The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1931
Page 6
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•AOK SIX Loading Stars in Mai Shows * aiul Divr> Pnvs S""s Spor' to Fuu Seeking Fans. VOTT- TI- ! - 'i 'I.- flilrri o' - ri-lns of *i\- -"Helix lll- li'llrln* In''. Ill-* fr-HH-nilnlK- rfvif- o' nf wreslPii* 'uti'rrx' I'— 1 -i-'c'i- rs from r^.t li "us 1 . Ti"- ?-- llrlfs rrv" 1 • '••• •" *n's p*'H»ljHK tin- ro'nlncl •' I arc 1'fin- it'-~i nv w".i i.viii r.rvAM<'"'-'i! XKA wwli-p «;-nrfi IMIInr NEW VORIf — fnli^uc men )m-» Vr>Joe<| In revive ,i--f><-'ljp~. T'-o do-line o( l>"vti)w inU'-^l aXn hu c lir-~n a fii fi nr. N"i tV'i-e K a 1 '- nf i-id'hrs rs l»r>' r-.ii.-. as a e [-''her of thrsr It r, Part of llil*; r '<o\vn • '"'p^ed in >ii"h roi M" n st'>c fl'liv? mare and aiiulan? >* r .ve lareelv siiijila '• ; lWlc pllllln? ""d l 'ih-tinuse tac- tackle. (Mir' s«ln. which ^cd the 1m- lll>(>il"! "f 111" tlr'icmc uast. Pan nf it Is r^ tressed In siratelit. sinn-tlck rr-m-j r-ly. A grctil (leal of IV nnnliU 1 ' i'>at Harnum worsh]""d is In liven" of characters of the act itself which provides that one man nn"" 1-i n connlvliiT. imscruuulmis vl 1 bi-> and Ills advcrsnrv and rlyhl- . cons Rracipus. triumphant hero. Take the fellow ncoro.' Znhnrh" •p^nvcr collepian. lie is otic of the villains of Ibe cast! One mlmw he Is cringing In a cnnvr asainst thj rones. Ills face expressing abject terror cf liis onponrnt. Then :j"ddenlv he Is lusiilni! nut with " vicious blow tlint resounds tlirouch the hall as It lx)iin:,?5 from hero's r:nnly bosom. ' Villains also ttko every i»ssll)!e ndvantagc ot a silualion, cruvvl- i-ig nlrai" tlw floor to Hie roiics so ilio referee wtil l)r.?ak a painful hold once the vlllnln's liead if outside tlic rojies. as llic rules specify. At one tiiro or nnothor during the conduct of a match, tlir vllltiin : has the uiflwr hanil nnJ the hull refunds wltli boos and Jeers ns he •poes atmit his seemlnaly sinister tusir^ss. At another time the sneering .rascal is being foiled at Ills own Tame. Thus, one nighl I watched 7nlinrlas make seven slasliln? tly- Ins tackles alirjd uencnlly In the direction ot Jim Londos. Londo! nimbly side-slcpii'ed ^ each crude .plunge, nnd the rafters trembled \yiili applause. Acain. Hie CTii one. obtaining P C'liel held upon your hpro. cxhi- hits almost superhuman wlekcdnere in pressing his torture to t>ie m- '.JiiosL suuprhumsn wicV'^dncss I' 1 lircsslng his iorturn to the utmost vlille Handsome Harry liravely and stolcallv submits to the punishment without R whini' - c-. • It is the sheerest sort of tUltncs* — hut it brings a croud to i l< 5 fee 1 lik.^ no dl c "lay of dir=pEiv ( :nalP F^entifi^ skill on the mat ever 'ponld. In fact, skill in \vrpsilm« Ul* SPORTS Red Birds Downed by Bucs New Yorkers Real! Aha. the ihhiker! Wonder what Jim I.onrtos. "1110 Greek he ycunis man lias a nice Oo<l." Is thlnklnj about Afiywny, buiJd. you'll ajree. In the center Is Hudy Du.wk. rcujli ana ready ro*dy . ). th:- arena, (and He'll pack lliwn In every lime l:r you, gentlemen). At the r-hl Is the •.-iivjiimn. Ecrsel Kaljnlfeoir, whose whlstsrs ure very inillablf. Ei-low Is pictured nclbsi In (he recent Slcele-Lomlos match, slioulne atcele diving across the retire; a bit to ast of fnnzled Lo:id:s. tn-'iv. wrestlers thcmrplve? will admit, is almost entirely unappreciated. Tho credo rf the wrcsti'ii" n""- ulc lodnv seems to be that the 'public likes to be. fooled, a hilic' , n r t denied bv the Kenerous n <U- fmasc lli°*mat game is rcceivm* f'um ucoulc in all walks of life. In- cli'rtinar tl-.i so-called liiielliqimlsin . -Evnosure?" Jack Curley. master of a licrd nf iiaclivdcrnis told i"? recently. "Yon can't expo 1 rnythins nowadays. Rather. J riean you can expose and expo 1 p-'d expos? and what does it gel you? "Chicago writers called the turn p-adly on the recent Lowls- Oeorce match in Los Anprlcs Ir <"hich the championship chan?rrt I-Ticis. I^wis wns gcine to win rick his title as a matter of rcd'. n ncy. The match turnM on; C""ctly as they nrophesied." You understand, cf course, tlia Mr. Cui'lcv was referring to thr Fivser-Sandow wrestling enter rrif,?s when he thus scathingU r-<*o. Mr. Curlev. who present ,lim Lcndcs as hLs world chain rim. would not want- to throw cold v-ter on Mr. Bowser or Mr. San dow cr the Bowser-Sandow chain T'on. Strangler Lewis. Of coiirs n:'.! Added to the showmanship < villain vs. hero, ther,? appear r . nearly every wrestling show in th preliminaries at least, a couple - mcnumenial mountebanks whos •playful absuVitics roil fear <;i Cus Phann right out of his icat Stars of this branch of the trad fre such men as Sergei Kalmlko! f-e bearded Siberian. The prescn stunt is for hLs adversary to pu Ms whiskers. Anoher Is Fcren Iloluban. who has no neck bi manages to support' In the style I rhich they have become accus Inmed seven rcparale and distin .{!omachs. One of the villalnou: c'own types (and a sure crowd- rlcascr, boys! Is Rudy DuscX. the nugh and rapacious roughneck rascal. Even in a sb-advertirod championship malch.thcrc Is a great t!eal of whoop-lc-do about nothing before the serious business oi •^throwing begins. There Is much ..loping and heaving of bodies— i-j.cften > wrester Is pitched through E ' the ropes Into the press box or ittle Rockei-s Like Night Pastime; Chicks Lose to sNcw Marines. HOWjJonesboro THEY p lav<! STAm ™ y ; e I Memphis I Nashville- he Baroiii, b?at the Crackers In 2 innings at Atlanla to continue :eir leisurely ) ace at the head I th? Dixie rarfd.c The Chicks Memphis lest to the Marines r.f- r winning six straight. For [hree extra innings the racl:eis and Barons battled at liana- HammciKl hit a homei 1:1 'in the ninth as an Atlanta inch liltlcr lo lie the count, at x all in the. ninth. Th? j •ore was 7 to 6. Edwards, who I illowed two other Baron hurlers as the winning pitcher and Greif- ry was th? ioser. The Chattaricosa Lookouts lost to' :ie Niishville Vcls at Chatta- e.'.ga. 111? score -was 7 to 5. ols put Tnrpln cut in the Ing four rims across the plate, vmbro was the winning pitcher. • pj! .COT i Tl.c Jonesbcro Caterpillars will 52r } be the c; pon^iils of the Blythe- .512 vllie Red Sox at Haley Fiild .487 .47' .451 .450. .381' and Graves; A's Start \ Y /i:i. The St. l/j'.il.s Cir-'llna-s tipylo:! front their jierch HI th:' ton of I '<• National 1'jii^uv ycstsrdny, losing 1:1 the Pirates while the Giantx iv.:and moved up. In the American loop, after walchinj the Yan.« s,o.. their 17-8.ini(! winning str°:ik, 111 Macks turnetl ami s'.ai-U'il winniivj ugaln yesterday. Mcine, Dues hurler, blanked the Cardinals, 4 lo 0. holding tlie National champs to eight hils whils his males hopped on Johnson and LI ntt.s?y for ten lilts, Uoyd Waiifr I led the Pirate a'.tnck with foil. : hits. i The Giants delcalcd in; P.osto." Braves lo climb over Hie Iced Bi.-dy The suure was 7 lo 4. The Giant.'! lock a lead in the third when Hogan homered with two on and nev- { cr relinquished 11. lleving was l!ie winning hnrler. Uergcr also hit, a homer. | The Chicago Cubs won over lh:: | Cinchmali Reds 8 to 4. The bruins j captured Ihe third f.lralght game of trie scries. Bush was the winning ' Imrhr. Slephenson led Uic Cub al- tack with four hits Including two doubles and a triple. Wysong \v:i:. the losing hurler. The Athletics pounded out a win over Ihe Yankees. Tile score was C to 5. Earnshaw was l.'e winning linrle:- and Sherid, who, relieved Pipsras was wild and ineffective. Cochrane hit. a homer. The'Chicago Wliite Sax were th- winners in two games wiih t:ic U.' trail Tigers at Chicago by scores oi 5 to 4 and 10 to 1. I'at Caraway! held the Tigers in the second gum.', •to five hits. Frasier anil McKain outlasted -Whitehlll and Herring ia , the opener. ] The Washington Senators 11311 • • player. They laugh when he ie;s | Ballalino the haliit, oi ijiockir j Ihe I3obton_Rcd So.x twice at B-JS- "P a "d goes into an imitation -of'with the chin. Like Battalino h ton. The first game was on>sidri Aunt Emma defending herself from can take a very hearty push righ [ with Brown holding the Sox while a snooping rodent, nut the old ball on the button without, blinkmr ' his mates ran tip iin 11 to 3 viclory. aces straight down ihe fairway. Risko has this In common will i In U:e second game Fischer and Antl Aleck .McGlutf. who follows Max and Eat. a mound battle, 4 to 3. The Cleveland Indians jumped „.. •--•-..: — — — couraeine peonl? a youn? man wit' Vare Shoots Country Club Course in Low score for the season, ro •ver th« nine ho'i3 course of Blythevllle country club was f: ed 'In yesterday by R. N. W-ir" Mr. Ware turned in a card t:ie : -vi- CH : a winning streak at last. Eosw:ll .58? 'ialc. manager of a Mempiiis scmi- 450 , pro club, has promised to send a j .^44 i shortstop, third baseman and flat 4311' sucker to. help Ihe Hose snap oul 355 !cf their slump. 352 Monk Wright, the original hard | luck pitcher, v.-ho has bern hurling p^i | coal ball i!;jp[io th? IDSSDS of the |110 | box will ['.rocnbly Lclty The. Chicks Icsl to Johnny \Valk- r. former Memphis hurler. and 10 Marines. 4 to 2. Walker llmlt- I Ihc Chicks to eight hits and ept them scattered. The Marines cored one run in four different nnings off Griffin- . 1 • r.c Travelers teal Ihe Ne«- Orans P.llcans in ihe first aame f a double header at Llulj Kocx. 'ne score of the slusfesl was 9 a 8. Greenfield was Ihe uimilnj nrle: and the third Pebble to akr Hi? mound. The Pels also red three pitchers. The Travelers made It a perfect: Nerves play a ight by winning the second game.! tcuncl of golf It look ,ie score was 3 to 0 with Newsom ' Jcnes sevial vcnrs tfj urling four-hit ball. Gliatlo was nerves and even aftei he losing hurler. . a ch .- mplon llls ^ tro^leT'f™ | ; qi:cntly cropped out. Yon may re- cnll that In 1929 Bobby scored' , Fi-nctlc-i rounds of 73-72-70-07 . and then qualified- for the National • Amateur at Pebble B-ach «-l,h: Alexander .5311 ma V be borrowed .47] • Smith, says. '471 I Tlie Caterpillars 42g the n?:l fcr Blylhcville aithouili or Slim Lov- from Osciola. helped shove defeating them about Iwa we;ks ago tt Joiutioro. They liav: hljh hcp?s 01 bc;thi3 th? pale stockings ajain havin; recently sent the Monetl? Buffaloes dcwn in defeat. 'lh I game, will t ; , culloj at 3 o'c'.cck. accbidin^ to rc-oi'is- GAMES TODAY Southern I.c.iuue Ne»- Orleans at Memphis. Birmingham nt Atlanta Nashville at Chattanooga Mobile at Little Rock. What Price Style? Bat, Battalino's rugged dcfjnse of 1 en vhe llis featherweight championship—a ] tille. by the way. whicli was knouk- | c<l down to him in a little deal c couple of years ago—only s?rves to show that some gold does not glisten at all. And lib unorthodox b'lt ^ftcc'iv style suggests the reflecticn that perhaps t'ne greatest strauriv i. 1 'ring can know is to "git thar fust- cst with the niOKtest men." Battalino. in Hie ring, like Uhv' on the golf link?: Al Simmons a! the plat?, and like thos? two maulers. Max Schmelir.s and Johnny Risfco, goes nbr,;it evorvthin-; h the wrong way. Hut he "gits' just the same. life Looks Terrible. I Uascball stylish will tell vou !'>••• lloabv! conquer his i ReinAer .One Vcnr Ajo Today — Ha!' ', ;nilscn. vcleron right-handed pi'.- ^er cf the Chicago Cubs. di?J' udcienly in Chicnjo. ' Kivt Years A^o Today — The 'ew York Yankees' winning I treak cf 10 straight games! • T-al by Ihe Philad3lphti Ath-' lot cs as Lefty Grove held the Amrriran League Detroit at Chicago. St. Louis at. Cleveland. New York ai Philadelphia Washington at Boston. Xal'onril League Boston at New York. Pittsburgh at St. Louis. Chicago at Cincinnati. _On'y games scheduled. nj up. Icc^cn your grin on •l"b and make an allempl to ;wm^ men- easily and smoDlhlv. ]A1 Sinitnons doesn't bat right at all 'He locks like a left-handed pitcli- >r from the trolley league as h: : .Mauds rather awkwnrdlv and -•• of position in tlie batter's box. Adi!ed to thai lie falls into Uc p:: liable flaw of nailing away from u- plate with the pitch, puttinj h:.>- !oot into the bucket as ihey sa< in baseball. But w hen Al leans or. them, no matter how. they splr right out of sight. Tiattalono docsn'i fight corrccHv He walks into a man ilalfo.itcd, hi« lll f hands dropped ID Ins hips, as wid. pen tor a wallop as a movie extra i for an Interview-. Obviously i: hculd be easy to murder him --!:;i Dicgel is that kind 01 : I Vankr to seven tills. Ths A's got ,>r,ly four hits off Walt: nojt tut .vcn. 1 lo 1. Ten Ymrs Ato Today — Ccnch v> match and Johnny Goodman beat Urn. simply ticauce no golfer.!] no! cv n Jones, can holl that eig;- '| fcr.ver. Tension usually creeps up on a | BASEBALL Jonesboro v». icr cnnstles University cl i player when the going gets loti-.-h- Lnlifcrnla Uam won Ihe 1. C. A. tst. Cther times II may show up 1 -vs A. A. Hack and field champion- Harvard SUdium. scoring -'- Harvard )-res.scd with iT'- points J7 pclntB. tails Is the airplane spin. Your champion seizes his man. hoists him high over his heart, whils rap- Idly a couple of linrs and bangs the old boy to tlie mat with a resounding crash. Hooray! : .the floor ouHlde the ring. ; jWf"* 1 * the men really giH down TOMORROW: The :.»; kiuinew.-nnw if the favor|le| pall the'! when Ihe for some ahead Is slow. ScmUhncs Ihe delay will' work up a r.-:;'vous tension In ihe 1 mpat!cnl one and then you'll ;ec hbn svingiug tils club at dandc- Your, Hons, papers; or anything. . Evn the stars ndmit that a'| ccrlaln number ot shots are bound ! to go haywire in a round of golf, the Idea, of coursa. is to take tbcic shots as a matter of course sr.d refuse to let Hum tie yen whe into a bundle of nerves. When ybtf^flmt jroii'nelf'tighten- BlytBieville CIVILIZATION'S DIARY Civilization is a manner of living — and civilized people seek to live as comfortably, healthfully and pleasantly as they can. T« this end, the wheels of industry turn unceasingly, producing civilized goods for the use of civilized people. Leaders of industry lay far-reaching plans to provide better services (or a civilized world. In countless laboratories, new things and better ways-are constantly being developed. Advertisements are the daily record of civilization's progress. They are civilization's open diary— brought to you in the columns of this paper. Diaries make good reading, and the advertisements are no exception. Read them every day ... and keep posted on the things that make civilized living ever more livable. SUNDAY, MAY 31 HALEY FIELD, 3 P. M. VI

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