The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1951 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 21, 1951
Page 4
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BLI1HEV1LL1 <AKK.) <? • 4 e>octefa Jaiw Sheltcm, Society Editor i FRIDAY, DECEMBER H, Phon« 4461 Recvec* Entertain With Statk Supper-Party A »te4k upper at the Razorback last eight marked the Yule celebration of employes of the Ely the- vllle Soybean Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Reeves were host and hostess for the occasion and preceding the dinner they received the guest* at their'West Walnut Street honw. Party foods and eggnog were served Irom the dining table which was mounted with single taper lighted and set In greenery wreaths adorned with sparkling balls. A large lighted Christmas tree completed the setting. Dinner at the Razorback followed and the dining table at which the guest were seated was Illuminated with large tapers set at either end In branched candelabra. A polnsettta formed the central design and was banked by small figures o! Santa Glaus. Christmas scenes adorned the placed cards. Out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. j. D. Wells of Leachville, Mr. and Mrs. Charlc Havnes and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gamble of Hdrnersvllle. Church Groups Honored At Vernon Boyd Home The Hustlers Training Union Class and the Young People of Calvary Baptist Church last night were enterlalned at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Boyd. A potluck supper followed by a social hour honored the 45 guest* attending. For the occasion Ihe B^yd home was decorated In the holiday motif and following supper the evening was spent In singing carols and playing games. Que«ts with the group were Mr, and Mrs, Jack Tapp, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Polsgrcive are leaders of the young people's group. BirdxJay is Celebrated With Party for 26 Guests Tommy Hrabovsky was five years old ywterday and the occasion was marked last night with ft party at hit home on Lilly Street for 26 gutwtt. In the party games, prizes went to Delmer Daniel, Lily Brown and Nathaniel Austin. Gifts were presented the honoree »nd the birthday cake Iced, "Happy Birthday Tommy" wa's., cut and served with punch. - / Mrs. Hrabovsky was assisted In serving by Mrs. Fay Austin and Mrs. M. E. Wicker. i An out-of-town guest was uncle of the honoree, Neal McCormlck of Memphis. TINY PRINCESS — Princess Margaret of England Is portrayed in (his embroidered miniature from the "Dress Through the Ages" collection of Mrs. Lilian Lunn. Mrs. Lunn's collection of figurines depleting dress styles for 700 years is now on display In London, More than 2,000,000 stitches go inlo the making of each model. Class Has Party In Holder Home Thirteen members and one guest of the Euzellan Class of the First Baptist Church last night attended the group's Christmas party at the Worth Holder home for which Mrs. Billy McNecse and Mrs. Holder were hostesses, A large lighted Yule tree wos focal point of interest In the seasonal decorations of the entertaining rooms. Prayer by Mrs. James Lunsford opened the meeting and the devotional and Christmas story were given by class te.icner, Mrs. A. T. Hflys. Gifts were exchanged and a Voup gift presented the teacher. Prcs cnts for a needy family were brought by the members nnd packet) to be delivered. The hostesses served refreshments following the party games. Miss Stone Is Feted At Miscellaneous Shower Qlfls for her new home were" showered upon Miss Dorris Stone, bride-elect of Robert F. Dean, U. S. Air Force, last night at the party given in her honor by Miss Betty Nell Tomltnson and Miss Barbara Ann Smith nt the Smith home on West Walnut. Decorations of the holiday season designated the rooms In which the 20 guests were seated for the evening of Informal entertainment. Dressed in a trousseau model of pink wool Miss Stone pinned pink carnations, a gift of the hostesses, at her shoulder. Interspersed In the blooms were miniature Christmas ba uWcs. The hostesses served small cakes iced with small flowers. Iced drinks and party foods. Special guests for the pre-nuptial event was Mrs. H. II. Stone, mother of the honoree and Mrs. T. F. Dean, mother of Mr. Dean. Mrs. T. H. DniRtnand ol Pcoria, III., was an out-of-town guest. * . * Mrs. Blakemore Is Hostess To Thursday Rook Club Mrs. Neville Blakemore Wednesday entertained the Thursday Rook Club for the group's weekly afternoon of playing rook combined with the annual Christmas party. Mrs. Don Haley and Mrs. George Saliba, Jr., were guests and In the rook game Mrs. Forrest Moore won high score, Mrs. Haley, second high. Mrs, Cleo Wren took rooko honors. Mrs, Blakemore served a salad plate and for the event the home was decorated In the holiday theme. * • * School Group Honored At Church Class Party The high school group of the First Church of the Naznrcne WEIS entestalned Wednesday by Miss Margaret Mayo and Mrs. Lloyd Roberts at the Roberts home. Guests with the 18 members attending were Doris Fulgham, Shirley Sheppard, and Juanlta Dunn. The evening was spent In party games after which gilts were exchanged by the guests. A Chrlstmaj! tree marked the entertaining rooms and the hostesses later served refreshments. * • • Marriage Licenses The following couples yesterday obtained marriage licenses at the office of the county clerk, Mrs. Elizabeth Blythe Parker: Robert Fenton Dean and Miss Dorris LtiVcrne Stone, both of Bly- thevllle. Tom Brown, Jr., and Miss Nora Oharlene Wicker, both of Blythe-i vllle. By Sue Burnett A charming altemoo.i dress that Is designed in a wide range of sizes to flatter a woman's figure. And it's so slim and graceful, takes nicely to a variety of fabrics, Trim with a crtsp white edging. Pattern No. 8754 If a sew-rlt« perforated pattern In sizes 34, 36, 38 40, 42. 44. 46. 38. Size, short sleeves requires 4!i yards of 3D-lnch. For this pattern, send 30c h COINS, your name, address, slzi desired, and '.he PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Courier News 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6 III. The Fall and Winter Issue FASHION is Just what you've been waiting for—a complete guide in planning a wearnble wardrobe fo: a new season! Gift patterns print* ed Inside. 25 cents. Corsages Given At Class Party Miniature conaget of unaH canes led in red ribbons were presented he memberi and guest* of the Fi- delias Clast o( the first Baptist Church as they arrived laat night at the holiday party given by Mrs. Tommy Bogun. Miss Dorothy Rolllson and Mrs. £arl Walker, Jr., were guest* for -he potluck supper party, Mrs. John Mayes gave th» Invocation end in the brief business session following, Mrs. Francis Woods presided. The devotional was by Mrs, Earl Walker and the business portion closed with prayer by Mrs. L. C. [lollison. In the social hour, Christmas carols were sung by Minerva Jo and Tommy Bogun and games directed by Mrs. Bogun. A basket for a needy family was filled and the class members exchanged gifts. Mrs. C. E. Johnson, teacher, also was presented a gift ay the class. Science Wants t6 Mechanize Cupid; 'Electric Brain' To Make Tests Cominq Events Social Calendar Friday Fidelias Class of First Baptls Church has 7 p.m. party at the home of Mrs. Thomas Bogun. Annual Shrine Club supper party at the air base for crippled children. Annual Christmas party of Epsl- lon Sigma Alpha Sorority at North Star Supper Club preceded by p.m. meeting at the home of Mrs Joe Warren. Capter "N" of PEO has 1 p.m luncheon meeting at the Riley Jones home. Mrs. E. J. Cure, Mrs Harry .. Haines and Mrs. Jones hostesses. Sunday Miss Mildred Chambers become; the bride of Edwin P. StubblcfieU in a 4 p.m. ceremony at the church of Christ. Miss Doris Stone .and Rober Fenton Dean exehange'nuptial vow at 3 p.m. at the First Baptls Church. Miss Karolyn Rose Spelse am Clement H. Whistle. Jr., marriag performed in First Presbyteria! Church In Osceola. Miss Charllne Wicker and To Br DOROTHY ROE AwoctaUd FreM Woman's Editor Now they want to mechanize upJd. The enchanting cherub may arry an electronic bow and arrow the future, and fly on Jet-pro- *lled wings. Thl* la one of the more de- irtssing of the flood of forecasts which swamp an editor's desk at his time of year. It comes In the orm of a Christmas greeting from ne Hugo Gernsback, publisher of Radio-Electronics magazine, who nparently makes an annual habit >f this sort of thing. If his predictions come true, the romance the future will go something Ike this: Boy meets girl at the club dance, notes her golden curls and big blue eyes, tests her agility and conversational ability through a w turns of the samba and says, the time-honored way: "Baby, where have you been all my life." Girl already has listed mentally :he Important facts that the boy is :all, dark and handsome, a smooth dancer and possessed of unusual charm, so she. too, sticks to ritual and replies: "Just waiting around for you." Science Steps In Matters proceed along the usual route from this point until it's time to announce the engagement. Then cience rears is ugly head. Girl's father, being a gentleman who keeps up with things, has a heart- to-heart talk with the young people. He admits that boy's social and financial backgrounds are impeccable, but adds: "Now, kids, there's Just a little matter of routine to go through with before we can make (his official. I'd like you both to go down to the testing bureau and get your MQ. marriage quotient. If it- checks, I'll give my blessing and furthermore, I'll be doggone sure you'll live happily ever after." So boy and girl go through the tests. These start with perhaps 100 questions, Inquiring In detail Into such matters as heredity, individual taste, sex habits, education, I.Q.i general health, hair texture, complexion RK blood factor, odor preferences, mi -,ical and artistic sense, religious leanings and ethics. Extensive Tests After the young lovers have sweated through this exam, they are conducted Into a germ-proof laboratory where they are allowed o go into a clinch, while an electronic devise records their reac- tons. This diabolical little ma' chine will determine norm of each, and the e'leclric classify the With the Courts Chancerjl Cecil L. Earls vs. H. B. Long, tutt to require specific performance. Utho Barnes, et al, yi. T. S. Crcn- by, replevin suit. degree of compatibility. This result Is added to the general questionnaire, and all the nformation is then transferred to If'ge punched cards, which are fed Into an electronic calculator. This "electric brain" then will compute the results of the tests, and the kids will find out whether they passed or flunked. If they get a grade of 90 or over, the wedding bells may peal out in triumph. If between 70 and CO, their chances of happiness are so-so. But if tlie grade shows less than SO per cent compatibility, all off. Of course, after going through all this rigamaroJe, boy and girl may lose interest in the whole thing anyway, and decide getting married Is too much trouble. As for me, I'm glad I grew up in an unscientific age. when all you had to worry about was whether you liked the guy. Science Is a wonderful thing, bul I think it should keep it's hands off Cupid. After all. he's been doing things n the same old way for a long ime now, with a pretty high bating average, Beware Coughs following Flu A f ter Ihe flu Is over a nd £onc, the cough Ihai follows may develop into chronic bronchitis If neglected. Creomulsion relieves promptly because U goes right to (he seal of Ihe trouble to help , loosen nnd expel germ laden phlegm, , and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender,inflamed bronchial membrane*. No matter how many medicines you have tried Creomulsion is guaranteed to please you or druggist refundi money. Creomulsion has stood tht lest of many millions of users. CREOMULSION Chwt Col<b. AeuU Irc.rtltk ernacle ceremony. Miss Margaret Ann Hickey and Harold Stockton exchange vows in 3:30 p.m. ceremony In Newport. Open house at Moose Lodge for Brown, Jr.. wed In Full Gospel Tab- members, guests at 8:30 pjn. The Gift Supreme time 'lire lie Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Last Times Tonite tf^Y-sf, •/^'s Rothrock Drug Co. The Entire Staff of Hays Store Extends to You Best Wishes for the Holiday Season Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. daily for our program announcements. Box Office I'hone 2152 Office Phone 6988' Boi Office Opens at 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 p.m. Continuous Showing Everyday Csg SALLY FORREST —. —Plus — GIVE THEATER BOOKS FOR XMAS 2.50 each ' Last .Times 'Today . \' I Paramount News & Shorts Saturday iBOMBA'S MIGHTIEST HITJj HUNTERS Attention! SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM OVER RADIO STATION KLCN—7 AM CHRISTMAS DAY A full hour of Christmas carols by Bing Crosby and other famous artists .... sponsored by Hays Stores in Blytheville, Monette and Haytl. v >*"V AS^Lr^r-^^SfeJ Serial: "Mj'sterious Island" Cont. Sat. fro m!2:30-ll:30 M, GEORGE MONTGOMERY • GAL£ STORI* Serial: "Pirates Harbor" Also Selected Shorts Cont, Sat. 12.30-11:30 Sunday & Monday Double Feature PASSAGE .WEST Sunday & Monday HOWARD HUGHES we | DEllVERi. 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