 no 7 13 Total? 33 0333 17 1 ror HuxiieE in the eleventh inninp. 11 .1 'i 11 11 11 Nc V.M,. 1.

(i 0 Import- Btolei fiaee Ta.i'.K on Oevcland. 3 Wiv fork First hatr on 1 Struck out by 7 Basec KpdJi amJ O'Lourhlin. ATHLETICS TROUNCE TIGERS Coombs Invincible and Holds Detroit to One Run. PhUaOelnhhj, A-c. PI II Ip ia easily score of 7 1o 1.

honv? team hit hard, w'-iilo Coombs was Jack BheriJan. of staff of American in Ow of Esan. latter li to ibr stiles hrre, failed to The omrn fOllOtl'S: ijetroit. pi ab 1 if. 4 200 O'd-ire.

I 2b 4 22 2 r.0c.h1.. .4111 Rakor. 3b. 4 2 2 foni. rf 41.

I. Tttyte. -lb. 0 Moriart y. 3b.

221 Slorphy.Tf.*O 2 1 12" fen 32 22 1 I JT. Jones. 3 70 0 Lapp. "2 1 7 1 OjSchmldt. CntPi.c 111 2" 1 ii 000 Him 1 ihmi Trials.

7 IT. 27 1" 1 Totals V.2 7 2 out: Mt hy ball. for Suiii'mers in eisluii 2 2 1 i. 7 'i i. I.

in 7 off in Irinc. I'll hit I4aro- plays- and Collins; ard ciiirt. Phila-j I'irs-i lit.s" orr'ir- 1. Summers. j.y Coombs. Sim I l-toombE. 2. Wild plti-h- Summers, i '1. Connolly Sheridan. ST.

LOUIS. 4. WASHINGTON, 0. Washington; Aug. Petty pitched ball 10-da St.

shutting out a scotte of 4 0. Groom was wild and Ineffective, way to who dM better. 7'iirer doubfa by isitors kept Senators from Tlie scort- follows: HT. LOUTS. WASHINGTON.

at. abr 1 1 po -Milan, 4li 1 2 2 2b. SO I 1 31 Hi 3 1 11 nolGonroy. If.v: 4.. 2 4 no it 1 I ii" 1 nO Illanz'l.

3ta 4 1 2 2 4ii ss 3 2 I KiUi I M. a i oo: 1 2 'in I lb 0 I "ii KSU'fCf. Ai.i«riilMi. r. V.

ii 1 li jvtiv. 4 IVlOroooi.p 1 ii ii i i- 1 1 Trtals 14 Totals 12 1 .3 i. 1- 4 I fTf T' ii 0 ii i. 0 'irooin. in 3 innincs S.a'vilW Nfsmsn.

liases Tru'-s'lalr. and and N'wnsm; isn-J on c-- II First i Of? off Otey. off fiv 1 hy O'fv. hy 'WirJ riv-h 1 'Baseball Fight in Three Leagues NATIONAL LEAGUE GAME TO-DAT. New York al Pittsburgh RESULTS OF GAMES YESTEKDAT.

New York. 2. St. 14; Brooklyn. 2.

Chicago. Philadelphia. 1. Cincinnati. Boston.

2. Cincinnati. Boston. 1. NATIONAL LEAGUE STANDING.

IT. 1.. PC. W. l.

V.C. Chirstgn 37 Phila Sft-BB .500 .600 'M. 71 .404 New- York 4R Brooklyn 44 72 .379 Cincinnati 60 53 43 78 .356 American UEM3CE GAMES Tn-DAV leveland at New York. blcagn nt Boston. Detroit at Philadelphia.

St. I at Washington. RESULTS OF YESTERDAY. York. Cleveland.

1. eland. New York. 0. Philadelphia.

7: Detroit. 1. BoMon. 4: 0. St.


p.r W. L. P.C. Phila R2 36 55 .451 Boston 72 4R .600 Cleveland. 51 68 New 6R 51 .572 fhirn-n 45 71 Detroit f.6 54 .550 St.

I.ouls. 3fl .308 EASTERN I.KAC.IE GAMES TO-DAY Newark at Buffalo. Jersey City at Rochester. idence at Toronto. RESULTS 01 GAMES YESTERDAY.

Jersey City. 5: Rochester. 1. Newark. Buffalo, I.

Montreal. Baltimore. 8. Toronto. 15: Providence.


p.r. Rochester. 73 .399 Buffalo 58 64 .475 75 53 .586 Montreal R6 67 .455 Toronto 58 53 71 .427 Baltimore. 66 63 Jersey 53 74 .417 WALLOP SUPERBAS AGAIN Cardinals Wind Up Series with Another Victory. St.

Louis. Aug. The Cardinal? Rwamptd the to-day under an avalanche of eighteen winning the last caviie of the series by a scorn of 14 to 3. The particular star of the occasion was Ellis, the St. left fielder, whose batting average for the day was LOOO.

He fa- ed the pitcher five times, making three pies a triple, and gel ting to first once on four wide ones Cy Parger was to the pitcher's box for Brooklyn in hope of loosening the Cardinals' hold on sixth place. lasted until the third inning, when St. Louis go; to his curves, and in a hpartless manner six run? before they let op. Kbbetts. who acted as manager, then ordered to the mound, but be.

too. was pounded all or the lot, th" Cardinals goring seven runs off him in the remaining innincH. score follows ST. LOUIS BROOKLYN ah lb po abr lb po a Hues. 1 1 1 2 40 10 00 2b 1 1 OOlDaabert.

ih 4 1 1 5 10 Ellis. i 1 2 "1 Wheat, if 40 2 4 00 2 1 1 2 0 Hntn'el 4112 10 K- n'y. lb 3 1 IJO 0. Burrh. rf 1 1 00 Evans, 44 On Lennox.

3b 4 1 2 3 no Bntc'n. 4 2 1 2 2 0 Smith, bs 4O 0 1 SO 1 1 1 2 2OjErwin.c. 30 40 5 1 3 I 00 p. 7: 10 1 0 10 Ha 1 3 Ijnessau 30 00 in Lush. 4 114 111 McElv'n.

r. 10 1 it no Totals. II 2 Totals .36 31024 13 0 afe 1 1 1 1 0 4 Erooli (i 11 0 11 i 2 0 T-vvo- hits Evans. 2. Wheat 2 Ellin.

MrElvwn. run- hit- balls- Erwin. Bases on Off Barger 6- 'off Dessau. 2 track By Bare'-. by besoao 1.

Off fi 3 iniringa off E--ssau. in 5. on rjonla 7- Brooklyn, 8 and CUBS DEFEAT PHILLIES Chicago Uses Four Substitute Players, but Wins. Chicago, Aue. With four substitutes on the Chicaco to-day won thp final with Philadelphia by a score of 2 to 1.

Stack, after holding Brown even on the mound for c. weakened in the eighth, two hits and two passes counting for throe runs. The victory, coupled with the third straight defeat of Pittsburg, practically clinches the National League pennant for Chance's team. The score follows: CHICAGO. I PHILADELPHIA.

lb 11 a ab lh po a Evert 3 1 4 4 rf.t.-. 302 00 Beaum't. if 30 A 3 ft. 'l 400 2 3 1 Hifman. 212 0 Patea 411 2 00 Archer, lb.

4 1 1 11 ae 1 00 inft. 3b." SOI 10 Grant 3b 4 it 1 2 1 PfefW. rf 401 1 on Brans'ld. lb. 400 14 10 Zitnr'ap.

se 401 2 7" 1. aeJT. 30 2 1 Kline, 300 a klifch. 301.3 Brown. P-.

0 1 (t, Stack, "On 0 00 Totals. .293427 1501 Totals 31 1723 13 2 .11 0 'I 0 0 3 IT.i;ad--;phia 0 0 ii 11 0 oni 1 Two- bast Bates. Sacrifice hit- Beaumont Double Zimmerman to to her t2i: Bransfleld to Doolan to lo Brensneld nn bases ''in -n 2 n. Philadelphia First base on Off Brown. off Stack.

4. First errors I. Stnir-k By Brown 7: by Stack 3. Passed ball Jaekliuch Wild Pitch Stack. empires Kiplrr and CINCINNATI WINS TWO GAMES 'incinnati.

Auk Cincinnati won two games from Boston to-day by scores of- 6 lo 2 and 2 to 1. Caspar was hit on the of his pitching arm in eighth inn- Inn of the first and bad to retire. He will not be able to work again for two weeks. The scores follow: FIRST GAME. IN- IVNATI.

I BOSTON. abr lb po m. ab lb po a 4,1 0 2 Collins. 4 0 0 3 00 F.sran. 2b.

4 1111 3b 4 1 1 0 51' 4 i 2 7 0O Bl can 2b. 1 1 1 0 Mltchdl.rf 42 2 4 Pharpe. lb. 3 0 112 00 3 1 0 4 10 Miller rf. 0 1 1 00 r.

31 3 8 1 1 0 00 lyibort. 3b 0 2 0 40 0 1 00 0 1 c. 40 3 r. 00 3rt 40 Frock, 3 0 1 30 Sujrgf. p.

0 0 ii" Totais. 32 10 27 R0 ..33 2 24 it 1 0 2 0 0 0 4 -1 0001 I (i 0 2 Two-bam Hoblitzell. Rariden, Clarke. bas( Rariden. Mitchell.

in 8 innincs; nn Supes, none In 1 Sacrifice Olarke. Sharpe, St. Ii liases Millar, Double and Sharpe; Packer! and Hoblltrell. r-n attea -Boston, Cincinnati, on Off Frock, Gaspar. I.

Stnj'-k By Frock. Caspar, by Suggs, 2. GAME. I ISTI IX lb lVsdi.r. lf 4ii 1 4 4112 00 Ksari.

3 Tfl 30 0 0 .1 1111 4'l 1 1 20 Mitchell, rf 200 1 00 li, 4li 1 10 11 J'ar-krit. 11 r. OflJMlller. rf 40 .1 2 00 Clarke, c. 2 2 'i (1 as 4(I II 211 3b.

11 2 in Beck. if 30 1 6 110 McMHIan.ES 1 r. 0 Rarl ten. c. 301 1 00 Euscs, 300 0 2Oj Brown, p.

7. 301 1 3 0 Totals. .27 2 27 100 Totals. .32 1 24 111 ClncJnatl OOOOOS 0 0 2 Ijaston 11 '1 11 11 1 Two aw Packer! Beck. ritf- Shewn.

Sacrifice hits hell stolen Hoblitzell 1 j.lnv to Egan to Hob H. on Hoston. Cincinnati. 4. i.i-.^ on 1..

ila Strurk H. I. Time 23 Eason and BOSTON, 4: CHICAGO. 0. Boston, A it: made but one lilt off Ha- Collins to-day, and Boston won eighth straight gaune by a score to 8 The Bed three base hit tlcallj won his The score follows: HUSTON.

al.rib li, if. -a i. 1 2 Hii 41.11 Purtell 3h 4ii ii 2 2i' Ixird. 2 0 rfjl! 3 Parent cf 0.1 O0 f-'tahl. 111..

4ii 1 Ho'lurly, If (I 11 i (in If 41 2 4 2 20 IO(i i 30011 F.nKl« SI 1 1" 1 10 Kl.ll.nw, lii I Bio. k. 200 V- 30 ii I 0 S. on 200 i n. 100 ii (i li Totals .30 27 601 To( 27 0 1 12 0 for Pcott in ninth Dtiina i.

it ii 0 2 2 4 0 0 ii ii ii oo (i loopei Speaker. Three hit Una Momi run Lewis. Barrtfloe Block Double play Scott and Tannehill. on hsfs- Roston, fi Off Scott 4. itrurk Bcpti hv Parsed .27.

Vtxriat cai DJaneen. NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE. WEDNESPAY. AUGUST GIANTS WIN 1 THIRD Make Good Start Toward Cleaning Up with Pirates. HIT MATHEWSON FREELY But Pittsburgh Although Credited with Twelve Safeties, Scores Only Two Runs.

Pittsburgh Aug. 30. The New York Giants went a lone way on the clean-up road with the Pirates to-day when they ccptured the third straight game of the. series by a score of to Christy Mathewson and "Babe" Adams ere pitted against each other. -and while the Pirates onthaited th" visitors, the wily New York I twlrler was master of the situation at all times, and the twelve hits which he allowed counted for only two runs.

The world's series wonder did not show the same egy and the Giants found him for timely hits, which, coupled with few won the game. Arthur Devlin was the hero with the stick, connecting safely three times In his I four opportunities to hit. while Josh De-1 yore showed a decided improvement, rap: ping out a triple and a single. The Giants I pave Matty the sterling support which he Is accustomed to receive, and this made the big pitcher invincible. The visitors put up a flashy game in th? field, playing errorless ball.

Al Brldwell gave a nifty little exhibition, being the star of the infield and pulling off some brilliant plays. The Pirates were the first to score, and they found Matty for one of their runs in the first inning. Devlin made a fine stop of Byrne's grounder, but Leach tripled to left field. Campbell lined a single to right. I scoring Leach.

Devlin came the rescue and knocked down a hot. one Wagner's bat. and Matty struck out Flynn, retiring the side. New York tied the score in the second inning. Bridwell and Devlin started off with singles.

With Al on third. Meyers forced Devlin at second and Bridwell scored on the play. But the Pirates were not content to al- low matters to rest this way. and took the U-ad again in the fourth. Flyrin doubled to centre field as a starter and Wilson beat cut a bunt.

Gibson singled to rent re. scoring Flynn. but Matty tightened up before further damage was done. It looked for a time as though another 2 to 1 came would be recorded. but the Giants started a rally in the seventh and scored two runs, which were enough to win the game.

Bridwell walked and Devlin Pinciod. bunted safely and Al scored on Adams's wild throw to first. Movers forced Merkle, Devlin scoring on the play. In the ninth inning two more runs were added. Devlin started things off again with his third hit.

a single to left. Adam? threw Merkle's bunt too low to Wagner and nobody was out. Keeler, batting for Meyers, sacrificed. Devlin scored on Matty's sacrifice, while Devore cleaned up the. bass with a triple to the centre field fence.

The score follows: NEW YORK. I PITTSBURG. abrlbpoae; nbrlbpoae DevorP if 2 OOlEymes. 4" I 3( i Dovie 5 0 1 3 20 Leach, 4 1 1 0 00 3 0 0 1 lOi Campbell. lf 3 0 3 4 0 0 4 1 10 "vVapner.

ss 4 1 2 4" 32 13 4 Ib. 4 1 1 fi 0 0 3b' 42 a Wilson, rf. 40 23 10 lb 4 1 1 12 2 0 Gibson. 0 7 10 c3n i r. 4" 1 410 iKeeW OOlAdams, p.

3" 1 "12 no 1 lOfHyatt 10 00 00 Mafson.p 3 0 1 1 5 0 Totals. .34 10 27 21 Totals 21227 11 2 for Meyers in ninth inning. for Adams in ninth inning Veil- York 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 ptttsbnrg 1 Two-bape -Campbell, Flynn. Gibson Three-base Leach. Devore.

Sacrifice hits KeeW. Sacrifice Mathewson. Stolen base Campbell. Bases on balls Adams. 1.

off Mather-Eon. 1. Struck By Adams 5: by Mathewson. ft First on errors Lie ft on bases- Plttsburg. "few York.

6. 1:45 Klem and Kan-. NEWARK GAINS GROUND Defeats Buffalo and Climbs Nearer First Place. Buffalo. Aug Newark gained on Rochester when it defeated the.

Bisons here today in a fast game by a score of 4 to 1. Rochester lost to the Skelters, and now enjoy only a full game lead over the Tigers. 'Rube' W'addel! opened the proceedings for Nev. ark, but returned to the clubhouse in the sixth inning after the score was tied and he showed signs of weakening. Cleary, a former semi-prof essional mound artist, who signed a contract this morning, relieved Tie former St.

Brown cast-off. He exhibited signs of nervousness at the outset, but finally found his and was invincible. Rip Vow inkle succumbed to the hard task In the final inning, and four hits and an error, for a total of three runs, awarded the Tigers the trains. The score NEWARK. I BUFFALO.

abrlbroaei abr po a 50 1 2 1 Henline. cf. mi 1 11 rf r.o.i 1 inn 2 31 Louden, 3 4 rf 311 3 00 cfct2b 40 2 1 10 Corcoran. 3b 400 00 KeJley If 4110 McCabe. 401 4 10 211 5 4 OlPmith.

401 r. lb 010 2 40 1 R0 1 Browne rf 000 0 Wtlliami c. 1 1 rtO 412 5 0 0 Vowlnkle, p. 1O AVaddf-11. p.

100 1 iTVhite 100 0 00 Parkiiu "00 (1 10 1. 011 11 cieary. 100 0 10 120 0 00. 33 4827 15 Totals 2ft 1627 11 3 for "Wadd-Il in seventh innine. te.i for Apler in ninth inninie.

jr.attprj for in ninth inning. Newark 0 Buffalo ..0 0000 1000 -1 Two-base hit -McAllister. hit Smith. Sacrifice hits Vowinkle.

Stolen Henline. Kelly, Schlrm. First on errors Newark. 2. Struck out- By Wad 2: by Icarj'.

1. by Vowlnkle, 1. First haw on balls Off Waddell. 4: off Clean. 2.

off 1 1. Double plays and Schlafiy: lifiiline. Smith and Pattep. Hit by pitched ball Vovi'nkle. 2 Wild clean.

Parkins. Italk Passed ball- Off Waddell, in innings; off Parkin--, 1 in 1-3 Innine. on i.asfs Newark. 7. Buffalo, 6.

Umpires I'inneran anil Stafford. JERSEY CITY. ROCHESTER. 1. Rochester, Aug.

Rube Kissinger, the Bkeeter twirler, was a puzzle to the champions in an interesting game here to-day, the visitors winning by a score of to 1. Kissinger allowed -tfiree scattered hits, two which came in, the opening inning. which; coupled with an error by Butler, re- I sulted in a run. who will join the Yankees in the fall, was on the tiring line for the Broncos and was hit seven times. Three errors also assisted the Jersey City team.

The score follows: JERSEY CITY. ROCHESTER; abrlbpoae 3b. 4 020 Moeller. 3 I'J 3 in Al)Ptr-in 4 1 2 'i" If 800 no rioinJnic'ry cr 31 1 3 0 OlTooley. tm.r.

2 11 300 4 (Mt'Ocborne. rf. 2 10 Johnson, ff. 312 2 Ward. 1 10 Hanford if.

821 800 Alp'man. 2b. 3 20 Hannifan 2b 10 Spencer, son 11 Rutler. 1 I.lair c. 0 7 4 1 Kissinger, p.

400 2 200 1 2 0 100 tt 0 us ion 0 0 1 no (i Oo Totals 20 5727 7 1 Totals .29 I 27 IS 3 'Batted for In ninth mi. ins 'Hatted for Uoellei In ninth inning. for Hatch Id ninth InnltiK- Jersey iic 1 (i 0 .1 a pi i ii 0 (i (1 ii 0 1 Twbi-ba'ee hit ivbsteln Sacrifice bits Hanford. Hannifan. Stolen Abaiein, Deinln Johnson.

Moolk-r. Tooley. Kiict base on 2. Miuck Klsr.ln,L. r.

by I fir First base on halls Off lafltte. 2. Double Alperman, Butler and and Hit by pitched hall ru- l.iiti 1 Lsfi bases -Jersey City, 4: Rochester. 1. Hurst and Bo MONTREAL, BALTIMORE.

.2. At Montreal- It. H. Montreal 1 0 J.S\ 10 2 Baltimore (i (i ii 2 n- 2 4 3 Ratteriei and Hardy; A.lkin.i and Byeri Murray and Byron. TORONTO.

15; PROVIDENCE, 6. At n. H. Toronto 7 12 2 10 2' IS t'. a i 200 ii li 1 10 4 Rudolph and Vanrle- Folcy.

Dl an riiigtralrj. I anl Kelly. I RENTS FIFTH AVt HOUSE FOR BUSINESS Ellen A. Slavin Sells Four Story Dwelling House on Large Plot West 72d Street. TWO WEST END AVENUE Charles Gould "'has rented the five story converted building No 714 Fifth avenue for a term of years through the Cross Brown Company, to' a French: perfume concern.

The property is between 53th and oath streets. The Zabriskie residence on. the same block north is being converted into a shop for Shumann's Sons, and Immediately to the north is the Baudoulne house, which is also being remodelled into an art gallery for Charles J. Duveen. Slawson Hobos have sokl for Ellen A.

SlaVin to a client, for occupancy. No. i 119 West 72d street, a four story and base! ment brownstone front dwelling house, on a plot 20x90x102.2 feet, between Columbus and Amsterdam A number of I houses on: the block have lecn altered for business occupancy, and several others are to be turned over to trade. F. R.

Wood (Jo have sold to "Jack" Norivortii. the actor, for Herman Runkel, No. 624 West End avenue, a three and onehalf story dwelling house, on lot 19x100 fee', between 90th 4 9tat streets. Mr. Norworth has occupied house under lease, having secured it through the same brokers about a year ago.

Realty Company has sold for Janet E. Patterson to a client of Mooyer Siarston No. 890 West avenue." between 103 and 104 th streets, a three story dwelling house, un lot feet. John T. Wall has sold.

In conjunction with John K. the Astor leasehold at No. 725 Eighth venue, for Jacob Dohrraann to Henry B. Mahler, who occupies the store and basemen'! for tUe business of confectioner. Theodore ortmann has sold for Samuel Lederer the five story double flat house No.

23 Manhattan avenue, on a plot 27x 100 feet, to a client for investment. Plans were-filed yesterday for a number of five story tenement bouses in The Bronx the subway, tiie estimate cost. of which A plot of eipht tots on the Southern Boulevard was purchased ny a construction company for improvements with live similar structures. The Minult Realty Company has sold the six story apartment house at No. 1051 Boston Road, near 165 th street.

The structure occupies a plot 71.9x117.8x67.9x116.6 feet, and was acquired by the sellers last June. of the Congregation Leches Josher have filed plans for alterations in the synagogue and tenement house at No. 317 East Sth street, through the president of the congregation, M. Wietz. The im-" provements include new rear re- moval of p-irtitions from hall on the first floor of the four story building, putting in new store fronts and storm doors of marble and class, from designs by A.

Siesrel. archi- tect. BIG LOANS FOR APARTMENTS More than Half a Million Lent for Structures on West Side. William A White Sons have secured for the Highwood Realty Company from the Title Insurance Company, of New York, two lo9rs of each, covering premises on the south of 157 th street, east of Broadway. These propTti' have been recently improved with two six story elevator Frederick Zittel Sons have secured for Patorno Brothers, from same company, a loan of covering premises at the southeast corner of Riverside Drive and 116 th street.

Paterno Brothers have just improved, the corner with a. similar high glass fireproof apartment. THE PHENIX BUILDING SOLD. The Phenix B'ljldinc. an eight story office, structure at No.

18 to 22 Court street. Brooklyn, facing the Borough Hall, was sold yesterday for a consideration reported to approximate by Venette F. Pellet reau and ex-Senator Charles Cooper to Bernard Naumberg. of the law firm of I.iebmann. Naumberg Tanzer.

The realty carries a mortgage of $375,000. and was acquired by the sellers about two years ago from the. Phenix Insurance Company. Mr. Naumberg would not discuss the purchase beyond 'saylnsr It was for investment.

THEATRE FOR MISSION WORK. The Rescue Society Doyers Street Midnipht Mission, located for eighteen years at Nos. 15 and IT Doyers street, has leased the Chinese Theatre, near by. and after alterations will occupy the building for religious and educational purposes. THE PRIVATE SALES MARKET.

MANHATTAN" 72D STREET Flaw-con Hobba sold for Ellen A. Slavon No. IIP West 72d street, a four story dwelling. feet. between Columbus avenue and Broadway.

The buyer will occupy it. WEST END F. B. Wood Co. sold for Herman No.

rt24 West End avenue, a three and -half ptory private dwelling, on lot 10x100 feet The buyer. lea.v.J the above property through the same brokers about a ear aeo. sipt STREETS-TV. H. Archibald sold for the Stronghold Realty Company No.

122 West 86th street, a four story on lot 18 122.2 feet, between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues. EIGHTH John T. Wall, in conjunction with John K. Moors has sold the Astor leasehold No. Kiplith avenue, a four story tenement on lot 25x74 feet, for Jacob pohnnann to Henry B.

Mahler. The buyer occupies the on the premises. MANHATTAN" AVENUE Theodore Oatmann sold fur Samuel I.cderer the five stery double flathouse No Manhattan on a plot feet, to a client for investment. THE BRONX. SOUTHERN BOULEVARD.

THUe Frank Bold tlie plot. 200x100 feet, on the north side of the Southern Boulevard. 129 feet south of iT.XiI Ft reel, to the Herman Welssmann Construction Company. The property nas acquired by the present sellers last May from the estate of Hutter. The buyers will erect five five story 40 foot atiartmcnt houses on the site.

Alfixander Welkin was the broker In the transaction. GRAND AVENUE- Ernst Cahan have sold for Man J. Martin No. 2540 Grand avenue, a two and one-half story dwelling, on plot 50x100 feet. IN THE AUCTION MARKET.

The following- transactions took place yesterday at the Real Estate Exchange salesroom, Nos, 14 16 -Vesey street: By JOSEPH P. DAY GRAND BT. :.04. s. 25.9 ft of Mangin 5 sty tntnt and stores; sold to Albert liginan (Or 522.71* 76.

By SAMUEL MARX. 13TH- ST. 161. s. 100 ft of 7th aye 20 103.3.

sty dwlg; adjourned to Sept 6. DANIEL GREENWAIiD. BTH and cor of 4fith st, 50.5x125x li sty offii-e and store bldg; Sheriffs sale of all right, title, etc. which Metro politan Mercantile and Realty Co had on Oct 29. 1900.

or since: Pitcher, adjourned lo Sept 13. RECORDED LEASES. (With name and address of lessee.) AUGUST 30. AMSTERDAM AVB. and 1111.

north store; Mnthllda Baaselman to Vincent Bendettl; yrs from July I. 1010; $1,200 and address, 247 West st. CROSBY ST. 25. store: Alessandro Paoli to Antonio Riccardone: 3 from June 1, 1910; address.

35 Crosby St. AYE 167 John Palmlere to Jacob IJchtensteln: 3 yrs fmm Sept 1. 1910; $1,680. SAME PROPERTY; parlor floor and Jacob to Isaac Turetzky: 3 ms from Sept 1. $876; address, 103 Attorney st.

C.TH AYK store: Solomon May to William McDonald; 1 yr rnos from July 1910; address. 637 aye 11TU 190. B. Clement Moore to Francis 3 MoCOoey: 21 yrs from May 1. 1910.

21 yrs renewal, taxes an! H. 100; address 98 Vesej st. ST s. 18.8x91.11. lot: Katharine Moore to Emma Coles an.l and Carrie i.

ruining: 21 yrs from May 1. 1910, taxes. $350 to $900; address, 2 Wall st. 1618T ST 247 and Bast. 2 sty bldg: Kusco to Simon Kuttricr and Htm.

yrs from completion of bldg; address, 40S 116 th st. RECORDED TRANSFERS. (Will: name and address of purchaser I MANHATTAN. AUGUST BROADWAY, West End Riverside lirlv. I.emir old lines now between nnd mil sts and between Broadway and aye and sdnlning lands of parties for ond part; Ezra McDowell ft al to Arthur ynil a i aui; iwenty-flve address.

1 West lOWth f'HRISTOPHEB ST. 18. sty brk, Ift.ox2lj li-reM Henry .1 exr, 10 Alexander mig' July 15: 10. PROPERTY; Alexander .1 rtorke to Henry .1 July $1 address, 34 West St. BAMB PKOPKRT.Y; A I 'iff to .1 and all liens I mtg Aug address 848 West 55th st.

I'HBIillV ST. 4 sty brk. VI TxAS.2I irr'g- -Mary 'o i and Ma- Mldn>oti $8v000); July 14. Cherry st. LENOX AYE sty b'k.

S.l.fiilOO! or closure; April i i to Jackson. April IT. 000 DWELLING BUILDINGS SOLD I SAME PROPERTY: Henry Jackson to Abraham Cohen: April 30; same PROPERTY: Abrah ira Jessie E. Van Aiwdall 'm 1m 1 JS4.oo<»>; Aug $1. 107 Lexington MADISON ST 212.

brk. 27.1xi0n; Adolpb Frfedberg to Annie Schwartz; onequarter par. Aug address. 47 Si Mark's Place. NF.w BOWERY.

47. .1 aty nrk. 37.4x10, I Samuel referee, to M.leha«l*A>; $29,130: address. 1M cen' m- st. WASHINGTON COT -do i.x Irr" rruikshank to John-.

Park Realty Co lima and )Tt 50 Pine st. I WASHi: GTON ST. 1 cor Morton s.l Jacobus to Katharine Jacobus: one-quarter part; a I I Aug $100: address. J. WEST END AVK.

747 to 7.M. 3 sty i.ant Hoi.iins: ertru Lev: (mtg $47. July 20; address. i 7t7 West End aye WE 4 sty brk. or lo4tll st.

Sd aye, sty hrk. Abraham Kass. 1 to Villa Acs $100; address. 1 Beennian AYE. cor --0411! at ISHVIO to i- Gustave Beyer to helsea Exchange Bank "its: Auk address.

Weal St. ST to 7 sty brk. 45.5x"~X Abraham Kassel to Villa Site Realty Co auk address, 1 ST. 109 East. I sty brk.

1 Edward t. Keyes to Edward I. Keys. Jr: $1: address. 1 Eaat 74th si.

37TH ST 12S East. 4 sty brk. 18.0x4».5; l.illi*- Field to Katharine Seabury Aug 2: $10O; address. Nassau st. 1 1 ST.

12 West, brk. 20x100.5: Clarence Baldwin to Fred Hottenroth i (mtg K23.500); July 6: $100. SAME PROPERTY; Hrvttpnroth to Blackwood Realty Co; Auk $100; I address. If. Broadway-70TH ST West.

sty brk. Veda Snyder to William Yawkc-y 'nitgr Auk $100; address, 273 West st. 7.11> ST. 22" East sty hrk. freorge Ropscn.

iff. to Van Norden Trust Co untfr I auk i ST. 329 East, sty brk. same to same untg Aug ad-1 dress. 7M at 74TH st.

137 East. My brk. 17x72.2; Edward I. Keyes to Eleanor Viyler; Auk $1: address. 13." East 74th st.

74TH ST. East. sty brk. 17x72.2: Ed- ward Keyes to Eleanor Viyler: Auk $1: address. IS." East 74th St.

SOTH ST. 171 West. brk. 102.2: Mary Jackson to '-alharino and Matilda imts July 14. $100; address.

67 Cherry st. HIST ST. East. 3 sty brk. Mbertine Bchellhamnser to I.lzzt° .1 Spillane and i Bridget Jones: Auk 30; $100; addresa, 115 East 91st st.

113 TH ST. and 341 East. sty brk. 33.4; Louis Tiffany, iruardian. to Frank Gafsfalo: a July 28; $100; address, East 113Ui st.

ST. and East, sty brk. 100.11; Marcus Kine to Bertha King mite Aug 20: address. 17." Henry s'. 127 TH ST, 258 West.

sty brk. 18x9O.ll; I Hubbard If I'pham to Man', Leahy imtcrj auk $110; address. 259 West 138 TH ST. s. ft of aye.

22.r>x I. Harding Rogers, ref. to Mutual Life Insurance Co: Aug 20: address. Law i Departmont. Cedar St.

14PTH ST. s. ISO ft vc of to Riverside Max Mane to A FfHmann Construction Co uata: all liens: Aug 29: $100; address. 50 Bible t. ST.

520 to 522 West. 5 sty brk. 10; Jannett StitcUffe tc Frederick R. imtj Aue; 23: 30 Ft. THE BRONX.

AQT'EDT'CT AVB, ft at St 37.fix?S.f>. with all title to Maromb'a rd; WllHam Bergen to Andrew- Barrett; Aug 27: $100; 110 West USth St. AQUSDVCT AYE. f. SOrt ft 183 127 irree.

with all title rd; to i Herman Plndseil mite $15,060) Aus address 42 West St. BURNSIDE cor st. Ul2Sx lrreg; Albert et to John Randall. Feb 1. address.

East lSOth st. SAME PROPERTY: John RAndall to Irvin- Co; Feb Address. W9 th st. BRYANT AYE. 1436, 26x100; Frank Schwelzer to Otto Wehner imt Aug 2fl; address.

Ififl East 27th st. COLLBGE.AVE. cor ifiSth St. 2OOxlOO: Thomas II RofT to John Pchaefer Aug address, 3025 CORNELL. AYE.

25 ft of Cedar St. 100 Vest Chester North: New York City Realty Co to John Gcergen; address, East st. CORNELL, A VEX 2." ft of Cedar st 100 (release Taylor John Goergen; June 15; 739 East 237 th St. SAME PROPERTY; George Shlrmer to a June address. East 237 th st.

FUI.TOS AYE. 2020, lSx8S.ll: hair Rarr to Rebecca Barr. all liens: Aug 27; address. 1719 Fulton aye. FULTON AYE.

lSxnfi.2: Gruber to Rebecca Gruber; all liens; Aug 27: $1 address, 1717 Fulton aye. HUGHES AYE. s. 145 ft of 188 th st, 87.6; Gabriele Pel Gaudia to (intg Aug 20; S100; address. 524 West 131 st Ft LOT 233.

map 401. Beton homestead. Chester Improvement Co to James Fowles May SI 00: addresy. 2823 Newbold 153. map estate, block Bronx: William Ralkin to Annie Balkin; Aug 29; address.

Rostdale aye. 88, map 647 of 3 Haight. at West Chester; Edward Halglit. exr. to George A Minasian: all interest under tax sale of Oct 7.

1577; July 22: $8 02; address. 132 Nassau St. OLD KINGSBRIDGE- RD. s. 40.11 ft of ifiOth st.

a strip 50x- to St Nicholas avo 50 Theodore exr. to Phrpbe $3O; address. Room 31 Nassau st. begins ft White Plains rd at point 320 ft along same from Morris Park me. 27.x 10O; John TV PnwTiimr to John Etttnger; Aug 20; $KiO; address.

326 aye. PRBSCOTT AYE. p. lot 201. map part of Duekman Homestead.

75.1 1x202. 8x trre Howard Carlson et al to Gertrude Tebbutt, June Ik; address, Croton. N' Y. SAME PROPERTY; Gertrude Trbbutt to City Real Estate -o mitg Aug 29; ad'lress, 1 7fi Broadway. VAN BUREN ST.

25x100; Schwartz to Jacob Roller: part (mtg Aug $10O address. 331 Concord aye. VAN BUREN ST, 1718. Jacob Reoher to Lena Schwartz: part imtg Aug $100; address. 1716 Van Buren st.

137 TH ST. s. 530.5 ft of Southern Boulevard, Clarence Baldwin to Frederick Hottenroth all liens. July 6. $100.

SAME PROPERTY; Frederick Hottenroth to Blackwood Realty Co; all Aug 27; $100; address, Broadway. RECORDED MORTGAGES. (With name and address of tender's attorney.) Interest per cent unless otherwise stated. AUGUST 80 MANHATTAN. LENOX AYE, 22; 7 brk.

Aug 30: due Oct 1. Abraham Cohen to Henry Jackson et al; address. 106 Lexington aye. SAME PROPERTY; mt(f Aug 30; 2 yrs. per cent; same to Arnold Purst: address, Uls Montague, et.

Brooklyn. NEW BOWERY. 47; .1 sty brk. 4x74x Auk 20; 3 yrs; Michael A Rofrano to Marian Stone; address. Wai! street.

STANTON ST. cor Sheriff St. flfix 100 lrre (prior mtg Aug 20; yrs. per cent; Sarah Konozltx to George Smith; attorney, John Rider. 44 Cedar st.

WASHINGTON ST. cor of Morton st. 200.2x204.1 to Greenwich lrreg (prior mtsr Aug 20; 1 V. 6 per cent; St John's Realty Co to James II Crulkahank; address. St.

STH ST, 102 ft of Aye p. 24x Aug Jit: 3 yrs; Benjamin Rlutnenthal and ann to Jerome. attorneys. Ulumonthal. Nassau 17TH ST.

118 West; 3 sty brk. 20x77. Aug 20; ilU'' Oct 1, 1011: percent; Marlton Realty to Metropolitan Trust to, address. 4 lt Wall St. S7TH ST.

East; 4 sty brk. in (prior mtg 2: due as per bond; Katharine Beabury to Llllle Field: $7,000. SAME PROPERTY; (prior Aug due as per bond: same, to Stuart: $3,000: address, 85 Pmrk BIST ST. 235 East; sty brk. 24 11x102 2: Aug vri.

Albert and Itenjamtn Oppcnhelm, as exrs. to Samuel Fischer; $2,4. 00u; attorneys. Moss Peltier, 85 Nassau at. Q7TH ST.

218 East; 5 sty brk. 24.6x10011 in July 15; 3 ra. cent; Quisle Lltwln to Clara Levin; attorney, Henry Bergman, 132 Nassau st 113 TH ST. 330 and 841 88.4x100.11; in. July 28; jrrs; Frank Qarofolo to Louts Tiffany, gdn; attorneys.

Do Forest Bros. 30 Broad I2BTH ST. 212.8 ft of "ih nve; 2 loin, each 12.8xM.11 (prior mtg on each. Aug demand, per cent; Witt to Almlra A Paisley; 3 tings, each attorneys Adams 11 aim, 1 Liberty St. MOTH ST, 160 ft of Broadway 1 73.

1 to Riverside I'trtve. xlo2x (prior $1011 000! 20; due Keb 7. 1012. per A I'Vldinann Co to Max Marx: 128 Broadway. 152H ST, li ft of Amsterdam to l5Sd st; Auk 80; 3 yrs.

4V, per cent: Louis de 1. and George Warii to I'nttcl States Trust 45 Wall THF. BRONX. AQUEDUCT AYE, at, ft ft ti.vDti Irreg, vm; Aui 20; 3 jts. 4', Tltla Inmir-nra 3 nd TraaJ BATHGATX AVK 3 yrs.

5H per rent: Edwarrt lawyers Title insurance BATHGATB AYE ijr.J. 2-. III A 3 yrs per cent: same addre-s. ISO Broadway. BRVANT AYE.

1453 --v' oo Xl ad i drens. Sd rR rF ivF, s. Jot 177, map St Marino to Wllljnrn r. OfiO: address. 72 11.

th st. LOT 85. map Hunt Van SSf: Ban address. 'id a'" ivroi WE cor of ISSth St. st 2 "prior rati per Tent: Isak Ba-r and Oruber to William Salinfter: attorneys, Her: ir, tl Park Row.

m- lota (1 and Ti; A (nun. isl -it Ma: Rlrhartl Arnow: Nassau st. S4O ft of White Plains rd and -52" ift a of Morris Park are, 3 John Bttlnajer to John tV Downi inK. address. Barnes aye.

RVF.R AYE. AUK Morher t.eih«-i to Barbara Myer: Davis Kaufman. TIFFANY ST. of 16 Mlxioo- A'iK .1 John a rv to Bronx Savings Bank: address, corner Tremont aye and Park aye. TIFFANY ST.

ft of st soxino: vie 29; Realty and Construction Co to Margaret Bverttt: address. Law: era Title Insurance and I Trust 160 Broadway. VAN BUREN ST. K32. 12.1 ft of Columbus aye.

(prior Auk Installs. per cent: Jacob Berber to Pora Toppr; J270; attorney. Leo Sehafraa. Nassau at. VTSE AYE.

ft of Freeman 100 iprlir mta Aug 20; due as per bond: Realty and Construe? lon to John Hertel; address, r.l'l oth aye. SATISFIED MORTGAGES. (With tiam- and address of lender's attorney.) AUGUST MANHATTAN. MADISON PT known as lor map estate of Rut ers. Samuel Praajera to Samuel and Isidor Simon; SIJ.sOO; attorney.

Isador Oobroezynski. Broadway. ST East, William Kelly to Margarei I.ansran. attorneys. Harris.

Corwln. Kunnlson I Nassau at. ST. I S. ft 21x71: May T.

-Spotts tr. New- York REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR TO LET BOROUGH OF MA.MIVrTAN. "City and Suburban Homes Company" First Avenus Estate, 415 64th St. Tel. 2990 Plaza.

Offlrr hour-: 9 A. P. P. Sunday. 0 A.

M. to 6 P. M. Model dwelHaaj offering to of moderate means: strictly Aral elaaa, up-to-rtate. heated.

apartments at the nominal weekly rental of 2 Rooms for $2.50 to $2.95, 3 Rooms for $3.45 to $3.95, 4 Rooms and Private bath $4.65 to $5.50, FOR SALE A FIRST CLASS MORTGAGE OF rw) on HIGH CLASS IMPROVED REAL ESTATE in the lowr part of city. Interest paw at seml-annually. Apply HENRY r. 1 BINO IS William City. TFRRAfE.

New all convenlenres; ready to right; mam Subway to Van Cortlandt Park: trolley to elty line. on or DAVID STKjVART. 2T. Broadway. Manhattan BHOOKI.YN.

DEriDED BARGAIN IN BEAUTIFUL FLATbush New family brick 7 rarajc, lisht rooms, 'antcfullv decorated parquet floors, hard-xood trim, tiled bah ami vestibnle. wainscoted dinins room: every, modern convenience $31,300: terms to suit; convenient to Brighton and eifrht trolley lines. These houses cannot be equalled anywhere. either for a home or an investment. WM F- Bklyn LONG ISI-AVD.

A HOUSE BARGAIN An attractive aaw suburban all lmtwenty-flve" from Manhattan. One block from depot. Fine surroundings, desirable restrictions, beautiful home, excellent investment. A bargain. Small easy terms.

'arts, write or 'phone T. I. McNEECE. -V) Nassau Pt. 'Phone 4070 "WESTC rTESTER COrNTY.

PHILJPSE MANOR OS THE HTTD3OV- One mile unobstructed river frontage: 30 modern residences near completion. Addresa PHILJPSE MANOR Phlllpsa Manor. New York. XEW JERSEY. AT SUMMIT, H7T-sfl MINUTES 75-80 Trains Daily via L.

W. The Estate of George Maniey OFFERS High Class Realty, City Lots, Residences, Private Hotel fine grounds, near station also acreage. Inviting development. MAM.KY GRAND. 32 B'-way.

New Tori. or HOTCHKIS3-JOB3. SUMMIT. FARMS FOR 1 re, 5 acres and 10 acrea. High.

dry. fertile soil. A'! cleared, no scrub $123 acre. Easy terms. 4O acre farm, large outbuildings.

3.iVin fruit trees. $7,000. fpecial excursion Saturday. September 3d. For free tickets to inspect this property, write W.

REEVES 124 E. 23rd Street. New York City. imniCfill II 1 55 mlaotea from N. Y.

nlillllOUlll 111 For rent, unfurnished. year or longer, a. complete DJMldem brick residence containing 14 rooms. 4 baths, steam heat, electric light, aqueduct water, ample grounds, hriok stable; pleasant surroundings and convenient to station. E.

P. HAMILTON 96 B'way Ol OF CITY. A COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE by owner direct to purchaser; 40 from New York; large house; all conveniences; stable an.l outbuildings perfect order: mile- from station, ideal gentleman's home; three acres; bo brokers; information concerning: above. only; bargain to quick purchaser. OWNER.

Box 42. Tribune. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. We have a few floors at 1921 92 Liberty Street, 111 1 suitable for corporations or 4 I 4 (or subdivision. Also some rooms at 1 1971 97 Cedar Street.

The two buildings are con- nected by hallways. Both are new, well built, and centrally Jj located. Parties needing a space in October can be ac- (I commodated at once. 4 1 THE FIDELITY AND I CASUALTY COMPANY of NEW YORK. i REAL STATE.

(L li E9TATIS. iHUUtf i ttly Sl uu Street. APARTMENT HOTELS. HOTEL ABERDEEN Refurntshml. redecorated; furnished or unfurnished also apartmunti for winter HOTEL LC MARQUIS 12 TO 16 HIST furnished and unfurnishf a now leasing.

M. CHATIU.ON. Prop 14 EAST 60TH ST. OVERLOOKING CENTRAL IMlih Ali.iriiilrnn unfitrtl EAGER it BABCOCK. NEW YORK'S LATEST HOTEI "GREAT NORTHERN." 118 West St Open for of Baaata 1.


3. 4. 8 to t-ur? on BOABU or' BBOHXRS. 320 T.lf» Co; arfrlr-M. p.

al ST.'*. 7. i 11 22 1 Samuel Lm6txn to sr-nttnid i Lehman trus; i- i. Title Insurance an'l Tn ast Broadway.

jxth ST. 4 nty hrk. Mary Pratt to th- 'Ir-enxirh SavlnK.l Bank. I l-rif ST 22 nty*>7.. 2i.

to came; arldress. I as above. AYE. anrt irtr 17th at, MllW; I'W; Bejrar an'! his wife, lo Bank; address. 246 ay MaVH ST.

241 I sty brk. 11. r. rl attorney. Tl'le ar.4 Trail in Broadway.

-f ST. 100 ft Ist aye. ij. July IMi tn i porrio. trustee; attorneys.

Anutat I li.i Nassau st. ST. a in 74.3 a ro Assurance rhe. States, aaVMV; address. Broadway.

BIJONX. BOOKS AVK. ror st. MMal Apr lnrc Jamil Viau and ano to Kelley; attorn'rj. Tremont a- EDISON AYE, Mi ft I SCWr-cl Charles St, Irnp yen Title Insurance and Trust 1W way ELLISON AVFX I 125 11x35.5x134.6xC3; i Hoffmann and ano to Hollar Rank mf the of New York; address, 3d aye.

LCI 1 of .127 "funfer estate. June Frt-eVio ani uruy Hudson Rose address. 20 45 "i st. LOT 42. map.

of 123 lots Kudson known as June 11. Giovanni to fiiidaon Boa Co; fSSOz 32 West 4-ith I-OTS BM and SOI. map Traak Point- 22. If Thompson A dele" Sturge, Dodd and A $434; attorn Title Ins Co. 13." LOTS map 1174.

cabdfv estate Urn is.t- Mary anil Alotm Eoellw to Peter John Laaaaa; attorney. Maa I.i ft Id map village of WakefleU Ana; 1. 19n3 A Inc. fo Workmen's Slefc and Oeatii of I' hy West, (terretar-i Klllquit A Ffillfjulf, 320 Broadway. SJ ANN AYE.

m. no of r. June 1. lOOT lan Khh and aaa to antHaaa Dohrman; Guarantee ani Trust 171 Rroajway. ST.

fT it Elton aye. 4. Loala and ano tr, Cunningham gnardfaa; attornf---. Title and Trust I i Mtrrn ST. IOA Elron Z' CITY HOTELS HOTEL BRISTOL 122-124 WEST 49th St.

VFU YORK. Til ha 3 been remodelled and altered to meet the demand? of a family ran offer I beautiful rooms at moderate prices oa a yearly You should investigate before locating-. ROOMS WITH RUXXIXG TfnftirnTPhrri. month. Furnished.

I ROOMS WITH PRIVATE BATH- per month. Furnished, 199 SITTING ROOM. II AND PRIVATE Unfurnished. to month. Furnished.

''fIOO Season furnished on application; for Restaurant a Iti T. E. OLSON. Pres. and Mgr.

UNFURNISHED ATARTMENTS. STANLEY GOURf West Lnd Avenue and 106 th Street HOUSEKEEPING APARTMENTS 10 Rooms and 3 Baths Bents, 52.760 Under management of owners' personal representative. APPLY TO SUPT. CM PREMISES, LUDINCTON 205 WEST ST Near Broadway. 103 dSt 3 104 th St, atlon.

Modern. BeTator Apartment 7 Rooms and hath S9OU TO 5 I UOU Apply a nt. on FRANK 1- 440 V' ror. 1 -f I SONOMA 1.730— 1.734 Attractive APARTMENTS of and 2 Baths in choose from, some -with exposure. Modern --of llwliiaiiaai ia superior tall vator and day: transit facilities nneqoa within minutes' -walk to amusements, restaurants nni best in New Tort Your inspection Invited from A.

M. to 8 P. 11. each day. Including Sunday.

RIVERSIDE DRIVE North Corner 84th 120. 133. FIREPROOF APARTMENTS. Aparur.ents of 10 an.i 12 rooms and location finest tr. th? city: to W.

R. STETVART. 407 CENTRAL PARK WEST 100 th Street. Ove.rloo»ln? the Most Picturesque Pan of Central Park. All bnprturemgntw 7 and rooms and bath $1,000 to PEASE 340 Madison Aye.

TeT. Murray Hilt. TII FORT VIE XV Elevator 5. 7. 8 ami Rooms.

$425 to Three blocks west of at Si Apply on Tel. S. K. cor. IS! St.

Haven Axe. HAROLD COURT S. W. Cor. St.

and 4 3 6 reotna and bath; 7 and baths; moderate. Agent THt BLLNORD and to SC W. H. DOLSON Agents. Columbus Aye.

ALWYN COURT ran Mm ST. Fineat Apartment House in a Mr. i- TAYLOR. Manager, oji THE SWITZERLAND E. t.M-t St.

mid D' 5. 6. 7. 8. 9 in.i 10 KiKimv to Fred'k Zittel Sons.

B'wav REED HOUSE. 121 ST ST. BROADWAY. mm 7 Km. $1.

on ST. CHAKI.KS M' ASH to St. 5 and 6 Roc al! latest to WE CAN SKIT TOC a E. cor. St.

St at 7 and I larife rooms; electric and tee supplied without PIT THUS A TAYLOR. STI'PCR t'Ot'RT. Ttlook front east side St. ITtJih an.i 177 th ata Two to four nuth. with kitchenette.

i Premlaea tiiUMKKrV PARK II SB Turk. Several desirable apartments for nnd 0 rooms and baths. I-KASF. A KI.I.IMAN. MaOli-" ICTORI 151 th 4.

6 and Rooms: Urse aad a Uent.i oinns KIRBT. nd FORREST CII AMBERS. 1 13 th St and Br 6. 7. S.

2 P' nl K. A. n'via. Resident BROOKFiri P. Prtve.

sl tm HUSTON sri liberty St. BROOKLYN. BROOKLYN" APARTMfNj 5 BBmM of roo- 9 Fl'-f 2 per Uf Thorn Mam..

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